Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on March 14, 1887 · Page 3
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 3

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, March 14, 1887
Page 3
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. \Vfrmk-you-. to carefully rood ih ooluint).-* H. J, Itownitn & (Jo. •Mtt|Mhtrof Shifting Prints petty new »Mea Bowman * Co 1 *. m are 60, at B. J i wUU he*vr Ptnangg in 40 new pattern*, at H. J. Bowman A Co'a. Wit art jhnwlng some very pivlt; ttylen, medium and dark drew tail kt 19 1 So p«r yard.—11. J. Buwniau Co. BrniNa itjles of ihote Tory popnlni Century Cloths are now on calu at II J. Bowman A Co'*. FoBTt pleoei Crinkled Seersucker* in •hottebt patterns, at 11. J. Bowman * CO'B. PALMKR v Seerinckerft, Toll I Du Nords Dress and Domestic Ginghams In great variety, at H. J. Bowman & 'Jo'«i WB are Showing a complete- stock ot Spring Woolens lor dress uoodM,tnciud. inn double width Cabin Twit In at 16e ;4< mob cashmere at 26o; also Novell) Fabrics of both foreign anil dotuobtic make.—H. J. Bowman & Co. I* Oini Silk Department we are chow Ing thirabs, Qrox Grains und Khndamct. in every now and popular shade. In Black Silks we are offering mica •plendid valnes in Gros Grains, Surah*, Rhadames, Faille FVancaine and Bro- cades.—H.J. Bowman A Co. IH,VBLVKT» we ure prepared to -h-w Stupes and FreSae Noveltie*, Plain Silk Velvets and Pinches in every shade. Plain and Striped Velveteens, and new tolors in tbo popular -Dress Corduroys. —H, J. Bowman A Cn. : WB CALL special attention to our Bluett Goods, l.<urge additions bavr been made to thU Department during the last two weeks and we are prepared to show every real good standard fabric and many novelties.—H. J. Bowman 4 Co.- * . . : IXODB Flannel Department can be found fivery, quality and width of Whh> Flannel in all Wo-jl and Uomet, also aiaay pretty styles, Striped' Sacque- inffs, Tricots and Albatross, in all the popular nhaden.—H. J. Bowman A Co. •"• ' '.' ' * WE ABB prepared to show a eosapltttc Hae ot 8pring_ Hosiery. We hare retained all th« old favorites and added many new.lines. la Fabno and Kid Gloves we nbow all tb« popular makes including plain and embroidered, backs, dressed and undressed.—H. J. Bowman A Co. " IN OCB Sblrt Oepartmentyon. nan flml a real good white shirt fur 60o and the best made for 91.00, also Permnc hhirtw, fine pleated Dress shirts, Night shirih and all S!MS In Boyt.' Lamel Shirt WttUta—H. J. Bowman A Co. UO IT AT TYVWa Second ntreet,near H) UUJ^JJJCjJN 9, corner o- Henry -FOB- FINE STATIONERY. Bni-h at Orane'i Flora'. Wnirlnu's Standard Paiien, llnrlbut'i frenc'i L'niins, Koltpw KajK'd Ed*e, Elite Rawed E>tga, Balranral , Linen, Unfflu'i lAnttn, Turkey Laid Llntm. r-'Ch Blow, Mlkadn, Ohurrud K<\ito, Oveam LB"l. UuarnliiK Not*), nn'l » lar»re a*«oifroaiii ol l'lu:mnHt<><1 anil Decorad-d •Uatlomiry Oemnum'M Wax and tfeaU. School Tableland Stationery. docsdwly PIANOS, ORGANS and SEWING MACHINES! C.lKAP roil OAtt'll UN TIM«, l'AVH>NT- :"«r)o« nid OrKHiirt timid an>1 repHlrert S< w* 'nk Machines repaired Snni»llen tor nil Mu- S.llnes. N. I). LAMDKKUX, Uoiila Ueilar. Third rtreet, ntiarlv ninraniti B«0e, Alton 111. aec«cfwly W TCH rOB THE BAKCMINN IV JOB'S KKW CUB. HUILUINO. IIKNBY *T., AT HK». D. HKIlVAMf'8, AU kind*of Fancy, Hand mude, Knit anitOrn- •n t«oooi. HiHKli.Tobmf^Hnt and Mite. Men' Beat-1 aud Panclnatori at vnry low pilou». Alnr Dresimnklnv. ruin and Family tinwlnu anil Btamplnn D ne. (;<>me and (rive UK » cal .. Don't lorget lti« p ace, dei6 'Iwly -CALL AT- O.H. Crandall's Crockery Store FOK TUB LOWEST HBfCBS; Good Cups and Saucers, 30c per set. O8od 8-inch Plates, SOc per set. Meat Dishes, 5u to bOo each. Vegetable Dishes, 5o to 50c each. Ktchcrs, 6u to 5Uc each. Half-pint Table Tumblers, 15c per set. Crystal Glass Goblets, 20o per set.' Fruit Saucers, 16o per set. Fruit Dishes, 5o to 75o each. Assorted Color Cologne Sets, 60c per set. Vases, 5o to$l each. Bt«t quality of Tr!plo>pl»ted Knives, l.&Oner set. Triple Plated Forks, $1.50 per set BOOKS FREE. Thnlllai bi»«'tlV" Kt irln, II >m* CnoU •iid Uuoinr Hook, Ili>w tu Miiku I on lr» FIIJT, an I H»|>|IIIIUM ' tun «, Hi -i. 4 |iu»l.> Mill live, KM r* elpt 01 4 cum* lor iiimiiiKf, with HueiKiy lenns alro uur imiiur nunii', K«>n> ami V'ivtnry, J inniiilin on trial. 4V*F»r '0 <i«nl» »u wn| iiini'i. ynir ml kf> M In our nuw A*»iii>.' Uliuoioiy, whlrli n, i>tirr«, ALTON llAlLY TKIJ ; .<iKM > R, MO.N'DAX KVE., MAU( U 14. for the yrar U*! wa thall charge tha following rau» lor tr<uul«nt ttollevi In our local fitnuta Intwtton . Thmw to flr« ininrtlon*. »U to (w«IT« tUKArtlont. ci m. ver InuU flnt In- ••itlou, and rtrsXTT-firg cent* p«r Inoh lor cuoli iub» ijumit tu»irtlnn. W p«r tnub dr*t moulb, |1 80 per Inoh each month tlrtreoUer 1.EUAL AD\EUTI6INO: II per looli (or lira Unit inrarttua, and no r.*ulv p«r iDoli lor wMtn fcubiequ«nl ItMcrtUiii, «W Auov* rule* will b« iliintly udbwed to. TUB DAILY TELEGIUPH la ilellveiwl by cnrrlen to all pitrta ol thu city ol Alton and Upper Alton, (or ten uentt per week. Mailed to any addrew at tbe rate o( (9 M per year. - TtIK TKLEUKAPI! baa lh« lar K eiit clrcula- tlou ol any paper In Alton, and IB Ihu beat medium (or adverttaen. 'JriKNKH TUtHD AND I'IA8A STREETS. TCLB- PIIONB.Nu.8tt. Cool uprinj; dajK and new Spring Jacket* uiMke jjood eouipanionii, ai Pierson * Curi Utj Goodn C'o'». It Call at C. M. Crauditli'* Crockery Store (or bt-amitnl deuorah-d Knclixh Dinner 8et«, only $16.00. lg 2wlt A nnivoroal remark by eri'ry smoker it oigara: Meininitur'n J'IK and Ma^no- Im are tbe btat cixarn in thu market. J-A1.I5..-A burse, Kiml, vounir uru olil...rtml{ bav. Wftfianted soun'l Sot afraid of wrs< any him. Inquire at thtt • 19 JJ lo 1 8 Lands tu all rcfpacts. lady can drlro office. THB NKW WAKKIIOCIK —Capt. Ta- torn ha' referred Archltnot Pf»lffunbe>- K«r's plans for thu warehouse on th" l«re* to Manager Fisher, of tbo H . Louis and C. t. railway, . and they bay been approred. Consequently the work on the new (tincture will be commenced immediately and nrged to a ppeedy completion, perhaps in three week"' time. It i* intended to inak* thi- warehouse an ornampnt to the levee. IXTKXKST in the appi-ottcbing cily ak-ction la increasing, which is a goon ndtcatiua. IV'lien tbu people • onue HfCjime l.iiriy atoubud th« days u( the ing are numbmed. Bulbs and It Vick's Flower StuUi and Feiry'a garden seed*, at Conaor'ri Wanted—A good girl for house work, So waahrig. Apply to Mm. Rice, :orner 16iu and Laiigdon BU. 114* FIRST train on tbe new fm-t mail •chf dule reached St. Louis this morning iu time at 3:46 o'cloak and left for tausas CUT 16 minutes later. Just received a full line of Mew Car"- Price* reasonable.— A. J. Howell, Bell* ctreet. 14 0 Lost—Wednesday afternoon, a lady'i >ld watch and chain. The tinder will be liberally rewarded on leaving the ame at tk« Democrat office. 11 S* I» yon wait a aiee house, a j>o*<' arm, or to make an investment In leMrabla real e*tate, look over Mr. C. A. Sohluetcr'i B«W advertisement. He ha* a large amount of choice propuity n his tands and can guarantee you ft bargain. Bright Satteens are to be icen ai 'ier»on * Carr Dry Uood* Co'*. It' Just Received—Those much sought or and perfect fitting Hoy?' and Childen'* Suits, at the clothing store ol Mealing &Sn3htli>ben. 1112 POLICE COURT. —Officer Harilc yesterday arrested Charles Forrest, from ilisHoun Point, for being drunk anil lisorderly. The offender was fined !6 and costs by Justice R*ndln, today. >nd given half an hour in which to euve town. He left. Money to loan on improved real Mate. Apply to Rnd«r»hsmi«n & S >nntag» Third street. dif A SCCCB-SF0L HUKTCK—Capt. • \\ . Mobli', tire of ihn moM noted Niintod* of this section, returned ainrdny from a hunting trip up ihi Iniom river. That lie killed plenty <ti ame COM with thn saving, as a matte if course, nnd that the dnok* were flue h« friend* to w hum he presented hiperh peeimens, will testify. The latest in Drew Goods, Hose and Sloven, LHcet) and Embroideries, at the ilobe. Call and see them. 11 S HON. Wm. MoArtam«, of Alton. wh.> • in KITH foli'iit'fii- l».ctur«n m Virdfn ii xt Tut-Mlity and Wrctmi-dav i-venlng- aa ili-votud hi* whole life to thn stuil f the mound builders and the fon*ili erous rocks, and In a hoiRiitUt of n- mean abilitr. He l« a FH||OW of ih American AHgoolHtlon for the Ai1vnno« iii-nt of boinnoi'; membHr of th A cade my of So'umce, St. Loni*. Mn IHII PiHxidi-nt of the. ll'in.iU Naturit Iwory Suolety.— Virdtn Record. Wanted—A BrHtnlads jrirl for (jcnnrnl •inewnrk. Inquire at thi* t.jBue. 11 3 Mil. .1 B. Hud.ion Is down from KUIIR nri briiie» with him qmtii a varimy ol > Irom hln fitmoui Km! G.ttu I'.iultn Ifard, where hu mnken a xpnaliltv <•( aisini? pure bred Huff Cochins Hou ann, 1'iynion h Uunk*, Lingr-hans and andollKH. Mr, Hudson U » HUCOHM*- ul rainer of flue poultry and all sending him fon-jfKn can rrly upon i-t whiti thny onler. -S«o hit seinunt. resumed operation the Spark" Milling Co. will furnish customers with their popular "Electric Light 1 * flon : at 94 76 par barrel, delivered free to all parts of tho city. ml dwlm Money to loan on improved farm P">)»orty. For particulars, apply to WHIPHLB & SMILEY MIXED PICKLES — A- fine, appreciative audience wiinufsi-d Mr. J. B. Polk, tke talented comedian, and bin company, in Mixed Pickles, at the Opera HoU'-e, Saturday evening and were greatly plcasnd, not only by tbe per. formances of the star, but by the whol* nompany which is an excellent one. Bt the way, Mr. Polk u of illustrious lineage, it being claimed that he is relate'! to ex-President Polk, to Bishop Polk, H Confederate General who wan killed 'truing the war, and of GOT. Lee, ot Virginia. ^ ^ », CHILDREN'S MASQUERADE—The annual masquerade party of tke children of the Turners' school took pla&- Saturday evening, at Turner Hall, and was a delighnul uffiir. The costumes were elegant, tasty and beautiful, enough of tbe comic and unique being added to give a pleasing variety. As thi- little lad* and • lassie* moved around the toom to the entrancing strain* of Prof. Uossruu's Uchestra, the scene was one to be long remurabered by the. •pectator*, relative* and friends of th« children, who were present in force. The Turner*' society deserve* great credit for the success of the party. MAKKUHR LICESSE. Deputy Clerk Ruder»b»as*a t«d»y i**ued a marriage license to: Mr. Hea-r Maneke jnd Uiis Kate Becker, both of Godfrey. JDST received, a choice assortment ot^Spriag (mods.—Winter'* Millmprv, Belle Btreet, btlween Third aad Fourth. 14 6 K1VK11 HEnS. The river i* about on a *taad. The boat* to leave this owning arc i he Spread Eagle and Hudson for Grafton. Thn -fospptime, of tb" Diamond Jo. Line, will leave tomorrow «v«nmg, her dm trip of the Reason, for Rurlingt in. The initial excursion of the Hudson, ypnterday, w»< vw snccesiful, and thi doers were well pleased. Now we are ready again with Dres Good?, VflvBt* and Buttons for PVITT 'ave.—Pierson A Carr Dry Goo-1* Co. It Kitty IJa«rr, of SI. Luuis, is tl»itlOR Alton relatives. ' ; Di. MoKlnney retorned, fr«ni a btuU a*u trip Satarslaf evening. Mr. Joseph Bunn, of Springfield, spent Sunday with fneads here. Mr. and Mr*. Fred liayden arrived borne from Tampa, Florida, yesterday morning, where they spent tho winter. Mr. Charles Henick returned Saturr day,evenmg from a visit to Wichita, Kansas. He depicts that city and Its proHppots in roseate hues. Mr. Wm. Armstrong returned from his Calhonn county quarries early yesterday morning whh a barge load of white Hand in tow of tlm Spread Bugli. E. itollidter sends tho TKLB- per Mr. liayden, a box of deli, cioua atrawberrio*. At they reach here over two month* in advance of Alton'* Dress Goods! AT crop we claim the •ea»on, first berries of the KlWIAT COSCERT. The annual nonr.ert ol the Sunrtnv -oh«ol of thn Evangelical chn'ch took Dlaooliit evnnlnu with an .attendance that fillrrt thn i><1ifi>n. The rn'trtain- mnnt wa« under thn direction of the Superintendent, Mr. Wm. Sonntar, and R«-v. J Graesule. The number* on the programme comprised recitation* five dialogue*, songs by the school and choir, cither solos by Miss Lou Form 4mls, and two vocal quartettes by Messr- Wm. Sonntag, H. Lu'», C. and W 'forn, all Hnely rendered. The organist, Mis* LouiHa Gerhardt, was pie«ented with a hundnome Bible, a* an evidence of appreciation of her faithfulness and efficiency. Tha following members of ••ehool were the recipientN of gift* a* rewards of merit: M*ry Giaaole, Annie Mier, Bertha Roe-oh. Mary F«ldwi,-h, Aug. (iiw^le-, Eddie Gudell, Fred. Tncmler, Willie Kichtwr, Maggie Gull, L-na Sulbold, Minnie • Behrmio. Henry Genel. Umlle Soibold, Tina Oilman and Ida G-axale. EHT*nLlBHfli;M'. Messrs. Coll inn & Wallace, of the well known photograph gallery <m Second street, aliuoot opposite City Hall, hare under way and in cont«tn. plation iniproyemenu that will render their «»lablit(hruent one of ihu Dm 81 in the State. They huye had constituted a double *rch between thu two principal rooms, «ivn>g ine plauu an artistic appearance to curre.-pund with the nature of thu buslnetis; tbey hatre puroha«ed ol Mr. A. Neenimn ouo of bis mos 'iinKinficntit Biuibels carpeu, which will ornament the rtct-ptiun room; other changes barn been m^idu both in the interests of utility aud beamy: in short the gallery will be a model of thu kind when the improvements art- compluttid. The, walls of the studio are adornud with gems uf be:iuty, speoimun* of thu hiindi- work of the proprietor, and a visit of inspection will well repay nil lovers ot the arc pictorial. Mr. Collins in well known here, Mr Wallace is from Topekn, Kan., both are skilled in their profession and satisfaction is guaranteed all patrons. Besides photographs aud other work in that line they make crayons, India ink, pastel, oil aud water colois, large or small. BandelUr, the Arjunolofflst. D*VI« F.-mnnn, a New Mexii-sn, in 0lube-Democrat i Ail. F. buiideliei i- 11m fTeaitnt archas'ilogiet living and winking in ihu United Smtvb. 1 menu iliathd in accomplishing more in bring-* ing to light information concerning UK- prebiatonc races of this country than any other ot the Muff of the 8ainh- nonian In^tiiute. Whilu otherstheunz he gi ti tacts aud, I think, if he live- ten o fifteen vearu longer, he and bis nstiistanU will be able to give thu worlo a complete history of thu races who built, thu uiVKterious mounds found al • iver the wil',, the cliff loulriciuioii.-. o th« .Souih*oK, and ttie wondurful de- -urti-d cities of New and Old Mexico Bandelier live* iu Hiubiand, III., Im he is thern only about a month In tin year. The runt of the time be is ridmt: ali'iui '.hu wildest partu of Mexico o Ariz-ma, alone or with H Mexican nuide. I'httnv today with ihe Zuni linlian- ami touioiTow wiih the Mwculuro Apache-, digging into a mysterious mound all day, and ulneping in a tumble down adobe hat at night. He buHbuen leport fd killed by luUnins mid murdered b>- MexiOMnd several limo^, hut hm report «nd photograpbn and cpiciuienn j-on- tinue to go into the 8ujHli»onmu In-ti- tute. It U en Wlthoat Miylngt Chat Allcouk's Pomurt flaniers an approvt.'il oy ihu leading meUiual men n the uountry. I hut they are tbe original nnd genuine poroud plmter* upon whoso ruputu* ti'in nnilatora have traded. Thill Alluock's Poious Plasters an- the big hen t mult of medical icieuoi- iiud nkill. Th it in ingredients and method they haVH never been equalled. 1 hit Allcock's Porouii Flasirrs have nr-vur yet failed to do their work quickly aud effectual 1 ) 1 . ANNOONCEMKKT. We authorlxed t« announce ADOLPH ]N- VEEN an a candidate lor Aouessor at tbu en- lulntt townaalp tlectlon. We are authori>ed to announce JOHN P. KUHS u « candidate (or Townihlp Collector. ElectloaTnetday, April fttli. RED GATE Adrlce to Mother*. Mr». Wiuclow'H Soothlnjr Syrup, for hildrim lut'thmg, is the prencrplion of no of the bunt female nur«uj and phy- oinns in the Unltud State*, and lni>- een u»ed for forty yoari with nnrer- illinir I.UOUI-NN by millions of mothnr- >r llii'ir ohililriin. Durlim tho proiiii-s I ti'iilliint' UK vttluti IH liiu/ilvulithlf. 11 •lievith thn ohild from p»in, uinv- \8fiilfrv nnd iliitrrliiBu, gnplm.' in th. (iwi'li*, Hint wuid-i'ulit 1 . By iflvinii i itllh to the iihtld it iuHt« the mother noa >6« • bottle. ja 16 m w a wk Buy your Hard and Soft Coal of H l,i. Winter and eel th« best. OfhVn «t Mook'8 Tharmany, Thirl street, and in •lob's n«w block, corner Second mid Henry His. Tule bones M I'M. 31 unrt 64 augll d7m Tax Notice. All taxpayer* of Alton Township Hr<hereby notifii'd that thu tux books wll hi- o'o-i'd on thn S4ih of thU month and n turned to Edwardcville on thu 26: h and that they will nave expense by »et i ling before that 1at«*. Will b« at North Alton Tburidaj, Maoh'Th. V. uul Towimlnp llnmori. run not in im- olood ni >li^ MuiMHi. Ill od'n SHI>H|I»IJ||H ix|)<l- eVHiy Impii'iiy mid vitulitoa uud eunclj et Ibe blood, ig Haise 1 horoug-libred Poultry! t bar* for ule evinot pure-bred Buff Cochin*, Hondans Pljrm* outb KockM, I • and W>umlottc*K, which I nfitr at $1 per dnten, Irmn any ore tlievarl tie* naninit Tlr* U a ure' diiftlnn Irum old raim mid irery 't re ID( to raUn'pure"lirt<d liiw'i" »'li',"nld lake ail T iitaxeollt, Urdon prompt! i nlled. Ad druit. J. B. HUDSON, Bed (!•(• I'unilr/ Yard, i "*t KA'K, I.L. We FEEL and KNOW we are offering an assortment of DRESS GOODS never equaled by us before. STANDARD GOODS of all kinds. NEWEST STYLES and COLORS in MOST RECENT MAKES. BLACK GOODS CHEAPER and in MORE VARIETY than ever. SINGLE WIDTH GOODS of all kinds FROM TEN CENTS'UP. And all at Piprcnn f. Parr Fl P Pn ilolSUU a bdlTU. tr.uO. READY-MIXED PAINT, white and colors, PAINT GROUND THICK, in white and colors, to be thinned with oil. WHITE LEAD, OILS and COLORS, ALABASTINE, WHITING, and GLUE, Marsh's Drug Store. 'The Largest and Most Com* plete Assortment of Hard and - k ott Coal and Wood Cook and Heating Stoves _ EVER BROUGHT TO ALTON, The Celebrated Buck's Brilliant Cooking Stove and Hard Coal Base Burner, A . 532 East Second GOLD and SHIRTS, The best for the Money, BMCH, 2fl anfl

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