Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on March 16, 1887 · Page 3
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 3

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 16, 1887
Page 3
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Oflumn.-- i|. ,J.8n»tnim & Co, '"*+*nr~'"'~ "•~"7^",* *7'"' Tr***""** •»«»w* *• wtirtty MW itviei are do, at H. *l. Bowibatt & Oo»i. ( i t><£B> wlds hsavy Peoangs to 40 new > at H. J. Bowman A Co'*. W* ere showing some very pretty style*, mtdium and dark dress satins lit 12 l-2o per yard.—il, J, Bowman « Co. BPRIXO styles of those Tory popular Century Cloths are now (in Sale at il. J. Bowman 4 Go's. ' FOHTT pieces Crinkled Seersuckers in vhbtcosv pattern*, at il. U. Bowman & Go's. PALMKR Searsnokers, Tolll Da Nords Dress and Domostic UinKhams ID xrcat • Tamely, at H. J. Bowman & Oo's. W« are showing a complete Block ot , Spring Woolens tpr dresn Koods.lnciud. _. ing <J<;uh|e widti>j,Cjiib)«^*r>l Is at lfio;4l> inch cash mere at 260 j also Novelty , Fabrics of both, foreign and doraeotlo ; make.—H. J. bowman A Co. : '•, 111 OCR Silk Department we are show !BK tiurahtt, Gross Grains t>nd Uhadamo ,}B every new and popular shade. In Black Silks we are onfurtaR snm> splendid values in Gros Grains, Surahs, Rbadames, Failto FrancatHe and Bro- cadHs.—H. J. Bowman A Co. ' IN VBUVKTS we are prepared to -h< w Sfci ipes and Frulze Novelties, Plain tsilk ' Velvets and flashes in every shade. Flam and Striped Volvnteens, and new colors in tbo popular Dress Corduroys. —H. J. Bowman A Co. ' ; WK CALL special attention to om Black Goods. Large additions bavi .b«eo wade to this Department during • toe last two weeks and we are prepared to sbcw every real good standard fabric and many novelties.—H. 'J. Bowman & OO. •;• . I / '' : : • -.• .' ~ f IK OUB Flannel Department can be found nvery quality and wjdtb of Whlu , Flannel in alt Wool and Uomet, also many pretty styles, Striped Sacque- • lagt, Tricots and Albatross, in all tbf popular shades.—H. J. Bowman ft Co. *. '-' ';.' '.' ,- ~ 7 . ^« l~' ""' : ' : P WK ABC prepared to show a complete line of Spring Hosiery. We have re.• talned all the old favorites and added ' many new lines. In Fabric and Kid : Gloves we sbow all the popular make' :, including plain and embroidered backs, ! dressed and undressed.—H. J, Bowman . &Co. IN OUB Shirt Depsrtmentyou nan find & real good white shirt for 60c and tne beat made for $1.00, also Penan^ bhiris, fine pleated Dress shirts, Night ghiru and all alses in Boys' Lnuiel Shin WaiJts.—H. J. Bowman &Co. y§ If AT TlWO' Second «treet,neai SO AUliAJJElCt O« corner m Henry PC tf: . -POU- , FINE STATIONERY, Suultai Orane's Floral, Wbttlnie's Standard Papers. Hurlbut's Prenp'i Linens, Kollpw tUJtifilUdne, Kltte Hanked Kane, Battnurul, Union's Unen, Turkey<l Linen. ?'• iob Blow, Mikado, Ohm-rod Edict), Uruam Laui. Mourning Note, and B lurice m-ortmoiii ot Itlumlimtttd and Douorutrd Mtullnnery. tKmmmw'a Wax-and (Seals. School Tulilou End StaUgmiry. dec«dwly PIANOS, ORGANS and i SEWING MACHINES! O.lBAP FOB OA611 ON TIMtt I'AYHXNT- IfeiHM Hud OrKitnn tuned and repaired 8<w .inn (klHcblan repaired Hu)i|>llu« lor nil Mu- anhuw, >•:.<'??. N. ICLAMOHKUX. Mualu Ue ilar, Third stront, nearly oiiuoidtv I B»UeVAlton 111.: ^J decflcfwly WATCH •OR THE BAKOUNH 1" JOB'S NKW UUK. IIUILUINO. UKNBY nT,, AT NKn. It. UKITKAMe'S. AU kind* of ITanvy, liund iimde, Knit andOrw- Sii tiooos. IIoods.ToUntfKiinH and Mils. Men' »ca» s aud Vascloktort at very low prlo»«. Also OreMmuklnv. lluln and Family rtuwlnn ana BtaraplnK D >ne. Uome and irtva us a call. Don't lorget the p'aoe. decfldwly -CALL ATM. CranialJ's Crockery Store ' . rOK THB LOWEST PRICES; Good Cups and Saucers, 30c per set. Good 8-inch Plates, SOc per set. Meat Dishes, 6c to SOc e»ub. Vegetable Dishes, 5c tofiOc each. Pitchers, 5c to SOc each. Half-pint Table Tumblers, 15c per set. Crystal Glass Goblets, SOc per set. Fruit Saucers, loc per set. Fruit Dishes,* oc to 75c each. A»»orted Color Cologne Sots, 60u pur set. Vases, So to$l each. Be»t quality of Triple-plated Knives, 1.60 nor set. Triple Plated Forks, $1.50 per sot jj,T. L. MOULDS <& CO., Highest Markot Price [Paid for Corn and Picklot-. 0TUJU CIHCUIT Court convenes at Edwards- villu ni'XL Monday, Judge Amos Watts ^residing. STKPS are beina: taken by thu St. Luuis national banks to have St. Lour- uaade a central reserve city. I'UK Merchants' Bridge and Terminal railway bill was passed by the St. Louis council last night. INDICATIONS for Southern Illinois, air weather, stationary temperature; variable winds, generally northerly. Money to Joan on improved real «state. Apply to Bndersnausen & Sonntag. Third street. , dtf MB.' J. W. Ash recently picked a number of ripe oranges Irom a tree hat wintered in bis bouse. 'OAU.Y Ttiu UVJt,, MAttCU Ifl. KOTIC* for th« t«u> itfr? w* shall chaw tbs fol towing rates lor tnuutut notices in our fecal toUmast Jingle inMMton . . , y.nrwioavMn.swMoM, . . 7 Six to twelve tntnmant, . , 6 HATK8UF AliVEBTimyG: ftuxstw».*>rtjrrr c. mi ,,« inch urn in- •ertluu, ana rtfXlfrr-FtVS o«nt« per Inab lor eaoli 4ttb*,<jueut lu»»rilon, V pur Inch di-M,' mouth, ft JO per inch e»oli uiuhtli therenttar , UtUAl. APVEUT18ING: fl per Inch for thn flm lii«ml.m, andOO tent* per inch lor eitoli uttbtoquonl Insertion ' JO- Above rate* will be itilotly adhered to TUB DAILT TBUKOttAPH is deBvered b carriers to all piiita ul tliu city ol Alton and Upper *Hon, (or ten cants p»r week. Mailed to any address at the rate «>I |ft Wprr year. TUB TKLEUIIAPH hn» th« largest olreulo- Uon of any tmp«r tn Alton, ami latuobcnt luvdlutn (or adrertUera, 'JoHHJSB TllIHU AMU PU8A STHEBTS. T«L» PHONII.Vu.tM. TUB wheat proipuota in this section continue brut class. ALL of Alton's numerous factories are running lull liuieand with full forces. A universal remark by every smoker nl Cigars; Neiniuger'n Fix nnd Magnolia are the best cigars in iho market. TBKKK seeuis to a boom in real t-. <aiu all over the couotr>, wen Si. |A>UI> is walking up. TUB latest rumor regarding the greai U. & U. deal U thut the Pennsylvania is ai the bottom of it. Just received a full line ol New Carpets. Prices reasonable.—A. J. Howell, Belle street. H 6 JUST received, a choice assortmeni ot Spring Goods.—Winter's Millinery, Belle street, between Third and Fourth. . H 6 A boy, 7 years old, was drowned in he river at Louisiana, Mo., last Sal UP- day. A reward ot f 60 i< offei ed for the 'ecoveiy of thu boily. Just Keceivud—Those much sough) for and perfect failing Boy.-' and Childen's Sails, at the clothing store ol ioesling& Stsbilflben. 1112 WE are promised Huruu definite detail this week in regard to the building 01 he Central Missouri. Such informa nun cannot come too suddenly. Ucmov&l.—Dr. Schuessler has removed bin office to tlm Insurance build- cm ut;r uf Second aud Alby 10U. 166 UEMEMBKU thut the Weekly edition >( tUtt iKLUiHAPU Will be pUbli.-hlrd to morrow luumini;. Notices thould b< tiauded tu by 9 o'clock to secure insertion. Tut fast mail on the Vandalia roail yesterday made the run from Hi|tblan<l to ColllnbTillt), in this county, 18.7 miles in 16 minutes, a rpeed of 70 tulle* 4ii hour. A MUMBICB of prominent citizens ol ul 8(. Louis called upon lion. J. b. Messick, yesterday, and informed him that ha was to be elected Mayor, with or without bis content. NHW goods in all shades and colors, which will be made up in suits at reasonable prices. All goods cat aud made l>} thu New York Fat-1,ion Review. We guarantee a Hue Brueggeman, the Tailor's. 16 dwlm TUB effect of the "game of bluff" iiitempied i>y the St. Limn papers has ijeen to strengthen the faith of some ol >ur far.seuing oitisi-nH in the tinal con- -truution of the bridge aud tbf Central Missouri toad. Kivlng resumed operation the Sparkx Milling U". will furnish customers with the>r popular "Klcoino Light" £L>ur HI 94 T6 per barrel, delivered free to all parts of the uity. ml dwlm Lost—A black Ljnx Collar, on Sun^. between street oar and Eui copal church or in street car. Finder will receive suitable reward by leaving same at Bcibold & L>et«rding'<>. THE H, K. Johnston (fardwara Co. have a ohango of adviriiiemeiil today wniuh everybody should n-tid. This company Itt i<|»vuiling mil and t-nlarg* Ing iin ti >uudM until It now oruupieii onti of i ho iuo»t uapaciuu* waveUi>u»t)» in I.i*iive nrdeM fdf pfflbh ik'i'hn ttt Con nor'g, It taken a million Air* to own »&' few comer 16U" in any of cor young West* en cities la tbeM days. Public oCoe should be a public In the municipalities of this country as well as at Washington. DROLIHKD-Dr. T. B. Spautdlnjr, ol £dwaidsvlile, has declined the Presidency uf the Illinois Poultry Aasooliv lion, much to the regret of the member*, tin recommends lion, C. A. Heib fur the vacancy. LATKST.--There is nothing new in regard to the Central Missouri toad, to day, but there will be a meeting ol the directors to-morrow in St. Louis when, it is expected, some definite steps will be liken in regard to construction, WHEN you see a young man going himit; UIBIM d'tys with a lot uf garden loo In in his bitud« nnd a lot of garden seeds In his pocket, you may bo sure that i his i-ttue tt it year of married life. Next year he will know belter. As Mr. J. M (tt>arin<r wa« driving In God trey, ye*t«rday, a drunken man ran Int-i bis bugiryfrom behind with a heavy wii/on and Kiuiislnul a wheel. As souu a< lie hnrt done the mischief the fellow drove off, at full sp-*d, and Mr. (leur. niK mtw no more of him. TUB question of submitting a prchibi lion constitutional amendment to a vote of the people comes up in the State Sen ato today. The people hare a right to vote on this question and any Senators who vole to deny them the privilege will regret U. ' Mr. C. M. En mas has the ohy for the purpose of removing his family to Ft. Scott, Kan., his new home. WH hope the best of success will attend Mr. E. in his new residence ilia at the Sara* lime we congralulate the people of Ft.Scott on having i«uub a 'wnimhlH addition to their population. ' Jackionville Journal. Money to loan on improved farm property. For particulars, apply to WHIPPLR A SMILEY. U the State Laglslaiure yesterday, the ou<e sent fifteen of its bills to a third reading. Of this lot three—Mr. Mer- riit's "valued policy," Mr. Clark's 'book making and pool selling," and Mr. Vicker's "anti-Sunday base ball ulajlng" billi—were the only measures which created any contest. If the two alter become laws, horse racing and he bucket shop business, as well as Sunday bvsn bail playing will cease; or t is supposed they will. THE Golden Argosy, published by frank A. Munsey, 81 Warren street, few York, makes some very attractive announcements for the current month, nc'uding serials by Horatio Alger, Jr., Sd. S. Eilix, and others. The number or March the 19th, contains the opeu- ng chapters of "Pirate Island, 1 ' a drilling (itory of a shipwrecked dew's adventures In the Southern Pacific Besides the serials, of which six are published each week, the Argoiy con. am* numerous shorter stories, sketch* ID, and articles, both. interesting and ni-tiuoiive. ' SOME of the mugwump press are low luying down the condition!" on which they will condescend to support he cnndidnte for Pie<ident of thu Rr- Hibliuan pary in 1888 Tht-y (.ay the it publicans muit "act wisely and nominate a suit able m.ui:" in other wordo mu«i allow a mugwump contingent to dictate a (-undulate for the >arty. These very men acknowledge hut thU Democratic administration is an utter failure, hence a condemnation if the Independent course ia 1884, yet hey persist In tbuir course of rule or ruin. The "modent" mugwumps bould now take back seats and allow the uinjority of the people to have. nnob* tructed sway. Advice to Mothers. Mrs. Wiuslow's Soothing Syrup, for children teething, Is the prescrption of me of the best female nurses and physicians in the United States, and* has >uen need for forty year* with never* tilling SUCOBAS by millions of mothers or their children. During the process if teething its value is Incalculable. It tibevuH the uhtld from pain, cures lyseniery and diarrhoea, griping in the mwuls, and wind-colic. By giving nalth to the child it rests the mother not) 26c a bottle In 16 ro w s wk Coal. Buy your Hard and Soft Coal of II. i. Winter and pet the best. Office at look's Pharmacy, Thirl street, and in oh's new block, corner Second and lunry sta. Telephones No's. 21 and 64. aug!4 d7m Tax KoticeT; All taxpayers dt Alton Towunlnp arn leroby notified that the tax liooks will e closed on the 24th of this month and (•turned to Edwardsville on the !6ib, and that they will save expense by sot. ling before that date. Will be at North Alton Thursday, Ma-olil?ih. v! HRUCH, did Township Collector. Two a rflitt enmltw— Hood's Snrsa- nlla und impure blood. The latter is utterly dufuulod by tho peculiar medi- OtDO. 1 RHUS <!l t'LACK, Mtt., Alaroh 16. fdiitr JilMtflpfti ''•"•" •' What 6lasi ot people ol foreign birt were the mo«t JflrgsJy rfpresented i America last Novemberf Please inform t!i« public in your neat Ufme. CITIZEN. According to the latent cehnun, 1880 i here are in the United State* 6.679 94 persons of foreign birth ; ot these 3,772, 169 nro natives of (.rent Britain and Ireland; 1900.712, of the German Kmpire ; 719 167 of BrllUh America Kranre, 106,771: Norway, 1«1,729 Sweden, 194,897. Th» evening's packets are th Spread Eagle and Hudson for Grafton the Bald Eagle, for Clarksville, and th Calhoun, for Pnoria. The river is rising slowly, perhaps i premonition of a June treshet. The ferry boat Altooian is making legular trip*, but business is rathe dull, owing to the terrible state of ih roads on Missouri Point, the highway being so full ol gullies and sink holes a >o be almost impassable in places. The Josephine left hern )a.-t evening for Burlington, her fi. i-t trip of the sea mm, with a tremendous load: 66( pacKagi s of glassware from the llllnai Olass Works and 60 barrels of lime am cement, wore added to the freight a ibis paint. KEUUt'lMt* JUKIE8. The abolition of petit juries is advo cated by a number, of newspapers, i being the opinion of many persons tka the institution has ontlivrd its useful ness. As a step in that direction the panel might be reduced one half, with a proportionate reduction of expense ana trouble, tbm giving nooppo (unity lor "eleven contrary men" to delay proceedings. In case of a majority verdict, also, if that innovation should become the rule, it would represent a larger proportion of the pane than as at present constituted and should the jurors resort to. throwing dice, or pulling straws in arriving at an 'honest verdict," there would be less lime and trouble in deciding the matter and, consequently, juries would not hang so olten. But could not a still greater improvement be made by re ducing juries to three men? The eduction of Coroner'* juries from 12 to 6 men has worked admirably and the oupposition Is that the same remits would follow like action with petit uries. tdilor Mo* Ttttgrafh: Do you know that I think it would pay us Alion merchant* to "chip in" anil Mibsidixu our line of ^learners plying belwe.ea hero and St Louis aud induct- hem lo cut down the fare to about 2&u the riiund tiip, and, if possible, gel an trier boat to leavu St. Louin for Aliuu ii bout uoon. You taK« other places where the e: from St. Louis is more frequent, »av, or melange., Ei^t St. Louis and Belle ville jruBrctmuU* never Irel nor dread I be utuie great. Knowing very well thai til latge cities are pe^.urvd more or lust, wiib herds of Philistines, and some. imes there are giants and a Uoliuh among i hem li is an awful ining lo fall utu ihe bunds o( ihe PhiliMines, let alone a gianl. To tlluxtrale: Thuollit-r lay Jim went to Si. Louis; he hud lonlay ill tin) , for pa»liiui> he boughl a pair it pains at 92.6U; lie KOI I lie in owe. unil it hull lliclmo ,ou nhoil; I nhowed him ,he itaniu kind and q\mlny of pant» ai «1, nnd he hud lo pay me 2oo to iin/t lu ni.'lmnc*', ">o hia paiitn cunt DIUJ u St. Louis »2,75, while those in Alton would only btvu cost him $1. SimiUr uases occur verj olteu. And 1 think, P'jsiiivuly, if we Altou merchants cuu d in any way induce better means ol usciipe I row the bunds of the Pliilis- lines, it would clearly prove that the Davids are Irom less pretentious cities than St. Louis, and our good people ol Anon Would reciprocate and mote than appreciate our t-fforis in their bebali by supporting home trade. Youri-. truly, W. A. HILDEBH4ND. From the well known advertising bouse of Geo. P. Kowell ft Co., proprietors of the newspaper aovuitisiug bureau ti 10 Spruce street, New York city, has been iscued a small volume containing much important information tor adver« Users. Tbv list of newspapers given contains only such periodicals as are on a sound footing, aud have escalations running up lulo the thousands. It has been the aim ol the publishers to »ifi the wheat from the chaff, and the book directs the attention ot au advertiser toward papers which he ought to use, and tends to Intercept a portion of that patronage which goes lo publications which cost greatly in excess of any power to bent fit which they possess, li take* the general ground, that thu bust u the cheapest —Montjxl tr, Vt. t Arqut, ANMOUNOEKKNT. We authorized t* auuounoe AOOLPII IN- VJCKN u a ouudtduto lor Aunoiiaor »t lb« ensuing towiublp election. We are nuiborised to announce JOHN P. EUUS as « eundldat« (or To«nihlp Oolleu- tor. Jtleoilon Tuesday, April Mh. LADIKB TO WOltK FOR UB at Itanlr homes. 17 tn JlO i>er wnek can be quietly made. No pholo paint. IIIK: no canv«»*lnK. fnr full pariloulurs pl*a»e addl-esi. at once. OKBtOhH r AHT IX)., UUeDtruli.t., Uoiton, Mans. Box 6170. Dress Goods I AT We FUEL and KNOW we are offering an assortment of :\m j™ DRESS GOODS newer equaled by us before. >i STANDARD GOODS of all kinds. NEWEST STYLES and COLORS in MOST RECENT MAKES. BLACK GOODS CHEAPER and in MORE VARIETY than ever. SINGLE WIDTH GOODS of all kinds FROM TEN CENTS UP. And all at Piersoi Hair D, G, Co. READY-MIXED PAINT, white ancfrolors, PAINT GROUND THICK, in white and colors, to be thinned with'oil. WHITE LEAD, OILS and COLORS. ALABASTINE, WHITING, and GLUE; Marsh's Drug Store. ; /The Largest and Most Complete Assortment of Hard and . v oft Coal and Wood Cook and Heating Stoves EVER BROUGHT TO ALTON, The Celebrated Buck's Brilliant Cooking Stove and Hard Coal Base Burner. They have no equal. Also ROOKING and UUTTEKINU and JUIIDINQ done atreasoaaM* Call mid ex uilno my aioek bofura jmrchustnx ulnuwbere. 532 East Seoood it,, west of HewV QOLD and v SHIRTS, The best for the Money. It* OHUMIS, mid u n»w ati'l home, bv oi.s \uain. Tceultxl ipoclulUu without ;uueii In turuti inonlln, uud i u« u( otborr. full purtio «eut iia »pji|lc»Uou. T. ». FAOJC, Ao, 41 West Hit St., «. «. etV who wmi by luont of htiuuilt. Our(nl;; ou theu

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