Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on March 18, 1887 · Page 2
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 2

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, March 18, 1887
Page 2
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DAILY TELEGRAPH. «T W. T. XOBTOR, CUM MM ft*** Mtwte, Altoa, ni. FRtDAT £VK., MAKCU 18. niul tho Piioo*. oae aiked Mi-s. Lnngtrr recent- IT If »he did rvMf put a piece of Ice down tbe Prince of Wales' back. That tnlt creature .•uirultlj slippv<l her cable ami snllcnl into the Rtibjivtof the weather, leaving her Interlocutor as wise aa before. 1 have been told by very reliable authority that Mrs. Langtry not only put thu lee down the princely back, but Raid aftonv:inl, when told by horriflwl courtiers she'd mined heiTelf, that "she didn't care-" Now, don't care, In ca«-s of royalty, is a dangerous support, and th<; Jersey l.ily totter- e<l off her perch ut thd next Queen's drawlnic-r<H)m. Contrury to the advice of her friends nud woll-wichprs, who knew somo action would be. taken by offended royalty, ^Irs. Langtry wont to kiss her Majesty's band and b*ad the honor withheld from her in tho presence of the court. Tbe Queen culmly folded her arms and the beauty retired from the scene as quickly as dignity and mortification would allow her to do. Tbe Prince recovered from the blow, but the lady has felt the conse- qnenoe* In more "ways than one ever Blnoe. The Queen said at the time nobody should romp with the Priuoe of Wales! and since then "nobody" has. as far as tho world knows.— Boston Herald. 1 ho V roitR Time of Tear. At n recent trial m Colorado, in a Baltimore man sued » rqgidont d the territory for selling him ft wortble t mine, th« judge took tbe o&W from the lawyer* an4 a»kpU / '-» ' "— "rt'henvou fonrid the bole worth* le» whr didn't yon **lt up and caidb a •ucner." , "There was no ahow foi it, tin it was two late In tbe *eaton for tuckers," Verdict for the defendant. The plnlotiff thonld have bongbt earlier in tbesettjon.— Ex. A Mrlkini; Kcsf tnblanrc. "Thai tumi tm-< Iho tfreutoat voice ot anybody on thu floor," said a visitor on in a house gallery, as a member isi down after hit tpoecn. "Just like a ba«o drum." replied the ompamon visitor. "Yes, strong and sonorous." '•Yes, and nothing Inside of it,"— Ex WHILE August Greesbanm and .laj. D. Uallnrd wure rt'lurnme from Kant- last Sunday niuhi, they were aitackad |>V tramps near the residence of Mr.', i'olman and etv«rt'ly injured b; stano- thiown at them. Tbu intention evu <1 ntly waa lo rob ibum.— Jtrtey Co. Democrat. and HI* Generosity. Some time since die wife of a prominent citizen of New York city was trying to instill in the mind of her 6-yeiir- old son what it meant to be generous, thus: "Now, Willie dear, suppc«e mamma should give you a cake and tell you to give port of it to Harry, and when you divided it on* piece waa larger than th« other; if you gave it to him that would be generous, but if you kept it for yourself that would be selfish. I>o you understand?" The little fellow thought he did. The next afternoon, wishing to test the effect of her teaching, she gave Willie a large juicy orange, saving: "Now, Willie, take thi« orange i divide it generously with Harry." When to her surprise the child (who waa passionately fond of orunges) gave it back to her, paying, with a roguish • twinkle in his Uniny blue eye: "Here, iimmma! won't "yon please give it to Harry and tell him to divide it generously with nw."— The Judge. Louis Napoleon's Appointments. Even the French Republicans are admitting that the lad Kiii(R-ror Napoleon was not so black as he was painted —at all events, not in some particulars. It Is allowed that in the distribution of much of his patronage he rarely troul>- led himself about thu politics of the candidato.s whoso names were submitted to him. Between 1849 anil 1870 it is calculated that at least eighteen out of every twenty appointments to offices of iraportiinre wt-tv given by him to men of Legitimist. Oripiiiiift, or Republican views. Apropos of this lilx-nility of tho Emperor, the Km press Eugenie Whether tbe Pension bill vetoed by Mr. Cleveland w»«, or was not, a wise aud salutary measure need not be considered here. In any event there is no excuse for lb« unstinted abuse of Union veterans indulged in by Democratic j mrnals.— Ex. The Philadelphia Republican Repre> sentatlvvs in the Pennsylvania Legislature bave reconsidered their recent action regarding the Philadelphia apportionment, and unammnu'ly decided to give Mr. Randall bliold district. Ted said to his mother, the other day, ".Mamma, I u'lievn I'll be a President when I grow up; I'll not bave anything to do but eit In a big cushioned chair and veto' 1 MR. AND Mrs. PRUDKN of Pittsburgh after having been divorced, remarried tor the Fafce of the cbi dren. Thi-. showed more Prudena I ban in generally exhibited be divorced people. They are trying u colored mugwump It IWD at Indianttpolis for forgery. Ao >ut what might be expected of n colored mugwump. —Chicago Journal. ST. Louis is trying to get up a real •vale boom, but the old lowu is too f»r from Kin.ian Ciiy to work ihut dodge.— flhicaqo Journal. WASHINGTON, Mnnli 18—Thu Civil Servicw Cemuii«»ioiiei8 ha\u been wm-h ng quietly for some time on »n wtestfgatlbn of the appolntmenti in the cl*|»ifled »er\-ice of the, depart* meat lince, the civil service Ue'civil tervloe Uw went Into effect. Tbe reiult.qf their labors bat been the dlwofery ot & large number of casds where the law hat been evaded, or openly violated, and a list of the names of employes with doubtful titles to their present positions has been prepared arid submitted to the president. After several interviews with the Commissioners on this subject, tbe President has counseled a demand upon those members of his Cabinet under whom suspicious appointments have been made for a statement of the manner in which these parties have obtained their present places, and upon their failure to give a satisfactory account to the Commissioners, he suggests that they direct the suspension of all pay accounts involved until the forms of law have been complied with. The developments promise to make a lively time for all conccmed, and may lead to the removal of some subordinates and the censure of high officials who have suffered tbe alleged abuses to proceed unchecked. The list of questionable appointment* and promotions is said to be of considerable length. atttAi that mak butt prottntm ion 'The extraordinary popularity of Ajers Cberry Teetotal is the Daturii] rosult ot its nso by all classes of people for over forty years. It. has proven '(self itia very best specific for colds, coughs and pnlmonary complaints. tiwliv .mule an quototl remark, or, )0 ii. In orde, -------------- VITIATED BLOOD Scrofulous, Inherited and Contagious Humors Cured by Cuticura. '"pIIROUGH tho medium of one of your JL books recelvt-d throuch Mr Frank T. Wray.DruKj-lst, Apollo, I'M,, 1 became acquainted With \OUrCUTlCOKA KEMEDlBS.Bud iak« this opportunity to testily to you that tuuirut? has puimanfully cured n:e of oneol th- wora cases ot blood poisonluu, lu con- nectlOH with ery^lpnla-, that I have ever seen, and this aftc-r having been pronounced Incurable by couip;ot the best physicians in our county. 1 take icreat pleaauiu In forwarding to YOU this testimonial, unso.idled as It U bv would cull it, a mot. "Boniipartist!" fhi; tmce e.voliiiuK.-d in tho privacy of :i ciivle of Court inti- ttiiiUw; "\vu are nut Bonapnrtist at this Court, you know. As to the Kinpt-ror. he is » J5<x'i:tlist; as to me — well. 1 am H LogitiuiHt, and M. Uouher, then.-, caunot d.-ny tlt.-if In- is an Orli'imUt. Yos." .iltc :\il(l-Hl, lifter a mumi'iu's pause, ••P.'i-si^ny is tin- <nily n-al Bona- partisl I know at ilu> 'r«ileru>s." TlH) I'owcr oFCocnliio. Dr. Lponatxl Conim?. r.f this citv, well known a-s a writi't- on UPITOUS diseases, nx-oiitly ronil bnfori; tin.' State Mcdioal Hix'ioty. in session :it Allninv, an IntortMtino; JIH|HM - on the euro of neuralgia by tliu use of cocaine. The iuntlio<t dt-vise<t Ijy Pi-.Ccniiintrfoi'in ducing tho ri'iiK'tiy into tho akin about tho attlict<sl nerves, and retaining it thorn, is Ingenious. A minilx-r of fine uwdles are projivtod into the skin by muana of a delicate iustriinient pw- vidod whh a spring. This piDcodure Is absolutoly puinloss, owing to the fineness of the nryitli s and the excooxl- ingly rapid action of tho spring, which, being reU-iisfid luisianlaneoii-lv. |iroix'ls the former through the outv'r layer of tho skin. Over the perforated |xiftion of the «kin a sponge saturated with a solution of eoc:;ine i> phuod. This sponge is connected with the positive pole of H galvanic Imttery. The eloc- tric cireuil in then closed', a procedure which causes Uie eoeitinu to enter the part, so that in al^ut ton minutes the skin is Maturated and quite insensitive. Over the medicated portion of tho skin a pieoe of wire gauze is now placed and secured in position liy means of an elastic band, which, on Itcinp tightened »utlleiently. exerts a uniform ptvastire upon the gjiu/o. Tin- effect of this procedure, is to enus,i closure of tho capillaries beneath the medicated skin, and as a result the blood, Ix-ing thus denied atxH-ss to Uiepait, can not wash out tho remtxly »ud diittribntc it throughout the general circulation. ITiuu tJio notion of tho reuxxly upon tho uervM of Ui« skin may be'indefi- nJtoly prolonged— Xctv 1'ci-t Maul ami ' may I Bcnconragtd to K!TO vourCOTlcu KA KEMKDIU8 a irial? 1'. S. ttllirU.S'GEK, Letcbbunt, Ha. IUfcrenco: KRAXK T, WRAV, Oru^sjlst, Apollo, Pa. IOO Doses Out Dollar. Hood's SirsapariUa Is the only medicine of which this can bo truly said; and It Is on unanswerable argument as to tbe strength and positive economy ot this great medicine. Hood's S:u-sapariUa is made ot roots, herbs, barks, etc 'OHJ and tavorably known tor their power u purllying the blood; and In combination, proportion, and process, Hood's Sarsaparllla Is peculiar to ittelf. "For economy and comfort we use Hood's Sarsaparllla." MBS. C. BiurwsTEn, Buffalo. "Hood's SarsapariUa takes I«s Umt and gvantUy to show its effect than any other preparation I crer heard of. I would not be without It In tbe house." Mita. C. A. M. HUBEAUD, North Chili, N. Y. 100 Data One Dollar Hood's Sarsaparllla cores scrofula, lilt rheum, all humors, bolls, pimples, general debility, dyspepsia, biliousness, sick headache, catarrh, rheumatism, kidney and liver complaints, and all aCcctions caused by Impure blood or low condition of the system. Try It. "I was severely afflicted with scrofula, and for over a year bad two running sores on my neck. I took five bottles of Hood's Sarsapa- rllla, and consider myself entirely cured." C. E. LOVTJOT, Lowell, Mass. "Hood's Sarsaparllla did me an Immense amount of good. My whole system has been built up and strengthened, my digestion improved, and my head relieved of tho bad feeling. I consider It tbe best medicine I have ever used, and should not know how to do without It." ILuiv L. PEELE, Salem, Mass. Hood's SarsapariUa Sold by all druggists, tl; six for $5. oury by C. I. HOOD & CO., Lowell, Mass IOO Doses One Dollar. THE BEST TONIC ? tbo iUunctes, Htrndlea the Net-red, rnrlehe* tbe fllood. U ITPI Now Vlior, Da. J. L. MTM», Fairtield, ton*, un: - Bnnrn'a Iron Bitten li the bent Iran medicine 1 DAT* known hi my W r&irV practice. I haw found II ipftclauy beneficial In nerroun t.r physical eihauitlon, and in all debilitating aihnont* that bear noh»TU> cnlbe«T»t«m. UM It freely in my own family " MB. W. V. BBOWK, an Main St. Ocrrinifn, Ky a Kit: "I wu completely broken down in health and tnnbled with palna In my back. Brown'i Iron Bitten entirely restored mo to Health." Genuine hu abow Trade Mark indoromd redlla on wrapper. Tithe no other. Made only by BUOW.N CHEMICAL CO., UALTIHOIIE, UO. KASKINE (THE NEW QtTIJJJIf K) . No bad effect No headache No nausea. HO ringing ears C nre * quickly Pleasant,!:' TOWS SHIP HON. A POW1-.RKUL. TONIC. thkt tliu most delicate stomach will boar. A SPtCIKiC FOR MALAiUA, HUEUMATlshl, NEKVOL'S PUOSTKATION, and all tini m Dloeases FOE coi.ns KA^KINB HAS LSKEN rocxn •rxiDK ALMOST A fcl'EtlflO toup«ilor to Quinine. BrllwuellospUb],X T.: "Universally sue- OCKDlul." ("E^ren- patent trented St. Francis Ucw-X. T. ] with Ktulcme \IK- been ( utsclltirKi'd cur«{l. Kov. Jas. L. Hnll.l'liiipluiii Albany IVnlten- ilary, wHi, B thut Kii-kino hii 9 i-.invl hla wiln olter twenty Murs mtfertiiK Irom iiftUilu Biici ni-ivoua dyupepala. Write him lor par- tlrulHrs. St.Joseph'? nospltnl, X. T.: "It's n»e I- rlecily.' ' th /rite . "Kiwklna ln-nperfor ni quinine In "is «Dec.fli [i-.wer, and never prixlui-ea tlie slightest in juiy to tlie lii-iirlnK <ir conotliutlon. Tllou.-Hiids ucKin Ihuu^HiiUs write chat Kas- klnu huscuitd thi in alter nil oilier infill cines hud fai:e<l. Wriw lor book ol testl- immlaN. Kaaklneran be taken without iny special luedical ndvlca. $1.00 per boitle. Sold liy or i-ent by inull on receipt uf price. KASKINE CO., 51 Warreu at., New York ludwlm 51.juaepn-f Hospital, M. T.: "It's «•< ooii-ldervd Inillnu-usii le It act*perlect l*ro.. W. F. Itiilcoinbe, JI.D., 41 EuMJith N.Y. (Into Prol. la N. Y, »leil. Uolce)?e) wrtl n t-".. .1-1 I . . j - . > • . ** ' SCKOFCLOUS ULCERS. JsrnoaE. Uleha.uson, Custom Houw, New Oilcans, on oath eays: -In 1670 Scrofulouf Ulcers broku out on my body until 1 win a mass of corruption. Everything known to the medical laculty was tried in vain. 1 bo CBIUH a mere wreck. At times could not lift my hands to my head, could not turn in bed ; WHJ» in const ant pain, and looked upon life a<, a curse. No icliulor cure In ton years. In ISSO i heard uf the cutlcura Htmtuiej,, u»ea thyui, «nd was perlectly oured." Sworn to Uelore U. s. Uom. J. D. Crawford. ONE OF THE WORST CASKS. We have been st-lling your Cuticura Remedies for years, and have the flrst complaint yet to receive from a purchaser. One of the worst cases of scrofula I ever saw was cure' 1 by tbe use of tlve bottles ot Cutloara Kuwiv- int, Cuticura and l.'utlci'ra Soar. Mile boap takes the "cake" here a. a medicinal «oap. TAVLOK < TAVLOB, DrujfirUts, Fraukfort, Kan. SCROFULOUS, INHEBITED. And Oontaiflou» Huiiion, with loss of hair anu Eruptions ol tha Skin, are positively cured by Uutleura and Outioura Soap enter- MHily. when all other modlcluea fafi. for pamphlet. Send DB0GUHT3 UoE THEM. We have obtained satisfactory reraltafrom thence of tneUutiuura Komedlrs In our own lamlly, an>l recommend them bmond any oti.orteinudlw (nrdls*t.ns ol thu skin and blood. Tho dbiuand for ihi'tn gr wn as theii uierita beoonjo kuuwn. JlcMiLLAN * CO.. UniKKlsts, Lairotn.', I'a. CCTICCKA 11EVIEDIES are sold evurjwiiaie. fik-e: Cuticura the limit skin Cur,-, >i ct-.; Cuticura b.-ap, mi hxriulslti'UmutlllBr, Kicts. ; CutlcurH Kesolv- cnt, the Ni-w Ulood I'urlner,}!. 1'ottor Drui! and Chcuilcul Co., l)o< on. P I M PLES ' "laokheart*. Skin Oleroishes *- JLi.T.1. anu llKby Humors, u»u Cuticuia soap. A Coast County s.ik>ouktH'jx>r murks dowp Hi.' "(HIV" drinks ou * sluv-t of paptw with a t}fiTiii"<'r curtrMjjo in lieu of a pencil. Uo uUli. tU« boys that be will uw hj« UtokUvsptiur opiNiratui lo another wiy U tboy fail to pay up oo- cwoually. The Doer Crook JHi*-8au> and Broad- Ax* in thiS name of au Ohio papor. Choking Catarrh. Htve you awakened from a disturbed sleep with all the horrible tcnaatlons of an agsai- slii clutchlnic your throat and pro-Ming the llfo-breath from your ti({litened chc<t? Have you noticed th» laniruiir anl rti'W Itv that • ucccedea tlir effort looloar your throat und Head ol this catanhal imilttii? W hut a ilt- prt-sslint liiduencu It uicrts upon Hie mind, i-loudlnK tuu uidtnory and 'ailing tha ln-Btl with p&luu and strange noise I How dinicuit to proie-i tlie sjoicin a<aln>t lu uitour prOiioM towanis HI.. IUIIKH, llvpr aurt ildiie\8, all physk-lanii »lii admll. ll u a -u'i'e!' 16 dl * <5a!M '' * lia crle * oul for ri "°' »ud Th.iremiirk«blB«uriittvepoweri when all other rvnu-dlcs utterly Ian, of'. KMdical Lure, Te atic.ted by thimsan U who iraiefully recoiiitnuiid U to fallow .ufferer-. »o .tatetufiit I, ui idu rejjardmK it that i-»n, lot wi subst^ntiate*! b, tlie ujosl roj*oecla~ bin and re laiite it-iurttnct-M, KacU patkM contains one bottU of I ho ?.^i ., , rure iOnelK.» of fatai-rhjU 8olv»ut. 5 u , d » tn '" | P | °»;*' 1 In | >*lur. "tto tre»rt»e and tiirtx-t ons, and U sold 'iy all dru^tfiBls ft fOTTKK UHOO AOUKUICit to"," for 11 HOW MY SIDES ACHE. From thn b«noh and lh« counter. fromUi« looui and «*wlu«tniu!hloe IKHx up thji or)' • t p*ln and wnag- n<»». Auhlnu aldfs and Hack, Kid nd Uierlrui • aiiw, it rat'ia an . , anu rvury ii.nn and achu ol uallv toll id In one mlmi « by the iMtlo .nt Antl- I'alu I'lamer. N. w. rl«gant, und Inla llhle. At driwMl.u, tie.; tir« tor |l; or of fotter Tbe Republicans of Alton township and all others desiring to co-operaie with them at the election Tuesday, April- 6th, are requested to meet in Mass Convention at Cry Hall, Monday evening, Match 28th, to. nominate oan> UidaUjs for the following offices: One Supervisor. Three Assistant Supervisors. One Town Clerk. • One Collector. Oaf Assessor. One Highway Commissioner. And to transact aay other business properly coming before the meeting. CHAS. HOLDEN, JR., J. K. BUTLER. ' UEO. D. 1UYDEN, H. G. M'I'IKK, JS. F. CONN '»R,H. s. BAKEH, Ja., F. W. HOPl'E, H. B. STARR, Republican Central Com. REPUBLICAN CM Y CONTfcNTlUN. The Republicans of the several wards of the oily of A'ton, anJ all voters desiring to cooperate with them in securing a better, more ifflcient and more progressive administration of city affairs, are requested to meet in primary meetings, at City Hall, on Thur*. oay evening, April 7th, at 7:30 o'clock. to nominate candidates for Aldermen in their respective ward*, and also 10 ttppoint delegates lo a City Republican Convention to be held at the fatut- place, Friday evening, April 8tb, to nominate candidates fur Miyor, City Clerk, Citv Treasurer, City Attorney, to bo voted fur at the municipal election April 19ib; '.he several wards to be entitled to the following representation in ihucitv convention : First ward, 8 delegates. Second want, 6 delegates. Ttwd ward. 8 delegates. Fourth ward. S du'rgates. Fifth wura, 8 dt«legHtus. Sixth ward, 6 delegates, Seventh ward, 7 dblugales. Totnl number of dulegaieii, 51.', And lo transact such other business as msv propel ly come before the meeting. CHAS. HOLiiKN, JK, J. K. BUTI.ER. GEO. I). IIAYUEN, H. G. M'I'IKK, S. F. CONNOR, : H. s. BAKER, JR., F. W. DOl'i'E, H. B. STARR, Republican Central Committee. ADVERTISERS REAL ESTATE FOR SALE, READ LIST OP BARGAINS -ATC. A, Schlueter's Agency, For sale—Five-ro'TO brick nonar, Btorj'«<»l Hlmlf, <-orner Elxlitu and Jleohanic utiwt. Can be had at a barxain. Good uiuperty to rrnt. One 6-room rew honsi, with cellar, cistern anil coal house. Lot 6U by 110 on 9tn and Maiketsts. Fur sale—one 8 room house and o-e 3-room house, 9lh and-Maiket sta. Lot JO by 110; rjood cutein and coal house, at abai^aln. for aale—'5 acres in North Alton with good Diehard,barn unU plenty of wattr. For sale— 660 ecres improved larm with ifood llouat' and stanlea in Wnudinn county, Kansas. K.R. run<acit»« Iron) Fort Scott u> U'lchilu.Sinilei trom county teat, Forsale—75 acres partly bottom land, improved laiin, near i'entry, with pleuty ol good bulldlnga c.n aame. For sale—10 plecei of valuable property Kith good houses, In this clt>. For »ale or exchange—A nice little cottmti In Ilctlialtn, with plrnty ol ground, stublf .'ind good water on pn nr'ses. Forsaie or cxchangf—Two sections of H.R. timber lar.d In SB. Mlisnuri, 150 nulua from St. l.oul» on ilie Iron Muuutalu K. 11., at a bat- gain. For sain or exchAneo, S acres of groun 1 on Main »t.. adjoining j)ayi.r copinnger'o on thi- t aiit. r'or sale or exchange— 5 sections of pralrlc 'and lu Cruckot voiinty, Tuns Will cell cbrap. suitable for any lai ming purposes. Three icre* adjolnint; Ur.llnberts on njrtb. Fire lota on Dry st.. adj .luing Thomas DlK- (ji' »' re-l'leni-e on th« u ut. O.IH and a hull lou in lUwlcy'a adrtl'ton. One and a null ,ot8 lu shulls's audition. Any of the uLiovo prouerty can Ixj Ujueht at a uar^alu. I also represent the Buffalo German Fire Insurance Co., Buffalo, N. Y., one of the best companies in the U. S. And other good Companies in addition. C. A. SCFLUETER, Office in ray New Building, • on &eco.d street ii child w FACT,* PACKET COMPANY, SPRING ARRANGEMENT. OQ U. LKTHK, Mawer. I B. IlOtl PowtLl , (ED ULOOK,UIUI'<I. On ana a.ter Ilonda?, Feb. 11, the Spread EKKIH <•<! run HK lollows, Tlxt LKATIXO ALTON FOB ST. LOUIS at 7 o'clock a. m., and St. Louis on return trip at ,1 p. in., dally. >Vnd leaving Alton lor Portauc, Jersey Landing. Hraiton, and waj polntF every evening ul 9:80 o'clock. «S-Tt« Whistle will bo nonoiied flfteer minutes before ttartlngfor at. txrais. To ST. Lcms, RotnrD TRIP • • - - Bn>»8 ! - - - » (X « W. HIM,. Agem. Fast Freight &Pa£serger Lii.e IHE ST. LOUIS ANr> OKNTEAL ILLINOIS R. II. Oi'd PALACE blKAMKK J. F. ELI.iSO.X, Uoiuuiandvr. *.1> AICSBDTZ, | n ,-, ... TllUK UOUOK, I 1 " 8 '"On and alter TnurjOay.Feb. )7th, will leave Alton ilailj For St. l.ouls at 7 a. m. Itetuniln?, will leave St. Loula (foot of VIor »t. jut 2:44 p, in.! LenvlnB Alton at 5:tfO p. m. for Portage aud .lersey, arriving: at Grulioii ut 7:45 p. m., coni»<otlnxwlth In Ft express on St. Louis and Ueutrul IJIInoU Kullroud lor Jorwyville. Wa- vt-r,y, bp. luxBi-U uud nil potut« Loitb and e&at. TARE. To ST. LotrtB.sliiKle trip, . . . Mr. " " r. unil trlj>, .... 780 " " twenty rlue ticket, , JB.OO HENBY U. TA'l U1I, G«u Mt. Alton. II. A. Kl^UUli, uuu'l AltiliuXHr. Icildtt DA. C. B. KUUX.ANJD, Dentist* IS THIRD STHEKT, ALTON, ELL. Office How—8 a. m. to 13 m.; 1 to 4 p. n fond WIT G. A. Dentist, »VEB BBUEOOBJi 8£CO.N1> ST. OIQAB STOBK FUYN14.IAJNB AMU The Century For 1880-87. * TIM Gmrnmr U KU Illustrated monihi. maaattao/ baring a regular e»wnlatti» fol about two bmiored tuotuaud ooplei, ottm, tMOtilnd and aomvtitnM exmwdUitf two bun. drcd ftml twent? flvvtbovtuid. Ohlel MQOM fti uuay •ttraotiom* lur tu» coming \«e r I,T •crtal whltb hat lH»n In aatlv» pnpttratloS IOT rt«t»*u > «*«>. It l» • blwory ut our m>S eou&tr/ la It* ino*t orltioal timt, '•» Mt f«j«ft m THE lAFfi OP LINCOLN, By bU Coutiuentinl ttecretarlei. John U. Nlcoluy and Col. John liay. ThU great work, bi-«uu with the •auction of President Lincoln, uiiil eouUuuod imdot the authority ul bin nou, the Ho>i. Jttoliui't T Lincoln, IB tbn oiilv mil and auttioi li atlvt record oi (bo life ut Abraham Uuooln. lit bullion were I.lcndi ol Lincoln bvlora hit prealienov; tlioy wero mont Intimately a*. oociutod with blm as private Mcrotartei UiroKhutit bU term ol office, and tu tliun wore trausterred upon Llnooln'j death Kll bit iirlvaU) jmpo.'B. Itoru will b» toid (be lialda Watery ol ilio civil war and of Pmildiml Lincoln's ailiuliilBtratlon -Important dctnlli ul wblon liuvu hitherto rumulnod nurevealed thut they mig lit firat eppuurlu tuls authentic hlstnry. l)y loaoou of tn« publication tit tbli work, THE WAB SERIES, which ba> been lollowtd with unflagging intvreit by a great Interest by a tueut auu>. '', will occupy le«» upaoe during the cum. nig year. Umiyiburg will be uooorltwcl by i. urn Uunt (Oniel of the Union Artillery), lien. IxiUfcBtre I, Gen. E. M. 1 uw, and othi'it, liulcHUiautfa, by Gun. II. U. Hi I; Hherumu'a MurvnUitbe . ea. by (jvuuruU Howard and Mocutn. Generals U. A. Ulilujoro, Win. f, -mltb, Jolm Gibbon, Horace Porter, and John S. Mo*by will descrtoa special bnttlvt un4 lucldaut*. Stoiles of nuvni euyagumuuti. pruon We, etc. etc. will ai'Dear. NOVELS AND 8TOK1E8. "Tbe Hundredth ilau," a. novel by Irrank R. Stockton, uutlkor ol "Toe UuJy, or toe finer." Ix-gluii In NoYt-mtxjr. Two uorelenu* oyueorge W. Cable, stun** by Mary Hullotik Koote, "Uncle. Rtnuui>," Julian llawtbonie. hdwuid ttrgleMon, and other prouilnunt American auibont will bo piloted during to* SPECIAL FEATURES. (with tllustrat.orui) Include M serie* of artl- i'l«» <>n attain lu ItUMi* and Bltterla, by ueo. Keunan.autuor oi."Tent Life la Siberia," who ita* }u»s returned from a tuuii «veuttui vtttt o Mberiuu prlsuua; paper! • n IQU Food yuemton, «Itu reference 10 it* bearii g on too tabor IToblMn; Kngllsb U»thedn3»; Dr. i-Kk-loaion's Kellijiou. Llle in tbe American Uuioulea: CluirvuyuuM. rplrltuiUUtti, AitroT uio.ecc., bt Kev. J. U. BuoKluv, U.D.. editor 01 tbu Unrimian Advocate: antronomloul D«tier«; aiUo.i« throwing light on Bible Llito-ry, '"'PRICES. A FREE COPY. Bubecrlptiuu prloo, J4.0U a year, Si conti a number. Ueuien, poaiuia>ten, and i.ubllah" ur» take iub*urlpttoag. bend lor oor betiuU- mlly UlontiHteJ M page catnloituo (trt-fll uoiitalnlng full pio«peutuA, etc., Bio udln? a >peclal utter by wbiun new reader* can iiet ack numUjro to tbe btginuing ot the War SiTle.1 at a very low price. A ipeciauia eon, (buck number) will be «eat on reqnvtt. tin. lion tbu paper. Uan you u*ord to bewltnout toe Centurr co.. New r«C aobccrlptioni received at Utli ofUos. Dll. E. UUKL1CU, Physician and Surgeon, EESIDESOE, c ST8, W. A. HAMK.KJLL, M.l>., Physician and burgeon, OF«OB-aKOOND ST.. ALTON, ILL, oe b ours—8 &. m.; is to 1, and 8 p.m T le und to e at tuu •ye ojienod a new ' xnu^fc of ' " ~ ORGANS ANDi PIANOSJ f the [finest vorkmanBhlp for sale at rea- ouable prices. Call aud examine our ingtrn- uients belore purchudiujf elsewhere. FLOSS, & SABE. mchttdwtm Master's Sale. STATE OT ILLINOIS, | St. Cluir county. | CM the September term, A.D. 18S8, of tba It Clair Ckmni) Circuit Conn. John N Cbtlton vs. Tbomai Cl Uton, Oeorn Cbtitou, Jurneo m uVro.,. Hobert W. Dlck en»uu, KlUakrth Ann WLllaui*, Uorotbr Burn, rhoiutt» Burn, James Barn, Barbara ferKUtwu, K .mil Jaue Burn, VtUllatn Born. John Thomai hum, uoiotby Ann Bnra! liutbvlla Burn, Jamtm Bum, aud Henrys' Uuulleui r, executor ol the latt wlU and testament of John Uhllton, deceastd. Hi .11 or tale ot Kual K»tat«. Under aud by vtnue of decree of nil court, uiadeln the above entitled eaow M Said term,l.tbe undersigned, «lll, OM 8ATCRDAY. WAUUH 19. 18M, at and on the uremisea hereinafter described se 1 to the highest and beet bidder, thi fol- lowiug descilixid land, situated in the county ct Aiadmon, and Mute ot Illinois, to-wlr The veBtiounhof ihu tontheaat quarter of the northwest qua'ter, containing ten (It) ucres; aud tho east half of the •---: r, a.l lu section thUty (3»)4n tovnahln ni rtb ol rangx nil e V 9j we»t WILSON WASHBOARDS. Tbt» WaahbMtdt an mule with » B«nt>Wood rim. Tb* BtToog- e»t botrdi and b«t WMtwn in tb* wurld. For *ale by all detlfrs. T>k« no other. BAGINAIT K'FO CO. LTonnitlon with good map inf. P Appra led value, M,456.7i bulu to oomuiunc« ut oue o'clock p. m. Ti-EUa OK RALIC.-Twunty per cant, of thi purvhage mnnt-y to be paid caib nown, tnj the balance on a credit of «Lr Bad twuln mouthc, necurtd b; noto and approved .uca- . ity, and a mortKagu oil thu pr«uil*«;i aold.os tho elocution ot wlili h, tout upon oonllmu. liouol sal sale.l will execute ana deliver * deed to the ptucbaaer or purcba-en of >&id land, M by said d»cre-> lam directed,conveying all Ibn lixht, title and daim of th< i>ald parties 'n said nult to said premlso*. ALOKZO H. WlLDEltUAii, Master in Chancery ol »«ud county. M. W. B gin. SQL ELY'S CREAM BALM Cleanses tbe Head, Allays luilammation. Heals tlie Sorei. Restores the Senaesof Taste Mnell, Hoar- iu{,'> A quick 1887. Harper's Weekly. * ILLUSTRATED. WKEKLV maintains iu posltlor. as theioitUlngliliistrati-dnewipaperln An er- ca; audits hold upon public este. m and cun- A pfarttcle U applied Into each nnftril and i§ agreeable. Price 80 ct». at UroKtrUto: by mad. reKitMred. 80 eta. Olnnlan free. KM UEOs.. IJrugtslHt., i -- - In* American Xewsp.rwrs. inl.l, »i iha >nu HonJj; oiie fllth ol aot-nt a llne,for l.0«i(.-licu lailniit Ihu KityuiilM'tnKni will (A, txriore Orw Minim, pun-li.-<.n.:-or KIVK.VJILII.IX U«»uku«. Ten flue* will ao-omiu.HlHlti ab-jui 7i wo.Us .vTl dreM with c-opyol »itv amlobmik o- »HII<I »• J <" >« P«l«»- Slfo. K BOW- 10 »pruo« it., 8. Y. Jalidlm DAIliY FARM. Xorth Alton Jersey Dairy. .-tu.i ' Ji-tnes >|nil>-n'» l).,iry fain atlO C»tllH, lllB u will fuilllah lUl'k t.f ihuvi-iy bt-.t qniilliy to ti.u cltlzi-n* o vittiu. TIIH caul,. UI-M iiinnlv liiiiii, J«t«<-v«Hiiil foi Kivliu Heh milk ilii-y havi iio.qUHl;ilie. ai> H |, >•„„„„ HllU liValiuv. will n-« , no.l.|,. <,| HIIV klnU to our latlie 1'atlii-mliHl illliivurvis wrli ihclr piitrmi' HKH umv ,|, pmil on n'ltlnj: ml k ul tile vrrj )H-»t qu.ilii). A s«iu|t f. MilibuK'Vi-n fio« o vnarnuiobllthatHii, lyforli. TH • mliklii • anil evvrytiiiiiKfniiiiecii-d with llioilalry wi| l>« k»pt wiiipulouMly c-loan -otliai; inn ouatotUHrs may u-c.-uo n, u m \,^ (n ,|, t*.t of ordur. A «liart? t.f palron *xvit riuiHftlii ly n<jii c «ttjd Li-avt, ordt-r. wllh U*MI*. K.ixih'* sclilo**, and uih I'bt) care that has birn «ucc«g> in the iia.t to „ ake IIAK^KKS WEKKiTfViMe as wi-il as a weli-titue \ to evury hou»« bold will noc be reiajt-d In the future. HABPEU'sl'KltlODlCALS. l'»r Yeuri Weekly i • on Harper's 1'azar no azar ........ ... nu arper', M.uug 1'iople.....' ..... '.'.'.'.'".'. • Co r 1 - Franklin J-ijuaru Llljraiy.oiie (51 nuinbors) .......... .... 1000 A. J. HOWELL, t -DEALKB' IS- FURNITDREI A Full and Complete Stools CONBTANTLT OH tUKO. ALL OBDBP roit UPHOLSTEEING Neatly and promptly executed. Belle at., bet. Third and Fourth. -AL90- The %'olumes of tho \Vookly b«cln with the nr.t Numu rlor Jaiman'olea hyVur Cviiofi ' '" 1 "' 110 "" 41 ' """--'Ptl" n!i w II i-gln II -gn uf rotelpt of w.-l|H 01 || each. Kuinlttaiices should bo murto hy Poatoflloo ' UrUor ot Urillt to » vuw «>'«'•<» of KSf. tuU . Kow York. STOCK FOR SALE. A Klllu Hluoilixl M H ro, M fine niiurt Horn "* and Hull J.i».. UK8IDeSOBCX)R. 8TVTB* SEVIWTU 8TI For Sale Cheap, -OKE- U'ith all ilia ApuliHncei to Run Everything in Ooixl Order. A. ii. HASTINGS,

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