Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on March 19, 1887 · Page 2
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 2

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 19, 1887
Page 2
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8ATURIIAY EVK.» MAKCH 19. TUB Atlanta for April.J» out and hat ft i utiU'Uttlly raried and entertaining 1 )le of content!. Curtriss' bill erap iwerlng Women (o vow a>. nclioo! elaollon, was rr|»cted Thursday In tho tho Illinois Sonata. 26 to 18. Morrison Is now «'iriflnlionod"fof Sncretury of the Troas'"" ury to «uo-5oH Manning, instead of for • plaoo on thu Intur Stuw (J.imiiUsioii. »Ule 8. H t'onrencion. The Twtmty.nlnth Annual Conven> tion of tho Illinois State Sunday school Association will be held in Deoatur, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, May 10th, llth und 12ih, 1887. The HatoJ Horror. ( ,^*J* 1 } 1 * '"•'"''"t of theiliohmond Home, ' *M Buffalo, yesterday, mention of which ^ y/t*\ made ID this paper Jast evening, *• W&s ad' appalling calamity the extent ol , wfaioh is uol ytX ascertained, as the • loss of life Is a matter of wot* work. , There were 120 persons In the hotel, 70 , ol Whbm wore transient (guest*, 8 board* t', er« add the remainder porton, bell* boya, families of proprietors and "lurks. 1 <*sUw«mty«two of thene were rescued from windows by the firemen, 82 are at thu hospitals and »large number mad* their escape by other mean*. The hotel burned like tinder, the olevatoi acting at a fiue to spread the flames. The hotel resistor is lost and the name* Of the missing cannot be ascertained but the lots of hfa is probably from twelve to bftoen, besides those bully • Injured. It Is thouxht tho tire was incendiary. •':.'. I'KKSOSAL. Mr. T. M. Long returned from St. Joseph, Mo. last evening, whnre he wit- called by the death of his fathor.iu-law, Uapt. Keroheval. His family will nut . return at present. Mr. Henry Dorr, of Oraphghent, tbic county, has removed to Viiden, Ills. Mesur*. Uou. IV. nnil II. U. Edwards , -prominent citizens uJ Ddhi, and ihcn , brother, Mr. \V. it. Edwards, of Brigb ton, paid Alton a visit today. Mr. Win. E. Davis, of OUlcago, is ii. the city, visiting hit undo, Air. Ufu Lonit. •" Prof. tMcAdHin*' lectures Tuesday air IVvdiieMlity i-vuiiin^-i, wort- vnrv injtii _, enliliK ilidi'fd. MIR* Miairiu McA'Inm. daughter nf dio 1'iot., tiivurvd the HIM. unit* uritu aouiu Hue ledntUoua— Krcbn • Reporter. Mr. M. V. 0. McKinney and hi daughter, of Do»ey, wore in the out today. Mr. 11. W. Hart, Jr., came dowt Bloominutoa yesterday, on a visit win ', relatives here. Mr. F. C. Hollins, of the Centra Minsourl, left St. Lout, for Now Yjr. last Rvuning. Attorney A. D. Metcalf, of Edwards ville, is in town. Mr. Olio M iflny, one of Fotterburg' prosperous young farmers, was in towi .today. , ^ Cipt. W. V. LnMothe returned la<'evening from St. Charles cit?, where hi spent three days. He reports the oiti fwnu there rat bar despondent over lb« prospect of securing the Central Missouri. _ Cue uf thu fiu,'cs~mo*t likely to bt encountered on tlus stiilrwny or fa the nary mlcUt of tlic eptilUm is tilt <* Gen/, Shentoat, Ha has already drank ion at 'three or four women's reoep* tiuuri, dlued wilii Mayor Betfltt or with some hutable eotunule-la-arma, and rushed here under the guise of a ehnperon for his young daughter, to see tho dnt-breuk ere he turns In. Be mtyH' he likes to bo up to reveille, A day or two npo he was culling njxm an intimate friend who wns ontortnln. injj at thn tlnu! a very vehement Kelwl —a K«bel who had consistently remarked tlmt of alt thu cnt'iiili's of nor conn- try not to be, included in tho general amnesty (run, Bhormnn was the one-. Mill hu walked in tinnnnouncod on the tek'-a-totoj an introduction followed, tn which tho nnraconstriictetl one frcozdigly rcspondml. As luck would have it lie caught the name. "Smith— Smith—why 1 know tin- Smiths, splendid fighting people. Col. SmithP Gave us loU ,of trouble.' Bless your (foul, my dear, I'm glad to sec you." And then . But Gnn. Sherman's habits, when his" fillings uro stir. IXH!, iiro perfectly understood to tho American ]>coplc. One of thn nv. .creations of tho genial old soldier, in his black trousers, blue waistcoat, and shabby cont, is to go to sec Buffalo Bill's show. His admiration and amazement seem to know no bounds; U'hen tho scouts and the cavalry pass by arid saint* he rises and bows and seats himself with utmost gravity. It is ImltKxl of such unspoiled, simple stud' lun-oos are made.— Washington fatier in Hartford Coiiranl. Senator In^alls, of Kansas, U conceded to be tho best-drossed man on the Sonata Uoor. Opinions differ as to who is the handsomest., but that honor is thought to rest between Butler of South Carolina and Gray of Delaware. Van Wyck of Nebraska and Kvarta of New York crowd o«<:h other closely for chief place in thu lists of the lauk auil ungainly. The statue of Quee.ii Victoria, which is to be erected'at Windsor, will represent her Majesty clad in her royal roKis, wearing a small crown and lao« veil, and her sash and insignia of the Uart«r, and holding in heir right hand a si-cptre and in her left an orb. It will be of bronze, oil a pedestal of polished its! graiiit.' In Long's life of Lou mi interesting story of ft hen i* told. A few uhiukeus once presentt\l to fha general, the lot w/w A Uyi'ig 1"J" wliuso lifvi •pared.' ..The hon accompanlwi the attuy to (^j»ttysbiu^, riiljtig in tUe ba^ guge-Wngon,. and after that battle was with the ConJuilerutefl for neorly o yenr. At Iftst the hen grew fat and lazy, and one day the steward*, finding his supiilit* very lo«v nnd knowing that the general expected, u distinguished guest at dinner, killed tin- hen, mid she was served up on the altar of hospitality. General Lee was surprised to sex) so fine a fowl set before him. but he little dreamed that his |*>t hen had been slaughtered. When tho hen was mlflsod, however, the steward had to confess that ho had been placed In a position like unto that of the boy who had to captfirn the ground hog. There was company for dinner and no meat, The Old Cannon at Quebec. The best part of Mr. Atkinson's narrative was his dramatic story of his visit to the citadel. 'An officer," said he, "detailed a man to show mu around, aud he took mo everywhere. Noticing a small black cannon, half hidden by the snow, as I was about to go, I said*' in fun: >I guess Til take it away with me.' " 'Go look at tho inscription on the brecchi' s'aid the soldier, laughing. "I looked and read: " 'Taken at the battle of Bunker Hill, Juno 17, 1775.' "I saw the soldier had me. It Jthred my blood and I wanted to make a tit replj-. 1 rvad the inscription over again to gain'time. Tears came,'to my eyes. 'Young man, 1 I said to him, •you've got the cannon, but- we've got Bunker Hill." 1 . The patriotic son of Maine turned mi and actually • cried again as be repeated the story. — L&oiston (Ale.) Journal. Groat Bond, Kan., has built three chmvhe,< ilu; past season, the cost ag- g $30.000. i.* tu armptunt! USPil "i\>athnrbone," aa article prepared m the quills of gccso ami turkeys, 'largely taking tho place of whale- mi in the manufacture of whips, ot-.., which whalebone wna Fre« Trade. The reduction of internal revenue and the taking off of revenue stamps from proprietary medicine'), no doubt, ha lurvuly beni-titted thu consumers, as wel as relieving the burden of home maim faotuitrs. E.'p«oial)y U this the ctis- wilh Green 'd August Flower and Bo« obse's German Syrup, as the rt-ductioi of thirty.six cent* per down, biw been addud to incrujliu tho Mza of tho bolilu^ containing these rumcdiutt, tberetn giving ontj-tttih more medicine m thu 75 cent site. The Aujjust 'Flower -f«» Dyapepeia and Liver complaint and th. jl5«rnnMi Syrup for cou>;h and lun>- ; troublos, have, perhaps, thu largest sal of any medicines in ihu world. The advtintage of mortwed size of the bottles will be greatly appreciated by the »!<» and afflicted, in evury town am) } villajfe in civilized couutriea. Sampl - 'botUe* for VU ouuu remain the same *«*«• i* Sdwlw VITIATED BLOOD Scrofulous, Inherited and Contagious Humors Cured by Cuticura. I 'llH^UOII I ho meillum of one of you'- buoka racuivi tl ihroiiKh Mr Frank T •*rM.v, DniKjclst, Apnll >, I',,, I hucMiilb HC- quiiinifd wUh.viiurCuTlcBKA Uf.MliuiKS.auU mko this opportunity to tvmily «u you tlmt tuelr u-e IIKS jr n lunncnlly curoil TT.U of oneol ill wniij tudeii ot iilo*xl pnUonln^, In cou. iieeiltiM Win ury-HwlH ,thntl Unvtu-vei HBBD, ind thin uftur liHVin< iitn*n pronounced incu'* .ible by -oinf;oi tlie bfst phynicluus In . u< c.Jiiniy. 1 tuko KreHt pltuu iinm forwm-dl.iK o you tills tiMtluioulHi, unito lulled u» It U liv mu, In oiilei ttmi otlifr* fron. •liullar nmlH- •Htm nmy • titinciinrttgud to KIVO \ourCcrticu UA UEMKO1KH K irlul. i* a. lUiiruSGKK, Lwcbburj;, i'a. K. (eieucti: KKANUT, »\KAY, liruxBlsi, Apollo, '•omblhldfr IRON nltll PCItK VE0miH,E TONICS, quickly oinl cnmptektjr CIKANSKS and EMIK'IIKS THIS BLOOD. •Quickens the action of thn Liter nnil Klducrs. Clean tlie complexion, mokes the Ma mnooth, Hdaesnot Injure the teeth, emisolifnOnrhp.orprotlneocon- itlpatlon-.U.l, OTilKU 1UON MEDICINES DO. Ittf-iolAtm atid DrujreintA oTeryirbere recommoml It*. Dn. N. B. Rnrjam. o7~Mnrton. Ifumt., wir-i ' I mtrmnil DiMwnV Iron Oltteniaaii talulible tonio inriculng the blutxl. ntm ttuntiYlrtir all dybueutlo Jtunis. Ittloeanutliimtlwtootll." Dn. R. J(. DeufRtt, Rornolda. Intl.; MJHI "I han> prowribod Dnmn'n Ircn Blttan in o«au« of anamla arid blood tllsonneit alao itlteu a tonlu traa oHdod, and It hu prorcd thuronglilj a»U«(aetorr.' J Mrt WM. limns, W8l. Jlwy St.. New Orlenna. La., aajra: " Bronu'e Iron Ulttrm relleTed ran In a oaw of blood i«>liumlni! nnd 1 uoartlhr contmoiitl It to thnei> i»<6ding a blond purifier. ME. w. W. MONAIIAN Tuncotnlila, Aln.. awsi " I ban been tmublal In ra chllitliond nltll Imnnn Blood and ennitlon tin rar tace—ton InjUloV of Brtnm'a Iron llittoi-t elTouleil a fvrfnrt vtiro. I •annul Bpeak tou biKblj tif UilB Taluabto motliclna,' 1 Genuine abnre Trade Mark and cmuxtd ml lines on wrapper. Tnllf nn nthvr. Mnde only lr BKOW.N C1IE111CA1, CO.. 13ALT111UKK MOk •s The Stewmer -«*« T&E BEST THING KXOTFN ran fashingand Bleaching In Hnrd or Sott, Hot or Cold Water. :* \TKS LABOtl, TIMK and SOAP A31AZ- 1 VGLY, and givea uuiveraal aauiractioa* iv (mill}-, rich or poor, ahocli? b& mthoat it S Jrt hv <01 Omoers. BEWAKE of imitation' IHU aealcntxi tc iu'«'*-~ •"" '• Tm iUNJ5 in th DNI.Y 8AF£ jktx.-»«r.u« uumuouud. ami &* -*J»toeu» tb-- •tx're symbol anil name oT KASKIN E (THB NEWQU1AIIXK) . Wo bad effect No headache No nausea. «0 ringing ears, C" M quickly Pleasant.i" 1 " ma^^^ar . A POWfcKKUD TONIC. thttilie most delicate stomach will bear. A SPECIFIC FOK MAL.AUIA, RUEUMATlsai. NEKVOCS PUOST«AT1OS, _^ ami all Ue i in U|M>U>OB rOR OOl.DS KA-K1NE HAS UEfcN FOOND TUBK ALMOST A SI'KLIFIO bupeilor to Quinine. . Y.: "Unlvemally sue_- « "Everv parlnnt trenuid . Francis Hos. N. T. ) with Knskine ha» be«ii _ (oUvlmi-Kviicurad." ROT. Ja». L. llHll.CbHplulii A.buny Pfniten- tlary, writ. > ilmt Ka-klnu has cured bis witB, alter twenty \tard njflerii.K Irom uaUrlu and m>i vous dyaptipsltt. »\'rlte him /or imr- ilnulura. St. JonophV llospitol, N. Y. .- "It'a use i- con-lduM-d 1ml!,.|i. MSI) )e Ua-'t^perlectly.' 1 Hn... \V K. tliildiiub-, M.D., M Ka«li.ili «t. n.\, (Uu Prol. In N. Y. Me<l. Oiil.BK") writer: '•Kiisltlue 1-. nupodtir u, quinine In Ha «nec fl. li .*er, Hiul nuvur pmOui-v. tlio ailghtuit In Juiy to (lie lii'uilnxor uuiidthutlon. Tlioufiindau.."!! iliiiin.ttiiUawrlt« t!:at KiiB- kln« hiiHuuicil III. in tutor nil tnlier incili cmeo liml fut;uil. Write lor book ol tt-htl- without iny special Sold hy On nnfl utprMnnibty, Fob. 11, the K'V" •• 1 '1|ll H* H)llOW», VUl U5AV1NQ ALTON FOK ST. LOUIS at 7 o'clock H. in., and St. Lnnls on returi trip MS p. in., dully. Anil lnnvhiK Alton I or I'nittuc, Jtii'M'.v LHndliiK. "rn'inn. nnd wa> potnti pvrry livening HI D:3u o'clock. KS-The Wblitle will bv ruunueU flftun nlnutuB before uturtliiK lor Ut. Louis. .ITAHBi To St. LctTU, ... 61 UoDMDTlUI' . . - . T I-WHUTT KIDM' . - - ft (V O W. mi,t . Appni. Fast Freight & Passe gerLi M\ UUIIM AND ORXTIIAL IU It. J. K. KLI.i'-ON, UoiumuDUur. tl>. ANSIIUTZ, ( n , B ... 0 THUK UOUUK, JW 6 '* 8 ' On and alter Tbursduy.Fcb. 17th, wIlllettTO Alton Unil> Fur fee. 1.ouls at 7 a. m; Rctunilnir, will Inavu St. Lonla (foot of Vine Bt.;ntS:<5 p. in.! Loavliif Alton at 5:^O p. ni. fur Porttige aud .IwrHey, urrlviu^ at Oration at 7:45 p. m., connroilnawUh foFtozpresK on St. Louis nnd fuutrul Illinois Kaiiroud lor Jumeyvillu. Wa- vtTiy, ap.lnKtlttlUaud all pon.ts Loi-tli aud uiut. FAKE. TOST. LooiS.SliiKlu trip, ... 60o. " " r- unn lilp TSa " •' twenty rluti ticket, , J5.00 HENRY 0. TA1 DM, Ueu A«t. Alton. H. A. H-UKK, nen'l .MiuiUK'tr. le.ldtf 1880-87. i* HU iiiuftrttted tnotttM? uitvliiK o reUuiui- tlruululi-)ii ol uboul twi> l.uii.-l«=(l tliouattliU copitia. oitfln i tiHuhtuK tthU DoinuiiiiiUB ejioeedlug two hunt dloilHiul iwomy uvethounaiul. Ublul uUiuua tin lUiiiu utiinfiluiit) itir lb<- (turning >e«v l»» i>vrtHl » II -«ih lm» bf«u MI uoiive pKipurutlou uii \ mr . H Is u blniuiy v,| our own tu iu uiont Cfimial time, a»«uHorttt 111 ' ' V'i ' " •.TiiB.iiiPK OP Uj Inn CuiiltUfiitliil John <«. Mctiiuy ,,iid Ool. John iluy. Tills uri'iit wtn-h, ii'uuii witli the ijiViittlna ot I'lo-Ulfin UiiiU'iiM, und coiilinuvu nndur ihi! itiithnl'iiy nl Ins rum, uiu lion. Uubon T. Lini'tiln, It Uiu iiniy mil HI iU auihoiitittlvo i wi i ril nl Ihu Illu ol AbraliHUi'LliiUo'lu. Iti . iithin-H w.-iu t IOIHH nl Llntiol i bt-toru his prurl lunuv ; tliuy wuiti uiiisl liitiiuutoly aa. Mifimud uith. n iu IIH pi'lvuiu •; Httfci'uj&rlus limnlK.iit hia HM'iu nl i.lHui-, nnd tu tiiein WUIB ii'.ihHifrri'U U'.Oli l.liu-..lii'>duiilli uli hit i ilvmu ,'ii|ie:u. lluiu will bt told n.o ii.»ii)e IlletlUy Ol 'lit! ClVII Will' Ullrl Uf I'l'UHlllVut,uoiii'a itiliiilnleliulliin -inipiiitunt tltttnlli .,1 whlU'i UHVB I'lthi'l'iu luiiiiiliiL'U ui.luvi'Hluii Inn iliry MiiHlH Ihot uppuur IU tula uutlivntlo Ityiuiiaouol uiu publivutlpu ol thu THE uhlch liiiii buuii uillowtd Kli ntuienl hy » Kivul Intui eat by u blunt fi.ut', will occupy lunc ^pncu uurlilg Hit coin* n« )«ur. Uvityaouiu «'" uu ou crlbi-d by > un. Hunt (Uliiut til tlit> Unluii Artlt.ery), i.uii. l^uiMfHu l, Uun. t.. M. 1 uw, unU otlicis. t'hluHiiiungii, bi lii-n. U. 11. Ill 1; aburiuau'* Murun tj tlio vu. by ut'iiuiuls Howard ami .-Iccuni. Uu'Uiuin Q. A. Ui.linore, Win. f. .-initli, John Olbbon.lloi acts I'ortcr, unu Jolin s. Uouby will duaui-iuu opt-clul bitttlua ana Inclduiiis. HLOiien ol iiuviii uuHugouicutu, priHoii luu, otu, utc. wlllu. lieui. • NOVELS AND STOUIK8. "Tliu llnndi-cUtli Slim," u novel by i'runk It. siochiou, uutlior 01 "The UtOy, or : the ." bfglna In Novcuibvr. Twu uuveleituk bylieoruu AV. Ouble, otui-itm by Unry HiUlutjl, ruuit), "Uncla liuuiun," Julian Uuwtliorue. hdwuid i (tKleiton, untl tiihur prbuilheut Aiiiurlcuu Hiitbora will be prlulutl uutiuu toe yeor. • • . SPECIAL FEATUBEB. twltlilliui.tiut.ona) Include u Wviif* of arti- DB. C. J». KOJllljAND, Dentist, . 18 THIBD STHKKT, ALTON, IIO,. Office Hoai>-H a. m. to 12 m.; l to I G. A. McMlLLEK, Dentist, OVEB BBUKGOKJl \.N>S CIGAR 8EUO.N U ST. <'li-» MU uiluira in ituraiH und blberlu, bv l>eo. Kuiinuu.uutnorol "Tuuv Uieiu Sibtrlu!" who Imu Just rmuruetl from u moat evtiiitHu vl»lt o elberlun prluuin.;- pu,«u . n me j-, od (Juvntiou, ultu lelereiicu to it* buurt-iiton the moor I'robl-uii tngllsb CutUbdriUii: Or ioiTH UellKloui U(u iu the Aiuurlciui c: Clulrvoyuuvt. •-pimumlsni, Ahtrui. OK> , etc., bv Itev. J. 41. HucKluv, Ll.O., eUllor 01 the Oiii'lMtiuu Auvocutu: antruuomiviU n«- IIUIB; ttitiu.ea tlirowiuif UK!" on Uibla i LitorT etc-./ • •..•• . . • '•,;;••;••• •;•''." r--- W PRICES. AFKEECOPY. Subocripttoii pilco, «4.*Xi H year, i» cuiits a. uuinbi-r. Ufuluru, iMjoiujuutura, uud f'ubliih- era (uke subiiurlpiiiinD. stna loi our bedull- mlly illjai.utoJ 24 imge OHtulOKiie (Irte) contHlnliiK lull piOfpeutun, uf'., ibu udlnit * apvclul uiitir by which new rtudtm cnn ilel i uck r.uiiibarn to tilt btKluniiiK ot the Ww fvnus ut u very low prlcf, A Biwcimeu OUDT (buck uuiubei ) will b« MUit ou i-eqiibnt. Ut", Uun thu pupvr. Dun you utford to be without tbe Genturr- TUit Ui-.MTUuY CO., New York. Snbocriptions received at thU office. STORE (Itf AND <* iif-klniiciin lie tiikon till tiilvlmt.' fi.OO piTbii>ilf. 01- .fin i,y ii ml 01. rrcflp 81 >Vuu-fU at <it pil»-e. ,Ntj« V,ii-k lu uwlin KEfUBLICAM KMY.XSHIF SORnrCLOUe* Ci OURS. James k.. Klcha uoon, Uuntom Houei', Now ii'le^io. hnyn: "in 1S7U Svniful i f Uiwrn bnikM out on my body until I wm » f am of corruption. fcVBrj-ihtiiu known t«. thuiimjlcitiluuuity oai tr.lfd lit VKip. 1 be CIIIUB u uiere wrvcK. . At times uoulil not lift in) hnuUs to my head, could not turn In bed' «as in conciant pxtn, and looked upon life a* K mrw. No elit-f or curr in tciA-t-u™. i u A Remedy In Kldu«y Aflectlen. '•My klduuys wuru so nffecie d 1 have been compelled to get up as much a> ten times in one night. I had pains in my side, back and luft shoulder, and when down ooald hardly r s«. I wa- Unabl« to beod my tHMiy without great "VP*W- I tried Simmons Lirur Kegula- tor a^d uiv o mduion hns uupiovud »o muuh ihi4 I hardly over fuel auy of my old uouble." W. JoUnwin. Kxpr«s Wacoo, G4. tu th a tvn , 1'lles fHU hf l«r«d. WKSTFIKLD, N. V., MAY 18, 188.V- >or ihiityiwu y»iars I Miffen-d from pile*, twib internal and external, wiih all tneir attendant agonitM and like manv others suffered frum hemurrhoids. All tUo*e thlitv-two years I had to cramp myself to p»y doctors and druggisia for smtf thnt w*« doinf me little or no good. Finally I wai urn ml by one who bad had ihu K-UDU oompiatnt, t ui hud beun cuicd by U-ttudivih'* I' lln, hi" curu. I did *i, and brtran tu prove, and for the ptoi uv,i fcfVU had nu luoonvunlvncn from ih.u twribl* aUmeol.— Richard Bunoeit. wit SSOI hna d ol the Uuilcuru lieiuuaieo, tht-ra, i.nd WHS pertuotlj cured." Sworn to before U. S. Uoui. J D. Crawford. OMK OP THK WOBST CASKS. we hare been dfllingvourUutlcunt R«me- dine for yuan, and have the first complaint yet to receive from a purchswr. One of tbe »oist caaca of scrofula I ever »aw was curei< n.\ the unu of flve bottled ot Cuticura Uobolr- «n(, Cuticura and l •utloura Hoar, 'ibe Soap lakes the "cake" hero aa a medicinal toap. TAYLOR • TAYLOR, Fraukfon, Kan. .'./»•".*- v*.«.«r a, JIJiHEKKf*£D ( Vnrt ContMicKiuii ilumora, with luos uf hair, ««u Eni|icl .118 of tho Hkln. are p-^itlvely vurati by Uullcura and Cutlouru Soap eiter- imly, wlico nil otbor madlciiiea fait. ««ud lor pamphlet, UUUOUItTa U--ETHKM. Wnbave obialnnl aatlafaoiory reiultafrom tbf ui-e uf tneuaticura Kumodl-i ID uur nwn Urully, iui'1 rfcouiiueuu tbutu bojonU au\ "ttier reinettlv« Inr Ulsemn ol tho akin aud blood. ThodeuitnU foribfm gr waaatbelt merits bttootuu kuuwii. HcUiLLAN 4 CO.. DrUKa^nto, i-uirolM!, fa. CDTICUBA Kti*fKUIBS ar« gold cvurywiioie. frlee: Cuticura, tbe lira it akin Curv, iu ot-,; Cuticura »"ap, aii kxqulailtjUututlttar. ^i cu.; Uutluura Ro»olv- eut, tbe New HltKxl Purinor, Jl. i-ott*r Drun and C'beuiiVHl (\>., lloa.on. LKS, Olackbeatli. Skin BlemUbM ana ltnby llaatoa, u«e CtiUcuta ftoap. P| \* A, XXU. Choking Catarrh. The Repablicans of Alton township anil all others desiring to oo-ouerate with tncm at the election Tuesday, April 6th, are requested to meet in Mass Cunvuntion HI Cry Hull, Monday ovtming, Mutch 28ih, to nnminate can- dulntet for lh« following offioes: One Supervisor. Three Assistant Supervisors. One Town Clerk. One Collector. One Assessor. Onn Hijrhwav Commwsloner. And to transact any other busines-i properly coming befornthn rapeting. CHAS. MOl.DhN, JR., J. K. BUGLER. GEO. u. HAYUEN, H. G M'PIKE, 8 K. CONN 'R,' U. a. BAKER, JK., K. W. HOPPE, H. B. STARR, Repabhcan Cuotral Coco. REPUBLICAN CHI CO.NYKNT1DN. Tho Republicans of ibe several wards of the city of A'ton, and all voters desiring lo cooperate with ihftn in securing a better, moro i fflt:i«nt and oi'irt! progressive Hdnitninrutlon of cilv t>ffairs, are requested to meet in primary aioeunga, at Oily Hall, on Thur<nay evening, April 7th, at 7:SOi>*alook, to nominate candidates for Aldermen in their respective ward-t, and «Uo to appoint delegates to a City Kepublicnn Convention lo be held at the «ami- place, Friday evening, April 8th, to nominate candidates for Mayor, City Clerk, City Treasurer, City Attorney, to bo viiiuil fur at thf municipal oloo- tion April 19ih; the ttevurdl *ard« to be LUC-KQUT V EERE! THE CEI.EII15ATED QUICK MEAL CJasoliae Stove ! Dtt. E. Physician JFF1OB and Surgeon, UK8IUKNOE. CJOE.FOUBTb ST8. ifflce W. A. tlASiUiLiL, M.D., Physician and Surgeon, OKF1O*-«KCOND ST..ALTOM, ELL. b oura- 3 a. m. ; la to 1, and 6 p.m T IB no ler-ilgued have o&ancd u n»w mmtc to o at tuo uoruMt.ol TatrU, uuu Pmsa »ta ORGANS LANDilPIANOSJ of tU« [finest florkmiuiBhlp for sola atrna- •ouable prices. Call auaaxamine our uistru- buloru purchaoluK elaewhore. FLOSS. & BABE. niched wBrd FOR SALE AT J.HOFFM ANN & SON'S 1 ealtrom STOVES ANJ> RooflDg aDrt i 'iidertaker's i^n pplies Master's Sale. STATE OF 1LUNU13, | 8t. C'liilr county. I Of the s«ptci»bci term, A.D. 16S8, ot the It Ciulr County Circuit Court. ' John N Chllton v». Thimiua CMlton. Qeonn Chliton, Jimiea ''I deroi. Koben W. Dick en»on, Jilumbcth; Ann "illuun, Dorothy Bum, Ibon.uc Ilurn, Jumes Uurn, Uurliarm rtri-|iU',oii, s IHU Jiuieituru, (illltttiu lium John Tiiuintid num. .nno.liy Aim burn. iiMibullu ifui'ii. Jiuuua Bum, and llemy B C. iillum r, ekccutor ol Ilia IK it will ana ttuiHUiuntof John UhllKm, deceased. 1 I I lor sale ul Ucnl i-»tHte. Umier und by vlr.ue i,f decree of said ctmir, n:uUu i" thu above entitled CUUKU. M Said turn , 1, the unueraiyned, Hill, OH S.ITI UDAY, JlAI1CI1 JO, 1887, : at and o ihu |iruun/)en lit-rumiilttjr desdrtbed <•« 1 tut Im ill* lint and b«t blUdt-r, th^ foil low.UK de*cn..i U lunU.eliualfd n. thu coun- iy ci .t.hil.s .11, unu .-lute m ill.iiolo, to-wlf Ti e »tbt ii.urtiinf tliti routhi-aat quarter ol ih« niuiliWL'i.1 (juu i IT, c-uiiijiiiiliij,' t< n(loi UCII-H; und thu hull ol the a.iuthwedt quun-r, a. I in a«i Ilou ll.iity (3 i;,lu towuahlu fix tO> n nli nt iHiig- in- t) i9j wtot. Appi u si'd vuliii-, 13.4.W 7i &ul" to coin.iienctt bt uuu o'clock p. m. "1 hllils Or -ALfc.—Twenty j et cent, of thJ piii<-h..Bii iin'iiny to be i ulU cn<-h t'owti, and ilic b.iluncti on it citdil ot j-U anil iwnlva iii.ii.m., CL-CUII 0 bj nott uud U|.p.oveil ,tcu- Itj. aim H u.m-tKUtfi- tui the pi eu.Ui s (lie tiei utlon ol will h, nnil i.|ion coi,i|rnia- lionol oi.l tale, 1 wll ejii cuto aim deliver a uceU tu the I.MJI-IIUSH- or liuicliu-t 10 ot said iuj d, an ny tu.Uuicru I am directed, con- \i-iliig nil ilf light, trie und ulHliuoi *,be biijU. parties n Mini mil to vunl premiRUo. ALONZO S. « 11.1JKUJ1AN, MaBlennciiUi.cery ul Mldcvi.ntr. M. w. \\ gin, boi. * ii«.a WILSON 1WASHBOARDS. j Time Waihboarti are made with 1» Bent-Wood rim. The Strocg- 1 e>t boards and beat wuuers in tin 1 world. For ult bjr all dealers. 1 Take nn other. SAGI.-VAVT M'F-0 TO., Michigan. »ln clutchluit j our throat and prew.nx th« iUa-braath from your tightened cbcutr Have YOU noticed tbt< luogatir anl rtplil UT that aucceedwl tbr vffort iu clear your throat and head til thlacautribal inaltur? What a rt g influence U exurti upon the mltid, clouding (no niDinory and HUIUR tho hwin with pallia and Hirame uoue I How difficult to prote-t the ayatein axalntt Iu uiihur pro<rnw Uiwantu ih" luniot. liver an-1 kUlnm i, all physicians «ll| Hdmft. It u a «i iloio duwastj, and vitwi out for rvtlel and TliM roinitrkahle curative powert when all otimr n mtHlliw utterly fan, ol »»• fonl'a >uU cat O.-re,. iu at.o-lud by thou«Mn''« who ;iitu-lul|v rrunniiiienil It to Mluw -ufiprtin-. ^nolMU-m- nt U in tile "vvardiux it thai t-»i>- itii b» iiumiu'l b% the most rwiivcia- IM «ntt re laiilu i»i|«r>'HK<-ji. Kitch packet (xi'imlm one bottle of the iltcil Cure, one INIX ol Catarrhal ttoivuut »J an luipiof. d lull tUtr, witn tmatlm and* Oirvci on», a ,d U noli! 'ty all druKx'»t» for |1. OTTKK UKCa « UHB1IIC.IV CO., UotTVK. HOW MY SIDES ACHE. From inn b«nch an«l ih» onuntor. fnitntlie lonioan<lwwlu»inMChiie ttooa up thu co* I Pain anil wnk- nrtw Arlil -w siU.- kiitl llwck. Kill i») «i»'l l''f iln.. ad.>, s rul ,^ Nnil VV<mkiu«x>,l>.uithM. > ii| u n n I Che-t , unu fV«-ry iM'n »nij uchti in uallv toll r« llovetl in in;,- uiinu f b.' th^ futlc n« Ami. 1'nli. I'lailur V w rlt^nm, »ud lnl» llniu At druiuUU, »4c.: flv» for ft; w el ALWASouN UAND. COB. 8KUOMD AND AI.MT 8T8. St-oond want, 6 delegates. Third ward, 8 dulpgaies. Fourth ward, 8 de'e^aies. Kiftb ward, 8 dtiletfates. Sixth ward, 6 delegates. Seventh ward, 7 automates. Tuttl number of dnlceate*, 5l.» And to lrmi.i«<H such dihur business as nmj propeil.v COIDH hefnro iho meet, mg. CHAvS. IK)L"KN,jR, .1 K. BLTI.EU, GK(J. I). HAVUKN, H. C5. MTIKfc. 8. K. ('O.VNdK. 11. s. BAKKK, j«., F. W. HOl't'K, H. U, STARK, Republican Central :to~ JOHN BAUER, DEALER Df AND MANCrFACTUBEBJ FURNITURE. SECOND STREET, Opp. City Mail, ALTON, II,L. All kln>U'o( Ana and ooiu-non farnltur 1 ' constantly on han.i, Ai, o uudr.-ijker, eto. Cleanses 1887. Hai-piT's Weekly. JL ** JLLUSTRATEU. WE ?KtT maintains Ita poultice cHdin* liliibtruti'd n^wapawr iuA i or leu ; and Ita hold upon publ.c citeMu und c "n ffdencB was neve, .tronut- r than at ihS nre" ent time. Ht-slUea th Millionla-ue« nf le«i" Inn Am<-rl. MH Xe*.p fH-r* 1 ni. u a' 'h« me aftmly one flltii t.| awnt a ' l.0»cl t-u I [Minn! Hit. M'lyi<iti^int<iu will )iu piat-rd lielora Out) Milclun Dit>BHKNT iiHirinaivr purvmt-t-m -orKlv^Mli.i.i.i.v l!j.»l,KM. T.. n hii.-« will ac omm-Hlntu «b«mt T-» wmd», A<1, o <wn>l »t WM. L. KLUNK DNDERTAKER, •bort of linpurtaui "•'"•• wrltere. i-fclnt*! >aie , , -- , houae 111 tlln future. hold will not b« rehii. HARPER'sThUIODICALS. . Hariwi-'aMauaclnu. Harper'sI'tttar Harperj Ji.u,,,. IV ll.i'linl Vi.luii.o,,,( 11'™..?-."^*:*' "'"'•'.<. WKEKLV, for III llllHllllK. Will i"«^i l ,j;i r ».rA^!r^, il> r; Uiii , r v > ;'i* 111 "-' ni-" i' ••'if uinii, .-...•'...!." !':'»''.«.>« «•• »'H tW. 1^ U"P" '*!• v '"" >'»r « Vr v ^!!^S- ; ---'-^^,:^ Ready-Made Coffins, flieialic Cases, Gaskete Aud Burial Ro!w HIM! l.:mioi\,)i >fflco aud Shoji ou State etrool Heals thu Mures. 1 Restores tbe! Senses of Taste] Muell, Hear.] 'UK. A quick Kellef. A po_ = . itlve cure. RAY-FEVER •.W.?,ft. ta ?Kl le S, '55?.r h nol?ril " nd ui'ili, re^iauji-ed, t>u otu. Uir Illitjo.. UrUKgiiln, uwego,.'. nlHrafiee. JiLV '•epU .dw'V A. J.HOWELL, -DEALEB 1 IK- FURNITURE I A Full and Complete Stock * CONSTANTLY ON HASD. ruu ALL OBOE? UPHOLSTERING Neatly ami promptly executed. Belle nt., bet. Tblrd and Pourth. -ALSO— CINOERTAKKIR. »T\TB* 8RVRNTU 8X3 STOCK FOR A Klnt. lil, •<>*• Kill) l 1^1 l»011wU For Sale Cheap. -OXB- - - i • •-.. Brict laefiii , A. JU.llAbTlNGS, it.

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