Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on March 17, 1887 · Page 1
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 1

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 17, 1887
Page 1
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1OL&CH 17, I88T Three Peculiarities l!ri >OicoDiblnatlon of Uio various "owedtoi agents used. , Otfl • Tlic JwoPOHlon In whtth the roots, JEllS liort)S,bnrkS,'61o.,.ire mixed. ; • A»IU jiiuv-uua ujr wmuij tUQ ftOtlVO I • medicinal p(obcrtl$l) are soetSVod. 'ii The result, Is a medicine of unusual Btrcfagth and curative power, which' effects cures heretofore unoqunllod. These peculiarities' belong exclusively to Hood's Bampwllla, >ndi are .Unknown to Others J Hood's Snriapnrllla U prepared with} tho greatest ,Bk;il mnd carer by/pharmnolsts ot '•i education and long experience. Hence It Is a >nia<Uelno worthy of entire confidence. If you, '•Wtoif'tfom terofuln, siilt rllcum, or any dig- ease of, tlio Wood.'dyspcpBln, billousacss, sick luadooho, or klUney:and liver complaints, <j«arrh or rlicnnffttlsm, do -hot toll to try , Hood's Sar-saparllla . "I recommend-Hobd's Samparllla to ftll vjiny trltadiTaft the best blood'purifier on } earth." i WM.jGAW, druggist, DaWlton, O. < " Horid's Snrsnparillii lias cured we of serof- jtolous HumpT, 'and done 1 me Worlds 'of godd \ otherwise. 1 ' 1 . O. A. ARNOLD, Amofd'tle. •A' book containing mahy additional -state. „ ttitotiof cures will be sent to all who desire. . Hood's .Sarsaparllla Sold by all JrngglstR.' $1; B|JE for $5. Made only by 4 0.' I.'HOOD tt CO., Lowell, Mass, lOO/.Doses One Dollar. >'.-:•••• Plain and Decorative *«„.:.>?«.' .: .... i / : *.. w »''. i" ,-^ '^. '.',"' .'•',* & . . WOJlk- FEOMPTLT ATTliirj)Et) TO'At •'" IX) WEST iTBUMBi . : ••'< OFFIOK'AKD BBOP ON ST M 1|MR .. : . PIASA -ALTON. ,"•'. -; " SuiiaMno and Air in alcknvn., If there- IsU possibility of choice, a largo «unny roomflhoiiUl Ixisolectod for an invalid" If -without tfcm-ppt >to much tho better, says h trained nurse. ' ; Tho iriiportaiido 6f mishlne ciiu'. Baycoty; b<? oVurostliimtod. Cages have been known flf.jyouml^tlmt hod obklnntely refused to heal, .yielding to treatment hftcf being exposed n few hours every day to the dli-ect notion of tho nun. Simfihlna is a, capital dieenfcqtanfi iind Bhoiitd naver bo excluded< -from-Diastole room oxc«pt by Hxprem orders of tho physician. Tho Hint cnnon of miralne•'• says Florence Hlgditfafealcyis to i keep tho ak n patient breath™ as,- piii'o as the cxtorhiil air' Without' 'cbllliilg hint. In most modern hotiBos tho Uppdr. sash of wlndown lots down and may bo kept open n few inches. If there ttTiha lightest.•flraught,, It may.txi prevcnttd 'X l '?S9i$33!fef':,fe' Ihofio on which; hio«iulto ndtHng,i;fe;frtatei'icd( nbotit" felght Jlhdhes in width, raado to fit lho upper part of the window. 4,»lnglo ! thickness' of '-flannel must be tacked on each'sfdii of It. ' ,: ,,.;, •; . Care of the,.Tectli. ( '"' '; ... A'h'e^xjrlenced dentist! directs his patients to' care' for tlieir teeth 1 .'as/follows: .Always brush them in the aiorn'i'ng iiefofe breakfast. — first, with wfttcr only.f then' ^y^th^ powder. , Powder.-slmnId be used ^at least once d dny: wjthputjt ^ttibth, onnno^ be kopt ; c.lcari To brush effectually place tho ' upper and lower rows of tt>etl( parallel td each cither, the points of,., the ,,fi'ont^ jtduthing, 'then 'use lyour brush up and down tfie leeth botw'esn'.the' gums, bmahing the gums us well as tho fccoth thereby toughoning'the one nnd cleansing'ttfo olhor. : Youi-,back''ifceth need more brushing thaiv,ypur : front .piiea' '• You will bo wlso to show a-portial cave lor tho i back und outsides Of'the i-earmostrtoath abovo'and below. iAf ter each and eVeryrheal Use a quill toothplcsor waxed floss silk, and rinse the mouth with moderately cold water, Tho intention i is to lemovefoodfrpm.among the teeth. Decom^ posed acidified fpodj animal or vegetable, is tho worst enemy of the tooth. - .,«... .of, an attempt on the "HffoMhfGzur, of Russia, .'last Surj- ;«?yi is confirmed. Arrests are belne' made. .• •'.";-. • . ' .V',' •:-':' . ; -- > .*' i.- P,«>P9«cd' v pirphlbiUon mmond- ment to the Tennessee State Constitution Will bo voted upon by the people oi'tbafc State at a special election ' ' ' _. It is reported, that the Emperor William bf Germany intends, on his next , birthday anniversary,' to prc- telajm 'his "son, : the ' Crown Prince Frederick William, Co-Regent of tho Empire—that is,; assistant Em'perbr. • The Canadians propose rf a ^settlement ,of«herie8 controversy,by means of a commission cohsistingt'of one delegate to'represent, the Gana- dian Dotninittii ' Goverfltneht, one to represent the"?PrpVifice b^JNewfo'un'd- land, two dejegates^roila the Ubited States and on'e'-frtfm some disinterested European poiwer. \ /,' ' •'••}• ^Thirteen persons 'are under arrest and nine otheratare being Squglit fori ;by,the : dfflcers'*bf Christian dounty, Mo., chargla with being?implicated m the cowardly midnight assassination of tw6.citizens of Sparta, in that county, ii\ theityhomespby a secret, oath, bound Kuklux organization. > • ; » 'if~ r ~~~ <f,'{ —. i ... ..- -- ,. •' Capt. Kafls', Remains at'St. • tte acted on by the people separately, which was laid on the table. Yeas, 92; nays, 46. " , The Tes6lution as amended by Craft's ; ', was defeated, Yeas, '63; nays, 7?. • - •'•• »• KBVKNOH COMMITTEE. . : ,., nue committee held sessions this afternoon. -The Senate committee knocked. oo tithe one assessor feature of tho commission's cOde.-iand came very he^r killing the 'divorcement pnnclple'0f ; thi!'same'lawvand i 'would have done j so, but adjourned before .action was taken. . . '." ' ' Tho -House Revenue Committee killed the State"aad;]6eal 'tax divorce- mentjfeature . of the oommissibnen! l In 'place of -the'divorcdment •\ ^' V ">;-:- ;; v^- ! ' •,'?••:<•;-:',•:'. iri-^ "•'•^p^-i-! .. •' • ^/-. _ — ^^r -L_I-^_ ^ ^ ', i ,_•- Absolutely Pure. Tola powder never varies. A marvel of purity, strength wholnsomeness. More eoo- nomicultliini.the ordinary Jiinds.and cannot be. sold in competition w(th the multitude ol low test, abort wolght. alnoi phnnphafe now- dprs. BOLDOXLYTNOXNS. KOYAL BAKING POWDER CO.. 106 Wall St., N.Y. DAttl "^ , '••'•• '' •-•• ••- '•" '..••• ••. v, JanSdwly , ..,.,. .. • ./,• «T.-LotJi8,''March 16-^The remains .of the distinguished 'civil engineer, Gaptain. James.; B.\Eadsv'-whoUied at Nassau,, Bahama, Jslatad^ " on- the 8th instant, arrived here'ttbout' 11 b'.0lock.,this morning.;, Arrangements for'the funeral have not, yet ; been completed, but it will take place from .'.Christ Episcopal'. Church .'abme j time to-morrow. Rev. Dr. Schuyler, the rector, will '.officiate. ' Gossip About Jena Baker. WASnmoroNi March 16-i-TJIldre is a good deal of. goasip.'-attffchirig to tlW'' course of Congressman 1 .' Jehu Baker, Morrison's successor. He has been here some -time, slipping quietly into the Capitol to inquire if his credentials were in proper form, taking meals at obscure hotels, ,and living nobody'Jtnows iWhfere. His 'friends have been trying tb'get! track of him and to find out what is the cause of his mysterious movements, but without avail. plan, it is 8aid,, 'this, obdfmlttee. is -likely -Ho -'«ddpt'i ptopwrttltf&i jSro- posed by the Ch'fcago 'iReyehue IcagUeV Mrhtch'dlsb'eni'tjraceB'U train- movement --plan of asseBBinent "for railroads instead of the 5 peri cent. grosf earnings system. ,Tbe date Hit assessments Was, fixed at froiu the 15th of April to the 1st bf , 'August.: ; "THE UPPEK MISSOUltL A Great Flood Jn the Klver and ttfl Tributaries in the Northwest. Thorourfbred 1 ^ , /-.•• We have lots ^WKP>; NOVELTIES, ^:^;-:'--^:>- ; -SHOES, J3aff OOclilna, HoudanH, outh Hncks, -Langshans and \yi-andotto's, «/T*u"= " * Sf " v f*.^"* un*HU| iruiu miy ono ,of ( thoyftrMiesnftra5(l;'iTh|* U a greiit re- ° r dozen, li-oin any one , gu re- cluction trom ; old Jftt96 and every onn wishing to raise pure bredfowU should tako art- vHnttt!<a of It, Orders promptly tilled. Address. . • -'''' X«ucas;Pfeiftenberger ARCHITECT, GEJiEHAL 8UPERINTENDENT AND MECHANICAL DRAUGHTSMAN, OQlco ou Third st.,ouo door west of Piasa, tuird floor. HATS, CAPS, ., caij't be toeat in quality an<l prices. All the latest novelties ; pf tlie season daily adrtud, at one-price cash house^ ALTON; TO ADVERTISEES" np,ipur». Tl!l»I«Ht ibo IBM of only one fifth of iio«nt a Hue, for l.OKlelicu • uUonl The ndyortuuinont will bo placed before One Million UH-PKUKXT nowgoanar purohn"ers:-orKiVK MILLION rtEAumis, Ten Iliuji will ao/-oci]ino(lut« itbout 7.1 woidn. Ad- dro«» with copy ol «<1v ana ohiiok. or »on<\ 8U JOHN BAUER, An'Elt Uf AKD MANfJFAOTUftEU! i OF FURNITURE. SECOND STREET, • ' •' .. n '• •' I (• , '. ', Opp, City Hall.Sfl Al/TON, int.. . All ktndft of 'line and ootnmnn (arnltnro coiMtfmtly ou hund. A0»o undtrttker, uu>.'. , SPRINGFIELD 111., March 16—Mr. Lament, a. prohibition Republican, called up the prohibition constitutional amendment which was a special 'or.ler for the House arid proceeded to address the < House in advocacy .of its adoption-without further' debate. . MivCrafts moved to amend the resolution providing that the State shall pay for all H the property of persons or corporations damaged or rendered Valueless by the adoption of the prohibition amendment. Messrs. Allen, of VermflHon and Green, of Wabavih, moved to lay the amendment on the table, which motion was lost: Yeas, 51. nays.'88. Mr. Collins offered as a substitute for the. whole matter, being an amendment to article 4 pf the constitution, which provides that no license shall be granted in this State-for the sale of liquor of any kind for less than 81,000 per annum. Mr. Schneider moved to lay tho amendment on tho table, which was done—yeas, 99; nays, 40. The question then recurred upon the adoption of the amendment of Mr. Crafts. Mr. McKinley believed the amend- m^nt was fair and proper. It was fair and honest and just to-the people to submit the"amen'dmdnt in this manner—the people ; will know what they are, voting for. AH'property destroyed by tho State should bo paid for by the State. Persons who engaged in the liquor business were promised the protection of-the State when they came hero to engage in business. • Mr. Green would favor Mr. Crafts' amendment if it could be made mutual—that is, if the saloon keepers could' bo made to pay ! for tho damages the-liquor truffle, inflicted upon thu public. Mr. Archer believed the property destroyed should be paid for, and the people, should know that they would have to pay for it when they voted for this amendment. Mr. Miller, of Starlc, said the amendment was unnecessary as tlio Slate would be liable for all tho property thus • destroyed under tho common law, which had existed for 500 years. Updcr tho action of lho previous question the amendment of Mr. Crafts' was adopted. Yeas, 91; nuys, 50. Mr. Groon offered an amendment providing that two propositions, prohibition and paying for t'lie property oa, "March 16—The Northern Pacific train from the Iwest', which was delayed 70 .hours |by s . c a flood, reached here last e'veningi '.tfh'e reports • indicate that the .-Missouri river miiit break within a'Week,"and there is great alarm among the people along the'banks. The.^elldw- stone, the Little Missouri and: the Prior rivers are free of ice and 'flooding their banks..., More than 'thirty ; bridges on the Northern Pacific,' bfc- tween -this point and Billings, ; have been 1 isweptr-'awayj/and ranch dairikge occasioned by^the floods. Passengers report thai-Miles City has beenltjwice' inundated' in the last week, arid the 'report reaches here that;thc town is again under water. "Water flow in; all the streets, and in one, .-ih'tb'e 1 ' rear of the town, is more than,,ten- feet-deep, 'compelling' business men,, to remain from their hom'es nil night. At Medora the water in the Little Missouri has surrounded the extensive slaughtering-houses and refriger-' ators of the Marquis De Mores, and Mandan, five miles- west of here, is preparing for the worst. The Little Heart river, just south of Mandan, is now bpen about twenty miles above its confluence with the Missouri, and when in-the latter breaks here Mandan - will be <inundated, as it'is built bri'ldW ground. The dynamite shipped-here will be used in blowing out the ice abbut' tho piers of the massive iron bridge, and .every .'precaution is being- taken to prevent dis- aster. There can be no protection for the settlers along the bank^.fbr many miles south. -Never in the-history of tho country has there been so much snow. Water is nofr pouring into the Missouri in irpmense torrents and every creek is swelled. . Sensible people want comfort in riding. The ,Rice-Coil Carnage Spring embraces , all . the qualities of ease, strength and beauty. Sensible people 1 want no other. They needn't have any other. ' :; : ": "SUCH-AS- ' :",'. , , Body and Tapestry Brussels Two and Three Plys, Stair Carpets and Mattings, Oil ClothSjBugs and Mats f Has arrived. Also a very Choice Stock of I anij)ffering these goods at the v6l« prices to cash buyers. All mm to call and s^e the beautlf ul new goods Mearn the low prices., , ALTON, IJiL. FOB THE BEST THEWmLD^ AGENTS yOK THE '.' ;««• .«wi8 W WARRANTED FOR FIVE YEARS. StuaefaakerFarmi/fegon/ Belleville Threshers and Engines; 'Mblihe Plow Go's Plows and Cultivators and Pulverizing: Harrows. EMPIRE TWINE BINDERS, DROPPERS ANirMOWERS tors for EUPIOtf and .OARMINE OILS; ENGINE WGNAL OILS.: STOCK,: \VELL and CISTERN line of COOKING STOVES ;• the DANGLER and PERFEG- i ' rJ r9?r,S^ S P LINE STOVE S. See our 810 BUGGY HARNESS. -JSKVr 'HOME SEWING MACHINES, .... : . $30. We keep .the BEST GASpLINE and BURNING OILS on tap and delivered. "..'".'' • ' '• - ;•'•'•'*., to any part t of the city. » ')'.' I rrl • — — —••«• • •» • »»»• • mm*i.*±r |l JUALU VV/li Cor. 2d and State sts., • • ALtON, ILL, THE BEST ON EARTH! LITCHFIKLD, 111., Marciijfie—Mrs. Cynthia A. Tullis, mother of Mr. S. M. Grubbs, a banker of this city, died last evening at 8 o'clock. Mrs. Tullis was aged 91 years. Her maiden nnme was Cynthia Boone,»and she was a grarld niece of the famous Daniel Bdon'c, of Kentucky." She was born' In Kentucky in 1795 and married Moody Grubbs,in 1817. Sho became a resident of Hillsboro, ^l>ilg county, in 1834. She afterwards mnrried John Tullis. Baffled the I'hysiclaiug. BUKKE MBDIOINE Co., Qumoy, 111—I regard Vouri White Pino Balsam, as a cough mixture of very great value. Tho benefit) derived by my wife from Its use, places it with me far in advance of all-others. For sovoral years she had been seriously alllioted with 11 cough that gave us much alarm; it had hauled the skill of the physiciiius and cough remedies, until I concluded -nothing would avail in her caso. Directly after obming to Qnmoy, on your recommendation, she oomtuuuucd using your Balsam, and it has acted like a oliiirm, quioting the coiijfh,, and removing entirely the soreness from herlnncs. Wo keep it constantly in our houso.— J. B. Ford, Pastor M. E. church, R US h- villo, III. Uao Crcsslor's Wild Uoao Tooth I'ows dcr for oloansine tho teeth. Prico2/ic. BOSS FILLED WATCHES, From $18 to $50. Warranted 20 Years, BKEECH-LOABITO GUNS, Froni 816 to $30. J. H BOOTH THELEADINGr a. -in.. DVJVJI.-n, JEWELED —GO TO ft T :& som HEADQUARTERS FOR I," , . Wt) would'most pdBitlvely stato that no remedy, has ever met with fuoh univoraftl salUfaetlou or can b<> uiuru trpthfully said is a positive euro than Burks' White Pino Balaam. SUGAR. A new discovery, Uttlo Aprioot Pills oasior to take than sugar and far more beneumal. Sure -ouro'for neuralgia, headache heartburn, dyspupsm und bad broath. Try.them. For Hale at Marsh's drngBtoro. mobl dwly Picture Frames, Brackets, Base Balls and Bats, Croquet Sets, etc. A full line of School Books, Scratch Books and School Supplies- Remember the V i » ****** •**•* place J STREET; • • OPP. SUBSCRIBE FOR THE By mailer dolivored. Only Republican Daily in " * Madison county i d"

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