Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on March 17, 1887 · Page 4
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 4

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 17, 1887
Page 4
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r ?"< ;,;•> t^ r f ** s;| \ ,'5 r, f 7-frj\TC , CitUELtY ,. it ig.lo delude a p'oor jufTcror into the belief th»t some VorlliUssUhltncntwill curefliou- inhtUni and neurnlgia. Honesty Is the besi -'"potter tn theumnukcture of proprietary nr- tleleson in all other rnnttcrs,ancl (ho fact that the proprietors of Athloplioros linvc never claimed for it even nil Its irierit would Warrant lian not a little to do with its wonderful popularity, and t)i« tliqusumU ul' grateful ttfthbbnjaU rtcuired ; uV them iliow that th«lr policy Has bOcn"fflE* as Veil as right. ''•Eiperk'neV hn» auiply demonstrated that incro outward applications arc worthless. The disease has its sent in the blood and any remedy to l>e piKWesful mnet dwi w)th\tfie obatructivc ticid wJiich puisona and ifaflanics it, Athlophoroa acts on llie Mood, muscles and joints directly. It t:ik«i the poisoi out of the blocKl nnd curries it out of tin nystein; it invigorates the action of the niuscli* nnd liinhcra the stidhcss of the jointa. It rcntiios the liver and kidney* clcanging tlifiii from irritating Riiliatnnces, and, if followed lip nflof tin; rlieuiiintir conditions ct'iiHc, it will restore thcuuorgans to regularity and hcultli. Decatnr, III. I will jiiBt my for the tfood of any person that may ho afllictcd with rhcmjiatium . that I havo^nad it very severely, and have tijed AlhlophoroB and found relief almosl ^t the first dose. 8,'B. MCCLEJLLAND. ; ' /: Rev. A. T. Orr, pastor of the- M. E, Clinreh, Paris, 111.,, flays; " Yo», I used AthlopnoroB for neuralgia in thu bank part of my head, It WHS a vary puinfiil arid distressing complaint, but a dose or two ol Athlophoros always gnve immediate relief. lam uow entirely'frce from the complaint. Many times I would Imvs been incapacitated for duty had I not had Athloplioros, Every druggistshould keep Athlophoros and Athlophoros Mils, but where they cannot be bought of the druggist the Athlo- jphgrot I*., 112 Wall St., New York, will »M »itbor (Carriage JiaW) on receipt o: regular price, which ia Sl.CO per bottli for Athlpphnros and COo. for Pills. For Mvpr nbrt • kidney dUeiiero. ilyRoopsIn, In- 4Ujo«tlon, weakness, nervous debility, diffuses w women, eonstlpntlnn, lienrtnclic, Impure blood, ic., Athlophorca Tills arc uuoqualod. ALIGN I)AaY jELEGHAjrH. (Entered «u Second-clnn JVlnite'rnt the V, • . O. nt Alton, III.) • ,. "t-H U RSDA-Y MAKOH 47 SCIENCE PROGRESS, BEAiL ESTATE FOB SALE OB BENT, —BY— Rudersfcausen & Sonntag. :'' : ' '.>•: •:•' . y tj; fpr Sale. " A eonvflnleatnrjd pleasant homo at a ron Bonabl* fiffnrei bolnn utwo-slbry frame bouw on Efghth Btreot, neiir Henry. • ••• "A cb6«**S farii Of 320 ucios, 'with flrst clns Improvements, situated 2}( miles east ol Brunswick. Olmriton co., Mo. For MiUa. A ono story frame Uwellmit honeo tn (?ooo condition. In Topping's addition to Aliou. For Sale Cheap • The i-esldenco ol Onpt. W. V oble: two L-torjej and miuisard roofi 12 room 4 hnll», ,pl<»ot»; ft«llar8j eta.; $ tores pf gronn S, Jfost ; -leBlrnbleliroperiv In the olty. • • > - * • . • JTQr Kale. . Ito nortwpf lonq .jlonr dlty limits. d-«.o ., two story brick and iraino clwo n nonae, both situated on the ou»- o 5-nte strooi bptwoonetlianaTtn .ticott- so the brick mock of atorea on Secon street, botwoon Hnnj' nhd Rldijo street nown osnunte.r'K row. • , . For Bale. '•• A»niaUfrani6< < .jnjc bouse wltlilh n nr ' Olootsofthed ' .tfor$87B. ; 180 acres f good InrmiiiK land, and anothei tract of 00 ,icron, both unimproved. Hltuatt In Mot 1 (a., Knnsno, at ?10 and $10 per lien respectively—one-third eash.biUfiiice outline, For Snl». A litrm of 140 acr«B on oottom land, all In cultivation, near Madleon, In thla county. A good two-Htory Irumu dwdlllnii uot.j(j on It. I'rlco..$8,000 for Snie. A choice funxi ol liip acres, situate 1 mile south of Blilpinun.MiiconpIn county, 111., at a low tigure. -.•••• Parties Intending to buy Kenl Kstato In the •city ol. Alton or vlcinltv wllltluil U to their ;lmero8ttocnll utthuolllceuf KudurBliiiusun » * HonntHj,'mid e.iiunhie their list 01 proportion for sale as only pan thereof Is adver- ,ti8Cd, 1ALI, New nnd Beautiful Designs just arrived and arriving for the Spring Trade;' WINDOW GLASS THE vyONDEflFut MAxilVI QUN-AN INTERESTING MAMMAL. "'"' rrofcKaor aiaynr lllnntrntpii In n 1'lpinlnn Miinnvr \Vltli 1111 Arranuoinant of Ploiithift .HilKHOtlo Ne'oilIdH the nintnftl KopulKlon of Similar Itodlcn, Profo-iwir A. Jt Stwyer Ims ilovjsert an at, rangi'ini'iit of Uo/itliiK magnetic nccslk'S which beautifully Jcnionstniti'a the mutual repul- tin» nt KiniiltirJy magnetized borllcK. A riiim- IRT of hti-ongly mogueUzcd em-pot nccdlow nro Inserted in wnnll corks, 'nsHlion'ii in tho jiros- IK'Ctivu view of tin.' picture here reproduced. Specialty, from Small Wizen. to "At tho old rollnbl(j HOUSK-rATXTINO on DKOOItAT/NG establishment ol NEFF & OBERMUELLER Fourth, east of Belle at. fi'lilUISm J, SUITER & SON, iKAUKHB IN : FpJB AND 'GOBiMON FURNITURE. A Fall ami Complete Stock AJ- ou Hand. DO NOT .FAIL TO. GIVE US A , BEORE PURCHASING. I ROOMS AUK OM State Street, opp, Third, ALTON, II •pSdwlv , EMPIIlE MILLS, 8KOON1> BTUEET (Nrnir I'lasa), ALTON. ILL FOU WALK : Ground Out*, Ground Corn, llay. Gate, Corn, Corn AIuul, JUuckwlicnt Flour, .Gruhiuii Flour,oto PROMPTLY DELrVKRKI) TCI ANY i'AHT Of TUB 01TV, M.WILKINSON. U-7 OK Thin pnpr an file nt lite oinco at ADVERTISING x GENTS jg pHlLADELPIuH. ?.' FREE SON'S MAiiUAL MAVKH'S FLOATINO NEEDLES. When Hunting, oxplaina Tho. Seloiitlflc American, thesu-uecctlcs nrrnng^ - .'tli8msclv(>9 in pymnu'triL-a! groups, tho form of the groups ranging with tho number of nwdlos. , On'a polo bf o bur magnet held ovdr,tbe center of a : viwsol coutainjng the Jloiitiiig nucdles will dispei-so tlio needles, while "tho other pole will clrnw thcm'together. T An AiiiDhtlietlc linllct. An ampsthetic bullet bos been invented by a Gcnnaii cheiiilst which, it is claimed, will, 'ft brought into general uso, greatly diminish the horrors of :war. The bullet .is of n brittle substance, breaking directly when it comes In contact wilh tho object nt whicli it is nhncdl It coutnius n powerful oiitesthetlc, producing instniitniiconsly complete insensibility, last- ins for twelve hours, w/iinli, except (bat tho action of the heart continue.", is not to bo dis- tlngiiishod from death. A battle field whore' these bullets, are used w,ill luui short lime bo apparently covered wltU, deafl bodies, but in. r^nlity jnerijly ,witli. the >pr^tr»to forms'of' BOkHers'reduced'' for th'o'time being to a state of unconsciousness. While in this condition they may, (ho German chemist points out, bo packe I in ambulance wagons and carried off OS'•prisoners. • '•; > ;,;( .;. .•;,;' Tlio Mitxlin Gun. The new and really wonderful weapon christened 'Maxim gun weighs over slxt.y-flvo pounds, is-inonntol oiiii'light triiMil, which CIMI lie lowered, rniiiud, moved literally with ono hand 113 easily us a garden hose, nnd which nours out automatically COO shots a minute. Tliujre is/no crank to turn; there is no labor of {feeding. Ono man simply sets the bullets going, and then directs it at, will) rnkinga whole regiment, front if he lilies, .or pinji tho tiro within a range of Jlvo feet or Ive inches. Thu IIIIMS of' It nil is the utilization of the recoil force to tiro llio next shot. I.ongnHt Tunnel'in tlio World. It ia claimed that the longest completed tunnel in the world is at Sehemnitz in Hungary. It, is 10.D7 miles ill length, with n cross .eel ion of II feel 10 inches by n feot.') inches nnd is used -for'drainage purposes. Tho new roton aqueduct tunnel now in course of excavation near this city will op much thulong- sfc turinel in the world. When completed it vlll be nearly HO mtles long, with a .section nuch larger than that of tho SchenmiU tun- lol, being about id feet in dinmjter.. Twenty- wo miles have already been excavated. ' A KiMimrliublu Mnramal. Tho accompanying cut represents tho top if tho skull of the renmrlfablu niaiiimnl, Trity- odon, described by 'luury F. O.sborfi, if Princeton, 'in Science.. It is ru- luued to two-(,hirils latural Jii/6', the ;enus behis mui-h argep than any other h i t hor to known from tho Muso/.oic period. Ju tlio Interval bei tween tho'parietalH and frontals (1 and. 2) is Kcnii thu parietal foramen (i!), which has exactly tho same position and relations nfc in Uie lizard geinia ftphenodon. From the largo.sixo of the piirietal foramen in Tr.itylpdoi), which greatly,.e.Tceeds tljatot any of the recent li/anJs lii 'actual dlnhietur, and compares with that of Urn lahvrinthodonts and saurians, I'roIVssor Osborn infers thnt the primitive mammalia, of this family at loust, had ni pinoai.uyo of »oine f uncUonal wzo mid, value. Tho t nets hero recorded are consid- ered'of reiimrluiblo interest to scientists, adding, as they do, to tho rapidly accumulating evidence for the reptilian ancestry of the mammals. u 'poelosof spider thnt 'ins nlnco tlio Introduction of electric Jij-hts.-- It plys ite crnfl day and night. Every u hero Its webs nro Fee 11 impnrring u dingy, dirty appenrapcft to the architectural onnimeiitatloii outside nnd i\illi)|;!< inside buildings that are Illuminated by ti'ectricity. • ' i j .,•••• SOCIAL .ETIQUETTE. ., , 5rann««M anil 'Oustoius J*roctlc6it' Tn Ipb* ' lite Society. ' ' *" However other points 9f etlqiiettt*tfu-y and Chnngfc It is nlwntu truo that thcdinher and tho diner should bo i-cnJy at tho 'sAmo rod* mont. Eruct punctuality is tho only true po- litoncKs. As regards an Invitation to dliuier, "never" Is better than "Into." Two Inii'orluot Diitlcn, ', A hostt^j should remember, says Mrs. 8hor- wood, when fitin lulid jx-ople to visit her, that she hag two important dutiMt'to pcrfOTin— 'one, not to neglwt Ims* gher.te; the 6th<*, ii6t to worry them liy too much attention. If aver give u guest tho impression that ho is "|>eitig entertained," that he is on your mind, i Fol low this daily life of your household imd'your duties as you desire, taking euro that your guest is neyer in on unpleasant position or neglected. In a country neighborhood it often occurs a hostess cannot avoid asking her guests to go to some stupid entertainment or to become acquainted with hor country neighbors. The guest, howovert»who hns no lnture«t, bo- Ing u stranger, in theto local matters, ought to bo permitted to decline s:ild hospitalities if ho chooses. Many guests, esjiccliilly those who have come from an active life of social dissipation In some city, greatly prefer the quiet solitude of the exiuntry garden, the veranda or a walk through tho woods to social purtjes, where the people they ^neet will be strangers. Groom's Suit for n Dnj- Wedding. At a day wedding a black frock coot nnd waistcoat, dark brown or gray trousers, n n-hUo silk pique four In hand scirf.'whito kid glbvos with broad white stitching on the bnch nnd patent leather shoes i^eprcsent the correct stylo of dress for the groom. The dress suit may bo properly worn -only on evening occasions. Colored Note Paper. , ' Colored note pni»r wont out of fashion long ago, nnd deep, heavy tints in stationery arc no longer seen in my'lady's escroitoiro, nor iij it to bo found at stationer's stores 1 that enter to an excluMve flue trade. Occasionally thero conies n short, revival of the very deli- cute shades of dark blue or gray, but a creamy white remains tho preferred sort. 'SKULL or A nuM.utK-'ljjj AlILK MAMMAU ••.'•Plain SuBg<'»tloiio.'for'JEvory Day. ,. If a door lias a spring on it, do not let' It slam after you. See that your feet are clean before entering any one's house... : .If you Und a door closed, close it again as you paw through. ' • Do not scratch matches on anybody else'4 walls or woodwork. . v • If you visit a rending,room, bo careful to put back,papers and, magazines in 'their proper placx-s. Do not talk so loud at places.of amusement as to disturb othurg and prevent their, enjoy- mont of tho jx-rfonniuice; by so cloin^ j-ou' rob them of u part of thnt which thuylinvt' paid for and virtually pick their pockets. ; • Dr. Bull's Cough Syrup is fust'taking tho'plncoof all old fashioned cough' remedies. It never fails to relievo tho mo-'t: violent cold nnd-for throat diseas- eS : it is 1 invaluable. Price 25 cents. 'Thus am I doubly urmed—my death and : • '.-IMw,. : My bniie and antidote nro both bofore mo" Wnethur toeltnlonn suffering with neuralgia Orbuyonu bottle of Salvation Oil. PHYSIOLOGY AND HYGi'.INE. Cure of tii« 'Coiiiiilexlmi—A '.UciitUt 1 * ' Ailvlrc fn III« t'ntltintii. With the coming of March winds many women will bo Rind to know hpw to prei)ni» eoiini of those roft cnntislpiis tbnt liayo bctni tllciliot tlio t!otflf(5Vt < *fHh[ti'Bklu'B)iicctiT«(i 1 funneiiiormt. I'ajliups tliu slniplcsl^uiuhiou !anlinoi)(l paste, wlii.uli lyay. IjQjireparcvl'Rg' follows: Au'iiuncuof blixik'hedswc-t'talinbtktu 1 bwiteu nml rubbwl smooth, n drop or two of wuttr oddetl ovory UOTV rtiul then during the nibbing tOiprevent the paste from Doparntiug niul becoming oily; mid nt> Jiuit, after llio pnsto Is sulllclcutly'rtinootlij n hnlf pint of clour water aildnl, n drop, nt a time. Tho stlrrinp; must lit 1 well kept up moiniwhlli^ntid tliu,result stniiuinl nftor tho wluili; is jwrfitotly united,' • This is i-xci'lliml for rnugli Rltlns, for niunrllufi; from suiibum or driving In. tlio ^vi]lll, uiul \vheu an OUIKHJ of ^lyeorlno has boeii mixed with it before lidding tho water It In valunblo for i-|mp|xvl IJ»;K!S «iid lipa IlruKhfiil Sleep fur Clilldrun. i A vi'ry inipiirlnut portion of. tho life'of children in tho timt 1 j.;it-eii to Bleep. During (hi 1 piM-iotl of-j;vowlli the constructive operations of tho,body coutiiiuo active.hy night ns well OH dny, therefore all the infUit'iiees Bur- roundin;:; <:hildren, ovcii mofo thnu grown people, nt night, should bo liwlthful. As fur as jjossiblu .childnui should have separate bods, oven if two uro iu tho sumo room. Tho f-lrep will bu twundcr and nioro refreshing, consequently morn conducive to health. A common nut! most mistaken habit Is to allow young children to elee|) with riged people. A straw pallet on the lloor would bo far bettor. During tlio nutritive regeneration of the tissues' which takes plnoo in sleep, a child would bo a heavy loser if lying close to n pei-sou of declining years. Impure nlr also tolls much more quickly upou a child than n grown person. A want Of ventilation through the night in tho nursery may explain why many a chilcr^oes to bed laughing and good nuturod, and wakes up Iu tho morning "cross as two stielis." MOST PERFECT MADE P ri>nsrflrt With strict rtgtuA to Parity, Strength, ftnd Iloiittbf ulnoim. .l)r. J'rlco'n linking Powder contains no Ammwnla,Llm«. Alum or rho»|ihatufi. yr.Prlcc b Extriicls, Vanilln, Loiuon, etc., flavor doUcionuljr. ffffCf BtKWG_PQWD£R_!!!L ' Jmtco.A/taSt louis. Greatly Excited. Not a few of the citizons of Alton have recently become gruatly excited over the astonishing facts, that several of. their friends who had boon, pronounced by their physicinns as incurable and beyond all hope- suffering with that dreaded monster Consumption — have been completely cured by Dr. King's New Discovery for Consumption, the only remedy that does positively euro all throat? and Inner diseases* Coughs, Colds,. Asthma- and Bronchitis. Trial bottle , free at B. Marsh's drug stare, large bottles $1. Wonderful Cores. W. D. Hnjt & Co., wholesale and retail druggists of Rome, Ga., any: We' have been selling Dr. King's New Dis- ovr ' ' covery, Elpctric Bitters and Ai'nica Salve for two years. H'n'Vn never handled remedies that Bell aa well, or give such universal satisfaction, There have been BOOJH wonderful cures effected, by these medicines in this'city. Several cases of pronounced Consump- tipn havo been entirely cured by use of a few bottles of Dr. King's New Discovery, taken in connection with Electric Bitters. We guarantee them always. Sold by E. Mursh. mcbldwloi Tup papers incorporating the Peoria National Democrat Company have been snijt to Springlielii. Owen Soott, of the Blooiiiington Bulletin, takes the paper, and Postmater Dowdull wiU'get SlC,06u for it. . t . • ',: C'hllilron Starvfner to Death , O» account of their, inability to digest food, will find a most marvellous food and Scott's Eruiilsiou. Very palatable and "easily digested. Dr. S. W. Cohen,,of Wncp, Texas, says: ;U have used your Emulsion in infantile wasting. It, not only restores wasted tissues, but gives 8trongth,dnd increases- theapaetite." *• : Bnoaion'8 Arnica salve. The Best Saivu IQ the world for cuta, bruiscai sores,:,.Mrs, salt rhmim, fever sores, tetter, chapped hands, chilblains, corns and all skin eruptions and posU lively cures piles, or no pay required. It is guaranteed to give perfect satisfaction, or money refunded. Price 26 cents per box. Fnr sale by E. Marsh, Alton. 111. ruch7dwlm WHIFFLE & SMILEY, INSURANCE, RBL ESTATE, & LOAN AGENTS, UEIlRESENTrNG THE FOLIA)W1NG First-Class Ins. Co.'s: I DH. Co. of North America; Hartford, Phoenix, Franklin, of Phlladelyhia; German American; North British and Mercantile, London; Com. Union, London; Lancashire, Manchester, Eng.r Continental; Oirard; Glens Falls, Amerean Central; • Firemen's Fnnd, Western Assurance Co. i ' AND OTHKBS: A CASH CAPITAJ Df THE AGGBEflATE OP ' $20,000,000. 1 \TB AbfiO SKPBE!8ENT THE Mutual Benefit Lite, of Newark, N. J., and Traveler's Life and Accident Ins. Co..Uartf ord. Offloe: Over Alton Nat. Bank, Cor. Third and State sts. Fine Residence for Sale. The Into K. DoBow homestead, now owned by 41. ti. Underwood, situated .on Hue of horse railway, In Upper Alto.i; U rooms, bath room, furnace, aud good out buildings, two acrua of ground, will be sold at a bar- Kaln. Possession given on completion of sole. W11IPPLB * SMILKY.-: Vor Rent. Tiv>-story house and good stable on Com- moiTk;reet. Good fruit. ' * SMILKY.. For Suie. Seven lots'with (food brlok dwolllut; and outbuildings, In goncl repair, In Upper Alton. Kesldonceof U E. 'Jolllns, aud known as tho MeiTlll property-. WHU'l'LK & SMIUCr. Alton, or b. W. Collet, Uppw. Alton. Land Bttor 8nndn ttA epot, Alton, itan 4th, 1888. trains Wiil i« tttno, AUl'OM, on-fro phi - •" ° r ' ' « at > For Oblcasonnd th*KMti , OhleBgofloll*... ....*..BVooa,in Uhloogo jvcqpmmodntloti* .fl-iw£-,, ~ Vv. 1 ' .••l«"'«ll»«'T'9!ll)n! Islaud Tart tliiAf,9:00 a. [in* Clty/nnd »U point* WMtT K^nflfts QKy AlailT-...,-.,.... .. Kansas glty Kipress» : Dfcnver least... e Accommodation t... ffof Ht. lionl* i • . i LlBhtnlnif Express* ................. etu &. m Chicago Accommodation* ....... . .»$0 a m Alton Hpnolalt ..... ii .......... .... IS-Mn iX Kansas Glty Mall* ..... .... "'Jo n' S Chicago Muilt ........ ......... . .. fl-jliS' £ tBAINB U5AVH ST. LOOT8 UN10H to M y FOR ALTON. l7BO«,m. 1800p.m. ' CHICAGO. BURLINGTON AJfDQOlNOY. Uo^vs"" lolivo » tho Wn'on,Depot. Alton doing Northt : .-....• Jjf !"<»s? (except Sundttv).... . B:M a. m NiRhtExprusa ..._...........'...'. 7:t»p.m ' W. W. ARNOLD. Aijont. SCROFULA Humors, Erysipelas, Canker, and Catarrh, Can be cured by purifying the blood with I do not believe thnt Ayer's Sanaporllla has'an .equal as a euro for Scrofulous Humora. It Is pleasant to take, gives strength to the body,'and produces a more permanent reiult than any medicine I ever usea. —E. Halnes. North Llndale, Ohio, I 'hare -twod < Ayer's Sareuparllla, in my family, for Scrdfula, and know, if it IB taken faithfully It will thoroughly, eradicate this terrible dlscaso. —W.F; Fowler, M.D., Groenvillo, Tenn. For forty years I have suffered'-"with Erysipelas. 'I lnu-a tried various remedies for my complaint, but f oimd; TJO relief until i I commenced using > Ay'or'a ''Sarsnparill». '• After tokiugdtoavbot. ties of this medicine I am' completely enred. — M, -.0. ..Aiuesbiiry, Rockjxirt, Me. 'h'afe' srifTorefl, for years, from Catarrh,, which was so 'sovoro that it destroyed iny nppetltq, and • weak- enod my system. Ajttnr 'trying--bther romoilies, without re- ief, I began t« take Aycr'g :Sarsaparillo, and, in a fow,month», wn-s cured.'— SiiBttu L. k, !XX» Albany at., Boston, Mass. Ayor's dBarsaparllla 8up9.rlor ,to any blood purifler that I ever .-tried: ,I.,jhavo aken it for Scrofula, 3anker, and Snlt- Kheuui, and- reeolved nuch benefit from it. It is cood, nlsd, tor i weak Hstomach.— tTillie Jane Peirce, S. Bradford, Mass.'' * ior Renl. Take Ayer's Sar«apari)la, in the •spring of the year to purify tho blood, invigorate-the ,system, excite the liver to action, and restore healthy tone and vigor to the whole physicial mechanism. RemomlH-r thnt quality, not quantity, constitutes the vnlue of-medicine. The. peculiar purifying and. building up powers of Hood's,.Sarsuparillu make it tho very best medicine to take, at this aouson. ' ' ; ' 4 Why rolnrs Cuiinot b« rimloKruphmt. I'liotoKriipliy Ims iii-viM- ri'prndm-rd imturul colors. Ki'ii-ntistn cxiilniii (his I'.-ict by Ilio st.'ilciniMit tlml 1'nlnr has no ubjivti\ti oxis- tein-o. It, i.s simply Ihd brain's intwpri'tatioii of l.ho rapiilily u-iili wliicli Urn waves of u ruy of light bivit HgniiiKl tlu< ri.'tinn. Itaits inoro rapid prixluri] llio si'n«ntion of tbo 'ininil known IIKA iolpt; Jii'pts loss rupid, Hint, liiiown ns red. -Violi'l/'imil i^-U ni'i 1 iiolhing but vibrations of tin.' .i-tlirl'Htlitil tln>y roiich t lie optic iici-vo nml coninninii'-ntl. 1 to that, tin.' viln-nl Ions which, tlu> lii'ain ti-un^lntt's. To photograph color Is tlii'ivforo ns iniposslhlu as to photo- Ki'n|)li sound. IllHa|i|ii>anincn of an Isluml. Aewmlins tn tin' ollioinl iien-s|ia|H>i> o( tho Farve iMiiiuls, thi. ro/k ishinll of SCiuikvu, smith of tiiiinlir,, Ims Mini; out of si^lit. In n ivurd, onii i>f ilin ...... >trikin K ol.jirls In tlie KnrvuKi-onp, uliirli hiti IHVII niik.(l prtht and lulmiivd l>y lliousjuiilsof puiplo anil played nn inipi-n-liinl. part in (,'ro(;i-ii|iliii.|il litoiiiturn, sduappi'ui'i'il. H oiu-e Ktoixl uovonty foot nbovo the lovrl of tho son, liu|> :llio* rock grndnnlly cruinblitl awny B0 that lht> tide wo-sliodi over IU surfa.v, The .ilnilloiv wntert nrouinl tint isliniil I'onneil dnn^i-ruuj currants, wlih i-dilli.-i, (ir macl.stroni.-, \vhii-li weivmnch livailcil liy nmriiii-i-j. THKKE is not a more unfit man for [nter-Stata Commerce Commiasioner than ex-Congressman Morrison, and he ia tho man most.likely to bu appointed. — -Gkicaqo Journal. Sore or Inflamed Eyes Speeilily By the use of Diirbys "Prbphylaotic 1'luid. It allays iho inflBinmation ant! irritation and is pnculiarly efficacious by reason of iis -power in.- oleansinp and destroying .all poisonous matter. Chaf- ine, bruises, humors, eruptions, boils and aorus and those more serious and tenacious maladios, Soald Head, Suit HlK'uui and Erysipelas, are speedily cured by the .Fluid. , lu th s wk Spoiling...t'liweliiua Ayith n «'K.»» f.In ihy crowd (atllie President's re- coption) was a gentleman from Hon. ton who stopped and talked with Uuveland for a few minutes. »YVp were much pleasod to see you in Bos. ton," lio said. '-In fact, your visit was it sucieas. , You have made a coor! lioMdent." Here-Cleveland fldgutPd and smiled a conscious smile, and the Hostoninn went on: "Yoiu inun come naain. Ves, conio up soon and brine Mrs. K." Soi'lc, UmKer, Put", Lanibn- P"i I:lciii'isv, Sunw, linokiuilia, quinsy, ioro Tbronti h«n!U'(i, Wniinils. Hcadnclio, rootlituiliC, .SnrtUiis. etfl. R botllo. A two-story brick dwelling known as tho A. Platt homestead. Lately put In «ood re- P'llr. •Wmt'PL.K & SillLBY. •For Sale or nout. A desirable tenement on Bluff street-, owned by Mrs S. J.Dutro. . WHIPPLE 48MILBT. ' Ayer's Saisaparilla, Prepared by Dr. J. O. Ay«r & Co., Lowell; Mu*. Price 81; ilx bottles, »Si" CATARR H For hai« The late roBldouoes of J, i. nnd W. H. Mltebell, on Millst., two o; tin best pieces ol residence property in Alton. Tho property known aa "The Porn, eaatol above: H lots on Mill and Summit streets, an -J a nuuibor of .OM In Mliler * Mitchell's addltlou to Alton. Anv or all of above at a in-cut bargain. , wf.U»PLg&8MIJ,,KY._ Jror euue. The Morrlman proportv on State stroe Miller & MJclieli's add., to Alton, 1" -• house, 8 rooms and out-bulldlugs; ol '«"••—•«-- Con bo had at a bargain. WUIFPLE & In feot order. per- Dr. Bull's Coiuli Hyrnp will cure voiu nneli « I'rlrr. n,,lv 'in C>< r. liolll" A hniiM I'liiiKtmi liiaiHifariun«l of slnnv is llniiNo of sti-au. ' of mntorlnla f llio proinifk>il iu Ooiuloii. H which, accwling ^o Iron, (a bo^iis umdo In Is to ivpivtwnt an Aiiioriuon villa i wo and a half stork* high, nnd cover- ng n spni'o of forty two foi'l liy Ill'ty tact, Suldri-it Alti'actnl by r.lovtrlu LlghU A Wiwhlnyton cornr»poiid«nt coinuicntii on Froo Trade. Tim roductioti of iutornal rovcniii: tho Inking off nl rijvuiiuo slumps (rum pniprmtitry mi'diolnoH, no doubt, has Inn-lily l)uinlitti)il ibpooBsumerH, as well us reliving iho burilun of lioqie ninuu- faniurers. J2-po«ially Is this the castf with Greon'8 August FJowpr and Hos- chHo'H Uurnifin Syrup, as iho redumion «t llnriy.six oeiiU per dogan, tins bueu nildcd to inorcnsu the nisui of tlio nonius conuiiiiiig Uieso rouicduis, (hurt'h'v Kiviug ouo-lifth moro ruciliclno iu tlio 76 cent si™. Tho August Flower fur Dyspopsm nnd Livisr couiphiint uiui tho <iormuu Syrup for cousu and IUUT troubles, hiivo, purlmpH, ),hu largest sulc of any niudiomeu iu the wprld, Tho 'ttumceof mort'aaiirt «iz« of thn bot- ties will tio-(rr(»iiily upprcoiuttiil liy iho >ick and ullliuttid, in uvi;ry ,iowii mid In omliml countriu*. Suinpio for'10.ooois remain,, life samu Ja 8 ilwlw. oow Patents. To ny persons wishing to obtain lettei patent on now tnvontlons, improvements o leslfrns.lwllloxecuto drawings and upoclfl i»!?' uua ,, u " lk « applications for Patonu \H sous matton. In person or bv lottn ' frop Ll'CAS PFEIFFENBEHQER, A Ifcon, T1K J. HOFFMAN &~SOS DEALERS IN and Hardware, For Hnln. A IK story frame dwelling, corner Pe ana Fifth streets. WHlPPLKJfcBMILKy UuHlrable Keitldences tor Sale. A two story brick dwelling on State street Known as A. Plutt homestead,, lately put in good repair. A two story irame dwelllnu on Main stroot, nearly now. A two story brick dwelling on Seventh street, all for sole utasacriUco, owner havlni? decided to IK_""" WUIPPLE &8MILKy ._ . Kor sale. The Woodrool property. A Z story frame house ol 8 rooma, on Klttli and Alton streets. a 4 room frame house on Fl fth street. . , . . WHIPPLB & SMILKY. Jfor Hale. *• oonyenlont faiin of 120 aorea, most all ID HALM 'It not a liquid, muff or powder. Applied into nattrUs is ftiieMu abnorbcd.' It elcanxt the head. -.Allay•» iujfommation. -, Heals the ,tores. Rettoresthefen»esof,t<Kteandemtll. 60cflw/~* ' ' * " " • • -- For Sale or Kent. . Tue.Z-Story Irame dwelling with 9 ro inoludlug 7 lots: irood burn nnd flno fiiilta Known as the Nloliols homestoad, bltuatad on 12th st,, In a destraolo noluhboihood. WlllPPl^K & SMILEY. For Bole. -, A J/i; c 5 m ' bll3 K l>wollln B nnd ont buildings on Thlid Btrtct, between Cherry aud Vino. 1 W11IPPL ft & 851 K Y. Stoves HARD & SOFT COAL BAM BURNERS! And other Hr»t cl«Ra hoatlnar »toyo« for wood or coal. jror Kent. Good 9-rr.ora brick house with about4 acres ol Bround.lmiludlug orcnii-n, In Upper Alton. Formur rotldenco ol Dr. Humbert. T • for Kent. Lute reoldeneo ol M. J. Noonan on State Jtrcot. knorn as the A. 1'latt place. Good 9 room brick lioum. In llrst O!UH» roDiilr. WHIPPLK 4 SMILEY. Kor Kent. A two story brick dwelling known iiutho A. 1 ratt hoinoatcad; lateh put In «ood rupalr. Wllll'PLB & 8MH.KY Monltcr Ooou Outside Woric u specialty: Roof Iny, Guttering, otc. Undertaker's Supplies 81150 • ASSIGNEE'S NOTICE. K»tato of llormnn llennln-unn, dobtori IheundormKnod heiehv K | T ea notice that Hpraiun Kugtlmaiin, ol Alton, Ip the eouuty o I JliidUon and Htuto of Illinois, did, ou the Kill day 01 Feb., A. D. 1887, twin/or to the undumUnod, a» usblKnvi), all bin property. Kiiil and pcnoniil, lor tho lifnelU ot hl» orod- Horn, ucvni-dlnu to iho provision,) of the am concerning asalKiuni'iiti. «•>,*» All pBiHoiHhavl UK claims intalnnt the said Itorinan itt-ircmiimn nro hereby notlllnd to nmiMmtimclioluiinB under onto or afflrma- lion, to inn ut my store, on tho corm r ol Third mid I'liios uroets, Alton, Iu nald county, with, in three month*from this date. *' Dated Feb. IBtn, 1887. i , JOHN DOW, Assluiioe. i JoilNj. DIUCNIIOLT, Atty. r ' foblfldOw Iliivo been unjoyort by cltlionn of every, town and nlty In the II. 8. Mnrveloun Curot li«v» boon wlU notaod by tliouHitiuls of puopln, wlio'onn tomlfy to THK WJJNDICIirUI. IIBALINO WfWKIl (IP Hamlin's ALWAYS ON HAND. OOB. BUOUMU AM) AUIY JJT8. «oii our , .. . , ilii iu Madl- ai< (I ii(l|olnlii(fpoqntlta. Will nuv imoil Suliiry und ALL BXI«NDI(II. Wrlto (or t"rin« and nmtu Bulurv lW l,,,tuU. * Uauu(aoturoiii l lUiu«ori{u HLOAN 4 CO Neuralgia, Toothache, Headache, Earache, .Oalarrh, Croup, Sore Throal, Lame -Back, Stiff Joints, Contracted Cords, „ RHEUMATISM, Sprains, Bruises, Burns, Fevor Sores, Wounds, Old Sores, Chilblains; Frost Biles, Soro Nipples, Cakod Breasts, and AM Aches and Pains, » ro iiul»flyr8llove(ltiytlili)mniil6»l femcrtr. Try It 01100 Hnil you wll noviir tin without U. Kor milo \>f ilniBBlili). I'rlni.. «06. Our SoNO Iloou fri'O tu ulf. Address WIZARD 01 1 COMPANY. CHICAGO. 200 BA.G8 HIGGINM' FUREKfl FINE, SALT. for Dairy and Table UB<S Ib. liuea saokw and 5O Ib, Hooka, for «ale by JOSUJITM i JAUKBTdT'8 " LIVERY STABLED . AIJBY ANL> KA8TQN, ' "

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