Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on March 15, 1887 · Page 2
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 2

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 15, 1887
Page 2
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ALJQH DAJIY TELEGRAPH Cot. IMixil BI W, X. XOBTOK, <tUM t Alton, TUB9DA?. BVK., MARCH 18, The Flood In the Lower Biter. There Islolid theet of water alxtv miles wide, jl»t below Cairo, extending orerthe bottoms o( Missouri and Ken ' tnokf, only the railroad embankment Intervening, which are being seriously damaged by tbe flood except when , protected, by rooks. Tho rMlroadi it , , Eftit Cairo, Ky.,_ the lllinoi* Central and Mobile and Ohio, are not troubled ratiol by tbe water, thoujjh the cinbankmonl are washed by water for ton miles; bu those at Bird's Point, Mo., have been compelled to abandon ihelr trains t that oily, and atop them at points (If'.y , or seventy-live miles away from the rlrer. " " _'_ , UPPER ALT05. j ..,, ; BKUOIOQB—Thfl Bpeelal.meetlnija ; the Baptist and Prosbytorlan churcho- ;.^ hare lolosed. JThe m'gatherIn>r,haB been Wi quite large and the revival of church in- v WesU enoouroKlflg- AttheM.l£.oburob "-* •' tailor'Wagoner has held extra meet- Ings without evangelistic assiatanco. He .counta.29 accessions to hla church and ; the xcod work la aUll.going on.-" ' Kor. J. A. heuvitt, of the Am. Bap jj ?ob. ,800..; preached at the Bapilat ( * ;charoh'8uB4»ir evening. , /' ( BJykioiPAi.—The municipal election ' occur* on April 11, and a attracting coneWorable notice, principally because : . .R vote will be taken upon the surrender . ' of Our apooial charter and reorganizing aud«r the general law. This la understood to be a move in advance. As u | *to%n ! we haVe bntgrown bar old charter, f \wbiot wa8:ftlhright twooty years ago. When U wa*'adopted; but the objections that leem most to condemn the present -jjreaeril Jlilt of taxation '"does- iot provide- a adequate revenue, and that the tangled condition of the ordihaueea affords no , assurance of seoanty in .their enforce- ^,.taeiat/ ! We are * limited to a tax levy of 60 oenU on the f 100 of assessments, i?jnterei|t|:of ;the;town demand t auru^ jthuti : thin will bring. ; ; Tho;preBent scandaloui condition of the , ildewalka in aome parts ,of town IB a i i : ot the • exhattstibh of the tax of 1886, and a lew law suits on account of broken limbs will cost tbe town more . Jtbannew walks where they are needed. ; « ; BuVa6Jang as-the, money gives out every year about Dec; 1, and the C'oun* oil cannot contract a debt, this sort of thmg'will be repeated, a« it has been. «There have been ordinances enough passed during the; past 20 years to run a,oity of half a million inhabitants, bui tberji) are-two trouWesomo things about them: nobody knows what they are, 'for'they have never bf-en published in a , volume, for the information of thu people; and it is asld, by those who ibpuld knqWi that a .large proportion of'the present ordinances conflict with each other or statutes of the State, so that aa attempt at their enforcement u litoly to entail a succession of law suits, with their attendant expenses and humiliating failnrea at length. THAT pgpof—Mr. Joseph Burton is, in correspondence with the Scale Board of It, R. Commissioners in reference to , abnio promises bade Mm previous to the -* building of the*C. os A. out off through his farm. He has forwarded to the * Commission, among other papers, u plat of ground adjacent to tho track, containing a sketch uf the depot which 1 the surveyors aupposed the B. B. Co. would build on the land which he sold them for the purpose. ; ,- ;P*BSONAI.—Mra, A. E.Wright, of St. Louis, spent Sunday In town. > Mm. Nontmn Stanley has received the aad news of tha death at Oshkoah, Wls., of her brother, Judge Addison .Auatin. ; Mr. Chaa. Weeks is out again after a few days' illnea*. Mrs. K. K, Boyle is visiting frienda in LUohttold. Capt. A. LaMont and family, will reside in Clarksville during the summer. Mr. and Mrs. E. U. Lahoe are in town. Mrs. Laheo'a frlonda will be pleased to know of her recovery from • bar recent illness. ' ; Mr. and Mta. Oeo; B. Stelle are visit-. _ ing relatives in this vicinity. »' Mr. R. R. MoKeyuolds has been «lco- ted Flpanoior of Madison Lodge, No. 1UI,,A. p., U. W. Mr. Oh'n'a.' Everett's broken arm Is , mending rapidly. E. 0. Rhoada, Esq., n prominent , momber of the Gaat St. Louis bar, and a reaidonl of Upper Alton, is named as one of the incorporaiora of the New York, Wheeling, St. Louis and Chicago Hallway Co. Tho company proposes to construct a railroad from tho Illinois .j and Indiana state linos, at a point in Sullivan and Crawford oountlc*, to St. Loula Pait-Dttpatch, t were in towo Monday In the interest of their paper*: Mine. jMtxlji.'*k:i auyH Boatou is to ElngHsh n city thot U Queen Victoria were to boctmio the owner of AraeriOa and co^rnc hither tb» Bostoninrii wp.uid .promptly welcome her, and sayi -* "lliwi; We ate; wo have been waiting' for you all these years aud arc vonr ever faithful subjects." Pnoccss Beatrice and her' husband occupy n most sumptudus suite oi rooms nt Wiudnor Castle. The draw* inff-rooni is de^oratinl with the most delicate tints of gold .:nnd very, pale blue.' ;Sp«olnl apartments have beon sot npiirt for th« royiil baby: these, too, tiro luxuriantly furnished. One of the newest things In New York Is a <<tenogriiphnr ana typo-writer who pays rent for n place lit the read- ing-nwim and dotw wofk for the patrons of the lioteln. The merchant from afar can dictate his letters just as ho doea'at homo fOr a finall fen,. The idea is proving to Iw (jultc popular. i The monument marking tho boundary between the Unit<;d States and Lower Ciiliforuia luw loiig M6on curved and h'ncknd and by peoplu. Within thn last few months it linn suffered,' and is fust being reduced by relic- hunters and peoplu anxious to hiive tholr unnius seeh on a ilinjH'ltwf and "unsightly mans of stouo. Sore or Inflamed Eyes Speedily Cored By the nae of Darbys Prophylacilo Fluid. ' It allays tbe Inflammation and irritation and is peculiarly efficacious by reason of its! p»>wer .in cleansing and destroying all poisonous matter.. Chaf- iutr; bruises, humors, eruptions, boils and sores and those more serious and tenacious maladies, Scald Head, Halt Rheum and Erysipelas, are speedily cured by tho Fluid. tu th s wk YESTERDAY afternoon 'Squire Hobson officiated in the "tallest wedding' 1 on record. The groom, James'K. Peter- a6ri, ; 'was a (seven-footer. The bride, Nancy Krien, however, was lust the opposite, being only four feet in height. The queer combination hail from Hamel township.— Ed*. Republican. Frank Cualiing, who created a seu- •trtion by joining ihe Enul Intlhus i»n<l taking them win two jenva < ngoj Ivsis Agalb gene to Ziini, inking his wife and eletcr. He lins p)V]idrod u'Ztinl grammar and dietiomir'y, nhtl Is now to explore the Zuni ruiimt , *" . fhe Empress of Att'ahln 1ms been studying the English language, and she is said to have surjn-isod tho Km- peror the oilier .dny- by : ' calling/out: "O, dry,tap on ififtt'oltlthri'timti'*- 8he will find It a boiuitlfii) Inn^nnge when she gets down to tho foundation. Mrs. Secretary Lnrhnr Is rittlicr older- ly in Bppcarancu, with wavy and almost white hair, which she woiirs parted in the middle awlHnuvu buck plainly into a knot low in , this neck. She has n quiet, rather retiring .manner, though she is cordial with her intimate friends., > The Into Mrs. Voorhoes 1 family name was Hardosty,. Her. early home wiis at Greencastle, Intl., whom . fho met her future .husband during his student course at the Aslniry University. She was smull and slight, in utriking contrast to "tho tall Sycamore of tlie Wabnoh." XHB BEST THING KNOWN : ' FOB •.. •. i .- . Washingand Bleaching In Hard or Soft, Hot or Cold Water. .RolrthTrtU Free Trade. The reduction of internal revenue and tbe taking off nf revenue,stamps from proprietary medicines,'•• no doubt, has largely beneUtted the consumers, as well as relieving the burden of home manufacturers. Especially lathis the case with-Green's August Flower a»d Bos- Ghee's German Syrup, as the reduction of thirty-six cents per dozen, has been added to increase the size of the bottles containing these remedies, thercbv giving pne-ftfUi more medicine in the 76 ient syse. -The August Flower for Uyapopsia and Liver complaint and the German Syrup for cough and long troubles, have, perhaps, the largest sale of any medicines in * the world. Tbe advantage of increased size of the bottles will be greatly; appreciated by the nick and ^ afflicted, In every town 'and village in civilized, countries. Sample bottles for 10 cents < remain the same size.. ja 3 dwlw eow RED GATE - tc DNX.Y KAFB M. , >riiJB twara tbe c boyo i^mboL and namo of KEPUBLICAN TOWH8HIP L'OKYEN- T10N. Tbe Republicans of Altx>n township and all others desiring to co-operate with tnem at the election Tnesday, April 6th, are~ requested to meet in Mass Convention at City Hall, Monday evening, March 28tb, to 4 nominate oan> didutes for the following offlceai . One Supervisor. Three Assistant Snperviaor*. One Collector," • • ./••.••• .; One Assessor. , One. Highway Commissioner; And to transact auy other buainesa properly comine before the meeting. CHAS. HOLDEN, JR., J.K. BUTLER, GEO. J>. HAYDEN, H. G. M'PIKE, 8. F. COSN'iH, H. a. BAKER, JR., - F. W. HOPl'K, H.'B. STARR, Republican Central Com, KEPDULIOAN 'WIT. .CONTENTION. Mait«r Harry £ . Icemen, son of Dr. E. C. Lemen, Is desirous of being appointed cadu', (at large) at tbe Annapolis Naval Academy, Harry la a young man o( piomise and would fill the position gracefully. Messrs. Marshall and Pugh, of the St. liaise Thoroughbred Poultry! 1 have for ante ogitaol pure-bred Buff Cochins, Houdaim, Plymouth Kocks, Laugshans and W^audotte's, which I offer at tl per dozen, Irom any one I the varirtlounHiuuil. Th<* Is a urout re- uctloii troui old rates and rvery on- wlsn- ag to raise pure bi-od fowU shotild take ail IIIUOHOof It, Orders promptlv tilled. Ad re-Si. J. H. HUDSON, ,. . Bed Oute 1-uullry Ynrd. 14 3 W4t HANK, IL.JU. A.J.HOWELL, -DEAU1B' INi- FURNITURE! A Full and Complete Stock CONSTANTLY ON HAND. ruit ALL- ORDKV UPHOLSTERING Neatly anil promptly executed. Belle at., bet. Third and Fourth. —ALSO— The Republicans of tbe several wards of tbe city of AUon, and all voters desiring to co-operato with them in Becurmg a better, more efficient and more progressive administration of oitv affairs, are requested to meet in primary meetings, at City Hall, on Thursday evenine;, April 7th, at 7.-SO o'clock, to notuinate 'candidates for Aldermen in their respective wards, and tu appoint delegates to a City Uepabltciin Convention to be held at the saint- place, Friday evenini;, April 8th, to nominate candidates for Mayor, City Clerk, - ; Cay Treasurer, City Attorney, to bu vutud for at the municipal oluo- tion April 19ih; the aevural wards to bi; entitled to the followini; representation In the oily convention: First ward, 8 delegates. Second ward, 6 delegates. Third ward, 8 delegates. Fourth ward, 8 delegates. Fifth ward, 8 delegates. Sixth ward, 6 delegates. Seventh ward, 7-aulegates. Total number of delegate?, 61.' And to transact such other business as may properly come before the meat- ing. CHAS. HOLJJEN, Jn, J. K. BUTLER, QEO. U. HAYUEN. H. Q. M'PIKK, S. F. CONNOB, H. M. BAKER, JR., F. W. UOPPE, H. B, STARR, Republican Central Committee, BRQWWS IRON WILL CURE HEADACHE .INDIGESTION i ; filLIOUSNESS DYSPEPSIA NERVOUS PROSTRATION ' MALARIA CHILLS AND FEVERS TIRED FEELING GENERAL DEBILITY PAIN IN THE BACK AND SIDES IMPURE BLOOD CONSTIPATION FEMALE INFIRMITIES RHEUMATISM NEURALGIA KIDNEY AND LIVER TROUBLES FOR SALE BY ALL DRUGGISTS The Genuine hu Trade-Mark u>U ci» J «J Red Lines oa wrapper. TAKE NO OTHER. KAUUt fACteEf COMPAQ t. KASKINE (THE NEWQUININIS) . No bad effect No headache No nausea, ringing ears. C 0 ™ quickly iPleasant,!"" A POWJbRFUI, TONIC. t thr.t the most delicate itomach will bear. A SPECIFIC FOB MAL.AJBIA, RHEUMATISM, NEBVOD8 PEO8THATION, • ' and all Germ Wsoases -FOB COLDS KA8K1HB HAS UKBrt! TOVSV TO BE ALMOST A SPBCiriO. Bnpeilor to Qnlulse. • ' BelleyueHospital, N.T.: "UnlveMaUy sue- ("Bve'rv patient treated St. Frauds Hos. K. Y. ] with Kaaklne haa been _ ' , .. C discharged EflT. Jae. L. Hall. Chaplain Albany Penitentiary, write* that Kaelcfne haa cured hi* wife, after twenty vears suffering from niRldrla and netvou* dyipepsla. Write him for particular*. 8t.Jo*eph'8 Hospital, H. T..' "It'« u*o Is considered lndl«t»-u>aiile Ic acts perfectly." Peoi. «V. F. Boloombe, M.D., U BuatMth »t., K.Y. (late Prof. In H. Y, Mod. College) writes: "Kaiklue is superior to quinine In It* »pecifio power, and never produces the illghUat Injury to the hearing: or -constitution. Thousands upon thouaands write that Kas- hlne ha* cured them after all other medicine* had failed. Write for book of teatl-. monlaK Kaaklne can be taken without any special medical advice. $1.00 per bottle. Sold by or gent by nail on receipt of price. KASKINE CO., 6l Warren St., New York. lUdwltn CINDBRTAKEB. HKSIDENOB OOR. STATE A SBVKNTri ST8 WM. L. KLUNE DHDERTAKEE, AMD Ready-Made Coffins, MetaUo Cases, Caskets, Art<j( Burial Robes rpr t«dl«i, Gentlemen and Children. Office and Shop on State street OyorH»M«UT*ry Stable, WUlattwut to Job Ww-kiwd Bowutlni Jwtat**Z <£& 1887. HARPER'S BAZAR. IU,D«TKATKD. mnrER'fl nxzAR combines the ohoiooit lit- oratuieand tlio tlneat llluotriulonawM) the latest laablon* und the most uaelul family readlnu. Ita atoiloo. poems, and ceaava are bv the best writer*, and itu hnmoroui «kutohea are unsurpassed. Iti paper* on social otl- 'quette, dccuratlve att, liouee keeping In all It* branches, cookery, etc., make U tndlupon- table In every hou»ouoU). Ita beautllul inali- Ion plate* and patMru-ahoet vunpleuienu enable ladleg to lave many Union the cost of subscription by b«lng their nwudrosamakeis. Not a line 1* admitted to It* ooluuinn tdal could Bhock tho moot (aatidtoui ta»t«, HAllPEB'8 PEUJODICALH. Per, keari Harper** nazar .......................... (400 llitrper 1 * MugHitne ....... ............... 4 Oi Harper's Wwkly. .,.-••. r. ............... , loo Harper'* VounKl'oople.......,,,,,,,,..,, i oo ilarper'i Franklin 8qunre Library, ouo year (B3 number*), ... ................ 10 a, Uarpur 1 * Handy >erje», ot« year, (6J number*) ,..,V ..... ............ .* 14 « REAL ESTATE FOR SALE. BEAD LIST OP BARGAINS C. A. Schlueter's Agency, One 8-room new honsn, with cellar, cistern and coal bouse. Lot Ku by 110 on ttn and Market gtrf. For sale—one 6-room house and'on? 3-room house, Otti and Markut Hta. Lot SO by 110, good ci.tein and coal bouse, at a Uugaln. For sale—16 nores In North Alton with good otcnarcl, bum and plenty of wHtvr. For salc-6«o acres Improved farm with irood boua« and stanlcs In VVood^nn county KuubBs. It. U. runs across from fort Scott t • Wiuhlca, 5 tiillus from county »eut, Forsnliv-75 aerns partly bottom land, 1m- provnd (aim, uear Horsey, with pleuty o. on same. For salo—10 plec?* of valuable property with good houdPH, In this clt;. For sale or exvliitngo—A alee little oottiig' in liutlmlio, with plenty of «rouud, stub! and good water on premises. For sale or exchange-Two sections of n. ft timber land In 80. MUaourl, )50 miles from a , LouU on the Iron liounialu K. a., at a bargain. For gale or exchange, 3 acres of ground on Mum m.. ucljoiuing Uayor uopptnger'n on thu cast. iTor sale or nxelmnire-S sections of prairie land In Crocket county, Texas Will ten ehbup. bultuble for any fanning purposes. Three acres adjoining Ur.ltobarts on north. Five lots on Dry St., adJ,,inI D K.Thomas Big. gliV ro«liiencoon th» etst. ; Ouu and a half lots In ilawloy'i addition. One uiid a Ualf lots In Bheliy's addition. Any of the above property can be bought at a bargain. I also represent the Buffalo German Fire Insurance Co., Buffalo, N. Y,, one of the best companies in the IT. 3. And other good Companies in addition. C. A. SCFLUETEE, Office in my New Building, on, Second street. mohUdw SPBING AREANGEMENT, On and alter Monday, Feb. U, (be Spread Eavln wl> runH»toUow*,vUM •. \-:--v '* LKAVISQ ALTOH • ; ' FOR ST. LOTTia , at J o'clock ft. «.. and St. Lonlson rotWB trl» at 3 p. m., dally. And leaving Alton for Portane, Varsey Landtoit, Orfttton. and w»j point* every evoutng al 5:30 o'clock. «a.Th» WKUtl* will ba •onnd*d'flf(««ii mlnutee before starting tor 8». Louis. TOBT. LCOIS, BOtJITD TMP ' • TWBHTTKtDU* •_ „„ O W. ITTLL. ABOTlt. Fast Freight. ftPasserger Lite THE ST. LOUIS AND OKNTUAL 1LL1KO1U R. It. CMV8 PALACE 81K AM KB J. F. KLI.lhOX, oomuiandcr. Kr.AKSHDTZ, ( O i ar v, TUCK UODOB, .1 oler w- On and alter TliursUay.Feb. )7tb, Altonrtallj For St. Xoals at 7 a. m. Returning, will leave St. Lonli (foot of VIqc bt.) at3:4S p. m.l , LcavinR Alton at5:SO p. m. for Portage and Jersey, arriving at Graf ton at 7:45 p. m., oonneotin* with I ustexprens on St. Louis and Uentral llVlnoia Ballrpud lor Jersoyrill*, Wa- veny, Spilnirflvldaud all point* oortU anU coat. . < FARK. , TOST. Lome,aliigletrip, . '. •* Me'! " round trip, . . ; . . 7l» " " twenty riae ticket,. , »B.OO HENRT 0. TATUM, Gen. A«t. Alton. H. A. FI8BBK, uou'l Manager. UKNTUTUk. DB.O. JB. Dentist* 18 THIRD aTHKET, ALTON, ILL. : Office Hoar»~8 a. m. to U m.j 1 to t p. n G^ A. McMIULBN, y-' 1 '- ."''C. > : " Dentist, OVEH BBUEGOBMANN'S 01OAB STOBB 8EOONUBT. ; - IBM dtf PBTBIOIAJNB AMI* HVUQKOM* DB. E. GOTfiULCU, ' •" Physlolan and aurgeen, OFFICE 4KB RESIDENCE, OOB.TOUUTB AND HKNUY SIS. W. A. JUAHKBIJLi, M.D., Physician and Surgeon, OmOJC-SKOOND ST., ALTON, ELL. Office b ours—8 a. m.; 11 to 1, and a.p.m • <niK)-nwt Tbe nndorslaned ftare aliened a new muslo tore at tue oorunr of Talrd | and Plata Bt« ORGANSIAND^PIANOS I of the (finest worbmaniblp for sale at rea- Bonablo prices. Call and ezumlQe our tnstra- menta before purohanluit elMwhero. FLOSSj & RABE. WILSON WASHBOARDS. Th«i« Vruhbaardl are made with a Bent'Wood rim. The Strong- titbotrdeand beitwubers lnt£« world; For sale br »U dtal«». Take DO ether. SAGINAW M'Va CO., Michigan. protperotu < a.w ror Mttlement In tlu «vr B l h *""!* mtf '">•• AOdrew^Ml CO«lg.'ilOIEB.»^, l i,|»c«Btrri R. ».. lllli.ukM.wiir „ His term of offloe, and to tb«i wure traiiilerred wpon Udoplu'ii death all Si jirlrste yapei*. Here will b* told »he UuSi hl»tory o< the civil war an* ot Pre»W«SI Lincoln'* adinluUtratlon -luiportnnt det«S| ol whloii have hitherto remained uureveti!!! that they might flrat appear In tnU autueadii hlHtory. By J0tt»ouof the pUbllcMlon ol ti5| the Centur For 188C-8T. TM OMBtimt U an UmttMHd mogtalno, having B regular « •bout two hundred Ibootaud < reaching ana MuneUtnee ttMotd , drea and twenty fl^sthotwtvnrt. o_. Its Jnnav attraoilont lor the oomlag serial which ha* been In active prej tor *UU>en year* It 1* * hlrtory ol Ou. v country In It* most critical time/ 1 M Mt tti •n'.i •:/-!. H H '•;;< . •• UNCOLX, By hl« Conifdentlal Seeretarlft John O. "Nlcolay and Col. JohuHfty. of PreSdencLiuoi/ln, and continued UR4»S tho authority ot hi* son, tbe Hon. Bobcrt <f 1 Lincoln, is the only InU. and authority record ol the life ol Abrfchem Llnooln, i author* were Mends ol Unuolo bwlor* t pre*l<ienov;-they wore wont Intimately sooiauid with htm as private '- .THBWAJBI which nos been lollowed *lth mttireit bv a (treat Intercut by a «rr«at _„.. ence, will occupy less (papa during the com. ing year. Gettysburg wUI. be dtt<crlbe<t bi ;<<on. ilunt (Chief of the Union Artillery?, Uen. tongstre t, Gen. K. M. Law, and ottmn! Uhloaiuaug*, by Gen'. D.. H;' iiul i Sherman 1 ! March to the cea, by Uunerals Howard tM '(•locum.; General! Q. A, 4Jillmore, Wm. r, .smith, John Glbbon.llorace Porter, and Jcbi s. Monuy will deserluo special battle* 004 mcldeuU. Storlee ot Darn »uc»g«ui»ut*. prtton lite, etc. etc. will »i>po»r. '.•;,;' NOVELS AND STOKIES. "Tlie Hundredth lluu," » novel by lfr»t* B. Stockton, author ot "The L»dy, or tUt Tiaer." bf'glu* lu November. Two novolettit by.Ueorge W. Cable, stories by Mary Hallo** Foote, "Undo Uemuk," Julian Huwtborai, Edward tgglflston, and other proi&lntni American author* wltt be printed, during tot year. .••,•'•:,. • .••".;.> '.>. . - '. -<• .• SPECIAL FEATURES. (with Illustrations; lucludo • series of am. i-le* on affaire In HiiBsIa and Siberia, byueo, Kennan,fcutnor.of."Tent-Life lit 8ibetin,"wlw ha* lust returned from a mo»t eventful vlilt to islberi&n prisons; papers <uthe Kwt Question, with reference to it* bearing on tht Labor Problem; English Oathedralt: D. SKgleston'i Hellglous Life In the Americas Ouloules: Clairvoyance JsplrltnalUoj, Astrology; etc., by;Bev. i. JJ.JBucltleY, U.D., odltof ol the Christian Advocate: astronomical papers ; artloies throwing light On Bible iil*tory, 6 tO* ' / ' - ' ' ' • -'.'-.',••-• • • ,, PRICES, A FBEBCOPY. ! Subscription price, W.OO a year, U cents i number. ,J>ealers.poBtma*t«r», arid publl*h. era take subscriptions. * Bend for our btautt- luUy UluetiatoJ M page catalogue (t««). containing full prospectus, etc., ihe.ndlng « special olfer by which new reader* can jnt uack numbers to the beginning at the War St-rtw at a very low price. A specimen copy (back number) will be »eut on roqtwwt. Urn* lion tht* paper.. f ^-*rV »,;•• . can you afford to be without the Century•: j, & THEfliHTUKt (JO., New York Subttrlptionftrecetved at tfai* office. TUB ATLA^TCIC MONTHLY FOB 1887. Will contain, la addition to the beet Shod . Stories, Sketches JSmay*. Poetry M| CriUclBm, two Rertui 8torl»»!— > •- ., The Second Son, By MBS. JL O. W. OUPBANT , Paul Patofl, By F. MAUION OBAWFOBD, Author "A Boraan Singer." etc. "Hi. IWUMI, Papers on American: ByjmiN FISKE; • Whose previous paper* nave been *o lnt«i. esttug. full of Information, and §01101-- *lly popular. French and EngUsh. continuation of the- admirable papers com* paring the French and English people, ByP.U.UAMBBTON, ' Estmys and Poems, , By OLIVBK WENOBU. HOLM KB. Occasional Papen f • ^ Br JAMES RUSSELL LOWELL. Contributions maybe expect* d from Johm Greenlbaf Whittler,Thomas Wentwottn Hlg. ?'?» on f- 0 -?. ar 't" ^'W Warner, «, 0- StSl. ai«iovu. vuniirox/uuioy vrarnor, b, u- OIWI* man, Harrlut W. Preston, Sarah Orne JeweM, Ohai-lea Egbert Oraddook, Anhnr Sherburn* Hurdy, Ibmry Cabot Lodge, Edith M.ThomM, Horace K. flcudder, George E. Woodb«ny George fiederick Par*on«, Maurice. Thomp BOB, Lurr! Xircom, Oella Tbaztnr, John Bnr- rougha, Jainei Fieetnan Clarke, Kllzabetb EoWns Fennel), Bradford Torray and many others. . ' 1'ERMSi |4 a year in advance, pottage fr«ei Si otmt* anuihber.' With tuperb IUe-«i*« poftraitof iluwtborae, Emenon, Longlet- low.Bryant, WhUUer.'Lowell. or Holme* U; each uddltlo nal portrait, |L The November and Oooember number* oi the Atlantic will be cunt ttfte of charge to oev iubncrtt»ra whose aubsoriptlonnare received l*loreOoceuiber«Oth. J , ; ,« >; Postal notes una money are W the rUk d' i he i-ender, and therclorn remittance* should be made by money order, drait, or ngUtered Uoughton, Mlfflln & Oompanr, 4 Park it reel, Boiton, Ha**. 1887. Hai'per's Weekly. ILLUSTBATKD. ..^Tf^f-YS."" "ftaWtoi 1 J» .Position In Amer The volnme* oftho HAZAK begJa with the .flr-t Nutubei for Jauuury of ouch year. When no time I* uitmtlunod, nub*ci-lptlon* will begin with thu Number current at time oj ro- celqt of order, Bound Volume* of lUwiln'l IUIAB, f >r tbrwyear* nt-atiloih b-ndinit.wtu bn sent by mill portni of pxiwnne (provl IKUUII! . deu tti« lr ui nuuniH) (pi-oviueu tli« Iruhcul dox>n nnt exo«t:<loi>euoll«rper volume),ior I?.00 per .. --—. Iree ;lu doxMi not volume. DAIRY FARM. North Altou Jersey Dairy. Uavlntt rc-nteM James Mullen'* Dairy t»ju: and cuttle, the uuderulKuod will furnUbtnlltt of the very buat qunlltv to the cltlaens oi Alton. Tlio caitlo arc mnailv bluli Krudt Jov»«v»and (i>r Klvinit rich, uililf Ibt-y have no equal j they *re nil young imd healthy: wllliueil noufnpsofuny kind to our cattfe Pnrtli)*lhatr|fi/uvoru. with their patron- HKO may depend on getting ml.k of tlie van- bust quality. A siimp.u will be given fiee oi and «verythlnKconno'utud r wlth tbedah'V w?i> be fcept icrupulouMly t-iuan >othat out piutomor* may receive the milk In the beat ol order. A share of public patron KKO U roipecttully ri-qnuttod. UJHVO ordnrj with Meajr*. Kliiioh * Uoble**. »ml wj.h lli'mrrt. 8(ilbr)ld A l>eterdini[,-or uddieu u> Ht North Alton, AHIKHI'VOLPB „ . , K)H j and It* hold upon public eiteum and con- IfdeDoe was never stroimer than at tho pro*. -"i^Ji?*' , Bft » lae8 tbe picture*, HAKPBB'S « KSK6T alwayioontalnBlnBtallmontsof one, oioa»lonrtlly of two, of the bent novels of the day, finely Illustrated, with *hort storie*, poouia, okatolies, and papers of important current topics by the most popular writer*. 1 he care that ban been successfully exercised VI »5i? aM *° " , ak8 **AH?*M WBKKLT » Sale ? well M a welcome visitor to every house hold will not be relaxed In tbe future. • HARPER'S PERIODICALS. Harper 1 * Weekly ........... ... ........ s 4 oo iianWaMaKMiue.:: ::;:::..•* * So I'urper'siiaKar ................. ... ... J Jo Harper;* Voung People .................. J oo „ o, Master's Sale. STATE Oi; ItJUNOW, ( St. Otulrooinity. .) O' the September term, A.D. Iftae. of the »». Olalr Ooanty Cltcmt Court. J °,H n . N Obllton VB. Thomas CMlton, Georn Uhliton, James Ollderoi, Robert W. Wok- «nnon, Kll*»oeth Ann , Wljliaau, Dorothy , , Burn, rborDasBurn, Jamot Bu {urKuuon, »>irab Jane Hum; Wm urn, John Thoraoi Barn, uotoiby^vnn Barm, Isabella Born, James Btun; and Henry B. Ouallenur, executor ol the latt will and toBtament of John ohllton. deoea*»d. BUI lor sale ol Heal Estate. Under and by ylriuo of decree ol stlA «> u «, made in (be above entitled oauw, M a aid term, l, the undenlgned, will, o« MAKOH . W j7" --—»,»» •M.vuf VCUHHWU *•• *MW WM»«iy ol Badisun, ttn o: state oi Illinois, to-witi TUB we«t fourth of the uouthewt quuter at ihe nortbweit quarter, containing mn (1«> uorei; and the east half ot the fouthweit ... * 0ab ' iirib *« Hr 1 ?Sr V S!!J m ?* 0 ', toeMre «''lybogln with the tlrnt Hurnb.-r for January of each your. When no tiwe IB tnentloned. subsolptlons w ill begin .Vder N ? wlwou « ol 'H»* »n«> «-« receipt of Bound Volumes of IUnpKu'« WKKKLT. tor , »,l in section thirty (S«)4n townfhlp «U tfl) north ol range nine *•) wMt. Applied value, fj.4M.7i. gale to oomiuenoa at one o'otaok p. m. ,,*£RM60K HALK. -Twenty piVcsnt. of «n» nurehiwe njonny to be paid ca*h dowu, and jn® nb ttj»noeon_ a credit ol six and twel»» I'tr tlie ___ _ _ Ji'«mi 0 .' ".'{.'' " Ue \ i w" 1 e»cul« ina'deUyer"* deed to tho pui chaser or puroba««n ot »aia laud, a» hy •Ud i}fore» I am directed, conveying all th« ilgbt, title and claim of tbe Have fnr wrvlou. two i-CKl.lered itlrai, Jnr- SS^ ",V U , n ".'' I . B| ?' »"' VIP" loo fur either, *!.o.i. Tb«llol«t«lnliif,uiii that fuinouK bull. Cor- •tmitlnH.owned Dy Mr. bU)VHii.,of «ew Vork; took fiw ))re<u<um at 8t. LouU inn tall. Our'i '' ii lor vuiumu, o iluinlttanoeu Hhould be uiarte hy I'oHtofflcw Morey Ordor or Urult to »vntd olmnoe of I'MW. Newspwpeig am not to copy this , New Vork. STOCK FOR SALE. A Pino Illouded Mare, u Pine Illiort Horn " ' " Uow .»id Mull J..r« « at tU "W * y Y«arll.K H f r. Soag,V»{i»nil I Van.o u ELY'S CREAM_BALM Cleansoff tbe Head, Allays Innumpiatlon. Heals tbe Mores. Restores tho 1 SenaesofTast* Muell, Hearing* A quick Keltef. A POSH Itlve Cure. FEVER A purtlcle l» applied Into each rinitrll »nd \o HKrrv*iui6i iTTOU SO OtBi At J^TUKHi^t^j D7

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