Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on March 15, 1887 · Page 3
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 3

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 15, 1887
Page 3
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Vjj .>4'R8k y'ji'fcJ oatetolly veaiuhis *tt.-M!.Bo*toftn&Uo. ~ •- Watty ' Bowman & »r* to, rt fi. 4 ' -ALTON DAILY TUESDAY EVBi, MARCH 16. at H. J. Bowman A Co'i. • / • WK cwsihowtnit some rery pretty styles, tnsdium and dark dress sntins M 19 l*2o p« yard.— H. J. Bowrndd & ' ' BPRIKO styles ot those very popular Century Cloths arc now on sale at H. •)• Bowman. & Go's. FOHTT piece* Crinkled Seersuckers 111 Choicest patterns, At H. J. Bowman & Co's. , • ; • ;.•..-' •••/••..• . , PALUUR Soersackers, Tolll Da Nords * Drew and Domestic Otoghamt in great f s variety, at ]fl. ^..Bowman & CVs. t 1 i ,.-,,'i i ( : '» -°.:.-J[ ,'' , —r~~ I , t •: , , »;, *-»^VE arfl (>n<)wing 1 a complete stock of ' Spring Woolens for dr«sn Kouds.lncind ' tog 'double width Cable Twills at 160)40 • inch casbmero' at 26oj also Novelty ; . Fabrics ot both loroltfn and domestic ;. make.—Hi. J. Bowmun & Co. : • ;' Ik OCR Silk Department we are show ing Surahs, Gros Grains and Khadames ,ln orery new and popular shade. In BJaok Silks we are offering some spleudidivalaes in Gros Grains, Surahs; fioadames, Faille Franchise and Bro» «ades.—H. J. Bowman'& do. • . '••',•• IK VBLVBTS we uru prepared to ehu\r Stripes and Freize Novelliee, Plain Silk Velvets and Plushes in every shade. Plain and Striped Velvotocns, and new •ofors In the popular Dross Corduroys. *•— H. J. BoWman A Co. '• W* CALJ^ special attention to onr Blaetc (roods. Large additions have be«B made to this Department during . »h« last two weeks and we are prepared »6 snow every real good standard fabric and many; novelties.— H. J. Bowman & Co. , : v^ '. • ........... ."' I* oxm Flannel Department can be found every quality and width of White Flannel m all Wool and Uomet, also many pretty styles, Striped Saeque- Ings, Tricots and Albatross, m all the popular shades.— H. J. Bowman & Co. ' WE ARE prepared to show a complete lino of Spring Hosiery. We have re- talned all the old favorites and added many new lines.' In Fabric and Kid Gloves we show all the popular makes including plala and embroidered backs, i dressed and-undressed.—tt. J. Bowman '!N CUE Shirt Department you can find a real good white shirt for 60o and tbe best made for 91.00, also Penang shirta, ; fine pleated Dress shirts, Night shins and all sizes in .Boys' Laurel Shirt Waists.—it. J. Bowman & Co. ~UO WAT TVPWO Second street.near TO AUJ*J/J!tM Of corner of Henry -FOB- ,. * MNE STATIONERY, Bui-has Crane's Floral, Whiting's Standard FaiMtti. Hnrlbut'u French linens. Kollpst Harfged K420, Elite Kagged Edge, Balmoral .JUnen, Onfflu'a Linen, Turkey Laid Linen. f «i«oh Blow, Mikado, Ohm-red Edite, Oroam tali/. Mourning Koto, and a large aatoitmeni ol lunuiinulnd and Docorattd Htatlonery. Denntaou's Wux and Seals, School gnd Stationery. _ ' . decadwly PIANOS, ORGANS and SEWING MACHINES! O.lHAP FOR CASH ON TIMK PAYMENT- ft fan* and Orgnna tuned and repaired Stw- tnii Machines repaired SuiMJllej tor all Ua- o.ilnes., M. 1>. LAMOBKUX. Munlo betler. Third strent, nearly opposite Belle, Alton 111. _ _ deoBdwiy WATCH •OB THK DAKO4IN8 IK JOTI'8 NKW COU. IIC1LUIMO, BKNBY ST., AT MHO. ». HKITKAMP'S, All ktiid* of Fancy, Hand made, knit and Oro- i»n 'tvoods. B(Xxlf,Tobug(tan8 and Mils. Menv ftoari* and Fa»clnator« at very low priced. • Also Skressmaktaif . Plain and Family Sowing -and atamplnK Dmo, uoma 'and irtveus'ti tall. Don't target the p'aoe. dee» rtwly -CALL C.M.Crandall'B Crockery Store FOR THE LOWEST FRIGES; Good Cups and Saucers, 30c per set. .GoodS-inch Plates, 3pc per set. Meat Pishes, J5c to 50c-each. Vegetable Pishes, do toSOc each. Pitchers, 5c to 60c each . ; Half-pint Table Tumblers, 15u per set. Crystal Glass Goblets, 20c per set. Fruit Saucers, 15o per set. Fruit Pishes, 5c to 75c each. Aasortod Color Cologne Sets. 50c per set. Y Vase*, 5,o to$l each. JJf (it jquality;.' of Triple-plated Knives, 1.50ner set. Triple Plated Forks, $1.60 per set T. L. FOULD8 & CO., HighcBt Mar ket Price Paid for Com and Pioklop. U 8TILX< SLOP FOtt BALIS. rot tli« TOOT 18*7 we shall charge tbefol towing ratt* tor tnuule&t notices In onr local columns i , ult uWtton . . . Three to nre intertlom, . . 7 Six to fwelT* inwrtiOQt, . . s BATES UP ADVBBT1S1NQ : •VatiuJUttf^tfttrr cents per inch «r»t to- •rnion, and iffTsyTr-Ftrx otat» p* r inch lor eaott' sabti qtMnt Insertion. (Bper t&vbOrtt mouth, psrtnob each month thett>afe«r f '( . UCGAL APVB11TI8ING: ti per inch for the flrst insertion, and 00 eonte por Inch lor each subsoqnenl Insertion •tar Above rates will IM sti ietly adhered to THK DAILY TELEGBAPU It delivered by cartten to all putts ot the city ol Alton and Upper Alton, for ten cents p«r week. Mulict toanyaddroMattherato ot IB.JO per year. TliK TfiLKUBAPH has the larmut circulation of any paper in Alton, and is the best medium for advertisers. , ; : OollNBB TntBli 1MB PlASA SKBIUtTS. 1'HONK NO, 1(8. TH EH it was a heavy frost last night and ice formed a quarter of an inch thick'. Qurdenmti is temporarily postponed. " "'•' ; MARRIED m Upper Alton, Maioh 8th, 1887. by Uev. G. W. Waggoner, Mr. Ji/ha. Lonie and Mrs. Catherine Huff. All of Alton. KKLIQIOUS — At the Presbyterian church last Sabbath afternoon fourteen new members were received, twelve on ofesgioQ of faith and two by letter. Remember the place for Spring Wraps and Jackets is Pierson A Carr U, G.^Qo's. -It THE Morgan couatT (ox and wolf hunt which came off Saturday, was not. very well managed and was not a veiy ^reat success.- There or four foxes were caoght. • r A universal remark by every smoker of cigars: Nemlns;er'8 Fig and Magno- ia are the best cigars in the market. THE enterprising and popular firm of Seely * Son are ready for the spring .rade with a full line of beautiful wall paper and a flue assortment of newest designs in window shades. Read their annonneement In thu paper. Wanted—A good girl for house work. No washloE;. Apply to Mrs. Rice, corner 16th and Langdon sts. 11 4+ SEND sixteen cents in stamps to Paul Morton, G P. & T. A., C. 8. &Q.K I., Chicago, III., and g«t a copy of the renouncing Dictionary published by he Burlington route. It contains 320 pages 92,000 words, and 670 engrav- ngs, and is the cheapest book issued. Just received a full line of New Cartels, Prices reasonable.—A. J. Howell, Jelle street. 14 6 Just Received—Those much sought or and perfect fatting Boys' and Child* en's Suits, at the clothing store ol oesting & Saohilebea. 1112 Money to loan on improved real state. Apply to Rudershansen & Sonntag. Third street. dtf THE Atohison, Topeka A Santa Ft!o., and the Missouri Pacific Co. have each put engineering corps at work in he neighborhood of Manitou,Colorado We hope their projects will prove bone- Sum I to the Altomans who have intur- usts in that locality. New goods in all shades and colors, which will be made up in suits i»i •eusonable pnuea. All goods cut and made by the New York Fashion Review. We guarantee a fine Brueggernan, .be Tailor's. 16 dwlra MB P. Mook ti»s iu d cage at hi- harmaoy an African Indigo bird, about the size of a canary, and almost ts <qual as a singer. This bud has a head of an indigo blue color, back ol arions shades of green, bream yellow n winter', changmg to red in summer. l is a fine specimen of the species. For Table Unens ' and Napkin*, Towels and Tidies, go to Pierson A Carr D. G. Co'». It- Raving resumed operation the Sparks Milling Co. will furnish customers with heir popular "Electric Light" flour it 94 75 por barrel, delivered free to til parts of the city. ml dwlm THK illustrations accompanying the unpublished letters of Thackeray, in Scribner's Uagatine, will be unique. There will be portraits, views of places mentioned, etc.; but the principal lllu«- rationa will be Thackeray's own work. dany of the letters contain sketches, which will-be reproduced In fao-slinilo: and other's of 'his drawings, which are n the possession of Mrs. Braokfield, tn whom most of the letters were writwn, will alio be given. TAX Jfotlee. All taxpayers of Alton Township are eroby notified that the UK books wilt be closed on th« 24tl> of this month and returned to Bdwardsvjlle on the 26tb, and that they will save expense by set* tllog before that date. Will be at North Alton Thursday, Mtroh ITlh. V. BKUCH. dul Township Colloctor. • "• Lost-^A black Lynx Collar, on Sun day, between street tiar ftiid Epi'copn church or la strent car. Find«r will're ceive snltabls wward by leaving tarn at tklbold * Deterdtng's. St. PATRICK'S DAr-r-St. Patriok'i Day will b« observed by tb« celebration of Mass at 6 o'clock a. m., and High Mass .at 8 a, m., at the Cathedral and the other Catholic churches. In the evening addresses by Mr. P. Ward am others will be delivered at City Rail proceeds for the benefit of St. Patrick church. THE abandonment of horse flesh the motive power for the street railways of St. Louis and the shbstitution of electricity In its stead is evidently to be consummated In the near future and rapid transit, which has been so long sought by the business men am the pnblio generally Will be secured. The first definite move in that direction is now being quietly made by the Lin dell Railway company.nbich will be in readiness to test the new motive power in less than.ten days. DEATH or MRS. SOHIKKEB.—Mr. James Farley received a telegram yesterday conveying the cad news of the death, at Pittsburg, Pa., Sunday night of his daughter, Mary Ellen Scmffer The cause of her ^eath is not known sut her illness was very brief, as a letter aad been received from her, dated last Friday, stating that she was well at that time. Mr. Farley telegraphed immediately to have the body sent itre for burial, but an answer was re* turned stating that the remains could not be preserved, hence it is 'probable that the funeral took place at PUtsburg, yesterday. Deceased was an estimable yonnglady, well known here as Nellie Farley, and her sudden death falls on her parents as a crushing blow. She was 18 years and almost three months old and had been married but seven months. ' • Jcsr received, a choice assortment ot Spring tooda.— Winter's Millinery, Belle street, between Third and Fourth. ' 14 6 PERSONAL. Mrs. Thomas Bishop is rapidly recov- iring under the care of Dr. Yerkes. Mr. F. H. Babe returaed this morn* ngfrom a visit with his parents at Sheboygan, Wis . ' Mr. W. C. Lowe, of Upper Alton, tarted this morning to join bis wife find daughters at Eureka Springs, Ark. Mrs. Lowe's health has improved materially during her stay there, Judge Dennison of St. Lonis, was In own today. • Money to loan on improved farm roverly. For particulars, apply to WHIPPLBft Coal. Buy your Hard and Soft Coal of H. Winter and get the best. Office at look's Pharmacy, Third street, and in ob's new block, corner Second and lenry sts. Telephones No's. 21 and 64. augl4 d7m BATTLE FUR A fOWL. Last night, between 9 and 10 o'clock, Ir. B. Dorset! was arous«d by a sus- Icious noise in the direction of his bicken bowse and, on investigating, eard the voices of two men. He re* urned to the bouse secured . a double- urreled breech loading shot gun, put n a couple of shells, mounted a con- ient wall and awaited develop- tents. In a few minutes be aw a man emerge from the hicken house, equipped with a bag into hlch he was attempting to crowd a urn? chicken. A light picket fence was etween Mr. Dorset* and the thief. 'brongh this he fired both barrels of le eun in quick succession; with two ells the fellow tore through a fence, umbled over a wall and became silent. Mr. D. heard the other thief In the pper part of the chicken house, amoved the ladder and went for assiit- nee. When he returned both thieves had disappeared but th* indications were that the man who held the ohiok- n was well peppered with small shot, he game chicken that he had dropped rlpg slightly wounded and the bag erforaud. A Bit; Eagle. The Long Bros., who have been pending some weeks on the Okaw, untlng, sent back to this place a magnificent specimen uf our national uu, the eagle. The bird measured six cut and seven Inches from tip to lip of Is wings 'and hit murderous claws uoked capable of carrying off a pie or beep weighing sixty or seventy-five ouuds. The head, neck and tall of the axle were snow white while the rest of ho body was grey. We believe Messrs. Nulson A Long will have the bird luffed and hunjr up in their place of k Herald, The extraordinary popularity of dyer's Cherry Pectoral Is the natural esult ot its usu by all classes of people or over forty years. It has proven iself the very best specific for colds, IOUKQS and pulmonary complaints. dwlw The remains ot tUa lute Cnpt. times II. Ends arrived at Jacksonville, Fl*., yesterday. THE WJSTflAL M1880UUI. A fife «*a»5 e| Bluff in Prof r«»», (from ft*, touts iMpabUean.) Mr. John D. Perry returned from New York yesierday« where he had Ron on business connected with the Centra Missouri railroad project. In reply to Inquiries, Mr. Perry said i "The pro ieeted road Is a compromise road between the Central Missouri aad th< Bt, Louis and Kansas City Short Line This arrangement was made for tin purpose ot.connecting the bridge and bridge terminals of this city. The President^ was tendered and acoepte< by me on the condition t bat the termma facilities oould be secured by ordinance In this oltr for the purpose of securing and constructing the Merchants' bridge with tbe promise by tbe railroad tba St. Louis should M the terminal instead of Alton, as bad been determined upon previously by the parties controlling; th< franchises of the road. With thi understanding with the Merchants Bridge and Terminal company, I wen to New York and there arranged absolutely with responsible parties t< abandon tbe scheme to terminate the road for tbe present in Alton, and adopt St. Lonis as the terminal pom as soon as the ordinance becomes a law I was authorized to at oncn put engi nuers on the road between the bridei and the crossing of the Missouri rive above St Charles, thereby connecting St. Louis with the present surveys u Kansas City. These are the conditions on which I hare been promised the monerby responsible-parties to build tbe bridge and road, involvingan outlay of at least $12,000,000. A failure t carry out the contract according to this plan will release the parlies controlling the road's franchise, and thev will thei proceed to build the road and bridge to Alton, connecting there with the easteri terminal roads instead of at St. Louis Geo. J. Jfost, formerly President ol the road, and now a director in tbe company, said yesterday: "Tbe construction of the Central Missouri into St. Louis will bo one of the greatest benefits which the city has received in a decade. If the bridge company secures the franchise for its terminal* we will comn in directly from tbe nortli but without terminals there is very little use of coming in, and we will have t. adopt onr old scheme of crossing op posite Alton." . , • In regard to tbe abore the Bepttbltcan says editorially; Mr.John D, Perry makes the welcome announcement that he has secured th money necessary to the construction 01 the Central Missouri, road, and work will begin without delay. It remain.* with the people of this city to deter* mine whether this road, which Is to constitute a part of a great transcontinental route shall be a St. Louis road, or whether it shall be barred out and compelled to carry its business across the river at Alton. This determination must be arrived at quickly, for unless St, Louis allows the road proper term- on! facilities the work on the Alton oridge will soon be under way. Tbis proposition furnishes one more striking llustration of the evil character of the joliey which enables one system of railroads to maintain a wall arouud our city as agaiasl all new enterprise** that may attempt to enter. Yet, when he legislature seeks to afford us a remedy, our "largest shippers" are e.ady to rush to the front with the warning that it will "ruin Missouri" to put a check on this dog w^tbe'manger lollcy. If President Perry thinks it essential hat the main line of the Central Mis* ouri should enter St. Lonis from tbe north, why does he not tun his road on he projected route to a point opposite his city then bridge tbe Missouri and un into St. Louis along the river bank and under the Betlefontalne bluff*, this Is the easiest, cheapest and mom easible route to enter St. Louis, as such road would run directly along be river front. It would cost no more o bridge ibn Missouri opposite this city ban at a point beyond St. Charles, and he difference in distance would be rifling. By bridging the river here, also, and crossing the Missouri at a point directly opposite, tbe C. A A. tbe C. B. & Q. und the I. & St. L. would, by following down tbe smith bank of the Missouri, ecure a more direct inlet to St. Louis ban by any other route, and would also lodge the (iould bridge. Much alarm exists in California >eeause of the reports of a small-pox pdiemic at Los Angeles. The suit by the federal government to annul the Bell telephone mrente has at last been begun at ioston. ' The Chicago, Danville ami St. vouis Railroad company filed artl- Ics of incorporation at Belleville •esterdoy. Tbe W*it«ru IMttler'i Cko«»n flp«elflo. With every advance of emigration Into tba ar West, a new demand Is created for HOB- tittorV Stomaoh Bitten. New peopled regions are frequently leu salubrious than settled localities, «n account of the mlasiua which rises from recently cleared and, particularly alone tbe bank* of riven bat aro subject to freibetr, Tbe agrloultu. a] oriolnlageiolgi'ttnt goon lenrna, when bo out not already know, that tho Illttora af- ord tbe only sure protection agalniit malaria, bote dliordert of tbe iitoicabb, liver and o«el«, to which olttnatn changes, cxpoiure, >d unacouslomed of unhealthy wtttr, or let, aubjeol hlui. Consequently, he places n (mllinate upon thla groat hou»ehold spec- floanrtprevonllvo oomm»n»urst« ; wHB It* In- rtnslo merits, and t* oaruful to beep on liaod rettoratlre ami promoter of houltb «o lm> llolty rolled npoiila time of neod. AKWOCWOEMKWT. WeHutborUed te anuounoe ADOLCH IX- 'KKN as a candldato for Ausoiiwr at the en- ulux townuUlp oleotioo. We are uutuorUotl to unnouuoe JOHN f. KUH.V as a oaadldat« (or Toiruihip tor. KlcMloRTtiwday, April Mb. Oress G-podiSl We PEEL and KNOW we are offerinj an assortment of DRESS GOODS -•'.."- t never equaled by us before* STANDARD GOODS of all kinds. NEWEST STYLES and COLOKS in MOST RECENT MAKES. BLACK GOODS CHEAPER and in MORE VARIETY than ever. SINGLE WIDTH GOODS of % kinds FROM TEN CENTS UP; And ^11 at Parr HP Pn udll U, II, ufl READY-MIXED PAINT, while andlcolbrs. PAINT GROUND THICK, in white and colors, to be thinned with oil. WHITE LEAD, OILS and COLORS; - AUBflSTINE, WHITING, and GLU) Marsh's Drug Store. 'The Largest and Most Complete Assortment of Hard and Foft Coal and Wood Cook and Heating Stoves EVEB BBOUGHT TO ALTON, The Celebrated Buck's Brilliant Cooking Stove K ? " and Hard Coal Base Burner. They have no equal. Also BOOKING and Ol/TTBRINO and JOBBING done atreaiotuMe rates. Call and exntnlno my atook before purchasing ttlaetrbere. A T noo-onHciK'HH" 532 East Second st, . J . LJtJtJI II IctrU L,5thdoor west of Henry GOLD and SILVER SHIRTS, The best for the Money.

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