Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on March 14, 1887 · Page 4
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 4

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, March 14, 1887
Page 4
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CStnJITY tl it to delude a nojte.iiiflbrw into tho belief it lOffle worthies liniment #111 cure then* £lun and netirnlgio. Honrtty Is the best cy in the manufacture of proprietary ar- iWlnnll other mutter*, and the fact that the proprietors of Athloplioros have nerer claimed for it even nil its merit would warrant haa not n litlletodowith Itawonderful popularity, and tlic thousands of grateful testimonials received by them show tlmt their policy llua been wi*a us well ns riylit. Experience: lib) Amply demonstrated that mere outward njSpllentinhS are worth- Int. Tho diwoEO Juts its ecut in the blood, and any remedy to be eucreesful must dwil with the obstructive acid which poisons andinflames ifc Athl6pliororf kefs on the Wood, muscles and ioinli directly. It tultea tho poiwm out of the blood nnd curries it out of tlic tyatemj it invigorates tlie action of the muscles and limbers the nlifliicwi ol tlio joints._ It reaches the liver nnd kidney*, cleansing them from irritating siibaianci-ii, and. if followed", up nfter the rheumniic conditions ceii!ie, it will restore these organs to regularity and health. Dccnttir, 111. I will just any for (lie pood of utiy pcr- •onUliat may le nfllictvd with rhcmnatimn that I have had It very severely, nnd linvc uied'Athlophorod and found relief almost at the'flwt dose, ' B.'B. Mcft,KU.AND. .Rev. .A. ,T. Orr, pastor of the M. K. Chiirch. P»>i«, HI., oavs: "Yen, I nscd Atiilophoros for neuralgia in the back part of my head. It was a vory painful and din- trerainft complaint, but a dose or two of Athlophoro8alwnv8£ave immediate relief, lam now entirely free from the complaint. Many times I would hnvc been incapacitated for duty had I not had Allilophoroo. Every drtigglstshould keep Athloplioros and Athlophoros Pills, but where they cun- not bo bought of the drugKiHt tlie Athln- phoros Co.,' 112 Wall St., New York, will itnd.either (carnage puid) on receipt of regular price, which Is $1.(0 per Lottie for AthlophnrfW nnd fi(V. for PillF. For llyer and feldney dlnonBoi". drimcimln, In- algeitlon, wcakncw. norvmw ilrtlDly, (Jlscnu's »f women, constlnatlnn. hendnchc, Impurp blood. Ac.. Athloplioroa rills aro unenualod. e ALTON DAILT TKLKORAPH. (Entered a* Beoond>«in*« Matter at the P. O. itt Alton, 111.) : i MONDAY KVK.. MAKCll 14. FARM AND GARDEN. A 8TRONQ, SAFE UDDER EASILY HANDLED DY ONE PERSON. Treatment of HCM In tho fiprlnjr—Prae- tlcul BuRgpntloiift About riiiwlnff—A Convenient mid Efononilcul Ilurn, Suit- nblo for rintli Honcn and Cattle, The plan shown hi tho accompanying DliwtnitloiiB la vonchccl for by a Georgia correspondent In Southern Cultivator ns providing a convenient nml economical barn for both horses nnd cattle, It is built on tho old cotton rrfu bouco plan, twonty-clftht feet wide, thirty-eight long anil fourteen feet lil^h to thu plates. For the benefit of.northern readers wo will explain what Is meant by tho old glu house plan: The sills separating the tv.-o Htories nro heavy timbers framed Into heavy posta'fourtecn feet long ut letter S, Fig. 2. This will prevent tho structure from spreading, as thero aro no joists on tho platca to hold It together. Tho necessary fratho work In tho lower story can be made of very light material after using the heavy timbers spoken of above. ' JKEAJL ESTATE FOR SALE OR RENT, -BY- ^ Rudersnausen & Sonntag. For Sate. Aronvwlentntid pli'sWnnt homn at a ren •onable l)Ki»^,belnK>*w»-«tory frame houm- on Elgiitli street, neur Ilunry. ; ' *or M«ie, A oliolce farm ol :Mwat!ioa, with first clasf ImprovAtnonte, Rltuatod ak mllou east ol Brunswick. Ohorlton co., Mo. For eialx. A one story friimo Uwnllin« house In ROOO condition. In Topping's mldltlou to Allan. ForHaln Cheap The tesldence ot Oupt. W. t oble; twc. stories ami mansard root) 12 room 4 balls. elo«etB, bnllars, etc. : B acres of Kron>, Mosi aeslrnble property In thu ultj. - ' F«r Male. 1W) aerosol land n«or city limits. 3 .<: ... two story brick juid irame Owi n nousc, both Httuated on the on- o > ute strum between nth and 7th icets- jo the brick block «( stores on Secon root., between Ilnm and Uldi;e street .10 wn as llunier'- tow, foi Male. •aiuialltraaie''' ^.Inu bonne within n m clocks o(th«.l , i iorW7S. Wo aorex- f good tarmniK land, and Hnochm tract ol 00 .cree, both unimproved. Situate In Mm co., Kansas, ut 510 and .118 por aon respectively— one-third oush.balance on tlinn for Hal*. A i arm ol 140 acres on uottom land, all li cultivation, near Madison, In this county. A good two-story truujii i)woljlnn houiie on It Price J8.HOO for Mine. A oholcf Inrra ol 1;» acres, altuato 1 m'l- Kuihof Shlpmun, Macouuln uounty, III., a low I'LAN FOll A 11AKN. In tlio diagram Fig. 1 is shown the front viow. It r.lso nhows tho division into an upper and lower story. The fornso Is nil kept in tho upper story,which can bo divided into oa many compartments as desired. It is entered In tho front as in Fig- 1; r.lso from within by ntalrwuy (see Firj, £).. Tho lower ctory la 0 feet high, and ia divided, 03 per Flc. 2, 03 follows: 1, 2, 3, 4, 6 are stables for horses—nlzo 0 by 10; a a n represents o hall 0 foot wide; 1> ia a harness rooan B by 10; c o Is n floored porch or footway 3 feet wide, and olovntod 8 feet, from which tho cattle can bo fed without going dov?n among them: o o is tv cow shed 0 by 28; f is a room 0 by 0 for holding grain, cotton seed, etc., for tho cattle; B is a cow stablo 8 by 11; h h is n wagon shelter 0 tyy 20; o o is tho stairway 0 fcot. wide; tho doors nro nil Indicated by letter d, the feed troughs by X; the two dotted lines running across tho stables on the left and across the hall indicate u continuation of the sills, as shown on tho right. n '-u 1'artleslinendlni; to buy Koul Estate In tli city ol Alton or vIcliiUv will flnil It tothui Imureattooull at in. -mil eul Itudumhmi.-iiiH ft ftountHg and »>amlnb thuir Hat o pmper tl«s fov»Hln us oniy |»irt iliurooi IK uilvar- "'' New Hiid Ueautlftil I)cnii;ii« just arrived and arriving lor tho Hpriug Trade. GLASS Btoofe dttrtog thoweswrt month In Xtnral Now Yorker. \vo givo in brief, for tho benefit of our render*, the protesjor'i remark* on hornet Horses at thlo softSoii feel the effects of 'dry .feeding:, ami the akin show} 1 indlca-l lions of disorder. Pimples nnd blotches disclose the uohtaUby state of this'inbst Important excretory ortrnn, nr.J .ho Imlr stands on end and has lost its luster n jd smoothness. Now Is the time when Jti'.I- ciotis feeding will nvcrt raoro serious iron- tie hereafter. Wnnn bran mashes, lin- «ced oil meal added to tha food, n qtrnrf dally, and scolded oats given Warm, will soon remedy this congestion of tho ckiti nnd restore tho general, health. Dry feed- Ins provokes indigestion, nnd indigestion encourages the Increase of Intestinal worms. These posts will • quickly sao- cumb to dally dosca of on ounce of calls nnd drain of powdered culphnto cf trnn. The salt is a great aid to dljjcal.'on, r.tid t!io iron strengthens nnd purifies tho blood and destroys tho internal parasites. Much trouble occurs Just nor/ frofi wounds of tho coronet caused by tho sharp calks needed because of icy roads, it is not unusual for these wounds to nlvo rise to Inflammation which spreads to the bones and causes rln™bonc3. Ilcnco cnlvc tvounda should not bo neglected. Apply uorno active liniment to them as EOOH ng possible, and keep the horso up, if the wound is serious, uutil it IS healed. Thorough carding and brushing aro now indispensable. A sort of perfunctory cleansing of tho skin may be passed over nt other times, but now the Blrin should . be thoroughly cleansed and freed from nil obstacles to -the chance which occurs CB this period. The hair falls off and tlie coat la renewed. A clean skin -and tho healthful excitement of friction with n hard brush or n card will greatly aid this seasonable chango. Brood mares should now be carefully treated. Bran is n healthful food for them, nnd tho foal will be bonofltted by It. Tho mare should not bo tied in a cloro stall, but given plenty of rObm in h loose ono, where she can move abcmt frcc'y. Exorcise is Indispensable for the welfare of tho mare and the colt. • Oats will bo better for her than corn, and if oats cannot bo conveniently procnrcd," AS In tho southern states, the corn should be reduced to one-half the regular .quantity and wheat bran given to make up the allowance. < '••'•• Colts shonld be allowed a gradual cd- ditlon to their grain food. If no hay but clover can bo given' them it will bo bettor to add some straw to it. ^ Feeding clover hay to horses or colts Is apt to cause irritation of the skin nnd produce surfeit, which may cause eruptions'or Indnce the animals to rub the skin raw. Orchard grass hay is excellent feed for the horses, nnd comes next after fully inaturei timothy. :•••..• : A Omvwmlon* Pnrt» Formers who ore not: already provided with strong step'ladder* wUl 06 well to : nMii7»El** -' **' ""- *"^ t ilil 1 ^TiflTi'''J1lL-'- A4i>'tfrt'jBLi-j tlfji pTvVIuu tneittSOlTuB WIvu OuO Or'more De u fOre'tho'busyljoMdn begins. Where there Wa work shop und a chest of good tools Inddera'as 'well as numorotia other fa'rhi" conveniences may be made at a trifling expense. .' THE WHEEUURIIOW LADDKH. Our cut represents an exceedingly convenient device in way of ladders, so it, can bo wheeled about from tree to tree easily and quickly by one person. Tho Ohio Farmer tells how to make' It: Got two handcart wheels, or nny-light, stout wheels. Tho dimensions of the device may vary to suit circumstances. If the trees nro toll, the ladder may* bo longer and stand etrnlghter, etc. Cnro must be taken to secure foot of ladder by weights, to overbalance the weight at top. The board at top of ladder Is to set tho basket on. • ." •• : •-.-.. Fuels Fnrracrg Ought to Know. Cream scalded top higji is melted into oil. Oil' docs not come to butter In the churn. ••••=...•• , In New England and tho middle states prices of homo grown corn nro even lower than a year ago, tho decline ranging from two to live cento /per bushel, owing to low rates of transpbrtntlori." The southern states show quite a marked appreciation in tho vnluo per .bushel, tho advance being especially notable in those states devoted largely to cotton. '".''" Professor Coolc, of Lansing, Mich., has killed cabbage worms with n, mixture of ono pound of buhnch with 20U gallons of water. One thing appears to have been very clearly demonstrated—viz.', that a larger quantity of potatoes, ns well us potatoes of a better quality, can bo grown with chemical fertilizers than with manure. MOST PERFECT MADE 'ronarr>(1 with strict regard toPttrlty, Strength, and ie;illlifiilnL'B9. Dr. I'rloo's Baking Powder conialnn .11 Aiiiiii-iiilii.Umo.Aliiuior J'hopiilmtes. Ur.I'rico't f ;triict8, Vimllla, Lemun, ate., flavor doUclouely. ••re BtKfTISPOWDfR ^ KAIL WAY MM* IA On. and. after 8Uriai.v.Nov, iith, line. ttiHtt I Alton rftiJraML will Wav« naodlM time. «• tor*CUOMO and the BMti .'',". Chicago flail'. BtOOa.m Chicago Aicmuinudatlon*....... .6UK)k>m Lightning Kipnine*,. tUlon, li Feorla and Hook Island Fait Unej,9:00 a. tn For Jiiok«uttVIU«i lUoknkf gainer, < ,IM Cltjr,*nd «ll point* wilt.,, , , ]Uau»ai)Utty Mall* .. . • i.... »K>C KUIIBUB City K»pro«3«, ... Denver EipioMf..,.,...,..,. ... .luck win vtlle Auoouunndatlont... Fot St. LuuU l • .. ... ,; i • Llylitnlnu Kxprtma' ...,..,.,, Chicago Aoooiutnoilatlon*. ...... Alton ttpeolalt. . f:0»t>. m. '/:tia K. m .6:« V m .I) Bo &.,m U:MD~ in " ^t. Loms imioH FOB ALTON. ; •4 M p. m. *7 W n. m (8 4B B. m. Snudayeonry). "? ' •Dally fJCxoept Hunday. : ' B. U. HBKVK liup'i. SI, LouJslXvlsloV O.6. MORKlli.TlokiitAinint. OinOAQO, . Iraiiie leuru tho Union Depot, Alton [Ollows: - uIDg North l , (except Sunday) .... 8:18 a ' Mannro Spreiulers. -"For manure spreaders," says J. J. H. Gregory, Marblehead, Mass., who has had largo experience with farm implements, "tho Kemp is a great help to commercial farming. I beliovo it will pay for itself if used on twelve acres of ground yearly. Thrco men will put on sixty loads a day by its use. I would advise to put a board behind tho driver as o protection from stones which may be in the manure and are often thrown over the front of tho machine. The prico is quite reasonable and will pay a large return on the money invested." A Sixty Dollar Silo. A North Carolina farmer has a silo built on top of the ground of heavy plank. It has double walls, four inches apart, ailed with earth to exclude tho air. The ensilage is covered with boards, and the boards covered with earth, on ordinary roof keeping off tho rain. It Is 10x10 feet, and cost only $CO. ' "Tlio cwi'oiesi tiling ihiit PVIT 2T,, W e«iii(i-n hunnin door" w«» iniln HJ H , utuil shu look 10 IIHV n« hendnchi"! -r a tune i-he Ksi her ln-mnv, hir ,,, b 'KhtilHy hur-1'npa boiij/ht »b..ttli. oi !>a vaiiuii Oil. anil lu! she is UM swi-t t an I |ii rt v UH i ver. riu.« i.s money, | )U |. hwalth is Imnp'- ne^s. It vim have a had coin or c..u h ll-ti Dr". Bull';! CnUi/h SyiU|> Ir vvill « HU yuti^rury tituu. Pi ice 26 ots. A Specialty, from U; Small " 1 to 110U8K PAINTING am ui NEFF & OBERMUELLER, Fourth, east of Belle si fulilldSm J, SUITER & SON, 3GAUCKS IK FINE AND COMMON FURNITURE. A Fall and Complete Stock AI- ways on Haud. DO NOT FAIL TO GIVE US A .CALL BEPpRB PURCHASING. ouu runMTuiiH nooMS ARK UN State Street, opp. Third, ALTON, ILi,. apfldwlv EMPIRE MILLS, jU SXUKKT (Noftr 1'lii.n), ALTON, •, i - , ~KOlV8Al'.K" "".lH- Ground Oat*, Ground Corn. JUuy, Onts, Corn, Corn Maul, Buckwheat Flour, Grulimn Klour.otc nOUPTtT DKMVBKKI) TO ANY I'AIIT M TIIH OITV. M.WILKINSON. __- ' ' ivr .in Vhb paper U Uopt on die at Hie omce o» lYER^SON ADVERTISING GENTS ,' PHILAOELPHIH. THE longer the numn of a raiho gMieinliy .Kpehliins, Ihe snallur ini!nii>;f; the longer a ui»u public the less be baa to any. If the liver and klrlnovn aro and innoiiVK, Hood'H t)»rmipnrillH will rou-ie them to prunipt and ri-ytrar iiciiun. 'I'rtkt' it now. 13 Tbo cxiiiiiiidiimiy pouularitv of Aynr'.i Chenv Teoioiul in the nmuial rt^ult ol it-, u*o by all clHS<e;< ol pim,, e for over fotly yirnr*. It has' pi oven 'tself ihd vory best hpecitic fur coliM. oouubs und pulmonary uouiplainti. __ dwliv THE.VOUIIK laiiies of Urytttnl Sprlncn, MihH., have organized u mililary umu- pnny. Tiny probi.bly won't b« nfi an) lo fire of thfir puna when they uel ihi'in. Ibuyuie Used lo powder and Making tho plum orchard a poultry run will greatly diminish the number of Insects which prey upon tho trees. Mr. Albaugh, of Miami county, O., says that a grower there sowed oats among his grapes every spring to prevent rot, nnd considered it a success. Mr. Miller, of Ohio, cowed copperas—about ono pound to a square rod—in his vineyard early in tho summer and again later. No rot has appeared since this treatment Raising draught horses pays. The Iowa Homestead goes so far as to nfllnn that no department of the farm pays better. It says: "A good 2-ycnr-old fllly, by n good native marc, will sell ut twelve nnd a half cents por pound. A good gelding 8 years old will sell for u* much; Will anything else pay betterf Kreatly Excited. Not a few of tin- citz-ns of Alton have recently' hi'C'imn givittlv CXUHHII "Ver HIP HHioni-lniiir taut*, ilwt .-eveni! • f their frimul* wholiu.l | W( . n pronoun- n-d liy their phy.-iritn.s HM inruriihle nil beyond all hope,- Miff.>ring with 'hat dreaded mounter CI.IIMIIIIJMIOM.- hnv« been oomplately rured l>y Dr. King's New Di-eovery lor Consumption, ihu I'lily miiiMlv that doe* |juMi.ivel\ • urn nil ami ' (Viiehs Colds, AMI Inn Triii I butt In free nt K -tire, larjju buttle> $1. WHIPPLE& SMILEY, NSURANCE, REAL ESTATE, & LOAN AGENTS, KKUIIESKNTINU THE FOLLOWING First-Class Ins. Co.'s: IQH. Co. of North America; Hartford, Ph cents, . Frunkliu, of Pblladolyhia; German American; North Britiab and Mercantile, London; . Com. Union, London; Lancashire, AlaiicheMtor, Bug.- Coutlunutal; Qirard; GleiiH Fallt), Amercan tentral; Firemen'8 Fund, AHSurance Co. NOTIOB. Eatutvof John W. ilcbwepne/deOuiiMuUi 1 -'•' Thu^' unUutniKUvd, ImvluK >,ix«n . an. pointed KxeeiiK.rd ol the l»»t will and umtHuiem of John W. Hchweppe,, lijti of . .the county ot ; Mndlaon mul 8t*w' ol llll.ioln, dw'caepil, bemby »lve uotlcl that tin-y,will uppear befoi-u tho County Oourt of Uudiaon conuty, at the court bouse, lh- Bawar(l»vllli' > »tthe,Mar(! the fourth Miinduy In March which <ltn. all naV. r sons huvli.K claimi ntculiiat gglit vttnta aim nottfluil Hiid lequuBtBd K. atmnd^qr thai.D . _ . _-.__-,„.„ ~<-•• u«.i-*>u,*v* «ua;.yui** p.;seof ImvlnKilmHRini- adjured. Allpergone ndcbtod tn nald orttato are i-oquertod tolnakiii, luiimtdluto paymi-nt to ibe uml«r»lifn«d. ™ thi « !ut ffiA'vr»ffe,fe • w - saMiwswSfe:..; ,_ •• •• . Kai'cutor«. OTUKR8: A OAHH OAPWAJ IN THE AOGREOATK OF $20,OOO,OOO. WK A690 RBPBS8BNT THE Mutual Benefit Life, of Newark, N. <T., and Traveler's Life and Accident Inn. Co..Uartford. Oflace: Over Alton Nat. Bank, Cor. Third and State eta. ov Fine Residence for8Ble. hn Into H. Hello* iioniHDtnad, now owned M. b. Umlor ood, sltuatwd on linn iOf lioiwi i'Hil«'H.v, In Upper Alto.i; 11 rooms, l>ath mum, luri>ncn, HUilftood out buililinga, iwn iieriw ol urouiul, will bo void at a bar- H'llii. I'utt&eaolou given on cipiiulHtlnn of -ale. Wlliri'LE & SMILEV. i HIM! Kroiichii.i.i Marsh's Honrtcrrul fares. W. I). Hnjt & Co, wholesale and retail diuxuisiti ( ,f Romp, 0 i., »») : VVi- linvi- bei-n M-llmsf Dr. K-»K'» Ni-w Dis- i-iivcry. RiiTtric Bnifi-H untl uuckii-nV Arnioa Snlvi- for two yeiirH. HHVI- nuvor hiinillrd rcmi'dies thht KB!| as wnll.or Kive mich universal Hiiti-frtcliitn. l lirre h»v« lieen Miniu wnnder'ul uurw i-^ffi'Oled hy ihHSH rneilicme.s in ihin cilv. Sevcritl (sn-H.s ol |iriiii(iiinci'd O'n<nui|i- lion tuivtt been oiniivly cureil Uv u*t> n| a f«w buiili-N of Dr. Kinu's Ni-w D - i'ovfry,t»ki'ii in <'onm-t:iiori with Eiprtnc H'ttt-rs. \V.- s/unranteo Ilurn nlwny.. Sold by E. MaiHh. mc.lililwliu Sensihlp jf. The pi-i.piH wnnt comf'irt in rid- Kice-L'oil Ciiniiigo Spring nil tin- quiilitiHti of en.*.-, and beauty. banMble pfni.lf no oilier. They needn't havn uny «nhur. dwlw Kroe Atlvlce. There nro plenty ut uien !wlm urn ilwMyn rendy wnh their iidviou lo ev.-iy imilv Hnd Miiont t'vuiy tiling. Thu only r^ffluuliy about their willimrnujH i u j. lli.'ir ftilvuiM is Unit their own livt'H »i,d i'Xpt*ii.-nee. i^ivH Miti^fuot'try MViitniicu that ihnirndviou it woith nothing at »|). Free 'I rude. Th« rciduoitiin of mtunml revenue nnd thu tHkinx off ..f ri'venun slumps from prnprmiiirv in. ; dielnes no iloubi, Ims liiruuly luini-flt'ud iliHfloniiiment, us w«l| IIH rHlivvinjr i ho burden of home nmiiu- fitiMurern. E'ppoially U thin Ihu oiise with OrcenV Auyu-t Pluwnr HNI! lion. dh.-eV timniiui Syiup, H» ihu rciliiKijnn' of thirty.six oeut< pur di.ZHii, hii" been lidded to murcHMi the slz • of Ihw hotilcH uiiiitnlninir ihu>e riiinrdien, ihuu>bv jjlvinjj oiii'-liiih morn mi'diclmi in ihi< 76 cunt (.iza. ThH Auitll<t Flower for and Uvur ootnpliiiiil anil thu Syrup fur uo'uuh ami JUIIK troublug, hiive, purlmpH, thu l»r(r«at HII!H of any roediuim-ii in the'worM, The HilvwnUBii of inortuHi'd xizn of th« but. tlrti will hit ific«i|y ft ( i|ir,.(ilnt. (J hy ihi- kliik-nnil ittlit'd. In i vi-ty KIWII , U ul viilHj{i< |n OIVH jg«i| salve. The Bum Sak>; rn tbi" world for out*, nruiscs. sores,:., jers, salt rhmim, fover minw, toltur. nhapped hands, (shilblaii^, uoniH and a:', 8Kin eruption*, und positively eu-«s piles, or no pay rf-iuirurt. 11 is trimri>nt«eit t» irive pe.rfe.oi Hati)- taction, or money refunded. Price 'ifi (•Wts pur box. For .-ale hv K. Mnr«h, Alum, ill ruohVdwlm It will bo seen that -ihe horsee are fed from the hall and that they enter from tho same nnd no louka aro needed on the doors. Tho frcnt door up stairs and tho bad; hall door nt tho stops, also tho doors to the cowshed, can bo secured from the inside. Tlio only lock needed is on tho frontdoor. It is BUKgostocl that the lower story of this barn bo planked and stripped up nnd down, nnd tho upper story weatho boarded. Bert and' Honey, The "safety line" for tho temperature of the cellar or other reccptaclo in which bees arc wintered Is between f!3 and 40 dogs. If the bees nro noisy the thermometer will show that tho temperature lu too high. Bringing in cold air by the ventilators will usually have n quieting effect. Bees wintered outside need occasional looking to, especially just nfter a fall of snow, to sec that tho entrances to tho hives aro not closed. Whether bee- kecpin.'c is profitable or not will depend, other things being equal, upon marketing tho honey. It will be well to visit tho markets nnd consult with tho dealers. The size of the packages of comb honoy nfTeets Its sale, some markets preferring tho half pound section to a larger size. Ho is wise who conforms to the preferences, or oven whims, of those who buy his products. Make section boxes nnd have n sufficient number on hand to meet tho demands of n buoy season. Neatness of workmanship nnd scrupulous clctwlincss nro to be observe 1. AVilh other farm products tho homo market Is of no little importance, nnd It may be worth while to build up one for honey,—American Agriculturist, Plow Point*. Farmers generally agree that sandy or dry soils require flat plowing, which tends to consolidate tho land, while on low or strain soils they prefer to leave tho furrow on edge. Much Is written and said every year ngnlnat tho brcaltlns up of ground that 1s too wet. Tho other extreme Is ooldom mentioned; nnd yet it has been demonstrated, especially on heavy dry land, that running tho plow through ground too dry is almost us pernicious in Its effects na is plowing it when too wot. Sufficient moisture Is required to cause tho furrows to fall loosely from tho plow, with uo appearance ot packing and no lumps. Tho points of merit in plowing ore: 1, A straight furrow of uniform width and depth. 8. A clean cut slice 8, A well laid furrow slice, having regard to compactness ami form. 4. Complete burial of tho jjrswo or otnbblo turned In. 6. A uniformly plowed ridso. 0, A flnloh showing r.n open furrow with n clean, narrow bottom, tho lest furrow bolus equal in width nnd height with tho others. noitei niul Colt*. February Is tho most vigorous month of tho year for i,tock. Tho he.rdehlpa of winter oro concentrated in this month. Anluinb which Imvo been pinched and . , < — wasted by tho cold have now become J" lv * nlB «t <> «'•'"torfcased MRX of the but. AND weakened by want andc.xposuronndcrent l f " wi " J 1 " "'."»"y ft|i|ir.-(il,,t d by inn I)|J AUUHTSM iN" caroia required to restore them to rood : l>lllk Bni1 ''"' '•'"' lfl ••- -•'••' "««uun livnAN, condition, Professor Sanborn, who Is both piwllciil i>.ml trustworthy, fdvcs ; '• 'tie* lot 10 utf'iite Vfniiiii."ihe""»»uiu . OOlw on Third «t..aiu> door west rina tin thtt nova ftt 1 aiBu. < ,..,.,. i J u*^.ii.._j._. I .»« •»... _. _.. . .. ».»n* Fur Rout. Two-story house and «.iod stable on Common streut. (juod Irult. WtllPPLE A S\I!L"Y. tor So.e Siwun !on wlih K.MXI unok dwelllni? and imiuutlillng . In go ui repair, In Uupur Alton, llcw di-ncnin i! b. iiilliiid, and fell iwn antll« M« rill uruuerty. Wllifl'LK A SM1I.EV. AJ- inn, or I). W. Oollet, rippjr Alton. >orIUut. A two-story bilck ilw«Jlln«r known as the v. 1'iatt hoinemoHd. Lutely pu lu.KOodre- I' "• WHIFFLE A SMILEY. far Rale OT n«ut. AUosirublu teneuiunton Bluff street, owned 'V Mr* 8. J.Dutio. WH1PPL.K *HMI1,KT. for b&u ItM late roBtdences ol j ,. and W. H. •HUihull, on Mill dt., two o. I i- best pieces ol re«ldono« propem' In Allot. The property Kuowu as "The I'ttru, euutot above; U low "? "."'S"? "Ju'umlt streets, an 1 a. number ol ot* In Miller * Ultohull's addition to AJton. Vnv or all ol above at a trri-at barxalc. K * SMILiET. 'or aiu», The Mwrlmau property on State stroe tn Miller ft MioholPa add., to Alton, IX Btory Can be bad at a bwnaln. WHIPl'LK * HMILEY. • . ., . • I?. , 8tory ' fri " n « Uwulllng, corner Pe <nu HUli Btruotu. WHIPI'l.EASMILli' Uenlrnble Ke»l(leuoe« f«r HM|»T~ Atwootory brloka»olliu« un Stute street Known a b A. I'lutt huineuteHd, lately uut n inHid rnpalr. A tw.i «tori iramu awellln^ ".', L 1 i" ".V" 1 '' 1 "««riy now. A twu atory •nuh ilwHiuiK on fuviiiuii »tru«t, all lor «alr I H OUlTltlj.l. IIWIIHI llllVlllll 'll'CKluU tO Itr ' A UUILKY The Woodrool proporty. A t story frame UOU80 ol 8 rooms, ou Filth and Alton gtroets, . i room frmiiu Uouae on Filth H trB..t. WIUPPLK a 8MILBY. tfot Salt. 1 giirat Cpuph»,CnMt, no»rwnMi,Cr.Hip, Ajlhm« ftlVUl'liUI., Wbwl; ligCUlith,liK!||,|« ltI Ki5ilSJ; fcni luii Dr. Buli'l A'Tlr^l lj jp|,| irill/uifw, oinl rrnileo.nrkt lo *i|, iiia (l.V/f.n t!nl. •n. a 'or SBIeoMUnt '• il n" "V "'" luu uwulliun with » rooms, ""'" l»Hrii and line ™' n " i 1 . - t,, In u Onnlraule uulKhboihood. . « A Jr\°? m b ' 1 ' i rtw«)Hng and out bulldlnx ou llilidoii-tiit, tittwi-tiii Oln-rry uud Vliif Wllll'l'LK A tjdl EV. (Jood » r^om round,! I'Ueldl'lltu UI '.iu4 acre. toi Kent, <M "" oroua '' • i l)r. (lumber . WUll'1'LKJtaMlLKY For Heat. .!," r°"'l"ncu 01 M. J. Noonan on State -i.t. known ,i» Hie A. ' latt piaoe, OooUO mi biluk IIOU^H. In iir»t O|H.» '«i)Hlr. Willl'I'LK * SMI * SMII.KY. For Ki'lit. • . _ A tu-nmoiy tirlok dwuilliiK known a« the A. i tan iiuinuatuad; l.itulv nut In muid repair. ,,._ _ wiliH'LKjtjinMtjr. ASSIGNEES HOIlOE. Kptati- »( lle.-ini.n He*«ln ami, dehtnri ui ,1 ! 'S 01 "'!"''" 1 l!" 1 *^- given' notice thai Herui'iii It.-Kel.i.Hiin, i.l AU.II., In HIM cou its' VihiVayTVit'i 1 ' A""I) '" "" l! " ( '' ""."» «l«' Pieittenberg-ei ARCHITECT, SUFKIIIVTEXDEXT . n*",, l ' MI ?;" 1Bl " lvll| K' 1 >-«lin» iKtilnst the said ,n.«,M.'.f '!"i'"" ""I Hi'iuuy nnt.tlml ui nii-nHiimuori flulum unilnr . nil' or unirmv 1 ' ° '"'""" "'""'"» - or unirm "'","'•"» th.-ci.rn.roi rhlrt 'n; r-'" UOUI " y mil, IU7. \VanttMl— •cine vory sounlblo advice on the c§r« of | of j-on H. .1 ml ..Inn,,, ,. 0 ,,,,,l, ,. M ary H <l AM, KxrKMm -ulm- u-iiiuuii, w | pv n I W r| ( " Jortfrmi Chancery Notice. STATE OF ILI.INOtsfl „„ 0. umy ot MuUi-on. | so Clrcnlt conn ot Mudison county, March term Henry O. I'rleet.enrvlVlnK pareiii-r of Henry p. 8we.-tii«r. ilooeH»«il, ,u.e partner* under th« Miimi o| 8*eet*,r ami Priest; V». D.I»M ' R. Spurks. AmiA . . HparkM, hl» «lf e , W>ih ley, the Alton NiuiouHl Bunk, the D < tt. -"naifes MliltiiK Odinpany. Alixirt. Wade and Krunk K. Mllnor. ,ln ehuncery, , , . NoiiwiB liBn-by given to the Hitld Wealev Best that ihe ntwvii numnd oompliilnant nnretofom fllwl lu* bill of vomplutiit In "aid court; on the ehanoory nide t hereof,.unu that a nu'iniio»H tbi-roniH.n iHNUud out of snld court HKHlnut the above named defendant!! ' returnabl' on the tint Ui.y ol tbe term of th« elrcultoourtot Madluon oounly, to beheld M ( oonrt house In HdwrHrcUvIlle, In ittla UadtwTn , '"""ty. on the third Monday ol March, A.D. 1887, an In by law requtrert, and whled' intt U . stlil KtudliiK. BOBKBr UAU.VAO*.B, Wimt * DAVIS,Ooiin.i'ta Bnl'm. We do • not manufacture . Lard, Candles, Butterlne, or any kindred truck; we do not first squeeze tho ,fat and oil out of our stock, and then convert the refuse Into a worthless soap. We aro not near stock yards or slauahtar housesi buy no diseased or dead animals .or' rtfuse material. SILVER SOAP is made of. FOBB TALLOW, by a clean prooess. and can bo usod freely without danger of having the skin diseased or poisoned, • ASK YOUn OROCEB FOtt IT. EMPIRE SOAP CO. ST. SQRO^dJLA • ' * •• -• - . Humors, Erysipelas, Canker, and Catarrh, Can be cured by purifying the blood with . I do not toilcv* that Ayer'* - • Sanaparilla IIM an equal ai a our* for <Sorofuloua , Humors. It ia pleasant . to take, givea »trength to the body, and pro- dnces a more nent result than any medicine I ever used. -B. Halnen. North Liudale, Ohio. I have used Ayer'i Sarstiparllla, in wy family,' for ' Scrofula, and know> 'lf ! lt>i» taken faithfully it will thoroughly eradicate tula terrible dlaeaao. — AV.P.FowlerTM.D., Qroouvllle, Tenn. For 'forty years I have suffered with Erysipelas. I have trlfld various remediea lor my complatnt.ibut [omul no relief until I cotninoiiced using Aycr r s Sarsflparilla. After tak I ua . ten ; bo t- , ties of thlii inodlelue I ' am complcluly curod. — M. , 0, Amoabury, I linye suffered, for vear§, from Catarrh, vliloh \vaa so »ovoro that It dontroyod my appaMte nml 1 weak- onuii tny system. After trying other ramoillM, without re- lot, I begun to' take Ayer'B Barvaparilla, and, iu a- few inontlw, wai auroii, — Bitten I'. Coolt, (X»3i Albany st.i Ayor'a Sara'apariila » • superior '-'to^ any ilood purlller tbat I ver tried. < 'I have taken it for Scrofula, 5»nUer; and' 8»lS theiim, am! received much benefit from It. is good, al*o, lot wuak, stomach.—. Willie Jane P«l«te, 9, Ayer's Sarsaparilla, I'r.ptrod br Dr. J. 0. Ay.r fc Co.. lxiw4lL Uttt-

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