Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on March 21, 1887 · Page 3
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 3

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, March 21, 1887
Page 3
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oitfpfiilly food (bis Co. BK9T qnalhy yt b Wrung Print* in pretly new stylei are 60, at H. , J, Bowman & Go's. . i TASD wide ne,ivy fttnangs in 40 new pattern*, at H. J. Bo»man ft Co««. W» are showing some very pretty styles medium and dark drew latins at 18 l-2c perynrd,—H. J. Bowman A Co. j ^?A*«r!iLj,' ^ IM^M ALTON DAILY TELKOR/IU SPUING Btylon of HuiMs very popular Century Cloths are now on sale at H. .). Bowman .& CoM. FOBTT pieces Crinkled Seersuckers in choicest patterns, at H. J. Bowman & Co's. MODAY avK.. MAKCH »i... Tor Ui« year IBSt w« thill ohu*e «M> foli lowing MM* tor truufaBt BOOM* la oat tocul column* i * ra . hree 10 nvbln»eitk)M, Ux to tw«lr» lUMirtlooi. PALM UK 3our«uuktr», Toll! Du Nords DrcsB and Domestic Ginghams In great variety, at H. J, Bowmun & Co's. WE are showing a complete .stock of Spring Woolens tor dross noods,Includ- ing double width Cable Twli U at 15u ;40 inch cashmere at 26o; nlso Novelty Fabrics of both foreign a id dwuestio make.—U. J. Bowman & Co. IN oca Silk Department we are (bowing Surahs, Gros Grains and Khadames in, every new and popular shade* In Black Silk* we are offering some splendid values la Grot Grains, Surahs, Rhadames, Faille Francaue and Bro» cades.—U, J. Bowuan & Co. IK V«LVKTg we are prepared to show Stripes and Frelze Novelties, Plain Silk Velvets and Plushes in every shade. Fl^in and Striped Velveteens, and new colors in the popular Dress Corduroys. —H. J. Bowman & Co. WE CALF, special attention to our Black Goods. Large additions have been mode to thin Department during the last two weeks and we are prepared to show every real good standard fabnc and many novelties.—H. J. Bowman & Co. IKTOUB Flannel Department can be found every quality and width of White Flannel in all Wool and Domet, also many pretty styles, Striped Sacqne- ings, Tnoots and Albatross, in all the popular shades.—H. J. Bowman & Co. WB ABE prepared to show a complete line of Spring Hosiery. We have retained all the old favorites and added many new lines. In Fabric and Kid Gloves we show all the popular makes including plain and embroidered backs, dressed and undressed.—H. J. Bowman & Co. «-nt» \w louh tnt IB- »ertlon, uuU rtrayrr-ftrs «mw p«t Inch forouoh sub* qu«ut tuturttolv. IS per Inch flr.t month, |l.M per Inoli each month thereof tor. ". • LKQAI, ADVEIITISING: si per Inch for the flrot Inienlon, mid 80 rent* per Inob lor «aoh tubcequenl Inwrtlon. «T Above ratal will be oti lolly adhored ta Money to loan nh improved* real nstme. "Ajiply'to iJUdwrthauai-n *& Sonhlajx ?ThJrd street, ; v dif • A PAPER ia in circulation in the' Firtt ward calling on Mr. Qeo, H. Allen to become a Candidate for Alderman. There 11 no'belter qualified man for th« position w the d'y than Mr. Alien, and the election of such men would be an augury of better tinaa« tor this oily. Assignee goods, regardless of whole- prices, at ton Globe. 19 3 THE DAItY TKLBQHAP1I U OellTored by carrion to all piirtu of thu city of Alton and Upper Alton, for ten oenti per week. Mailed to any addran at the rate of *5.M p» r year. THE TKUCOKAPII hn« thu Isrjjest circulation of any paper in Alton, and U the best uiodiuin for aclvortlauni. , 'X'BXKB THIRD AMIJPU8ASr»MTS. ttXB- f HOSE .No. 88. THB pension oJ Win. H. Eubankii, of Bethalto, has been restored. Tim tax books for lha township close on next Thursday, the 2Ub. Assignee Hats now at the Globe. ' 19 2 THE Labor party held a meeting at Belleville, Saturday, and namlaated a full ouy ticket. Our stock of Comets was never more complete. Every number can be found. —Uuagen & guess Dry Goods Co. It THE indications fur to-day are fair weather, preceded by light mown, nearly stationary temperature. BLUSTEBIHO March is in one of her surliest moods today, and bnaineas It dull on the streets in consequence. MB. W.H. Way man, Secretary of tiie Carpenters' and Joiners' Union, states that the organisation U in a flourishing condition and rapidly increasing in numbers, Mr.. Wayman sayi th t carpenters and joiners receivn better wages, proportionately, in Alton ''ban in any other city In the country. Assignee Shoes now at the Globe! 192 IN ODB Shirt Department you can find a real good white ahirt for 60o and the best .made for $1.00, also Penang shirts, fine pleated Dress shirts, Night shirts and all sizes in Boys' Laurel Shirt Waists.—H. J. Bowman & Co. Modern Woodmen, Kobm Hood camp, meets Monday evening March 21, at 7:30 sharp.* A. J. GLEN Jr. Consul. St THB Central Missouri has men ot detet ruination behind it now, and Mlthough its future ia not very clearly defined, its ultimate completion seems well assured— Railway Segitter. i • — _ A complete line of Spring and Summer Goods for Gent's Wear, lately re- oeived by H. C, G. Moritz, Third street, inch 17 tf TDK NEW WABBUODSE -The contract for the new warehouse on the levee was let Saturday, *at Architect PleiHcnbuigor'* offiou, to Hobart & Bowman for $1,048. The building will be frame, 40*60 feet, one story high, with 20 foot ceiling, containing ufttae, watting room, bed room and freight department. D. Ryan, a* subcontractor, will do the excavating abd atone work, Benj. Allen the brick work of the chimney. Work will commence tomorrow, should the weather be favorable, and will be pushed as rapidly as possible. Assignee clothing now at Globe. 19 2 LOST OB MtSHISG. *£> IT AT "nW'Q Beoond atreet.near fO fLl/ltUfia O, corner 01 Henry -FOB- FINE STATIONERY, Such at Orane'fl Floral. Whletntc'B Standard Paiiera. lliirlbut'a Frenort LUiuns, Kcllpae UurfKra Bdiro, Kllte Rawed Edife. Balmoral Linen, n Orifflu'8 Linen. Turkey Laid Linen, >""neli Blow, Mikado, Charred Kdue, Oream LAiit. Mournlnic Note, and » lartfe aunortment ot Illuminated and Decorated Stationery. Oennisou'g Wax and SealB. School Tablets end Stationery. decedwly PIANOS, ORGANS anT^ SEWING MACHINES! CHEAP FOR CASH ON T1MK PAYMKNTb Plaaog and Organa tuned and repaired Sewing Machines repaired Pupollen lor all Ma" ••'•"•• N. l>. LAMOttKUX. CAPT. LaMothe says the Missouri ban shifted its channel lately and is not digging into the Point, five miles above mis city, as destructively as was the cuse last fall. WATCH MOB, THE BABQtlNR IW JOB'S NEW COM. RDILU[>G. HENRY B T., AT Mttis. D. HKITKAflifS, AUklndio! Fancy, Hand mude, Knit andOro- co tKOoua.HoodB,TobatfKanB and Mill. Men'n Bcar.'B and Fasclnaion at very low prices. Aluo Droismaktng. Plain and Family Sewing and sumplpK D ne. Uome and give ua a call. Don't lorget the p'ace. dotftrtwlv -WALL AT— C-M. CrandalJ's Crockery Store FOB THE LOWEST PRICES; Good Cups and Saucers, SOc per aet. Good 8-inch Plates, SOc per set. Meat Dishes, 5c to SOc eacb. Vegetable Dishes, 5c to 50c each. Pitchers, 5o to SOc each. ; Half-pint Table Tumblers, 15o 'per set. Crystal Glass Goblets, 20c per set. Fruit Saucers, 15c per set. Fruit Dishes, 5c to 75c each. Assorted Color Cologne Sets, SOc per set. Vases, 5o to $1 each. Bent quality of Triple-plated Knives, l.SOner set. Triple Plated Forks, 81.50 per set l City or Ueontlfol Women. Dfrtroit, Mioh.. in noiud for itn n«althy, handsome larties, which the leading phvioians and drupglsis tUeie attribute to tin 1 general use and popularity of Dr. HarterN Iron Tonic, wit "Buffalo Bill" has been made a colouel of Nebraska militia. Call and see our elegant aasortmen of French and American Sateens.— Haagen & Fuess Dry Goods Co. It __ A _ r _ U1 _ | — CIBCUIT Ctiui-t liunvunud today at Edwarduville. Several Alton lawyers »tar,tcd "Around the Horn'' this morning with the expectation ot ultimately reaching the county capital. Assignee Furnishings now at Globe. __ 19 2 TUB equinoctial storm snt in Saturn day night right on time. Suow and ram full at intervals all day, yesterday and the greater part of today. The storm has been general over the country the past two days, Dr. H. K. Rayner, with Dr. Konmsou & Sons, Chiropodists, 628 L2 Olive si., St. Louis, is now stopping at, Hotel Mudlson, for five days only, aud removing Corns, Inverted Nails and all aff>'o> tions of the feet without pain. 21 8* A universal remark by every smoker of cigars: Numiuger's Fig and Magnolia are the beat cigars in the market. Money to loan on improved fwm """or particulars, api WHIPP1.RA SM If Mayor Coppinger can spare time from his Legislative duties this week, while in Springfield, he might make cautions inquiries as to the present whereabouts of Messrs. Geo. K. Black, R. D.:Lawrence and — Jones, of thai city, the gentlemen who were accorded the privilege by our Council of lighting thU city by electricity and heating it by steam. Any information in regard to the present location and intentions of these gentlemen will be thank* fully received by those Aldermen who BO freely and suddenly voted thorn unlimited privileges in the electric light and steam heating business. In Memorlam. Against expenditures in honor of the dead heaven has ntiered no prohibition and earth is not injured but benefited by them. All those beautiful emblems which adorn the many tombs around which we love to linger, assure us we are in a world of warm and loving hearts; the adorning of the sepulchres of the "beloved ones"alleviates our grief and soothes the wounded heart. It also cheers the bereaved to know that an additional embellishment of the grave presents stronger attractions to arrest the attention of the stranger and causes him to pause and learn the name of one who has shared so largely in the love of others. I take this method to inform you that I can fill orddri for decorating the graves of departed friends at low figures, executed in the best style nf workmanship— Wni. Flynn, dealer in Matble and Granite Monuments, corner Fifth and Belle street, Alton, 111. HIV tH property. For particulars, apply to IVTtl IVA114 r*. m "*lll C^V DiEU-Wm, Searles died Sunday, March 20th, after a long and painfm illness, at the age of 13 years, 2 months The funeral took place from the Cathedral at 9 o'clock a. m. today, Rev. father Zweissler officiating. Deceased was born in at. Charles county, Mo. The latest noyeltiea in Dress (jood- just received by Haagen & Fueas Diy Goods Co. u ANWOUNCKKKKT. We authorleml tn announce ADOI.PH IX- VEEN us a oiindlitule lor As«fl»sor uC the cu- lnK towiiKhlp cluotlon. We are itulliortturt 10 announce JOHN P. BUIIS ui A candidate (or Township Collector, JUocUou Tu«»<tny, April Mb. THE Democrat announces that "the bottom hasfitllun out of the Republican City Convention." Not munli it husn 1 ', but in the case of the Democrat "the wish is father to the thought." That journal should not attempt to regulate more than one political paity at once since its last disastrous campaign in Col. Morrison's Interest. Romoval.—Dr. Sohueseler has removed his office to the Insurance building, ooi nor of Second and Alby streots. Telephone 100. 10 6 Any person suffering from rheums tlsm, neuralgia, headache, tooth ache, oar ache, orarap, cramp colic, diar- rhoea, dysentery, lumbago, fever and ague, lame back, lame Bhouldor.sprams and bruise^, old sores, fresh cuts and scratches, stlng« of insects or blten of venomous rvplilcs, can bo relieved In from one to Uvu of charge, by calling on Dr. H. tt. Rnyner, a' Hotel Madison. Will be in town hvu d>V8 only. 21 3» The river u falling. The Gem City reached here last night juat out of winter qnnrtors at Hamburg bay. She left for St. Loui this morning and will take the place o the Spread Kaele m the regular dail trade, commencing this evenmg.shouii she bo in readines* for the trip. Freight business on the river is rathe light and will consist principally o "odds and ends 11 until after harvest The Goo, Lysle went up yesterday with three barges loaded with ties fo Kuokuk. The < Jack Frost went down this morning with two barges of ice for Huse, Looruis A Co. The Government beat Ivy, luid bore last night, on her way to Cairo She regulates the signal lights along the nvur. The Engle went down this morning with a tow of "empties" from Peoria Her next trip will be to Burlington. New goods in all shades and colors, which will be made up m suits at reasonable prices. All goods cut aud made by the Now York Fashion Review. We guarantee a due (It, at Brueggeman, the Tailor's. _ 16 dwlra War Declared. Tlio Mormon Democrats In this city arc getting rendy to strike a heavy blow >>n the anil Morrison man in thxlrown pnrty who are candidates for office at i he onBuiiUf election. They buvu them ^potted and propose to make mutters i itureotlng for them on election day.— *uit St. L. Signal, Card of Thank*. I desiro to return thanks to my frloudH and neighbors, both white and colored, for their kind and sympathetic attention during the sickness and after the death of my son, Wen. Scarlet. JAMES Mn Quo. A. Tl , ~~\w ~*V~JTVi| * '-TT"f* ••** T f *^ T "ff rtaident of Chicago, wwiin town Friday visiting hli old Irwnd, C»pt» VV. P. LaUothe. In 184S-4 Mr. Springer and the Captain were partnwi in the owner* ship of the steamer LueJla. Mr. Spring-, •r hat two daughters at Montloello Seminary. . Mr. Albert Wade arrlvtd home'froul Florida ywterday, having been detained twelve honr» en route. Be left Dr. Haskell at Pulmna. The Doctor's health has Improved but be intends taking a llttlejonger vacation, Jiwt Reoolved—Those much sought for and perfect fitting Boys' and Children's suits, at the clothing store of Joestlng & Saahtlflben. n 12 Having resumed operation the Sparks Milling Co. will furnish customers with their popular "Bleotrlo Light" flour at 94 76 pur barrel, delivered free to all parts of the city. tul dwlm Fresh eggs at Duterding's, JOc per dozen. 193 The State of Trade. Special telegrams to BraMreefs from leading trade centers report the total volume of general merchandise dlstrib. uted in excess ot last week. The greater increases were from Portland, Me., Philadelphia, Detroit, Chicago, St. LonU, Burlington, Iowa, Kansas City, New Orleans and Memphis. The weather exercised a favorable influence atthe west and south, where crop prospect* have Improved, this bat stimulated the demand on Kansas City. St. Louis and New Orleans from the interior for staple goods. Coal. Buy your Hard and Soft Coal of H. L. Winter and get the best. Office at Mook's Pharmacy, Third street, and in •Job's new block, corner Second and Henry sts. Telephones No's. 21 and 64. aug!4 d7m Tax Nottee. All taxpayers of Alton Township are hereby notified that the Ux books will be closed on the 24th of this month and returned to Edwardsvilie on the 26th, and that they will save expense by set. lling before thai date. V. BRUCH, • dtd Township Collector. TToj«elej'« Criticism. Lord Wolseley, "England's only General," in a recent article on the American civil war say si The critical military student of this war who knows ihe power which regular troops, well officered and well directed by a thoroughly efficient staff, placed in me hands of an able general, ind who has acquired an Intimate and complete knowledge of what these two contending American armies were really like, will, I think, agree that from first t» last the co-operation of even one army corps of regular troops would have given complete victory to whichever side u fought on. This criticism may be true, or not, but it is certain that a British regular army, equipped wi'.h every modern military applianoe.and headed by Lord Wolseley himself, was chased out of Egypt, on the double quick, not very long since, by a mob of very irregular troops under one El Mahdl. We PEEL and KNOW we are offering an assortment of DRESS GOODS never equaled by us before. STANDARD GOODS of all kinds NEWEST STYLES and COLOKS in MOST RECENT MAKES. BLACK GOODS CHEAPER and in MORE VARIETY than ever. SINGLE WIDTH GOODS 6f all kinds FROM TEN CENTS UP. And all at Piersi Hair D. G, Co. READY-MIXED PAINT, white antfrolors. PAINT GROUND THICK, in white and colors, to be thinned with oil. WHITE LEAD, OILS and COLORS, ALABASTINE, WHITING, and GLUE. Marsh's Drug Store. The Central Mltaourl. The contract for constructing this road has been signed. Just who the contraciorn are in not staled beyono the fact that they are eastern mnn, well qualified to carry out the undntt<4lsintf i he papers speuily that work shall be beuun not later tlmn May 1, but St is »uid that it will doubtless be under way some time before that period. There is a prori-ion in the contract allowing certain changes to be mude, covering ibe present uncertainty of the eastern terminus, which, as has been already stated, will bo St. l^ouis in the event of the passage of thu merchant!.' terminal bill now pt-nding in the House of Delegates.— Otobe-Dentocrat Advice to Mothers. Mrs. Wluslow's Soothing Syrup, for children teething, is the prcaorption of one of the best female nurses and physicians in the United States, and haa boon used for forty years with never- failing suooeas by millions of mothers for their children. During the prooeas of teething its value u Incalculable. It relieves the child from pain, cures dysentery and diarrhosa, griping in the bowels, and wind-colic. By giving hoalth to the child it rente the mother Pnce 26o a bottle ia 16 m w » wb The Elian Extension. The St. Louis and Central Illinois road is beginning work on a new warehouse at Alton to accommodate the river business, eventually to bo a point of transfer when the road Is extended rom Jersey Landing. The companv has also been building a dike, twelve cot bleb and 1,000 feet long, attirMton, MJ that direct lrannportatum will now in uiadu from thu boats to the road. The depot and warehouses Imvo been moved to the levee. -Otric Democrat. "A WAMB HE DID WOT UNDEK* STAND." A zarublor started out on a four dayn gambling bout with n certain turn of money. At the end of the first day be imnd ho had lout 76 per cent, of what 10 started with; at end of second day, Mind he had lost60 percent, of what re. miner) ;ul end of third day found he bad ost 95 per cent, of what remained, and t end of fourth day found he hail ion 0 nor oont. of wlwt remained. He Imd 12 00 Je/t. What amount did ho have when ho started ? '(CLASS OK 1877." The Largest and Most Com- w plete Assortment of Hard and f oft Coal and Wood Cook and Heating' Stoves EVER BKOTJGHT TO ALTON. The Celebrated Buck's Brilliant Cooking Stovfc and Hard Coal Base Burner. A.J ~ 632 isthdoor west of Henry QOLDand SILVER SHIRTS, The best for the Money.

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