Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on March 19, 1887 · Page 3
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 3

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 19, 1887
Page 3
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Triple Plated Forks, $1.50 per set THE piano u»ed ui'.liu ounccrt ut City Hull U'liurt-day night, belongeU to Man* tiger M uttier. DIKIJ—Mr. Lafayette Falkcnburp, of tho Fostcrhurg, diud ra<her pudtlunly last evi'Oing, after a long illneaf, it tbe ago of about 86 years. Duceanud left a wife and one child. Tbe funeral will take plaoo at Fotterburg at 2 o'clock tonii rrow. Nnw goods in all shades and cnlorn, wbluh will bo inuiln up in «uitn at reH»oniil)li' pnuitR, All (.Mods out ninl made liytlui Now York Fnufcion Review. We guarunluua flue ftt,«t Brui<ggemau f UM Tmlor'i. 16 4wlm ALTON KVg., MAHCH t »OTIO« TO fo't UM yew W»7 we ib«n cbujre the fol towlhg nt«* tot ttauattiat uotkx* iia ottf lo«*i Single ln§«rtlon . • . , lumrat* Tbiefl to flv* irMrtiont, . . 7 »iz to twelve Inwirttoiu, , , 4 KATKS OK AHVERTinXO! TaAMiunT.-rtJ'yr v, n<» p«r inch flr»t In Mitlou, aim TirKNTY FIVR Mute pur iuvl fur euob lube quent luwrtlim. 13 per Inch drat inoutb, |1 BO p«r loch «aol uiunib ibereatter I.KOAI, ADVEUTIBING; ft p«r Inob lor the flrirt liivertiun, tod SO ritnw per Inch lor each bubieqnenl lotertlon tar Above rate* will b« »»i lolly adbered to THE DAILY TBLEOBAPil if delivered arriorn to all putt* o! th« alt; of Alton anc Upper Alton, for ten centi per week. Mailed to any addreu at tbo rate of fS.IO per year. THE TKLKUKAPH bai the largeit circulation of any paper In Alton, and la the lust mudlutn fur advert l»en. 0»HKKBTUIIIl>ANOeUSASTB*BYS. TttLB- rUOMB.NO.tttL ' Assignee Shoes now at the Globe. 182 FARMERS on the American notion •re well advanced with their Sprinu plowing. Call at C. M. Cmndaira Crooken Store for the best Electric Lamp made, and the lowest Price*. 10 d2 wl HON. J. B. Messiok was nominated rekterdav as a citizens' candidate for iiayorof East Si. Louis. rtModern Wot dmen, Kobin Hood camp, ueets Monday evening; MHI oh 21, at r-:80 sharp. A. J. GLtiN Jr. Consul. 2t MARRIED.—Mr. P. D. Cheney, a wealthy banker of Jersey ville, and Mrs. Annetta Bridges were murried at St. Louis on the 16th inn. Assignee Clothing now at Globe. .'••'• - ' 19 J , THE splendid steamer Gem City is to ake tbe place of the Spread Eagle in he Alton, Graf ton and St. Louis trade while the latter is.being repaired and epalnted.. t A complete line uf Spring and Simmer Goods for Gent's Wear, lately received by H. C, G. Moritz, Third street, mob 17 if ELECT men to the Board of Supervisors this \ear who are in favor ol making appropriations for hard roads in his county. A McAdamlzed road from Alton to RdHrardsville would be a paying investment. JUST received, a choice assortment t Spring Goods.—Winter's Millinery, Idle street, between Third and Fourth. • U 6 Just received a- ful' line of New Cur- jets. Pi ices reasonable.—A. J. Howuli, Belle street. . U 6 BABE BALL—MoSweemy and Fuhey, be well known baiteiy, Hemp ano A'bisller have already signed wiib lanaeer Farley of ihe Altons. Othei stood players will be added iu time foi he opening game of the season which will take place April 10th at Sportsman's Ptrk. Dr. null will put in an upper or lowcj •<et of teeth tor $8. Oftioo closed Wed> nesdays. d 8 wtf A universal remark by every smokei f cigars: Nemiuger's Fig and Magno- ia are the best cigars in the market. THE next city council frhould adopt ome comprehensive and systematic plan of street improvement, and buuld reduce the membership of the Itreet and Alley committee trorn sev< n three. Something practical muj ben be accomplished. Assignee Furnishings now at Globe. 19 3 Money to loan on improved form rowerty. For particulars, apply to WHIPHLK& SMILEY. REV. J. FIBIIER, formerly pastor ol he Unitarian church in this oitv, if tow preaching for the Unitailan Socieij t Sheffield, Bureau county, one of the trongi'st churches of that denommu- Ion in Northern Illinois. Mrs. Fisbei ll on Wednesday evening to join hei U^band in their new location. Dr. ihher and bix brother will, we are glad o say, remain in Alton. Assignee lints now ut the Globe. 19 2 Unmoval.—Dr. Schuessler has rn- raoved his offlue |o tbu Insurance build- UK, coinurof Second and Alby nueeu. role|)Uono 100. 1C G ACOIUKNT. — Mr. Q«o. liooih, of /ntcajzo, si u i ted in a butrgy vei<turda\ fiernoon for tbu city cemetery, acuoln^ janied by his Biator, Mrs. A, Browne. iVhen oppoflito Boula 1 Planing Mill an ixl« of the buggy broke and tho oocn- mnU wuro thrown out. Fortunately he horno was a guntle aniual and itopped IniraudiHtHly and no dumiig? e-uliwl oltii-r than that already nic-o- Actlgnao goods, regardless of wlioli iklo price*, at the Globe. 19.2 **l- * \s i.- r ^J.^ t *% Vrjft,»Jniiii»ifcd.\. bUdbT? f8t f rtAf. ^ ,Mrs, ilcnry Hart u Id Kunisa City. Mrtt Laura Beam, t glfwd lady trom Cincinnati, who Is tho. oomsspomlen ot the Cincinnati Engvirtr and .JKttw Totk Sttn, u the gn««t, of Capt. an Mrs W. P.Hoble, -, MMS Maggie MeAdnttti is visiting I Mrs. Urahnm, of Chtcsgo, Is the gneh o: h,r ijiother, Mr II. W«ti»n. Mr. and Mc.Wm. Johnston will leav •inlay for a vi» t to Chicago. Invitations have been Issued by th UendeUsohn society to their tirst anni "crsary celubratlon at the home of Mm Milnnron Market ttrvui. Thone invlt ••I are thu niunicians of Alton and th 'iifinbers of the society and their ini mediate families, numbering In al 'tbout a hundred persons. A hne pro i^rumme is in process of arrangemen in which ansUlanoe will be given bi he male quartette and string quln tette. I he cast has been arranged fo b'leuch'* parlor comedy "Our Boy*' that will be given by tbe young people >f St. Agatha's Guild after Easter, and ititf rehearsals have began. Characters ire as follows: Sir GmiBreyChampaey* (a country magnate) B.Hams; Talboi CUampneys, (his son; Levi Yager erkyn Meiidlewick of Devonshire houw (tt retired bmterman), Louis Kager barlie (nw son), not decided Kempster, Sir Groffrey's man servant, Hirry Stulle: Violet Meiroae, an heir-»«, Miss Grace Stelle; Miry Mvlrose. iier poor cousin, Miss Mabel Beers: Jlariasa Champnuyi), Sir GeoffreyV •inter, MS»B Marie Buokmister; Belinda, A servant, Miss Ida Carnahan. Mrs. Adams and Mrs. George Bayle •gether gave a very enjoyable euchre party to quite a number of thflir friend)on Thursday afternoon. A novel fea- are of the occasion was the arrange* uent of the ut>I«»; bix-handed eucbre ulajed. The score of the ffamt <vas kept on tasteful bits of ribbon thai were worn by the ladies: black pin* eiug used for the purpose. Five la turu uaud, The bidding for points anu he joker that are impoitant factors ol be game, being a pleasant innovation. Three prizes were given: thu first, a incy gen'd'arme satin shopping b»t>, wia takuu hy Mis. A. L. DauicU; Mr.-. Cunnor wag tbu reuipieui uf a fauc> nastur for decoration; Mrs. SchweppeV jwust prizu wab a bag constructed 01 .ill bbtides of ribbon useful ea well ornamental. A very enjoyablt upper was served at the conclusion ui hu games. / Miss Oracle Stelle will spend a fen lays in Hi. Louis with hei friend. Mis? lara Miller, ol 8056 Thomas itreet. Miss Sadie Smith returned from M ui tu Cu,i rollton' la»t week, and wa> luouipanieu by her couuiu, Mioa Built Uiiigimui of that place. . .— 1'hore was a ver> tbu eutertuiiimeut a> tiu C. Jf. cliuich ladi evening. After an (iibeui, and prayer uy Mr. T.U. Perdu, he tollowiug piogramme WUM rendered; Uusic, organ and violin; quartette, •It 'will bu summer time, bye anii ye," Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Logan, Ir. and Mrs. F. E Logan; an interest- ig reading, Miss Maggie Smith; bean- nul vocal nolo, "Fly away, gcutli Jove," Pinauli, Miss Treuchery: u iirilling recitation. Miss Bertha Furgu- >n. The celeb'-ated wax works, undei be dirtonon of Mrs. Kice-Jarley ami •John Heury" Hubbell, were a pnncU al feature. The characters wen- ersonaled by Misses Fannie ana Addie Hamilton, Lillie Knmnitz, eunie Browning, Kuth Harville, BoNBif iubbell, Leila and Blanche Murphy; Jessrs. J. G. Quigley, Wilbur Scbeer, larry Maloom, Fred. Browning, John Hamilton. Closed with quartette, Good Night," by the Vocalist, the irute, "Sewing Machine," Colored leeper, "John Henry;" the Queen ut he organ, Money to loan on improved real state. Apply to Budershausen & jnntag. Third street. dtf JUV£K NEWS. The river is on a stand. The Otto. Lysle is expected up this vening or tomorrow with a tow of argcs for Kfokuk. This tovuiiingVt packets are the Spread Saglu and Hudson, for Graf ton, the Ualhoun, for Peoria; the Bald Eaglo, or Clurksville. Advice to Homers. Mrs. Wiuslow's Soothing Syrup, tor hildron teething, is the prescrption of ne of ihu bust female nuraeti and phy- eiaiiH in tho United Slates, and ha<eon lined for forty years with never- tiling success by millions of mother- ir their children. During thu procun- I' tcuthini; tu value is incaluulable. It ohevoi* the child from pain, ourns ysontery and diarrhooa, griping in tho owoln, and wind-colic. By glvlnu xalth to the child it'routs the mother noo 26c a hottlo In l/> m w .s wk Spemal Kxeursion—T^jo Hudson will 'iko u Npi'cial exuuiKion to St. Louis nnday, Itiavini; Alton at 8 o'clock n. u. leaving St. Louie on the ruiurn «i. 3, . m Faru for ihu rouud trip, 60cunt*, 18 2 the new ndvottiserntint >o THfr spring term ol th* ,C»Wtti» Cow opens Monday »t fidw»»>. ; • ,,to*** wer* 4 number 'oi, 'wa^pa loaded with hay, .corn and. wood 'pi the market square today, T /••>,< *TMB bill forbidding bate batf playing on Sunday hu b«n ordered to a third reading in th« lower honn ot to* Leg Ulatnre. , , . . —Tho los«nuitalned by Mr Wm. Siemon his hardware stock, bi the fire at the Topping building was latisfactiorily adjnited today. growlbg wheat In thU county i In splendid condition. The weather ha been favorable, for It throughout thi month! Just Keoeived—Those much sough for and perfect ntttng Boys* and Child ren's Suits, at the clothing store o •locating & Sa3htl«ben. 1112 THE charming little noubrrtte,' MIc Jennie Calef, will soon appear in Littl Muffets, an American Princess and the Little Detective. . THE Township election takes place on April oth.two weeks from next 'tjln day,. Tht.Republican coDVentlon fo nominating a ticket will beheld -.tCit Hall, on Monday evening, March 28th IT will be to the interest of the tax Bayers of Alton to elect a; strong and influential delegation to represent them on the Board of Supervisors. Alton t iwnship needs the best representative she c»n get to look out for her Interests at Edwardsville. • Having resumed operation the Sparks Milling Co. will furnish easterners with their .popular "Electric Light" flour •V|j4 i 7 0 ' P« r barrel; delivered free to all parts of,the city. '. ml dwim DB. John R. Wbitesidc, of Verroillion. D. T., who has been appointed Register of the Land Office, at Deadw'ood, D. T. was formerly a resident of this county, and belongB to the old and well Known family of that name. Pint.,—the .fire alarm this afternoon was caused by. a blare In the house on State street belonging to Mr. Peter ise, occupied by Henry Twer. A hole was burned through the weuvher boutd- rg at the rear of ihe building, but the irtraen arrived and extinguished the lames before much damage was done Fresh eggs at Deterdmg's, lOo per dozun. '. - 19 3 Tnu weather continues very Sne, itreets are dusty and rain Is needed in town. The country roads are good and he* streets were more than usually •hrongcd with teams. The farmeis -tate that the ground is now in fine order for planting and they are improv- og the time. Coal. Buy your Hard and Soft Coal of II . Winter and gel the best. Office ut Vlook'a Pharmacy, Tnirl street, and in lob's new block, corner Second and Henry sis. Telephones NJ'B. 31 and 54. angH d7m Tax Notice. All taxpayers of Alton Township are lereby notified that the tux books will be closed on the 24iu of this montb and (•turned to Edwardsville on the 26th, iid that tli'ev will Have expense by set- ling before that date. V. BRUCH, dut , Township Collector. CHURCH MUTICKS. T« itturt itutrHon, notieet undtrtkit tuutmt tt hondtd <M tym 11 a. m.) 0. P. CHUKCH-The nulijoot for the morning errlcela: Tbe Method of a euoouwful Life The iubjeot lor the «Ttnln({ lenrlce la: "AD (examination of the Highest Motive and Bud. All mra ootdUlly Invl.ed to come. BAPTIST CHDROH.—Key. L. A. Abbott, D.D., antor. f rtmohlnc to-morrow by the pmtor; andny »obool >t 8;80 K. m.; hupel S. S. at a p. m. Voung people'i meat- QKatC:t& p. m. Kvonlug serrlcei at 7:SO 'clock. All interoited am cordially Inrlteu o all Barvlrei, ST. PAUL'S CHDBCU.-noly Communion 8 a. i.; morning Service and garmou 10:30 ».m ; 8, at »:5«a, m.; evening prayer and cor- ion at Trinity obuptl S p. m ; even toag and '-Ben Hur" at th» church 7:SU. and lurpHced oholri. Utberi at tbu oor. All oordlnlly Inrlted to attund. I'JtMHYTEKlAH CllUBOH.-Ther« will tx. reaoliinR by the pastor at W :«8 a.m. and 7 :SO .m. Subject, "jHOob'« New hame." Kvea- K iubjoot, "A Oeneial Sold Into tbe Hand t a Woman." Everybody cordially Inrlud -> then lenrlcei. Utberi at tbe door.- 'oung people win flud tbeereBlnK lervlcti peolally lortlina, 8. B. «:lt a. m. You >K people's inetitini{il:3up. m, •Dliorden wblcb AfftcTtbakldnryi. Aro ruiionx the most lormldable known, Dla- ete-.Brlght'tidUeuie.Kravel, umlotheroinu- >lulnt» of tbe urinary ornaut are not ordlnarl > oured in tevere oaeei, but tboy may be verted by timely medication. A uief 1 tlmnlant of lh« urlnury xlandu bai ever Ixitn ound in Ilottetler'a Sfimuoli Illttu», a modi- Inu which not. only ufords tho rcqiilsl u iluiu!u» whcu they bocnnui Inactive, but in- roH«n» their vigor and f>ecrotlTe power. By .vroutlng the activity of tbu kldneyi and ladder, lhl« iiirulclne baa the additional ituot ol expel Iriif from the i lo»d Impurities wlilob It l« thn peculiar nnlce of tho»n »r«iini) o eliminate aud puuu o«. Tbe Bittern In H!»O purllterands'r«iiKtheiiorolilio biiweU,an iviKoruntof tbu utomacli, and u matoblett emedy lor blllouiiiemi unu lever and HKUC. t countei acts a t«n<i«ncv 10 t>rc»>atiire d«car. nd tnitalni and coinlorts tbe aged and In- AMMODNOKUKWT, We nutliorlzoil t« announce ADOti'H is. K.KN us it vundldule lor Aniouoor at tliu on- uliiif towiiHblp vliwtliin. We arw uutliorljiua to unnnunce JOH.V P. UBS W'H ea'ndidate for Toiru»i»lp OvU»o- JtlecUun Tu»#day, AprUfttn, . , 1 "'*•••»* -t-t h U **<-4*»'Airt44 AT We PEEL and KNOW we are offering an assortment of DRESS GOODS never equaled by us before. iSTANDARD GOODS of all kinds, NEWEST STYLES and COLOK8 in MOST REGENT MAKES. : BtACK 0001)8 CHJSAPEB and! in MORE VARIETY than ever e \ SINGLE WIDTH GOODS of all kinds FROMTlSepTS m. And all at V;::'";^|i;te^^^ READY-MIXED PAINT, white anigcqlors. PAINT GROUND THICK, in white and colors, to be thinned with oil, WHITE LEAD, OILS and COLORS, ALABASTINE, WHITING, and GLUE, 1 * Marsh's Drug Store. '• The Largest and Most Complete Assortment of Hard a'ndt-ott Coal and Wood Cook and Heating £to)Ves EVER BROUGHT TO ALTQI?, The Celebrated Buck's Brilliant Cooking Stove and Hard Coal Base Burner, They have no equal. Alnn nOOKING and UUTTEKINO nod JUHIIINO done at teatoukU rale*. Call and «x mine tnyjtook boforu purohudln^ eUewbere. ' A I r^facyonharH 1 .-' 53S ^ Second st, .j. L-rtJernidruL, 5tndoor westofHenry GOLD and SILVER SHIRTS, The best for the Money,

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