Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on March 16, 1887 · Page 4
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 4

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 16, 1887
Page 4
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v >" f "/(^ i"{ «; '^ijf <^ HEABTLE89 CHTTE1T7 <i*' ; th«rtlBtt« 1 »tinhlB*Mnictit Will wire rheu- '""'HfifctWn tnd rmtral&ht; Hcftmt? it the best *. pofioY the proprietors of Atliloplioros have never claimed for It even all iu merit would war- ranthw not n llttlelodoirUli itsr/onJerful popularity, nnd the tliouniiulB of grateful h< tertlmoniulB received by them show thut /' their policy hue l>ocn wise on well u§ right. ( •> Experience liaa amply demonstrated that mere outward applications arc worth- letK. The iliitcnsc hua Its eent in the blood, and any remedy to he successful miift deal with the obstructive acid which poiuons < andinflarD<?i>il. " Athlophoroa acts on the blood, muscles and joint! directly. It takes the poison out of the blood and carries it out of the system; it invigorates the action of the muscles and limbers the slid nets of the joints. It reaches the liver and kidney*, cleansing them from irritating substances, and, if followed up after the rheumatic conditions cc:mo, it will restore these organs to regularity and health. '• Decnttif, 111., I will just sny for the good of any person that may he aflliclcd with rhenmittisrn • that I have had it very severely, and have '• used- AUiloplioros and found i-clief almost at the first dose. S.'B. MCCLELLAND. Rev. A. T. Orr, pastor of the M. E. Church, Paris, 111., says: "Yes, I used Athlophoros for neuralgia in the back part of my head. It was a very painful and distressing complaint, but a dose or two of Athlophoros always gave immediate relief. I am now entirely free from the complaint. Many times I would have been incnpnci- * fated for duty had I not had Allilophoros. Every druggistshotild keep Athlophnros and Atmophorus 1'iIIs, but where they cun- notbo boualit of the druggist the Alhln- phoros Co.," 112 Wall St.. Hew York, will , tend either (carriage paid) on receipt of ! regular price, which iu $1.10 per bottle for Athlophnros and COc. for Pills. For liver and kidney cllnoneof. dj-fncrwln, In- AlMitlon, weakncM, nervous debility, diiwnfes »r women, constipation, hcndiwho, Impure blood, &o,, Athlophoros I'll la are uncqualod. 6 REAL ESTATE FOR SALE OR RENT, • • • - • -BT- . Rudersnausen & Sonntag. For Sale. •'-,' A^onvonlentnnrt picaoftntliomo at a reft- >' sonabl* flKure, belnx >t»ry frame house •i on Klguth street, neur Henry. i .if •• ' .. *ur hale. A blinloefarmol MOucies, with flrst clas- In/provcments, nltuutod 2X miles east ol lirunswlek. Cliorlton co., Mo. For salt. A one story frame Uwolhnu house In ROOD condition. In Topping's addition to Alton. '.•. For Sale Cheap The tesldonce ot Oupt. W. t ohle; twr. fctorlesanO mansard roofi 12 room 4 halls, , cJoseU, (lOllars, ate,: 8 acres o( gronn Mosi ; 4e«rable proportv tn thu city. For Hale. Ibunomsof land near city limits, 3'..-.o ., twastnry briob and tramo Own n nouse, both Hltuntod on the uus- o t.ate streo between flth and 7th M tots' <<o tin) brluK block pf stores on Socon :reut, between Hum,'.andlildqostreet ,iown as Hunter'* row. For Hale. ' r A small frame'' .Ann house within n nr , f ^utooks ol tho •' t for I37B. 180'aoron' f Rood tarimnu land, and itnochei tract of 00 .creu, botli unlmprovud. Situaci In Mm u),, Kansas, at $10 and $16 per aon respectively—one-third cimli.butanoo on time ' For Salt-. A larm of 140 acres on oottom land, all li enltlvatlon. near SiuiAluon, In this county. A goort two-story trained welling houde on It. Price I3/JOO tor Bale. A choice fnrm ol 1-jn HUI-US, situate 1 inlli- south of Hhlpmun, Mucoupln uouiuy, 111., in a low l)f<uri). Farcies Intending <o buy Kcnl Estate in (In- city nl Alton or vlclnliv will llud It to tliui IniiTCBt to call m ihi'dllli out Itiulurohiiusuii ARonntXK and toiiinlnu tlimrllst o properties tor sale us only pint tuertol U udver- tlbed. ILL New ami Beautiful Designs just arrived and arriving fur the Spring Trudo. WINDOW GLASS i ; A Specialty, from Small to Lnrgcst Sizes. At the old reliable HOUSK-PAINTINO and DECORATING ustabliohuioiit ol NEFF & OBERMUELLER, Fourth, east of Belle at. foblld3m J, SUITER & SON, 3KAUCI18 IX PINE AND COMMON FURNITURE. A Fall and Complete Stock Always ou Hand. DO NOT FAIL TO GIVE US A ,CALL BEFORE PURCHASING. <>UU FURNITURE ROOMS ARK ON State Street, opp, Third, ALTON, ILi,, spSdwlv EMPIRE M1LL8, 8EOOMU STUKBT (Near I'lina), ALTON, ILL KOIt SALK : Ground Onto, Orouud Corn, liny, Oats, Corn, Corn Me n. I, liuckwlicnt Flour, . Qruliani Klour,etc npHPTl,TDKWVEUKl) TO ANY 1'AllT OK THK OITY. > M.WIUC1NSOX. dlf This pnper ls h»pl ou Ille at DID office of YEfKSON DVERTISING GENTS fi$ft PHILADELPHIA. .VftV£R& SON'S MflfiUW. ALTON <Knt*r*d TKLEQRAPH. i.) UEUJStSUAY EVB,, MAhCH )8 MOOSE-HUNTING. The inooso socks his food where tto vcllow wntot'-lily is found. It IB not however, the loiives nor the blossom whieh nro sotight, bat the roots. Thesi extend In n perfect net-work tlirougl the mud In which they grow, nttainiiij n thickness nxiroeding a mnn's nrm and an iiulctinite length. In color the; nre a pulp, greenish or yellowish white smooth on the exterior, except for n number of eyes like those on n pineapple, somewhat elitytie to the touch, nut pithy within. There is no disputing about tastes, iind consequently wo wil not criticise the moose for being so fond of thin vegetable. But to the hu man pnlatn, it is dry, Insipid, and puuk cry. To obtain this he will wade on into tlie water, and souse his head beneath the surface until .even his ear arc submerged. Then, having wrench ed a chunk of greater or less longtl from its bed, ho withdraws his head and dripping water from each of tin numerous angles which eharaeteriz' his ugly physiognomy, he. stands thi picture of pure .animal enjoyment, chewing away at one end of the root, while the oilier sticks out of his mouth like a djjar. To catch him in the raid die of this performance is the constan burden of the hunter's.prayers. Should the night promise to be still warm, and dark, the hunter scours the reflector of his jack until it shines lib silver, and breathes upon and wipes its glass lens until it in epeckless. Th lamp within should emit a powerful light; but the easing must be so. eon structcd that not the fuintegt glimme can escape until its aid is required, ant n hinged cover, whieh caps the glass, \t dropped. For though a deer will almost alwayi tompt fate by standing stock-still, gaping at a light like a backwoodsman in a city, the moose is no such fool. I he has any curiosity, ho recognizes the great principle that there is a time for all things, and that tho time to study an unusual phenomenon conies only after ho has betaken himself to cover. •Iu this, ns in most other forms o: moose-hunting, two form tho company —one to do (he work, while the other ti\kes in tho fun—and, as_in many other things in this life, ultimate, success depends more on the skill of 'the former than on that of the latter. Aftor the jack .hits been lit some twenty minutes, so that tho maximum of light possible without smoke is assured, the pair bntuke themselves to the cauoo. Blankets are spread on the bottom of the boat to deaden any motion of tho feet. He who is to shool scats hiuirfolf in the bow, while his companion lirst wraps him in blankets, and then arranges the jack. This is best suspended from a frame behind the rillemau; but it should bo so connected with his head that the beam ol light will follow its every motion when thu jack is open, With the glass uncovered, the ritlo is thrown to tho shoulder, ,aml tho connection of the jack with the head-gear is so adjusted Unit when the most convenient aim is taken, it will bo directly in the center of illumination. Thus both sights ol the rillo nro perfectly visible, and the difficulty is no longer to shoot with ae- curncy, but only to obtain n sufficiently distinct view of tho object to be hit. When this is complete, the other takes his place in tho stem, folds his blanket over Ilia lap, and grasping his paddle, pushes from tho bank. Tho jauk is then closed, and complete darkness and silence follow. As noiseless as the shadow of a cloud, the canoo steals along, and hour after hour its occupants, relying solely on tho sense of hearing, strain every nerve to detivt an indication of tho near neighborhood of the game thoy seek. It is not so hard on the paddlor, since tho exercise koops his blood in circulation and his nerves in some sort of condition. But the man in the bow fares difl'urontly. Aches and pains declare themselves in all sorts of pUces, together with the most insane desire to cough, or sneeze, or blow his nose, or do something else equally inopportune. He strains his ears till they almost- crack; hu thinks he hoars all kinds of noises, until his confidence in his ability to distinguish the real from tho imaginary is almost destroyed. He suffers, but ho sutlers in silence, and with patient resignation. Should a sound bo hoard near, but not on or in the stream, tho canoe pauses, and minute drags after minute; perhaps even tin hour is passed without sound or motion, until it is eortjiin that It was a falso alarm, or that the animal has botakcn itself elsewhere. At last comas a slow and measured Bound—slosh, slosh, slosh; and then all is still agiiiu., The heart of tho hunter shrivels within him to tho size of a lemon, and Hies into his throat, where it keeps up such a thumping that it seems impossible the noise sho.ild oscnpo thu quick oar of tho game. With tho utmost caution thu rillo is brought to tho full-cock, and the left hand freed,ready to open tho jack at the pro- concerted signal, which it is tho duty of tho pmldlur to give. Every acho and pain Is at onco forgotten iu the all-absorbing question, Will hu remain in tho water, or take to the bank, and burying liimself in the woods, oscnpo P For ho is still far boyoml tho I'angi! of tho jnck, and not till it will Buruly show him up must It bo opened. If tho motion of tho eatioo was slow before, it seems doubly so now, and minute nftor miuute, each apparently an hour, drags ou, and still tht) noise, ropoatod at Intervals, eouuu uo nearer. At length, nftur a sooiulngly endless delay, coined tho sigmil to open tho iack, and thu light streams forth. 1'horo ho stands, middlo-doop Iu tlVe'wa- tor, dim, shadowy, nj.d moufltro^a,, hjs oyos glariujr greou iu tho light, with. the mtilovoWnoa of a demon, lla wll Way but fur piwcottd, fltid onVj dwide which wny to ^wtreftt,v *f&* tb%irtfl* *16wly, but lose no titno. Drjiyr,',*. careful ft.boftd as though ehodting at n ,tw<>lneh-biiir»r«ye, nud give it to him right through—not behind—-the mid , die of the fore-shoulder. Forageeom the smoke obscures the result. Is h down or up? In either caso, dose hiti again if you can; but if you cannot close the jack at once. Now is no titu to ask your'companion, Do you think hit him? If you Were silent before, t> doubly so now, and listen. Does h burst into nnd tear through the wood ns though he had gone into the, kind ling-wood business and was laying in winter's stock, add do you hear hit: crashing and smashing until the Bonn dies away on the distant mountain side? It was a clear miss, or at best graze. But no; tho uproar dies avvaj and a silence you can almost feel en sues. What found is that from th neighboring woods? There ho is! Yo can hear him breathe, and wheezxj a every inspiration. It is well. Th shot was a little too far back, but was pretty well placed, all the sumo Now withdraw with the stillness < death Itself, and not until at least ha a mile intervenes whisper to your com panion, "Well, I guess that's ourmeat what do you think?" • 1 For if from any act of yours he discovers what has hurt him, particular! if you attempt to land, he will • eithe attack at once, in which caso you wi! be in desperate piVil, or he will travc till he drops, miles and mile away, and the foxes and other nmraiu ers of the forest, alone will prou'e b his death. Whereas, if you leuve nin ,to attribute his distress to a stroke o lightning or a lit of indigestion, or t any cause other than the agency o man, you will find him in the morning — Henry P. Wella, in Uarper'e tine, • Empress .Augusta of Germany hut for many years been under a.mitHsag treatment. It is given to her by a old woman of the Silosian peasantri now more than 70 years of age, who i never allowed to be long away froi tho court, travels with the Empress has her entree everywhere, assists a &!]. the court. ceremonies from som quiet corner, and is allowed to brill] her daughter to tho palace to soe hci •rather than that she should absent her self for n journey to her native place "Die Masseuse" is qttito a powur, ant her brisk repartee and racy livelines .make her a moat agreeable compnuiou despite her rusticity. The torturing disease mt-tnntly relieved and rapidly cured b S.ilvation Oil. Rev. Wm . H. Chnpmnn, Pnntor o M. E'. church, (Juorpotown, D. O wrote u-t; — Having hart an npponunit o ten the excellent, ol D' 1 Bull'* Cough Syrup, I Im.iitwte not to *»y, it w the hH.»t renjH'lv, I htvoever u-icd m mv family." For rruU|« unt whooping cough it is a sure cure. R AD men arepnbu*y [iiitr-Siuti) Commerce quo-tmn-i thn thi red hut car stove IMS been overlook e I. The question, however, 1ms coin to stay, and tho public will not allow i t > be overlooked. _ Sensible people want comfort in rid ing. The Rice-Coil Ciirrmge Spnn embraces all the qualities of fijsc strength and beautv. • (sensible peopl want no other. They needn't have an other. _ _ dwlw Take Ayer'.s Sanmparilla, in I be cpritigof theypar lo (/urify the blond invigorate the system, pxche the livnr to action, and restore healthy tone and vigor to the whole physicial mechanism Remember thut quality, not quantity constitutes the value of medicine. _ _ dwlw THE people of the United States nre not crowded to any extent. The entire 60,000,000 people could be settled in th ' Stall- of Texas and then not bo as much crowded as they are in many countries of Europe. Hood's Sursmpiirilla is peculiar to lts:lf and superior to all other preparations in strength, economy, HIM medicinal merit. 2 TtiE Kansas Oily Journal says; "A Fast mail from thu Rant ami an eiir'y us well as fast mail to the Weft, KHIISI D'ty wants both of them. That ct-n hardly be on 1 led a fast mull which po-i jnnev departure two hours to wait fo letters fro n a slow town like St. Louis. ' on the Reputations of others. Takeeverything that I have but my good name; leave roe thai and I am content" So said the philosopher. So say nil manufacturers of genuine mil- us to Unit horde of initiators which hrives upnn the rppu'ailnn of othcrc. The ifnod name of ALI.COCK'S I'onous I'LASTKKS has induced many adventurers 10 put in the market imitations thut are not only lacking in the host elements of the genuine article, but are harmful in i heir effects. Tins is not inly theft, but might well bn nailed nalprncncc. Such a thini; ought noi in he, Thu public should IIP wurm-d againBt there frauds, mid, when nn ex> urnal remedy is needed, ha HI>U to upon having ALLCOCK'S I'oitoufc Witt. I. KLDNK UNDERTAKER, AMD SBAUIS If Ready-Blade Coffins, Metalio Gases, Caskets, And Burial Robe for Ltdlut, uentletoen »u<! ObilUron. Office and Shop on State stret M1SS1MI LINKS. Jfty,,,Gould has,. pur«hns«l acres of pine loud In Louisiana. " '•' , ,'Zclie de .Lussnhj'ithesnoccssf nt prima .donnn, hiia.iievvr worn Lights, and she never will. Mrs. Nellie Grant Surtoris will s the latter part of tho winter with her mother in'New York. Most of the European lords and counts now in eastern eitius hayo n neat way of borrowing money. Hannibal Hamtin told the Main« Press Association the other day that' "the newspaper dethrones kings." Barnnin him offered John L. Sulli- ynn $16,000 to join his fortunes next summer with "the greatest show on earth." Dr. Peters, nn eminent Paris . physi- oimi, repudiates and denounces M. Pasteur's famous treatment for hydrophobia. San Franctsco boasts of having 300 young unmarried women, each and every one of whom is heiress to at least $600,000. Ferdinand Ward, who is engaged in pasting tobacco labels at Sing Siiig, is called by the warden a "kicker and a schemer." Mounot-Sully, the famous French Hamlet, is threatened with total blindness, and will soon be compelled to quit the stage. The higliest fountain in Europe is that in tiio gardens of Chatsworth, tho seat of tho Duke of Devonshire. The height of this famous jet is i!G7 feet. Clam Louise Kellogg is housekeeping in the Westmoreland Hotel, Now York, and her dinners have boeoim. 1 the delight of her select circle ol friends. _ __ (JrontJy Excited. Not a few of the cit'zuns of Alton have recently become greatly excited over the astonishing facts, that several of their friends who had been pronounced by I heir physicians a" incurable and beyond all hope- ruffling with that dreaded uionftur Consumption- have been completely cured by Dr. Kinjf's New Discovery for Consumption, the only remedy that does positively cure all throat and lung disease?, Ccneh", Colds, Asthma and Bronchitis. Trial bottle free at E. Marsh's drug store, large bottles $1. Wonderful fares. W. D. Hojt & Co., wholesale and retail druggists of Romp.' Git., siiy: We have been selling Dr. King's New Discovery, Electric Bitters and btickienV Arnica Salve for two years. Have never handled remedies that cell as well, or give mich universal satisfaction. There have been come wonderful cures effected hy these medicines in this oily. Several cases of pronounced Cott'iimp- tion biivt! been entirely cured hy use ol n few bull IMS of Dr. Kina's New Di- I'overy.taki-n in connection wnli Electric Bitters. We; guarantee them Hlway?. Sold by E. Maish. mchldwlui . hltiagoTuU';.. '...... ...... ....»i« ton A<;ponitno'la«don«....... .«:OOji.i D MOST PERFECT MADE Prepared with strict regard to Parity, Strength, and Uoalthf ainess. Dr. Price's Baking Powder contains no Amme>nla,Umo,Alum or Phosphates. Dr.PriM* ExtraCta, Vanilla, Letnon, etc., flavor dtllclouely. BucKie.-vs Arnica Salve. The Best Sultx- -.n tne world for out*, bruises, sores,;..^era, salt rheum, fever sores, tetter, chapped hands, chilblains, corns and a:! ainn eruption-*, and positively cure* piles, or no pav required. It is guaranteed to give perfect satisfaction, or money refunded. Prico 26 cents per box. for sale by E. Marsh, Alton, 111 nicbJdwl'm WHIFFLE & SMILEY, INSURANCE, REAL ESTATE, & LOAN AGENTS, HKRBKBKNTINO THE FOLLOWING First-Class Ins. CO.'B: I no. Co. of North America; Hartford, Phoenbt, Franklin, of PhlladelyMa; German American; North Britlub and Mercantile, London; Com. Union, London} Lancashire, Manchester, Bug.* Continental; Oirard; Glens Fulls, • • Amercan Central; Firemen's Fund, Western Assurance Co. AMD OTHBB8: A CASH OAP1TAJ IN THE AGOBJCGATK OF $20 t OOO,OOO. WE AiSO BKPBB8KNT THX Mutual Benefit Lite, of Newarb, N. J., and Traveler's Life and Accident Inn. Co.,Hartf ord. Office: Over Alton Nat, Bank, Cor. Third and State eta. .•u Oltr.kud Ml point* WMt KansaBCH) Mull*'.. _ .,-,,,.. uiiBRtt City Expresj*, ....... .... «!in , .Deliver Eapie«»t............... . ....?:(« p, m. Jacksonville AUbod.ffiOdiltUnif.;. Y:«B p. m tut Mt. Loot! I '.'••;.• lnK Kxproxs* .......... . ..... •:« turn o Accoiuinotmtlon*. ,.,,<, ..9:80 n. u peolall ............ . ......... 11:86 p, m Kansas City Mall* .......... . ........ ft «»> r, rnlpwrn M«tn ......... . ... ...... fl:S(li> M TRAINS LEA VK ST. LOtTISjOTiJON I>BPOt JTOH ALTON. t7M)a.m. ' '! WOOp. ». H M p. m. . »7 M p. m, (8 48, ft. M. Sundays only). •Dairy fBieept Sunday. _ 8, D. ttEEVK, Unp't. 91. lx>tti» Division _<X (}.llOllftU , TlOlcntAifunt. _ ._. UlrioAQO, nURL,LNUTON AND QUINOY. Irani* lunve the Union, Depot, Alton follows: Going Xorthi Kipr»eB (except Sunday) ..... .8:18 a, a Night KxprtmT ....... .............. 7:05 p. m — . W ATIWOM), Ai/h'it, W. SCROFULA Fine Resilience for Hale, Thn late R. OeUow homndtearl, now-owned by M. H. Under ond, situated on llnu ol liorsn railway, in Upper Al(o<; U ro"tm, bath room, funiacn, and Rood nut buil'llngs, two ucriiD ot iiround, will bo sold at a bur- Kiiln. I'osHeaolon Klv«n nn nunplialnn of oule. WHII'l'LE & SMILKV. For Rent. Two-story house and «ond stable on Common street, uood Irult. WlllPPLE & S«ILKY. tor 8aie Sovnn lota with K.mct brick dwelling and nutbuUdltiR-.ln iro->d repair, In Utipui' Alton. Kea'di'iior nl U E. "oIlltiH, and kn iwn an the Ale<rill property. Wlllfl'LU A S511LKY, Altun, or l). W. unllet, llppjr Alton. Humors, Erysipelas, Canker, and Catarrh, Can be cured by; purifying the blood; with ; I do not believe thrt Ayer'i : 8ars»pftrlll« bM»n Miual as » our* for Scrotnlous Ku- tnori. lt,i» pleMant to wke/giret itreogth to the iKHly, and produces a more permanent result than unr mediclna.I erer used. —E. Holnes, North Llndole, Ohio. ,I have .used Ayer's Barniiparllla, in my family,'for Scrofula, and know, U It \» taken teltlrfully It wlU thoroughly eradicate this terrible dlaeaM. —W. F. Fowler, M. D., Greenville, Tenn. For'forty yearn I have?.- suffered with Erysipelas. I hav» tried various remedies for my complaint, but found no/pellet' nndl. 1 commenced using Avar's » Sarflaparllla. Alter taking, t«n bottles of thls'medlclne I am completely curad. — M. ,,<j., Amesbury. Bbokp6rt,Me. .1 have suffered, for years, iroiu -jCatarrh, which was'ko lever* that it destroyed my appott,te ..and weakened' my 'system. After, .trying other remedies,,without r*> Uefi'I'beKari u to toko Ayer's v Samaparlll*, and, in a few months, was cUrad. -^- Suaan L. Cook,, DWr Albany st,, Boston, Mast. Ayer's Efarsaparilt* a »uperibr to any blood purilier that I ever teied. 1 '"! hav* taken it for Scrofula, Canker, and Salt- Hheum,' and received nuch benefit from It It is, good, also, tor a weak stomach.— Vllllle Jane Polrce, 8. Bradford, Mas*: • Ayer's Sarsaparilla, • Prepared by Dr. J. O. Ayer kOe., I.ow«l Price •!) *lx bottle*. M. DrfiuLL's SYRUP curei OouRh*. Colds, noarwmeM, Owip, Asthma, ArvucbUlo, whvui'inff Couttli, InclplciitCoiuuinp- ~ llun, Aim rellovua roiumiiptlvo priwna Iti advanced Btaftei of tliu difPnso. J'rlL-u U3cl!}. Cau* ,liv,ii. Tlio pcm:llio D,; B,,u; \Cauuh Simp t. told only In nrliltc irjK/jitfps, nntl bcnr* our 'jvp-jntpn'fl T)-JUlij-5.nrk» to wit. : A liuU'illHiil In a <lnle,a lint- "'-ip Cuallou.ralrl, nnd tho , .lilmlloni'iintllrcsotJtftn 1C. full it A.K Urufrit Co., Solo I't-o" 1 -. Dalll-noro, ltd., U B. A. Cnew l.nna«'f< ci-rT't— l v\t* '.:r*!ntTolinpp» An. •' ol."»!— l *'- 1 . '' -i"«t..« tar Rent. A two-story biiuk dwelling known as the A. Plait homustoud. Lnidy pn In uood re- P-lr. WlilPPLBASMlLKY. For Mole or event. A desirable tenement on Bluff street, owned ov Mr« S. J.Dutro. ^WHIPPLK ASMILET. For bal* The late'residences of J. >. and W. H. .Uttcbell, on Mill at., two oi \ f best pieces ol residence property in Allot. The property known as "The Para, eastot above; It lots on Mill and Summit streets, an 1 a number of ots In MUlor * Mitchell's addition to AltOB.' Any or all of above at a great bargain. . WI.LPPLE A SMILEY. jror a>ue. The Merriman property on State streo In Miller A Ulohell's add., to Alton, in story house, 8 rooms and out-bulldlnits; all In per- loot order. Can bo bad at a bargain. • WHIPPUS A SMILEY. Fur sale. A IK story frame dwelling, corner Pe and KlfHi stroew. WHIPI'LgASMILlC'i Patents. ro ny persons wishing to obtain lettc, otent on new Inventions, Imprnvumonts Iflulgns,! will oxucute drawings and speoin atlons and make applications lor Patunit > • sous U tat ton, In persou or by lutte , li^ i PFKIKFENBBUOI'U. Aitoi.. rii J. HOFFMAN & SON, DEALEBB IN Stoves and Haidware, HARD & SOFT COAL BASE BURNERS! And other flr«t cla«» heatlav ttorei ^ir wood or ooal. Al»o HftiiKCB and Ohumplon Monitor OooV tovtia, tli« bunt in Alton. >uMldoAVonc it specialty! Hoof ' '••" Guttering, etc. Uenlruble Kesldeucvi fur Hnle. A twobtory brick d»uliing un state street known U H A. I'lutt liuincutend, 'lately put In good rupalr. A two atory Irame Uwulllng oi> Main BtruHt, mmriy now, A two story ui Ick ilwciiinx on iSuvtmtb street, all lor sale >t u sai'rlUoe. owum havlciK di-oldud to or •' Wllll'I'LK A HM1LKY For Hale. ' The Woodroot property. A » story frame House ot 8 roums, on Filth and Alton streets, » 4 room frame house on FlUh «tr«i-t. yVHIPPLKASMlLICT. For Bale. A convenient I arm of 120 .acres, most all In omlvartou, taiaated on the Bethalto road, 'n'l- Alt<in. *• Pur Sale or H«-ut. , The U-story Iriime dwellluK with 9 rooms, inuiuoiiiK 7 l"t»: good barn and tine Units known as the Nichols Imimwtuad, .Itunted on hith st,, In a deslrjole nuluhbi)! hood. WlllPPLE A SMILEY. For Sale. A 7-room bilskdwi'lllng and out .buildings ou Thlid utrcut, butw<-i>n oh-'i-ry and Vine. Wllll'I'LK ft 4M KY. rat Kent. Good 9 r"om brick IIOUSH wllh ab'-nt4 acre* ol gionnd.liiclndlnK oic a-' 1 ,In Upper Alton. Cormtr roBiilt-nee ol Dr. llumlioi- . WIUi-I'LKASMlLKY. Fur Kent. Late residence ol M. J. Noonan on State itiri't. knovn as the A, I'latt plaeo. ooodO i'Ooin bi lok lioucti, In Hint chixs i upalr. WUU'I'LK A alllLKV, For Ili'Ut. A two story brick dwelling known nsthn A. I'latt huineuttadi l.iti-h put In uixid ri't>alr. WHIr-PMC * HMli.fcY in.dertiiker's Supplies ALWAVbON IIAMD. OOB. IXOOMD A»0 AUIT «•• ASSIGNEES NOTICE. Rstate n( llurmnn llegfiln ami, debton T'>« untleraignuil heieb-- given notice thai erniHii UcKi-lnuinn, i.l Altiin, In thu county ui MHdlMin and StHtti of IlimnU, did, on tht Uihiluyoi Feb., A. D. HW7, trannfur to the u»i]i'i>l/iii'cJ, ui, HHnliinrv. nil hi* propeity, l unil iieisiinul, lortliu \>, nelltut liUcrail- rx, iicrmiiin to ilio provibluiu of the am . All i viSiiiialuivlngvUlins against Ilio said llt'i-iniiit Hi gi'iiiiHiin i<r« hiiruby nntitlml tn presenc aucli vluliiis under nHili or Haii'ina- tlf>n,to n h uun\ ulnru.on tlii'conn rol third and i' ana •treeis, Mum, In oiild uouniy, within thriif tnnntliH Irom i hU date. Dated Fob lath, , Wantwl- MeiiaiU 0 ,^ 1 u °a'd. r - MIII m.d iidinlnliiKcoiiiitliH, Win pay wimd Salary iif a ALt, KXI>KVIK* Wiim for n-rms anil Mwt« fttUrv wniilBd. 8I.UAN ft « O.. UauuUeiurom, W4 George M,, O^vlnn AVer do riot manufacture Lard, Candles, Butterlna, or any klndroct truck! -tyeV^b not- first squaere tho fatnnd ollbutof ouratppk, andthon convert the- refuse Into' a, worth loss soap. We are not near •took yards or slaughter houses,' buy r)o diseased or doad animals or "raf use matarlal. SILVER SOAP is made' of PVRR TAI- LOW, by a clean process, and can be used freely without danger of having the skin diseased or poisoned, • ASK .TOOK UHOCEB FOB IT. EMPIRE SOAP CO, .8T. LOUll. MO- FUREKA FINE S»LT For Dairy and Table Us*, ln.14 Ib. IliH'n .saqlfa and 50 Ib. . Hacks, for stile by, J. A. RYUIE; JOMfcJHM LIVERY STABLED fttOtlT 6T ALBTAITDXABTOIf, ' JOHN BAUER, .-, DHALKU IN AND MANOTAOTUBKR. FURNITURE. SECOND STREET, Opp. City UAH.! AI-TON, I^< All, kinds ol fine and wmroo» foroltu 1 "

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