Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on March 15, 1887 · Page 1
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 1

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 15, 1887
Page 1
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.„• ^tfuw.glf At*H»bnfrrM»Mt*(-l-*r« i»* : •«"» 15; 1887. i;? A T«>rlblo Caflb of ScroTula :'.';;•'?;"' ; . ''.v,Vr';Cured : tly!'. ; '-7V"; l's : Sarsaparilla;'; ,,;, <*^$K<y ,v» ***»**« w « h , i: Betotula to one of the most aggravating forms. At onotimo Ihsdinole88thnntlilrt«cnlarg9 " . . 1 »b8cea8eaoyerand'aroundifl?ftlli'ofcBi«lUiiroat,-; .«ci^»jMB^jBiiilljfi|JudW-.''kn offonslVe ma«« of , ..,,,..,- '^i^;;^^^,^,^™^fca^old," and }. • • .•* i •-.,-• h »lmoii intolerable to endure. It It Impossible : ' -diw-fij to lully <leiorn«i'iiiy iinlKrlhgii.'as the base' ' '. ;';;:.."^afc^tepncftteJl'^'d^tt'^itorTh., .After ,.,..,,•:• V, tlir«eyearaofiVilecry,lmvlnBboentr€atoaby.' i -N*'« 11 thter physicians, I •*•«» • worso [ thati '~6flfa : '' /•' .''^^^^^tf..^^.^^^^'^!/^.^ 1 I-..',: r'aTOttey;drnggiBf..ottockp6rt,Iwasioincid.i, •'' Hood's 8*iW»partll4. ! 'And how, afttri 'tiken'-tl¥ii : Within the last, feus enipttons have Imve all i i<i i^cmureijii<>e»ieaj:<iii«*Ukr>fii«cefl8c8 have all ,...., ( ,W aiftgppearediexcfpt the unMghtly aoar»,wblcb., •>.;•].'. i ;We dally beelimlnjr'fmaller by degrees, and •ji f ^M heauttftflly l«»«-»^Tt'donot know wiiat It may a>.t«<.«ii :tiuripvdoi>e.-for.*tlieri t 't)iAt I'dff-kbow that in r !.'.;-tii<ca«e,jllood'(t SarsaparlUftihta proved an < ii:>Jb iJudMcsiveipeoiflo Indeeat 'As'nh evidence of mvrimitUudo I send Uiese.ttet* unsolicited m*tflM«r *A'l«U*tV > «V I * t. n n*>*V«n*l A l*.. . *<!?:»*ja'bl' . '-. '\ iW^'Ut'. nCffRttTSrSt ,fc?¥ff»;.fl5?jX?(/riiiv3i 1 . . M t ..v, Tnls utateincntisoon£rm« w. J. Hunt•tin «;J»(lnjftfe 1 of'''' . . . 1 of'potkll»)*,N.Tr.V\v'hb'cfiHithe' '^ ' unsocte, thenticity of . . ,ndeT|ce with ' *<!?:»SP8'?*TO5'bl'C«W « 'A. 'BOB-'. iW^'Ut M t .. •tin «;J a. dior,DookeWlDgstatementsofiianycure8. .)]t'il n .•s<9y(*'"lf|^gt> :*.,l'«<|4f.i |. . > • Hood'e Sareaparilla l "^,n ^ii^^niglfttt^iiMiai 3fpi»S.:: ,Mad enly ty C. I. HOOD & CO., Lowell, Mass. •' Plftixf ,«tfd-> Deoorative .W .O Ji ''.-J li 'ifJ tWMPTLYATTMNOJ 'BD TO AT iRMS. AND SHOP OR That ought to catch your . We have lots ; of them in ...',( [(i ... ..! fell u •/!•.'.. i I !>•» .>; DRY GOODS, H&TS,CAPS, MILLI1SERY, We can'V-be be^t in quality and pricew. All the latent ^ovel- tles of tUe season dally added, at one-price cash house, 245. / •lenlhcp mer-- " ohant'of N$^ Ydrk v ; liaisi niie an. as8lgnuient,with preferences araonnt- IhgJn Ihe aggregate to $122,131). " ';tho' Ifij^eali^'ls'k'ainlng ground in' Washington that the next Presi- denUaJ,,fight,,ia \o be, betWeeu Cleve- iland and -Sherman | und that the main issue is Id be on the tariff! question.- All of President^Cieveittnd'B recent coqrse has- indicated that' he is it- olined to taat his-lot-with ! - the f ree- yptyfFWS ft )the;party«i. '"rhe'defeaFiqf the 'terminal facili- 11^813111:111: thti.Missouri Legislature Hioyes the St/ibouis Post-Dispatch to say;ithat-"coii8idcrfiig' the experience of.^very ne^rda ; d itlifct tries to come into,,St,Tj..oui^j W l^TojaiciJnot'' be tin* l terminal;, r :,fa;ciIUie8' imo 'terminal difficulties^ 11 " • "Apparently Jay'* Gould oWhVa controlling interest In, the.MiBSpuri Legislature as > well ' as .in, ,the *i't..Lo,uiis,City,-. Council,- ,, P ^ . The position 1 ' o'f ' ^iie'eh of the gypsies-in the United*i8tatei: made- .ya-i cantsby the death \ of *Mr«. Emma Stanley*, which tjccuvred near son, .Miss,, on Dec. 30 last, -Ims been ' filled by, the ftppriintraerit of,< Miss Lucy Stanley, a sister of i the' dead queen, who Jives ,near EvansvUlejit Ind.. where, she owns valuable property vvv^hb:neityVqu^ is years .oldypre^Bsessing in app^jar- ance, fairly educated, 1 arid is a .fa/ vorite not only with her own^pebpte ' but iwith all who'kaow her. ;..i ;•- t~i±. •: "• .i ER Absolutely Pure. Thin ppwjler never varies,,A: marvel ><>ti p»rUy, Jitwtaftth wM*86menB«». j Mora eoAC nomloal Uian the or41uary hinds, and cannot bo Bold In oompetltion with tho multitude of • low test, short weight, alnm nhonphttto pow' dcra. SOLD ONLT IH CANS. ROYAL JJAKtNQ . .,K. Y., • & SON* OKALEBS IX Stoves-and Hardware, HARD& BASE- BURNERS I And othorflrst olawheattne itorei, • 1 Norwood or ooal.'Z \ Alao Eangos and Ohamplon Monitor Oo»k Stoves, the Outalde Wora a specialty: Boot ing, Guttering, etc. : lindertaker*s Supplies T-0 ADV1IM8ERS a ten-llnu of lead Inn American Kownpuperp. TljH ti Rt the ral« oionly pne Jlltli ot^.conts liue.tor 1,000 olrou • lifUOfll .TUfl-ttl>v,w;tl((aniftnt \»ill bo placed befo ---------- . .TUfl-ttl>v,w;tl((a fore Oflfl. .Million DI . newspaper J .... . . ---. -*--, — . r ,,QN;lHJADBH». "feu nea Will uoc-ouunodnteiibout 75 words. Address with'Copy of ndv and chock, or semi SO cent* tor book of 1TO PAx««. OKOi I'. ROW- KLL A oo., la Spruce'8i;;;N, T. Jnuaira. 1.11.1 .rtdjf.ij-iu h n j all ites of Li me & Soda Almost as Palatable as Milk. The only preparation of COD LIVEU OIL tbat run l>e t«kfiuf»ilil)%ua loloraUkl (or A loag UaM by dillolo utaiuwlu. AND A8 A IIKMKPY FOH COKBPHPTtOW. KCIIOKI IX)I S KIIATi DKllll.ITT, ^'OI'dllB lABMIA, Otn- TllliOAT iV- i'i:(Tio.>s, iiisonnnis OF ( IMIDUKN II l« iu«p-olloU)i in III ffmlU. U> tbo cauDtrti ol tbo woild. «v A fl OftRIBLWS iitLROAD WS SUBURBAN TRAIN GOES THr.OUOfcf A BRIDGE 1 1. /-NMARr BOSTON r i •'_' i i. i r- j. ^ h •.• J .. »--.^^ ; Thirty-six Killed; Otte Haudred Injured. . .... .„;.,:! BOSTON. March M.—At 1 o'clock this morning the workiugmen's train consisting of an engine,.eight"pas- -t—v*. • ..« $ bd °>|rt,okii; g car * Boston. ! yr,eb»ter engineer, ]Conductor.; tf. Brake,, of Deflhain, was' <in cliarjrajof Me^trjtfh, and 1 was assis!-' ted l)Vy*^'*^* r ''* lrt *'"**''™'"**'" M "^ f PI I *.!««''" olsBed fcHopv,,, • .* W«st Rftktmry, and Rostpdal^i xionWwith -ran W. Tilden,' jtubbr le at Spring street, ' ' Central about eo people .. b'n board^mostly w^rbin'gmen;, and 'wbiteu,*?liiop and srore girls,' with luucU|fbagB/ in hand— ebnttinei and laligBiti^efriJyTlijd a fejwjbusinesi men&S I'hier-ihreevforwani 'cars were" ; more dengelyrprovded thkn "any.,;bf . the others. : At just 7:15 O'clock the tiain.r.ouneledAhe curve. arid passed ' The engine ', had t -abutment when as.-,if, the Mf^i^m .[list Bossed the,li IStistineer^vh'ite 1 .,, •tram n'ad*sirucK something. ..Hastily ' ' . bafcirwiiKd.^'ti.f liis cab wiEdOw-ha>Saw' ! and?h6|rit the rear carsand the bridge /'/ailing -"frith ' ' three cars but-had * been throvy^U^ Engineer White .at 1 once 'uncoupled. '"""" b all the 1 towards . 'neer'at oince' .rang in - ;l ' r: ' the engi- fire alarm, ,,._,'scene .th,a Ore -depnTttnents of • Rpilyn'dale >w.itlv a'sffeaiiitfr iind.'.uibpk'"'and ladder'truck from 1 •'tfttmtiiba'' Plairi' Having thoroughly aroused the surrounding communities ..and telegraphedj the fact of jtjiiy dilratei|ttf tW'cntt£[$l; engineer^ '\V r hite"remourited ms engine and ran her back to the wreck, where crowd* were already- gathering ,;^ /fhe news, 'reached" police "headquarter/ f wfthin half an hour after the accident, and Deputy Superintendent BarHli; aftpr giving orders' fd\' a 'large; 'dcuft of • — T-* **-aj.. TL.. s #^ e.' . "fi .(••). .^P -. T i report to him, started for the scene of the disaster' and reached th«re about-8:80* o'felb6l{i'"'_l^|fer was 1 so sad a duty as expeditibuBiy and thoroughly performed;'' Th'^ dea'd' and injured .'"were'qjuick'.ly 'tek"eb, pt4Jt."!aJQd never was a railroad '"Vfi'eck,, 'where more promptly "deserted i>y all who had suffered'itf it;';; JUe^fact that the accident occurred in" the midst of a settled'sUb-'distiric'tj'a^'t'hiit nobody on'tHe'train'was inoro than five n lies a way-from home, made it possible ,to, Crarispb'rt;till!'dead ": ixiid.Ifiijured, BO far as it was praoticable; under the Diligent inquiry by railroad officials arid reporters hrts resulted in the compilation 'of the "following revised list of the killed and 'those who have died'of their injuries':', '; •••• Conductor 'Marion Tilden of Ded- harav 1 :;;,;-.. '•';';"",!'„ .••„' , : ., , Alice Burnett, ttosl/ndale. W. H, Johnson, Roslyndale. Mars Cardinal,'Roialyndale. Mr. Clapp, Central Station, West Roxbury-.-:•.:•.•;•;•-,!• •;-':• . Miss Norrla; West Roxbury. '' Ed. E. Norris'. Dcdham. ; Freight Clerk •of;^e ; B. &i>. R. R. Edg'ar MJ'Shdfw,' West Roxbury. -.vy,aidp;B. ^aiUflr,.\yeBtRoxbury. • Lizzie Man'duvjlje. Dcdham. Lizzie Walton, Dedhalij. Wm. S. Strong Cdbd after removal' to hbspttal.;) "'•' .,r» . J " Wm E. Durham. • Stephen T. Houghton, Hoslyu- dale. "" ",.;... ',-."•. Harry Gay,'Boston. , Miss M. L. Odlorne, Dover, N.Ht. JMiss Ida'Adams., Boston. Lizzie H. Price, Dedham. MissSuraliE.'Ellis, MedQeld. '" ! An unknown "•" 1 woman i about _80 ( years'of agiai'- '"'.' ''';" ". ' "."., Peter S. Warren, Central Station.: Emma P. Hill, Boston. 'JlatUo'J'fiDudley, residence; unknown. • • ' Laura Price, West Roxbury. Rosa Bella ( Welsh, West Hoxbury. The fatally injured app.t ,:•'.,, Jos. Metcalf, West Roxbury. W; F.' BbWrnaPi engineer, Dedham.' ••• ''i' ' Henry P.'J. Earnshaw (possibly), West Rpxlwry.. Alice Adam*, Roslyndale. Cyrus W. Hayes, . Mary Murphy, . , John NLwrphy, ) (poi8ibly),,Roalyn- dale. . .,; .,., ,< ,. ... ... ,.{,, -.,., ., W, W. 'Smith, brokeman, \Ve»t Roxbury. , .-• , • Webster Di'ake, conductor, Ded- hato. , . , Albert E. Johniiori, B6ston. It is impossible to obtain au abso- remainder quite badly hurjf,' 'apd receivVjd onjy/alig^t The others jwjio wsrc more, or It's* injured, as far as can be ascertained, number 114. CAUSE. ' TLe fact that the entire bridge went dow.n ; and that not a.sprap of iron re- faiaWp.drattjfched to the, ^b,utmehls fprms i'b.url(juti, feature of.'fche dis^ *** f *- : '''" tM '- ^-reck of the jjr'idge lies debris. In,.quo of the new fracture..through : at the point of junc- Its entire cjeatr , tion 1 opwaof its parti is jsKow n; " ~ K is gietier^l^'beireyedjhat the, break- iug/of.thia;girder-,caused th^, bridge to k g|ye way ajfter, the cijra , had been derailed by a broken truck. At the iron, part of;which, : wap, rusted and indicated an old flaw, ^ while the "other' portion ahowed'a jcleau fracture. • •. Another theory j is-'that a broken rail caused the' accident, but it-is doubtful" if- an investigation Wflnlc},throw.anyJigbt upon the case, for boljtSf raila.'iroa, girders ahfl"car"si are so coinpletely .intermingled, smashfedia'ndfwdk'enThat tj w - ln gr . any Sf ceak,Jn ) fact, there droa ( worth sav- - •>• LATEST JTBW8. Obadiah.'iWheelocki a wealthy bachelor of Phijadelphia, . .aged 75, J "' "Sunday." a;/Simon, a 18-year-old boy hanged himself Sat- '.'A.'rich gold mine in reported to beeij v di8covered near Atlanta, r.jJc^fP.Qf r °»e quartz, assaying .over,$.1,100 ,»,ton. The^ojd .Grant,, leather store at "G-alenaj^ll., was 'sold at fl|uc* : — Sa>urday^'to settle „ the. estat^|p| -(JV-H-'! '. . ^.!.'.-.."if ., , !f. ,.j- • Eleven Cuban outlaws landed at Key West, Flav, Friday night, and 'were at^onceVorderedJby^the citizens and in favor of •-i. State' Henator Southworth and Representative Campbell, who were inj dred in thei 'Voilivay "acpident near Girari^j'flitj fc .j'ajt i 'j',] ; art) , both reported to be dojng"^!!. i Mr. George .Jones, editor .pf-the New York Times, announces himself '- '—-.;.of J^ee; Waiter;Q.,Gres. >r j'J'r^ijdQpt,',la,'^888. Mr. . w ,.,.s,ajqaugiyuuipVi, ja'ut there is riot a taiBt,of,n}ugwumpi8ra in Judge Greshanjfa JjlopcL , CharlesJ' Edaie and Frederick jtrom 9.,to 11 years, were buVjae,<,l,to;,death.jnHorn's hotel at Cftmd,en 4 ,'N,.,J M .Saturday night. The father and mother of the children were.badly burned in tryinff v tp.8^ve the little ones. \ "" , i .,-.. Hj>ft. Eben S. Pillsbury, one! of the, Deniocratic leaders of New England*, formerly of Maine,! and .appointed'.Internal Revenue Collector at 'Bos'tph by; President Cleveland ov'et £ Year, ago, died at the latter cit ~ "' ~"" ' Baffled the Physlclains. UUBKE MEDICINE Co., Quinoy, III: — I recftrd your White Pine Balsam, as a ooii^biKioiiture ot very gret>t value. The benefit derived by my wife from iu use,' ^la|Mi it with molar In advance of all others. * For scvera'i years sbo had been jwrioualy nllllotod with a cough that gave us. much alnrm ; it had battled the skill of'tho phyMclans and cough teraodies," ndtli: I cbuoluded nothiiiK would' 'avail '> jii ; "her: case. ' Pireot- ly after ' coming' to '^QainoTj on your retoiametldation, she cominenuod using your BAInain, and it has «o tod like a qulotlnff the coQKh,* and icmov- UBe'Cresslor'a Wild Kosc Tooth fow der for oleansine'tbo tneth. I'rloe 2fto. INFALLIBLE OURK FOK CUUGUa. Wo;wo^d'u)o«'i' bqsulvuly, state that no remedy' has ever met with aioh universal' BstlBfaaion or .can be more tr(itbfully.»ard ti'&w»W'ro core than Burki' White Pine Boliami •" | . ; f T V "fl* *•* • A new dUoovarr, Lltllo Apricot 1'illi ensior to lako tban sugar and far more bflnellbittl, 8urb" cure for - neuralgia, Ueuduohe heartburn, dyspopsm and bad brfath.''^/'^,^. Mfyi&'ii Msrsh'n drtpWri.^''"; ;'•':• ^- ^•joohi. i aifl^ IV Iff Velvets, Body and and Three Plys, SMi; :(Gftrp«e^ tod JJIattings, Oil Has arrived/ . .IV. /. i-ii-' il* ,'olVJiiJlj .:!.. am offering these goods at the very lowest prices to ^ash buyers. Aird*^ limted I-™ > <• to cull and nee the b^atillMrkte ;"' r-':< l 'iWii&^ ALTON, " 1 '" ! ill the telty, at narcl times prices,; sold weekly and monthly payments, v* """' the< on Three-€^e,Perfectipn Burners .andJtamJ.Lamps. ,.,,' -,,,,.,,.,,• •„• ^ME;H^^JUVa,lAM^S, .1 H , ^1.752; $250, ^4, $6;50,f 7.50 to «10. ' $250, ^4, $6;50,f 7.50 to eadquarters for* ..... ^-.•i^t^^i EUPION and CARMINE BURNING OILS. SIGNAL, OIL-ENGINE a*id ..,,,,, ; '•-" •• •• : --' 1 -' ' li>i 'CYlJlN;i)E]a OILS. Clstera, Well and Sto|ck Mm®, fjceimred .Paint s, .ready for use. See onr 4iO Buggry 'Harness. ^OuUl^and get our prices and you will save money. < !.-.- ..- -•' i-™ w^ 8e^biid and State Sts., ALTON, ILL ,..,-/ „" ,...0,1 - ....• .-.-t-l" .".It. >«•.». 4, ,"il. HI * T 'tHE BEST ON EARTH! ROSS FILLED WATCHES, Frbin il8 'tii $50. Warranted BREECH-LOADILS 7 G GUNS, ' 1' r Frdin'tie to t3d. J. H. BOOTH, .-.;•• •• - A- .»'•,..' ' • THE LEADING JEWELER ..:,<i,-\i:f, .li'it mylMwlr —GO TO— HEADQUARTERS FOE 1 J Picture Frames, Brackets, Base Balli andBfttf* Croquet Sets, etc, A 'full line of School Books, Scratch Books and School Supplies* Remember the place: THIRD STREET, - - QP? ? HELLE. Lucas Ffeiftenberger ARCHITECT, GENERAL SUPERINTENDENT AND MECHANICAL DUAUGHT8MAN, Office ouTbird at.,ono door wont of Pinna, third floor, i Kuwiiuy. aau.uou, Writ* VM»»Ui>« Un-t. J«"-irUl» Wl» JOHN BAUER, DKAUSR IN AND or FURNITURE. SECOND STREET, Ol>i>. City littll,! AIiTOIf, ILJL. All klnd« of flu* Md eauuuam turoUttt*

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