Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on March 19, 1887 · Page 4
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 4

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 19, 1887
Page 4
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., »,*>,, th* ptowUtors of Athlophoros hara nmr dalffl*d fo? it «v«& all lu m*rft would waff Irani bat not a little to do with It* wonderful"' ' ' ' be thousand* of grateful rh JLY.' *i..^» -L.-u_. £12*T.ili «i/< . »i*WV,^erosn»r a «a •UK uwiv uutnurd applications are worthies*. The disease liai Its teat in the blood, and ant remedy to be succcMfnl mutt deal - wii|i the^obtirocUve add whicl^, jjoiwma *^ Amfdphdj'oi acts on the blood, muscles and Joints directly. It takes the poi«m out of the blood and carries it out of tho system; it invigorates the action of the muscle* and limbers the stiffness of the Joint*. lM$acha*»theJiycr and kidneys, and, if Toll<rwo$--tlp fiftcr tlm-rneumalic condition* cease, it will restore these organ* to regularity and health. Dccnttw) JJI. I will just say for the good of any'pel* • son that may be afflicted with rheumatism jrt the first dose, a'B. MCCLELLAND. ALTON DAILY TELEflRAFH. • :• n<,ua»n* And tbo skylark drofipTnghM . llnr, toir'nl* «b* 'Jldl tbt! JoMlliiK crowd that p*xie« Nenth yii! flarln --a ttm UOt a floldiaE. , .,$l*8, ,i nvniuiu uniform, , *-Wlij""«» I treated to this -•wntf JJ ?lP'-* ilJ j-^" «^«-«.^KI*-**' i---. tangawJ! J&f** Jt^haa a the pen 9pofce<upt «>»«<;• „ ;.,»A cursed .b'rigawj and^nngbt/wltb amis/ lii; bf* hands ,in ambush 1 . ' Ke- tricrrnior tr?e"earMfn"s AftfflW* >'•'•'< *' AJttarioang are nlwdVa prepared tat tbd i itm hw\«S*ao4') i tO'«pot. And the Hly of tho Tailo Thnt 1 miTji my l -VHrarenY-i'*n«i JH.-JMays.' -'• Yea, 1 tiscd Athlophoros for neuralgia in the back part ot inr Mmd. It was a very painful and distressing complaint, but a dose or two of Athlopboroe always gav» immediate relief. , tated for duty had f not had Athlophoroe, Ererir drnggfatsbould keep Athtopllproa. and Atalopboros Pills, but wlierrfthey caii- oot be bouiiht of the druggtA the Athlo- borp.,C^mJ-VaUSt,l e w^orH,_wlll, «t a flower Blfo K(l« bevcr M»crt ono'lrrowlnff, A« It'B coay to bo ebowluKi For It* hlrthplaoc is tbo dreamland tbat> yond Bojr Uolls., and finish him myself," said ; » the iCOr- pori^l, grimly. "I can'/ titke you two froiri the fo'fid nt present " 'Keep ''your ^jw open.-'-'- '-••".•: : - ; •• • •• .••'•• •« Thero.tKas *:pi;Qto*t Iwnuhe.othaw. but the «oiri)4>ri>l|il^ce4ijthem. , ..... "I won't have aay'-nstk-es rioiso," he explained. ' "'mi 'take 'Ju\m> toithttiri ver, out>h!s throfttiuod throw hini.ln. , XLuit ' A U the onUm and nhrthiorul tanf , And tho folks tlpt brush her passing, and tbf 'V gliUMX«bol(jr, i i. • .' .--. t TboycaiTrtovorlilirrorliTnltchbor. ' ; For sbo turns the dirt to ewootuosn at a flowei • A tb*nfl)iui' ''*"•.'•= '-"--Ij'Vf ':!fWft '..r '• " VJJ * i ••'•":• S •'''*;" f'* •( NB,y.ll'« not lii country places. t*v«*»ii.«j,vTTat •'•* •' H 1 * - 3. * '^,5 *„ '-- : It la here In London city. In the sin and shame and pity; (U|i«Ura,^wWikdWncr^nFd»bnflr, ai««»W or women, ronatlpatlnn, headache, Impure blood, ic., Alhlopboroi ruin are unequaled. t ofe FOR Ruders&ausen & Sonntag. A <*pVplM<»i» Wt tileasatotl •OuabT on Ei| ~_ vBBKfvw mmmi^m-^fm -wv <»vrvi»f »Tviii- **i> hEprov*m«nU, sltuatod 2X miles vast ol Bromrwtek. Oharlton co., lio. Tor Bale. Aone story frame dwollinj? bans* w Rooa condWon. In Topplng-^addl^oaitp AUoi t ; For t«le Cheap ' j - ' '•,':. :..' { " The residence ol Oapt. W. 1- oble: two btorles and mansard roof) U room t When my Solly's sweetness found mo, , .v., .. ,,.. .... Tying the hands of the prisoner, ,.hp led him thro.ugh.the thick undergrowth • down to the muddy HUtsuui a hundred - --.I. .,. ,.. . 'riil John loqlfod' .down rolont- nto tbo yotjtllftll fac*: • ; ' " !, i ,,,, ,i,., B soldier, to, 'murder' aji uniirme47pitis- one?."'' 1 ' ' '' •"••"'•"' - : * • • '' ''• i You and your friends' hare' i>cor- rt I, sut. And e roeni But her grace began to win me. And my heart was changed wltbln me, '^" in mydaij. VU acres pi ind a(A«ty Umlts. Sea v ., two story BnblTana 'Same oW- n nonse both situated on the BBS- o i.nt« stree MO acres f Rood tarmuiK land, and anothei of .M icree, both nnimproved. Sltuab . i, re. ua In Mm <x>., Kansas, at f 10 and $16 per aori respectively— one-tbiitl oaah.baJauoeon ttute ' ' ' : " Aiarmol 140 acres on oottom land, all li cultivation, near Madison, In this county. A |«Ht t *":g' or y trame dweUlng house on It . - .„ •'.'.-. ^, For Sale. A oholco farm ol l-iit uorps, situate i mtli- •oalhof Hhlpuiun, Mucouptn uouiuy, 111., a, alowflgnro. " ' Parties Intending to buy Heal Kotato In the • ulty t>l. Alum or rlclnltv will llnj U to thuli • lO'trcst to call at tho oflU-eof. Itnd«rtthuU4un . / * SoiintHK a»d UA atnlne th«lr Hat o proper.,' Hfl» lorialuaa oniy pmttheieo! ' ' tlMflfl> "T™*"* ;\s ••Anpther man y killed!" exclaimed Capt. i^u>ft)i'i 1'ltb.j) Devil take tho«e Mjyklc^^rjg^n^. | Why, their mode, of warfare Is' worse thiui anythingSl' ever jaw in Alrfers!" "- GajpfT Dti'viil • liad -won '• a -medal -«« ja gallant officer in the foreign legion, and had been transfomxl at his ow.n fe's pommj^d in Mei- BervSce ho' llian'8 ill. . end, and Cfipi. "DttvSl •^6iind'' ; himself fighting, against overwhelming odds. ' •What, galknl the chivalric Frenchman little to this New und Beautiful Designs just arrived and arriving fur the" Spriug Trade. to&.$w<r: a: - < ..:•'• ••• WfflfOW GLiSS! ( ' Ao'Specialty, from Small to - ' Bemi-barbaro\»s .,land,',wll^c<|;|lt|)npcpp][ij ireport«d to ia i bush\¥)ia«kfog;w«rfat»e.',i.On his scout- : in.g expetlition into Sonora lio had lost half of liis men without once seeing tlic (uiemy. On the march, and around the 6ami>-£re;Mt .night, the soldiers wore picked off one by one by unseen sharpsjiqoters who seemed to defy die-; fCoVjarw afl'd pursuit. And now another man had been kill. ed. What was to be clone? "Send Corporal; John to me," said tho Captain, wmiirig to the door of his tent. In a few momenta Corporal John appeared. He was a stalwart young fellow, .with an honest Amuriaui^Iime. His soldierly bearing was that of, a veteran.., : Although u more youth, he hud .biioti ..trained in war's roughest ; ' j ; At the downfall of the Confederacy' ho had made his way; across this Rio Grande, still wearing his-faded gray jacket, and hod joinedV,; Jit^'mil- iun's urfny. ' , '•',' Corporal .John wore his French uni- fpnu, griicei'ully, but the lingo of his cumrud'es was too much for him, and 4hifi nw,d«>ihim a. little , uneasy in the prosonVc of hiH Captain. . . "you.-"hwve V ! lel me gpfiok. •'Leeft in<tnth ->ago) o< band-'-.'of,; vmtr : .bui'aeddior. lhaciendft. s tiEbeyj my father, a harmless old man, .with; 'their 1 biiyon'6tatih(il' He wita' dea<i; v My diodiof 'flight .Jiindij0x]Kmuce.> i Well; J .teuth.s,, , !1 ,,,..,rill^s, and ]n;e ha\;e tlont! some gooil •^ork': '' i)o ; ''oir'bl(tmuine?^' *"'" : " , , Corporal John thonght of "a similar he j! l ,pr, ! e,ione«u'acy., f . : t ."Ifb, I don't,'' -'J0 b'iurt«d but;"»but' 1 * n .'* >vh(ether, yon ! 'are, |elllug> ' i . ^t, , the troth or a' lie. 1 niuBt.bbey ordcrB.'V '""But, sehor, would jTin^ill a womnn '- !!<£ r|obtt''God!" cricd ;; the"'wrjwrm. Then, •wheh'he'glaDeed-attthe 'Upturu-'' iodlfftoe,jandj eoiwutheiiliquidii^yeSi with ,p* ,»n e ; an^,Ju4^4.,dp,rfe,fape,, he wondered that he had .riot' suspected U»c truth before. "' >"' r* 1 '-' ,' ..••".S.ennorita,,",8jammered the. rough soldier, "I-airi "so>ry 'that' you' are in this'ti-ouble.' ' ! '^ou-may -rest-assured, i however/ that 1 am : not going to kill - ''- •'-•• ' 0 - iebmunt ot and NEFF & OBERMUELLER, Tourth, east oif 1 Belle st. feblldam "And "Yos, Captain." "And brigands P" ' QILTTER i COM . oUM tn ft pUN, 3KAUCIUS IK AND COMMON A Full and Complete Stock Always ou Hand. DO NOT FAIL TO Giyj; US A Stdie Str J 6p|), Third, ALTON, ILi,. aptdwiv MILLS, (Near I1a»»), AtTO^ ILL —- _ _. «vB BALK j Qround Oat*, Ground Corn. May, Outs, Corn, Corn Meal, Buckwheat Flour, Qraltttiu Flour,eto f mf VUi pnp«r !• h«yi «n me at the office «f lYER^SOH yDVERTISINS L\ ^**^l "W*^ <^ w Mvw ^*m •-' «'Aii(KiiIl ; 86rt,s ; ofid6vil8,*I,do.ubiinot Well. then. .'Coruoral John, what did you do with thorn 'whu'ii" you caught thorn?" ' ° , "Click!"The signlfioajit ^ouud, mmlo'sby n peculiarji working s tio' U>« Jsoi-jjoral's month, hn-cstod" the'Tronchmnri'I attention. a Good!".hc cjiunilaUMl. "You nhot. Uiem oi)J the spot?" '^Vojjod^tbon^ out into the bnsho^," said ttie-iOQl'poral, "aud lost, tbt«n. And they were never found a/rain. Cliok!" B .. "Very well," said Duval with » ant- Jstlixl look. "On tho principle of HeU ting a thiof to cateh a thief I propos'p to turn these assasninH over to yon. On the march to-morrow Uko a few picked men ami wat-oh every suspiuiong plac«. If you lind any human being in ambush with ai;ni8 in his hands shoot him. ;I/the'C8H«ffalls-,for InvoHtign- tion ItjwHI bit; j(M)<(idjlpto filter. Our flrst duty is s?U-i>|**a-yatiqn." "It sbnil'be douB," replied Corporal John, as he retired. It WIIH uenrly Bundowu tho next day whtiu Corporol John and two of: his men plunged Into a dense and tangle<l thicket^i liuJi; otf their ,llui}. of (iiafch. Tlu> oovpoval wi»ft4tir« that lie had f*ecu Homething run to cover and he found that ho was not mistaken. But this prisoner, with his anr around tho iieok of his little njiwtnug, Wtis tjo,.oixliiiftry bunhwltiickor. Wluiu Uio two soldUTH $e\-i*<\ iijrn Corporal -ij)rohu;«a?V;bcj[urxt him a boy!of nbopt 18, a handsome; .spiritod-lpgkiug ,'voumr- stur, lu ottl7.on's diws and armoil- wiUj a light rillo. . Trembling und tl by turns, tho prisoner Hashed his eyes doUuntly, anil cried out: "Unhand me, seaoro! I will not sub- mil to this outrage." HoajK'ko lu.Bpivd^h, and tin, cor IW^ol.! U04itH?JttKHl 4hj« f,' .. . . ... . knew it!" and the girl ;sm]ldd' .trinmphflntly,. . . ' , "But you ought to be sent to headquarters." "Arid would iny life be safe therd?" 1 (No. . I don't .believe it would, '? was the corporal's thoughtful reply. "Then set me free!" "Hey?" , vSet,nie,freo!" "Hang me if I don't!" said the corporal. "Why, of coilrse I will." He cut the prisoner's bonds and gave an -inquiring look. "It -is ail irighti' 1 -. responded the seiip.rita,: -, '.frho, stream is noti deep s at this point, I am 'going to, ford .it, and on the other .side of yonder hill my brother and his/companions await me, When you return to ypA>r,eoinwlea tell thew that, you .did. .your duty... God bless,y6u", seuor, an'd r -farewell."' Before he could speak the seBorita was' half-wuY' across tbo river. As 'ape: disappeared'in the forest ou the otter. Bide slie waved, her.hand, and the corporal heartily, ,reflj>onded. " "Ugh! '•- Don't ask me ( ,'l.wa8'Corpot!al •JoUu's reply., to ithe questions ,of,ihis cpuirivdes. , t;J did.myjduty. ,.That sis enoiigli. " There were other things 'demiinding their attention,... ami, .the.; fate.of !t|ie MoxicHu.vliul was not very searvhinffly inquired \uto. , , , * . .,* * * * ' . I am a'gr<iat.fool 'to fight a duel " said John-Conway as • he- finished i hia ' glass. ^f T «^ih'(j,Jftnjf|iia^c, itq,d ,hafit«a*t^ wtrftct U-' It Ji tur purpose to Inforni tne godtletuen, 'Who 'kn^w'^SMafcthftjg of the affair betweea its,4hut -we -iiaVe iuo r ,qunnvl. ;und jthat ItJwgilM-you as one of the btiivest and noblest of ineni" ,..,Conwivy looked, Into -. the . Mexiuati's ej'iis, and saw, sLnwrity tltefo. "Seflot 1 Odiiiozi" he Bald, '"1 aui'nt n •loss to understand' All this." "I.isU i nJ",iex(!lalmed tJie other .im- ^patientiy. -"Last, ntght.ut ;tho.opom fliy wife saw. a,faco;that reonlled, the gceateat l>cril of her life. She stuclled it through'her glass and became cohr vincelV that she wits "right, When 1 feho inot'me at wuf hotel, 1 after my return from,tho .cafe where- we: had'.our-un- fovtnnnte diffoi'mieo, .she, .told mo.all,; nod bogged me to search out her pro-' Server. So, Cor|X)ral John, I thank you in the niiino of my wife." Then seeing-that the Amuriciui was •more mystified 1 than ere,r,iGomo2 oou.tinuod: J . '.'IJluvc you forgott-en yotir.capturo of a yoiing, Mexican in Scnora when you wm'e Wfth Bazaine? Instotul of ob«ij> ing orders and : executing the prisoner, he» sex and her wrongs - .excited - y»ur. sympathy und you.vtUeiwtnl her." .--..'' .,., .'.'It,all lopmss .back'.to j»o,,,y. sold .Conway, Mclt.eiUy./ . "Ye*;,It.Is impossible .', io forget it" And the seubi»- ith made'gooiV' her' escape •nhd'is'tioijv 3*onr wife? •"•Yoa'are to bo-congrntulkt-' edv-ttefior, upon .securing such. a,, hero- ,,ITJhe ,two wer.oi now. omcoiiBcioHjly clasping haudii. , ' " 1 'You see that We cannot tight," •laughed Gbme/.,'with a tear in 'his eye. '' "Bidiculousv'fisald Conwny. ,. i?f¥orjy well, "... ?reinai-kedt the other, ;!$(tttke.ik,for , granted ,1 may tell tho senora that you will spend the evening with us. , You' piiiinot refuse." • ''Corporal John did not refuse,' but iwhon v ."the i.brilliant <-Mexican.• beauty overwhelmed! Jiimi.that j evening ,,with her,thanks he.i ,grew, . yery, .thpughtful. \yh,en his visit ..was oyer and .he was .on his way^hpmewni-d the Amoriciin ser- 'eral times' broke out witlb: '•~-C6hfound ; it all, when 1 showAs • my .prisoner, svhyi tho.devil dulnltxil.keep, For JacbionrUJe, Rcokpk, Unlnoy, Jtni>. * Eansas City Mali* UunvurExp ^ j8ii»Bouvii! LlKtitnlnu Kxproas UUiuauo Aticommiiil-itlon* AltbuTjhbfclaH ............. ... ' t760a, m. . * MOST PERFECT MADE Prepurod with strict regard to Pnrlty, Strength, and llealtbfnlD'eBS.' Dr. Price's Dnkinjf Powilareoataln* •10 A'mm«nl»,Unle. Alnin of PIiroi|>lmU!s. Ur.Krico'b Kxiructe, Vaullla, Lemon, etc., llavor dftUciousJj'. Af/fff BtKIHB POM OIIICAUO.. .do." .. , 'aft^jBxtrft^.tw.iBt:^! his , /continued .vtalkioK 'to himself:.. • ;•• , , ., , , "It is .strange. 1 fought ; through our war and was mixed uji in the -•Maximilian . business. I have done -my Bliarp orshootj^g; und beiiig shot a£ but I never yet stood 'up j n cold blood ' . . .,yj)«irg. ; ; had olapgpd, since ?*; ;'m»Uteryr:Cxi»erlefloo> that- the urospoct of , n tight uo-.longer ; stirred bi» blo<Kl. He .was not an did man, but the fiery.' ardor of youth was a thing of 'the-past. After - years of ad- yonturous spoculntiou in the mining rc- Ctoiis of Uw west fortune had favoretl lnwi,,ttp,d,f.or,tho first tUnoln WH lifeihe ,WH« j-najjwn.iw- o£,the drqama of, his .,. "Who are yon. and what oni you do Ing^lu'reP" he iisked sternly. The llttlo Mexican drew himself u» haughtily. ^* "It U no m-ime to hunt," be replied. . h.e,had, boqn dr.wn Into a poliiiuul .controywsy ,in.a. caft with a. member, of Uie iMexi V¥ i Logar qsw, Soflor Gpruez, a gentleman wjiaso groa.t w«nlth. i«,d ilxjuijtif ul , v if 0 wore at tl»ttt tuuR.the. UJk.o.ffuris., I u the hwt of .(he . aisottwiou, Gojnvay • hiid given niin-tul.ottenso,. to the Aloxic'ur lli» result ,wjw a challenge, ,, ttm i i ne ' Auwnoiij.liml •»«xipuid,.-.suluctf!«r. nis- h>lB ami ijjdng tho hour for-6 o'clock tlwl iiftcrnaon, Uie place chosen iHsini; suburbnii fores^, notorious for its of. i-H of honor. VKhllo.tho^inorlonn r » V as Avoadering who l ( cr hi) had sutue.ient -upiHitito for »r<'fil!rii«t,,U»oni. VHS it tjip ti.fc.hisN door. it Itri -««w to hi, surprise Betor lio advoncvd'. i«t<3 ,,U«, ,. U()ra jri-avo fouiiUniuiKto {».. which emouons wore stmggang ior n Couway InvoiuuUu-ilyfoU book .,',.And-.yot Corppral John was. act altogether unhappy.— Wallace : P.'Heed, in the Atlanta Constitutiyn. Greatly Excited. Not a few of the citizens of AJton have recently become greatly excited over the astonishing facto, that several of their friend* who had been pronounced by their physicians its incurable and beyond all hope- suffering with that dreaded monger Consumption-have been completely cured by Ur. King's New Discovery for Consumption, the only remedy that does positively cure all throiit and lunir diseases, CYiiEh*, Colds, Asthma and Bronchitis Trial botilo free at B. Marsh's dru» stDre, large bottles $1. Wonderful Cures. W. D. Hi.jt & Co., wholesale and relai) diugaihts of Komp, G.i., RH) : \Vi have been selling Ur. Kind's Nnw Discovery, Electric Bitters and buckii-nV Arnica Salve for two yearn. Hnvi .never handled remedies that veil a> we)),or give such universal CHtUfaciInn. I htre Imve been some wonder'ul curei- effected bv ibese medicines in this city. Several ca«ea ot pronounced..Cnn«ump» tion huvu been entirely cured Uy u»e ul a few hot ties of Ur. Ruin's NVw Dp- t'overy.taken in connection with Electiic Bitters. \VH guarantee them 'always E.,Matsh. mchldwlm BncKien'g.Arnica Salre. The Best Salve i.n t&e world for cuts nrnises. sore8,!..3er*, salt rhmim, fevei sorest, tetter, chapped, hands, chilblain*, corns and .ail dsm eruption-, and puai- lively cures piles, or no pay required U is guaranteed to give perfect satiH- taotion, or money refunded. Price; 26 ceits For, sale by E. Marsh Alton. Ill mchTdwlm BATOUTOWN will guarantee $100.000 suosidy ana ti e hl of way il the Ceutra> road l» extended,troru (irafion ihrouth (•albnun u'lunty to that ' Ville Hep.Ex. W r flippLB& SMILEY, INSURANCE, REAL ESTATE, 1 LOAN AGENTS, UKBBKSKHT1NQ THE IQLLOWlJSfi First-tJlass Ins. Co.'s: I OH. Co. of .North* America; Hartford, Phoenix, Franklin, of Philadelphia; . German American; North British and Mercantile, London;'" Com. Union, London; 1 CiEtncasnlre, Manchester, Bug.- Continnntal; Girard; Olene PallB, Amercau Central; Firemen's Fund, Western Assurance AND OTHKBB: A OA8H OAPl'tAJ IN THE AGGREGATE OP (Joins NortUI . W. W. A Common Cold In often tlio , beginning of sqrioua .nfToo. tlons o( tho Throat, Brbnclilal Tubed, ami Lttrigsi Tlierciore, the huporttmw of early 1 ami. 6ireotivo,t«atment cannot be ovcrestlmatea. 11 ,A.ver 1 «,Cb«rjcjr, Peo- tornlmayi always bctclM wponjtor.the spicily curo.ot a Colil or Cottgh., .J'^ i r . 8 VV ttrj t). w '« »tt«ck«d with a severe . *iiej .- i. A terrible conjjli soon'foHuwe.1, acuompuniea by.painsln the choHi Jrom W ],,,.l/i ' " ly ' WE.ABSO HEPBEBHNT THK Mntnal Benefit Life, of Newark, N. J., and Traveler's Life and Accident INS. Co..Hartford. Office: Over AJton Nat. Bank, Cor. Third and State sta. ,.outpl,,ai|,i,,K raiTf! twt jZ'edakuTg Ayer's Cherry I'ectoral, aiM was : Speedily Cured. I am satisfted that ihla remedy saved my life.-J no. Webster!' PnWtucket. BJijT I contracted a, severe .cold,, which suddenly developed' into* Pneiin'ionla. pmsiiinmjj dnnueroiis . and-* olnuoate -WM'toms., My. phjrsician,ordered the iiMiiof Ayor's'Cherry I'wioral.' Ills (n. ' utriiotioiiH wore followeil, nml th«,r«gult JX n ^. a rapid and (lerinaiiRnt cure.— It. E. Sthnpson, UoRora' I'ralne, Te*. 1 _''Two •>• (jarn-iiffo 1 ijiiffewl^roni a severe Cold, wlilrli bcttled on my Limm. I c,i n . sullnil various pliysu-innn, aiiiftook tho . Fine Resilience for Sate. . Thn late n. Deliow hoiiinatnad,-nonr ownad by M. u. Undertow!, sltuatod on llnw or homi nillwny, tn Uppqr Alto.i; 11 ro,.hn, oath rnum, funincu, and gooil one building, two uorua ot tcround, will bo anld nt u bur- gain. PosBUtwion tflven on n:»'iiplctlon of "ale. WHIPPLB A SM1LKV. For Rent. ~ Two-story honsn and nood'stable on Com- mou -treut. bood Irult. WUIPPLK A SMtLKY. Dor Snie Seven '.ots with good brick dwelllm?, and ontbi»lldtii({..ln ijo->d repair, In Uo'per Alton, llvaldcnonof it. E. "olllua, ami kn 'wn aa tbo MeiTlll property. Wllti'I'LK & &MlhEY, Aiton, or i). W. Oollpt, llppsr Alton. *or Ileut. A 'i*'t. 0 h?, t ,"r: s '. l "^ clc , dwe j" n <r known as the .. eo. A fnonil mduced mi) to try Aycr'a Clierry.-Pcctural, "After : taking two buttles of this me.liclno.Lwaa ctirevl. ShiL-utlieii I havoRlvon tlieVec* toral to my t-hihlrcu, and conslJar it • The Best Remedy for Cohls. CoitBlw, and all Tliroat.-and Lung disease)), over used In my family. ~ Hobcrt /Vanderpool* MeadviJIej Pa. I Somo tlmo.ajfo I took a alight CoW. which, being nnglectod, grew worse,' and settled on iny Limes. I, had a hacking coiish, and was very weak. Those who knew ino best considered my life to ba iu great danger. I continued to suffer until I commenced using Ayer's Cherry Pectoral.. .USs than one bottle of this valuable 'mediclno cured me, and I feel that I owe tho preservation of my life to Its curatlvo powers. — Mrs. Ana Lodtwooil, Akron, Now, York. Ayer's Cherry Pectoral Is considered, here, t he one great remedy for all diseases of the throat and lungs, and is more in demand than any other medicine of its class.— J. F. Koberts, Magnolia, Ark. • Ayer's Cherry Pectoral, Picnnmd by Dr. J. C. A yer & Co.. Lowell, Uuti Bold by nil Druggl«.. Price $lj ill bottl<«,»i. A. PJutt boinuHteud, For bale or neut. Adealrable tenointmton B!nB street, owned nv Mrs 3. J.Outro. v WHIPPI.B #gMI!,RT. _. For (jaj» «PS jate. residences of J. j. and W. iH. Mltphell, on Mill at., two o I, i- best plccnsol re»tdenoe proper^- In Allot . Tne property hu " w 'jas < 'TheParjj, eaatot above; li low on Mill and Summit streets, an a a number ol pu In Miller * Mitchell's addition b. AJton. •iny or all of above at a Kroitt biuxaln. CATARRH aue." What, vou need is a medicine which is pure, tfficient, reliable. Such is Hood's sarsaparilla. It posaeeses ctiratiye powers. . . «?fjL e & l eI T!? lan property on State streo, In Miller 4 MJebeU-a add., to Alton, IH story bouse, 8 rooms and out-buildlima; ulllu uer- luotorder. . Con bo had at a biuxaln. J .. • ___ WH1PPUS AtiMILET. A and i For »1e. ! fr * mo dwulllD Bi corner Po lienlruble ttuiildeuoe* fur Male. _ -./ootoi-y bHck duellluu oj> Stain street known a» A. Platt humeblead, lately put '"«<><'<• repair. A two siors irame dwelUnn onMulu utraut, mmny now, A twi" stor? oiiek dwelllnK on 8ev«nth street, all lor Hale aatmeriUiuj.owuer hnvliiu deoidod to Tar' ... *' WUU'J'LE ASMlLKi^ Nai*. ?~^!^«a^\ffit& The Pobilu Debt of Canada. According io a Parliamentary return UH printed, th«j ( dubi of th.- 'ominion on on March 1, 1886. wa- '28UI8 J840B, and the «ood asset, I'!J,794,107.8», nmkinij the net debt ^08,5^4 370.78 --Montreal Jouinul ol C/omujurue. HAY-FEVER ...ELY'S |r ° r mu . . .-Si e i?"' lto , r y. "' Hm * 1 duelling with 9 rooms. noludlnK J lotu: «ood burn and Une tiuitS " tor ease, comfort, durability, and Miuplicity of ooiMiuotion, lh« H 1(!e Coil Carriaae.yprimjs Cttt)t u n o th«r» nto the simile, luousanda of testi. prove this. ' he.r4.uf, ..the 4t. ..J <\» un- but you ; LOVE for labor is an acquired taste I he average mun born IMZ,>.— Ex. Ayer's Hair Vigor Mimulatws the hair loavinorou- growth, ii, contain* all bat ottti bu Mipplied to make the hair beautiful -.nd abundant, removes dandruff, und renders ihe hair flexible ana uk " !SVl ' Uwlw GKO. W. Dixnn's Hocounts~as super- intuiulent ( ,f aehoola for HUH county Imyebemi uudlied by oniei ol tlui cour 1 y board und a H|IOIIHU« of over $CtO Sore or InOumed K)es .-peeJilf CurcU »v the t u»o of D«rby 8 l'ioph y | uctlo Huid. Uttllitys ihw-lntlHmiimtu.n and inihillon und \* peeuliwrly i mimoiuus bv reaiton of i^s p, wer in olennsiiig tiiul jlMhtniyinn all poiMin UH m-.tler. utmf- inir, brui«en, |,umorn, fiuiiimtiH, boll« and sore» und ihot,u mom »enou* und M-liMuiou, maladies, Mould Head, ti M | t ourod by the Fluid. ' m ih « Vic ^ ! ,' «i .tau.aiwad,it ,, In a deslraole nelxliboi hood. __ WII1WLI5 A SMILEY. _ ... . I* not a liquM, -gnuff or.poKdef. Applied into nostril* ia quickly absorbed. It doantet tftthcad. JU{n;/»iiijlammation. ffmlttto torei, Jlestoretthf «en«te - smaen,em^ ELY BROTHERS. Drugr e !sts,Owego,NY far Hal*. ? nu out n obcrry and Vm». ear Heni, of™,'?? 0 *? h i'i u ' k 1 "" ISO w " h abn «t< aorei or irround.liU'ludlnM OIO,,B-«I,III Upper Alton. ronniir rvtluenve 01 Ur. llumboi'*. ' _ WU»'|'LB A BMlLBY. T For Kent, Late residence ol M. J. Noonan on State 1 ' . . onan on ate \ '{""Y 1 " tts f"° A - ''la" Place? uooa 9 brick Iipuif4i. In dm ci,, n> fepulr. WUU'l'LK * SMI LBV. . . Kor Ilput. p twostory brtok U«eiili, K known natlm A. Pratt boniObtuiiUi lalelx put In unod n-iialr. NVlllH'LN * HMII.I1T ed by.cllliens ot ergrr tnmi md —' ~ i r."" ?" **•' M«rfclous OutPHliftTO boon wit* """"I.*?! t. h .««l«nd» or pcopK"wl7<r?«n to.ttff W . . , oc-jcrt by thousnnd. or peopici"wgo can tnsUf/ TUB WOSnjHlFDI, figAL^O l»W«p UP ' Hamhn's Wizard Oil. Nouralnla; Toothache, Headache, Earache, .palarrh, Croup Sore Throat, Latnel Baokjjmff Joints, Conlraoled Cordj, ASSIGNEE'S NOTICE. .??. tttle ?' ner w»>> IIOKKln nnii, debtori The undui-Niuiiuti | 1U i«bv K |v.. M notlou tlrnt I ' - " .. rn 1 l(«K*-riiiHiin,u( .Mt" ....... hit coin is diyTFob A" n "/J,"" 10 ' 8 ' ?'"' On * '« iiuyiii *ou., A. U. Ittu7, tiii<Klur la tho &,K,tt^^ j ns, onraoe RHEUMATISM, "Pfa jns, Bru ses, . Burns. Fever Sores, Wounds, Old ,Sor«, Chilolalns, Frost , ,, , Blws, Sore Nipples, Caked Breasts, and All Aches and Pains, turn raiiiJlcnl roSTedv Try It hoiii It For »nlo Iw »r« iiultkly ralln onoo-and yon wil -tc dress WIZARD, nil rnim» »• . Iti " 10 I|HV '"K cUiniB aunlnat tho said ' JO.IKJ. lIB IU »-»eod HAGS FUREKA FINE SALT, ^ and Table U**, Ib. linen HivcUs uud 50 Jb wuclw, for wule |>y >T; A. FBONT , UKTWKKN

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