Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on March 21, 1887 · Page 2
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 2

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, March 21, 1887
Page 2
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DAILY TELEGRAPH. BT W. T. HOBTON, su* Visttft •*••«*• AHhB, HI. MO»DAT EVE., MARCH tl. > Cleveland h»i practically offered the position of Treasurer of th* United HUUi to botb Col. Morrison and Mr. Tboi. E. Tutt, of St. Louie, • to4 both h»te declined. Tho CJdarmlntc Creole's Pint Boll. It wlw in thedre»Hlng-room when the I grand ball wns about to come to an end, anA skepy maids were wrapping Mp beautiful girls In white opera-clonks and fleecy hoods, that Olyuipe nished in. All the dew of youth was In her V bonny eyos. Her red lips prniled, her 'lithe form was all a quiver. It was •her first ball. Shu saw Arlhumiso, and .; rushed over to kliw her—as young girls ; kiiw each other. "Oh," s.iul Olympo, clasping hor palms and rolling hor , heavenly nyo» hnavenward, "Oh, mon : dioul but I lutve arouso myself thta j night) ,1, have boon to gay—I have : t>een<*o happy!" • ••YcsP What did you doP" askod ArthemlBu. ••' "McP Oh, I go out to supper with my papa, I di^uee on« dance with my cousin Albert, I dauce teex dunce with lay brother Jule«,an' then—1 sit by my ' jnanutuiJ" Canada's Public Debt. ••'..• The gross debt is $281,000,000. The no»: debt is $22Q,000,000. This is over $1,000,000 for every con• : stltuency. Two million dollars for the average Ontario county. Threo hundred dollaro for every family, •< .-.:•• • Fifty dollars for every man, woman and child. : It has increased $75 a minute under T\>ry rule. If piVod up In silver .85 trains of 20 • pars each would bo needed to carry it . away. ; It would pave a highway lor 106 miles with dollar bills. It would l.tiika seven years' wheat :: 'crops of all Cauitdu to puy it. : If used to ptirehaoe wheat at $1 a bushel, 24..WO tniius of 20 cars e«ch would bo required to haul awuy tlie ... if tho wheat were loaded in wagona placed in a Htm »# on a road tho line would encircle the earth at the equator and ijipjover, The 'annual interest Is $21 a minute. WJTANDirUMOR. Toboggan doesn't make a very good rhyme for hugging, but — well, it 'gets there just tho same. — Mercfumt Traveler. ;•''•'•"'• '... "Moot me at the gate, love," hoe been changed to "Meet me at tho grate, loye." The cool weather, necessitates the change. Tho University of Bologna is soon to celebrate the «ight hundredth anniversary of" it« foundation. The original satisage will, be thoro — Burlington Free Press. . . . Pnlnilstry ts not such a new craze; we ' have known me A to Hit around a table for hours trying to find out about each other's hands. — .Boston Conwwr- cial Bulletin. A writer Kayg that tho mating of human beings is beyond tho soiouce of man. Purhaps this is tho reason why matchmakurs are usually of tho gentler BOX.-r-jVt.vfi Uatvit WCICH. The "lk>nk" — 1 fancy I remember yourfttcc. You Iwvn boon here before? Prisoner — Many a tlmu, your Worship. But how stout you've grown! How's tho misslMP — IM Kappei, An up-town merchant said to a fnrinw: "A dollar will go. further than It used to." "Yes," tho fannm- (juick- ly rupliwl, "and it, makes tb« distance iu quickur ttrno," — /ludxon Ufpublican. ••I soo wo nro going to luive standard time hero now, observed Mrs. Mc- iSwilligan. "yes," ror>lii'd the husband, "tho Standard has gobbled everything else nearly, and no«' it undertakes to run our Uiuu for us. " — I'Utsbunj C/iro»i- cfc. (Scono: Tho Champs ElysnoH during a shower of rain). S[>i>t!i'Ns Mittiuor (minus lunlirnlla. to soliljiry young lady,. with DUO): "Will you |xmuit me, nifuloiuoitytillu, U> Uvkn you under my protection, and your "umbrnlluP" — Journal rufisienim, "I son," said Urown, "that they now say that, beef t<'a in worthless an nn article of food. But, for all that, it wag tho only thing that saved my life when I ; had tho fever." Fogg-- "You; but how does that prove that be«f t<ta IB not wortrhlosH P " — Boston Tra nscript. "That young Bilklns is irrcpres- Bible," exclaimed old IIot.lK>x, niforriwg to Maud's young mail. "Ho positively won't bo sat down upon." "O, yes, ho will." put In littlo Wijlln; "ask Maud >f ho won't," "\Villio," said Maud, •blushing, "you may run and . * ''I don't rare!" oxi'laituod tho young woman txihind tho couutor when she hoard of the mnrriage of an acquaintance to a rich rtxlgor, old onoiigh to be hor father; "they 1 snour Htuiebo- fiwwo I am a sakmlody, but I'd rather ho a saleslady thau a lady Uiutiu sold." stiiry by it yiiting Bt-rkiilcy griuhint,-;. Xhu fikut 'lit hu ivjeutud tUu sketch us not itp to tho litcrurj gtfatulnrd of hlfl publication.—5«7i /'nirjwsx-o Fwt. Lawyer—"Now you know the man l»n't ti-uthful, dw you not?" Wittiest-"I wotildti't }lk<? to jay «c» sir." Luw- jTtr—"Why t»otP A uiildfcr way »jf putting it Would suit you better, ptirtuipsP" Witness—"Just K>. 1 wouldn't IJka to decide ns to tine veracity: btit 1 know tlmt ho U decidedly nnliistvriuitl." Ihimley (who hot stood an after- dinner clgnr)—"Good cigar (puff), eh, EobinsonP" Robinson (dubiously)— "Yo-tis (puff), but a man con have too much of a goixl thing." Dumloy— "Hov,''s that, RubinstrnP Robinson— "We had corn bocf and cabbage for dinner, you know." — Ntw fork Sun. "The Kittens," "The Roustabouts," and "The Bull Pups" aro the mitiies of clubs affected by the society swells of New York, and now tho "P. F.V have b<H!n organized. Gonslpls divided •whether th« mystic symbols mean "Poor Fools" or "Plumb Fulls." Doubtless either term is appropriate. A doting Lodi mint hod her littlo niece ovor at a neighbor's, and, do- siring to show them how smart the lit^ tie 2-ycar-oId was, askod her "what, they had ovor at her mamma's," expecting she would t«ll thorn of their now acquisition, a pretty white kitten. The littlo Innocent spoke, up promptly: "Milwaukee lager IxJer."— Itetrott Fret Press. "Secretary Evarts nws some remarkably long sentences, doesn't hep" said a traveler to his seat-mate, with whom ho had been discussing tho various prominent statesmen, "Yes; but I don't think any of his win compare in length to a 8ent,«nc« thiv.11 heard Judge Bromley get'ofi'last week." "What was it?" -"Twenty-live years."— Mcrchtml Trawler. Valerie Villemor (Vassar, '87)—But anntio, all the researches of modern science convince us that evolution is the only theory to which we can attach any confidence. Amiable aunt— Well, my dear. If you won't disturb my ancestors in tho Garden of Eden I will promise not to feed peanuts to yours at the zoological garden. — Harvard Lampoon. A gentleman in Charlottetown, not particularly given to exaggeration, says ho attended a church in a distant rural district of the inland wine time ago, and was horrified to observe that tho choir was led by a festive fiddler, with his squeaking Instrument, both of which had done duty the night before at a raflle for goose.— Halifax (Nova Scotia) JkraUl. "Gentlemen," said a man in a street^ car, who \\-.\A hanging l>y a strap, "here in a lady who would liku a seaL" VITIATED BLOOD Scrofulous, Inherited and Contagious Humors Cured by Cuticura- the medium of on* of your JL books received throuKh Mr Frank T. Wruy,L>niKKli>t, Apollo, I'n., I became acquainted with your OUTICUIU KEMKDIKS.OUCI take this opportunity to tcntlty to you that tuolr Ubp hiM purmuniintly cured £xu n( one of th'i worn' caaus ol blond jx.lsonluK, In connection with erylp"'"*". that llmvu ever seen, und this lifter having been pronounced Incur- ublo by »oiui>:ol tho bent physicians lit our ouunljr. 1 tufie icreut pleasuie lu forwiirdlug to vou thin testimonial, unsolicited us It U bv jon, In ordei thai others froiu similar maladies may i » encouraged to ulvo vourCUTicu IIA HKMK.UIKB u .rial. 1'. B. WllirUNOER, Loeoliburg, 1'a. Kcfoteuoe: FUAKK T, Wiuv, Druggist, Apollo, 1'n. 8CUOFUI.OU.S ULCKB8. jHmes K. Hlclm uxon, Uuutom House, New O'louiiH, on outb fuy«: 'Mn imoScroful.n.h UlOfrs broke out on my body until I win u musttof con'uptlon, Kvei-j'ttiltix known t<i the medical liicully was tiled in vain. 1 be CHine u meru wreck. At times could not lift my hunda to my heud, could not turn In bed; wax In conniunc miln, und looked upon life a» it curse. No > elicf or cure In ten years. In 1880 I htmid of the uiiMeura Itemeuiea, used ilium, und wan perleotls cured." Sworn to before U. S. (Join. J. D. Crawford. ONK UP TUB WORST CASKS. We have been sflling your Outteura Heine- dlen for years, und iiuvo the first complaint yut to receive from it purchHHcr. One uf the *oist,oit«eso( scrofula I ever naw was cure* iiy the use of Uvu bottles ol Outloura Kubolv- nnt, Cutlcura and t'utlcura Hoar. A ho boap I taken the "cake" here a» a medicinal soup. TAYLOR • TAVLOK, DruKKluts, Frankfort, Kan. 8CUOKULOIM, INHEBITKD, And Coniuulous Humors, with loss of batr, und Eruptions of Hie Hkln, aro positively cured by Uutloura and Outlourn Soap externally, whun uil otuur modlclues fall. Bend for pamphlet. DKUGOIjTS UdB TIIKM. Wo have obtained satlsfuciory results from thein-uof tbeO'uticura Itumoillia In our own family, ami recommend thum bo>ond any ro'iietllee tnrdlseuius ol tho sklu and blood. The deinand for ilieru KP ws as theli merits become kuown. JlolllLLAN &CU.. , Latrobe, fa. A eouplo of toixirs woro oonreralng at an ItJilinu OsUirlo. Suldono: "Can you kill mo, old pal, who IK our patron saint — tho patron of all tnp'nrsP I bet you don't ku«w." "Why, Biux'bua, ol courtto!" "Wrongl It in Oullloo, who wad the (1 r«t to utiy that tlio earth It Is a base libel on tlio editor of the Ottklaod $iMui>vr to nay thut he ac- hii^Kiiniy's famous skctoh, <veuswliij;," tia au CTJTICOKA IttCHKUIKB aro Bold ovurywliuie. t'rk-o: Cutlcura, the Urutt bkin Cun>, Ml ot'.; Outluuru 8<-up, tin hxqulmu'lloiuitlllor, S6 ctu.; Uticleum lUiHOlv- out. the Nuw Itlood I'urlrter, Jl. hotter Urus and ulioiuluul Co., llobion. I ll 1Y/I PLKH, lllaokhuads. Skin lllmulslios JLIVJ- uud Baby Humora, u*e CuUcura noap. Choking- Catarrh Have you awakoued from a dlttturbed sleep with all thu horrible xenaatlona of an ueaaa eln ulutoulnt! your throat und proBtmtf tbe IKo-broatb from your tightened cheat? Have vou noticed thu languor imj rtobliltv that HUi-coeduU the effort toulear ynur throivt and head ot this catanhal mutter? What a rie. prcxalnif tuduence It exert* upon the mind, tloudl.iit tno muinory and filling thu head with pains and ntran<e noise -I How difficult to protei't the syotom aualuut lt» luiiher promeHu towards th" IUHKK, liver and kldnovB, all phynlclant will Hdmft. It u a tiTrlble dltoaao, aud ci1e« out for relief and cure, Tim romai'kablo curative powon when all other remedies ultarly full, of Hai.fin'd'a Had cut (Jure, rro utio.tod by tliouaandu who Kiatvfully rui'ointuuiid It to iviiuw «uf)erei>. No Ktutetucttt la ra idu rrunrdmu it thitt, cannot bn uuliut.iniiate'l bv the tjl" Mild I'O l.llllK , Enoh packet oontalnii nnn hntile n( the RadloitlUure, one bnx of rntarrhal Solvent. and an Iinpiov.-d Inlniler, with troatWo and dlivot'nnu, And U Hold 'iy all druKxluls for $1 t'OTTEU UKUO A OUIUIIUAL CO., llOSTOK. ACHE. from tho bench and tho onuntor, from tbe loom and grwlnic maohlnc p the cry ' ( pain and wi'Hli- ne«». Aultlim t>ldv» unit Hack, Kill • ne) »n<1 Ui«Hnn > ulii», ri'ralim and ___ , I'ulun, and every i»iui aim auhu of dally toll rt'llevod In mif mlnu<e bv the Anil- I'alu Hluiter. N> w. Hexuut, and liifa'llhlu. At druguliU, Ua.\ dv« lor tl; or ol I'otwr Urug aadOU«mtailOo., Bill iH'i) on'snos. "I I;M :s» I wns mis- titkuii," ix-iuiH-kucl thu iii:in. "Why? 11 ngked Rtwther "rtrnpixsr." "Doesn't tho ludy Want tho iwot?" "I ffueas she doe«," WM'tH« J;eply, "but it seema that all the g«ntlemeu are standing." —fttttbury Dinpaidu One of our school-teachers was ef> denroring to explain to a small boy in her CIAM tbe meniiing of the w-ord ••colllelon." She said: "Suppose two boys raiming ou the street should come together real hnrd, What would there be?" "A fight," responded the little fellow loudly and with astonishing omptncsB, and tho U-iteher gave it np. —liangor Vfrnmercial. lie—Men mny be long HiifTurlnp, my dear, but s>omi?t.hing must In 1 , done to Suppress thisi higli-liut nuisance in tho theittrea. She—It uertninly will never be Etippresgi'd until »ouicthing Is donn, you mny tjc «uru. He—Then, for hcaveii'H nako, augguot somothltigl Sho—1 will. I would Biiggiat that the mun stop going out for driiiku between tho net*. We'll tuku our hat« off when you do thut, out of pure respect— Lowdl Citizen. "It's funuy about Washington poo- plo," sniil n young man from Nuw York to « Wasliingtoiiiun. "How do you inoanP" askcil thu \V. man. "Why, everybody lias u way of Buying 'i'us, indeed!' " "Have they I" exclaimed the Wiishingtonian, bittnrly. "Well, they haVfu't 1 askwt a girl last night if she would marry mo, iiml the way she said 'No, Indeed,' Wtw enough to bring tears to the eyu of a needle."— Washington Uritic, Rheumatism It it an ettabHiheA fact that Hood's Bar- saparlll* has proron an Invaluable remedy In many severe cases of rheumatism, effecting remarkable cures by Its powerful action IB correcting tho acidity ot tbo blood, Which U the cause of tho disease, and purifying and enriching tbe Tltal fluid. It it (triainly fair to tutwne that what Hood's Sarsaparllla bas done for others It will do for you. Therefore, If you suffer the pains and aches of rheumatism, give this potent remedy a fair trial. A Positive Core. " I was troubled very much with rheumatism In tny btps, ankles, and wrists. I could hardly walk, and was confined to my bed a good deal of tbe time. Being recommended to try Hood's SarsapuDla, I took four bottles and am perfectly well. I cheerfully recommend flood's SarsaparilU • as one of the test blood purifiers in the world." W. F. WOOD, Bloomlngton, 111. For Twenty Years 1 have been afflicted with rheumatism. Before 18831 found no relief, but grew worst. 1 then began taking Hood's Barsaparllla, and it did me more good than all the other medicine I ever had." II. t. BALCOM, Shirley. Mass. "I suffered from what the doctors called muscular rheumatism. I took Hood's Sarsaparilla and am entirely cured." J. V. A. PBOUDTOOT, letter curler, Chicago, 111. We shall bo glad to aend, free of charge to an who may desire, a book containing many additional statements ot cures by Hood's Sarsaparilla Bold by all druggists. $t; six for »B. Made only by C. I. HOOD 6 CO., Lowell, Mass. tOO Doses One Dollar. HEPUBL1CAN TOWNSHIP UOSVEK- 'HON. The Republicans of Alton township ana all others desiring to co-operate with them at the electinn Tuesday, April 6th, are requested to meet in Mans Convention at City Hall, Monday evening 1 , March 28ih, to nominate can* didutos for the following offices: One Supervisor. Three Assistant Supervisors. One Town Clerk. One Collector. One Assessor. One Highway Commissioner. And to transact any other business properly coming before the meeting. CHAS. HOI.DLN, JR., J. K. BU n.ER. OEO. 1) HAYUEN, H. G. M'MKB, 8 F. CONN' >B,' U. M. BAKEK, Ja., F. W. HOPPB, H . B. STARK, Repuhhnan Central Com. KtirUBL.t'AlV CilT CONYeNTiUJf. Tho Republicans of the several wards of tbo city of A'ton, and all voters dudiring to co-operate with them In securing 'a better, more ifficieni and more progressive administration of oitv tiffalrs, are requested to meet In primary meetings, at City Hall, rm Thursday evening, April 7th, at 7:30 o'clock, to nominate candldatt'9 for Aldermen in their respective ward*, and also to appoint delegates to a City Kepublicnn Convention to be bold at the same place, Friday evening, April 8th, to nominate candidates for Mayor, City Clerk, City Treasurer, City Attorney, to bo voted for at th»; municipal election April 10. b; the several wards to be entitled to the following representation iu tbe citv convention: First ward, S delegates. Second ward, G delegates. Third wurd, 8 delegates. Fourth ward, A delegates. Fifth ward, 8 delegates. Sixth ward, 6 delegates. Seventh ward, 7 delegates. Total number of delegate?, 61.1 And to transact such other business as may propeily comr before the meet- mg. CHAS.HOU>KN,JB, J. K. BUTI.ER, QEO. U. IIAYUEN, H. G. M'PIKk, 8. V. CONNOR, II. S. IJAKKK, Ju., F. W. UOPPK, H. B, STARR, Republican Central Committee. \ For n chock for fM w« will print n ten-lino tuivertlsomi'Ut In C>n« Ullllon f<nu«s of lua'i- ln« Amt'ricHii N'«wsp.i|>«r«. ThN Is at. "ho 'iiM ninnly one fifth ol aoi'iu H Hue, for l.omcliou Utloul Tilt) aclvuitlnHinont will bo plitoed txfore Ona Ullllnn uifneRKNT n«w«iiuiier nurelntoeni-orKiVK MILLION KKAI.KUS. Ten Ilnci will au.'omiiiuditto about 7.1 winds. Ad druts with copy uf adv and chuck, u «"i'l S S B .", U .'SJ'. 'ft 0| lw P**?"- UBU - ''• ""w- ELL * OCX, 10 «prno» »t., S. T. )al&dlia j Hf*«lne. HMitrwl ntKncth, of *h« noOw JWtn InanflUfl tttalUt t* Unfr MX, ii««U ttj Tblt nMdloloe conblnM Iron with purs TeroUbta tonlci, and I*«bl8 far .DlMtMi peoml&r to Wainen. »ud all obo l»d wdnntap HTM. tl Ko- tonica, i _ Women, and all who lead wdnntary HTM. — lichen tnd ruilflci th« lllopd, Miluinfmej the Appetltd, Strengthen* the Aluiclc* mrt Ncrven—ID (net, Ihui'ougtilj I nvlanrntPii. pl«nre the ontnplexlun and makes the aKln Bmooto. ft dom not hlnokon the teeth, oune headae-ho, or pnAiuci] coUBUliatkm— nUolhtr Irttt, m< tttctne* ito. Mm. EUZAM.TH BAUID. 71 Famell Are.. MUmu- kM. Wl».. MfK undor dnto of DM. 86th ISM: •• I hn»o u»wl Brawn's Imn Blttura. anil It lnnhnen nun thiiQ a doctor tn me barinfc cutvd mi' nt tho WMknma ladloi hare In IKn. J> loo cunni nie of er Complaint and now my comploiion bi cloar and (ood. Haa aliu> been bnneflclal to my children." MBS, LOOIBA O, BnAOUON Kant Ix>ckp<irt. N. Y., •an: I h«T« anffunxl untold ralHer? tram Femalu Oomplalntd. and cimlil i.htaln reliuf (turn nothll* uoept Brown's Iron Hitters." O«nnln<>hadaboY»Trade MnrkandCTpssedrwl on wrapper. Tnho nn <.tlii-r. Madeonlj . BKOW.N OIIEMIUAI. CO. UALTlMOIiE. MD KASKIN E (THE NEW QU1NINK) . No bad effect No headache No nausea. MO ringing ears. C ure * quickly Pleasant,!" 1 ™ A POWER b'UL TONIC. thfct the most delicate stomach will bear. A SPECIFIC FOR MALARIA, RHEUMATISM, NERVOUS PUO8TKAT1ON, and nil U«i in Diseases FOR COLDS KAr-KINK HAS UKfcN FOUND Tu UtC ALMOST A Sl'KClKtO. bupeilor to Quinine. bellovuelloepltal, N. Y.: "Dnlvenally BUG- o«wiful." S "Everv patienttrented with Kunkino HUH been dlncliarioid cured." Rev. Ja*. L. Hall.Chnplutn Albany Cenlten- tlary, wrln-8 tliat Ka-kine him unred Ills wlfn, iilt«r tweuty vmra sutferliiK Irom it:alarla and nocvous dyspepehu Write liliu for par- Ur.ulurs. St.Joseph's nospltnl, N. T.; "It's use Is oon-lderc'd lndl»p"Usaide It aot^perlectly." Pro;. >V. F. Holooiuba, M.D., W EUiitiMli »t., N.Y. (late Prof. In N. V, Mud. Cul.ege) writer: "Ka»klne la superior to quinine in UB -<Dec.flc nwer, and nuvur product's the all{,btastln uty to Hie huurttiK or constitution. ThoU8andauiion tbousandawrlto that Kas- klne luiD cured them alter all other mudl- clnes had failed. Write lor book of tenti- ruonlnlH. Kanklno can be tauten without nny special uiedicul advluu. Ji.OO per boitle. Sold l>y or "I'M by mall oil receipt of price. RASKIN E CO., 51 Warren »l., Kew York, ludwliu LOOKOUT HERE! TDE CELEBRATED QUICK MEAL Gasoline Stove ! FOR SALE AT J. HOFFMANN & SON'S I eakrn in STOVES ANP UA«P>VAltB Alan Outelde Work n specialty. Booting and Galvanized Iron Worn. A ho i indertaker's Supplies COB. 8KCUKU AND AL1IT 8TS. «IOHN BAUER, DEALER XJJ AND MAHOFAOTtmEU) or FURNITURE. SECOND STREET, Opp. City llal!, ALTOX, II.L. All kinds of fine and oonvnrm fnrnltnr v conatuntly on huinl, Al»o undf.-viker, ete. • A.yu Iwlw WM.L. KLTJNK DNDERTAKER, AMD UKAI.EH 1)1 Ready-Made Coffins, Metallo Cases, Caskets, And Burial Robe', •for l<adletf| Oontlewen and Children. Office aud.Shop ou State street >v«rHaii s J.lvory Stable. Will atwnd to Job Wurktud Keusitlag rornlciu«. (at 1'ACltaT COM PANT. SPEINO ABRANOEMENIT. Hie Steamer The Century On and a ter Monuay, Feb. 11, the Spread [aul^ u I run itx lollowa, vizi LKAV1KG ALTON FOB ST. LOUIS at 7 o'clock ». m.. aud St. Lonlooii; rottirn trip at 8 p. ui., dally. And leaving Alton lor Porta.,-0, Jerm-y LandliiK. «rB'inn, and waj points ovtry evoulnK\ H * BiSOo'ciocK. «9.The WhUtln will be itoumlwd fifteen mlnntes beforo atartlny (or tit. Louis. To BT. Lctns, - - - 5 1 . BotrauTBir ... .71 TWKHTT Fast Freight, & Pas seger Li ailE 8T. LOUIS AND CENTRAL ILLINOIS It. II. Gii'S I-ALACK MKAMKK J. F. KLI.1!-ON, Ui >.!> ASSlltlTZ, jniA,b> THUJf UOUUK! j°|« lks On and alter Thursday^Feb. 17th, •wllllcove Altoudail> For &t. l-ouls at 7 a. m. Returning, will leave St. Louis (foot of Vine at.j at !:4S p. in.! JLenvinu Alton at 5:m> p. m. lor Portugo and .lortu-y, arriving at Graf ton at 7:45 p. ni., connectlnxwlth fnattapress on 8t. Louis and Oeiitral llllnolo Kallroad lor JersayvillB, Wu- \vr,y, rip. luKttfld and all pptuta x.ortu anu eUet ' FAUE. TOST. Lotus, single trip, - ... " " r< uiul trip i»o " " twenty rluo ticket, , i&.i HENUY O. TA1 UM, U«r». A(?t. Alton. H. A. M?llt£K, nen'l Munuuor. lu.ldtt DB. O. U. UUIlLiANJD, Dentist, 18 THIRD STKBKT, ALTON, IIJ>. Office Hoan»-S a. m. to W m. j 1 to 4 p. D fnhd«»lT O. A. MeMLLLEN, DeiitiHt, OVEE BBUEGGBM \.N.Vd OIOAB 8TOBH 8K(X).Nl> ST. 10"*! dtf f BVSltlAKS AMU DK. E. UUJSJL.1UU, Physician ana Surgeon, OFFICE ^ND KE8IUKKOB, OOtt.FOUKTl AND JtUfiNhY ST8. ^_ tai-dwly W. A. UASHJULL, M.O., Physician and Surgeon, OFFIOft-SEOOND BT.. ALTON, ILL. ifflce b ours—9 a. m.; 12 tol, andop.m anw^-fiwt Ptau undordlifiioil Hare opened a new 'trunk Cora at-me coruitr .oi .'rulnl auUI'lusuata ORGANS AND PIANOS! of tlio Iflnoat v orkmanshl,-) for sale at rou lOimblu i.rtcua. (Jail and exuuiluo out- uuutn butorupurchasluu uUuwhere. FLOSS. & BABE. WILSON WASHBOARDS. These Waibbontds arc cuailo with a Bent-Wood rim. The Stronge, t boards and best wMUera in Uw worlil. For sale by all denlera Sllolilgan S3 AN ACRE ou lonrr time. Tho moit prosperous and promlilnp; fluid for wttlomfnt In tlio U. S. Full information, with good mop free. Addre« HID COV!ISS10«EB,» >l «(oiuln Central R. R-, HlltrinkM, Wl>. 1887. Harper's Weekly. IbLUaTRATED. HARPER'S WEKKLV maintains Ita pobltloi aa thHleading llliiHtrati'iUiPWupapi'r In An or icu; and Its bold upon puoliuoate' mand o.Jii' irdi'iiUH wu.8 nuVHi 8tronuitr than at lli« )>ron unt time. Iliiuliles tuu plulimis, llAiti'Uit'E •i KEKLY ulwu>«contnlna limtiiHiiiiintdOlon.-. occasionally of two, ol tliu bunt novuU of I'le day, finely Illustrated, with uliin-t utorlcn pOKins, akutobui, and papum of linportani current toplca by tlie :noat populuf wrllem TUuvare Hiutliua bvuninccL'SHiinlycxurvlKucI In the pant to u akn HAIIPKHH WKKKI.V , HUH an Wfll as a wvlfumo tixltnr touvury liouuu hold will noc ue,rulnx<'d In thu future. HAKPER'.S~PK1UOD1CAL8. I'«r Yeurr llarper'i- Weekly, $40' Maniei'u tlaxuzltin 4 OC Iliiriiui'u HHBIU' 4 1*1 Marpui'i* ^OUIIK People: 2 Ou llnrpur'i Franklin hqintre Library, ono yi'lir (A'2 ntiinbura) JO DO 11 in pen's llaudy Sorlos one >oar (.'.' I'u tiitfe Ireo In ail a^b .Stilton or Canada. n ot berH In the United Thfl Volumes of the Weekly boyln with tho flrot Numb r for January oli'a hyi-ur. When noiline IB mimilom'<J. Miljurlmlons will bi-Kl with the Number curieiitut ilmti of receipt ol oixlor. Ilinind Vnlun.ei of lUiii'Kit'a WKKKI.V, foi lluuu VVHI'H bat U, In nuitt o nth bliuliiiK, will bu -ii'i't by mull, IIOBIUKO paid, or oy expii'«K, fioeiifrxpuiitnidirnvlMutl ili.i'iclaht il UH not VM'ei d one Ooilai per viiliinii') K.r}7 pur vol. Cloth raxea fur uut'h voinine, Huaublu lu blndliiK, will be HUIH by mull, postpaid, on re uclpt 01 ?l iiach, lluinttianveu fltoukl bo made t>y 1'OBionlco Uorey order or Dial i to avoid ol Ions NewapiipuiB are mil to copv tula iidvertlso- iiiwnt without tlie cxpruHa order ul Hut tier & llroihoi-H. Addii-un IIAUI'KU « BIIOTUEUS, New York. STOCK FOR SALE. A Finn Illntiilvil Muru, it Fine flhort Horn Cow mid Hull J •!»,•>• YvarlliiK Huif r. Inquire ui tuu UocJIrey OuiU" tfulloiml I'lim no* M lebllwU J. THIS LIFfi OF LINCOLN, ^ By bis Coiillat'ntlal «4«cretttrle«, John U. Nlcoluy aiitl Col> . Jobu Jlay. * ' n,&t "li •»«!• "I otttciv »{•«;,«»»{»« w«« tr«w.«m.u UMJM, LII;^";^}"' sSlrtl, 1 : t u|>P"'"' "' iul» ol Au publltiutlou ol tlii» imt "tit y iil?n "y. wortl . THE WAH SERIES," which has UUHII uillnw. U «lili ui'flagglng ,,i,,< HI viiKivHtliituie»t by» f'**! 11 llllUl> ip! wi o"m,Vy h» .J.w» uurlim I .«<'<»»• .,., iiiiii. HIM vnMiiu »lii l)« uu.ciluau oy .fn^u'nl (Ulii"l "1 tii« Unlim Artillwy), s : ii'.Ct" • «. ««»• WAtf "^."Kir I iu III UO.-8I Bli U. A., Will. Fi . mi" ^^GluOon^loi-tuiBl'ori^.HndJom 3 ftioiuy will duBwriuo H|«-ulul buttle* ttnU fiiolUuiitii. BtoUt). 01 imvu. «i]giiH«uu)lit». Boulnu. em. m«. wlllu. l»«ai. NOVELS AND STOUfES. "Tliu UunUitdtU MUII," u uovwl by • * ran* U atuukiuu, uutiiur 01 "The uu!y, or tne n«er.» Ui-BlusMii Nov.-uib«r. Two uoVMloHok uy Uebrije W. OubJe, stone* by Mary Hullock foote. "UneU) Ucuiue," Jullull Jllttwtliiirue, ttdwa a hgxlBKioii. B»U otliBi 1 liroiuliiBii* Aiuutlimn ifiitUurs will bBprluiud aurlug tue SPECfAL FEATURES. (will) lUuBtrut.oiw) lucluUo u ,»«*»«• "' ""»• i-lrit fii allulrs In Uurola iiud slberlu, bv Oco. Kuiinun.uuthoi- ol "Tuiii Litu lu 8iberiu," who iiu» junl rutufiivu Iroui u UIOBI evniitlul vltlt o Jlberlun primus; liupeis • n tuu F-'oa gufitlon, « till ralvrancu to Itn beurl g ou th« tubor I'l-obl. 111; fcuglUU CutUedruls : Dr, ^KKlusiouVUellKloua Ule ^n the Aiuortcan Uoloule»: Oluii-voyuuof, Mjirltuullmii, A»trpl. ..Kj,etc.,b> Kev.J.Al. UucKlHy, O.l),. uUltor 01 lilts UnrlHliau' aUvouute: ttntronuiuioul piv- pern; tbrowluK llKlifou Bible tlatory, KIC 'PRICES. A FREE COPY. Subbtrlptluii pilot, ;<•«« u jeur, 84 .wintt » iiuinbtfr. UtHluro, poBiiniiBtura, mid |.ublltiB. era tuho subscriptions, stud lor our beuutl- .ully illuoi.utea. 24 imge uiiittlo«ua (jrue), uuntatiilng lull piotpuCtU!., «(<•„ flic uUlng a •livulalnHur by wluuu new reuUcru i-un uet • ui'k uuinbui'b 10 lilt btisliiiiuiit ol the War curled ut H >'ery low prluu. A opuciuien copy (buck uuuibui ) will lie Beut on recjiiuet. Mention thin uuiwr. . ' ' Oan you ulfcrd to be without ihe Century- OhNTUuy CO., New Yorit. 8nb«crlp«ona recut ved at thU office. ELY'S Clcauses tlio UouiS, Allays liiilatumatiou. Heals the Sorest. ReBtores tlio Seusesof Taste • mell, Hear ing. A quick A pfartlcie Is applied Into each nostril und IB uKifeable. li-ice (in cte. ut urus(dflt8: by mull, reuiutKrecl. 00 cts, Clr< ulara fieo. KLY .. uruuglntii, uwexo, N. Y. «. dtrly A. J. HO WELL, -DKALEB IN— FURNITURE! A Full and Complete Stock 'ONSTANTLY ON HAND. ALL OBDBP FOH UPHOLSTERING Neatly am' promptly executed, ' , Bello at., bet. Third and Fourth. —ALSO— UNDERTAKER. 8TV For Sale Cheap, -ONE- Witb nil tlio Appliances to Kim it. Everything in Good Order. A. II. HASTINGS, JelHwtf Upper Alton. T. L. FOULDS & CO., SUCCESSORS TO A. n. MOKLS'NKY A CKX, Highest Market Price Paid for . Corn and Pickles. ..« STILL SLOP FOll 8ALK. '"•"J NpTtlwflm KOKUHni ,«H"lr homes $7 to $10 uor w«vk <'Hnbnqulutly niari«. No plmlo HHlnl- niKi no I'HiivaMnK. Knr full niirliciilars ' iiililrtisH. at onoo, OKBsofcll r i\H'[ UO,, ralM., Uo,.ton, Wuas. Box 6170. n DEflFNESS Its e'tusea, mirt n npvr and snoi-ed«'ul OUKK at « i., . . i t\~ VOI| V OWI> homo, tiv nil* win. win iluiif twi'iitvulKlll Vfl-iiH, TroutBd iy 11101.1 . ••! tin, n ,,ied S|ieflt|ll«t» wMVout iiBiiuiii. uiircU liimuoil In tluuo IIIOI.H).,, ond 01. Ilicii iMiHtlr, dn of ntllUfK. Fuji purtlO ' "'J««» |im. T. S. 1'AUK, No. 41 VfODt Utt St., N. Tf,

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