Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on March 14, 1887 · Page 2
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 2

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, March 14, 1887
Page 2
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ALTON DAILY TELEGKAP& BT TT. T. MORTON, ' Third •DO rimt* tiruflt, Alton, HI. •MONDAY EVK., MAKOH 14. B. L. UOLTWOOU, an Illinois free trader.ou'jpoken in hisvieiV'*, says:"If, after60 or 80 years of governm*nt help, (i* proiectife tariff) iiorae of them ononot lire in thli countrv then let the noanufadturers try nomethlns? else. 1 ' Ac- cordlnx to this theory the people of thu country have hnd Ihe benefit of conru, police and Bolillers for prott-c- tmn and defedso for lonjj yearn, now if they cannot (tet alons; without thcsn •xpennlve ncccmliius let them RO sonic- where else. TIIKRR w«re fifteen Congregational mlnlatora In Chicago wh >, at their meeting, voted against 8»inline a reso- lotion of sympathy to Mr«. Btfeuhur, when he'r husband lay dyini;. Thi- Inter Ocean say* tho minisU'rH whu made ipe'tiobei) a^amit the resolution were:.' ."The R«v. Arthur Liule, ih.- Rev. K. f P.'(io(»dwln, H.'L. Hammond, retired! the Rov. Mr. Armstrong, Cln Missldnary; Dr. Hiimpbruy, DUtrio' Meoretary American Hoard i the KI-V. S M. Freeland." The name (if Ui-v Simeon Uilbfirl,' editor of ih« Advance. is also given among those who against the resolution. , MOUO. Mono, 111., March 9, '«?. Mr», Lowli Coop«r nnd dnnxutcr, Mlsa Mb- tie, olMiiooupln. have boun vLltlng ri-lutiro.-. In iMt • loinlty. Ur». Tlio<, Wlliton and »on, ol Diirapy, wiuo the KUH*t« o! Supurvlsor N. a. Gay and family, Tueiday. Ml*. Carrie Btnharda returner! last week from a visit utNokumU. Mm. Win. E'alinur came down from Gllle» pie Imt fftwk tj vlalt relutlvns ami Irlundi. MU« Trottlu Paurt. ol o'olilnnvllie. h-»< been tbe «umt 01 liar auut, MM. U. F. llowlur [or MVural weekn. Mr». lattao"Lawrence and Ulas Olara Cooper have r«|jin»d to Upp T Alton ultor hnvlug made a ibort vl-lt to rulatlvei here. Br. 8. L. DoMt-y received a trio ot fine 1-aogliKlmu oiilokuiia lint vorik from tHo ex- tonalvu bieedlim poimot Me«9rs. A. A. and Qeo.8. (Jowdery, uto.ibdon. 111. Mr. Win. Tlohunal moved hU family to Mr. H. Kills' lar n lait wuuk. Mr. IIorin.m \Iatia- • holt, having lately taken uuto linnscK a wlfo, will occupy tho house vacated by Mr. TicheiinJ. Towiiahlp Collector, R. Hcnko and wllo, bavethuByinpatby o[ many irlonda on »c- oountuf the losi of an only chllJ, about nliiH tnoiulu ol I, whose death occurred on t'rl day laat. . MM. It. llaudrlcka was thogueat ol Bunker IIII1 (rlends ou .Sunday. AL:nt oveulii< auoUiorof a aorlos of thnao , dellgiulully Inrormal purtlei was Indulged u, by iiur young peoplu at the upacloua riijlduncu of Mr. J. II. aiultii. U&in-iii mill inuilu, wltu rulroahmunt!) us a pleaalng Intur.udu, "Idun In making thu evening01 oofruruvnj lyuiunt alt presunt entering Into U with uiui •orry wheo the la-.enuiHUf thu hour iirevunt- ed thu lui thor pruliingiitl >u ol thn plouaurui IlitiEFj— Whuat In idli vicinity luis seldom If uvur, paaaed thruugh the winter lubeitir condition than at prc-aent. The aprlnx-llki wealhi-rhaa Riven the boys the bane ball fever. Mr. J. W. Mitchell la home from colli'go. The dog lux In Muro township thu paal ypurwas $I8«.«0. , Furuierj aie pushing their aprlng work rapidly.' ' ,ThB weather ol litit evening waadecldpilly more favoruhle.lor nurprlse parties tbuii thft of two week* aio. , M. Kid Olovofc Pcopl* r.cccpl the atfttomont thftt every elovc \t kid Unit UWIT thnt name, while, In fact, unl;- n <mall poruentnge of the ttlove* sold as such arc gouuiuo kiiL The reason U )>lalu. illlHoim of Kid gluvet) arc dcnuuidod by the iu- habitmitu of every large country, while only u few gwits, oonnwirutively, nre rulBwl in the world, and of tiii-so a largo number must be kept until full- grown for breed! Hi; purposes. The do- nmnd for glores Is much greater thnn tlie supply uf giiuuino skins, and a eub- Btitulu is 'o'lnd in tiu> lamb skin, whk'h ninkos an oxocllnnt grado of glove, and SB onaily palmctd ofTfor kid. Genuine kid gloves can bo obtainixl nt a high price, but thousands of people who think they arc wearing kid have on the skin of the innocent lunib. Of late years snvcral kid-^Iovo factoriea have betn Ntartod in this nt'!<rhborhood, and the mnnufacttirc of gloves has been carried on in a nmall way. Thore has brxm no atumipt to compete with the French glove makers, who easily lend the world, but a fair grade of glove lias been turned out, selling well mid comparing favorably with import**! good*. In all the branches of glove- maklng here (thigh degree of skill Is required, and the workmen here generally learn their trade in Enrrpo. The lambskins, being seloulod with great care, «re taken to thn factory and put in the large tanks partly filled with thu yelk of eggs and other soft, sticky material!). Hero they are subjected to a thorough pounding with a heavy stick, padded HO as not to injure the skins. In some factories men with bare feet tread on them. The object of all this is to "nourish" the skin and make it -strong and "healthy." The skins nre kept, in these tanks for a longer or shorter j>criod, according to the judgment of the superintendent. If allowed to remain too long they become too well nourished and decay. After the nourishing comes the work of cleaning. The skins are worked in tubs of fresh water and waslnxl thoroughly until all traces of foreign substances are removed from the outside. They now become soft and in color a dull white. They are laid on a smooth stone slab, with the rough sido down and pressed and stretched until every wrinkle has been smoothed out. Tho skins being wot, remain in this • stretched state, and are then dyed. The dye is laid on with a brush, and the shade is always darker than the one desired, for tho dripping and after treatment lighten it at least one- quartor. The greatest cure is taken to prevent any spots of dye getting on the inside of the skin, a spot being a serious defect in a high-priced glove. After the skins have been allowed to drip for several hours they are taken to the dry ing-room, the air of which is kept, at a high temperature, usually by stctim heat. It docs not take long for the skins to dry out hard, stiff, and rough. Before they cnu be used they Tho greatest part of th» cultivated nrea of Clilrm is devotc-d to the pro- dmitiou of foort. Thero are no fiovhs or herd*, and the nrcu* devoted to cot* ton and mulberry arp very small compared to tli« extent of the empire. Of the 260,000,000 of population, throe* fifths live on rii'o and thu rest on small millet and wheat A woman at Little Rock, Ark., has made application for a pension on the ground of nervous debility. She «nyt during the war a wounded" federal soldier was carried into her mother's house, where his leg was amputated. The sight threw her into convulsions, from which sho has never recovered. She asks $50 a month as a comj>ensa- tlon. Thero is an tusthetic street car conductor of Philadelphia who, for the past two yours, has spent much of his spare timo in making his car beautiful. Two handsome silt Hags adorn the center of the car, and tho bell-rope is jauntily lined with knots of brightly colored worsted. He takes great pride in this work. The attendants at the Htublcs suy ho scrubs and airs his car with all the care of a housekeeper. A sponge is always to be seen on tho cor. PACKO.T COMPANY. SPUING ARRANGEMENT. The Steamer R. BOM POWBU , SO IlLOOK, Jldfl are inadit soft, and pliabla again by lying for several days in. damp sawdust. Then they are placet! on a machine worked by a screw, and by a continuous and gentle pressure stretched to the utmost. If thero are any holes, rough spots, or cracks in the skin it is thrown away, or should bo. Not all f the glove-uiakers are honest, and tho blemishes art) often covorud up. This accounts for tho sudden giving out of many gloved — New York Tn- tiiaic. IOO Doses On* Dollar. Hood's SarsaparlUa Is tho only medicine of which this can bo truly said; and It U an onaniwerablo argument as to the strength and positive economy of this great medicine. Hood's Sx-i.npartlla Is made of roots, herbs, barks, etc <ok<r nnd favorably known for tholr power u purifying the blood : and In combination, proportion, and process. Hood's Sitrsaparllla Is peculiar to itielf. "For economy and comfort we use Hood's Sarsaparllla." Mas. C. Biunrsnut, Buffalo. "Hood's Sarsaparilla takes leu time and yvantUy to show Its effect than any other preparation I ever heard of. I would not be without It In the house." Mns. C. A. M. nuBBABD, Xorth Chill, N. Y. JOO Dostt One Dollar Hood'f Sarsaparllla cures scrofula, salt rheum, all humors, bolls, pimples, general debility, dyspepsia, biliousness, sick headache, catarrh, rheumatism, kidney and liver com- plalnti, and all affections caused by Impure blood or low condition of tho system. Try It. "I was severely afflicted with scrofula, and lor over a year had two-running sores on my neck. I took five bottles of Hood's Sarsaparilla, nr.a consider myself entirely cured." C. K. LOVEJOV, Lowell, Mass. "Hood's Sarsaparllla did mo an Immense amount of good. My whole system has been built up and strengthened, my digestion Improved, and my head relieved of tho bad feeling, t consider It tho best medicine I have ever used, and thonld not know how to do without It." JIABT L. PEELE, Salem, Mass. Hood's Sarsaparilla Sold by all drucslsts. {lj six for 55. Made only by C I. HOOD & CO., Lowell, Mass IOO Doses Ono Dollar. This medicine, combining Iron with pure vegetable tonlrn, quickly mid comjiMcly Cnre* Dyipcptln, ludlcrttlon, AVrnli- nrm, Impure Ilioocl, Malaria, ClilIU ami Fever*, nnd Neuralgia* Ii I? an nnrulilng remedy fur Diseases of the Kidney and I'lvcr. It Is Invaluable Tor Diseases peculiar to Women, atld all who li'iul sedentary liven. 11 dues not injure tl a 'oth,cail.<chciu1achc,nr produce ranstlpatli. P ithcr Jron ivnlMnea tin. It cnrlenei ami pnrlflen One blood, stimulates the appetite, aids the n-t!mlliitlnii of fiKid. relieves Heartburn and liolchlug.mid strengthen* tho niuftd > am] nerves. For Intermittent Fever*, JUi»ltndc f Lack of JEner,iy, etc., It has no equal. tlf The ncmiliio. has above tmde mark anil crossed red linen on wrnpiwr. Take no oilier. BI* ,»ij br BROtrn IUEJUCAL co, IULT::OKE. HO KASK1N E (THE NEWQU1MNK) . No bad effec No headach Wo nausea. ringing ears. p ores f*y 11 i r If 1 Pleasant, r r ' A POWl ItFUL TOXIC. Ihi.t tho most delicate atomach will boat. ASPtCIPiC FOR "MALA HI A KHEUWATISM, NEKVOU8 PUOSTKATION, anil all Unim DIxcaaOH FOB UOI.Ild KA-KINK WAS ilKfcN FOUNI TuBK ALMQST A 61'KUFIO tupmlor I. Quinine. ll.illuvue Hospital, ft. T.: "Unlver«ally an ouHalul." ("Evprv paHmittreat St. Francis Hoa.N. T. J with Kn-k'iio ha- bu ' (ulach.iixud cured." HPT. Jni.L. Hill.rliHplHin A.bmiy Hi-nlte.. tlary, wrlt.s thut Ka-klue baa curei: ' ' il: LKYHB, Ma-tor. On and n I er Monday, Feb. 11, the Bprean KHVII » 1 "in lit- lollows, vUi LKAVINli Al/TUN FOB ST. LOUIS 'it 7 o'clock a. in., nnd" St. tnnla on retnri rip ut 8 p ...... dull}-. And InavliiK Alton tni lortn^i", -JnvHi-y l.»ndlni». <»r« inn. and •«»> nlntf pvery uvonlng in 8;8U o'clock. Whl«tl« will b» nuuuiled ftflO'- BturtltiKfor St. Louis. I'l> ST. LC018, ItntniD Ttatf • I WKWTT IUDBII' W. VIM . 51 " ft 0 Kast Freigh' & Passe ger Li 1IIE t-T. I.W'I* _ _ 'I.I I.NO1S K. II. Ou'a PALACE The Century for 18BU-U7. Tu OMtmr i* »»» iiiUfumtwI monthly mngiuiiM, listing u regular clreuUtton 3 about two bun, ifod tbonaaud eoplei, 6lt«t iwiebltut and Mim*Uui«* MMMliiii (wo hnn- dredBDGtwimtY Dye tboniwul. Uhlef mnbiw It* tuanv attraction* lor tb« ootuiug \Mrlaa aorta) which lia» bum in active pi*p*raHon lor alxtveu % «ar.-. It I* « bt«lory ol uw own oouulr/ la Iti incut eriltoftl time, M a«t lotto THE LIPH OP L,lNCOt.Sr. By blM Cuuiluciitlul ttecretariet. John U. Mcolity «ud Col. Juhu tiny. TbliKrnM wurx, b. gun. with the laneUna I I'ronldent Linvoln, aim continued uatfar no authority ol hlnon, tb« Hon. Jiubert T Lincoln, IH llm iinly | nil mill BUluoiitatlv* luoord ol i hi) lllu ul Abraham Unouln. It* uthorx WITU I lundH ol Uucolu bvtore liU iirual IBIICV ! thuy were ni.iat iiuimntely u~ •oimiteil with h'iu »» private ' •ttcrutartm l.roKhnUt bU tui'U) »l ulllii', and to them weiu tranalvrrt'U upou Lliu-tiln'* duuth nil hli rlmtu r-ape:!. Hero will Ut told tl.e luilda nlBtory ul ili« civil war unit ol Preaidtut l.lneo.n'a adniliiUliatlon -Important dclHlla I willow havu Hitherto riiiualnud uureveklua lint tbi-y might dint appear In thin authentic i.ii-mrj. uy luiuiuuol tut) publication ot tbl! TUB YVAlt baa been lollowi d .'hlch iitvreai liy u urcut lutuioit by a Kreutaudj. will uL'oupy lem Hpavu. during the com. >lih;unflfusjrlnii i ci' UK jear. vu. Hunt Loiig J, F. KL.' i-OI, Uoii,umud0r. hi> ANSIIUTZ, I,,.,.,,.. TUUK UOUUK, "' U ' KB On and niter Thursday ,Ftb. )7th, HUH Ulllli Fur &t. i onls at 7 a. m. iietnri'lnu, will l«ave St. Loula (foot ol Vlo t.; at 2:46 p. in.! Lcuviuii Alton ftt5::M> p. m. foi I'ortaKO ami .ii>r«fj', ut Urulion ut 7:45 p. m., onncotlnK Will fnHi-xprea" on "t. Loula an. entral Illlnolf Italirond lor Jersey ville. Wu t-ny, ap lUKlli:ldai>a all poii.u Lorth an lint. TAUE. IO8T. Loois, single trip, ... 50. " " r- uiui trip, . . . ., 76 1 " " twenty nun ticket, . J5.0, 11KNUY C. TA'l UM, Ui-n A«t. Alton. H. A. H-I1EU,'l MaiuiKDr. le.ldlf . . . Ui'ityabuiu will be Uo-orlbod b* nt (Uliiul of tbe Unluu Aniiiuryf gxtre ti Chin. K> M. I aw, and other* by lion, l>. II. Hiil; sburtuau'i tlurun Ui tiiu CM. by UruetaU) Howard and lovum. Uut eraia G. A. Ulilmore, Wai. jr. niltli, JohnUtbbo u, Uoraoo Fortwr, and Julia 1. Mo*by will deauriuu apculal buttle* and nolilMiiiB. Sun tea ol nuVBi <»iiKUg«n«nu urinon Hie, em. ut«. will a. |war. NOVELS AND BTOUIEB. "Tim Huuuitdth Alan," a uovwl by frank it. Btuckiuii, iiutlior 01 "The LaOy, or the I'Uur," bi'Klua In Kovittuber, Twi, novelette* orgo W. Oable, Mortis. by Uury HullucJ "Unclu UotuUB," Julian Uawtburne! i BKlUBion. mid oilitr proiuloulit mdcun uiitbur* will buprlutcd durlnit tut foutu, DK. C. ii. K01LL, ANI>, Dentist* 13 THIRD ST'UCKT, ALTON, ILL. Offloe lJoiirk-8a. m. to 13 m.j 1 to* p. 1 Ma wll I mm n him lor pa. EEPDULIUAN CITY CONVENTION, The ll>nmhliciins of the Hcvoni! wnrd of ibu ciiy of A'lon, tinJ nil voter.- to cn-upernlo wi'h thiuu tr. a botior, nn»ro ifttoiuni unn more projcrt-fisivo uiliuini.-triitlon of oii\ bffairs, art 1 rcqiiusiuil to muut in pn- njuiy iUHatini;t, at (Juy Hull, mi |'uur« day cvi'Hirtr, April 7ih, HI 7:30u'clnuk, to aoiuiuHtu cnnUiil.iti'S lui Alilcraiun in their rtinpeutivt- wurili, und nlso. l«> appoint deluKittua to u City UupubliiMi. Convuntion to be held ut the MIIH> plnoe, Friday fcvoninif, April 8tli, lo noininuiu otintliUutusJor M'tyor, City Clerk, City Triw>uror, City AttoMK-y, to bu vtiiuil'fur at thn rnuniuipal oluo lion April 19, ti; Hie »ovoral wnrdg to In- ouuiloil to Uni lolloivini; rupresuiHatinii in ibu uity convitiiiiiiii : Firnt, wunl, 8 •l ( fli-){:iioa. 8tcond wunl, 6 Tlurd wurd, 8 Fourth wunl. S Filth wiira, 8 8ixih wnrd, ti Sovumh ward, 7 Uu. Totnl number of doleijiuuc, 51. And to LI mitmot, such oihor btisinea as may propuil.y COIIIH tn-furo Hi,, l »ng. « CHAS.IIOUHiN.Jii, J. K. UUTI^:u, QKO. it. IIAYUEN, H. O. MriKB, 8. K. CONNtnt, H. s. n \KKU.JK., F. W. UOITK, H. U. STAUK, Bepublloan C'untrnl UorauiUtee, in KEI'UULICAN TOWNSHIP COSVEN- 'JliiN. . • i-Jfotlara dooa inn uiwuyg consist nsvintt an overwo«iiln>r opinion of o *ell and OIIH'D own nbiluiuB und U qu*Uti«s. S-imo nen H n> inMif ti{oti»u in lliu way of voaiplaint. I'liuy •ra.furi'vei rvuuuniiiiK to ilio*e tlm> ""•'i |l"-lr trouiiiw, tlii-ir luiiures, HIIII tneir *b iri aounnxn. buoh OHM* are Hi mom disaKr«ei»blM of all «K»tisl", and their BKOII»UI of ocnuplumt is uksouio aad baleful lo ovutyhody, The death of Captain Ends will r.Ko prore the dvaih of hm famous prnjtio lor a UBnuconiinerinl iihip railway. There were not mnny who heliuvud in tt»° leaslbill'y at bent, and sow Unit in. Oiljjin.uor and avtivu pruiuouir IN dmi'i th« bubvm« will drop out of ilirht wuu The Hi'pnhlloaiH nf Alton township mil nil Dihurs dH.iirinj; lo co>oi»«rnti- -vitli ini-iu at thn Tiif.»ilay, \|iril 61 h, nre n qiiH«lcrl to ni('«l ii. Mass C/'iJiivuniion «i Cry Hull, M»ndn\ •vi-niiisf, Almcti 28 h, to noiiiiinite oun'- lidiitu-, fur tlio lullowin^ ofllcus: ODH Supei'VHor. Ihi-ec A-»i.siiint Supervisors. ()lll- Ci>lll!(!t(«r. Out' AixrH^or, Onu Hixhwitv Commissioner. And to iciiiHitut n:iy othtir bmines- propurly cuuiiiiir holortMho mcetinit. CHAS. HOI.DhN, JR., .J. K. BU''l,Klt. UEU. \) IIAYUEN, 11. G M'I'IKB. S K. CONN 'K, H. s. UAKKU, JB., K W. IIUI'I'K, H. H. SPAHIl, Kiipuhlicnn l.Vntral Com, C£it£^DEAF • KKHCOTI.V itKvroitt; T .B UKAHIMU.' nn n inter w lii.-tln r in i B» i n ct.uwd bv oohla. ti v. IH, or ,njm ii,« to tin. natural drums Aliv.iv. In poaitton but li.vlalblu lo ,.ili,-r, oniiortahlu to w.-nr. Mn,| 0 , onnvi-rantlou von whlapi ra h aid (llallncUy. He r"f.-i t.i UioaiiualiiKtliiMu. tiviul lor ll;«»trincd liook VITIATED BLOOD Scrofrlpus, Inherited and Contagious Humors Cured by Cuticura- 1 ^TTR'" i rGn the mndlutn of one of yon> hooka reeiflv. d throiiKh Mr Frank T " rny, lirn(i«lat, Apoll ., I',, I b(*i'iini« no- (lUalnied with your CUTIODBA UKC Una opportunity to tvHity to you linn • nt-lr n-e Imx |> •! miuiiMilly cur.-.I TZH of one in •h- worn fuacsol blood |>oltonln.(, In con- neoilriN with ory-lpHla , Unit I imvui-vm. at-i-n, imd thla after huvlni(i>u.'U pronounced incu able by -oinc'oi tlie him physichins in i.ui county. 1 tiiKu tfivat plena mi in f»rwiirdl.ii< o you tliln tentlinonliii, unao Idled »a It N l>\ ,\on, In orciui thai oihi-ra fron. hlinllitr nmlti- nms limy ' iiuiicoumiivd tu uive vourC'UTICU IU ItKMKDiES .1 .rial. I' S. « HirUNGRK, Loochburjr. Pa. Ki-feience: FKANK T. WKAV. Uru,<utai. Apollo I'a. scnopu I.OU8 u CI-RS. Jnmesh. Kli-ha UKOII, UiMom lloiiin, New i»le..|i8, on o.ith haya: 'in Ibiudcroliilo r Uloi-nt bl'okf out on my body uuiil 1 wm n "•aaa of corruption. Everything known t.. UK! medical b.uiity v as t.n-d In valp. 1 bu i-iiinu u wreck. At times .'oulil not IK Hi) hiiiiO-. to my bond, could not iu'ii In be.I "•a* In con-ntnt pitn. und loofi'd upon ille H a niisu. No i-hi'tor cure In ten yi-ara. I.. iHsO I hnu d o| tbu i.u'leura Ktsinuoiun, Uduti tin-in, waa pi'riuvtl> utiifd." Sworn to biiiore U. .**. Uoui.J. D. Crawford. OltK l»F THK~WOKST CASES We have been S'llinKVourtJiitlcuru Reme- WI;B for y«.iu-a und Inivn tlm Hrat yet to reoi'lve fr.nn u pnrch-iaer. One ol th woiat caaoa of ncrofula I ever -nw WHS cure by tin- nan of llvu boillu^iil Outlc un It'«,olv ".nt,Guilcuriiand< utlovra Mi >M r. »he Mia takea the "c-ttku" here H^ H medicinal Hinip TAYI.OU TAYl.OH, i, Frankfort, Kan. niter twenty \< HIM i-utJerli.g anil iwivousdyapepsln. Wrttt tlnulnra. Ht.Joaeph's Hospital, N. Y..- "It'« uie t coti-ldi-red Indlnp'naa le liacNperhrutly.' I'm.. U' F. ItolgiHiili.', M.D., 51 a V.Y. (lute Piot. In N. Y, Meii. I'ol.eife) write "Knnklne l-mipurlor 10 quinine In "a ii Her, and never produi'ea tho altghtvat 1.. Jniy to tlm lii'uiinx or conutliutlon. IhoutmiidaUMOi! ihoiiKamla write t!:at Ka kin.' hiia cured tin m alter all oilier metl emeu Imd failed. Write lor book of tcuci inoniHl-i. Kuaklnecnn be tnltnn without iny flpooh.i uii'diCHl Hdvlce, $..00 tw-r boitle. Sold by or M-nt by mall on receipt of prlcu. KASK1NU CO., 61 Warren at .New Yor luviwliu O. A. McMlLiLEN, DeutlHt, >VKB BKUEOGKM \.\N'S OIQAR 8EOONU ST. STOBr rtt! fHYMltIA«B AMU DK. JB. PhyBloiau •KF10E and REAL ESTATE FOR SALE HEAD LIST OF BARGAIN -AT- 1887. HARPER'S BAZAR. II.I.CaTBATED. IlAitrgR'8 lUZAH vomblnea ihe ohnlcott lit' eniin i unu iiiu uncut >l,u-trail«ui- wl j< ibc utuai Uabloiia i.nd tin moat uai'lul fumiii uuillnx. ll» atoileu, pcx-liii., and faanya art >V ihu beat «rltera,uiulila liuinoriiuankt'tuhct i'e unaurpuniitfd. lia pnpura on aocial utl- quettv, devorutlVH ait, luiuau kuvpluu in uli ta biuiiL-bea, itioki'i), tic., niuku I lnilla|ien able In i-vuiy houaetiold. Ita beautllul laah- on pluiea imd putteru-Ki tot anppli uii.-ntu •niiblii ludlea to BUVII mnny tlmuatnu oont ol "bbuiI,.tkin by l'i'lii(j ilielrowudiuaMiiukuia. Not u Una la nilinl li'd to Ita colutnua tuat foiild ahoc'k thu mo.i fuatidloua taalv. IIAUPBU'S I I'«r teari larprr'a lluriir , liiiptn-'a MilKHZine.,.. larjii'i-'a »Vuikiy Yoiiii|< 1'eoi le mi>ui'a Fiui'iilln oquire LlbrurV,"ouu yeai (6* i.uiiibi-ra) ito'ail" ''iff , t Ol 3 00 uOt 80 Tht> vnlnmei of the HAWII begin with the r iMimbui lor JutiuaiyoiiiHch year. iVhi'n p time la UM-iitluiied, mb.cilptlona w II uu- 1>, U'l.l, «t... V............ * " . " '. W- flr 10 ti ulii with tin, Number uumJiit' *ul )i ol o| ilur, Uouiid Volllllltia Of IUHPEB I lUZAB, f ,| IIIU. : S BIII » iifutiloin b mil" will bi "at ilmuof ri. , INMEHHEO. And Continuous ilumorn, with Ions of h'dr unii EruptlMn, ,,f ||, U skin, are p'.fltivelj cured Oy uutlcura and Outlmira Soap enter- imOy, when all other medicine* full. Send lur pamphlet. I>l(DOul-,Ta U^BTHEM. Wnliave ob'alnt-d satlBlaeiory rcsultsfrnm Ihi-iireof ti 01'utiuuru Itini.eOl 8 Hi uur own lamlly, und ri-eoinmi'iiii tlii-m beumd an\ ot, ur reiiioiilej lordlHi-i.i m ol th < skin iihtl lilrwm. Tl>« dt'iifiiitl lot ih>m i<r «•» H> Ihel. merlin become known. Mo \liLLAN &0o.. Ulllu(ji»lo, Luii'uOl', fa. are sold t-vur> wuuiu. Tlie: (Jutl ura. the lire it akin Cn:v, 61 «t-.; Outlcura rt' ap, an bxoulillella lutllter. Vt eta.; (HitlcuiH llunolv- ent. tltu Ni-w Illood r.irliler.ll. t'ottur UI-UK and L'beinU-nl o >., I'-osuin, PL.Kb, UlaoUhumle. Skin Blomlrliea and linby llumura, uau C'uticuia P1M Soup. Choking Catarrh.. Hcvo you auaknned from u dMurnedaleep wiib all thu borrlblu nenButinna ol an iianat- aln Huichlnit jour ihroat and prora n« the llfe-breatb from your t^litenud cheat? Huvo vnu nntlred th<> Inniruor mil rii-bl lt\ thai aut't'oeded th* effort toulour your Ihroiit and hi-Hdoi ihlacatHrihul muitei? What a He- Induoiicult vxcrta upon lliu mind, .h. In-all with palnu and ntran*e noiau I How difncult to pr.ue t the ay.tem axalnat Ita luiihei ptiuiuH towanla th» IUHKH, liver anil """'"'"" l' h >'»"-l'«"« »»l Hdmit. It ii a naae, and ci lea out for relief and Tim ri'irmrkiiblK cunillve power* whi>n nil V,"'," 1 ' 'V,""" 0 " »"«" fl > <»". ol Siifo.d'a , , H ,H "."'iH'"' 0 ' " re a''",' 1 ?* 1 '•)• lhonanii''» who Kiaivfulh rtifo ..... 10. ,,l ti tott-llow .ulter«i>. n,,t i "''''"?"' u m " lu . '•"•Biinliiw it Unit i an- not bu i,,uiiiitM.I b> the tuo.t reHUfoia- bl« Ainl ru lulilu i-, Kiii'li i.iuket coiiiiilna one hnitle of ihu nadl(i'i|L-uru,onulii« ol i iiianlul So vmit and uu lin|no/ d Inh il«r. with tre'itlni a d dlivei oiio, u al la anld '>y ull UrimJuu for HI I'OTrBIt UHUQ « UIUMUUI, t O* llO»TO«.' C, A. Schlueter's Agency. One 6 room-r flw hous •, with ce'la--, elstor Hnd coul lu.use. Lot 6u by 110 ou 9tu tin Mniketntn. For call'—nno a vonm liousr Hndo eS-roon, IIOIIM-, 9th und Mtllkut 8ts. Lot ."0 by III! 4UUU cirieni u,u cnnl In u»v, at a liuiwulii For mill'— 6 ,IPII-» In N rth Alum with KOO 0 i'hunl,bitr i-.n-l idciuy of wati r. For M,li<_uiii I.CI-I-H lin'prnved larm wit uou'l h 'Us.- mill Htit il<>a In w.,,,U-i''ii counu k'iii-it-. H. II. inn aoriMH lioni fun bcutt t WighUii,6iinli", n,,in coiuity >eui, FiircalH—75 iicnw pnrilybott.ini land, 1m pnivid laiiii, iu>ar . oraej, wiili plenty o good b lluliii;s < n Hunii-. For aal.—10 plcc«n of valuable pi open* «lth good liousiis, In this cit . For i-Hleor exi'lniiiKe—A nice'litle ontt«i<i in Iluiluilir,, Hlih pivutv ul i/rouud, ktabh •mil Koud waiur on pn m »es. Ki.rxaio »r i-xoliu- Ki'-Two Bnctlona ot Il.K llnibiT lni.d In MI. M^Minn, 150 nnlus fr,>m S l,oui« on the lion Muuntulu It. 11 at a bu • gain. For e»ln or exchange, 3 acres of Krnun ' o Mam •!.. tidj.iiuiun Wayur i.oppiiiaer'o on th 1 U&t> • itorimlenrrxohanve-Afeftlrms of pralrl Hnd In CToc.ket county, l' t x tt! i Will fe chi-ap. suitable for any tin uuiiu purpoaea Tlnun icrea ad]j|niiij{ Ur.ltnb >rta on north. Five lots on Orv 8t., mlj .iniiiu Thomas Ulg- |il h'ru-lilhiii'uon tiiH.e ,st, U ,'• and 11 bint loi« In llnwlf.v'8 adillMon. One unn n hall o ib in Mii'ilj'',, HUUIllon. Any "'I Hie ubjvu pruuurty uuu bo b,uubt at a uutvulu. * • I also represent the Buffalo German Fire Insurance Co , Buffalo, N- Y., one of the best companies in the TJ. S. And other gooa Companies in addition. C. A, SCHLUETEB, Offlca in ray New Building, on&eco d street KK81DSKOE, AND UKMvY Uurgeou, OOB.FOPBT1 SPECIAL, FEATUKES. with lllut.trnt.oua) luoiudu u mrlca of artl- •• leu <>n atlulrain iiuMla and Hlberbt, bv Ueo Uennaii.autuor ot,-1eui Ule In Siberia," woo Junt ruturm-u from a won ev«utlui o Mueriau privoiu,; papen u tnu find .jut-atiou, Him lYfiruiito 10 ltd beixrt u on tbe ubor l-iobi m; tuglisb' Uatbedrala: Dr, Cuiouiuv: Clairvujauui, ^plrttnlllillu. Aatrol* K).etii.,'b. ituv. J. M. lluuKlev, |>.D .editor » thu UnrlMiau advooaiu: aatrunomlcal ua- ,,eia; throw Ing liKbtouUiblui-iitory, U 'PBICE8. A FBBU COPY. : Snbavriptlon price, |4.0u a year, U ccnta a uumbvr. Utulora, pualtuaatera, and pnbUnb- .•ra take aubaoiIptlona. bind lor our beautl. nlly illaat.ateu W iiBjie catalogue (Irte). uoutalnlug lull prospetitu-., eV-.. Ihe uUlna a »Dcciul uMer by whlcu new reader* can gel ack cuuibtira lo Uie btKluning ot thu War .Mjriea at a very low price. A specimen oop» (back nuuibei) will be aout on reqnoat. MCM. ion thta paper. Uan you uBord to be without tbe Oenturv* TU^! UhKTUuY CO., New Toxk BubacrlpHon* received at tbti office. I'HB ATLANTIC MOKTUJLY FOK 1887. Will contain. In addition to the beet Bbon rtorlee, Bkutchen, Eawiya, Poetrv "=•* CttttcUm, two Burial »!<-*•--- " WMT tOoe W. A. UASlUSLiL,, M.D., Physician and Surgeon, OFFIOt— SKOOND 8T..ALTON, ILL. boura-9a.m. ; 19 to 1, and 6 p. ui The Second Son,. By UB3. M. O. W. OLITHANT : Paul Putofl, By T. MAttlON OBAWrOBD. Author of "A Koraan Singer." "lir. Iua*> •to. Papen on American Hlitory, FI8KB, Whoie previous papflra barn been w> eating, lull of inlornatlon, andBsn«r- ally popular. French and Eotjlish. aper* com- continuation of thn admirable paring the French and Bnullt PUB undor-ilgued have oioned a n-w mmU Ore ut cuu ooruHr of -jfalrO. i and Plata au ORGANS JINDiLPIANOS ot the [duett workmanship for aale atreu iouable prioes. (Jail aud examine our inatru ueuta betoru purohaalujc eluewhore. FLOSS. & BABE. WILSON WASHBOARDS. Tkcia Waihboatdi are mid* with it Bent.Wood rim. TheBteODf- eit boardi and bt>t waiutn in t£* world. For aala by all dealtrt. Tako nn other. • 8AGINAW Bt'F'O CO., BUchlyan. ih Dvople,* Essays niirt Poem>, By OLIVEIl WESbBLL HOL«BS. Occasional Papen, By JAMES BUSSEI.L LOWELL. Contrihutione maybe expect, a from John Ureeii'uat Wbittier, Thorn.m Wnntwortu Bit Klnaon.iJiiailial/udley Warner, K, 0 SteJ- iimn, Harriet W. Prealon. Sarah Orne Jewctt, uliarta. KubertOraddock, Arthur Sherburne lardy, H^nry (Jabot LodKU, Edith M.ThomM, llorauu K. ijcudder. umtrne -K, Woodbenr, Oeoi'KeFiedertck Paraon*. Maurice Tborop M>n, Lucy l.aicom, Uella Tbaxt^r, Joba Bur- muKha, Jumea Fieeuiun Clarke, Klliabeth Itoblna fennel), Bradford lorrey and many ' KUMS: K a year in advance, poitue free: S5 cenii u.number. Will! auperb flfe- portriiltof IJawthorue, Kmervon, Lou^fellow, Bryant. Whlitlen, Lowell, or UoImM $•; each additionalpoi trait, fl. 1 he Vovembcr and Uet-ember number* of tin Atlantic will be >ent n«oof ehariie to new -nhacilbira whoawaubaorfptlonaare rnjulved nuioi-e Uoci-mbor Wth. Poatnl not ex and money ire at tbe risk of ho -tm.ier. and thdipion- niulttancea ihould 'iHt" r* l>y tuout>y " raut > olratt, or r«klatflr*d Mlfflin & Company* •Iriwt, llmiom, Ha». 1887. Harper's Weekly. I' V ILLUSTKA'iEU. WKEKLV maintains IU poBltloi th.tiortUiiiKilli^iratidn wapauer In AII er < ii ; and It. hold upou publ.e elta m and o. n ild.-iio« «u» neve, atruiiuirtliaii at tin, " • t llmii. Ht-slJus tlie pr« LKKLV a wa.iacontaliialnatiuimeiitaoton-. ' """'"ii ill) ol two, 01 thu beat novula ol v>\v «y, nnuly iiluairated, with abort atorlea, ' l i*-,- 11 " 1 , , ''t 0 ,'' ^"^ pupera ol Important •iiiiuiii topiCB by tnu uioat noDUlar writer^. I he cure iTiut haa been siioceaa/ulj' i-xe ralwd n the pa«i to ., uko nAiti'ituB WKKltur ,Tail* m wi u aa n wt'li'.tuie \ laltor u, uvurv houau in Id will not be relaxed In th,. future. Mastei's Sale. TATB OF IU.IN018, / 8t, C'lnlr county. * u.ohlldw DA1UV FARM. North Alton Jersey Dairy. llBlplT'l. ' urpei'a Mnuuzl'iiii urpur'a I'nzui arper'a u.uiitf 1'ioplu,. llHri'ur 1 - Krai.kiln irquari youi (Aj numbuia) sin Joe A ua ;; J Xj • Jnmeo MUI|I-II'H l),ilry fain- anu cuttle, the u dnivluued will fui i,,l of thuvrry brat qniiiliv u, ti.« flllt.-na \lti.n. TIIM cailli, lire nio.ilv " J..ia,v»« lo, ,,W|IK i Icli milk y " u "« .| n «„.?, n.,., will ,i!«. uu, li.p.olaiit kuul n, our c »' ..... '-"ihut illnivoru» wi b ihelr pi • - l k ol ti e " ibuK.v'-n r.uu *• •, ' ' , ( I n, i r, m - AlD> 1W - cr tha •*• Oialr County Ulrcun C'oui-t. olm N fjhllton v«. Thouian C' llton, door** Ubliton, Jiinien KUdt-ru,, Uobert W. Dick m-bon, KlUabfith An,, ivt llama, Dorothy Durn, Mio/c.UBUi.rn, Jumea Burn, Barbara heiKu.iun, B ian Janu Uurn, K Illtum Uorn, John Thomaa Hutu .«»oihy Ann Jbnrn laabolla Burn. Jaroo, Bum. aud He D >yB. O alien, r, eteuutor ol tbe lact will and temauientof Jobu Uhllton, deeeaswl Lt I .or aulM ol B«rtl t.tnve. uuner and by v'r ue of dooree of laid ouri.uiHdul thu above entitled cauVe. a* said turm.i.the uiKleralgn. d, Hill, OH .„ „ BATI:KI>AY, MAUOII JB. ww, « f?.?.'V t , h , e | ir «" ul »«'rl"'-rulHHtcerd«norlbe4, e 1 to th« l.lnbeot And bt'at bidder, 'thi fol' " W '"K deauil. .. d laud, altuated in tbu ooun- i?i.l! u . d '"«n. «nd rttute < lt llhnoU, to-wlti hi?Um,V" ur " lof lhu -«"««l>e».t quarter ot h« northweat qua ter, containing wn (») urea; and thu uaat hall ol ) weat. ' i B Ix iB) ii' rib ol IBIIK« nt e Appra ted value, 6.1M.7 T* aff °n m "f??* *S,"" e o'oJwi* P. m. 1 tllMo o« -ALK. -Twenty per cent, of tb« ,-u»-b»m uiimny to be . aid ca«b .fown, an* he bounce ou a credit of alx and twelve, aeouu d by i.ou, and approved ,eo«. d a innrlHaKu ou thu pruuiUf i lold.oB " " K buier or i dor. Mr "H'litioiied. Jb«,JmloS5 W 111 ' VuluUui «»"»»>n»v «lm» .1 rvoulpt l in b\ pun-u not HOW MY SIDES ACHE. From thii bench and Dm onuntor, Irom the loom ati'i ai wli.u mnohi ue K«)oa up the oiy f pain and w-Hk- ""•••• AUI|,.BBid.-.,.11.1 (luck, Kul ft* 'L ' U y,' 1 "", nl ""' tt r »' " "'"1 ><i'iikiiH.|i,i;oui{lia.l!i,l iHiuiil Ohu.t Tm"'L""' n ",'"' """" "I "»">' 'on " sm ' nu " '•>' tlu- I'uilo ra Autl- »K« mu.\ Hi pi-mi on f Ii.-Bi Qiulii}. A a»tnii i cliiu>« lo nil tbii' up ly anil i-VfiyihliiKi-oiiiiuuii'd with tbVHl«i'iy"wii' bu upt at. npuiiiiiwly A'liinii -utlna um lino leui-ivu ihH mbk in Hi,. ''"" A rliarv ..i p • AUIUli Vill.PKU, Klt.Nhbl' Mtlu.Nsl.Utr. imntoin.'1'a beat ot o Iliivo for n-i'vlt, !* ".V 1 , 11 " 1 V'"' "' "' •'""'" ' ,,., , »»de l.y II.VIil'BU.'t BlidTilKUS New York. o «« 1 1. ti, ' eed to thu imio ••"•«• •» '•> ,w« 'ffd if a «i! u ; llM . htt . aid purtlua n aanli-nlt toiald ALONZO a. WlLU aa deliver a of aald iUAM, UPPER ALTON, ILLS, D. B. KITIINGER 6 CO. '"" f»i» v »lr .M.-vi',, , t si I,OHI a i.ull. i;.,, H.M., y.irk, x mil. otii' STOCK FOR SALE. **' UUWwU O«««BI and nnd Celery i Hrauk o.tndi. » uuU 0. B. KITriNGER & CO.

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