Florida Today from Cocoa, Florida on July 12, 1983 · Page 1B
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Florida Today from Cocoa, Florida · Page 1B

Cocoa, Florida
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 12, 1983
Page 1B
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Brevard Section B 1 Tuesday, July 12, 1983 Stat news, 4B Looking for your snake? L Anyona lost a pat python? A 6 - to 8 - foot Butimn python was found about 10:30 p.m. Monday on a carport at 401 Poindanna Driva In Malbourna. Mafbourna pollca Datacttva Mlka Sargaant, who handlaa anakaa, waa callad to tha raacu and placed tha anaka ,ln a bag. H you'va , miaplacad a larga anaka racantty, call tha Malbourna Pollca DapartmanL HELP! High schools need registered officials Could you please HELP! me contact a local athletic association that conducts training for football, baseball and basketball officiating? I am Interested In participating in all three sports as an official here In Brevard County. I am a former member of the National Baseball Congress of Umpires and am looking forward to officiating locally. Irvtn Bobbins Jr. Merrltt IslaVid The Midcoast Officials Association, PO Box 509. Cocoa, Fla 32922 - 0509. will have you calling the fouls, throwing the flags and yelling strike in time for the school sports season Association member Tommy Norton said the group needs officials for all sports If you want to officiate high school games, you must register with the Florida High School Activities Association, P O Box 1173, Gainesville, Fla 32602. To officiate city league games, call the parks and recreation department for the area you are interested in Old address updated I ordered an item from Anthony Enterprises using a previously used address. My correspondence was returned to me unopened. I am enclosing a returned envelope of Jiate 14 correspondence and a label from a previously received order of a year ago. I need HELPI in locating Anthony Enterprises' new address. Could you HELPI? E.B. Rockledge HELPI caught up with Anthony Enterprises at 587 Post St , San Francisco, Calif 94102, where it has been located for 2'4 years The company moved from the original address you listed five years ago Letters were only forwarded for a year after the company moved Hearing restored You have HELPIed me before and I am hoping you can again. Last week on the "Mere Griffin Show," they had a Dr. House from the House Ear Clinic I am very interested in obtaining the address, as I missed It. Zoe A. Romero Melbourne You may contact Dr John W House of the Otologic Medical Group at 2122 W Third St , Los Angeles, Calif 90057 if you are interested in information on tinnitus, noises in the ear, or the cochlear implant, to restore hearing to the totally deaf, include a copy of your recent hearing test and a resume of your problem House will recommend a course of action and a local doctor to contact on request Preventing green hair Through continued swimming, my daughter's lovely blond hair slowly is turning green from the chlorine content of the water. We have tried all the homespun methods to remove the coloring lemon Juice, etc but nothing works. My hairdresser suggests a commercial product called Swimmette which was available in the North but I cannot find a source here in Florida. Perhaps HELPI or its readers may be able to suggest a product that would HELPI Patricia Ann Gibbins Merrltt Island The only homespun method that works on chemical induced green hair is prevention, said Shirley Ballard, Brevard Community College's associate professor of cosmetology Once the hair has ibegun to tun) green, you should consult a cosmetologist trained in color chemistry, Ballard said, or risk doing more damage to your hair After examining your hair, the cosmetologist can determine what will remove the chemical that has stripped the color from the hair, leaving it greenish Then the color must be replaced BCC's cosmetology instructors, 632 1111, Ext 3690, can HELPI you or direct you to a cosmetologist in your area who can Meanwhile, to prevent chemicals and the sun from stripping your hair color, use conditioners and sunscreen before swimming or sunbathing Part approved On April 14, through Vlckere American Motors, Merrltt Island, I purchased a used steering gear for a 1176 Jeep CJ7. 1 paid 1I7S for the gear box, $25 shipping1 charge and fit tax. I received It by UPS about I days later with the understanding that It could be returned within 3 days for a refund. I took It to my mechanic, who found It to be m worse shape than the one already In the Jeep. Vlckers refuses to refund our money. I certainly would appreciate your HELP! In retrieving our money back for a useless part on which we fulfilled our end of the warranty. Jeffrey Mutter Peru, N.Y. Vickers' mechanic examined the part, which you sent back and found it needed adjustment. Parts Manager Ron Oliver said After adjustment, the steering gear box worked fine, Oliver said, so it was sent back to you The part could only be returned within 30 days if something was wrong with it, Oliver said. HELPI tohea problem and cut red tap for TODAY' reader. Send your letter, plu photocoplea of any neceaaary document to HELPI. P.O. Bom 1330. Cocoa. Fla. 32023 - 1330. All communication mutt be In writing; no telephone inqulrle. ptaa. Quettiont and raquatt can ba antwarad only In tha column; we cannot aandparaonal raplia: If you with. HELPI will withhold your nam and uaa only your Initial for publication, but your lattar mutt include your complete name, return addraa. talaphona number and tignature. M LssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssEH '11 ti '"';, ' W 5 H V'TrfTMsassssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssI LssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssKLssssssssk"'' - ' laLsssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssLssssssssssssssi IssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssM' iSl wmamammil J ' " t LV 'V - LfS' l?fSL.sssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssH Mem Ache of the diver He glides through the air with the greatest of ease, but lt - year - old Charlie George of Melbourne is about to hit the water with the Hardest of splashes. TODAY Plwta bv MicftMl R Srtnm Fortunately, Charlie knows just what he's doing and his belly - flop at the Fee Avenue poo! in Melbourne didn't sting too much. Rockledge girl expected home after transplant Dana Swanson, the 14 - year - old Rockledge girl who underwent kidney transplant surgery June 21, is expected home early next week Dana is in good coridition, according to a spokeswoman at Shands Teaching Hospital in Gainesville Her new kidney one of her father Steve Swanson's old ones is working fine Meve iwanson, 40, who left Shands a week after the surgery was performed, is recuperating at home Dana's kidneys failed a few months ago, forcing her to undergo life - sustaining dialysis four times daily The high school freshman's activities had been limited to three that didn't interfere with the DANA cleansing fluids she earned in an over the - shoulder tote Dana has not been on dialysis since the surgery Dana said Monday she's feeling fine and spend ing her time resting In bed and watching TV Her mother spent a few days at the hospital with her, she said, but her father has been unable to travel The June transplant was accomplished in two operations one for the removal of the father's kidney and the other for the placement in Dana's body lasting 3V4 and 5i hours respectively ' JANE SHEALY F ' - Jam. Blacks declare war on apathy By II AN IV MNA LEA SKOLNICK TODAY Staff Writer In an effort to break apathetic voting patterns and become more involved in the election process, black groups across the county are flocking to a new program that trains volunteers to register others to vote The supervisor of election's office Saturday certified 18 people most of them black in its first training session for the Volunteer Deputy Program Supervisor of Elections Shirley Baccus said although the program is intended for anyone interested in becoming a volunteer, black groups were the first to respond with such overwhelming interest Members of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, the Links and other black community organizations par ticipated in the first group training session "They were interested in getting more blacks registered in their community," Baccus said "They expressed interest in becoming involved in the process They know the people in their groups and in their own communities and they know their needs " Black leaders and the Democratic Executive Committee have complained that Baccus has thwarted black registra lion in the past Baccus' critics blamed party politics, saying she is a Republican and blacks tend to vote in a Democratic bloc The executive committee last year even threatened to sue Baccus over lim ted voter registration drives and limited access for blacks to volunteer deputy registrar positions Baccus denied the criticism, saying voter registration drives are available to any community that requests them She said she hoped the new program would boost voter registration for both blacks and whites As of 1983, only 43 percent of eligible black voters were registered, compared to See VOTERS, B ilmk vote nmrnrnm ifaBuaH 52 Hg laaaaVILaaaV LaaaaV aaaafl aaaaH Laaaaal Laaaaal aM fld IfaaaV bbbbbV bbbbbV Lrbbb bbbbbbi bbbbbV Baaaai i2? " Vammm aassH H asssH Bsssssfl B tnnr4tmnffcft I TODAY Chort bt - Mihv Slimtch Police searching for missing model TAMl - LYNN LEPPERT . . . gone nearly a week By HANNA LEA SKOLNICK TODAY Staff Wrltar When local model and ac tress Tami Lynn Leppert left her Rockledge home last Wednesday, she called out, "Bye Mommy, I'll see you in a little bit, OK?" That was the last thing Linda Curtis heard her daughter say The 18 - year - old who has appeared in many television commercials and in small roles in a few recent movies, including "Spring Break" has been missing since last Wednesday Curtis, Leppert's mother coach - agent adviser, filed a miss ing persons report with the Cocoa Beach Police Department Sunday night, four days after her daughter disappeared Curtis said her daughter left the house early Wednesday af ternoon to go out with a visiting friend from Tampa, who Curtis knows only 'by the name "Keith " Leppert had been undergoing emotional and physical problems for a few months and had met with "Keith" to talk things out. Curtis said But the friend dropped Leppert off just two blocks south of the glass bank on SR A1A in Cocoa Beach after a heated discussion, Curtis said He was the last person to see her "From what he says, she was just really upset," Curtis said "And he didn't know how to handle that " Curtis said she called dozens of friends and relatives, but no one had seen or heard from Leppert And Leppert's recent emotional problems have left her fnghtened and confused, Curtis said "I'm scared to death," Cur us said "She's so open and lov ing and she has such a brilliant career ahead of her And the poor thing is running scared someplace out there on the beach There are all kinds of weirdos you don I know who could have gotten her " Leppert has been winning talent and beauty contests since age 4 and has appeared in va nous television shows, commer cials and movies And the stunning girl is up for major roles in three upcoming movies, Curtis said - "They may be just thinking of her as another runaway," said Curtis, whose son has been miss ing for five years ' But the) don't understand She spent her See MODEL, 3B 5th Avenue shopkeepers ordered to clear the way By NANETTE HOLLAND TODAY Staff wrltar For years, merchants along Indialan - tic's Fifth Avenue have enticed customers by displaying samples of their merchan dise be it surfboards, swimsuits or sculpture on racks and tables in front of their stores But in an attempt to clean up Fifth Avenue, town officials no longer allow such outdoor advertising gimmicks And that policy, the merchants say, is cleaning out their cash registers "Right now. Fifth Avenue is just a trail to the beach. I have to put art outside so people will see it and stop and know we're here," said James E James, who owns "Something Unique," an artists' cooperative on Fifth Avenue Before James started placing paint ings and other art objects in the parking spaces in front of his store, he felt lucky if he had one shopper a week But the outdoor "art show" .now attracts more browsers every day, he said His merchant neighbors don't mind the outdoor paintings, he said, because he only puts them in the parking lot when adjacent stores are closed And James said his landlord. Rep Tim Deratany, D - Indialantic, doesn't object either But last week, he and eight other Indialantic shopowners received letters from Indialantic code enforcement officer Gene Mclaughlin, telling them they would have to remove their outside displays because they violated town ordinances "There's a lot of competition between See SHOPKEEPERS, 3B ammmWamWa aVraaHrrff$j tjaaaaaaaaaaaaal !lifffKSflll m maaXXXXXaama. BPrBH aW 4 T XXXX. faXXXXXXXXX IBtaW aBBBBBBBk a atntV Jeaawaawaaam Sfaassssssssssssssatx. BBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBai LbVaOtW VJJfK amr mXXXXXwi'aXaXXXXXXXwvaXXXXm ? JIKKwA V taaaaaaaaHaaaaaaaaaaHafl eaamwamamaamWammwWaA laV N F - JissssssssssaBiaHaBaBBaVaBBBB TODAY phota by J OHMt Covrtotl JAMES E. JAMES WITH ART OUTSIDE FIFTH AVENUE SHOP . . . Indialantic merchants are told to take their displays inside Maker of 'wicked weed' strikes back Hot under the collar In spite of 52 - degree temperature in the North Carolina city of Winston Salem, our longtime Cape Canaveral correspondent "Phil" Phllbrook aired his gripe. It was about a sign he'd just seen "It's on the receptionist's desk in the lobby of the new world headquarters building of a prominent tobacco i company (R J. Reynolds)," wrote Phil "It made me Sc "The sign 'THANK YOU FOR SMOKING"! With growing distaste, Phil added "Next to it was another sign 'Thank You for Chewing'!" He explained. "They make 'Red Man' chewing tobacco, for one." CHALLENGE comes from Melbourne reader Evelyn Simon' "You're sort of a miracle man in some problems Maybe you can help me unite a very personal rosary with its rightful owner," she writes. She's called churches, asked in stores and watched lost - and - found ads "all to no avail." The mother - of - pearl rosary Evelyn found about a month ago at she got out of her car at Minton's Corner had been blessed in March, in Yugoslavia, she said. Yours? Phone Evelyn, 727 - 0719, and further Identify it UNUSUAL business names are plentiful, but a real attention - grabber appears Thursday in TODAY'S Public Record: septic tank contractorvKenn Thomas' new busi - fiamaaaU M'll" Salomon TODAY Columnist ness in Titusville, called "Stmky's Septic Tanks"' MILITARY CORNER continues, with the following reunions (Unless otherwise noted, we have the name of an out - of - area contact but would welcome a local, one,) "Old Reliables." the Ninth Infantry Division in WWII, holds its reunion July 21 23 in Detroit. 17th Airborne Division WW II paratroopers and glidennen hold a 30th reunion in Memphis, Aug 11 14 P.T. Boat veterans (or anyone associated with those craft) meet Aug 25 - 29 in Washington, D C. Submarine Veterans of World War II, which presented a plaque July 2 to the USS Florida at Port Canaveral, has its national convention Aug 31 - Sept 4 in Scottsdale, Ajx Call Carlos Carllle in Titusville, 267 - 4891 Carlos is president of the recently chartered Space Coast Chapter, covering Veto Beach to Daytona Beach "Timberwolves" of WW II will sport the 104th Infantry Division slogan ("Nothing in Hell Could Stop Us") at their 38th reunion, in Orlando, Aug 31 Sept 5 National president Frank Calamlta of Rockledge arranged for the group to meet in Florida Call him. 636 - 9169, or Francis Schreiber of West Melbourne, 725 - 4077 ? - , ...... . JWKOTT'j inc. ivii.iv iiiai fun egj - j Wilson got from his recent encounter with Bill "Super - foot" Wallace and Chuck Norrls was one of pleasure The martial arts experts all happened to be at Miami's Omni Hotel during the U S Karate Associa turn's national karate tournament. Don, who has a studio in Cocoa, is the World Karate Association's light heavyweight and cruis - c .cgm v...p. v BILL, DON, CWCK wins, 3 losses, 1 draw) '" . aw t - JSBM ft fHtfK'lfSfSfSfSfSfrA KKaiaJ

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