Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on March 16, 1887 · Page 2
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 2

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 16, 1887
Page 2
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ALTON DAILY TELEGRAM WEDNESDAY EVK., '« tonnudpafIon From the Itaxor. "The early gold-stokers In California conferred a benefit upon tho country •- unconseiotiHly, itistrno,—which 1 huvo navcr seen mentioned, but for which the ycnriger generation can hardly be grateful enough." The speaker was one of the old forty- niners; ho wits speaking of the nntunil dinner of the Associated Pioneers of California, which he had attended. "When 1 was a young man," he continued, "no one in any part of the ; United States with which I was acquainted was permitted to wear a beard. There WHS an unwritten law against it, which was more strictly obeyed than the statutes against murder or robbery. A man with a full, flowing board such as may bo seen anywhere in a walk of live minutes, would have been followed and hooted at by n crowd of boys in a New England town; while a mustache was an open confcs- nlon that the wearer was a rowdy anil a social outlaw. The wearer would not have been admitted to membership In nriy church, nor—unless he was a military officer — received into any respectable circle. Side whiskers could bo worn, ore-Inn whiskers; but the lines were drawn against the complete thing or 'the shaded upper lip by a public opinion so strong that it seemed Immutable. . "Thegold excitement broke out, and in almost every town nnd village there were some who caught the fever and started for the land of promise. We had a hard time of it; the fortunate fellows just as hard a time as the unfortunate, except for the courage that success brings. There was no leisure, and little inducement for self-adornment In the absence of women. We ' got careless about observing the rules of our old civilized life, and one of the first evidences of this was that one after another we stopped shaving. It took too much time, and our razors got dull, or our bits of looking-glass lost or broken; and soon every mining- camp on the coast was filled with full- boarded men. "Early in: the fifties the men who had- left wives and children or sweethearts at home, and who had rake., together a few thousand dollars, began to return; some to bring their families ' back and others to pay off the mortgages on their farms and remain. We had been free from tho trammels of th« old civilization long enough to be indifferent to some of its arbitrary rules; and then we were conceited enough to think thpt our adventures had given us the right to bo recognized as heroes, nnd didn't mind wearing a sort of distinguishing badge. So a large number of ,us returned to our old homes with much tho same appearance that we hail in the mines. "We 'were decidedly a picturesque lot, I suppose, aiul wherever we wont were immediately recognized as returned gold-diggers, and received the re- suoct among our old neighbors that our suppositions wealth—alns! only 1 suppositions in ninny cases — commanded. In no very long time there were few towns in which there wore not several returned Californians; nnd, as, the novelty of full beards began to -wear off, tho real Improvement which "beards made in some men was scon. Hugc-jiiw'od, 'long-lipped men came back absolutely handsome. Then tho doctors entered tho field—young men with weak lungs and bronchial troubles seemed to bo cured. At first the climate of California and tho exposure of camp life obtained the credit; but after a winter lit homo it was believed that the .-protection givuu by the beard should share tho credit,; ami soon many Of tho physicians, especially in Now England, advised thuirpatients tocuaso shaving. Thu innovation now made its Way rapidly. 'Uy tho advice of tho - doctor'woa as satisfactory mi answer to all comments as it is in tlio same part of the country when one is caught taking his 'bitters' before .(inner. "It was some years, however, before the prejudice of generations became si weakened that preachers could woa. boards without acruru common t on tin i .partof' aomo of tho members of theii Congregations, if not secession fron their folds to those of shaven shop- herds. It is a tradition that, the late Prof. 8town adopted a shrewd tlovic to rid himself of the hated razor. H< was delivering an address, HO the storj gops, on slavery, and us ho became ini- ' passioned with the subject ho exclaimed: 'This curse must and will bi Wiped out; tho day of freedom for all men In our land is coming, ami the razor shall not touch my face until it dawns." He was probably one of the first Congregational ministers to woar hair on his lip. "When it became allowable for any Who chose to woar a full board entire emancipation followed easily enough, and men bogan to trim their'boards to ^lllt themoolves, until before long they could woar mustaches alone without causing remark. We old forty-uinors created thin revolution—wo wlio came 4 homo; and in tlio advantage to health, " to say nothing of Uio improvement of tlio moral tone of tho community which Is caused by thi) overthrow of* ovurv Bonseloss 1 think that iii .this wo did moro good than did the cold wo brought buck homo *\'ew fork -Trihittu: A DUEL WITH 8YMMES. In The Southern Ih'twwc for February It nn Interesting article on John Cletog Symmes, tho originator of, the theory of a hollow,'habitable world. It contains many IneldenU of early life In tho west, and describes a.dtiel fought by Symmes. Tho writer says: An older brother of Peyton Symtncs was Capt. John Cleres Svmmes, tho author of the "Theory of "Concentric Spheres and Polar Voids." He was born In Su»8ex County; New Jersey, Nov. 3, J870, and received a good common English education, which in after life he greatly improved, through his in- tntiahlo desire for knowledge. Ho cultivated particularly mathematics and tho natural sciences, and at an early ago studied out the curious theory through which he has become so widely, known. He entered tho army in 1802, and in 1812 received his commission its captain. Ho served in that capacity during the war, and until tho disbanding of tho army In 1816. While ho was stationed at Fort Adams ho fought a duel with Lieut. Mai-shall, an interest/ Ing account of which is given in "Pioneer Biographies," by MeBrido. Symmes and Marshall disagreed about the hitter's pay. Syminos thought it incumbent upon himself to resent Marshall's remarks, and finally challenged him. In the encounter Marshall received a ball in his thigh, from the effects of which he suffered through life, and Symmes a wound in his left wrist, the use of which he never fully recovered. In the family papers in a letter to Symmes from his'brothor Daniel, on hearing of this duel. Part of it is worth giving: "I regretted your affair of honor with Llnut Mnrshall, but wns irratillrd that rou acquitted yourself as n gentleman ami nn ofllcor, and that your conduct on that occasion was spoken of In high tcmiD of upprohnMon by all the ttnuUoincn of our acquaintance, aa well as your brother oulcern. "It Is much to ho regretted that tho evil on* torn of duelling has become to prevalent and fashlonablo In tho American army, that 11 man, when once Insulted by u person (no matter of whntetmrncterorhow tired of life), a ohulloniro must piifln, nnd tho weapons of death bo exercised. To prevent this savage and calamitous practice, Frederick thu Oreat of Prussia, who had lost some or his best ami bravest oUloors In this way, Issued nn edict that If any challenge pasBod In bis army, the parties should flght until one was dead, ami immediately afterward the survivor should bo shot as a pub- lie offender, which edict was carried into7>io- cutlpu, fo the astonishment of the whole army —It had the derlred effect. No man for a moment ever doubted the couraire of the great and Justly celebrated Julius Ctcaar, and murk his conduct when challenged to single combat by Mark Antony, who was his equal, and stuod high on tho lists of fame. Ho coolly replied that, "If Antony It tired of life, lot him lean Into tbo sea or 1umn down tho Tarpelan rock." * Peyton sent Capt Symmes some lines as his opinion on dueling. Wo do not know that he was the author, but ho evidently admired the sentiment, and, as they are after the order of his poems, it is well enough to give them us an example sf his style. A Mr. Flout semis a cliallon-TR tr> a VITIATED BLOOD Scrofulous, Inherited and Contagious Humors Cured hy Cuticura- the medium ol one of T te medium ol one of y books rcoelv.-d throiiKh Mr Frank T. Uriiy,lJniKKl»t, Apnll.i, I'.i,, I Imrame nc- qiinlnied with your CUTICOIU Ht.MKDIKS.innl take this opportunity to lestlty tu you that tiielr u»e luix p.uinanently cured s;e of one of th woi-s • cases nl blond pnlsimlntf, In con- IIKOIIOM with ei-j'.,lpma-,thatl linveevui seen, and this after biivliiiflioi-n pronounced incu-- able by soini-Jx the best physicians in ..ur ! J " 1 ,', 1 ';, , X t ." kB , "''"".' P'«aa-ne In forwarding 10 voii this testlinnnliii, ungo:lelted us H Is bv joii, In ordei tliaiotherx frou, similar main- w-w," "I' 1 ?" 1 " 111 wc " M "K »"nk at Whlto rlaiiM, Nov., U down over 2,300 leot, ami can go no farther until tho Water, which la 17 por com salt, and »o heavy that the ropes and tools lloat on it and tho drill does not pmuaruUi the rock. U shut nut. Tb« extraordinary popularity of Ayer'f Churry JVoloml Is the HHiurnl r«*ult ol lit u<o by nil classes of peop'e for a«r furiy year*. It h>ta proven r V b"l 'P«oiHc for oolda, PW'nonary complaint*. • ' PS. n.tlirMNORK.Loechburit, Pa. Reference: FUAKK T. vviur,Kru^gUt, Apollo, I 11* SCROFULOUS Cl CUBS. Jmnosli. Kk-lm UHDii, uuMcmi llouw, New '{nouns, on onth >ay«: "in )»70 Smifuloim Ulcers broke out on my body until I wan a •nas» of corruption. Kverythlnx known tu the medical (acuity wan tiled in vain. 1 he came a mem wreck. At times could mil lift my ImmlH to my head, could not turn In b«d; win in con-iant puin. und looked upon life a» 'oon'"'^"' ' So ' cl| ef or cure in ten years. In '8HO I beaid cil the uutlcura Hemeuieo. used tin-in, mid was perfectly cured." Sworn to uelore U.S. Uom. J. D. Crawford. ONK OP THK~WOB8T CASKS. W 6 have been «. llii-g your Outleura Remc- ' les for years mid IIIIVH the first ciimpUmi yei to receive a pmvliHsur. one ol tin- *oist oaaod of aei-olulu I ever -mw waa cure' 1 »y the uao of live Ijoitlus ol Outlo na K :tolv- •int, Giiiliiuriiiimii utlci-ru N,mr. -.he Hoap taken tho "cake" here u* a medicinal nnap TAYLOR T.V-VLOIJ, i, Frankfurt, Kan. Air. Mann to light a duel. 'Iu«~ latter LAS an invitation for tho sumo dato to dine with hie friend Langdoti, and re* turn* W Mr. Fleet tho following reply) TO MI». rMCKT. "-"' life honored this day, sir, with two** +.•••' -. Tn« flrnt from Friend LnntrJon, toe j- from you. . •; ; " '.: AI the one Is to fight and tlio other to* dine, r, I accept his cntratfemcm and yourj, mtiit de; . OlIUO. s 1 ' V' ,;-; Now, In frlvtng this preference 1 (rust you'll admit t .; ,, 1 have acted with prudence nnd done what WII8 fit, Blnot cnoiMtntcrlng him, and my weapon a knife, . , . ™vy« » There Is some little chanoe of preserving my While a bullet from you, sir, might take It And tho maxim, you know, Is to live while you If, bowuvor, you still fihould suppose 1 Ill- treat you By sternly rejecting this challengo to meet Bear with" me a moment and I will adduce rhroo powerful reasons by way of excuse. In the first plaon. unics* 1 am irrnfwly dooolved, I myscli am, In conscience, the party airgrlev- od, And therefore, mxxl sir, If aolmtloniromiiBtbe, Pray wait till that challenge be tendered by Again, «ir, I think It by far tho moro sinful Timtiind and lie shot than to ait fora skinful: Whence you will conclude (as Id have you Indeed) That fighting composes no part of my creed— And mv oouriiKO iwbloh, though It was never disputed. . Is not, T Imnidne. too. too deeply rootod)— Would prefer that Its fruit, ulr, whate'er It - may yield, Should appear at the "table" and not ID tba "Held." And lastly, my life, be It never forgot. Possesses a value which yourn, sir does not: Bo 1 mean to preserve U ui> long ns 1 can, Delnp Justly entitled a family Mann; Besides, that tho contest would bo too unequal I doubt not will plainly appear by the sequel; .For even you must acknowledge H would not be meet That one small "Mann-of-war" should engage .a "whole Floot.^ In/Pafproon, N.J..20.0CO persons'are losing 1260,000 in wages a week b< • cause ihu owners of the nilk mills rcfug to be bnll-dozyd bv the Knia hts of l,ah. r Into discharging from employment 200 men who were not membi>ra in JTOIII) standing of that order. "Tha"cun<« ol labor" will eo backward very fast nn- <1fr tuoh management.— Chicago Jour nul. Rheumatism It it an ettabHihcd fact that Hood's Bar- saparllla bos proven an Invaluable remedy In many severe cases of rheumatism, effecting remarkable cures by Its powerful action In correcting the acidity of tlio blood, which Is the cause of tho disease, and purifying and enriching the vital fluid. It it certainly fair to atturnt that what Boed's Sarsaparllla boa done for others It will do for you. Therefore, U you suffer tho pains and aches of rheumatism, give this potent remedy a tab? trial. A Positive Core. " I TTM troubled -very much with rheumatism in my hips, ankles, and wrist*. I could hardly walk, and was confined to my bed a good deal of tho time. Being recommended to try Hood's Siinaparllla, • I took four bottles and am perfectly well. I cheerfully recommend Hood's Saraaparllla as one of tho best blood purifiers In the world."- W, F. WOOD, Bloomtngton, 111. For Twenty Years . 1 have been afflicted with rheumatism. Before 18831 found no relief, but grew wono. 1 then began taking Hood's B.imparllla, and It did me more good than all the other medicine I ever had." n. T. BALCOM, Shirley. Ka«s. " I Buttered from what tho doctors called muscular rheumatism. I took Hood's 8ar- saparilla and am entirely cured." J. V. A. PHOUDPOOT, letter carrier, Chicago, 111. We shall bo glad to send, free of charge to all who may desire, a book containing many additional statements of cures by Hood's Sarsaparilla Bold by all druggists. |1; six for $5. Mad* only by C I:.HOOD & CO., Lowell, Mas*. IOO Doses One Dollar. IMOLfi l»ACttfe¥ COMfANV, SPUING ARKANQEMENT. The Steamer -THE BEST TONIC KAS KIN E (THE NEW QUININE) . Wu bad effect No headache No nausea, MO ringing- ears, C nr " quickly Pleasant,*"" A POWtHKUL TONIC. tbut ilie most delicate atomauh will boar. A SPECIFIC FOR MALA it i A, RHEUMATISM, NEHVOU8 PKOSTWATION, and all Uei in Dlsoasos .FOR COLDS KAsKlNE HAS UBtiN FOUND To UU ALMOST A 81'KCIFIO Superior to Quinine. llHlluvueHospital, N. T.: "Universally roc- censful." ' _• ("Even-patient treated St. Francis Hos.N. T..< with Kaxkino hax been (dlaehitrged cured." HOT. Ja§. L. Hall, Chaplain Albany IVnlten- Hary, wrlt<-» that Ka-Jclne hua eurail hla wife, «ft«r twenir vcars nitferlng trom luaUrla nnd neivuua dyspepaiu. Write him (or par- ilrulnrs. St.Juseph'« Hospital, N. Y.: "lt'« use h > on-ldered IndlHpxnsa le UactHperleetly." v l'ro.. \V F. UnlooiobH. M.D., W KantJ.ith at.. N.Y. (late Prol. In N. Y, Mud. Uol.ege) writes: "KHHklnu In superior to quinine in Ita ipuo flu imwer, and never produced the vllghtantlu jury to the hearing or constitution. . , Thousands UIMJU thousands write that Kas- klne haa cured them alter all other uiedl- clnualmd lulled. Write lor book of tehti- inniiluli. Kiu-kliioonn be tukon without any special advice. 11.00 per bottle. Sold by or wnt by urnll on receipt of price. KA8KLNKCU..&I Warren «t.,New York luuwlm REAL ESTATE FOR SALE. BEAD LIST OF BARGAIN -ATC, A, Schlueter's Agency, IB. no*sFOWBLl, JED ~ ^ On and a tor Monday, Feb. 11, tb« Spread Kavle «•) "in UK loUown, Ttti LKAV1MU ALTOM FOB ST. LOUIS at 7 o'clock a. m., and St. Lonlson retnri> trl» at s p. u>., dally. And leaving Alton lor I'ortBiic, Jersey Lundlny. Hraiton, and.wa) polnti- every evening ai 6:80o'clock. «B-The Whistle will b» nonnilnd ilnutoBbbforti starting for St. Louis, FAUBl To 8T. U-OM, • • • KotmuTiup ...»i m ' »>.„„.,-• Fast Freight & Passe gerLi e H1K ^T. LOUl" ANII K. K. Oi>'8 The Century ""- , For 1886*87. Vra CMoraoaT t* ou uiu»tm»«d uoni&tx maaailiMt, having a re»niar ciranlatHn ci about two hunured.thonkaud copies, oiten leeching and aoinetltaM eaoeedlug two hundred and twenty Uve thousand. Oliletanionit Its inanv attraotlont for the coming year la S 8«r(aJ which has b««u In active preparatloa lor »uwieu \eari«. It I* a history ol our own country in Us most critical time, M «*t tojth THE tilPB OF IjlNOOLiVT, By UU Ooutiaeiitial Hecrotarie*. John U.fNlcolayttnd Col. John Uay, . „ This (<reat work, begun with Iht sanctlnn ot 1'ieeldeui Li'teoln, aud oontiuund uutler the authority ui his son. the Jion. Hobert 9. Lincoln, In the only Inn and aulhoiltatlve record of ihu life uf Aoralmtn Llnooln. in i-uthom were Mends ol Uneolu belnre hla pre«l>ienuvi they were moat Intimately as- toeiaied with him as private secretarlM ihroHbuut hla term ol.ufUue, and tu them were trunsierred upon UntJoln'iideath all hla i rlvnte rape: a. Here will Ot »old tin Ihstd* history ol the elvU war anil of President l.lneoin'd aduiliilntrutUin -linportmit I wlilun liHve-liitlienoreiuklntd uurovo&lnd hut tUi-y might Umt apuuur In lulu authuntto iiiM'iir) . IJy ionium 01 ihe publication ol tola ' '' J. P. KL' li-ON, Uiin.iimnder. hi" AS8IIOTZ, IniB'ks TIIUKUOUUB. ) u)e * B On and niter Thuraday.Feb. J7tJi, will leavf Fur &t. I.ouls at 7 a. m. Keturnlntr, will leave St. Louis (foot ol Vine -t.) ut 2:46 i>. rn.! Lenvlnit All on at 0:^O p. m. for fortune and .l«mey, arriving at Oruf ion at 7:45 p. m., connecting wUh 1 nncxpresn on St. Louis and Ueutrul Illinois KuliroHd lor Jurwyvillo, Wa- vvr.y, Sp.lnKfli'Wund all point* Lortli and L'llbt. FARE. I o ST. Locis, single trip, . . . BOc. " " r. untl trip, . . . .Wo " " twenty rlue ticket, , J&.OO HENUY 0. TA1 UM, U«n. ARt. Alton. H. A. H--HKH, uen'l .\lKiiiiKnr. le.ldtt UJCMTltlltik. DB. O. it. liOUUL AN1>, Dentist, 18 THIRD 8T1EET, Al/TON, ILL. Offlo* Hooiv-ti H. m. to 11 m.; 1 to t p. _ •: fnodwl* G. A. MoMLLLEN, / Dentist, 'JVKtt BBOEGOBM \NN'S OIGAB 8KUO.NU ST. STOBS rttt - , •• " ^fmm^mmmmvf w~ VJ tit M • VHV UIJUI* ill oecupy lexo space uurlng the torn- ur. Ueltyeljuiu will be ou-erlbud bv luut (Ohitil .of the Union Artllleryf. lUkbUe t| Ueu. K. M. Law. aud other*! • • THE WAit 8EUIE8, ha» iMieii iollow<d ,. lih unfl iiturent by ajin'ut lutereet by a Kt«at uiid" , h'y J «ur. •: ! uu. litlut 3* wi. IxiUablw^iyeni KrM.I"awraua'oth«ra! iililcuumiiUH, (>> u«i>. U. ll. uii: Hhunuan'a Miiroii tjtue «ar by Uenurala Howurd and •KKIUHI. Itonvrala Q. A. olilmore, Wm. r. •limn, JiihuOluLMjn.Uoruoel'orter, anuJoha .-.. Mtwby will UeiHiHuu npi-clal battle* and iiiulduuu. , Btoileo ol uavai < «ii«uHeineut«. IIIIDOII !!>«, ot«. vie. wlllu.iwttr. ' liOVfiLB AND HTOKIES. "Thu lluuur*uih Man," u novel by >rank '.I'- Hll jy fcM '¥» "«»>«•«• 01 "TbM LaOy, or tba l'lM«r." bt-uliM In Novi-uib«r. Two uovule i«k oyUcurgy'W.OHble. utoneti by Mary Hujiooli roote, "yuelo Beuiu»," JullKO U»wthorn», tdwui d t KKlemon. and oilier : prouiiueut Aniiirleun unthora will Ouprlmad during to* *"*' SPEC! AL, FEATl)»ES. i with Illuhtmt. ens) Include »»«rie» of artt- V lr. i.u »amr» in UUMita and BlUerlM, by Ueo. 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CDTICUftA UH'IKIUKS are sold everxwiiuie. --ike; Ouil-ura, the '"it BKiii Ouri*, fti et-.; Cutluura fl-'up, an . •Jj»"«»» "utlllur. 8> eta. j Outlvurii Itenolv- 1m/, i V w i'n"° a 1 ' ul '" lor .»l- fotterOruu mid uheuileiil C>>., Uo-t on. P F iVI PL>K *>. Blackheaila. Skin niomtHhes ,»j A^-'A ana Itauy Humors, use Uutiuuia Choking Catarrh. Hcvo you awaliimed from a dluturucd sleep with all thu horrible Hensatlons of an assua- H|II eluicliliiv your ihroat and pressing the Uo-breath from your tightened chest? Have t ',', l "-..,1 0 i t ' < i 0 .', 1 ""• laniruor an! rtebl llv thai ,.. H ^Ti 1 1""" """" l "«'«•"• >'"ur throat and IS i • "•"a'Tihnl maltur? What a itii. lonri K , '". flue " liu (t «*««• upon the mind, ,. .1 ."h*" 0 , "'•"""'•V H»d tllliiiK • tii» Ai, ,,U in P """ UIKl ""•««'« """"> I HOW i !th. !• n!-?. ' >lu .' tllu «•"'«'" against It, iiitliur proiimn tinvarMn ih» lunun. liver an i kldiiujs all phyHleinn* »lll "dm t. Il w a jure. autm '"' tt "" <"<•"» ""' f"r rt'llaf and •flm romirkabloruratlvo powers when all itiier ri-iniMllus mterlv tan. o 8a f id's 'hS The Republicans of Alton township unu ull others desinnjf to co-opeiati- with them at the election Tuexday, A|)ril 6lh, are requeued to meet ii. Mass Convention at Cfy Hull, Munila\ '•veinnjr, Match 28ih, to noniiiiHte oan'- ilitlntus for tho following offlues: One Supervisor. 1'hrep A*8isunt Supervisors. OIIH Town-Clerk. One Collector. One Aifi'HMir. One Hijrhwrtv Comraissioner. Anil to iruiHiiot tiny oihnr bmines- propurly oominir heforttthe nifetintr. CHAS. flOI.DhN, JB., J. K. BU !XER. GEO.u HAYUEN, H. G M'I'IKB, 8 K. CONN •», • W. «. BAKEK, JR., F. W. HOI'I'K, H. B. STAlUt, Kupublioun Cfinral Com. I'.KI'OBLIUAIV ~~ One row hons". with co'lar, oistor and eoal huuee. Lot fiu by 110 on Otu un Maiketati,. For sale— one 8 room house and o ej-rooir honae, 9th and Market aid. Lot,' CO by 1m. good uii-tein :md COM! hc.uuo, at abaiiialn. for sale— '6 acres In Nrrth Alton with goo 0!chard,bari. and plenty of water. For i<ale-N5(l ncreb Impreved farm wit «ood h IUKC mid Hta'iles In iVtmd«ni counit Knn.-ai. K. It. run- acrnm) Irani KortSuott t WivhUH.Bnillei IK. in county »eat, Komale— 75acrns partly bottom land, im pixivid tin in, near I'ormy, with pleuty u good l>> lldliiKH i n same. For salt.— 10 pieco, of valuable propert' with Kouii hnudeH, In this elt . T.i8 underdlgnud have Of ened a nnw mu-ilc toro at too corner of xalrd 4 and Flua IM ORGANS AND PIANOS I •>l the [flnest workmanship tor sale atraa- •onable prloe». Uall amt examine our iu»tru- ueuta bulorepurohasluKuUtiwhere. • ; FLOSS. & BABE. Pur rale <>r exchange— A nice little ootlaif In llethallr., wlih pli-nty nl ground, stabi <ind mind water'on Kaoh jiiifkut e» iutiiiVniio untile of Ihu ItadlUil Cure, one Imx ot rutarrh jl Hoiv. ,,i and an r,,i, (1 o., d Inl,,|," w ' trait?." id 1 direct nim, a id Is mild 'iy all urulrVutH f,ir il t'orritu t)nuo a oiuJIIOAI. i.o^' -- ' HOW MY^IDES ACH B. Tho R>!|>ublioan8 <if the several wnrd- f the oiiy nf A'lon. anj • nil volei'x in cuMipernte wl'h them In a beiier, more iffiuiunt an'1 m<ire protfredsivu Hilminirtiatlon of ultv .ffalrs, ate requested to meet in pn- uiiiiV ui^etin^<', HI City Hull, on Thurs- tlay t-veninK, April 7th, at 7:80 o'clock, to nominntt) candidates fur Aldermen in their rexpeutive ward-i, and also t>> appoint di'lojjates to u City ltnpubliciin Convention lo be held ut the bam. place, Friday uviininir, April 8tb, to iiominatu oaudidutea for M'tyor, City Clork, City Treasurer, Ciiy Attorney, lo bu votMit for at the munioiual oleo- lion April 19,h; the wevoral *itrdn to be mauled lo ihu followinif rupruguDtatiou in HID ciiv convention: First ward, 8 ilfie^itttig. 8t'Oiind wnril, C delegates. Thud ward. 8 Fouith witrd. 8 Filtti ward, 8 Sixih wind, ti Suvunib wurd, 7 delegates. Total number of doleuutoi", fll. 1 And to transant such other business an may propuily conn- huforn tho meeting. ciiAti. HOMIKN..JR, J. K. HUTLEK, GUO. U. IIAYOUN, II. O, MT1KK, H. F. CO.SNOK, II. ». UtKKU, JR.. F. W. HOi'i'K, II. U, Sl'AKK, BapnMloan C«ovr»i Uomutlitei. ruale nrfXchai'Ki'-Twn Hoetlnns of R.K M-r lai.d In *e. M^HOIII-I, IbOmded frnm a . Lnuln on thu Iron Mountain u. It., at u ba • gain. For sale nr exchanKe, 3 acres of irrnun I o Mam «t.. aOJtiiuliiK JJaycr Coppingor'u oil th For sale or cXohan<je-B sections of pralrl lend In urmikut euuiity, Texan Will he ohi-ap. eultable fur any luiuiing pin-puses Thiee-icroaadjjlnlnis Ur.Kobtrts on mirth Five lots on Dry St., adj .mlng Thomas UU- gl i,' re-ldence on the u >at. O.IK and a halt lots In llawlev's addl'lon. OiiemiU H halt ,OIH in fliellj' 1 . uuoitlon. Any of the Hbuve property can be bjught at a oarualu. I also represent the Buffalo German Fire Insurance Co-, Buffalo, N. Y., one of the best companies in the U. S. And other gooa Companies in addition. C. A. SCFLUETER, Offlca in'my New Building, on&eco d street mchUdw DAIRY FARM: North Alton Jeraey Dairy. Hivlnuivnui' Jumes MIIIICII'H Uilry'faitt and uatile, the u .deolunud will furnUli milk of thevi'iy UI-BI qiiiillty 10 the clllzi'lio o Alton. The vuitlu ure luonilv hluli uriid Jerw-VM HIM! f.u nlvlin< i-leh mll'k iln-y hav. nniqualithet are all J-,,UIIK and livullhy. will lee i iiOrli'iHolanv kind to our fHttlu I'uriieaihat Ifliiivurim wl-h their puirnu- BK« ma) Uep I on (.eltluii ml k ol tl'e vcrj bent qiinlli.\. Amuiiii K wilibugivKii fiei) o eliartiit In ull thiu up, ly f,u- u. xii > mllkltu and eveiyililiiKediineuii'd with tliedalry wil ue 1.1 pt sviupuloiitikly cleBli Killnu oui Jiustoui-rs may rueeivo thu milk In life tie«t uf order. A nhare of public patron a«o Is 1'enpiU'tlully nquueted fxtavu orilnr. wlih llesDis. Klrscli A HchlenV; mid Mih «lra«rx. bulliuid A Uiierdiiiu, or addieis us at North Alton, ALIluni-VOLPEH. Klt.SKHl' " ifi..v.i'r WILSON WASHBOARDS. These Waihbosrds an made with » Bent-Wood rim. TheStroDi- ett boardt and bot wuucrs In tfi« world. For sale by all dealtrs. Tska no ether. SAGINAW MT'O CO., • Michigan. Master's Sale. STATS OF ILLINOIS, j St. Olair uouuty. , |, Of the Bdpteuiber term; A.D. ItSt. oflba II. Olalr Ouunty Ulroutt Court. John N Ohllton vs. Thomaa Chilton. Oeorg* Ublitoii, Jume«ni dvro^.Kobart W. Ulck , «r>bon, J£licabetb Ann WLllaai«, ixiroth* Barn, i'bom«e Burn, Jamei Burn, Uarhara hergu'ion, Siian Jaue Burn, Vv Ullaio Burn, John Thomas Hum, uoioihy Ann Burn, Isabella Burn, James Bui n, arid 'Henry B. Uuallcuir, .executor ol the latt will and teitauientof John Ubllton, dacetiMd. Hill lor aale otltual Kutttte. , Under and by rtnue nf decree of i*Jd court, made 1» the above entitled cause, at said Mrui, 1, the uuilerslgoed, will, on SATURDAY, UAUUU i»,1*7, at ando.-i the preiuinea hereinafter described. ae>l to the bbihukt and beet bidder, thx following described land, HHuated In the county ct Mudisuu, and Mate ot Illinois, lo-wlt: Toe «tat fourth of the houtbea*t quarter ot ihn north went qua-ter, conlaming tun (K) acres; and the eaat half of thu southwest quarter, a 1 tu section thirty (8"),In township eix (.6) n- rth nl rang.< nli e \.9) west. Appra ied value, S),*M.7i. Bain tu couijienod ut one o'clock n. in. •mitla Oc "ALK.- -Twenty per cent, of tit* puicbuse uinnny to be i.alU *canh iiowu, an« the bulanoe on a credit of nix and twelve tnoi.tlu, oecuitd by notu and approved eon- .Ity, and a uiortKagu on the preuii«*i sold.oa the execution ot will h, and upon conUrmt- ilonol »i;l tale, 1 will execute ana deliver a deed to the piiicJiaser or puicba-irs of laid laid, ail by sa.dut ere I an, directed ,uoa- veyln« all lh. ilyht, tl'le and claim ol tba »afd parties n said suit to said premise*. ; ALUNZO S. M ILDEUUAN, .. •„ Master m uliai.cery Ol said ooi M. w. EL.T'8 CREAM Cleanses the Ueitti, Allays luflaiumutipo. „ 1887, ; / Harper's Weekly. ILLUSTIUIKD. • HABPWJ WKBULT maintains Its poeltloi M the nmdtng Illubiriitfd newspaper In ca; and lt» hold upon public o»te> in and eon- Ifdcnce wuu nevei ati-onuer than at the pros ""' '''.""• l'"»l<le» the pictures. llxuriSH'S KKKLT alwu.v H contains installments of on.-, ii. caolonull) ol two, ol thu beat novels of the 'lay, ttnely Illustrated, with short stories, poems, uketchei, and papers, of Important current tuples by the moat popular writers. I he care that baa been successfully exercised m the imst to i, ake tiAHpsas WKKKLT isate I 1 ", 1 !! 1 ' 11 ., 88 " "«lw»i»« »isit»r to every house hold will noc be relaxed In the future. • UAIIPEU'8~PK11IODICAL8. Per Yean Iteaturca SeimcB of Taste -- mell, Hour- iutf* A. quick Kelief. A POM. Hive Cure. A particle Is applied Into each nostril and Is aijreeablu. Price fto cts. at nrun(rl»ts: by ff, H Hi l *K l8Mr ?< 1 '*> ««»• Clrt ular» free, ibf IlltUB.. UrugKUts, uweuo, M. Y. . ... . »epl« dwly I larper'p Weekly ...................... .1 4 On 'larpei'sMaKailmi .................. J nn Hurper'sltiizar .......... ....... ' . " J J3 Harper's (nuiig I'eople .................. 3 00 .' .................. llar|.er'» Franklin bquare Library, one Veai (M numbers) ........... ....... 1000 '' ' ', f ' '! .VS A.J.HOWilLL, -DEALKH IN- FURNITURE I A Full and Complete Stock OOJNSTAOTLT OS HAND. ALL ORDKV UPHOLSTEEINQ Hiivflfnr fervloi-, two nglttflred »lre«, JIT- i 'le.-| ( iri-itliM IUIUHUH |,||| wiy Ihi- lh.1-,1. •!»!»/ ,,n, . " v »" .. '* ieuii|iiii *t 6t. UiuU lint (all. ""' ** .1 T '>" Volumes of the Weekly begin with the «lr.lNumi> rforJauuuryofJa hyear. Wlieu liVii '?•" '•.'"•"'Honed. »uba<ilmlons will bugin oi'der W U ' IO " lHl uo ''' ''"•'"'I 1 * °' lioiind V.iiuii.Bsol lUiintii's WKBKLT, for biee years buik, In neat c.oth UluUing, will .« .«i >t by mail, postage puid.or by expr«s», h eo nf r»peus.. ipn.vl *e.l tin. ''ii-liilit d ei tml s.. ipn.vl c '" lttl > )<)r -liilit d e tm .? "" e c '." lttl > )<)r volume) lor »7 per vol. uUi vanes lor eaeli volume, »u tiiulu lor . lieiiiluaiioes aliould bo made hy PosloQoe Uorey order or Uralt tu ol I>NM. ' al ° " ol lo CO ' IV *" u advertise- .SH.* PWMa ^' r °' IU ' por * __ _ UAUl'BU'/i UllOTUltm, New Vork. JSTOCK FOB SALE. Neatly am) promptly Belle at., bet. Third and Fourth. -ALSO- lUWlDBNOK OOR. 8TATB4BEVKNTH 818 For Sale Cheap, j-ONE- i. llul Mui J is y Klne Melt r. i!£ Ka With nil tlio AiiMlJrttiiK'g to Run Kvarythinjt Jn Got(d Order. A. II. 11A8T1NOS, It. .11

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