Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on March 14, 1887 · Page 1
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 1

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, March 14, 1887
Page 1
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VOLUME 26. ALTON. ILL MARCH 14, 1887. M AW Armmo* or MTIC UVBR, AND OAlf'BBTHlllliirrciiii v >».»«,» "VTHtt ,» „,.•,„., , ilt , v . i 1 "*? b ««"L« >lcrtlm to the aboro for years ii""' lr J? n « »"rion» i Mneellen. n<j only Mf4*»f_«» ««e. use of SIMMONS UVKB B; • Bteb . ri«V T f«U*d t<* feller* • n>»r«! nnd'l «mn '»wnrii' those l? "WOT* that thny would be ' «pe»k aot my S j Selma,= Ala." i tne§. ™TKon»Hy,tv ,'»»> nniouBnoMs tt «ad«oh« ( h U the bint me Iclnu LlTtr none™! thnn«Hve u* mo ,c 12SS2? 1 ?? 11 " 15 b "»the HoKUlntor not only !!, 1 cn ""l n».-Kd. Telegram B»U , tUoon, <J«. ,.,, ,. . ; ., : " Bilious Tollc. - eurod tn« r Bil'ons colic afi«* ' ihlnkttonool the ' .... "S. I. LAN1ER, PetcribarB, TH. ONLY GENfjiNE "'•"'' '"'~ "" _ „ . Mariufaciuroil by ; . J. H. Zeilin, &*Oo., Phlla., Pa. YV. F. ENSENGER, • - ... v • - . . *'!*''•''*•' ' ' ! Painting, ~'2i-- :•.•<.? Deooratlve WOtt ATTKNDBD TO AT ... TERMS. eraio» ARD SHOT o« SECOND ST., PIA8A AIJTOK. . . . tLt, ur. Lines of Bargain B I That ought ,to catch your We haye lots 61 them in DEI; NQVELTIES, SHOES, CLOTHING, HATS, CAPS, ' -\»D- MILLI1NERY, We can't be beat In quality mxi prices. All t lie latest novelties of tiie season daily added, at one-price cash house, AJUTOiN. in by a Los ANGLES, Cal., March 13— Gen. Miles yi sterday received a telegram announcing thediiuth of.' lent. Sewnrd Mow of tho Tenth cavalry at San Carlos reservation, Aiiz. Lieut. Mott hud been « Basting Capt. Pierce, the agent at the reservation, in the di ision of lands. The other day'a young Apache chief, whose father was in the guard-house, quar- relled with Lieut. Mott over a division of land ahcl atiiblied him reverul times. Ho 'died "yesterday. The murder, r escaped and is now with three renegades; who went «ut to escape punishment for drunkenness and are now 'being pursued by scouts. Moit graduated from West Point last year ttnd got his commission in July. He was a native of New York. L.4.TE8T NBW». New Orlcatu had a $150,000 cot' Cli Id Drowned , II!., March 13.— A 15-irio.rith-bld-'child of Geo. Eyd- Ictt, who lives in the Hood-d Wabash bottoms, fell from ji porch into the water yesterday ami was drowned. While the entire family of eiirht, persons were on the porch watching the men in the skiffs grappling for the body tho porch gave way. throwing ihem all int.0 the water They were all rescued, but'the child's body has not been found. Absolutely Pure i« pow'cier nrver vftrles. A murvol ot inrltv. stre.iKth wholflsnmnnasn. More eoo- noiuloal than th« c.rdtimry kinds, and cannot e Bold In competition with tho <nultltude ol utrteBt.Hliort w<ii B ht. alnm piioupha'e pow<•«. SOLD OSLT IN OANB. KOYAL BAKING POWDBltOO.,100 Wali8t..N. Y. " i '" J ' u JanSilwly f. HOFFMAN & SON, DEALERS IN Stoves and Raid ware, HARD & SOFT COAL BASE BURNERS! And otber flrst olau heatln» itorat for wood or coal. Also Hanifos and Champion Monitor Oo«k toveB, th» boat lu Alton.. OutHide WorK a specialty: Roof ' ing, Guttering, etc. i 'ndertaker's Supplies liAND. __ «OB. 8K«» Nl> AND A I BV 8T8. to ADVERTISERS" For a otii'ok lor KO w»"vtll pilnt a ton-line dvuriUHiiiKiii In UIIH Million ItHuan <if leul- na Aint!ri..Hii Kemp •pnrg.-ThN IB ar. Hie <at« [only on« flltli <it a cunt H lliiu.fiir l.Oificlicu atlonl /HIM Hdvui-tlunmeiu wlllho plmcwl afore One Million IIIKKEHICNT ntiwHiiaiwr ureliu-jirs'-or KIVK MILLION UBAUKHI, Ten ni'» will HO oiniinidiitu about 7A woi Ji, Ad- rasN with copy ol adv mid, o »nnd til n , t * t ^"!, r '" Mllc ot I'" !>»•««• OKO. P HOWLL ft DO., I'l Spruou it., N. V. JulWlm , A. J. HO WELL, -DEALKU IN- FURNITURE I A Full and Complete atoci ONSTkNTLV O.S »ANi>. UUDKk UPHOLSTERING Neatly an<! promptlv uiuuutud. lioilo wt., bet. Thinluud FuurtU. TNDRKTA KRW B'i'AXJC * ton Senator Edmunds thinks Cleveland will be nomirifttfetl'flgttlh:' Win. Eaton and Charles Green »we nt'urdered by 1 night-Hdcrs nett- Spiirta, •'• •" •"•'•- , i Rhode Island is badly excited over out breaks' of hog cuolora and pleiir pncum nia. ...,., Kx-SpetikerCarlHle was banqucte Saturday by the Bay Scale club at UOSIUD. During the w«ek just closed, 151 death* a^nd 170 births <ook place in St. Louis. Jefferson Davis writes that he is too old to travel, and' will nofyisit Wttshington, as invited.- ' ' ''* Governor Oglesby" recently purchased a farm of MOO acres in Logan .county in this tate. ! ; ! - ''' • Arrangements for the St. Patrick's day parade have been' computed in St. Louis. ' The Labor party*, 'of St. Louis, has nominated a fall .; ticket for' city officers at the co , ing" : municipal eltctton. Fourteen commissioned'offlcers wh participated in the recent revolt 'in Bulgaria were 'shot 'Friday rifear uosgrad . ','••'• Robbers forced the express messenger at Colurakn, Tex., to open his Bafe^ind they -took^hu 1 6nteiits,oVei i $3,000, and got away. 1 ' The National Department of Agriculture reports ! thi»t 86 per 'cent ' of the last corn crop and 27 par cent of the wheat yield are still 1 iii farmers' hands:' -• "' •-••••' ••••-"••^ ••••• •••> ••••.<• .•.,«, Stock in a new organization called the Indianapolis and St. Louis Railway, amounting' t6 ''$l.pOO,ODo',- v jg offered a Mattoon; III. at -10 perns on the dollar. '•'." ' '".'"".' : ' Samuel' Wflk.erson tells the story over again in a Washington papeV of how he paid HenryVVard '.Bi-echer $10,000 for 'a ' I: if e "of CUrist; which was never written. Mr. Alfred Sully, who was mention. d as the active negotiator iu tb« rpcent railway "deal," is a shrewd, lawyer-bred man, not unlike ill looks to Joe Jefferson, the comedian, The funeral of the wife of Oscar Neebe, the condemned Chicago An- an.ni8t, occuned yesterday. Tlnre was an immense att ndance at th obsoquies, but 'no disturbance oc curred. Mrs. Mary P. Pelton, sister of the late Samuel J. Tilden, died -aturday Reports indicate that sin- and her sit ters have been treated shamefully -by the executors of the estate of the dead statesman. ••' Cap! ain James Cathcart, of the Salvation army, has sued the officials of Charlotte, Mich., for $10,000 damages. Catbcart refused' to desist marching last March, and was imprisoned in the city jail for fourteen hours. . - , , , The Rev. Alexander E. Duncan who is studying at Ya!e, charges that Professor John E RussOIl H inkl. y. Professor of Biblical theology, denies the dirinity of Ch ist. Mr. Dunc-an is a tfruduate O f McGill University. •••:.-...• > . The remains of Henry Ward Beecher wore transferred Saturday from Plymouth ehurcTi to Greenwood Cemetery, where th y will be 'deposited in a receiving vault uatil the family shall select a lot for final interment. The influence of the Inter-State Commerce bill i* being already felt on the river, a d that great water way has once more a prospect of occupying something like its natural place &* a trade highway and regu- I-Uor of rates. Both Schwartz and Watts, the Chicago and Rock Island railroad brakemeii suspected of having robbed an express car and ki led Kellogg Nichols, the express messenger, near Joliet, III., a year ago, were indicted Uy the Grand Mor is, Saturday. Here is a' -pen picture in miniature of Quee i Victoria in he • jubilee yt-ar: "At her latest drawing room the Qui-t'u looked contented, and lii-amrd pluu.idly at every one over tho Kohiuoor, whiuli blazed at lu-r throat. Her complex on was ra- clianl. Shu I oked its !if glut might outlive the Piiuce of Wales, who showed i sickly countenance as he stood by." T«ki* Ay.TN SitMiiparilla, in the >-priiigor ihHj'i'ar lo f,nnfv the hlood, iiivig-iiHtH i In* RVNiiim, nuf.H the livi-r 10 HCiiuii, uinl rthtun ln'iililiy i-me ttinl vi«i>' toihf wlioliM.'liy.imil iijcchMiUiii. U iiii-iiibci tlirtt i|i] ilnv, nut qii intlly, i'.in»ii-.irc» HID v.iiuuuf ini'dlc in-. Uwlw HUT Railway Corporat OUR ST. J.ouis, March M--In adjusting their tariff schedules to the require-' ments of the Inter-Slatu Commence ,law, the Vanderbilt lines and lire Pennsylvania system have given tho' most 'emphatic manifestation of eof- .'porate' pdwer that this country' has icver seen. Those two great corporations have not only formulated"* i basis for traffic tariffs for all Interstate btiMiiess between the Mississippi river and (he Atlantic ocean, but they will require that hen-after the commercial rate basis, or in other woids the natural or artificial advantage's of trade ' ctta*res, shall exert no influence in fixing tariffs, nor yet shall a'Vsttict'rnllengebaijis be used, but 'that 'all tariff a .shall conform to the stri.a letter of the ,law^ which is tbrtt thcs* corporations can'fix'a'"general 1 basl- for'"ratOB which a|l the East J aiid \Wcst lines ^will bis obliged to adopt. Undoubtedly they are-conforming to the le'ltt'r'of the law 'wh'clfr by reasou'of the geoiraphibal iJcatiou ol ihel-- lines with referen'fee' v lo the cast and west currents of trade will give'thenrexfradrdlnary advantage*. As between Strilouis and New York the Vanderbilt arid Periiisylva'nia are the only system-I hut have continuous tracks,''and'the'same-1rf 'triie-tie- iw'-ten'-l^le'agb-'a^d'N'iew'YiirkV'-Tnv-y ai e iilsoi the sh r't'lines' between' the objective points. ••: Now toillusirate the working of their now iron-clad tmsis. Ou the/Chicago'basis "of 25 cents'for the sixth (old;ihirtiaenth) olass 1 the rate froln St. Louis will liu 29:cenlij, the Cincinnati proportion of that i ate is 12 centst which is'really two cents higher than the old' basW, v bUt ' the rate'froWiHterrntdiateorlocal points (O. & M.) to Ciuciriaiti ranges, up'to 18 cents; --• If the Ohio and Mississippi concludes to continue to do an eastern businessit'will buveto reduct- its local tariff iatid thus s'ac'rifictt the strongest element of Its earning power which it could not affoi'd to do, ind if it decides to hold onto its loval business ft 1 ; the'old^a'te's-it Will' have to make'"ils thro'ugh" laiiffs 'liigh jnouglrto do that whicb would 1 ihrpW' it out of the market'' as • to- t astern .raffle, and,the ; hit f asro 'and Alton and Wabash are to be similarly situ- Hied," thus 'pradti.'ally' 'iniiking' 1 the Bee : -irie aiid the •Vaiidalia -.lie oil ly through traffic'lines •frbm' i St. i 'Lotii8 ;o thu -••••tSttBfc'"" Thus it will be seen litherto connecting roaiis will have •o c6nfiheV : th'eiy a ;b'pe'i ; ati6ns' to local traffic, leaving-the through business for thi'-great systein«'t6 r hUiidle':'' J Serfi<iu Ace<de till Sh'»r. ST CHARLES, Mo.,' March 13— Louis Pluff^ayOuuginan i.f 18 years, wile outrunning for diicks this hf- ternbbh on 'Uardenue 'Island," about eight'niiles from this'ciiy, was atici- ; dental ly Hliot and- seriously if n'b't f a- tally wounded by 1 his 't'6'tiiiJan!bh, J "a young man named George Darlugue. Darlagu.' was in the act''bf''cbckinfr his gun' When irexplotted'.'nnd Fluff,' who wasin front of' the r 'piece, received the'onargV' ih' his" abdohien. The young man was well liked and the accident is'greaily'depKired. '•' Be«>obprV Pomttbln Suct-CHsor. NEW BkntfoRD, 1 tit ass., March 13. —It is 8»1d"iB 'good 'mithoriiy that, Rev. Matthew C:' ; 'JllIie l iJ, ;; 'piistbr of the' Trinitariiin'church of this 'city, will reeeive"a"cair'fr6rn Plynioulh church, Brooklyn, t." fill the,vacancy caused by toe death of Rev. Henry Ward'Bvecher:'''"'-'"-'-'' •> ' -•• '<-.: MART B*ker. of Mmii.n, lul;, h»* rot tnken r ii toohlh'ftll of fond 1 for 168 clay-. N.uhirijj keeps her alire but her utronu dcU'rmiii«tinn to'recover her ht-iiLh. Sh« h'merely a nkeleVin; and her detiih ha» heen- hourly • pipected " for three • •- • Bsffled the TnjslclulBs. UURKB MKlitbiMie'Co.; Quindy, 111: —I rt-KitrH your While PIIIH HalHsui, >i a cuneh! mixtnr«i ut rerv" strwi' 'Value, Th« beoefiti (Ixrirud hy my wife from n« UNO, plactig it with me far in ndvatict- ol all others. For ncvural ynara she had betm seriously Rffl otud with Hcmiiuh hat K»yii UK nmoU uiitrui; it had bufflvd thn skill of the iphynlolans and wiugh until I Cliocluled n'oihiti« would avail in' bur ' caso. Direct- y afier oominp • u> Qnirioy, -tin vui cciiitnuHndHliun, -ilib uniiiihtiiiui'it uslny our U»l»amj rtiii) it hni noluil likii H charm, qiilctinB 1 the bough, and rcmov- ni; t'utin ly ibu Hormu-Hrt from lierlui^f. Ve kenp It cmixiHiitlv' in i>uc hnu^.^- J. H. Ford,Tantor ftli'E. ahuron.'UUiili- lltM, III.' ":'.' ' ;. .•:,. ,. , U«u CniHslor's U'llil Itme Tnutli I'nw- ler fur ol«<An"fni; ihn ietitb'.- Prkw ZA.i. NKALMUKK ( UUK KUIt COUGHa W>« WuuliJ''niott p'Miiivuly' HIHIO (Km in runn-ily him • «vei iinot«, wuh • uuli jiilvtirHul sAtlnfaetlon or can be more rinhfiill? BH|I| >|H « noitiiivn cure tlmn lurku' Whmv Pin« Uals 8U(IA«. A uflWf)l«o»riirt »SHT t'i taki- than Uigur inwl jar-uion tlisltil. Stirw oure for ni<nnilirla, hi'»riliUi'ii,' ilyMpcp-ia anil ban rrythein.' F.»rntu-ftt MiiWiV drug.wrt. > , menluwly E1WSW1 M SUCH AS Velvets, Body and Tapestry Brusspls, Two and Three Plys, Stair Carpets and Mattings, Oil ClothSjRugs and Mats, lias arrived. Also a very Wail Papers I ain offering these goods at the very lowest prices to cash buyers. All are invited to cai 1 a nd *ee r he beaul if al new goods &learu the low ^ric^s. ALTOW.ILL. *l|»A on/1 F» iHC -dim11 HKADQUAKTERB FOB THE Best Buggy in thet in the city, at hard times prices, sold on weekly and monthly puyinenis; ' c i!r! r * r ••" •-• Agents for the ' * Three-Cone Perfection Burners, and.Standlarops. FINE HANGING' L'AMP/S;-=^' -- '-'—«-$1.75, $2, $250, $L, $(i.50, $tlMa to $10. Headquarters for « ,., , ..,,,...,, EUP10N and CAItMlNEBURMXG OILS. SIGN AL OIL, ENGINE and T „, „ , Cistf rn, Well and Stock Pumps. Prepared Paints, ready for use. See otlr $10 BUKK'y Harness. Call and get oiir prices and you will save money. < "" '""" ; . •.-•*.-.••» wi. (.!«•» wf.w> ra Cor. Sectoiid and State Sts. f ALTON, ILL T1IE BEST ONEARTflli "" '" *'_ '...'-...- " •••'••' ; • ^ FILLED WATCHED From $18 to $50. Warranted 20 Years, '•; V f i ' • f •. • , __.--- lir -±-..^ >•'.'_'"• c :-''•' • - f i v »' -i i i t ^a BIREECH-LO^DIXG GUNS,, From $16 to $30. ROOTH THE , Dvjv-i i rif Patents. lo uy penouB WISOIDK to obtain tient on now, Inventloun, .improvements < odlgns.l wUIuxeouUi drawlngn and vpeolfl ,itUiD» ana uiiUuj .applloatlonv [or • Hutunt* i • xma iltntlon. In perton or by lutto , Iroc .-. I' CAS P V'Kl KKK N U E HUI • K, Alton,"f||." " ' T. L. FOTJLDS & CO., 8UCOK.S1OR8 TO A. Q. MoKIXNEV 4 CO., Highest Market Price Paid for Corn and Pickles. STILJL SLOP FOU BALK. , itoi 7i|willll «IOHN BAUER, DBALKU IN AMI) OK FURNITURE. SECpNIJ STREET, Opp. City Hull, ALTON, ILL. All klifls ol Ouo and ooiuinn* lurnltur" Ai*o liuik' UiNDEUTAKEE ; I', .\ i ii,,,\ '::•» :im:. ti,':: Ready-Made Co&nfl, Metalic Cases, Casketa, And Burial Robei ror Ladles, Oentlemm kn^'ohtMiM. Office and Shop on State itr««t 200 BAGS FUREKA FINE SALT- '- . I 'll-'-.H ",H> 1 ' ') ,'•:«, .) For Dairy and Tabto VM» la Ib. linen aoolu and 6O ife, «acka, for J. A JU8KIPU LIVEKY STABILE) TJOOMT HTltBCT, DKTWJ

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