Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on March 16, 1887 · Page 1
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 1

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 16, 1887
Page 1
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*4 WfcWw** n&U ifrifttfa irtjK^^W,^*!™. Sit.uUfeagAi .'nl 1(0 N— vjMtt life ALTOJS,; «bBMoattnfe nu bloaUMO BIWOLAifOH OK,T |U B UTBB " ' W.MIA. EVENING. MARCH 16. 18«7 i* c ' W"M>ov« for years ">onl r f«lled|tor«ll«ve ™ < ^JSaSSl? "SP-W 1_«»<>*« UI •«w«nre tliono .(" r.,,'J»fprHi(«ifroniXheBboro thut thwy would be «*H*«4;IW-H»,n8e.-,.i;nK)»K not my l m * !1 T l S! < U l ! m l! fv #™<n resooot- „,,.„, fully, ,. ,,.,„ J, M.,MI,Ltf A.Aelma Ala." . h * Regulator not only - ' i»w . ,jt thlnkatoneof th« ines lever n»e.l. •••' '; -f? •.V'Tf '• LANI EU.,t>»tersl>urg, y». - ' rrh.'av'i . ' ; W , A '? DA ' -"arch, ill ,•«., > The Society at Sak'm are tot have »,supper at the .school ,in.use at Wanda Friday evening* March 18tuT for the benefit of the church.'; Kit* tensive preparations are being.'triade and n general eoodilme expected. >AI1 tare cordially invited to attend. Siitf. per 26c; children 15c. • ." The prepar* .Ing, their laud .for melons and potatoes | ft large acreage of melons will Deplumed this year. ; ^.Frank Gillham made his departure for th£far west last; iFriday. Sue- ceeg, Frank! •Aubt Betsey \Dqnnegari is ; quite sick at, p.esent... Levi Diinni'Kan has so far recovered from his severe attack of rhourniitisun that hu. is able to ridu out ; during the fine weather MB GHO. Chum, of Kopkbrl.lgp, nn"d MiMdlilH jHrkson, of Wiirtin's Prairie, *ere mtirrled or Thur.dHy noon of ihix week, ut the resiclfiice ot the bridu'H ^rand-pnri-nti,. Mr. and Mrc. Josiah Mariin, by Eld B B. ; Hamilton, of this ei'y. An infair was held HI the re«i, '<«<n?«.nfrihu.proom 1 !* p»rHtitsyostHidrty. I he roniii/,o^mple will locuto and ifo to nn a fur in near Kook- t r Republican. , 'JLITEST NKW8. Y, The trial otithirJyi linn lynuncrs >lia9 ;: jb(6g«ii at Charles ton. • • ..• '• ' ": :. ' ' . wttSecretnry of the .'JC^aBury.-.salledlfde.iEurope y es- terday. . Card Flkti* an? ,f)eooratlve o }<i anraoB'iAMoi SHOP on , PIA8/ Lines of Burgaiiis Absolutely Pure. powOer n'rver vurlmi. A raiirvel 01 sti-u.iieth whnlna.iiaiinniiH. Mine eoo- l;than thu uriltnitry l<lii<l«, anil cannot sold In compHtltlon *iih the v.nultltndn ol ow teHt,-iliorc «r«. U ht. dlnni phniphu-e ix»» .I.-M. SOLD.<>sjyr JH OAKS. llOYvll BAK1W ..,n a linn,' BlowJy^ulylng 14 ..A i Massachusetts prison. 1 An ad viirtised lecture jin New Vo.k on "How toiAnolish Poverty' drew an audience of one peraon anH a reporter. ' ; ; The Jate Henry Ward.Beecher car- .Hed $100,000 uf life io»ur;ance,,in different 'cpnipanles. Air this goes 10 Mre.fBeeeher. , Philadelphia is to have a big hotel nine stories hi^h./iind three-quarters of a million liava i been advanced to start tbe.struclure. -.-Corrected -and levised list; Of casualties^ the wrecktou the, Boston 1 and Providence-railroad give, ..thirty- eight killed and 114 iujuied. ; The building and the stock of 'this large ujercantile l.ouse 6f Miller', (jreineiv&,Uo.j,.JJuffalo, N.j Y. Were ruined, ;by fife Tuesday i morning Loss, $300,000. , . Count ,Pe . j.L^acpi,, , who has returned to.Paris,from,>a. recent visit to .Berlin ;and. the, German Emperor, afHrms . with great confidence that there will b'e bo war' in Europe, . .• Cincinnati'-.- uaid. i. three'-' failures ' the lumber trade' Mondays; j S. Crawford, -S.-'Wi; &;-S.', G.Boyl and the - Boyd Maiiufucturingicom-, pany. • tGrawford's liabilities are 8110,000,-. and the ifioyds "owe up- ward;rif , 8263,000, Another new na donal,banb' h'as 1 been opened iir»GhieBgp— the "iSrat aftd,ouly.,initituti6iivbf.,,its class. .'tjfat i* lucated on the ',Npi ;th' , :Sjde. '^ijts- •name is . t'The Liocoln-i iNational! Hauk."::,, ,,eapital.;".?200.006/- - Eit•Governor John Lv 'Beyeridge isv'iu', President, ('hicago ubw has eiglit-' •en aational.;banks, with an ag^re- of 814,900,000. . ,,» ••-•"• '-IFI*L» K.TL.I in tJANS. IWJ 1 I'OWOBUUO., 106 Wall »t.. Jf. Y. JanSdwly' BED GATE Struck by an Express Train. NUKOMIS, 111.,.. March 15—This evening as the .limited express^rain; which passes tlirougli here »< 5 :08, arrived at it cros-mg about a mile west of a wagcm in, which were Robert Furnace and Jesse Jen- niug8,.brothers- n-law, esidingabout ui e milud west of lure. B.»th men were k lied instantly,'ieach onu hav- .iiigahole'piercedin the right temple, from which the brains oozed, besides being otherwise /fearfully mangledv The Spies Van Zuidt Alleged pasted P. Hornsback, of.Doraey, through the burg last week. Cousable Williams hasi had another busy week, as Mr. J. D. Gregory WBB wanted for selling liquor at the last election, November, and there were about twenty witnesses j it kept Sam. pretty busy. 1 Gregory was „ Hoed $30 and costs. Total, $50.45. Miss Carrie Uazell spent Saturday inBethalto. The literary was well attended, last Tuesday eve. and a good programme rendered. The paper was simply immense. MOVED —Mrs; Schenbcc has moved over near Dorsey Station. Mrs. Rinker has moved on her farm east of the burg. • Mr F. Jinkinson moved into Sir. John Oet's houne last week. 1 Mr, Faltenburg moved! into the housejwhlch Mrs.. Joshua Brankfoid vacated. Miss- Leii's"Rinker, 'of' (Alton, is yisiting ! her.mother this ; week. CHIPS—:C6urt;has. been in session two weeks, <b,ut has..,{adjourned for a,short.freces8. , The;candidates for;tbe ltownship offlces are not showing.very fast. ' ,.Why not vote on4ncprpo rating tha ".' .SPAVIN. .. >.<!-free-trade. "t. reduotion of internal revenue and the.taking offi«>f ruronuo .stamps from proprietary, medicines, -,.aot doubt, has lareely; benefitredabeoonnnmers, tat well •aa'rellevmffuheibnrden of home manu- facturew; rifiipecially. \n this tbe case with -Green 1 ».Anjjust< Flower and Bos- ob«e!s German "8yrup> as the reduction of-thirty-isi* eehts -peridbzHn, has been added to.«ficream the slz« of tbe bottles containing ,thege, remedied, ! therehv ^ving ohu-flftb, more mediclno m the 76 J«Ht f\Z&: . Th«,v;AUKUst Flower for Dyspepsia .and UvBr^coiiapltiint and the NUMBER 246: IMBIT STOCK OF SUCH AS Velvets, Body and Tapestry Brussels, Two and Three Plys, Stair Carpets and Matting Oil eioths,Rugs anaiTatp Has arrived. Also a very Choice Stock of I ail Papers IBorte 1 Tss-^^asss? ^a^r 1 to call and.see the beautiful new goods A: I ear nt ho low prices. ALTON, ILL. ff ffi! ought to,cat«5h your Raise Thoroughbred Poultry! pare-brad Butt Cochins, Houdnns Plymouth Hocks. 1 aiigMhii and Wyimdotte's, which I oSnr at 11 per tlmein lmm any ore <;f (liflvarl tluHnnihiul Th B la a ure't reduction Irom old.nitns and i verv,. n • wl«ti- raicopma mwl fowl* clmnhl take »<1 ••. r-^oollt, OrcloiB nrmnixlv tilled: Ad <lrc*>. - J. H. ,HDD<»iv, Unt« l-o We have lots in . lit • •'Hit , NOVELTIiKS, OFPDBECODEIVEEOIL CLOTHING, , CAPS, Almost as Palatabloas Milk. The only prep»rol|r. n nf COD MVEB OIL th«t cm b« taken rwllli%Lua tolariited lor & lung luo* bjr dollrute uluiuurhi. A^P AS A IIKHKBY s(:ltokU>i rf' CHICAGO. III.; -March 15-r-The' County Clerk ,to-day .returned the; alleged marriage certificate .of Nina Van Zundt.and the.-anarchist Spies, to Justic-u, Knglehardt, who : claimed to have /performed the ,;ceremony. The Clerk re ninds the Justice that as Spips wai in the county jail at the time of the (i alleg./d:.marriage, be co Id not have been'at tile-village of Jefferson, where the Justice, certifies that the marriage occurred. u ' ;> NKW YORK, March -15-r-It is gen- enilly beljevt-d on Wall street that the control of the Baltimore and Ohio has passed into the bunds of the syndicate. A'sto y is current, and is repeated by parties who are generally accepte. I as good authority, that Jay Gould has .acquired a quiii- ter the syndicate, and has paid $1,400,000 in cash aaive- ment. a KitAL A.Vfe MILLIINEUY, f can't bo beat IWL quality ami prices. All the latest novelties of tlie Heasonidal- |y added, atouoprlce cash house, : ntboc.mutr! Pno «;« id MjTF 6T FoT- i by the bu> •AUCllIl'KCT, AND . WKAUUHTHMAN. Olllc« on Third Ht.,on« dour west of Plattn, third HiMir. TO ADYERTISKK8 ' or K clii'«k loc'tto wi'.-viu print a i»n-lln« i-r'Ui-iii>-iii iiiUi.uMl|lliiiiln.uiM uf Imi'i. Inn .\IIII.|'|.HII Xu»i.|) PITS. 'I hi- N »i In- MM tiiiiily IIHU HHIi nl IICIMII it iMu.f'ir i,0'icl i>u jailiiiil 'III- iulyt<i|liii.||ii.|i( win i, 0 pinoui liiilnrn Quo .Mil I'm uifcKKKir niiw^iiitimr nuruim>i<ri--ur KIVK iui,i.i.<s UKUIKIH, Ten Hum will HO (Minn idiilu ultiiut 7A wuiUii, Ail Uruna wlnii'opyol HilymnluliMiik. ir i.«n<lli oen«« tor liouk ol 171 |i».e«. QHQ. H. KOVT KtL * uo., 10 Spruot •(., N, T. i •• fO«T*Rjji/Ro, March 15. 'B?.' ' DIKD.—Mr Uhurle».Grani-r, a respected citizen of / Fosterburg, d *nl ui his residence last Saiurd \v at 8 p. m. He hud buun in .»>ebit' beu h Co iliu lust Hvu..uioriths nui>- for three months bus been confined to liiu l»«l..- Uis disease was •onsmiip- (ton He left a widow and one child to mourn hi» deaih. Tin; funeral took place at 10 o'clock Monday -from-the I'resliytorian cliuivh. The son !,f Mr, and Mrs. John ] K>Mt, .dfwl 'IXiesduy, the 8th of IUIID. fnver,.ugwl twoyeais.. i',o had b/eii sick Jiisi 10 duytf ', The funur- «l look pluco'from the Haptist church last Thursday. Mr. Thomas Dillon, who has been »tte,,diug school ut Springfield, re- i tuiiifd homu last Friday. Mr. Geprgu Holoff, of Upper Alton, is visiting at the burg this w ( ek. Air. and Mrs. G. Woods, of Woodburn, spu t .Sunday with relatives in thu burg. I'rof. II. T. McCiea and family, tf Uellmliu, viHiied Mrs. H. V. Ji'u- iihoii Init week. City Alaislial Tlbbutt, .of North Alton, was in Uie'burg-Tuesday. '>•••*•'• , ,. and lun»r r iiciubJB8>,b«yenpBrhspg,,th« largest sale J .any . mwlicin*Sr:in ; . th«>, world. Tbe ^ani.aiee^f imortagf!et,.«i«fl of th« but- R.will be trwtttly,, appr»;oi«ti'd~by the and ajB.ct^d, in t-very town and iti-civiliBKl coumrien. .SHmpli-. n'ttles for. WcenUj remain ihe SKtUf' •>• ••'"•••"' lftj»awtw now; : Iiv-tho last, tlnve. days of i 1886 there wtre. sold .inPsvHs'$000,000 iwortli of nowei 1 !*." The 'demand 'for, camellas ijiitrim the supply/ which Vas.-, 10,000. dozens. The nps:nnd ..dow.ns of oil...region xwns,!ire.shown in tl»e;f 4 BtatenV(Sht that :en-.years.ago the ipi)St*ttice at Elk City,was worth r it,ia sftidi $3,600. Now it is ydrth $100. - ..Henry Clews, the NpwiJforktbroker, maiic,$I,000,OpO last.yqar, by his opo- -mtim lfl ..aud,a.goaa.mi%.othpc,iopera- K«S W%>ndii8tnougly lv i»eqkingfor clews to h»B si|«!cssftjl mothods. A goxid- colored clergyman in ' a southern, town'prayed the other- day •Umt. Uio indeliciitevmight be,.made delicnt*!, tht intemperate • temperate and tho industrious'MustrioUB. - Putti WAS;asked in.Sdu .Francisco if it really, was.hei-. farewell visit to the I ivcific oonst., . j ',Thiit ia what the ad- say,"/ sho , replicxl, -and { Up,',* wh »M ; «»y now, But who can Isnac Barnes, an eccentric Bostonlan, wa* lately urged toy'liia Baptiijt wife to subscribe for* new church. Ho ajrreed to BnbscHlye 15,000 on condition f that «)I buptUmitrahould take place in hot Water. ;MisaiGLristroas, of North Cnrolina a giwnd^ftughtor.of Urn famous «Mvn» 11 Cliii'k,, (Omues, ds »nc of the .belles' of Washington thifcwinter. She is wealthy and.,,wouiaa constitute an elegant ;i Chnstmas'gift lor some bright-.,younir follow. / *' ** The most powerful telescopes now In viSl |fi ' 1 i? fOW Uraes> '' As tnomoon ,000 J miles,from toe earth, It Is ihus pr;«itioally, within ISO inil«s,.ttt,,iv»'hich,,idistnnca Uie snowy • i>«ftk«,of0eyorftl. lunar mountains urn BEST BUGGY IH THE WARRANTED FOR FIVE YEARS. 1 T(IE((KI.ERK*TED Studebaker Farm Wagon, Belleville Threshers and Engines; Moline Plow Go's Plows arid Cultivators and Pulverizing Harrows. EMPIRE TWINK 1HNDERS, DROPPKRS r P V aml 'ERMINE OILS; ENGINB, CYLINDER OILS: STOCK. WICLL an«l CISTERN PUMPsffi C P° iaNG s ' rov ES; the DANGLER and PERFEC" TION GASOLINE STOVKS. See our $10 BU GY HARNESS. NK\V H »MB SEWING MACEIINES, :; $30. We keep the BEST GASOLINE and BURVING OILS on tap and delivered to any part of the city. , Cor. 3d and State sts., • • ALTON; 'Baffled lhpWijr»iclalni. B MZUICIKK Co,,.Qumoy, III; I r«£Rrd vour While, Pine Bal»»m, as a op,iujh mixture of very «rrei»t value. The benefit derirtd by my wife from Its 086, places it with me far in advance of all other*. For gpvoral years she had been seriously afflicted with n couch' that rave w much alnrnji it had baffled the akill of the pbyrlcianf andvoouurb reraodie*, nntll I oonolaled nothiuK »onld avail in her caso.' Direot. ly after coming ,to Qamny, on vour recommendation, she oumtaenu«d using yonr Balsam, and it hag acted like a pbarro, quitting the oongh, and remov- InK entirely t^ie iwronedH from horhing*. We keep It ooastantly in our hotino J. B. Kord,Taator M. K. church, Bush- villa, III. U«e Crwslor'a Wild Kose Tooth Pow» der for cleansing ih« twuh. Prlo« Jfto. INKALUBLB CUKK KOU COUOIla. WH would moHt positively Btaiu tlm't no remedy hat over met witb -uoh uolvwrsal latUfaetlon or can be more •I 111 !! 1 ?'.'.*, ** ia '" * """'•'vo cure than «urk»« White Pine Haliatu, 8UOAU. A new di«oov«rv, Utila Aurloot I'llli OM'itrtjiuikeihan sugnr and far more leneBolHl. 8ure cure for neuralgia, beadaobB hearil^rn, dppepsia and bud bn-Mh. Try.'lhe»A., For aale at Marah'n drojfilor*. inohl dwly THE BEST 0\ EARTH! BOSS FILLED WATCHES, From $18 to $50. Wa minted 20 Years, BREECH-LOADING GUNS, From $16 to $30, I. H BOOTH THE J. i 1. OWW in, *" • • • ^n . jr^ JEWELER $ .mvliwiwlv 'i :i —GO TO- 8EE.LY & SON HEADQUARTERS FOR ir, f > Picture Frames, Brackets, Base Balls and Bat* Croquet Sets, etc, A full Jine of School Books, Scratch Books and School Supplies. Remember the place; THIRD STREET; - • opp. PBLLB. •A

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