Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on March 17, 1887 · Page 2
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 2

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 17, 1887
Page 2
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Aiwai luiii TBUMaUFH. BT W. V. 1NMMOR, M «aM« Mrev THUBSDAT fiVR., MAKUH 17. oool, bat farmers Jo*t going ferttprutg work. Oar post offioe is Rolog to be moved Into tbe little brown bouie "aronnd th* corner." Rer. Parks, nephew of tbe late L. A. Parks, preached a splendid sermon (or the Presbyterians Sabbath. Mr. Josiah Boiler and two sons left Monday nlnht for their new home In Nebraska; tbe rest of his family will follow next week. Tbe Uari Oaru gave a public nstal- lation and danoe Monday night. SIOKNKSI.—Mr. Brewer Martin is slowly recovering from several day's severe sickness. Dr. Dickerson was confined lo bib bed a day or two bat Is better. Miss Jessie Dal", a teacher, is recovering from her late sickness. Mr. Daniel Blodgett is quite feeble, out M able to sit np a little. A man by the name of Smith jumped from a moving freight train and dislocated his ankle and was otherwise injured. When will folks learn, Ac. Wm. Marston has sold bis livery •table i IK to C. Davidson and is going ~weit. The musical festival last Friday night was a snooeu financially. The "Land of Hod" and cantata, was especial)} .well received. Miss ilale, of Bunkei Hill, a talented young lady, assisted and sang some very fine songs and won several enoores. DUD—On last Monday morning, Mr*. Helen, wife of Mr. John Bolt, aged 86 years. 'Mrs. Bott was at th* home of her sister, where she went to aurse her, and was taken ilokon the 7th and died the following Monday; lost eight days. She leaves a husband, two sons and a large circle of relatives and friends to monrn. The funeral took place Wednesday at 1 o'clock p. m. from the Congregational cburcb. E. Butler sells lots of goods and has got a new clerk. VEDI BETHALTO, QoMriisf , Xonb W. Wf. Mill Oytttnl Mason .and >U* Mattto dock vielted relative* in Brighton last week, MM Hannah BurgeM, ol ro*Wrtiurg, I* vuittag here. Mi** Little Toafif. of BrlgHton, to ruittng at her naelc'e. Mr. Wm, Tonfig'a, «r, Jatne* WH*OD,of Plata, took a trip M Bethany on flabbath, Mr. John L. Coward and family, ol SBOI. merteid, ipent the Sabbath at Mr. U. U. Pierce'*. Mr*, Abbie irUh went to tt. Louie lait week. Mr. and Mr*. John Dunphy, of Jmeivltle, vlaltod In Godfrey one day laat week. The Fhtntom Social that wa* bad here tome week* ago 1* to be repeated next Friday evening, March ISttj, at Mr. J.T. Sawyer 1 *, fit. KV*T one who attended the lairt know* what an enjoyable affair it wa*. Let every one cone and be convinced that the halt ha* nev«r been told. Admittance and lun, fifteen cent*, (upper free with toothpick* thrown In. txi not cauie youmlf a life long regret by not coming. MOHB ANON. ALTOH JKABKBT. ALTOS, ILL. HAMfl, »ii«»rOttrjd.wbo»eeAi» " rvtwCU .•..&««»..«,, LAAD. w , Shoulder*, Wbol**»le, per Ib .............. I Clear Side*, wtaileeata'.'.'.V.V.V.V".^!'!!!! s - m- u... , wb«l*e*a*. ' ornoB, Uiurvh 17, USi, . Mannrd'n Bout. In *aok*.... ....... ..... 47.1 ralnr |l.4t; Blnmond Light J4.CO: Pairy B. 11.40; -LaBflle." Kparki MlUlng Co . (A. B. M. do.) 411 < 75 ' • •«•*• _ MTHKAT. Oboloe.perbn : M«1J. Ship Muff, per 100 ft* _ llran Wi»u Ko.lMU4d, per bu.^.,.,1 M So.1 White. - " * 90 fl AT HTholesale, per too, bailed .............. MHO »'• Retail ...... ~ .......................... u OORK MBAL. Wholesale, per bu ......................... M iletaU ....................................... so 8KKD. Clover Seed, per b«.,wbole**,l« ......... U V> Timothy', " ...................... too OATS. Wholesale, pei bo... ....................... so Retail ........ .. .......................... • M STRAW- Ferbato. ................... Ms per owt. POTATOB8. Betao,*! ............................ 10*70 „_ . , . OK10N8, ffbo>seale, per bo. . . ....................... i K BoOt per be., wttafint*, .''. '.""'.'.'.'. I'.'.'.l U " retaO ..................... :.... K Louisville Cement, per brt ........... .... fA M Piaster Farik. ^» « ...... .. ... l 60 Uatr, per bu»W....^.. ....... ........... Ko Good coattty. par cord ........... ...sjo « i.OO COAL. House, del, per bu ..................... ... 7*8 Hard, per ton..... .................... ft 00«7 00 ST. LOUIS. 9r. Lotni, March M. Wn«AT-«lgh«r;Ifo.J RM cash olowtd at WS'aSuc, May BIKo, June 79Xo. JuH- 77X8. o»J»-Uigh«r; Olowjd; «a«U UX«> May ' IH.SO. fin* flisfli to lit IrtTSi ntxn Mo doo* mar Bin* » UMM «*» niSlfcmlM&iiifc IUTS— Rlahnr: eaih rBovi*io»*-Hork irregular in )ob lot*, »18. Standard Lard. J7.30. Chicago. (CHICAGO. March. II, 1867. On the afternoon board wheat broke S cent, and olo ed tamp. Corn n'pady. No.J Wheat-April 7/!!<®75Kc, May «olrt »t SOX«3lc, June at 80X«-'<iXc, July at 79X« 7»X«, Septeiubnr «t 7H««8 Xc. '' la> 39 ^®**. ( -'« J«u« »0,Ye40S'c, July _ r> . ..j . , ___.,.. ,.._-,.._,,.- -——JT" —"" "J"^, •^•r i -^»»»«). The Century For 1880-87. titt Owrrtmy la an Ulnttratedjtwmskly tacaalne, baring a regular etre«Llati<>n eJ boot two hundred thoasand •opiet, often '' and sometimes exceeding .two hnn> nve thoasand. ObufMnevs] .onW It Earlekn the ._ .— Hrstern, RMtere* Appetite, J Hdo«»otbta«k«swtajOTU».t»ith,e— •oh* wpradic* oouUpatloD—o<iir Am (MdfHOM d D«.O.h.Bu.«JCI,i ---- Tt'* •iM. luM. ralollotbw 'l^J'ktKn I* a tbonaibb tood n*H- It la au metlM, wa IndTli KrUon u- r formal iron, la WMknM. or>lov««- a pocltln ,— April SS,'<o, May M,Vn. June L»rd-May MiM at |7.MX«7.M and 17.65 and Closed at fl 5.VV. The Winter wheat markets were atrongpr and X to Mount higher. The fpring wheat uwrkuts. However, were weaker and a shade lower. Corn easier, •K'orn dosed for May at— Hew Tork 4S«", Baltimore 17 He. Wheat ci.. sud for May at-New TO'k 9Uc, Detr It »3X«', To e<lo S2J<c. Dulnth 78Xc, Mil- w.ukee 7s>(p, Baltlmoie 90\o. UetaH «Tbote»ale, per bW Retail SALT. BICB. MOLAhSKk. Whoie*ale,p«rgal Obe*ee,irbc4e*ale,peelb.. JV5SUS OonahMhMabonTnd* MukutdomwdndHots ou wrapper. Take no other. Midi only br BMOWN OUBMIOAI. co., IULTIMOIUE. ua, Pwd^ien. who«e«a»e. " retafl OHIOJTJUtt. "re. "" V , WOOL Dnwaabed. ............... . ........ . ..... 18«MOc Washed.. .................................. SB«aoo DwryMro01 ...... TALLOW: .......... MUo Be quality perlb., wnoi*«eJe..... . ... M HIDES, Oreen cored, per Ib ........................ 6MSM Dry BaMed....?;. ..... . ........ .. ......... f. je Dry Flint ................................. „ S BITHALTO, 111., March 18. '«7. The Freddent Mill* are running day* only. In our letter of last week we ihould hav. said, Bev. Father Herlltz was giving le**on in German, Initead of Rev NrlKbtlngall. A Ultle mliundarntandlng wa* *1L Poitma»ter Miller and Fetrr Greenwood attended the U. A. R. Poit In your city, on Monday evening l»«t. Mr. It. A. Kwan hi* returned from Medlcln Lodge, Kan., and .Ilka the reit, ha* caught It. He lay* that Medicine Lodge 1* a Uundt yonng town. Mr. John Largent, Jr., ha* returned from Flno Bluff, Ark., and ha* accepted a podtlou with Mr. Jn*»e» McDonald, of fort ituBsell. MM. U. T. McOrea and daughter, Koaa, spent the past week with rolatlre* at Foster- bnrg. Mr. Joel WUliams, th* popular legdcr In the B. 0. band, ha* gone to Arkansas on n brief vldt. Blllle Eoblnnon, of lOmpbghtint, wa* In our village lait laturday. Mr*, M. J. Battle* ha* gone to ipend the week with her liner, Mr*, Howard Banney, ofSt. Louli, wholilyiog danxerouily 111 m her reildence In that city, Mr*. W, W. Gill, proprietress of the Bheri- dan home, vlaited your city on Tue«duy ol tbl* wuek. Mlaa Lettle Thomaon, of roaterbnrg, Uaa been vltltlng her friend, Mlta Emma Bolk, for th« pa*t week. Moaara. Stroeper, Real and Hall, of "Pi- town," were among the vlHltor* to our tow.i the puit week, Or.Burwoll.lateof West Virginia, la again with u*, and will take charge of Mr. Nelaler'* drug itore, who will be absent tevural weeks In Kanaa*. Mr. N. expects to leave u* noon and our citlxen* win «ureiy mfia him for bt ha* kept the boit drug store wo hare ever had, and for the few yeara he ha. been with UB has done, more for tlio town than many of UB elder and wealthier cltl >en*; he I* energetic, enterprising and a good business man and If he it determined to leavo ua we trust he will be very successful He will vlilt Wichita, Klngman and other points In Southern Kansas. Muw RAiLUOAD-Mr. Flick receive* another letter tbl* week from Knglnetir Hamilton, of the Feoria Air Line road, stating that they wonU go to work very soon on the right of. way. Ourcltlxens should exert themselves to their utmost to get this road through our town, as It would undoubtedly b« of great b«n»nt both to our town aud the country through which it would run; It would Increase the value of property and open up our extensive coal field*, besides it would have a tendency to bring other manufacturers to this place and make our town compare favorably with other good business points, How U the time to goto work with a will, let every body work, It will not be hard t« con. vtnre them that this Is a.vory desirable point to pa** through. 0«nrs—Bup*rvl«or Gulp and hi* brother, •am., were In our burg ou Monday. Mr. H. J. HeBrick* will move, la a few day*, to bis farm aear Nokomla; Mr. John liau*nbuthler will occupy Mr. Ueurtok*' ,property. Mr. Frank Bllveu and family will move thl* week »o last St. I,oul». Thank* to Mr. J. D. Klllott, of Advance, Mo,, for a copy ol the Advance Iteai; also to Mr. Tuttle, of Ualdwell, Kan., for paper* r«c«lv*d. Mr. Kt. Balster bad nine beAutlful little cedar trees stolon from his premises one night last week. In the way thut Messrs, Uotsoh and Mcyor settled tb*lr MUle difficulty on Monday wa* von* pleasing to all;tool«hbor» should always try to settle their trouble* without itolng to law. Mrs. W. W. Arnold and daughter, Nellie, of your oily, and Mr. John Htolte and (amllv, of Edward*. vllle, were visitors to our town last Sunday. •ear In mind that Mr*. Battle* ha* got the *mo«t handsome stock of wall paper* ever tarried bore ««d ike price Is away dow». OIMUT. :i VITIATED BLOOD THE BEST THING KNOWN FOB Washingand Bleaching In Hard or Soft, Hot OF Cold Water. ES LABOR, TIMR and 8OAP AMAZ- T, and glv** nnlvmal aatlMBMtioa. Ml y, rich or poor, ihould be without it. BUd hr allGMem. BKWAKK of ImUatlfml iMil de*tane£to int'Hs? "TJ TlStOt «*IW ONL.T 8AJT? jabu-n>«w« uomponnd, ana Iray* bears tho nbove symbol and name ot .T«MT. I PXX.R. ITSEXV UEfUBUCAN TOWS8BIP CUHVEM- TION. KASKINE (THE NEW QTJlMINK) . No bad effect No headache No nausea. MO ringing ears, C"- quickly [Pleasant,? Bfr'i- "£r&&£2S&^B A POWJSBFUI. TONIC. \ tbtt the rnoet delicate stomach will bear. A SPECIFIC FOB MALARIA, RHEUMATISM, NEKVOD8 PROSTRATION, and all Gei m Dlaeaae* FOB COLDS KASKINE MAS BEHiW FOUND TO BE ALMOST A BPKOIFiO. Kupe.lor to Qnlulae. ^Jjvue Hospital, K. T.: "Pnlvenally »ue- BD. BLOOK,ui«ri *. On and alter Monday, Feb. U, the Bprwtd FOB ST. LOUIS at t o'clock a. m., and St. Louis on return trip at 8 p. m., dally. And leaving Alton tor Fortaite, Jersey Landing, Oral ton, and wa> points every evening at 0:80 o'clock. ta.Tbe Whistle wlU be *o>nd«di fifteen minutes before starting tor St. Louis. (VABMi To ST. Lens, ... so KoonDTair ... - TJ TWBHTT Bnitt* . - - ft 00 : a w. Fast Freight & Passer ger Lii.e THE PT. LOUIS AND OKKTOAL ILLINOIS R. ». CXCH PALACK blKAMUK J. P. ELI.lhO.<4, Uoiuuiander. AHIHUTX, On and after Thursday ,Peb. 17th, will leave Alton dally For St. Lonla at 7 a. m. Retnrnlnir, will leave 84. Loni* (foot of Tine »t.)at9:4Sp. m-! Leaving Alton at ScftO p. m. for Portage and Jersey, arriving at Grafton at 7i45 p. m., connecting with last express OB 8t. Lonta and Uentral Illinois Railroad lor Jeneyville, Wa- veny, Hpilngfieldaud all point* north and east. FARE. To ST. Louis, sliiKle trip, . . . IDc. ," " round trip, .... TSo. H " twenty ride ticket, , , SS.OO HBNRT a TATUM, Gen. Agt. Alton. H. A. risUKB, tien'l Manager. telldtf iMummrita. f your ant T. Scrofulous, Inherited and Contagious Humors Cured by Cuticura- T RR000H the medium of one of books received through Mr. Fra.. Wray. Druggist. Apollo, Ha., I became ac qualnied with your OuTicUBA REMEDIES, and take this opportunity to testify to you that tnelr use has permanently cured ise of one of thn wors'. coses of blond pnlsonlOK, In con- nectloa with ery»lpnla«. that I have ever seen, and this after having been pronounced Incurable by eomelot the best physician* in our county. I take (treat pleasure in forwarding to you tula testimonial, unsolicited a* It la by you, In order that others from similar mola- dlea may he encouraged to give your OOTICD- f. 8. WHirLlkOBB. Leechburg. Pa, Reference: FBAKK T, Wair, Drugsbt, Apollo, SCROFULOUS ULCBR8. Jame*B.Blcbaidson. Custom House, Jtew Orlean*. on oath says: "In 1870 Scrofulou* Ulcer* broke out on my body until I wa* a mass of corruption. Sverythlag known to the medical faculty was tried In vain. I be came a mere wreck. At times could not lift my hands to my head, oould aot turn In bed: was In constant pain, and looked upon life a<! a curse. No iciiefor cure in ten year*. In i MO i heard of the Uutlcura Remedies, used them, und was perfectly cured," Sworn to before 17. S. (Join. J. D, Crawford. OKK OF TUK~WOBST CASKS. We have been selling your Cuticura Remedies for year*, and have the drst complaint yet to receive from a purchaser. One of the worst cases of acrolula I ever saw was cureii by the use o( nve bottles ol Outicura Resolv- »nt. CutlouraandCutloura Soar. The Boap takes the "cake" here as u medicinal soap. TAYLOtt* TAYLOR, DrurgUts, Frankfort, Kan. SCROFULOUS, INHKRITJED. AndOontaglou* Humor*, with Ion of hair, »na Eruptions of the Skin, are positively cured by Uutlcura and Outloura Soap ester- ually, when all other medicine* fall. Send for pamphlet. DBUGUItmTuSE THBH. We have obtained latlafactory result* from the use of the Outicura Remedied* our own family, and recommend them beyond any otiier remedlo« for dlteuoes of the *kln and blood. The demand for thorn grow* as their merit* become known, MoMILLAM Jt CO.. Druggist*, Latrobe, Pa.' ^ CUTICUSJUBEMBDin are sold everywhere, erice: Outlouraj tt" ure*t 8kln Cure, 40 cti-.; Outicura Boas., ito Kxqul*HuBe*utlBer, X> ot*.; Outioura Eefliiv out. the New Blood 1'urlHer, »1. I'otter Drug and ohemlcal Co., Boston. P T M FLKU > Blackhead*. Bkln BlemUhe* A7 JLiXJL and Baby liumcn, u*> Outiouia Choking CatairrL S Have you awakened from a disturbed sleep with all the horrible sensations of an assa*- sin olutohluK your throat and pressing the Ife-breath from your tightened ehestf Have you noticed the languor anl debility that succeeded tbe effort to clear your throat and head of this catarrhal matter? What a de> pressing Influence It tuorts upon the mind, clouding tne mumory and filling tho mad with pain* aud strange noise*" llow difficult to protect tbe system against Its urtber proaroaa towards th* lungs? liver and '%}'%'" Pay"""'" will admft. It Is a nrrlble disease, aud odes out for relief and jure. Tbu remarkable-curative power* when all other remedies utterly fall, of Saoford'* Udioal Oure, nre attested by thousand* who Tb« Republicans of Alton township and all others desiring to co-operate with them at the election Tuesday, April 5th, are requested to meet in Mass Convention at City Hall, Monday evening, March 38th, to, nominate can* diddles for the following offices: One Supervisor. Three Assistant Supervisors. One Town Clerk. One Collector. One Assessor. One Highway Commissioner. And to transact any other business properly oomintr before the meeting. CHAS. HOLDEN, JB., J. K. BUTLER, GEO.D. HAYDEN, H. G. M'PIKE, S. ¥. CONNOR, N. H. BAKER, JB., F. W. HOPPE, H. S. STARR, Republican Central Com. RKPDBLICAN C1TT CONTENTION. The Republican* of the several wards of the city of Alton, and all voters desiring to co-operate with them in securing a better, more efficient and •ore progressive administration of city affairs, are requested to meet in primary meetings, at City Hall, on Thursday evening, April 7th, at 7:80 o'clock, to nominate candidates for Aldermen in their respective wards, and also to appoint delegates to a City Republican Convention to be held at the same place, Friday evening, April 8th, to nominate candidates for Mayor, C".y Clerk, City Treasurer, City Attorney, to be voted for at the municipal election April 19th; the several wards to be entitled to the following representation IN the city convention: First ward, 8 delegates. , Second ward, 6 delegates. Third ward, 8 delegates. Fourth ward, 8 delegates. Fifth ward, 8 delegates. Sixth ward, 6 delegates. Seventh ward, 7 delegates. Total number of delegate?, 61.* And to transact' such other business as may properly come before the meet'. o. -_ ., „ „ ("E very patient treated 8*. Francis Bos. N. T. t with Kasklne has been _ ( discharged cured." Bev. Jas, L. Hall, Chaplain Albany Penitentiary, writ** that Kaskine has cured hla wife, after twenty veara suffering from malaria and netvou* dyspepsia. Write him for par- 8t. Joseph's Hospital, K. T.: "It's use is considered Indlsix-nsanle It notn perfectly." W P/0'--W. F. Hoioombe. M.D., M EastSJth St., jyf. (late Prof. In N. Y. Mod. College) wrltea! "Kaakine is superior to quinine in Us vpeqlflc power, and never produces the slightest In jury to the hearing or constitution. Thousands upon thousand* write that Kas- ktne has cured them after all other medicine* had failed. Write for book of te*tl« mnnlals. Koskine can be taken without any special medical advice. $1.00 per bottle. Bold by or sent by mall OL receipt of price. KA8K1NE CO.. 5i Warren st.,New York. lu dwlm DB. C.JB. BOltLAJO> t Dentlstf 18 THIRD BTSEBT, ALTON, ILL. OmaeHoark—ta.m.toBm.1 1 totp. n •SsbdwlT O. -A. McMILtLEN, Dentlat, OVEB BBUBGGSMAN1T8 O1OAB SVOBK 8BOOMO.BT. 1e*3 dtf It* Many attraction* for tbe ocmiag year Is a •extol whleu ha* been in aotlv* yeeparmla* lor itaieen year*, it U a history at aa ow» country In It* meet artttaH time, ttsMfem THE MFB OF L1HOO&N, By hi* Confidential fieeretarlei, Joiua G. Nlcolay «nd Ottl. John Hoy. This (treat work, begun with the sanotlmi of President Llneoln, and eoutlnuod under the authority of hi* ion, the JUon, Bobert 1, Lincoln, 1* the only InU and authoritative record of the lUa ol Abraham Lincoln, lie author* were tiiend* of Lincoln bwlore his preslitenov: they were mo»t intimately a*> •ooiated with htm as private Moretartee throghunt hi* term of office, audio then were trauiterred upon Lincoln'*death all hi* private vaperi. Here will b* Mid the laiid* history of the civil war an* of President Lincoln 1 * administration -Important details of which have hitherto remained nnrevealc* that they might flrat appear in mi* authentic history. By reason ot the publication of this WM ' THE WAR SERIES, which ha* been followed Kith unflagging interest by a great Interest by a great auill- ante, will occupy le*a space during the coining year, Oettytbnrg will be described by <>«n. Hunt (Chief of the Union Artillery), (Jen. Longstre-1, <}en. K. M. Law, and othora. Ublcamatiga, by Oen. U. II. Hlil: tlbermau's March to the .-ea, by General* lioward and Mocum. Oonorals Q. A. Uiilmore, Wm, T. smith, John Glbbon,Iloruoe Porter, and John 8. Mo*by will deMirtiM) cpeelal battle* and Incident*. Stoito* of naval engauemente, prison 111*, etc. etc. will appear. NOVELS AND 8TOKIGB. "The Hundredth Mam" a novel bY rrank B; Bto « h «05. author ot "The Lady, or the Tiger." bfigljie in November. Two novelettes by George W. Cable, Mori** by Mary HiUioek Koote, ."Uncle Beam*," Julliin HaVthorne, Kdward fggleitvn, and other , protulnenl American author* will be printed during tne ****' SPECIAL, FEATURES. (with Illustration*) Include a eerie* of article* on aSalrs in Bucsla and Siberia, by Uco. of "Tent Life In •iberU," wke> ha* Just returned from a muet eventful vi»it 10 blberian priooD*; papers i B toe food (jn«skkm, with referenev to it* bearing on tit* Labor Problem; JCngllsh Cathedral*: Dr. aggUeion 1 * Bellgieu* Life in the America*! Oufonlei: 01airv»yauo*,bplrlt«all*tu,A*lroi- ogy. etc., bj Kev. J. M. Buckley, U.D.. editor of the Christian Advocate: a*ironomieal paper* ; artloie* throwing light o» Bible Lktory, etc. PRICES. A FREE COPY. Subscription price, |4.W a year, W ttiat* • number. ttealen. po*tma*ten, and.publlsk. en take rabeorlptlona. Bead for our beaim- lully illostiated M page catalogue (free), containing full proepeotns, e*c., lie.ndlog a special oiler by which new reader*'can gel iiack number* to tbe beginning at the War «._.--_^ ltv A »peotmeB eo»r seat OB reqnen. Men- (back number) will lion thi* paper. Dan yon aford to be wltkool the Centary TQM OiiTUKT CO., Hew Te»k •ubeoriptton* received at thl* oCe*. P8T8IOIAJI8 DB. B. Pbyaiclan and OFt'lCK ^NU RKSIDKNCB. OOK.FOUBTB AND HJSNhY STS. REAL ESTATE FOR SALE. BEAD LIST OP BARGAINS W. A, UAMKJOLLi, M.D., Phy-iclfun and Surgeon, onriac-«KooMi> ST.. ALTOK, ELL. >ffloe hours—9a.m.; 13 to 1, and I p.m . *mv«-awt Maitcr'a Sal*. STAm OJT ILUXOJ8,1 St. CBair conuty. I Of the "September term. A.P. 1181, el the M. Olalr County Circuit Court. John M. ChUtonf*. Thoma* fnlltnn neoias Chllton, James Sllderoy. Bobert W. Uie*> en«m,/KlUabeth Ann WUllam*, Dotoih* ) Burn, Thonia* Burn, Jame* Born. Barbara rergu/«on, (farah Jane Burn, William Bun. cWohn Tbomai Burn, uorodiy Ann BursT Isabella Burn, Jame* Bum, and Henry B. Ouallenor, executor of the lakt will um teetamentof John Chllton, deeeaeML Bill lor *ale oi Keal Kitate. Under and by virtue of decree of said conn, made in the above entitled eauee. M •aid term, I, the undersigned, will, OB BATUKDAY, MARCH U, 11*7, -ATC. A. Schlueter's Agency, For sale—rive-room brlek house, story and a half, corner Eighth and Mechanic *tr*et. Can'be had at a bargain. Good ^property to One l-room new house, with cellar, cistern and coal house. Lot 60 by lie on tth and Market it«. gfe'an'd _Kaoh packet contains one bettle of the Kadlcal Ouro, one boi of Oatarrhal Solvent. and an Improved Inhaler, wltk trealUo and direction*, aud I* sold by all druggists for $1. 1-OTTM UBUOAOHKllIOiL Oo'TioltOM. mg. CHA8. HOLDEN, JB, J. K. BUTLER, OEO. D. HAYUBN, H. G. M'PIKE, 8. F. CONNOR, H. H. BAKER, JB., F. W. UOPPE, H. B. STARR, Republican Central Committee. WM. L. KLUNK DNDEBTAKEE, AMD BBAIJIV HOW M7 SIDES ACHE. From the bench a*d the counter. ( . _ . strain* aad aln and ache of dally toil housVlith aSa-iiaTtaf «r Lot^by^uo! good cistern and coal house, at a baigain. For sale—16 acres in North Alton with good orchard, barn and plenty of water. for sale-Mo acres Improved farm with Kood house and stables In Woodson county Kansax. B.B. rum. across Irom Fort Scott to Wlchlta,G miles from county teat, For sale—75 acres partly bottom land, improved farm, near Oorsey, with plenty of good buildings on same. For sale-10 pieces of valuable property with good houses, In this city. i F ° r ; aj e or "ohange-A nice little cottage in Bethalto, with plenty of ground, stable und good water on premises. For sal* or exchange—Two sections of B. B. timber land In Be. Missouri, 1M miles from St Louis on the Iron Mountain B. K., a( a bar* ypr sale or exchange, 1 acres of grouad on cast n *'" adlolum|f Ma yor .Copplnger's on the For sale or exchange—5 sections of prairie land in Orooket county Texas Will sell cheap, Suitable for any farming purposes. Threeacres adjoining Or.Roberts on north. Five lots on Dry st., adjulnlng.Thoma* BlH- glr* 1 residence on the east. "","•« »'« One and a half lota in llawley's addition. One and a balf lots in Shelly 1 * addition. Any of the above property can be bought I also represent the Buffalo German Fire Insurance Co- Buffalo, N. T., one of the besi companies in the U. S. And other good Companies in addition. G. A. SCFLUETER, Office in my New Building, on Second street. . inch 14 d w Taa undorsltfned have eteusd a now 'musle •tore at thu corner of ¥hlrd|and Plasa *t* ORGANS AND PIANOS I of the |flne*t •Korkmaiiihl^ for sal* at reasonable prices. Call and examine oar instruments before purchasing eltewhere. Tne west fourth of the southeast Quarter the northwest quarter, containing ton (M) acre*; and the uaat half of the *outbw*M quarter, aU In section thirty (SO),In townihl* nix (6) north of range nine'*) wilt; * Appra>*ed value, fS.Ul.Tl Bale to commence at one o'oloek p. m. TKRM8 Of dALE.-Twenty par o««t. of th* pnrohai* money to be paid ca*b down, an* th* balance on.a credit of six and-twelve FLOSSj RABE. mcikWd WILSON WASHBOARDS. Tk*«* W*«kbe«id* an ina4< wltk a H*Mt.Wo«* rlnu Tb*BtMcr- •it bonds aad best waskers latb* w«U. »ot *al* by all leeUt*. T*k* •• *th*r. •AGIIVAW MT'O CO., Bagiaaw, Ktcktgan. tlon of *alo sale. I will execute and deliver a deed to the purchaser or purchaser* of *aia land, a* by said decree I am directed, coa- veylBg all the light, title aad claim of tie 1-6 p ^ ACUBS CHOICB HARDWOOD FARMING Heady-Made Cktfflns, Metalio Cases, Gaskets, And Burial Robes For Ladle*, Uonttemea aod OhUdrea. Office and Shop on State street DAIRY FARM. North Alton Jersey Dairy. Having rented Jaraea Mullen's Dulry farm a"? cattle, the undcrslKuod will furnish milk »' * h « very best quality to the eltlsen* of Alton. The cattle «r« mostly hlttli irLde Jer*evsandforgivlni( riob mlAt they "»™ n °«?u»|itliey8re all young and healthy" will eeu no slops of any «ln5 to ourcatUe i'artles that » III lavor UB with their uatron. age may depend on gettlnamllk of tlie very best quality. A sample wffl be given free oi charge to all that apply for It. Tim mllklmi and everything connected with thi dairy wW be kept scrupulously clean lotbat oui - XtMSnf "^'^ te o'' a^e« WU J. EUMKBT Ilav* for service, two rrglsterod sires J«»- sey and HoUteln, >ei vice fee for either U la The llolsteln 1s from that famous bull Oon •"•"""" owned I, V Mr. Stev^oj «oi V6?k mlum at at. LouU last tall. Out's 1887, Harper's Weekly. ILLUSTRATED. HjL»rEE'8 WBBKLT maintain* It* noHOe* as the leading Illustrated newspaper iBAmer- Ica; and it* hold upon public esteem and eon- f dence wa* never «tronaer than at the ""* *'"• B«»ldo* the picture*. EL,Y»» GR£AM_BALM Cleanaea tbe Head, Allay* Inflammation. Heals tHe Sores. Regtorei tbe Senfiec of Taste' bmell, Hear-, Int. A quick Belief. A ps« ittre Cure. lled ta »° •»°» 1 »oltrii so et*. at M. «r , Owesj«, N. T. ».». J &£tiSH&?& A.J.HOWELL, rtwoToTthrbest n^eS of t day, finely illustrated, with short MorleZ poem*, iketches, and papers of important current topic* by the most popular wriur*. The care t&at haiibeen »uoceas7ullyVxeroUed In thepasfto u ake UABPEM WEEKLT uaale Riw n?" * 1«1« ) P« visitor to every houle hold will not be relaxed in the future. HARPER'S PERIODICALS. * Harper'. Weekly......""?. 11*0 Harper^ Maga«lne .. . IS Harper'*Ba*ar 12 Warper 1 * Young People !.' \Z u ^a r ^±»?«™.^«'7Vo~ J |J WOO FURNITURE I f A Full and Complete Stock r OONtTAJCrXT HAVD. ALL <MU>*W «™Sj£,\ um V "'t" 18 Weekly begin with tbe J™* Number for January of each year" When 2?ih?h 4, m8n .«lono<». dubsclptlon* wUl begin *^ h .. tb8 "ujaborourrentat time of recelptol order. UPHOLSTERING K**Uy and promptly exeeutet. Belle »t. f b*t. Third aa4 -ALSO- 1. ciIor f ' for UNDERTAKER. Ki!»«« SKTUTH m STOCK FOR SALE. For Sale Cheap, —ox*;— Eagle Brict Hade With all the Appliances to RUB Everything in Good Order. A. H.; H.

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