Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on March 21, 1887 · Page 1
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 1

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, March 21, 1887
Page 1
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"< ' " , '"cfy ir i? 'fffw? l'h« Retaliatory taw Promul S|gs^^ : I IUCR ^«CJ,ATOB. If you load a led LI V t neiltnry lire, or »uffor with Kidney 'iWvqr.UCljiUHtOK.oUrd'toreBtord; ,••••• ,.',"<>'<»*iftw HfttiiH V.nvihlii«; .h|.rU of ^^^^'ih^^FJ^if.'" 1 ' 6 ".? ill»yon arc a miserable puffererwlth . <Jaiu>|lp(«tloa.iUy«p«nitla. l aiid UU. Ss^4^^i^teffitt.*H^g»i' V, I ... — lllton's Ki'cailliu Jo It p. '-' • '*\'>& Four or livo yeiira ! ngo I unit Thoo•lore 111 ton, one of Miss, Anthony's Jttdst Intltrihtc friends,' at the • St. Dttnis tTCStiXtU'utit, vin* J» y\V>- Xwi'kt fWuivwb Dar*- ;to(ik at the some little -table...' '• '„' ;„.,. , He WON a «rikitfgly'<hi.hdsomo man, six feet four Inchim high',- "with flowing brbwn hair, blue eyes, and mobile face --anlaii of fifty und well calculated'to attract attention anywhere. Miss An- (thtmy had just conic into her property. nud uh<! drwfcfed'ai-little better, than'hik vial, and was -.Intellectual looking -with •;flno gray hair ftud.xvonBiderably above • lh £,{ rt *^S.'*!**«!*-'<»| > hcr sex',* '•> M A •< Tilt6h c«mi jn^liitighiiig, rt'nd In ro , Jplja Kepubltc'sng have nomL . v. v ». v ^ t , M**UI' )VVB lleure ywio.vMvi,-" ', bau t>U)te In > our inoutn, Simmons L ver Regulator. It cor . • ...-,..,.. .: .Uu'UUi.,-; J showed an interest in details and he went, on: • • •! >'»-i''; <;,' ;,^•;•«;.•';,.£ < j"We were walking down Fifth'are- ,nue, and as,we were both very tall%e 'Noticed Stand k\id> to ••-moi 'Theodore! what do people keep looking'At "iis i; 's« J ;'-'Nonsense!' I said, 'they are"not thinking anythingnUoift tin. "It is youif < .I'lUfiy^ Xhnt^uictod, Jjer for, a f,(?w jnin- ;Sh'drtly t! !Sbi3' beoUnie'-cxcited-aWnt' it again nnd exclaimed: .,/,'They are star-" ilng'ttt us! Is niy. bonnet<FightP.i3iI,aair. jsoe. tnem whispering 'it. 'each other as -'they puss; Do you ,snpp6s'e.'thW! I^H for .killing . "';'"'. '.•:".'•.•: ""f. *.'..;'- '..•, '.»e Lesaeps is reported to have offered ID 'Germany what 'amounts 10 u two-flf tils' iutdPeSt in the Punatna 1 •canal." -.•-.-..;, ..... .;,,,< ........ ..,.,. . w , Wi( .^ There was another severe earthquake shouk ia Sou-.h Carolma"FrN day evoning— the worst- that -has oeen felt there for several weeks. lion. Benton J. Hall, of Burling. •ton, Iowa,;* Democratic e^tonuress- Slt? 1 h A 9b ? ena " Pointed Uniteif httttes Commissioner* 6Y Tateiiti >it :W,n3l)inetpn. . . ,...,^t*»i>«^, :As a"reUo'd f or the delay in the .appointment, of a,r Se l cre«afy'» of > thfe is hinted tha^ may still , be dickering witili Speaker Carlisle. . , ; '-•-•"•".••• ...V. .V,**.y,>>V. JVU BUPPOSC' ••they tire"Saying? 1 . f" "•- ~-""f.?Z.: '•'•''"'.Well. I don't know, Susan,' J an- swered,-verv ;lfkely-they < are saying, ,'Ujat'. The<x5ore Tilton-see how ki?d !h<5 is to hLs oUl mollVwV"'"~ ; iTilton laiighed morrily at the dreadful Joke, and 1'hnve never happenedto interview -Susan" about if -~- JL Plain and Decorative Paper ornois AKD SHOP OK ST., NEAR PIASA • • ;-•.»',- il'.>?.;<» j,:, .•: Absolutely Pure "y a gunpowder explosion in the house^of o^man' nameMPoster, in t " evln f lan , territory, twiiCof his child-:' ren were'killed arid Himself and wife' .seriously hurt. •n-.t'ft^^^L .^f 'At the Eads memorial meeting, held on 'change, in,St., Louiev'Satur- day, eloquent tributes'.were paid the m : en ?9'^9 f the, great engineer 'by mauy wuo knew hTm",well.'Z.^'' Excellent "Micliigan V B alt^ is now sold at 51 ce.ht8.a;bar'rel,.,aliout one-' ^trter the price in>free trade' times'.- Ajnd yet the fr^e tradesrs ! 'arei howling, to, hMVe'the^duty on"salt^boliaheXl^* 'A' uariiaging^ ; flSo'd, is reported af nisinaa'rok,^k^vfci U 8'ea'- : yy"'an H ice gorge in the, 'Missouri ^n^er/whiehi : at its ordinary stag&.-is^oniyvhaif-'a niile-wide af'tliait point.4*' r nbw'-6^er WAsnmoTOH, March 19.—Acting Secretary, Fairchild -hng Issued a oir- «u|BF.t« customs officers promulga ting r. the •• recent act of 'Congress nu- tlibriaing the^'President tc-'.protect the rights of American fishing vesselsi American ! fishermen 'hhd American trading and other vcssela'in certain cageB; ' etc.'; and the act relating to the importing and landing 'of mackerel dui ing the spawning season, and calling particular atteution to their provisions. the Rxglng AIlxRouri. , BISMAKCK, Dak., March 20.— The Missom river is still ori the rampage. Tue Buford rise reached this poiiit to-day and the water is flowing over the prairie at agreat depth and'more terrific speed than ever-. The stream has risen a foot here to-day, which rise is equal to a rise of over twenty foet in the upper river, as theater is spreading "out •> bWr*»«yMe 1 ^ of country'six toiles iride. -Thefea ful blizzard ; of :i yeStt'l'day' -' abat^.1 a l<ftt' evening^ atidrleft d^er six j ln>he8' ! 6f flnbw., throughoU't-" "the; Northwest 1 This will add- to theVflood* Sand<as the sun has comei' out ! wahn to-davv thb tHlSutaries^of^tlie;" SllSsouri 3 ir« ng snow, jThe.irescuing pirty tJiaVjnade ,the wonderful ,'jonrney -into -the iow* lands yesterday, and,. saved the livee of six men.afldoue^omanrWlio, were percbediupon ihertpljs of Bouses an^i in' the treesv'f:ore irthe.-, he'roestoffthV dAy>«5A«telegramffrom Fti' Lincoln' 1(! ;6 ; in [ t SUCH AS Ta jiestry Brussels^ ' . ,.. Stair Carpets aiid Mattings, Oil Cloths, j ?t-,srri^jipd. Also a,verv Choice JHtnnlr nf * **-*•*-- i"'.. .. .; • j-,,>.;. >V; -AS,' • V~ ^r.**, X> J, V*\J fcJ 1JU V^J^ UJL il. .. .Dikv\Ai*<N ' '" «.« j"'""""^Ll'-i": 1 -* "• I anaj>ffering these goods at the " J tb bsiir andsee the'beaiififiirne goods &learh the low pfices.i ,ILL. A' NEEBMAHN. L' ir '- ; "-' ••• : --^--« *\'bi^ Lines of Bargains Powder never varies. A marvel ol ' , 8t ™ IJ B t h wholnsomeneBB. More eoo- than the ordiuary Uinds, and cannot The danifck'a are awakening to the fact- that the'withdrawal"of ;^7soOl)-' OOu of 'goodillnited; 'StateB^-moriey wiien theretalliirtibn; 1^-goeS^into effect, will Jeave a pretty.; large^. sra- cancy in their national.exchequ-r. ' ! It is s'tatad that"'6i^Se'natpF i Thurman^of 0hib, -has J beea 'repeatedly urged by" the President to accept office, especially a position on the f p i?£"^* to c ^'"Jmero6 eommission butjbag? refused any public'position. @,%^ auc l ua i Ihe" famous Sunday school; resorts, jvas-swept by firo last night/ most of the large, buildings and fifty cottages -were ..destroyed.* At Irby.N.Y., last night, the Grand Central theatre and other buildings weref'destroyed by QVe^'^.i^rn^ """'' ^feP^-.^ b !? 8h ?d ajtSt. u ing,on fhay. f ,at.ack| ; anci aVeesi »* ana, that unless rtheyowerc rescued' they would perish jn-lhe,, flood., -It is bee rescued are the FOR Tip BJfiST .- patoh .-talthough-many,: claim that the 'ily 'oppo?i te s the'?f or aan o the' floddeay-dislriict' 'are stilt: iifdah'- »t swept away. "';.",."'-. V ;;.:;^ ' THE WORLD. AwiJNTS.FOETHE . IT IS I jauSlw ly That ou^lit to catch your REALBIIIIp^iLE, BEAD LIST OP BABGAlNS C. A. Schlueter's Agency, is ineVlta t b'lo|A'if.*[ic^jggj enforce^?|he*retIli'Stb1p by about commercial nbn^nierco'urse between the two countrfeV^o V fti- ' becn 5»are the rmt. "ewibuBo. With cellar, cistorn lOVELTIES, ' • SLOTHIM, iv- * ; ' ti u ; . . " -rooin house ando-'e 3-room house, 8tU«and Moi;kpt,pu. Lot 60 by uo" good .ctatei'n ,artd-;pffi; hbuep'rittt ™bur H alu. nr^hli-H 1 ?" 16 a ° r ? 9 {" N""' 1 Alton with good 01 eburil, burn and plenty, of wnt<T. For sale- 660 acres 'im'preved larm with ' " . « ?•' 1 ixiM noi-.jtort Soott to .Sinllustroincounty ecat, 6 aorns P a «'y bottom Innd, 1m- propertv u nil good wal«r on prenvi86B. ™7 < - Two sootlons of B.K. 31ILLBERI, ' •'' f y ? f 1 '-.* ** f • .• f» can't be beat \ u ,, qi l ali ! i y an<l Prices. All the latest novelties of the season dal- l ly addtid, at one-price i cash house, '• !n .• '•'-'"• *•••'• l j£*b on^hoiron.uouutaln tL^K. pat'a'"^ ' Fbr sale or exahaugo. S acren of groun'l on Malu bt.. ttdjoluing Mayor oopptn^r'a on tba ' Kor sale or exchange- Seaoiloua''of pralrln •JKV b^&'iSJS^JSSS A£" 1 Threeiioro's aajolnliiB L»r.liobprt« on north. Ouu and a half lots In Muwley'a addition. One and a halt ,ot8 In ShHIy's addition, at a Sar«atn * V ° Jlr0| ' u " y oun ^ buu Bl" I also represent the Buffalo German Ftfe Insurarioe 'Co., Buffalo, W. Y., one of the best companies in the U. 8. 7 ' ...... And other good Companies in • ""'"' 1 - "'"•" "•'"• ••G. A. SCHLUETER, Offloe iu my New Builcling, on Second street. largest vcfc? was for Gladstone, 31. Ihe eleven other great men were Bismarck (27),-DeIjes8e P s,(25),-Edison (21-),'Stanley (18); ; Blaine (14). Npurgeon (12), CoiikJirig(U). R U8 : km( 11), Huxley, LfiwelT and .Schlic- mann each 10. Mr.Clevelana bad 5 votes.and P. T. .Bapnum, and< Jay Gould 7 each. : "-•'- • - • "There is no other Eads, and not even a'good- second to .him," says one of the c )inriiehtators r oh his We and work. Unfortunately for•; the ship railway .project, only too true. Other engineers may be'found to carry out bis engineering ideas, but there is no likelihood of findinff anyone who will possess such qualit ties for the conception of great enterprises and for putting the conceptions into execution. _ Capt. Black, of counsel for the Chicago anarchists, made the closing speech on the appeal for a new trial before the Illinois;Supreme Court at Ottawa, Friday afternoon, and the court took the case under advisement. Should the court decide-to grant a new trial its. decision ' would be made known'within a few weeks but in the event of a contrarydf cision its finding may not be an nouuced until the September terra of the court. Dcfltli from LootJaii. ••* About a ,we§k ago Mrs : . "jLogah 1 "Ell- 1 lam,iiVife16K;a;.pro-b p eroW*'vfariBe'r residing eight ra/lesmorlh- of-this place, stepped on a ritsty nail which caused a slight injury.- - Soon after the inflammation of the member occurred, ib became necessary . to > call 'medical aid. The patient grew worse and lock jaw ensued--which, despite the best raedltft!'aid obtainable, resulted fat jjlly-this''mbfnirig." : v Sentenced to Death. LONDON, Marcb: 2L—It is reported that the Czar received a letter 'dated March 1, from the Executive! of the Nihilist committee,"- informing him that at a sitting of the committee on February 22 he was condemned to death, and that fifty members •' were appointed to execute the sentence^ f Baffled the I'hysiclains. UUBKE MEbXOIND.C!o.^ ttuiUOV, III • —I regard ;your,',WhitePine.Bal8am, as a cough mixitire of verv* ^rent value The benefit derived by* my wife from its use, places it with me far in advance of all others. For .'savers!'.years aho had been seriously afflicted with u ooush that gave a» much .alarm j. it had bafttod the skill of the :physicians, and cough remedies, until I 'concluded notliih would aval) in her case. Direc ly after coming to Qninoy, on you recommendalibn, ahe oomrnonoed uain your 'Balsam, and it haai acted like charm, quleunsr the ooogh, and remov ing entirely the soreness from her lungs We keep it constantly i» our bouse;— J - P; *<| rd « Pastor M. $'. church, Rush : Use Cressler's VN'ild Roae Tooth fow rier'for cleansing the toeth. Price 2fiu INKALUBliB CUKE FOB COUOHa Wo would most positively stale tba no remedy, has ever met with moh universal satiufaetlon or can be more truthfully said is a positive cure than Burkn' White Pine Balsam. f SUGAK; A now discovery, Little Aprioot Mils easier to take than sugar and far mbrt Denenoial. Sure cure for neuralgia, headaohlB heartburn, dyspepsia and bar breath. Try them.' For sale at Mursh's drugstore. • m o|)l dwly Buggy Co's WARRANTED FOR FIVE YEARS. 'ille Threshers' atid' JBn- ' gines; Moliffe'? : Plow Co's ! Plb^rs and Cultivators and Pulverizing Harrows. _______ E sP : ii^ RS - ^^™is ! 3SSPlS^ < '^i?N??SS «-™«^rtn^^ B ° 15S; ENOt^R. CYLINDER and ' „ , , ° : fcrOCK, WLLL and CISTERN PUMPSi <: fine TION'GASOLINE STOVES SPP nnr-ein TITT. r>v HXIINESS.: Nl^lSsEWrNGMiSlSE^ ' SjW••••We'keep'the BEST GASOLINE and NG OILS on tap and delivered to any part of.the city. ' T 4 '1 MJI—., ^r. 2d ind State sts.. ALTON, ILL. lltp§l£Hs;^,.: ;,;,;„ M -^s Midvarllilitgtptnv/hiininCliiciga, n'M {">. 'a >'i M TheB.&O Tr*iii»ferCo..clud<'d. ! N«w YORK, March 19-The transfer of the Baltimore & Ohio road to the Stay ner-lvea syndicate of capitalists is now declared to be a foregone cuuilusion, the amount required by the terms of sale to make the first $1,000,000 having been deposited to their account to-day. Sevi-ral large Boston concerns are declared to be back of (he de»| and Irving A. Evans, is representing their interests in the deiil. He wu» at the Albumitrle hotel last, ulght, und tonight he is lioldiiiK another conference with the syndicate here." In olden times when a UJIMI suddenly dwappoared .his friends drujrired th' nvrern nnd cramined all , convenient places. Now they drag -oi,t bunk ncoouut, and <n»inine hoiel 1 •* - in Oitnada.— Ex. <;i i An exoeBs of animal food and a par-, tial closing of I ho poroamf tho nkm, during tho wlntur months, ciiuso the Moslem 10 buoome UUed with impurities ThcB« can Ijoirorawudmnd tlie blood purified and-'.••invigorated by takinir ei'H aaraaparilla.i Pride fl. dwlw ONEARTH! BOSS FILLED WATCHES, ' I" *>«••• iij.--.i- • ••..>; ;."'.:."', ''•. .,, . • •«-».-•- •**> m^.m^tj} Froin |18 to f?5Q. Warranted 20 Years. GUNS, rrom $16: to" $30. J. H- BOOTH il- 1JVM * "» S LEADING JEWELER: >'l , 4 « J; "•a 'A ^ f i % Jj'-S I •II -GO TO- SBBLY &; SON FOB AND Frames, Brackets, Base Balls and Bats, Croquet Sets, etc, A full line of School Books, Scratch Books and School "* •fiu^jpliejB. Eemember the place: THIRD STREET; . . OPP. RELLE, *,/, «j ' /- «>» Third »t.,one door west o«i PlMft. Uilrd Uoor. , ^••8UB^piyBB;;FQP THE By maU or delivered, Only Republican Dally in '"'" . ' Madison county

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