Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on March 18, 1887 · Page 1
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 1

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, March 18, 1887
Page 1
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KUMBBR -248. * OF ' TH » trVEB,- AND i.owru ,aRAND HBUULATOUOr TlIEUVJjtR •••' AXD 'BIUAKY 'OB6AN8. . S- I .To»H nufforiuu from Blolc Headache and BU..IpnnneBs: T . ' '"Httvo bean a victim, to the above for years 1 and, after trying various. rfltnodloi); «ny only WSSSt flSSS- '«"'*h«MM*««iSMMOH8 LtVEK j>vnri, it,«,, _,..-.. -—,* j»lt«l to relieve .., .<Gan;,agsure, lbo»e SWithat'they.iwonlcl be .. nse,, N I,Rpeah not my-~--...T—*.»., w******* 'imulY-' Yoiixs roapocts :nUy, .,..,J.^;jaU4jiAX,8ehaaj Afa." VW" hove tflstocflte virtues, personally .and SilSH^i'i 0 * "yj'PflpstaM UlllonaiiesBB and nrobblni Hettilnohu, it i» tKu'lolno •-•w.orld: over naw. ' . . - . -^ We have fried- simmotis Uv«r Ro<u - - u-« moie than but'.thc /BenulRtor not only ot pared tts.^Kd. Telegraph nnu , Ga. ' * " .s; coiio. .i .8IWMON8I UVKE^RFGUr.ATOB cured, me nJrpm.iOHs* pi, Ionff,etan0iii|{ Bilious oollonfifT "PwfBWiedtolnBSifaUed. .I.thlnk Itono ot the beat family medicines I ever use'l. ' , , ; ' •; '.'T. J. L AN UBKf Petersburg, Tfc ; ' Pa. A Liberal Vie ol PUInfectunt.. It matters'not how good your plumbing .may be, the use of dlnlnfcctants is .advisable. Tour security will- be greater If .every week you uss ni'dlshtfoctftnt liberally. - Oii»,that costs very lltllo ahd U perfectly odorless U itttulo by dissolving a Uciipca teagpoonful of liltrnte ofloittl In a quart of boiling water stir It with a stick and tlioii add to it a pail of cold water. This la odorless and will not stain. It costs nbout threo cents, nnd If it 14 thrown once a week down tho batlv tub closet, and stationary wash Ijowl it will be money ' well, spent. •Anolhor,.disinfectant : may. bo prepared, only use something of tbo kind rec- nlarly OB- a certain flay. If a day for (loin's* tiling to-fixed itgenavjly gats done; if "Qtica a ->we8kf,inen.n» any day I^often forgotten. •,, A '.Dainty-Wiiyij to,IHcihe Chocolate. •-,*. Aidaiuty way to/inakO'Chocolate is to sot or ^earthen- pot, s iii a, tattle of BUolllug water: it itWftplaoeAqu»rt;0{iiiit)!jnnd ci-eamMxod. Stir uito.,tUb when:lt is hot* paste made by mixtiiR three helping tablespoonf uls of grated chocolate-wlth a-little' cold; taiik, f Lct thlj boil .for two or threo in(nutcs.and serve very, hot * If- thfrcbocolato is swuetenod, it is bet- 1 ter.not to odd Bug'tttybut to- lot each,oup, add It at the table if it is not sweet enough! but Uvtlift unawootBued choeolatu.,10 usedi two de»- pcrtsp«Qnft»!s may be put, in.Khile H in cook- Ing. ?* Prince jAJexapdeis af Battenburg, as to-visit America* next autumn. amifaetured Plain and: JOecorative Gold null In Glu«» Globrn. .-.Gokijush roqiUrdplenty.of..air, and,should -bo kept; in ; ,a,,jv4dq..muuthBd.globe not .more than three-fourths full of water. ' ; Thcy,ine«d pailial shade and must be kept .put of the sun and awny, from the fire. The water needs.phaneing once a week, and should have ' the chiU taken tiff. ., Do not f«jed the flsh with crumbs of bread; as it makes the water sour. Pedestals am now mads expressly for .the tall lamps seen in so, many fnahionablo hallways, and this Brings them high enough to »huie on.tbeju«.V.Ki well as the unjust. TO AT .1 i.iOKFIOB AND SHOP OW ^SECOND;: ST., ; : ,;NEAR , PIAS.A : : ', -AXiTON. . . , . . _LoWiB committed -suicide near i-Paradl, , ill" ••'•• Brooklyn will ratso^mcuinnienUq Beeohei-'s .memory- byvpopulansubr. aoription. if ^ John .WVMackayvdenies that lie- la any way,, conneot^d^M, deal for the Baltlmorftand Ohio. ••:>An intimatevfriend of- Jfr.i -Blaine .Bay8.that:the,.Maine-..gtatesman : mil go to Europe in May. ( • Bfclow jzeroutempera',ure; ,wai- ret ported .in .KManitoba «. and Northern AUun<$ota -yetje/day, .mprning. . • • i New York^upcame court -tJbn- tncmea';theAentence,of?»Peter! 'Smith'' for murdejKRndj fixed;, ins execution .'•fo.1) May " 'of Solai" Jackson -county,. Ill,, re. ioei yes • Hie -very- -moderate -sal ary of 10 oent» •» year," The postmaster of Peok/j'Ilti j^gOt'SO- 1 cents" last year. 'WimeHhe postmaster of Lea^r, Ark., goe«l"cent8. ; "'rti9'said -that .there -more than" 16,1)00- posimastors who receive no'more ! tban'$4qtt year, and •lOiOOO-who-receive-abOut'SS i a yeari 'Continue to "turn-rascals out",,and make-Demporata-httppy, Lines of Bargains Absolutely Pure. Thlo powder never varies. :.A- marvel ol purity, strength wholosomonesB. iftiore eeo- notuioal than the ordinary hinds, and cannot be sold In competition with the multitude ol low tost, short weight, alnmphofrnlia'e powders. . SOLD OKI/V IN CANS. BOYAl, BAKI"~ JPO WDKH CO., 106 Wall St., N. Y. )an8d wly O/^ftTTI^ OWW I I Q That on glit to catcli ..your We have lots ; of i them in tewm mom NOVELTIES, SHOES, GLOTHING, HATS, CAPS, QFf CBE COD LIVER OIL teotiit Almost as Palatableas Milk. ,.-,Th» only .proiaraUnn of, CO" UTEB OH. that cmbetakmr«nljli»uKi toleratedfe«« luutlmc bjd«Ilc«le sloujnrhn. ...••' -= AND AS AUIEMtPy FOB/fOOTPMPTrOlT. J ^^ j u i i i T A^A^J.^I uttft- UKlllLiri. .COUOHB AND IllltOATTAF. s OP N It lnini»r-dlou~in Itii . nora by.tUo frost Pbyilci»n« tath»countriu«of the world. FOP «AI P,«V ••.• -AND- MILLHSEHY, be beat in quality and prices. All the latest novel* ties of the season dally adfled, at oue-prico cash-house, ALTON. JOHN BAUER, DEALER IN AND MANOTAOTHIUCKI OF FURNITURE. SECOND STREET, Opp. City Uall,«B AJLTON, 1JJL,. All hluds of flna and oommnn [arnltar« oonstautly on hamt Also lujclp.-ukor, oto. - WBLL. KLUNK DNDERT^EER. AKD.Dlm.BIl If At Abbott,/Tex., VHugh Jenkins and Joe Harden:, fonghtjwith pistols.,, Jenkins is dead arid ^Harden mo£tally, wounded. '.'.'/:,' Continue^nancial trouble besets ;the National Opera companyj all, the principals!riger* being behind.,with their ^salaries. Arguments, the illlinote supreme ccuft yesterday on the r ,,m6-" tion for a new trial in" the Cb,ipago> Anarchist cases. ••-By the caving In of church steps at Chicago' rturing sSt.- 1 Patrjck day" services, two'.people, were fatally and fouraeriously injured. ** ?-/iBo8tofflce inspector Hftrtshom-jvas arrestedr..yesterday at' New -lYoik charged •-.-< with -connection with a ,swindling,,yfatchiconcern. ;","' '„ ,,Wm. J,:.Hutchinson,i ; an. iex-New York- broker,, is in prison x.'.there' for jconvcrsion.of-Btocka^tothis own use wh,iclv,had.b.e.en,, him, "".'' . Qapt;:Now«U,of,the;B.titish! Prince^ sighted the 'racing^opoan- ya.chts on- Monda3;,,morning, ,f,TJie.,C.oronet was 'leading by.about,;twenty>two miles. A platform .fell ,in ; the' iRoraan Catholic church of :the,^Nativity in •Chicago .yesterday,^causing a panic among the people and severely injuring several. At ; Jefferson . City •. the < Senate agreed to House amendments to the Wood local option,bill,and, the House- passed the rai road bill after, adopting the substitute. Pierr.e,Si)li.dor.fWUou,r whoi served with distinc ion '.'under "-Napoleon Bonaparte in the early parti of the : i»reeen,t,century,, died yesterday at New York in his 100th year. 'Walter E, .Lawton, a- New York merchant, has run .away,,, > after defrauding .various -people to the amount,altogether, of^about $l,00u,- 000. His-effects .have been attached. Tlie.attorneys,,,pro.,and;con, submitted their arguments' before', the Illinois Supreme Court,; at/ Ottawa, yesterday,.on the motion for i a new tiial for the condemned Chicago anarchists. .The Rochester-.woman. who! recently put strychnine into her husband's pie. explained, that she, had run out of baking powder, .>The>unforfcunat3 man is considering whether to accept the -apology/or not. ->• Benj. Spandaucr, who.;was; mainly instrumental-in ^securing the ; conviction of .Mrs, rSurratt of complicity in the .vassatsination of i Abraham Lincoln jwas'yesterday jailed at Baltimore .as a purohaserrof perjury. .Mrs. -.Nellie ..Grant. Sartoris-was present at the dinner given by ex- Senator Dorsoy recently, at London, and was speeially.,honored by having lier.-menu .oard .'ornamented; with a painted portrait of .her,,father. The projected ,8hip.,canal in Canada, connecting Lake's Huron and Ontario, and greatly -'shortening water transportation u between the west and the seaboard, is assured of moneyed support by the Dominion, Government. . r .Sriu«ciriw> r .,IU.,, (March 1.7— A bilI n ,wa8,lntroduced,,by,^en.ator..Gar- ftty. JRepeaJjng, , i^e^law .incprporating 1 the,jCh^ojgQ^qa.rd.'pf,Ixade {a -ISSO, d a bill gamb- . n motion the rules, on .pol»c.eifteib pensioning 1 while in «"•"•»**»••*• *v*v^*',<v^..^i*>^k&L^M.uvjr'^ i&nd nil police«trtBoer»!who4iiire.arrived at the age of SOyears and .haying-nerved for a perioa of twenty., years. .or - more, . .-;« S«JQator7f UilL'ab J>ill) itappr qpnating 1 , 196.C8' for/ordinary >eipen3e8 of the Soutberii-UlinoiB'Noriiiali TJniver- 8|ty,;atCa,rb.onda|e;:JtJI,v,fpr the next SUGH, AS $ Body and Tapestry Brussels, Two antf Three Plys, Stair Carpets and Mattings, Oil Cloths,Rugs and Mats, . rjAlso a very GhoiceiStock of goods at..thetvery lowest ,.-;buyers. All are invited to call and see the beaut if utnew • goods &Jearn the low prices. ALTON, ILL. A ,,,. iov,8enator..Organ'al)ill7apprqpriating $800 for the '"removal -of the,, dam across the Little l Wabash river at -New-Havjcn vsaappassed. • 'Spnator Curtiss' • bill making 'it .. . qualificationSi,no.w ; ,i^q.ujred .by :, law, ., aivoteof 25;to 17. "Senator-Humphrey's J bill | regard- .4ig,the manner,of '..e,nfQ^cing-' judg- tmenta and. decrees by n eie,cntion and to provide-vfor,-,the ^redemption .'of, 'realieBtateisohkunderwnn execution,' •was -passed. .••..J HOUSE. -'Toe first-hour of the House session this-morning-was -given to, hearing' reports from the standing committee! Mr,'Collins, from the '..committee on State Institutions, : reported back with .recommendations bills.for.the establishment of a.reformatory school for girlBf-and-making : an--appropriation for the- office of State Entomologist. The Committee on Appropriations, throngh Mr. Littler,,.reported back for. passage, bills making appropriations for the ordinary .expenses of theiEye*nd Ears Infirmary .at .Chicago ,and 'for.the purchase of. additional ground for the • same -institution. On.'motion -of Mr.- 1 Decker, the ruKs were suspended, and the Chicago Street Railways bill was placed on the order for.-third Beading. After some discussion/ a», division^ was calledt and the by a voie'of 116 to 8. FOR THE BEST BUGGT IN THE WORLD. AGENTS FOR THE Steel to Bog WARRANTED FOR PIVE YEARS ;THE(JEL,BBKATED , ,fc t»J> V«*U£JU£V-1 A OttJ Stiidebaker Farra.Wagon, Belleville Threshers a ad Engines; Moline Plow Co's , Plows and Cultivators and:,a Pulverizing Harrows. EMPIRE TWINE .BINDERS, DROPPERS AND MOWERS. Headquar- - - e «»n°E?F IO ' V alld ''ABMINE OILS; ENGINE, CYLINDER and SIGNAL OILS: STOCK, WELL and CISTERN PUMPS^finc line, of ..COOKING STOVES ; the DANGLER and PERFECTION GASOLINE STOVES. See our S10 BUHGY HARNESS. NEW HOME SEWING MACHINES, , $30. We. keep the BEST GASOLINE and BURNING OILS on tap and delivered to any part of the city. : .'Postal I'oints. -.WASHINGTON, D. C., March 17.— Railway, post office service has been established, on the line of the ,Litch- fleld,: Garrolltoa'aud Westera ' Railroad 'between Litchfleld and iKamps- ville, 111., a distance of .fifty-eight miles. Service between Litchfleld and Barnett, 111., will be in addition to the Jacksonville and Ceutralia :Railway Postofilce, to. take - effect March 21, the Hue to.bekno.wn h as.the X.itchfield.and ..Kampaville,. Railway .PoBtofflce. ££ Gor. 2d and State sts., ALTON, ILL. THE BEST ON EARTH I ,! Baffled tUe . ,? BPBKB .MKWOJNB .Cp.,4 Qmnoy, III; Ready-Made Coffins, "Metallo Cases, Caskets, And Burial RobeK lorLadlea, Bentlemon and Ohililron. Office and Shop on State street Terf SMbU." Will »««ud», Job pati UMrTnmltMu. fan The business sensation, in New York to-day is tbo discovery that Walter E. Lawton, of the phosphates firm of Lawton Brothers, on Broadway, lias aUsaondedfWilh over a million of dollars,, leaving many creditors in the lurch. A.cpnilagrat!on ,in the. village of Big Springs, Tex.,. Wednesday, con-: sinned two entire blocks of .buddings, including several-stores: loss, $G2,- 000, One'-half of ,,thd busiuees portion of Bliickville, S, C.,, has been fonsumedi loss about $100,000. At Morehesid, Ky.y Tuesday morning^. T. Witoher playfully remarked to hi» friend, John. T,rurano, that he .could cut his throat i before he (Trumbojifould druw his revol-' ver. Trumbo drew^and leveled his wt-npon in an insinnt. It .was discharged acoidcntally, .mid, Wltchcr full dead. Postmaster Li-Dads,- of the town! a,coiieh...mixture of very, (jrosn value. .The iionofit dorjvud by my wife, from Its .use,.places it with of all others. For wsreral years she had beon seriously, .afiliotod..,with H cough that gave us, much Alarm ;»>, had baffled the skill of the physicians , and cough remedies, until l,,popoluded nothing would avail m .her .case. ; Directly, after .coming, to Qnmoy, ,on your recQmmendauoni sba oflinmunuod usinc your. Balsam, i and it has aqtod like a oharm, quiotjncr the cough, and romov- iiig entirely the soreness from horlungB. We keep it .constantly . in our house.— J. B. Ford, Pastor M. E. church, Bushville, III. Use Qressler's Wild Kose Tooth fows der for cleansing the .tooth.. Prioo 2fio. INFALLIBLE CU.U|J FUB COUGHs. • We would. mon positively svalo that no .remedy, .has ever, met with -mob imivorsiil, ..sutlsfuotion or can be more truthfully salU is H poaltlvo cure, than Burks»iWhitoiPino Balsam. , ,8,UOAli. A new disoovory, Mttio Aprloot Mils easier4i)|t*ke,than sugar and far more beiteBoial.' Suro cure for neuralgia, hoadttobu heartburn, dyspepsia mill bad breath. Try them. For Hale ut Marsh's druRstorp. mohl FILLED WATCHED From, f 18 to $50. Warranted 20 Years, GfUNS, From $16 to $30, J H BOOTH THE ^EADINCr V. 171. ,DW in, JEWBLER mylWwlT GO TO SEELY & SON HEADQUARTERS FOR n IT is A puriouK IHUI thai u mnn alwan Ua.until he, U . . run. ido,wa ;b«f oro ' he ,wiud», up bi*, career. peoplo w»ut coml.»rt la rid* lug. ,Th9;JluiBrUQil,.Carri»ire Spring embrooes .all< the qualities . of -ewe, beauty, .. ,bjpua.jple peoplu .r.hi'Chey necdn't.have.auy other. • dwlw Picture .Frames, Brackets, Base Balls and Bats, (Jroquefc Sets, etc, A full line of School .Hooks, Scratch Books and School Supplies- Remember the place: 'THIRD STREET, - - OPP. BELLE. SUBSCRIBE FOB THE TflW PVF f FfFffRiPff Ifln PPP lull ML, ILLMfllUfl, lUb ful By..mail or. delivered, Only Republican Daily in Madison county

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