Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on March 18, 1887 · Page 3
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 3

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, March 18, 1887
Page 3
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f. quality of; ttoirting Prints pretty new styles are 60, >t H. fiovmiaa A Co'*, #> new pattern*, »t H. J. B»wman * Go's. WE are showing gome very pretty style*, medium and d«rk dress satin at 12 l>2o per yard.—H. J. Bowman 4 Co. ALTON • FfilDAJ MAKfrH SPRING styles of those very popular Century Cloths are now on sale at H J. Bowman & Co's. FORTY pieces Crinkled Seorsnokers in choicest patterns, at H. J. Bowman & Co's. PALMKB. Seersuckers, Toll! Du Nords Dress and DuaioHtic Ginghams in great variety, at 11, J. Bowman & Co's. WE are showing a ooniplote^stook.ol Spring Woolens for dross goods,Inolud ing double width Cable Twll Is at 16u;40 .mob cashmere at 26ej also Novell} Fabrics of hoth foreign and domestic .make.—H. J. bowman & Co. INCUR Silk Department we are show Ing Surahs, GroH Grains and Khadamet- in every new and popular shade. In Blaok Silks we are offering some •plendid values in Gros Grains, Surahs, Rhadames, Faille Franeaiso and Brocades.—U. J. Bowman & Co. In VBLVKTi we are prepared to show Stripes and Freize Novelties, Plain SHb Velvets and flushes in every shade. Plain and Striped Velveteens, and new colors in the popular Dress Corduroys. ~H. J. Bowman & Co. WE CALL special attention to our Blaok Goods. Large additions have been made to this Department; during the la»t two weeks and we are prepared to show every real good standard fabric and many novelties.—U. J. Bowman & Co. IK OCB flannel Department can be found every quality and width of White Flannel in all Wool and Domet, also many pretty styles, Striped Sacque- ings, Tricots and Albatross, in all the popular shades.—H. J. Bowman & Co. WK ARC prepared to show a complete line of Spring Hosiery. We have retained all tbe old favorites and added . many new lines. In Fabric and Kid Gloves we show all the popular makes including plain and embroidered backs, dressed and undressed.—H. J. Bowman & Co. IN OUR Shirt Department you can find a real good white shirt for 50o and tbe best made for $1.00, also Penang shirts, fine pleated Dress shiris, Night shirts and all sizes in Boys' Laurel Shirt Waists.—II. J. Bowman & Co. GO ITAT TkVKrO Second utreot.near HO HU itl/JCtlX Ot corner 01 Henry -FOR— TINE STATIONERY, Bnuh an Ornne'd Floral, Whiting's Standard ttiperii, Hurlbut'a Freno'i Linens, Kollpar UtMKt-d Edite, Kllte Kauged KIIKO, Balmoral Linen, Urilll.i'a Linen. Turkey Laid Linen, tVrtCli Blow, Uikado, Otiurred Kd«e, Ureatn Laid. UouruInK Note, and a larae assortment ol Illuminated and Decorated stationery. Denmsmi'd Wax and Seals. School Tablets end Stationery. ; . dec6dwly PIANOS, ORGANS and SEWING MACHINES! C.lKAP FOIt CASH ON TIMB I'AYMSNT* fauna and Organ* tuned and repaired Stw Ink Machines repaired BunolleH tor nil Mu- o.iTiios. N. II'LAMORKUX, Aiuulu l>e<lor. Third utreet, nearly opiioulu- Belle, Alton 111. dec«dwly WATCH • OB TBK BARGtlNS IV JOII'S NKW COB. RDILDIftO, RKNKY »T., AT ~ M«». D. UKITKAMf '8, JLU binds of Fancy, Hand made, Knit andOro- oji tgooua. Iloodu.TobagKi'na and Mils, Men'» Bcar'S and Fascinators at very low prices. Also Dregamulctng. Plain and Family Sewing and atumpluK D i no. Come and give uo a • call. Don't lorget the p'ooe. decHdwlv -CALL ATC-M. Crandall's Crockery Store FOU THE LOWEST I'ltrCES; Good Cups and Saucers, 30c per set. Good 8-incb Plates, 30c per set. Meat Dishes, 5c to 60c each. Vegetable Dishes, 5c to 50c each. Pitchers, 5c to 50c each. Half-pint Table Tumblers, 15c per set. Crystal Glass Goblets, 20c per set. Fruit Siiuccrs, 15c per set. Fruit Dislies, 5c to 75c each. Assorted Color Cologne Sets, 60c pur set. Vast's, 5c to$l each. Best quality of Triple-plated Knives, 1.50 nor set. Triple Plated Forks, $1.50 per set T. L. FOULDS & CO., 8UOOBHHOKS TO A. II. MOIUNNISY A CO.. \ Highest Mdrket Price ] Paid for Corn and Pickle?. I H STILL, SLOP FOIt BALM. XOT1CE tot tbe year 18$ '«• than ctiatg* the fil. Joirttif MM* I oftrtaMtirt botMea ta our toool , Six to twelve tutenloni, Tai»»iw«t.-/'/Jrr crnrt ( ,«r Inch flrot In- •flrtlon, and TWKSTT-fiyK oenM p«r Inoli fur each iub». queut Init-rtlon. 13 per Invb flr»t month, »1.M per Inoli eaob month thereafier LKOAI, ADVKHTI8IXO: ft per InoU (or the first Intenton, and so cuuts per Inch (or euoh lubioqonnl Inaertlon. t^T Atxivu rutos will be «ti lotjy udhwred to. THE DAILY TELEGRAPH la deUvered by cHrrlera to all p«rts o( thu city ol Alton and Upper Alton, (or ton cent, per weott. Mailed to any addretiB at the ruUi o( V> 80 per year. TJUK TKLEOKAl'II baa thu largert circulation or any paper in Alton, and la tho belt medium (or advertise™. ')<>RNItU THIUU AMD rUSA ITBEUTS. TEtB- PUOKI .SO. 88. Shawls la orery variety, at Pierson & Carr Dry Gooda Uo'i). It Mm. lllce Jarloy'u wax work* will appear at tbe C. P. church this even- All manner of New Novelties are daily arriving, at the Globe. 17 3 A complete line uf Spring and Summer Goods for Gent's Wear, lately re- eeirad by H. C. (i. Morltz, Third street. ' mcblT if TUB Young Woman's Christian Temperance Union will nieut at 2 u'olock p. in. tomorrow, instead of 3 at- heretofore, at the W. C. T. U. rooms ou Second street. Children's Shoes, durable and cheap, at Mornsscy Bros'. It A universal remark by every smokei of cigars: Nemiu^erV Fig and Magno- ia are the best clears in tbe market Money to loan on improved furm property. For particulars, apply to WH1PPLE & SMILEY. IT begins to look as if the Legislature iad become hopelessly mixed up OL he Revenue qnesuon. It hai alreadv iilltd the beat feuturus of tbe bill prepared by the Revenue commission. Try Connor's fresh canned Asparagus dlt Money to loan on improved real estate. Apply to Rudcrehausen & Sonntag. Third street. dlf MESSRS. Cox and Wedig, Republican members of the Legislature, voted for bo Democratic amendment to the prohibition submission resolution which tilled tbe measure for this session. Messrs. Cox and Wedig have evidently orgotten what party sent them to Springfield. We are opening new Spring Goods, 'all and see new styles in one fuot wear —Mornssey Bros. it JUST received, a choice assortment >t Spring (roods.—Winter's Millinery, Belle street, between Third and Fourth. 14 6 IMPKOYEMENT.-)—Mr. J. A. Ryrie is uilding a two story addition to bis esidence on Seventh, between Henrj and Langdon streets. Mr. F. Volbracht is adding anothei lory to his residence, corner of Third ind Spring streets. Mr. J. M. Tonsor intends to soon irect a dwelling house on property re- ienily acquired on Third, betweeu Henry and Ridge streets. Wraps and Jackets, the very latest, at Pierson & Carr Dry Goods Co's. li Our stock in all lines, 19 now complete and prices properly adjusted, at he Globe. 17 2 PLEASANT PAUTY—Mi«s Louisa Ger- lardt, organist of the Evangelical iunday school, entertained the teachers nd oiliuers of 'he school in a mo.-t .greeable manner yesterday afternoon nd evening at her home on Seventh, otween Henry and Liberty streets, he hours passed delightfully with ocial games, amuse uents and recroa. oils. A luxurious supper was served nd suoh hospitality was manifested hat all present will ever have pleasing emetubranoes of Iho Irippy occasion. Removal.—Dr. Soliucsuler has removed his oftloa to the Insurance butld- ig, coiner of Second and Alby streets, 'elophone 100. . 16 0 Tim Crafts amendment to the submission rcbolutlun in the lower Hon<i< f the Legislature ought not to buvi' een entiirlalned by the Speaker. It was not germane to the resolution. The [imtulon of damages is a purely jinlicnil mo, while the function of the House is nttrely legislative. Besides, the f)uov lou of damages to the property of liquor dealers would not arise unless ike roposcri amendment WHS adopted by u lopular vote, nnd no one In the Logis- mure had any bujlnens to assume to ay how the people would decide the mailer. > Air. Jumps Bui kit'ty ot ,N«wbern, •viMtlnp rela.tivo8|here. •*• • ••»'.< Dr. J, II. FieRertbannl made a flying vlelt to Kdwardrrtlle y««erday. Mrs. Mary Ql«un r of Godfrey, favors M with a copy of the Franklin fojww- tcfy of Chambenbm'g, Pa. Mr. Wro. Gill, ot Newbern, called at this office today. Ho reports good roads and floe wheat prospects. Mrs. W. W. Davis, of Litchueld, accompanied by her daughter, Miss Nannie, ID visiting her ion, Mr. W. W. Davis. Mr. JSmilo Trenchery waa out this morning for tbo first time after his recent illness. He signalized his convalescence by a trip to Carr's lake where hn killed 10 snipe. Mr. H. 6. M'Pike has Just returned from the semi-annual meeting of North Western Mutual Insurance Association at IndHnapolis Mr. M'Pike is Presi. dent of this axsoolaUon which emb-'aoes 20 mutual insurance companies. For best goods and lowest prices go to Morrissey Bros. It Just Received—Those much sought for and perfect fatting Boys' and Child* ren's Suits, at the clothing store of Joesting & Sashtleben. 1112 ALTON. During tbe winter our daily route at North Alton was suspended, owing to tbe dUtance to be traveled in delivering, arid tbe difficulty of obtaining a com* petent, reliable carrier. • We have engaged a new carrier for North Alton and propose resuming the delivery of the Daily TELEGRAPH in that village. Velvets in newest designs for trimming, at Pierson * Carr Dry Goods Co's. it Kavlng resumed operation the Sparks Milling Co. will fnrnish customers with their popular "Electric Light" flour at $4 76 per barrel, delivered free to all parts of tbe city. nil dwlm BIVHK NEWS. The river rose about 6 inches last uigbt. A heavy rise ia coming down the Missouri. Sieatnboatmen think that the present rise will act favorably in diminishing the flood of water that will pour from the north in June. The St. Louis and St. Paul Packet company will start three boats to the Upper Mississippi about the 1st of April. Special Excursion—The Hudson will make a special excursion to St. Louis Sunday,. leaving Alton at 8 o'clock a. m. leaving St. Louis on the return at, 3 p. m. Fare for the round trip, 60 cents. 18 2 Ladies' Fine Shoes, In tylos, at Morrissey Bros 1 . all desirable It Just received a full line of New Carpets. Prices reasonable. —A. J. Howell, Belle street. _ 14 6 »T. PATRICK'S DAI. Tbe natal day of Ireland's patron Saint was celebrated yesterday by Maes at tbe Cathedral, at an early hour. This was followed by the Solemn High Mass at St. Patrick's church at 10:bO, celebrated by Vicar General Jannsen, assisted by Rev. Put her Howard as •leaoon, Rev. Father Goufch, of Belleville, as sub-deacon, and Rev. Father Zweissier, master of cermonies. The Cervices were attended by a large congregation. In the evening an entertainment wan given at City Hall before a goodaudiencii. Xlisseh Lucy Biggins and Mollie Alihoff opened tbe programme by a finished rendition of a beautiful piano dnet. The son^, "Come: back to Erin, Mavourneen," was rendered in a superb manner, an a solo, by Miss Lizzie Biggins. The Dudley Buck (junrtette, Messrs. L. Betz, B. H. Wortmann, Ernst Sohweppo, W . L. Tarbet, rendered a March Song, Buck, in the excellent style characteristic of the fine musicians composing the club. In response to an enthusiastic encore, a "Waltz Song" also by Buck, was given. Legende, Wienwwskij,\via,H exouted as a violin solo in a masterly manner by Prof. Wortmann, with a masnin'oeui piano acoompnniont by Prof. Zeisborp, of WymiiQ Institute. Hon. Ptttnck Ward delivered a lecture on the topic, "Ireland will be free," Including a brief account of St. Patrick. Mr. Ward's effort was reouivnd throughout wlih approval. A quartette <> Ht»:zi,"£«e&, followed. "The Minstrel Boy 1 ' wan given as a solo by Mr. LouU Bttiz, hit tenor voiee being displayed to tbe be»t advantage in ihU selection. An encore WAS demanded aud another -ong given. Clojod with a quartette "Good Night, "£««*, by tho Dudley Buck Club. Poach trees, Bulbs and Sweds, Connor's. U TUB t'ENTIUI, MlsSOUttf. Director, H.,,H. i'hinnejr, Says nothing new was developed aUbejaeet «>K of tho 1 Dlr'eetora of* the Missouri, yesterday, in St. Louts, road will be btult along the line of the original tunrey, 'from Alton w«»t. The Oitbt Dtmecrat hat tltt'foUoirlnx« A meeting ot the official* of the Central Missouri was held yesterday in the ofhow ot the company in the Hoe building. A contract submitted by eastern parties tor beginning the construction of the road by May.l was considered, and a committee of three, composed of F. «. Hollms, J. D. Perry and Geo. VV. Parker, appointed to act in the matter. Mr. Hollms, the li«cal agent of the company, when questioned by a Qlotx Democrat reporter concerning tho intentions of tbe Central Mis-ourl, said: "As has already been stated, we have simply bven awaiting the fate ot tho Merchants'terminal bill, whose pas> sage will mean that St. LouU has been decided upon as our eastern terminus. The road U on the besi possible financial basis and its projectors ready and willing to go ahead at once. In fact, our Eastern people have been for a long time impatient to begin operations as originally intended, via Alton, and it has only been owing to the importunities of Mayor Franon and Mr. Perry that we have consented to iuoh a long delay. If we chould build oy tbe way of Alton our through traffic would be taken by the Bee Line. I think St. Louis should be alive to the Importance of the terminal question, and do not think that her people can afford to lose a line which would result in so much benefit to her commerce." Indications that appear at the surface almost every day are enonraging to those who hope for the construction of tne Central Missouri road, including the Alton bridge. When it is taken into consideration that eastern railway companies desire and need the shortest, most direct route from east to west tor through freight and passenger traffic; when it u remembered that the distance will be shortened at least 26 miles, not to mention the time add money saved by building a Alton instead of St. Louis, the outlook is cheering. It U estimated that the St. Louis bridge would cost $.1,000,000; and take five years to build, while a bridge can be constructed here for less than one third that amount and in about oce ye&t'rt time. All these considerations count, eren if St. Louis lt> bucking against them. We "Head u in the atars'' that the consummation of the great entei prise is merely a question of time and, although not disposed to be too sanguine, think that the "time" will soon arrive. A good shower of rain would no be unacceptable at thiis time. WE learn that Mrs. Rice-Jarley's beautiful collection of'"wax works" will appear at Upper Alton next week. . MAJOR Frunk Moore is engaged in writing bis reminiscences of the war of the rebellion, which will make quite a large voljimc. Mujor Moore's work will, undoubtedly, be of thrilling interest, as be was a noted cavalry leader and was always foremost iu a fight. Card of Thunks. I desire to return thanks to the I. 0. M. A. for their promptness in paying benefit ou tbe life of my deceased hu.'- band, Mr. F. H. Ullrich, £2,160.26: which includes insurance, $2,000, and dues paid to the lodge, while he was a member. MBS. DOROTHEA ULLRICH. at New goods in all shades and colors, which will 'be made up lu sutU at reasonable prices. All goods cut and made by the Now York Fustlon Review. We guarantee a flue fit, at Bruoggeman, the Tailor's. U> dwlra Fire at Buffalo. A telegram conveys the intelligence that the New Richmond hotel, of Buffalo, N. Y., one of the finest structures of the kind in that city, was destroyed by fire at 2 o'clock this morning. It is reported that SO or 40 persons were killed or injured by tbe conflagration, but later news will probably show that this report is greatly exaggerated. Coal. Buy your Hard and Soft Coal of H. L. Winter and get the best. Office at Moot's Pharmacy, Third street, aud in Job's new block, corner Second and Henry sts. Telephones No's. 21 and 64. aug!4 d7m Tax Notice. All taxpayers of Alton Township are hereby notified that the tux books will be closed on the 24 ih of this month and returned U» Edwardsville on the 26th, and that they will save expense by sot- tling before thai Jatu. V. BRUCH, dtd Township Collector. WHEN Music, heavenly maid, was young, she waiblod iu A fiat.—AT. Y, Jourmti. AMMOCNOEWUNT. We authorised t« announce ADOLPH IN- VKEN UH a candidate lor Aiieosnor ut tbo en- •ulufc township elooflou. Wo are authorized to uimnuuoo JOHN I*. UUUS an a candidate (or Township Collector. KJooilon Tuesday, April ftth. U7 A WTJ?T» LAIHKH TO WORK FOR UB ut Wxlll luftliolf homos J7 to J19 per week PBU be quietly wade. No pliolo painting! no oanvnviilnfc. Knr lull pariloolart u|«HM! oddrcHU, ut onco, OnKrtOhNT AUT IX)., IB Central ft., Ilotton, Maun, ttox 6170. and annwaud at r wn ome D y „,,» wbo was dim/ tweiuv-elglit veitrn. Treat«d by uio« of tiio noted itHicIullxta without bonortt. Cured hluiKil' In f.hreo month*, mid •liioo tliun ImndnidM oloUmrn. Fuji purlin ulmii *0ui ou application. T. 8, J'AOK, So. il Weot ai»t lit., K. Y. 0(17 We PEEL and KNOW we are offering an assortment of DRESS GOODS never equaled by us before. STANDARD GOODS of all kinds, NEWEST STYLES an^ COLOKS in MOST RECENT MAKES. BLACK GOODS CHEAPER and in MORE VARIETY than ever. SINGLE WIDTH GOODS of all kinds FROM TEN CENTS UP. And all at Pierson & Carr D, G, Co, READY-MIXED PAINT, white andlcolors, PAINT GROUND THICK, in white and colors, to be thinned with oil. WHITE LEAD, OILS and COLORS, ALABASTINE, WHITING, and GLUE. Marsh's Drug Store. .1 !_ 'JJ-- 'The Largest and Most'Com- plete Assortment of Hard and Soft Coal and Wood Cook and Heating Stoves, EVEK BROUGHT TO ALTON. The Celebrated Buck's Brilliant Cooking Stove and Hard Coal Base Burner. They have no equal. Also HOOKING and UUTTKIHNG and JOBBING done at reuonrtto rates. Coll aud examine my stock before purctmain/ elsewhere. A T Opicr.QnHcir.HH- 532 East Second st,, /\.u . X-rtJgtJIUIcllU l,5thdoor we8 t O fHenry GOLD and SILVER SHIRTS, ./s M' The best for the Money,

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