Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on March 12, 1887 · Page 4
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 4

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 12, 1887
Page 4
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OBATS a but ft raonient If rheumatism or neural- *(rfaitritaa tho heart. Thwe dl«a»« are th« t«0«t painful and the most dangerous 1 of «iy to Which human kind to liable. The/ fir from on« part to another without * moment 1 * warning, and liniments and other outward application* arc in them- ulre« dangeroiu because, they are liable to drirolhe disease to some vital organ and oauM Initont death. Bhoumatism and neuralgia nred'ueasesof the blood, andean only be reached by a remedy which will drive from the blood (tie dangerous acids. Bach a remedy la Athlophoros. It luia been thoroughly tested and la a safe, Biirc cure. j; M. Powell, clerk for P. P. Yerkin, druggist, ParU, 111., says: "Coming from Chicago I was «uddonly stricken with acute rheumatism. It spread all through me so rapidly that in a lew hours I was entirely helpless. Wo wcro obliged to stop off and made every effort to get something that would rcllcv* me from this a^ony. I hail tob« carried ofl iho train. No words could describe the pain I endured for the next five days. Finally a gentleman advised me to get a bottle of Athlotiliorns, and I at onco commenced iisin/sf it. Although it may gecm a very improbable circumstance, yet is nevertheless a fact. after I had taken five or six doses I had complete relief, and we continued on our .; jotiroej'. Since that time my fatbcr, who hud been more or less n eiiflcrer from rheumatism for six years, has also used Athlophoros with the BUIKC satisfactory remits. Chicago, 111., July 2f>, 1885. With pleasure I inform you tht-ro has been no return of the disease—cure perfect Yours gratefully, REV. C. HABTUSV. Every druggiBtshould keep Athlopliorai and AtlilophoroB Tills, but where I hey cannot be bouulit of the druggist the Athlo: phoro« Cb.j Hi Wall St., Now York, will »«nd citlier (carriage paid) on receipt of regular price, which is $1.(0 per bottle for Athlophorofl nnd liOp. for Pills. For liver and kidney diseases, dyspepsia, In- dlKCHtlon, weakucw, nervous debility, dlwofcs or women, ronstlpntinn, headache, Impuro blood, Ac., Athlophonw I'ilis uro nut\iunlcd. « REAL ESTATE FOR SALE OR RENT, -BY- Ruders&ausen & Sonntag. ^': : .'-i : far 8»1«. APonvsnlentaTirt pleaiiant home at n r«a- •onableflgare,beingotwo-iloryframe bouse on Eighth street, near Henry. ; , •/- . .,• .Dor 'bale. A oboloe farm ot 320 acres, with first class Improvements, situated 2X miles east ol Brmtawiek. Obarlton co., Mo. For Data. A one story frame dwelling house In good condition, in Topping's addition to Allon. For Sain Cheap The residence ol Oapt. W. t oblo; two stories and mansard roofi 12 room 4 halls, elosota, cellars, etc.; 8 acres of groan Most desirable property in the city. { Far «»!«. leoaoreaol land near city limits, S'.i-n ., two story brick and tratne t!we n cause, both situated on tue out . . o >.ato etreet between 8tb and 7th ncotn- BO the brick block of stores on Secon ireot, between Hem and uidgo street aown as Hunter't foi Sale. : A »iuall frame <* ..Inn bouan--withlr. 11 no clocks ol the J iiorj375. 180 acres f good tarmuiK land, and anotho.t tract of - 00 lures, botli unimproved. Situate In Mot co., Kansas, at JM and $16 per ucie reepoctwclY—one-thud oujjh.lnUMioc on time. For 8ali>. A tarm of 140 acres on oottom land, all In cultivation, near Madlaon, in thU county. A good two-story frame dwelling houiia on It. Price $3,1)00 for Sale. A choice farm ol KM nuroa, situate l mile souitiof Shlpinun, Muuouplii county, 111., ui a low llguve. PartiesInlendlnit to buy Baal Entato in thu city ol Alton or vlclmtv will mid It tothuh- inmrost to cull at Uicolll^ool HudurahBUaun ft Sonntag nnd e» umlne tliulrllat o. propur- tles for sale as ouiy purt thereof U udver- :-lrt -. J . ALTON DAILT TELEGRAPH. (KoUr*d M 8««on<)-«lBJ<« Matter M th» P. O. nt Alton, 111.) and Beautiful Designs just arrived and arriving fur the Spring Trade. WINDOW GLASSI A Specialty, from Small to teizes. At thn old roVaMc HOUSK-rAlSTINO and UECOUAT/NG estubl>»huiont ol NEFF & 03ERMUELLER, Fourth, east of Belle at. fublKl.lm J. SUITER & SON, 3RAUCH8 D) FINE AND COMMON FURNITURE. A. Full and Complete Stock Always ou Hand. DO NOT FAIL TO GIVE US A V CAL,L BEFORE PURCHASING. BOOMS AIIK ON State Street, opp, Third, ALTON, I •pMwlv EMPIRE M1LL8, 8BOONU HTKKKT (Nmir I'linu), ALTON, I KOIl SALK : Ground Onto, Ground Corn, liny. Outs, Com, Corn Buckwhont Flour, Gruliam Flour, etc tltOUPTLT DKL1VKUBD TO ANY 1'AUT OK ; - TUB OITV. M.WILIQNSON. Iy7 (Iff fU» paper U Uupt on Die at tlie otnoe tt DVERTISING CENTS { PHILftOELPHIA. SATURDAY EVK., MAUCH is. YOUNG FOLKS' COLUMN. A 3TOnY ABOUT A 8WORDFI9H THAT CHASED A SEAL. An Old Givmc Tlmt Tntcronti Slodcmi l!o,v«—An Cnlgma far Everybody—A Country cl>lck'» lto]>«> ami Fcnr« Told In Ithyinr. Bonvcin nro busy liltlo rreaturc* tbat llvs In ninny ptrts of Die world, nnd aiiywhcro limy live tlicy nro patterns worthy of imitation na regards Imhwtry and skill. Tlicir homes are located on tbo wntcr'u oclgo ndd ncnr somo illicitly wo«lo<l recion. Fi'om tho woods they gather flic nmtorial with which to construct. Ihc'ir houses, which nro miulo liolh ^vnrm nnd sli-oiiff. The Interior of n \>ciw-r'B IIOTI.TO ijuwvcii or ei^ht feet In dlamotof nnd lln-cu foct high. Around this, but Innvlug n vacant space or court in tbo middle, suveral room* nro arranged. IJcavcrs, it must Iw understood, nre not content, with one apartment. In addition to their lodges they have what VIcU falls dininj halls—in reality, burrows or rooms where llicy take their food. Nothing Is wasted by tbo Industrious beaver. Ho strips the bark from tho In-ancbcs of tit-en, with \vhi..'h ho builds tho wnlls of his castle and stores it away for food in whiter, Tlio branches which tbo beaver carries in bis foro feet—Ibut become nrms wlion ho works— nro laced, together with twigs and tho spaces plastered with mud. The roof la formed of brnni'hea and moss massed together with mud. Hut how does tho beaver accomplish all this carpentry and masonry? Bomo readers may not Unow. The answer is, with nature's tools. THE BUST BEATEB. As has been already told, when at work this animal's foro feet become his arm*, with which ho carries his burdens of logs and branches. As for the rest, his teeth are wonderfully strong and sharp and provido tbe chisel lik« tools with which ho cuts down trees and branches. The bearer is a builder of dams as well as of bouses. Tho beaver measures about two feet lu length and has a broad, somewhat flattened tail, that serves as an assistance when ho is plastering tbownlla of his house with mud mortar. Tho two hind font are long and webbed, Iho foro feet are short and not webbed. Tho hind feet are used for swimming, while the foro feet aro held close to tho sld". Tho beaver is covered with beautiful soft fur, and this fnrli what nil the benver hats, caps, mutts nnd capes are made of. Did you ever realize before that in order to have your warm, soft furs many beavers had to l» hunted and caught in noU or traps, and then killed? The Country Chick's Story. I \vas born on a farm nt Clovernook, Ono sunshiny day In May, In a nest just under lh« rafters, All woven of rra;;ruiit bay. f grew In ft moment couscious Of my mother's -.varrn, downy breast, Ami the swallows chirping a lullaby, As they circled above our nest. With many n (Hit nnd flutter A down tbe mountainous mon- • Wo cautiously slid ttiul Hcromblcd To the huge barn lloor below, Whero a imuy neighed In his cozy stall. And Cossy, with big brown eyes, Lookwl at us over the stable bars, Uuucbiug In mute surprise. •run coumray CHICK. At first I wan fed and petted By n dainty, lender hand; I was chrlsleui'd ruowllnlie, by nnd by, And deelced with u crimson band. Wo played hldo ami Rook In the! meadow, Wliero tho clovers and daisies Krew, And nmdt> our luuolieon of dainty bugs, And drauU from tlu* brooklet, too. Since then existence, at Clovernook Uiv* been ever u ilream of Viiiss. Tve an e;;;f hid uiidci 1 the rafters. And could ivu'l.le, fxecpt for tills— Tlmt dread Tliiml.-«;:ivln3 fa near nt hand, And I'm trembling with fear, you sec, keat 1 sUoulJ lie needed for pot plo Or If slain for a f rlcosstv. —Golden Days. Progressive Enigma. 1 am composed of ten lottoi's und form the lininu of u lino city, 5Iy 1 2 !) i.-f a verb. My 1 3 3 •! is a lol Ion. My U 8 -1 -la a kind of tree. My 11 -I r> » Is the foro part of Iho IOR. My 1 3 I! -1 r> 0 7 Is cleansing. My 8 U ij n preposition. My 0 It) i« upon, lly 8 0 10 is W nwasuru. DO vou arv'K IT url 1C 60, wo numt provido tho answer, which U the word AVER ft SON'S MftitUU. Tha S»ordn*h uutl tho Han\, Tho NuwfouiKllaml seals have relentless foes lu Mini'li!) and swonlllsh, and they will rush d'oni Ihu wut.'r to tlio Ico whun pmiiued by these mowti'in. Sealew n-lato ninny incidents ot' el urliM MI ravenous tlmt they actually lonped upon Iho Ico in imivulii;; a seal, ttiul decluro Hint many hharl:s have been elmt while thus out of their clement. Ono story is related about a swordlUi tlmt chased n leal. Tho wal readied Ihu Ice in safvty, und Jh£ inordlUlv, to eura-sxi at Iho wcapo oi ill , Ico with such torco that o pleca hundreds of poutwls w««: 'jpllgfrQm thu floe Th« i-ri* of tbu seal are Ossfribcd n» bnvitiR been to full of ncony that th« scalcn killed her out of pity, a fnU that »h« wbmlttwS to without a iotmauro QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS. Curlna* Pro plo Enllcblfned on ntul I'erplpxlni; Qucitlont, Wtico did tins first railroad train go through from :;ow York to Caliroralat K- 15. The PactUis 1'nilrood won completed on May 1.1,' l.'iC'.l, by junction of the Central Pacific ami Union Pacific railroads, at I'l-omontory Kuminlt, l.OHJ miles from Omaha and U'JO miles from Sacramento. On Muy 15 tho trains began to run. I'nctn About Greece. J. What la tho italne of the present king of Q recce f S. Y.'liat arc tho four cosUn of Hindus! 8. The «lx great monarchies of the ancient world F t. The three periods of Grecian hlstoryT B. ^lio Were t!u> seven wlso men? 0. Tho names of Rome Greek works that ore rend Ijy modern ocliolanif 1 1. King George. 2. IJrnliniin*, (priests); Kshatryns (\vnr- rioi-s); Vuishyos (merchants and nsrlcul- tnrlsls); BceUnis (artisans and laborci-s). 8. Persia, Grcecu, Macedonia, Home, Egypt, Thrace. 4. Athenian, Spartan and Macedonian supremacies. 5. Those usually E' vcn nl " c Solon, Cblio, 1'ittalus, Bices (in place of whom somo place Epimcm.Ics), Cleohulus and Tholes. Tho worlts of jilschyltis, Sophocles, Ecripl- des, Ai'istophanea, Xenophon nml others. A Matter of Interest. Please state the time tbat n sum nt Interest at • per cent, vrlll amount to the principal. A READER. Twelve year*. Conundrums. 1. Can you tell me which Is the most useful wood or Iron? Which con we do without tho best? • , S. IB not the Sew Orleans Ixmlalona State lottery carrieHl on squarely f D. I>. 1. A good subject for a debating society. 2. All legal institutions are supposed to be managed honestly until the contrary is proved. _ __ Ball Costumes of 1885. Can you give a description of the evening cos- tupie of ladies and gentlemen during President John Quincy Adams 1 administration— ]B2jf ilAire U The men wore high collared dress (swallow tail) coats, knee breeches und silk stockings, pumps and several yards of cravat. , Tho women wore a scanty costume. Five yards of material a quarter of a yard wide wore considered sufficient to make a bull dress, which only reached tho ankles. Their rillc stockings were elaborately embroidered and their slippers ornamented with roseties or buckles. Fcathem were a favorite headdress. Tbe Oldeat University. What U tbe oldest university hi tho vrorldr Ecuouin. Tha University of Paris, established A. D. 1140. Some authorities, however, Rtato that it was not founded before 1215, but it is generally acknowledged that tho University of Park) is the oldest. The Opera. When were plays first enacted, by being sung, or what was thp origin of tha modern opera? J. C. * In tbo Greek drama thu choral parts were suns, n "d the dialosuo was given in a sustained key, probably rcs.-nibllng modern operatic recitation. Tho flrat production of an opera, like xx-hat xve have to-day, in tho thirteenth century—"Adam de la Ilnycs iiajjieus (legeii) do llobiu ct du Marian." The next appanranco xvas in tho sixioonth century, when several operas appeared. After that the opera was cultivated i.i Italy, resulting iu tho modern I uliau operas, and thence xvos introduced into Germany. Stop that couuhinc; if you Ho not, it may kill you. A boitle of Dr. Bull'- Cough Syiup oiily rosi* yon 26 cents, and its timely use. may p»ve. your lile. I had always been much annoyed t>y neuralgia and headache At length I deierrnined to try Salvation Oil. I am (•lad to recommend it, as it made a p»rfect cure in my case.—Marks .New, 62 Aisquiih St., Baltimore, Md. , ST. Louis has lost her old nine bat people will h' ar a bigger base bawl from the end'of thn bridge this vea> ever before. She baa the mouth tidoit. Children Stanrfnu to Death Un account ot ihelr inability 'o di^eit food, will find a most niHrvellou 1 * fund and remedy in Scott's Emulsion. Very palatiiblu and easily digcMt'd. Dr. S, W. (yo'hun, of WMCO, 'IVxas, sava: "I used your Emulsion in infantile It not only restores wasted i but givoa HtroDgtb.and increases tbeapoetite." B. Youiia. a son ot Bngham, •ays: "Every Rood Mormon 18, and tnust be, a Dern-'Crnt. Thit is Ins !€• litnon und a part of my religion to be a Democrat." Humors run riot in me olood at Ibis season. HooiVt* 6-waparilbi tipi-lf evciy impurity und vitalizes and enrich* es the blood. 12 Thn mouthpiece ot a telephonn may be perfectly rrxpcotable, but there are a (Tri'.Ht >iianv thinga said against it.— Brookli/n Union. \\kmi I rue, Merit Will Do. The unprect'dunietl salu of Bosoheo's Qurtuan Syrup within a taw yearn, lias anfoniNhcd the world. It ta without doubt the »aft'8t and best remedy ever discovered for tho Apnedy nnd effectual ouru of Coughs, Colds and the nuvurest Lnng troubles. It acts on an entirely different principle from tho usual prescriptions given by "physicians, as it does not dry up a oouah and leave the disease still in th« system, but OH the contrary removes the cuus« of iho (rouble, hoaU the purls uffecied and leaves them in a purely healthy comli- lion. A bottle kept in the house for use when the dhotiBO* make ttiuir appearance, will save doctor's bills and a long f-pull of serious illness, A trial will convince you of frets. It in po-r- lively gold by all druujriui and general dealers in Uio land, I'nw, 76 uis., liirjjo botilos. _ jit 10 dwlw uod The extraordinary popularity of Ayer'c Cherry feutoiH) Is the nmurnl result ol iu n su by all olnasnR of people for over forty ymirn. It hnspi(iven ih« very hp»t i-peoitie fur oulilii, and pulmonary compiamti. dwlw An Old esprcaslorx «pU>e'ffro4»r«i«eBl|Trf" • X F. laths dnys of'rtase coacboa etagsbooks were kept in which those within^ soots In tho coach M'ffO tha next iluy wore rogtstered. At n tery early bom 1 n fun" started, usual'y lu « cliaisu or ou hotvcbuel., to go nlxmt and make} up the jimsertivrw that ihesUiRu need not tw kept wall IIIE. using tlio brass door knocker* then in usu for the pm-post!. Quito often mistakes wero itnido and tbo wrong pnssMiBCJ- awa';cneil. _ A Stiito With IHro Ciii>ltnl«. la tho rc:isoa that llliodo Island, the small- .ini'ju, has two capitals, \vh;n nil the havo oil''* lliifrouv. Khodvi Ishuid und Connecticut both originally hud two capitals. This nnw from tho jealousy of the original svttlenicnt-i, 01' plan- tatl(!iiB, its they wci-o enllcil in Hhiido Island. In IS7;l the ik'oplo in Comiw-licut votol to hnvo one capital nt Hartford. •'Iho Rhode Islander* *lill udhere to llw old plow. VCD ami No. IH It proper for any one except n child to Bay 'Yes, sir," or "No, m'ttin," In speaking to grown jwople? P. It is iicrtcctly ^piojxM 1 , but custom, which gulaloH Mich matters, seem to favor dropping "sir" nnd "in'utn." Somo people, who do not-Kimenilly uw thoso words, uso thoni iu ud- very old people. nlvou:ir of tlut Uentl. Does the r>oem oraonirln whlen tlie lines "The Wvoiioc of the dead" occur piii'talti to the war of the itbcllionY l»y whom and wbeu wim it written? J. SI. 'It won written by Col. Theodora O'Hnrn, a soldier of tlio Mexican war, as a tribute to bis commander, who fell in that struggle. The first lines nro'. Tbo mufflcd'tlnnn's end note has bent The soldier's lost tattoo; j,,' Ko more on Ufc's paradu uluvll meet' The brave and fallen few; Cn Fame's eternal camping ground Tlielr silent tents ore spread. And Oiory euanls, with Roloinu round, The bivouac cf thp dead. Cnl loo. nnd where' was the first calico manufactured la the l.'uiU'd tita'tes? ScnsaiiDEO, At Eas.t Greenxvich, R, I., Herman Van Dauscn, it German, about IWO, commenced the calico printing business. Ho rue his own blocks (samples of which nro iu tho cubinet oi the Historical society at Providence) and printed ' India cottons and coarse cottons woven in families for tlio pcoplo generally. It was found cheaper to import tho goods, and tho business was given up. The Byfleld factory in Massachusetts, •which, It has been asserted, was tho Hrst regular factory In the United States, was not established till 1T'J3, and for several years after was confined to the manufacture of woolen cloth. That Wouldn't be Surprising. Tho story that B'rlghnm Young had coma to life appears to have, been a canard. We didn't suppose) ha had come to life, but, from the severe things that ICato Field has fc'ald about him und his favorite institution, xvo shouldn't bo surprised to hear that he had turned over in his cotlin.—Nori istoivn Herald. To keep postage stamps in tlie pocket of a memorandum hool; without sticking rub tho sticky side over the hair two or three times. The oil of Hie hair coats the mucilage and prevents it from nicking. Greatly Excited. Not ft few of the citizens of Alton have recently become greatly excited over the astonishing facts, that several of their friends who had been pronounced by their physiei'vns as incurable nnd beyond all hope- suffering with iliat dreaded monster Consumption- have been completely cured by Ur. Kind's New Di-covery lor Consumption, the only remedy that does positively cure all throat and lunar diseases, OiiErhs Colds, Asthma and Bronchitis. Trial bottle free at E. Marsh's drug store, large bottles SI. Wonderfnl cares. W. D. Il'ijt & Co., wholesale and retail diugKists of Rome, G.-t., p»y: We have been selling Dr. King's New Discovery, Electric Bitters and bucklen'u Arnica Salve for two years. Have never handled remedies that sell as wtill.or give such universal satisfaction. There have been xome wonderful cures effected by these medicines in this city. Suveral cases of pronounced Cnnsump« tion have been entirely cured by use of a few bottles of Dr. King's New Di< covery.taften in connection with Electric Bitters. Wo guarantee them alwtty* Sold by E. Marsh. mulildwlm Arnic* rtalve. The Beat Salve »a thu world for cut*, nruises, Bocos,t..iers, salt rhdum, fever sores, tetter, nliapped bauds, chilblains, corns and all SKIU eruption-", and positively cures piles, or no pay required. (t is guaranteed to irivo perfect satisfaction, or money refunded. Price 26 cents per box. For sale by B. Man-h, Alton, 111 mobTdwlm IK American Irsiory Beecher will bt a uvent tii;uie. No man ever did hi couiilty greater neiviue, Abraham Ln coin once sain of him tlmt hu was woith u hundred regiments to the Union. I'ul he WHN worm more tbau this.— Omaha Hepublican Sensible people want comfort in ru 4 . ing. Thu Kice-L'oil CaniiigB Spring umtintues all llu- qu-iliiios of en»>-, >ireti|>ih and beauty, bensible peoi-' want no oilier. They nuedu't huve any oilier. dwlw '..s, fiiTk Ilurn", Sivihln, (.'Ml,''. .Uhiw .pi), I'li'llrliiy, (innii, l'i™.l-li|i,«, llui.'KiU'lui, Onluur, Byl-u Throat, IBi-lntlai. HoiiniH, lli'iulunliu, ' rii-mTU'ii. \VOIIIUH, JJCMIU TiHitUu'.'ho. .Mprulua, «t«. 1' B/U'IK. n botilc. Sold by all " -•• Caution—Thv (ti'if ( ...,...«,,-. .'rmltvMurk. ftlftj o«r fiic-iiimUu Blermtiirs A C. Meyor de <-'<• Hulti Jlr. IliilI'M raiiili Hymn will enut yam Wilw Vnl. H^lpuv. Hltll.lluin llro. . >ui««rUii) \Vi» MOST PERFECT MADE Proparefl with strict regard to Parity, Strength, and lleallhf illness. Dr. Price's UnkingPowder contain* no AtunuinlaMno, Alum or Phosphates. Dr.l'ricoT. Extracts, VauUlu, Lemon, etc., flavor delicloualy. WHIPPLB & SMILEY, INSURANCE, REAL ESTATE, A LOAN AGENTS, UKRBEUKNTINO THH FOLLOWING First-class Ins. Co.'s: Ins. Co. of North America; Hartford, Phoenix, Franklin, of Pblladelyhla; German American; North British and Mercantile, London; Com. Onion, London; Lancashire, Manchester, Eng.r Continental; Olrard; Glens Falls, Amercan Central; Firemen's Fund, Western Assurance Co. AND OTHEBB: A CASH OAP1TAJ IN THE AGGREGATE OF $20,OOO,OOO. VfS AfiSO REPBB8KNT TBB Mutual Benefit Life, of Newark, N. J., and Traveler's Life and Accident Ins. Co..Hartf ord. Office: Over Alton Nat. Bank) Cor. Third and State ata. flue Residence for Sale. Tho Into It. OeUow tioiuosteail, now owned by M. B. Under'and, situated on lino of horsti rallwny, la Upper Alcoa; 11 rooms, bath room, furnace, and good out buildings, two acres of ground, will be sold at a bargain. Possession given on completion of "ttle. WHIPPLB & SM1LEV. Fur Rant. Two-story house and good stable on Com' man Btruot. ljuoil Irutt, WHIPPLB * SMfLRY. If or . Sevan lots with good lirlck dwelling and outbuilding.-, In go id repair, in Upper Alton. Kuaide.ncoot il. E, 'lolUtu, and known as the Men-Ill property. WIIU'PLB 4 SMILEY, Al ion, or b. W. Collet, Ilppar Alton. iorlleut. A two-story brick dwelling known as the A. Platt liom«»teftu. Lately pu- in wood re p.,lr. WBIPFLEASMILKY. Far Bale or neat. A desirable tenement on Bluff street, owned »v Mrs S. J.Dutro. WHIPPbB A9MI1.KT. For bin. The late residences o( J. •.». and W. 11. Mitchell, on Mill ut., two a. t. i> best pieces of residence property In Allot. Tno property known as "The 1'arK, east ot above; It lots on 41111 and Summit streets, an J a number oi ots In Miller * Mitchull's addition to Alton. Any or all of above at a gr?*t bargain. Wf.lPPLK*8Ml ILKT.. Cor Blue. The Morrtmun property on State etree In Miller & Mlcholl'u add., to Alton. IK «ory liouse, 8 rooma and out-buildings; all in per lectorder. Can be bad at a barualn. WlUPl'LK * 8MILE*. For r»ale. A IX story frame dwelling, corner Pe and Fifth utredM. WHIFFLE & 8MILKV UeKirable Keddeuces fer Bale. A twoatory brick dwelling ou State street known as A. I'lutt bumostead, lately put 'n Kuod repair. A two otory irame dwelling on Main utruut, nearly now. A two story •jilok dwelling on Seventh street, all lor sale > H BacrlUoi). owuer nnviiut deoidud to ur _ "• WHIPPLK A 8M1LKTT for Hal*. The Woodrool property. A 2 story frame tiouse ol S rooina, on Fifth and Alton streets, u i room frame house on Ftttli vtrnut. WHIPPL.K 4 8MILET. Kor Hale. A oonvenlont tarm of ISO acres, moat all In cuttvu.ttou; situated on the Bethalto road, iin. • -n)in Alton. * Kor Sale or Rent. The 2-story iriiiuu dwelllii« with 9 rooms, .nclmliiiK 7 lutH: gooJ burn and fine Halts known us thu Nlul'.olb bninestond, nltuHtod ou 12tb at,, In a Uaslraole nelKliboihood. WHll'l'LK AbMlLKY. for Sale. A 7-room bi1;t(dw»llli)g nnd nut building* OH Thhd Dtrcut. butwuun dhurry and Vino. WlllPPLKASM BY. tor Kent. Good S-rnom brick house with about! acres o( Kvnund,lm'ludlni: oroua-", In Upper Alton. Korniur ru 0 iilcnco 01 Dr. Huinben. Wllll-l'LEASMILKY. For Item. ToMdftnce ol M. J, Noonan on State itintit, kiiovn us tlio A. ''latt plaue. Good8 I'Ouui brluk |ioui<«, In first C!H-M mpulr. • WillPPLK A SMII.KY. For Beut. A twostoi-y brick dwelling known a-) the A. I'lutt huineutvud: Utel\ nut In nood rtniulr. WlllPl'LKjt gMll.BY ASSIGNEE'S NOTICE. Estate of llm'innn lleRnln ann, debtor! Ttiuuiidurtilunud hei ebv glTun notice tlmt Iluiui'in ltu)|cliiiunn, ol Alton, (nine county of Madlnun and StMtnof Illinoln, did, on the liilnUVDi Pub., A, D. 1647, tvanMtir to the undumUmid, u» HBslmiff. all hi* property, ivuluud |>uiw)iiHl, lortlio bi uefltot hlaored' tturi>, ucuiniliiiu t» tlio pruvlblon* o( the act . <MI purgoim havliiK eUlm* a«alnit the said Iluniinit U< gi-jiiMiui HVU Imioby notitlisrt to lui'buut mioli clulins undur i.aiU or nfUiiua'- tlon, to ii:D umiy more, on the oorni r ol third und I'liinii •ti-uun, Mu)i>, In mUdtsounty, within ilirue nuHitiio iroiti ihl* date. Uuced Fob IBtli, IW. JOHN DOVf, Alilunvia. JOIINJ. niiuNiioi.T, Atty. (obiedtw K TOR UM at lioiuve $7 t-> |10 per wmik i iinbiiqiilutly inude, Ko pimlo paint- IIIKI u<> oiuiVrtHoliiK! ITor lull pitMuulari iili'iiue ailUiiMM, umnoe.i;i(Ks()hNT AllTUO., IV Uvotrwl ttt., llokton, UR«». Box U70. leav* tlm», n On and on Ui« i Ohfo Lho Uulon WUOWB! for OhlQM« «>d the Bhutt •• >• UhlonKoHail* ........ • ....... .....9;(K> Uhicago A(.cflnunodKtton* ....... .6jOOji. to tightnlngE«)res««.. ......... f.iinmlOji.m Koria andJiooJitoland ra«tianet,»XK) a, m For J«ok«ouvJU», Kaokuli, Uulooj, Kan. Kansas City KrpreBa», ........ «... thin i>. m Denver Bxptegaf.... .......... ..... JlOop. m. Jaoksouville Accon onodationt.. • ViUS p. w »or 8t. Lottls I LlghtninifExproHS*..! ............. SM «,m Ohluauo Accommodation 4 ......... 9:80 a. m Alton special! ................ ......14:96 p. m KananaOItyMaU* .............. . ....5:40 p. m OhloagoMullr... ....... . ....... •«;.. 0:80p. m BAINS LKAVB ST. LOWIB tfNXON DKPO1 *^ f OB ALTON* (.i M 80a.m. to 00p.m. *i 00 p. m. *7 86 p. m. (B 4S a. m. Suadayeonly). •Dail, ,B«ept Sunday ^^ Bnp't. 4t. fxmit Division O. G. NOHBIS, Tloknt Aitunt. OnlOAQO, BORutMaTON AHDQU1NOY. Trams leave the Union Depot, Alton follows: Going Northi .... Express (except Sunday)... . 8:!0 a. m SOriCJB. Estate of John W. Schweppe, dconasod. The uudorHignod, liuvluR been appointed Kxecuttirs of the laat will und testament »f John W. Bohwoppe, late of the * county ot Mndison and Btute of Illl.ioln, duveascd, -hereby <rtve notice that they will appear before the County Uourt of Madison comity, at the court house, In the March term.on the fonrtU Monday In March uuxt, at which tlmn all per- gone having claims nualnst salu citato lire notltleil and requested to Httond for the purpose of huvluK tho snniu adjusted. All persona ndobtedto auld twtttto are requested to uiaKe luimedlate payment to the undersigned. Dated this 2nd day of February. A.D. 1887. EiaZA F.,8OHWKPl'B, M'lLLIAM E. SOHWKPPIt, HENRY M. SOHW < PPUi, R diw KxeontoXB. Chancery Notice- BTATB OF ILLINOIS, | Bfi County ol Madlcon. j • Circuit conrtoi Madison county, March term A.l>. 1887. . , Henry U. Priegt, anrvlvlng; partner of Henry C. Swootaur. deceased, late partner* under the bame ot Sweetsur and Priest, vs. David U. Sparks, Anna 0. 8pnrk8, Bis wt(o. Wet- ley Best, the Alton National Bank, the D. R. Hparks Milling Company. Albert Wade and Vrunk R, Mllnor. In chancery. - Notioe Is hereby given to the said Wesley Beat that the abovo named complainant unretofoio filed hU bill of complaint in satd court, on the otmnoory side thereof, and that a,sunkU)oBs thKreupon tstinud out of said court against the above named defendants, returnable on the fli'flt Uiiy of the term oi the cirouttoourtoi Madtaon connly, to'beheldat court house In KdwanUvllle, in sa'd Madison county, on the tblrdi Monday of March, A.D. 1687, as IB by law required, and whluit cult I* still pending. KODKBT UAONAUKB, • Ol"ik. Wtgg * nA.Ttg.Oompl'tii Spl'iB. CATARRH HAY-FEVER ELTS CliEAll HALlf IB not a liquid, : enuf orpouder. -; Applied into noitrili it quickly absorbed. It cleanses ihe.heod. Allay* iijjlammaiion. Heals the sort*. Rutort4tltf&e.p.»et of taste and tmtll SO centi at Drugyltfr; ty mail, regiittred. SO cenlt. ELY JBROTHEHS.l DQIL rnNCERTS Have been _. cltr In tho y. ner,»L'd ny tlic eltlienii of ovsi? town aod r . . Mnrreloug Cnrei hare been wit- ousanriB or people, who c«n teatlfy to TDK.WONDXRrUI. HCAUNO PpW«B OT Hamlin's Wizard Oil. Neuralgia, Toothache, .Headache, Earache, Catarrh-, Croup, Sore Throat, Lame Back, Stiff Joints, Contracted Cordi, RHEUMATISM, Sprains, Bruises, .Burnt, . fever Sores, Wounds, Old Sores, Chilblains,-Frost Bites, Sore Nipples,' Caked- Breasts, and All Aches and Pains, •re quick!? rellarad bf thin musical remedy. Try U once find yon will without it. Kor Halo or druggist*. Prlco. SOc. Oarfotiti noox fron toulL Address WIZARD OIL COMPANY. CHICAGO. TO ADVERTISERS Knr B check lor 120 wn will print * ton-lln* Kdvort Isumimt In One Million dimes of lead- Inn Amerluuu Newap tpurs. TliU la at tbe rkM of only one filth of a cent a line, for l.OUO circa • liitioiit The ttflveitUmnent will bo placed before On« Ullilou DIKFEKKNT newaoaner purchnHers;- or FIYB MILLION HBAUBBS. Ten lines will aoi-oinmoilnto Hbout 75 words. Ad> dreaa wltli copy of Hilv and olieok, or nenrl M centtt lor book of 178 paven. OBO. P. ROW- BLUAUO.,10 apraott at., N. T. JslAdlm -DEALKU IN- FURNITOREI A Full and Complete r OONSTANTtY ON UANO. ALl, OHDItV UPHOLSTERING Neatly and promptty oxeoated. Belle St., bet. Third and FourtU.

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