Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on March 18, 1887 · Page 4
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 4

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, March 18, 1887
Page 4
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tbe proprietor! of Athlopharo* har* My*f claimed for It «v«n »li Iu merit wflUld Kir- rant hu not a littl«todowith itimnitafal popularity, and the thoujundi of grateful tl MBlilfon)a(»«ri#»;v<xl ?by« tlrcht ihow that / tMrpolicy haf fcWh #ucWit-ill orfight/ ., I,J lykperifcnc^JBW 'amply > deiionitrmed that mere outward applications are worthies*. The diieane lias its sent in the blood, and any remedy to be successful rnurt deal with the obstructive acid which poisons < ! f ••JMinflnnjesH. ; 11 "Alliloplioroii nets on Iho blood, mtoncles and joints directly. It takes the poison out of the blood and carries it out of the system; it invigorate* the action of the muscles and limbers the stiffness ol the joints, U reaches the,liver arid kidneys, cle»n*in| thcmfrom Ufritating substances, ar/d, If followed up after the rheumatic condition*i cense, it will restore these organs to regularity and health. Decatur, 111. I will just say for the good of any per- ron that may be afflicted with rhenmatiwn »that I have had jt very severely, and hare * ' i'. t wed Alhlophoroe'ind found'i-ellef" almost at tho first dose. S.'B. McCLEij,AND. '' ,> 4 H £|Bov.;A.T. PIT, pastor of Ihe M. E. * "'•" Church, Paris, 111., sajfs:' "Yes, I nscd Athlophoros for neuralgia in the back part. of my head, It was a very painful and distressing complaint, hut a dose or two of Athlophoros always gave immediate relief. « lam noir*ntirel,r/ree from, the complaint. Uted for duty had I not had Athlophoros. Everv druggist should keep Athlophoros and Athlophoros Pilli, but wherer they cannot be bought of the druggist tbe Athlo- , , phoros Co., 112 Wall St./Wew York, will ' >' * M •''"fl 'either? (carriage; paid) i on receipt of " Regular price, which Is' $1.00 per bottle lor. Athlophoros ,and COr. for Pjlls, ALTON DAJLTTKUSGfcAPH. WHAT SHALL WE WEAR? 'POPULARITY^ - op ; |VeA GOWNS. H rASHlONABLE* V^RAPS. N«w Tork Btyltt In Tailor Dre>*M fat Spring; Wear —A N«w llnfiqu* Cor.'''•age to b« Worn,With * Cloth Ve»t, HonnnU and Their Trimming*. ,> >BlU8tr»tloiW frito tftto to thl»< leWo of new tailor gowui dnlgnnl for spring w«ar, «nd ; described as follow* by Harper's Bazar; eing ot litgaly t«Ior«d latin, striped nod cbepk*!. >id«. IlprllveV anfl kldnoy AI.MH.~. *^Chknciw, ntfvons K*. flmvtala'r'in- —f —-•-' •• «•«—«i/.nj, *4v t i%fuf> ucblntvi utftOftscB nr women, constipation, headache, Imp Dlooa, Ac., AthlophoroB Pills are unequalod. _ 1m pure FOR SAlJE —BY- Rudersnausen & Sonntag. For Skin. pleasant borne' st a rno- ...jg Btwo-ulorylrnme house •waj-.Honry. : ,; ^ A *Bo!o* fahat)! fl20.iore». vMth'fliBt elae» Iraprovpiuonta, Bltnatea 2X miles oast ol Brtmawlek. Ohariton eo., Mo. for Sola. A one story frame dwelling houee In RDOO condition. In TopjrtnK's aUdillon to Allon. „. i'W«»^8ol» Cb«ap Tho reridenoe oj Oapt. W. t oble: two 3«il68Md mansard rooJ| 12 room 4 halls, ',. rtABhs.>ilM *iWt»ua**«T,i^ *k«. -M.*^ -. r " a '' >^ J"OSI / two or Hale. •, ->'n« house wlthlii n ne • Olootoofthnd -tloriSrs. 160 acres f K ood tarmtn» land, and anothei tract oK 00 lores, both unlmprovud. aitnatt In Mm to., Kansas, at $10 and $18 por aon respooti vely—one- third o Ash,balance On time For Snlr. A larm of 140 aor«s on oottom land, all in cultivation, near Madison, In this county. A K nouae on It. JT«r Male. j--.,—id< naor city limits. 3ta.o .. 'brteB and traine dwo> n- 'nonse! eae - o> strooi •ricota Figure 1 In our first cut is a spring gown qf fluV plaid wool, Wth'green fortho prevail, fng- odor, iml Is after a model :; m*lo for her Royal Highness tho Duchess of Connaught! Tho vest, collar and cuffs ope of velvet of tho new absinthe grocn shatlo; there is also a bias band Of this Velvet at tho foot of the foundation' skirt The plaid wool IB of light quality, assoft and line as camel's hair, and is drai>ed In cross folds in front, with two double box ploits-on toe-right side, -and -bouffant back drapery. The remaining flguro represents a dread for either houso or direct, and is of heliotrope rammer;cloth braidod-with silver and with maby ^heliotrope shades. "• The long, deep oversWrt covcre all the lower skirt except the 'band of v^rvet sot ou tbs foot The basque Is a'very'shdrt'postnion with a braided plastron, witli the figures extending up on the collar, braided sleeves, velvet rovers and velyetcuffs. Thertraw hat has a silver braided rlbboa 'band, and also* rWettc set-ihlgU <a>the left side. , • for 8»l«. .1 . o1.' nrm 0| I - u »oros, situate 1 mile soutli of Shlpmun, Mucouplii county, 111., at PartlesinlnndlnKtobuy Houl Estate lu the city ol Allon or violuHv willUnd It to their iniwost to ouli attbeofilceof Kudorahauuen t & Sonntig and examine their llat 01 properties for sale us only port thereof Is advor- ; ,•>' a: ' j; ^. New and BoautlfulDoslfrnH just arrived and arriving for, the Spring Trade. , WINDOW GLASS i A Specialty, from Siudll to »lo tlt« Lailf't Parlor, »,> > tn furiiliilug a'housiatlio waif paper U oil .Important nud should be-chosen, not only with regard to'harmony with-tlio proposed carpet,' fu'WItore and trtxJd w<>rlf, but also '.*Itti 'cotisldeftrtWn M ,ltght and : wh'etbor, you have heavy; handsome oil tfauitlbgcfor tlio vakils or onftrayltigs; etchings or water coloiu For a north Tooin', or any room not too light, nftthtng-W prettier for-woodwork than cheri-y finish—natlii'nJ, iC-posslbloj it not, then Imitation. <'With this wood work a paper of golden ollv« effect, or two slmdc.? of dull blue -Or too green or citrine would be suitable. For carpet, U Ingrain, one of tho new patterns showing two shades of a color; In thin case maroon or Indian or dull red. Ingrain Is pruferabte to tapestry brussols; but !( body brussels is preferred, then a pattern showing olive ground with figures in olives, dull reds nud dull bltles will bo pretty.' For durtalns and - portloceS; 1 If- 6n» does not wish to go to the ex*pen»«'of buying thb handsomomahufacturod ' ones, th'o best quality of felt doth;'wlth brood ' bind of Velours at tho top of the same color, fjites 'Very satisfactory r&m)t«. Cai'e must be observed In regard to figure. I' the wall paper shows a iltwided figure, than plain cur- 'taln» and 1 portieres afford: a restful contrast, 'but U theipaper'giveg ths 'effect ot one color, tbon flgurcxl' or.Btriped.draperies are'allow- able. • t -Fori summer wea.rj-mattings, instead .of 'carpets, are much used. They oomo In pi"ett^ : artistic ' shnclCT—old pink and shade green, olive and dull "red—and cost 4(> or 50 cents a yard. In winter a large 'central rug is used it Brussels or Smyrna, or a square of Ingrain with surrounding bor lor, • ••In regard to bedroom furnishing,-don't get A plain, cheap set of furniture for your own 'use and put a handsome suite"In the guost chamber for the'-benefit'of the; occasional visitor. Get one bedroom suite of as handsome a style as you can afford, knowing it will never weal-out, and; If nice in the beginning, will always'remain so, though .It may grow, - old fashioned. ,In. tho first place decide,' if possible, on the exact sum you wish to use for your house furnishing. Then go Into your mother's kitchen Bud pantry nnd inakon complete list of tho things which, you must have first of all. though there be no carpet in the parlor or lump in the hall. Deduct the cost of tbeso from the first amount, and to tbo ex- •penditure of -the remainder deyote your very best judgment, taste and forethought.—Good 'Housekeeping. A TOI.WNO TABIJt. Tholcnfor top is til-stilling liy hingoK to a back strip fnstonixl (o tho wall with'screws. The front, nf tbn leaf, when raised, la supported by brackets which are fastened to tho wall by hinges or Imtt.s. When these brackets aro swung in against the will llui loaf falls down and is out of the way, being flnt against the wall, us Is puown In the second llguro of the cut. Housewives will hardly fall to appreciate the convnnloucu of eimilar .tables In dining rooms ojid kltuhens. Those folding tables may l*> made at a trifling expense. DofrctK In Bewor Gns IMpott. One of the methods Cmi>loyed for tho detection of defects In the sower pipes of houses' <* by introducing > the oil of peppermint, di- j'-ltited with water, iuto the pipes, preferably on the roof of tho housu, where tho: soil or ' was'te pipes terminate, and' to search within 1 tbe houso for'*ho odonof.'the 'peppermint, which will be detected at or noar the point where the defect arista. A' Convenient Tattla. «,..— *bfrW* two side tablai oc ehelrea. '«na S oldod? dowai tttft vtbe fliijwd rsaUy for u«o. CHIOAGO, BUBUNQTON . HOU8B-PAINTINO and DI50OKAT;N(3 outabllslimont of NEFF & OBERMUELLER, Fourth, east of Belle st. foblld.lm J. SUTTER & SON. DKAWCRfl IN AND COMMON A Pnll and Complete Stock A)ou Hand. DO NOT FAIL TO GIVE US A iCALL bEFOBE PURCHASING. \ > ; v <£ra rtmjWTTO|t BOOHS ARB ON 'State Street, ; opp, Third, ALTON, II . w EMPIRE MILLS, oBOONl) BTKKET (Noar 1'liwn), ALTON, U,L —- rOIl HA [4)0 : Ground Oat8, Ground Corn, Hay, Oats, Corn, Corn Aloal, Unckwlioat Flour, Graham Flour,oto •^UK H OITY° ANVI ' AUTO? '; 8PBINO JACKET—BAflQUB CORSXOK. In the second cut is given a model fora •prjng jacket of Swede brown cloth, burred withdai-ker brown. It is lapped to the lef t nUe at the top, has'a triangular rovers and is fastened by white pearl buttons. A round hood nt tho back is lined with dark blue silk. Tho hat Is of tlio plaid cloth, with blue velvet brim ami blue faille loops high on tho left, •'(figure 8 in this cut represents a dressy gown of light blue gray cloth, with a vest of ,white doth fastened by silver buttons. The deep apron curves up each, sids-to meet a counter of fine side plaits, and the back has voluminous drapery. The basque is round and close fitted behind, but falls open in front from tho shoulders down, being turned over to form reveiu ornamented with buttons. The vest fa double brawled below, and laps to the left Bide at the waist line, but is open iu V shape nt tho top to show a chemis- ette beneath. Tue hat of gray straw is one of tlio new spring nhape«, with the brim high on tho left side and closo to the crown iu the back, with narrower brim on the right. New Wraps and JnckoU. There seems to bo no'nrbitrary'rule at the present time In ninttora of dross. Every lady may consult her own individuality'and still be fashionably attired. Both double and slnglB .'breasted jackets are to be worn. French Jackets in various styles aro appcar- ing-nn a part of many spring toilettes. A fa- vorlto shape hw revors upon tho front at each side, a vest offoct underneath, tho back fall- Ing In two box plaits over tho tournure. Another is cut double bi'un.stod with a diae- 'onal revere of velvet up one side, and Is per- fcctly flat over tho hips and at tho back. Among spring wraps may be soon dolman sha|)es short jacket backs and long tab fronts, very short visiles with sling sleeves and Kiifislan hood, and still others have tho fronts gathered to n point, and finished with heavy silk cord and jot tassels. 'New Shirt Dritperle*. _ Numbered with the now skirt draperies are tho bell skirts and Inverted l«ll skirt* two directly opposite styles. One shows the skirt draped at tlio back with nn appearance of fullness at tbe bottom, uml 1s intended for stout liulios, the other, Intended for sjender women, having tho fullmissb«Iow.,thfl waist The effect in oiUior case, when, arranged in modoiutlon, Is excellent French in tho Cook Book. French words on bills of fare and in cook books occur so frequently that an! English rendering of some of those .oftenest used will be found convenient, and is given as'follows: "Au gratiu"—dishes prepared with sauce and crumla and baked; "bouillon"—a 'clear soup stronger than broth ( but not as strong as consomme; "consomme"—clear soup or bouillon boiled down till very rich; "croquettes"— minced fish or fowl made into shapes with sauoo and fried; "matelote"—u rich flsh stow with wine; "marinade"—a liquor of spices, vinegar, etc., in which fish or meats are steeped before cooking; "ragoul"—a rich brown stow with vegetables, mushrooms, etc.; "salmi"—a stew of game, cut up and dressed when half roasted; "souflee"—a very light whipped pudding or omelette; "vol auveut" —patlies of very light puff paste, mado without a mold, and filled with meat or oreserres. There are less persons afflicted with rheumatism, since our druggists have sold Salvation Oil. Few are aware of the importance ot checking a cough or common cold in IIH first stage. That which in the begins ning would yield to,a mild remedy, if neglected, soon preys upon the Jungs. Dr. Bull's Cough Syrup affoids ini-tant relief. It is an infallible remedy. Price 24 cents a bottle. Greatly Excited. Not a few of the citizsns ot Alton have recently become greatly excitod over the astonishing facto, that several of their friends who had been pronounced by their physicinns as incurable and beyond all hope- fuffering with that dreaded monster Consumption-have been completely cured by Dr. King's New Discovery for Consumption, the only remedy that does positively cure all throat and lunar disease.", CVugh«, Colds, Asthma and Bronchitis. Trial bottle free at E. Marsh's drug store, large bottles $1. Wonderful Cnres. W. D. Hojt & Co., wholesale and retail druggists of Rome, Ga., say: We have been selling Dr; King's NBW Dis« covery, Elnctric Bitters and buckipnV Arnica Salve for two years. Have never handled .remedies that .sell as well.or give such universal satisfaction. There have been some wonderful cures pffnoted by these medicines in this city. Several cases of pronounced Consurop* tion have been entirely cured by use of a few bottles of Dr. King's New Die- povery,taknn in connection with Electric Bitters. We guarantee th«m always. Sold by E. Marsh. mchldwlm BncKien'8 Arnica Salve. The Best Salve i. n the world for cut*, bruises, sores,i..S8rs, salt rheum, fever sores, tetter, chapped hands, chilblains, corns and ail asm eruptions, and positively ouresxpiles, or no pay required. It is guaranteed to give perfect satisfaction, or money refunded. Price 26 cpHts per box. For sale by E. Marsh, Alton. Ill mchTdwlm IT is said that the bight, of tho hump on a carnel'H back gave the original idea lo the inventor of tho bustle. MOST PERFECT MADE Prepared with strict regard to Purity, Strength, and HnnltlifiilncBB. Dr. Prlco'a linking Powder contains no AmmHnJ»,Iilme.Aluni<tr Phosphates. Dr.Price't Extracts, ViuilUtt, Lornon, etc., Havoc ilelldoualjr. WHIPPLB& SMILEY, INSURANCE, REAL ESTATE, & LOAN AGENTS, KEBItKSKNTINU TJTE FOLLOWiNe First-Class Ins. Co.'s: IHK. Go. of North America; Hartford, Phoenix, Franklin, of Philadelphia; German American; Korth British and Mercantile, London; Com. Union; : London; Lancashire, Manchester, Eng.'. Continental; Girard; Glens Falls, Amercan Central; Firemen's Fond, Western Assurance Co. AND OTHERS: A OA8U OAPITAJ • •' 'IN TBffl AGGREGATE OF $20,000,000. WB AbSO RKPKKBKNT TUB Mutual Benefit Life, of Newark, N. J., and Traveler's Life and Accident Ins. Co..Hartf ord. Office: Over AJton Nat. iBank, Cor. Third and State ate. Fine Re«lil«nc« for Sale. The. late R. DoBow homestead, now owned by SI. B. Underxond, situated on llnu of liorao railway, In Upper Alto.i; llj rooms, uaih room, (urnuco, and (rood out bulldlnus, two acres ol ground, will be sold at a bar- sain. Possession given on cuimletlon of sale- WillPPLE A SB11LKV. For Rent. • Two-story houso and good stable ou Common -treet. oood Jrtiit. WUIPPLE A 8MILBY. Humors, Erysipelas, •.si . v 11 Canker, and Catarrh, Can be cured by purifying the blood with .. a, Tenn. ' ''For "forty years I wve,« Buffered with Sryalpelas t ^ nod various remedies or my complaint, bnt : pumtt 110, relief until! ••"ceinmehcod uslnai e' ° einlt ." 8 I,»rers«. — B- Halncfc.' North Ayer'a i in ewdlcato disease. , for , from Catarrh, which wa«. BO, 8overffl : that it destroyed my ppetito and weak- > other , without re. 1 "beijan to take iVjrer's Sargaparllla, na, in a few months. , j it., Boston, Mass. Ayer's Sarsapnrlll* ' superior to any lood purifier that I ver, tried. I hav« taken it'for Scrofula, o»k«r,,and Salt- neum, and received noh benefit? from It t<Uf good,.aUo, for ,,^eak stomach.— IHle'Jane Pelrce, 8. 3radford,.Ma«a. For Hale. . .,,,. t3 wlth K° 0(1 brlok dwelllnt; and outbuilding,. In i«^d repair, In Uopor Alton. Itaaldunoeot (). E. Oollliis, and tn.iwn as tbe Merrill property. mm'l'LK & SUILBY. Alton, or b. W. collet, Uppsr Alton. WHY is a watch-dog; larger at rigl t than he is in tbe morning P Because he is let out at ni»ht and taken in in the morning.— Kxat Siftinys. ,-, Piles Con be Cured. WESTKIELD, N. Y., May 18, 1885.— For thirty.two years I suffered from Dilcs, both internal and external, with all their attendant agonies and like mant other suffered from hemorrhoids. All those thirty-two years I had to cramp myself to pny doctors and druggists for stuff that was doing me little or no good. Finally I was.u,rged by one who had had the name complaint, but had been cured by Brandreth's Pills, to try his cure. I did so, and began to improve, and for the past two years I have had no inconvenience from that terrible ailment.—Richard Bennett. THE rumor is revived that Spanker Carlisle will move to Kansas and go put of politics. If he does the former, he will certainly do tbe latter unless he turna his coat. Take Ayer's Sarsaparilla, in (he spring of the year to j.urify the blood, invigorate the system, rxoite the liver to action, and restore healthy tone and vigor to the whole physicial mechanism. Remember that quality, not quantity, constitutes the value of medicine. tor Kent. *"ni'".V\, 0 ""' r br)ck dwelling known as the A. Platt homestead. Lately put in BO o<l re- P"'r. WHlA'LE A SMIJJET. For bale or nent. Ayer's Sarsaparilla, Pr*p«rod by Dr. J, 0. Ayer & Co., Lo^ull, tbu- Prtco »li, a* bottle*, SS< bV WHITTLE ABMILEY. For e>ni» f te rosldenoos of J. i. and W. H. ««w« 11> on MU1 J51- 1™ 0 9 f tt: " "*"* Pieces oJ residence propertr In Altom Tne property ^xJTS 118 ^ 110 ^*' eastof above; 'If lots ^^"M?,? "HPffi" stroots, an a a number of ptt In Miller* Mitchell's addition to Alton. &nv or all o( above at a great bargain. __ _ _ WTUPPLE a SMILEY. Jfor naiB. Mim, Miller & Mlohell's add., to Alton, 1« story house, 8 rooms and out-bulldlu({s: allln r>er feotordor. Can be had at a bargalnT _ _ _ WUIPPLK a 8MILBY. For K»le. COrn ° r WHIPPLE48M1LK,V , . M^VILKINSON. Iy7 <1tf *W» paper l> kept *n Ole iu Ike emee »f "YER^SON DVERTISING AGENTS ijIBiQ gBtttf PHIUDELrHUL sows mm T«a riown«. Tea gown» aro inoni ix;pular than ever and ooii8l ituUi a very eoinfoi-taMo and becoming dr«w for liuli.« of nil agw to w«ir at nomo. Thaw gowns arc made of any tort of material from pretty Pi-oncli loularda to volvot and piuuli in dttluly aiudt* A scr- vlccaUo go^vji in ono ma<l.> of caHimara aiul trimmed with lacoaml ribbons. KikNlilini Notm. Tho round brooch Is a popular pin. Oiuizo rll.lx.uis aixi Included auioug nowlm. portatlonii, • In Kilv«rw ( ir« Qmioo Amja Btyl«» prevail-to a Uu-gti oitcnU - • Ladle* nru w^u-ing uMijjertring* In greater nmnbo!* Uum U.KUM |» ,;| ong tlm«, ^^^^ In drew fahrloj the prafurenco for strlpeii ft|i|K)ai'8 u, l», more tliau aver marked art) d«- Hood, on J»ck«U) will be much In vogu., tht The popular blood purifier, Hood's Sarsaparilla, is htivmsj a ireinendnus sale this season. Nearly everybody tikes it. Try It jotirsolf. 6 UNDER the interstate commerce law the Missouri River will be the western boundary for trunk line bu B iness. BH- sing through rates from there will tend to cut down Chicago's supremacy. THE critics who believe that patrio'. icm is dying out among the young nto- plu of America will please lake notice that the telegraph messenger boys at Boston have struck because Kiev weie refused a holi.luy on St. Patrick's day persona Iu «<lvuiwod utoites of {lie <Ufo«se. I'rlco MctTT Can. Moa. Ulio Pennine Dr. RuWt \fatiah Simp la sold only In trlule wrafjirm, nncl bnu our rf(ri»l(T|.(l''frailb.lilt>rkn ti tt°t. , > Oulft Ufa ,1 In a Ctrcltla i> ____ _ Ucslrabio Besldenoes for Sale. A two story brick dwelling on staw street known as A*. Platt bumestead, lately 5Sj In good repair. A two story trame dwelllna • Patents Free Trade. The reduction of internal roventioand the inking off nf revenue stamps from proprietary mndiclneR, no doubt, has Ittreely beutfltied theooDtumers.aswoll as relieving tho burden of home manu. •faoiurers. Especially is this ibo cust with Green's August Flower ami BOB- oboo'ii Unrman Syrup, as tho reduction of thirty-six cenU por dozen, has been uddud to mcroaso tho Blzn of the ibottlos oonttilmng these remedies, ihurebv giving one-fifth more medicine in the 75 cent size. The August Flower for Dyspepsia and Liver complaint and tho 0erm , Hn Synip ,for oough and lung troubles, have, perhaps, iho largest sale of any medicines in the world. The udvuntage of inorbased aize of the bot. t eg wll bo grentiy, appreolatod by the flok at.d umiutod, in every town and village in oivilizud countrios. Sample bottles for 10 cents' remain ihe same " Jft 3 dwlw oow — —™. -••*!*• VTUlutJllbtt U — drawings and eneolfl r'^r.r."! 1 ;".," 11 *^ 8 applications for Patent! '. coua-Utatlon, In pernon or bv lottn f" ( " Ll'CAS PFE1FKENBEKGEB, . AU/>n. Til. J. HOFFMAN ^SoUT, DKALEltS IN Stoves and Haidware, HARD & SOFT COAL BASE BURNERS! And otherflr«t olais heating stoves for wood or oual. __ ror Hale. Tne woodroof property. A 8 > story frame house of 8 rooms, on iTtftn and Altnn atmAtti a 4 room frame house on Fifth strKu". ' WHIM' LK & SMILEY. *or Sale. ~ )f ISO acres, most all to en tbo Bothalto road, For Sale or Rent. welling with 9 rooms, ttlG JVlOJlOiB tlOIDOfitOHCL bitUfttfld i tn a detlraole DoiKbbothood. WHIPfLB&SMlLKV. For Sale. «« Jcy°? m llH3k dwolUng and out bulldlnag on Thud utrcct, botweon Obarry and Vine. — Wllll'PLfcA 8M BY. Good 9- trot Kent. WUll-fU!l&8MILEY. Outside Worn u specialty: Roof lug, Guttering, etc. Undertaker's Supplies ALWAYS ON HANI). OOB. SKOOMI) AMD AlAt BT8. T . , For Item. Late rooldpuco ol M. J. Noonan'on State ~ m'l H"?Y' n "* f" e A - ' 1|att Place" Good 8 »-oom briok lioum. In first cluai Tenalr. _ W HIPI'LK A BMILBY. For Kent. • ' A two story briok dwelling known nathe A. 1'hitt home»t«adi Uteh put in «ood mialr - __ WIIII'PLK & SMli.KY ' .'.T^^T ' '' ''••^ "*•• *•» *^ ' We .do not! manufacture i. ar d, CandleB.i Butterlne,! or any kindred truck) we do not'first-squeeze tho fat and oil out of our stock, and than convert th» refuse Into a> worthless soap. We are not near stock yards or slaughter houses, buy no diseased or dead anlmalo or.r«f use material, WLVEU SOAP.Io made of FDBB TAt- low, by a clean process, and can bo uaed-freolywlthout danger of having the skin diseased or poUoned. ASK TOUR OKOCEB FOB IT. EMPIBE SOAP CO, ST., LOU I A. MO. x BOO BAGS HIGGJLNS' EUREKA ;:FINE SALT. FOR Dairy and tTablo Use, lnJ14 Ib. linen sacks and 56 Ib. sacks, for sale by J. A ASSIGNEE'S NOTICE. Ketate o( Hormiin Kc'Rdln ann, dohtori T!io undoruiuned heitV glvus notice that HerniHii Itej^riiiaiin, t.I ,MU)ii, In-lliuTou t v Hi I ""« m"C, a A 1 " 1 , 1 ? "/J," 1 " 0 ' 11 - '""«" "n t'K ijiiiiiuyoi Fob., A. 0, 1887. trunvfnr tn ih« IIIK ornUneU, a. m*lwlv,M hi!' prone tv i«al uml peiWHiHl, lor tlio b-nefltonus ore!' en jiri.»«ut sueR olalma under "lalfi. or '"« " Uatod l r ob 16tU, U187. Wanted- od,, win iti.d udiolnliiKcountlim. Will nay io?id Salary ai.a AM. KXI-KKSBS. Wrlto /or^orrn* flirt »tato sulurv wuntuil. • BLOAM «., JAUUBTT'8 LIVERY STABLE' ' NT 'STREET, J BETWEEN ALBYANOKASTON, Lucas Pfeittenbergei' ARCHITECT, GENERAL SUPERINTENDENT AND MECIUNICAL DAAUGHTBMAN, Office ou Third At^ione door w ei( of i Plaaa,'. third >Hoor. ., M idwittting «ptc« whim In Chictgo, y.lil I' 46 t*<M

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