Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on March 19, 1887 · Page 1
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 1

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 19, 1887
Page 1
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ALTON. ILL., SATURDAY EVENING. MARCH 19. IHKT AiCreatVictoiy A Terrible Case of Scrofula Cured by Hood's Sarsapartlla " In to* winter of mo I was attacked.wlih »«"*«« in one of, (be most aggravating formi. •At one Una I haikna less than thirteen large abttcwesovor and around niy nockand throat, .. ,, i woody ,in*tter fdlggustlne u> ..hahoM, , almost Intolerable to endure. ' It Is Impossible to nilly ; ,Uoscrlbo,niy sufforingu, as the CMC ,waa complicated with Chronic Catarrh, Alter thre» years of misery, having boon treated by Uire«, physicians,, I.'waj',' worm .than -eyer. y, .on., tea weomnumdaiionnoj W.,J. bsvlot'taken; twelve bottlw, .wltliln the lart — " ' L .. T10» stetoraenUfcoonnrmed'by Vf. J. Hunt! .,,. sapari. > Bead tor, book glv)Dg»tatementt ol many cures. Hood's Sarsapacilla ..Bald 1>r nU4ruggt«t».;.',fi,; r 8lx,fpr.»B. Mado a.K JpOlDoaes One Pol>ar. Note^. TEARS OLD. WASHWOTOK, March 18 To-day is the 60th anniversary, of Prisidint. Cleveland's .birth, but there is no outward observance of the event at the White House beyond the presentation of a number of floral tributes by personal friends. ST. LOUIS A RESEUVB CITT. The acting Secretary of the IVeas- ui'y to-day. desiKimted St. Louis, AID., as a central reserve uty, under the : ,, provisi -us of the act passed at tne last .session of • Cong. ess. The application for mieh designation was tignedhy.all the,,national ,t»auks of »t. Louis,.,And .it.,is..the first city to, take advautageiof the new law. • DECllIXED TUB:APPOINTMENT. Ex Governor Robinson, of Massachusetts, was'at the White House today. It is learned that he waa offer*-j ed a plane on. the Inter-State Commerce Commission and declined. Kx- Scnator Thurman was ,also, among the President's cal'ei-8 to-day, and it is presumed .that, his, visit,,,has some connection with the appointment Of the Commissioners. SHOP ON FBCOND ST., AJLTON. NEAR PIASA Lilies of Bargains HIS! Absolutely Pure Thiu, nnwder never VHI-IPH A mntn»n powder never varies. A marvel ot purttv. strength wholnsomuness. More economical than theonlliinry kinds, anil cannot be .sold In competition with the multitude ol pw tegt.Hhort-woiBht. alum phonnlia'o pow- d»ra. MOLD oxtr IN CANS. ROY' .vL PO\VDEttCO.,loa WiUl»t..N. Y. REAL ESTATE FOR SALE. READ LIST OF BARGAINS -ATC, A, Schlueter's Agency, For sale— FIvc-roTa brick liousi 1 , story and R uulf, coruer iSiubtu.and Mecliauic street. Cau be had at a barxuiu. Good pioporty to rrnt. r * * One e-room rew hous«, with cellar, cistern and coal, Uouae. l.ut 60 by 110 on 9tn and That ought to catch your We have lots of them in DRY GOODS, NOVELTIES, SHOES, CLOTHING, HATS, CAPS, For BHl«— ono 8 room houeo ando-e 8-rnom hou»o, .9tlt, and. Market, Bts, JXH M by no; good cintein, and coul IHJUSO, at abaipaln. For Bale— '6 acres ID North Alton with good OJ cliard, Oan. wn<J filtiaty of watiT. For. eale-660 acres Improved , larm wltb itood nouuK mid atanlee In Woodion county, KHii»an. R. K. run< aoroaa from Fort Soott to Wichita, e inllea from county tout, For salt*— 7Sacrn» partly bottom land, Ira- provi-d mini, .noiir Mersey, wltb pleuty o( good b- HUIngu ( n same. For »ali>— 10 piecct* of .ynlnaUe; property wltb tjood iiounca, ln,tliiii oit . For »ale oc oxchAiigo-A aloo little ootlago In Ilatl)allo,,wlili plenty ol. urouiid. stable uiiU j{00(t walui' on pi'mrnes. fornale or eiclmi'iti-— Two sections of U,R. timber lat.d In Se. Mltaourl, 160 iiulun Jnmi Si. l.onla on llio Iron lluuntulu u. Jl., at a bai- galn. .for sale or excUauKO, a acres of grouml on Mitlu m. ucllniutag Maygr UoppiDKor'a on tb« Ht< For sain ior cxohanne— S e«c) Ions of pralrl- Innd lu orocket county, j'txtw Will he I oni'ap. ftuitublo for any fanning purpnees. Thieenorea adjolulng Dr.Uoberts on u-»rtli. Five lot» on Dry St., adj nuliig Tliomas Ul«- git »' re-jilenoB on tn« o ist. Onti and a IIKII loin In lluwlcv'rt addition. OneaiiU ulialt ,OIB In blinlly'n audition. Any nf the above property cau be bought at a Uiuo. MiB/Bpccher hie eone to Florida with Lei' .daughter, irrs..S.covIHe. Onewotf .was killed ,nt;the Wlnte- hall, (III.) .chase -yesterday, and it sold tit auction for $25. The namtvof Governor 'Hill was mom loudly applauded than any other at the Democratic-..-.banquet in Boston. A South Caro'ina woman has a record of 17 children in 9 years of married life. There were eight pales of twins. The people of Dulnth are so much excited over reu| estate that noteveu the iliotel clerks ean<- take tMhe ,to muk,e,, nut bills /or,- the guests. Twenty five raen,.ar«-. n >w under anrest, Charged With pavtiiuitxption ,in the recent inidnigit-assassiuatioii ,of ci izuns by ; a Kukiux battd in^Clms. tiau county, Mo.. " " Democrats hay.e settled v.oto Carlisle for the second, place ton their next,, presidential .ticket b.ut first place is left open until ',/Apivo- tal-Stall's" andjMugwuinps,*uave i a chance to speak. Mr8.vAdele) ; -Gratiot' i Washburne, wife of ex.MJbister-VVashbtirne, died tit Chicago • iy >8Ujrday. v She was closely connected -with so ne of the oldiast.'St; Louis families. J. Milton Tumor,-the colored politician ofSt.JLouisj'fll.kU damage suit for •$lp,pOO.-..ogain8t ..Charles yeSterdiiy, i'who,.' he <says, burned him jn ,effigy .and br^ntled him us a traitor to his party. A conflagration in Rock: Hill S. C., Thursday night,,consumed the post olHce, two banks, a dozen stores and Other .property; total, loss, $140,- CKO. ^A large,distillery. at .Covington, Kv , was burned .yesterday lo s, §60,000. Two stores, were burned at Flint, Mich., yesterday,' and 1 two lives were lost. Boycotting has .been constituted an indictable offense by a bill which has just passed the -Wisconsin Assembly. The combining togethei of any two or more persona for tUe purpose of injuring a man's business or credit is __ an offense punishable by a fine of S500 01 a ye.u-'s imprisonment. -(•it. Louis is to have an electric railroad. Just what the city has Jong needed— something that will go by itself and require uo pushing. Now if a dynamo could be attached to ,some of the business houses down there, 8t. Louis might be able to again enter into respeotab e competition with other Missouri tow s ns outside of Kansas City. Ail in iie. 1-nEEPoivr, III..March 18—Several months ago a man named Adam Stoger, a tailor by trade, whose homo was at Cedarville, suddenly Mid mysteriously disappeared .from Pubuque, Iowa, .where he was at work. He left a note behind which led the people at first to believe that • he had drowned himself ,in the Mississippi river. Now it has been learned that he is still alive somewhere in W sconsin Stoger bud hi* life heavily insun-d in a mutual ben- Cllt association of Galesbnrg,' this State. He was a member of the Odd Fellows' lodge ; at Dakota Village, this coup y,. ,b it. from that he .has now(,been,j3xpelled. , S^!*; family is atCedarviile in poor ciicu»8lai. ; - :oes. - . - .. .-...','• '— ^ • ••••»•. - • **rihliiV**VUi . MILWAUKEE, Wis., March '18.—A spsi-lal from Bitnboo says'thegin- UMl. , officers , of . the Chicago aw3 Northwestern Kailioad are at that p'ace investigating charges preferred by road ( .employes,,against C. ... Sw.ineford, .Superintendent ,of the Uadieon Division, Assistant Superintendent R. A. Cowan and Chief, Telegrapher W. A. I awson. It is charged that the officials named have been guilty of tyranny in an effort to enforce total abstinence from drinking among employes of the road. The feeling on both sides is intense, and the trouble is attracting mqcli attention. . ' Peorla'-Democrat" Hold. PKORIX.IH , March118—The trans-i ftrof the Peoria National Democrat lo Owen (Scott of the Bloomiiigton Bulletin, was completed to-day, all <>f'he stock not taken by leading Democrats being assumed by Mr. Scott. He will probably issue his first paper, as editor and proprietor, next Siind/tv. "Buffalo Bill" has beun made a lolonel of Nebraska milifin. iv iw swat. OF SUCH AS Velvets, Body and Tapestry Brussels, Two and Three-' v Stair Carpets and Oil Cloths, Hflgs lias arrived. Also a very Chqlcfc Stock of fail Papers an! trios. rates etc. bring MILLINERY, We can't be beat in quality an«i prices, All the latest novelties of the season daily ad^U'd, at one-price cash house, I also represent the Buffalo German Fire Insurance Co., Buffalo, N. Y. , one of the best companies in the U. S> And other gooa Companies in addition. C. A. SCHLUETER, Offloa in ray New Building, on Seco d street n chlldw JL-acas Pleittenberger ARCHITECT, AND MECHANICAL WIAUUHTBMAN, Ofllco on Third 8t..ono floor west of Piiimi, ti'inl II, iiir. 31 •dvoilUintE fcpfic? wtton m Clticigo, vv.l- !•« St. i finn j» Tnt LURU at •i Commerce ot Two Grent Kiver*. WASHINGTON, March : 17.—Colonel Switzler, Chief,of the Bureau of Statistics of the Treasury Department, has decided to gather, compile and publish.statistics .showing the com- mercc-oMbo Mississippi and Ohio Rivera and of the bridges which cross them. Iii lh s work it is proposed t<; give not only a complete historical review of the \ olume and cha ac'ter- istics of the commerce of j he rivers in Hie pust, but a statement of their influence upon tie development of the count'v through which they flow: the changOs-in their commerce as a result of the inauguration of our great railway system; their. influence in i keeping down the of f-eights. on railroads It ia the intention to this i information as far HS ticable down to Jan. 1. To collect, formulate and report this information, ti.ree experts have been appointed, whose services will be paid for out • f the Treasury. The three ••xperlB appointed are: For the Ohio river and the bridges which cross it bftwei-n I'ittsburg and Cairo, Henry A. Dudley, Secretary of the Boar of Irade, Louisvillu, Ky. j for tho Upper Missippi and the bridges which cross it (sumo flfu-en in number) between St Paul and St. Louis, Krauk Johnson.of Clinton, Iowa, and for the Lower Mississippi between St. Louis and the Gulf of Mexico, (Jforgo H. iMorgan. Secretary of the Merchants' Exchange, of St. L UIH. I: is hoped to have ihe report completed and imbli.iied by the meeting of Congress in December next. Dr. null'sUiimrli Syrup Mparllou'arly r-uiiinmeiitliMl for oliil'lruli. It cure* eiMii/li., cuiilM, C'-ouu. HOI-O throat anil whiiu|jlii£ eolith. It is pluaiiant to ih'j ta.tti-, ami uuti hku a charm, i/6 ot-i. ".lick uliall |ilpuana (Mlhlmllilanne" Jiiiti a« lonir dutlii ilii)o|)i<n harn as Uii>v l>luanu. ( Thu treu burn Amerieiin cin. Z"ii don't fttJtr nfui'iilj^iu witb Sitivmluii Oil to ihe front, t'rico only 26 cents. An excess of animal food ami a par* Hal ol.i.'.ln.t of ilm |)iirnH of the ckin, tluilni; tit" wliiu-r inonihx, UMUSO tin' HVcti'iu to hi'i'oinii lillml with iiii|mritk'K TIlMd OHII lia it-ill >Vc(| nnd I (in liJooil |iiinlii'il ami liivi);'oriitt<U by AyurM aursapanlla. Prieo (SI. Baffled the . BDRKE MEUICINB Co., Qumoy, III: —I reaanl your While Piiie Ualsara, as loonah mixture or very grant valup, Thu benefit dnrived l/y my wife from tin use, places it wiili me fur in advanue of all others. For scvernl years she had been seriously afilteted with H cough that gave u« much alarm; it had bullied the skill of the physicians and cough remedies, until I concluled nothinp would avail ^n her cuso. Din-ot- y afier coming to Qntnoy, on your recommendation,' she commenced uain" your Balsam, and it hns aeled like a charm, quii'tins' the cough, and itmov- ng entirt-ly the soreness from her lungs. \\BkecpitconNtanilv in our house J. B. Ford, Pastor M.E. church, Rushville, III. Doe Cressler'8 Wild Kose Tooth Powder for clcansinsr the tneth. Pried 2fte INFALLIBLE CUKK FOR OOUGHs.' WM would most positively mate that no remedy has ever met with ,-uoh universiil s'itisfaeiion or can be more trut hfullv said is a poakive cure than Burks' White Finn Balsam. SUGAR. A new dinoovurv, Little Apricot I'jUa, easier t-i lake ihan -sugar and far more boiipficial. 'Sure cure for neuralgia, h'adiichp h«anbnrn, dyspepsia and bad b-i-aih. Try them. .For sale at Mwrch's diugt.tor«. rnohl awly Senator Juhu oliwman at ibe Souih. Man-rial inuir«bt« have rUen alu.v. s-ntiraunc and sectionalism. Kuaines.- kilts -prejudice. Among the siai»»m«n who have hitld steadily to ihe American •«y»tem, through thick and mm, and h»ce nu«ained it till the South now he. Kins to see it» wisdom, Mr. SinTmnn is prominent.— Cincinnati Ttmes-'Btur. thlldren Stanrriiff to Heath On aocountiolihuir inability >o digest lood, will'inoDt, marvellous fond and remndr iu Soott'» Emulsion. Vcty palalHbie and easily digested. Dr. S W. Cuhen. of , Waco, IVxasj s«r«: "I .have used your Kuiulsion in infantile wasting. It mil only .restores, wantfid tiNMien, hut ui7e« HtroiiKth.and increases thoHtioi-tite." a ^.r e ^ ngtl e ? e ^ ood s at the very lowest prices to cash buyers. All »r^ invited to call and see the beauilHul iiew goods&learuthe low prices. ALTOW, ILL. FOR THE BEST BUGGY JKT THE WORLD. AGENTS FOB THE WARRANTED FOB FIVE ». THBCJEtiEBUMED Studebaker Farm Wagon. BellovUle Threshers and Engines; Mdline Plow Go's Plows nnd Cultivators and Pulverizing Harrows. EMPIRE TWINE HINDERS, DROPPERS AND MOWERS. Headquar- te «,££?r D £Sl an J?n^^fNBOILS; ENGINE, L CYLINDER and r . , OILS: STOCK. WELL and CISTERN PUMPS; fine of COOKING STOVES; the DANGLER and PERFECTION GASOLINE .STOVES. See our $10 BU-GY HARNESS. NEW IIoMESEWING MACHINES, S30. We keep the BEST GASOLINE and BURNING OILS on tap and delivered to any part of. the city. fllJ Cor. 3d and State sts., ALTON,ILL. TUE BEST ON EARTH! SS FILLED WATCHES, From $ IS tof5Q. Warranted 20 Years. BREECH-LOADIXG GUNS, From $16 to $30, J H ROOTH THE LEADING'-' j. n. ow^ i n, JEWELER mvlWwlv —GO TO SBELY & SON HEADQUARTEES FOR Dr. lliillV i;ftnirh,H vt np will van- yout -™ W8 _ "•"'" ^''•« ouh "S CU. i, Ijoltl,,, Patents. ro ny ptirnona wlanins to obtiUn lettoi puwat on now InvDnMon." improveiSon" o InalKtiH, I will .iipouw ilruwlniji) and ' tnooin Wl'SM ai'il makii ttji|i||outlon» (or I'uuim. Win iltwicn, lu |>or».,u or h,v l»tt* . f{l'| Picture Frames, Brackets, Base Balls and Bats, Croquet Sets, etc. A full line of School Hooks, Scratch Books and School Supplies. Remember the place; THIRD STREET: - - OPP. PELLE. l.' SUBSCRIBE FOR THE . mmm, ioc Per By mail or delivored, Only Hepublican Daily ia Madison county tii nS^MiV* ' iSl«ui

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