Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on March 12, 1887 · Page 2
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 2

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 12, 1887
Page 2
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DAILY TELEGRAPH. B7 W. T. NOHtOH, a»i third noa Plua Strum, Alton, III SATURDAY EVE., MAKCH 13. In Memory of Ueecher. All Brooklyn VTM In mourning day orer the death of Rev. Henry Ward Beechor. The public offices wore clotcd, business WM entirely mspendei •nd memorial eervlcei were held in a large number of churches in the vicln'ty ol Plymouth church. The up town streets looked deserted. As early ns 7 o'clock Fulton avennn was thronged With people hurrying In the direction of Plymouth church. Linos of police were stationed at the ends of the block OD which the church Is ultuuted, and n one was allowed to puss through the lines unless he had a ticket. ROT. Dr. Hall, at Plymouth church, paid an eloquent tribute to the dcml. The other churches in which servicm were held were nil crowded to the utmost extent of their capacity. It !.estimated that fully 25,000 people Attended service in the various uburche •nd that fully twice that number were gathered in the street IB the neighbor hood of Plymouth. TUB APRIL ELEuTlUfl. The Sentinel is out this morning in opposition to political nominations at the spring elections. Ut course, an "independent' 1 paper, this was to be expected. But thoughtful citizuu* know that this alleged independence and irresponsibility is just what U tlie matter In tbo conduct of our city affairs. The Sentinel has heretofore severely criticised our city government, and yet the present administration is the direct result of the "Independence) 1 ' which it DOW seeks to perpetuate. The independents have had opportunity enough in the management of local nffiiirs. Oar Council Is the direct product of their mistaken, every>man-for-bimself policy. , No political putty will take the responsibility of putting in the field such candidates for the council as have pu themselves forward In the pant in opposition to the wishes of the great oinjori t; even of their own political faith. Responsible party nominations are foi tbo public good; they will inevitably be better than can bo obtained in any other way. "Ho party in local politics" has had a fair trial liore for yours and has been a dismal failure. A oon'.hiuiu.cp of the same policy in (uture will only result tn municipal ruin. The TKLEOUAPH has no oandidati-.- for Mayor or Aldermen, but it biii- abullng conlidencu m I ho wisdom, judgment aud cummon>sont!o of the Kopub- lioan party, and risks nothing in Baying that the candidates nut in Uiu iluld by that organization will be men interested in the prosperity of the city and wortln tbo confidence and support of every voter. . Mr. F. H. Brinker, a leading farmur of \Voodburn, wits in town yesterday. Poniua*tur Miller, of Bethalto, and Mr. and Mrs. H. E, Siaul, of Moro, wero vbitors in town to day. Mr. K. .A. Clement returned this morning from an eastern trip, lie found snow five feet deep m Vermoui lust Tuesday. Hon. J, H. Yagor arrived home yesterday from Wichita, whore he spun the last week. Wo understand he is still enthusiastic over the prospects ol the place. Mrs. L. O. Gillham and children living a few miles southeast of town, have removed to Lincoln, Illinois, hui former Iiome, to reside. Mr. Oillbnui will remain on bis larm until fall anil then join them. Mr. Uixon Mundlo and his son, Mr. Thos. Mundlc, wero in town this morn Inp. The former oume to Alton in 1836 and moved to Ditl hi in 1841. Hi Is one of the pioneers of this section and although ho has attained the good old age of 86 yours, is still halo and vigorous. G. A. It. A special meeting of Alton Post No. 441, U. A. It., will be held next Monday eve., nt their hall. A full ntton- dance requested. Important, business. Per order C. A. HERB. 108 Commander. Coal. Buy your Hard and Soft Coal of II . L. Winter and got the best. Offlco at Mook's Pharmacy, Thlrtt street, and in Job's new block, corner Second and Henry sts. Telephones No's. 21 and 61. REPUBLICAN TOWMSUIP CUSVEN 'JlOH. Tax Notice. All taxpayers of Alton Towuslnp arn hereby notified that the tax books will be oloBod on the 24th of this month and returned to Edwarduvillo on thu 26th, and that they will save expense by settling before that -late. Will be at North Alton Thursday, March 17th. V. HtiUCll, dUl Township Collector, The Ropubllcnn* of Alton township aud all others desiring to cooperate with them nt the election Tuesday April 6th, are requested to meet in Mass Convention nt City Hnll, Monday evening, March 28th, to, nominate can didtttea for the following offices: One Supervisor. Three Assistant Supervisors, One Collector. One Assessor. One Highway Commissioner. And to trail-met tvny othor business properly coining before thn meeting. CHAS. HOLDEN, JR., J. K. HUH.Ell, GEO. I). IIAYDEN, H. G. M'I'IKB, S K. CONN >U, H. ». BAKEK, JR., F. W. HOIM'E, H. B. SI'AKR, Republican Central Com, REPUBLIUAN CITY The Rmniblicans of the several ward- of thu city of A'ton, and all voters desiring to cu-operalo with them in securing a better, muro efficient anil more progressive administration of oitv M f fairs, are requested to meet in pri maty meetings, at, City Hall, <m Thuri- Uay evening, April 7th, at 7:80 o'clock, to nominate candidates for Aldermen in their respective wards, and also to appoint delegates to a City Kopubltcnn Convention to bo held nt the same place, Friday evening, April 8th, to nominate candidates fur ftlnyor, City Clerk, City Treasurer, City Attorney, to bo vutud for at th<: municipal election April 19ih; the several wards to be entitlud to the following representation in ihu city convention: First ward, 8 delegates. Second ward, 6 delegates. Third ward, 8 delegates. Fourth ward, S delegates. Fifth wura, 8 delegates. Sixth ward, 6 delegates. Suvenih ward, 7 delegates. Total number of delegate.", 61.* And to transact, BUCU othur business as may propetly come before the meeting. CHAS. HOLDEN, JK, J. K. BUTLER, GEO. U. HAYUEN, H. O. M'PIKK, S. F. CONNOR, H. s. BAKEK, JR., F. W. MOPPE, H. B. STARK, Republican Central Committee. Tako Ayer's Suraaparilla, in the .-•pnng of Hie year 10 purify the blood, invig'iruto the system, excite the liver 10 notion, and restore healthy lone and iuor to the whole pbyMCiul mechanism. Remember that quality, not quantity, constitutes the value of medicine. dwlw ALTON PUBLIC SCHOOLS. SfUlsthml Report of the Alton Public School" (or tha month oiidlng March 4,1887. 'Incnln School.... lumbuldc " .... Uai-llold W nob iti; ton lift 86 TOTAL ............ 11,7 2(W 171 UU 32 1077 03 ' Names of pupils 95 and above in scholar- H1UII B01IOOL. IBNIOa CLASS. Enrollmrnt 18. ouhH Ita-iio. 1 u. Mary Armstrong, 89. lHb'li:iiiillHcombo,llO.Nrnu McAda'Ua, OS. Ndl« Riulr, O.-l Annie Allnil.98. Imi llurrla, 03. \d>iN>uliolH, 117. Jefliiiarn Illulr,96. . Mnry DiX'iil 97. Currld UuUui-thy. 97. Ailn Ki'l-nr, 9tf. Fuiiiilo U> hmiii, 90. Dull Uulliuwuy, 95. iirullnu 8 -toold, 96. ie»8lo Ityrlii, 04. Ida Yager,*! UIDDL1 CLAS1. Enrollment 2J. U u rln lluokmmtur, 99. Lulu Lehne. 99. liiltle I'nliini-y, 99. Bclln Wilson. 91. liii-leKivtiiH.IM. Lizzie Hill, 90. Ada Wl.-e,9ii. li u y Arin*tiuU|[.v3, kdltb Blair, 95. JDMIOR CLASS. Enrollment 49 A. l'iui4lHiilini.|ci.r, 99. Uurtlfl Hiirdy, 99. Aduilu Haiulall, US. Lucy Smith, U7. Lumaaolitleben W. Edilli li.imill, DO. UIUM.MAU DEI'AIITJIENT. LINCOLN SCliOOL-flooru 3. US. Kitty Pates, OS. Hymn JolitiHton.97. Muiul Kiilgttiiy, U7. Harry Kxlih.Dri lUzliiLjons. 93. nerllu II •wunl. AiiiilK Fiiicli,9d Wi»t>,U7. Emit .. L<III llH'hnwiiY.M. Aunlu llionauu, M, llmm No. 4. Enrollment (0. L'ittli< Pfiil.lK). !((>«• Mi I.T, 93. Uoiirxlu Fox 98. Horn t) i-ln, 97. M until *mlu.,90 Mluiiin Huliniii-,95. ., Mmnl. K.rel, «7. Kilnu f-inltli. 90. Mill'lllH Knx, 90, ItOHU UnWkliM, 98. 1HVINO SCHOOL— Room No, 1. Knrollui' nl,33 Cii'orue I'.irkcr, (.1 Kihul Buller, 08. llurilitt Oithup, BH. Fnink UinddltiK, 97 A QUESTION ABOUT Browns Iron Bitters ANSWERED. l " n «V«l thonwind. i.i , cor«oT.ry. HUojwn t ButUdo«»cureiiiivduei.'o . o«»cur I" "juoh « r«put«blo phyilolMi would preterit* IHOS Wynloliiii tM«nilts Troii M the bni bnit ii-.l pr«cllc«, U I. rior In th. d K:OV^ BROWN'SIRONBITTERS^a'S tuuduhe, ot produi-a o<ro»tlp»tlon-nll Other Iron mcillclncudo. IIItUWN'MlllON BITTERS cures Iii.llgc.llon, Illllouancaa,W«'iiUiicaa, I)yap«pala. .Uulnrln, Clillls und I'evom, Tired Ii'eallaB.Uoncrnl l)cblllij,I',,ln In tbo Hide, Bnck or l.linb«,IIetulnclip and Nenrnl. Bla-lor all UIOM allmonta Iron li prowribtd dalli BROWN'S IRON BinERS.Ssrsatf wlnut*. IJka all other Uiorou.h tnedlolnM. It icU «"»«l .Wb.on liken t>jr »u.« tho t\r«t niniitom M Un.«i to nitawad en«ntT. The muKln ffi.n beS'me rmor, the digHtlnn Improve, the fxnrelaare actlw n iKu tho iReut U ugtu lly mnrr r.nld .nd mirkml ' " Un Or , K nelli\ Ki lnm Urnoe Jnhn*tou,W. LIIII*<Ia<ik»on,M. Kow) hak«r. M. Uuo. Pieirtpn Hor, Cballacombe, W. Olmrllfl IhinK XVX101DT loBoot-Awn ffe, l. t Hnrollmitnt, IT. K i ran Bell, t9. Ottkrlle Hrrb, M. tJnsle Blailnner, W. Dmhon, 89. Ouriln HUMnmtr.Pl. Annlj Bllderoick, M, llnmlo Polndexter, 97. Otto -o«»r«u, 87. John Hastings, 17 Uliarllo Koch, 93. The cmoihnont of the High School Is U«. Tb» enrollment of tho U) uiiuuur Schoo I I IU. R. A. HA1U11T, Supt. Tie Oeouln. hw Ttjdo Murk ..d cmMed red line. e* wrapper. TAHK NO OTIIKU, COLONEL Carroll D. Wright, win s Det-n ungnifi/tl in Invoall^Mtin^ ihe i-ji'Ct of convict, labur in the Unltei hits coiupletud a report, itivini tlio result-! of hi.t liivcstlfjHtmii!! anil bin conclusion!) re^iirding ri'lulivu ailvan- tajjes of 'tiffiTon'. syatoma of convict Libor. Hu i j xpr(v«soi the opinion tlm hund labor under tbu public account cystura is Ihe bevt. Thu coraplulnu a^aln^t the oontruut sy-tt'Mii, hu are cleurly suslttineil bv facts mlu lo show thai it a tin oliJHCtlonubin teui, though it Is the nio-t protliable oni'. Niinu of ihe ri land run t»s;eH arising urirk-r the coniraot sysiem or the pieci»> pnoa niodiliout'on thi-rcof cnulil, he H:lV, hu uryed agllinSI. I ho pluil |>r<i- poM'd, und the i.dnptinn' of UIB hnnil labor s\slem would reduce Ihu t-ffucts ol convict labor upon rates of wauus to a minimum. Colonel Wright's conclu- mons as to the advantages of thu public Hconunt syctL'tii agruu with those of ihe N«w York Commission on Prison Ltttior Euform. 1'hnt system n now employed to a gruntor or Ics 1 * extent in more Ihan two-lhird-t of the Suuu?, and under it about one>third of Ihr whole nurubur nt convicts at work In Ibe peual inalitu- tions of ihe country are employed. ALL men are horn equal. All men born in tho United States remaiu so as long as they live, unless-ihey vol» unliuilv surrender their libertv and give up their claim to cqnaliiy by jo:nine some order whieh provides mailers for them.— N. Y. Com. Advertiser, VITIATED BLOOD Scrofrlous, Inherited and Contagious Humors Cured by Outicura- T nRi">l'Gn tho raiidlum of one of your books rocelvfd through Mr Frank T. Wruy, UniKKint, Apollo, p,i,, I berinne nc- quiilnied with your COT1CDRA KBMEDlUS.nnd i akothlB opportunity to tvntity to you that t nclr u-p hi>a pinmunently cur«il n:e of one ol th« wors- cases ol blood poUonlntf, In connection with ory.-lpBlu-, that 1 Imvui'Verseon, imd this uftor tmving iiecn pronounced Incui'- nblo by romi'Joi tho best physicians iu nur county. 1 talte irreiit pleasntu in forwardljiK o you tltlu testimonial, unso.lclted HS It 1^ bv ,011, In ordei tluu others frou. similar maladies iimy i e onconriiKed to give vourCOTloo IIA I(EUKI)lt9 « irllll. P S. vvtlirUNOEK, LeccbburK, Pa. Reference: FnANK T. WRAY, Druggist, Apollo, Pa. SCROFCLOUSUI OKR3. JntnesE. Klclm Unon, Uustom llousi 1 , New »loiiii8. on OMth nays: ''In 1S70 Scrofnloi^ Ulcera broke nut on ray body until I was a 111198 of corruption. Everything known to hu medical liiuuity wns tried In vain. 1 be uiinu a more wreck- At times could not lift my ImnU* to my bend, could not turn In bed; wai In con-iuiit puln. und looked upon life a- se. No -eliefor cure In tun years. In bcil'd of thu ouMcunt Komeuien, used tin-in, mid was perfectly cured." Sworn to Uuloru U. a. Uoiu. J. D. Orawford. ONE UP THK IVOK8T CASKS We have been si llmK your (Jntlcurii licme- lies for yearn und liavn thu first complntn yet to receive from a puruli'isur. Oneol th- worst caneii of scrofula I ever -taw was euro 1 ' by the use of tlvti boiilui ot Outlc ira U^^olv- mt, Cutiunnt and I'utlci'ra Moar. 'ihe Miai' takes the "cake" here tii- n medlciniil coup. TAYI.OU • TAYI.OK, , Fraukfort, luiu. And ContHKioua Humors, with loan of hnlr, tnd Eruptl'ina nf lllu Skin, are positively cured by Uutlcura and Outicura Soap exter- na^ly, when all other medicines full. Send for pamphlet. DHUGUIiTs UaETHEM. We have obinlncd entlufnclory results from thf ut-e of tliQi^utivtiru Hemedl' s in our own liimlly, ami rucoinmenu tbuiii beyond any otner retiieillei lordlaci.sis ol thu skin and blood. Tim di-miiml for iln m m' WH aa theli merits become kuuwu. MCMILLAN A CO., , Latrobe, Pa. CUTICUHA KE'IKIIIES are sold every wheie. fi-ico: Uutlcura. the Greit skin CII:*H, 6>i et-.; Outicura S'-ap, an LxqulslieUu intlrler. %> eta. ; Outicura Kesolv- enl, tliu New lilood I'nrliicr, Jl. i'ottor Oruu and uhemlCMl OIL, Ifosion. D 1 VI PLUS, Blackheads. Skin Blemltmcs JL JLi.TJL and Uaby llumurs, use Uuucum anap. Choking Catarrh. Hi:VD you awakened from « dlaturnedsleep with all the horrible nensatlons ol an assus- sin olutcbinK your throat and prone.UK the llfo-breutli from your tightened client? lluvo vou noticed tb« languor unJ dcbl Itv thai succeeded the effort to clear your throat find heud ot this catiinhill matter? What a ile- t-huliiK Inllueiice It exurts upon thu mini], udluK tue m.-niory and IlilltiK th • hi'itil with puliiH and xtran^e nome I How dimeult to pr»te t the oj-unn aualnst It- liiilhur pri>»iu»a towania ib» IUIIKX, liver an kidne.\s, all pliyuleluns *lll iidnilt. It IM a terrlblu dlsi>asi', und cilits out for rtllef and cure, Thi! riMiiiii-kable rurntlvo powers when all other rinii-iliea utterly lull, of Sa-foul's Iliid cul (Jure, nru atin-ted by thoiiBitn' l H who Kiaieftilh recommend u to fellow luffenttv. ^•0 Muti-mcnt l.« in ute I'CKimlinu it that cannot be tjuliot inimuxl b\ thu most rexpfCtu- l" *nd re.lublu relvr^ncfH. Kuch luii-ket conluliiH one bottle of the RitdtO'il Cure, one box of I iitarihal Solvent, imd uu linpiov. d Inlviler. wlih treutlw and dlri'ct niiH.ii id U mild 'iy nil uruKKl'tn for }1. 1'OTTIfll UHUOAUHKlliOAL LU..UU8TON. HOW MY SIDES ACHE. From tlm bonoh anil Ihu oountur, from thu loom and si wliiKinuohiuu KOUS up ihu cry • f pain ami wi-iik- 111181). AuliliiKbldi-auml Hack, Kill mi) nnil Uierlmi' alnf, 8 rulni mid .,iVunknu»e,CouKhs.UoliiHuml Client l ui.,0, mm I'Viiry puln anil atihu of ually toll •i lluvuil In our mlnu « by thi< Untie ,ra Anil- I'aln 1'liiutnr. N.w clOKUiit, and Inlu llblu. At Uruuul.ts, Uo.i five lor Jl; or of i'ottur llruK and Ohouili-alUo., llosuin. Lucas Pfeittenberger ARCHITECT, GENERAL SUPERINTENDENT AND MECHANICAL DRAUGHTSMAN, Ofllce on Third St.,one door went of Pimm, thir<l llnor. CURE sTat, Improved Pusliloned Kar Druniu fECTl.V HE,TOUK T"I«! UKAIUNu' ' THE KE8T THING fOR In Hard or Soft, Rotor Cold Water, H*VES LABOK, TIBII5 anil SOAP AMASS. MOliY, and gives universal mitHIJteUoa. tv I unity, rich or tioor, should bo without It. * ,M hv nil Ornoert. JJKVVAKE of hnltAHOI I Kill donlimuU to m'"'""" ' -'LINK IB tt ONLY SSriS «t«.. .u. oomnound, an* » >my« beam tho "-Love symbol aud uiuno 01 »'"•'"' r ""'IIH-M IK t-MlM-d by , or m .iilxnio ib» iiiiinralUrums "J POKltlon but Invl.Uilu i „• ,,-," comiortablti to wi-m. Mn»lu, conv.-rHMtlc r BVBII whi.p, ,., |, „, lt dLtlncn'v, Wu r" .' to '"' " lur ''""tiulilu book KASK1N E (THE NEW QU1MNK) . Wo bad effect No headach No nausea. MO ringing ears. rure " quickly |?leasant,f ur " A POWKKKLTL. TONIC. that the most Ucllcato'stomaun wlllbear. A SPECIFIC FOR MALARIA, RHEUMATISM, NEKVOUS PltOSTKATION, nnil all Oi'im DlKonuos FOR COLDS KA-KINK liAS ilKBiXFOUNh utlB ALMOST A SPECIFIC hupeilor tn Quinine Iti-lluvuelloepltnl, N. T,; "Universally sni" CURBfUl." ("Evnn- patient treat"!' 3t. Francis Hos. N. T. {with Kuskmn ha» be-n ( dldcllilr^ccl cured." KPV. Jos. L. Hull, Clinpliiln Albany Pi<nlien- tlary, wrln-i) that Ka-klnt< liaa cunul Ilia wtt>'. liter twenty vfam Miffpi-lntt Irom iraUrln and neivoud dyspepsia. Write him for pnr- tlnulars. St. Jusepli's Hospital, N. Y..- "It's use l.~ con>lilurcU Inillsp^nsn lo Itactnperlectly." Pro:. W. F. IIoicninuH, M.D., W EiMtZith 8t.. N.Y. (lute Prof, in N. Y. M«d. College) write-: •Kuxklne la superior to quinine In its soecMl, •) «or, and never prodin-ea the slightest In uty to tho hi'arltiK <n coiiHtliutlon. TllouaiiTidsui'dn llioilHiuuls writu l!:at Kil-- kinu hnscnitid thrm alter all oilier mcdl emus hud fulled. Writu lor book of testi- nnnliili. Kiihkinocnn be (aVon without nny spootiil uitdlcal Hdvlce. Ji.OO per boitle. Sold by or n-ni by mull on receipt of price. KASKINKCO.,51 Warren st ,New York loilwlin SCROFULA Humors, Erysipelas, Canker, and Catarrh, Can be cured by purifying the blood with I do not believe tlmt Ayer's Sarsaimrllla Ima an equal as a cure for Scrofulous Humors. It in pleasant to take, gives strength to the body, anil produces a more permanent result than liny meilidno I ever u«eil. — E. llaines. North Lindalo, Ohio. I havo-used Ayor's Sarsaparllla, In tuy family, for Scrofula, and know, if It is taken faithfully It will thoroughly eradicate this terrible disease. —W.F. Fowler, M.D., Greenville, Tenn. For forty yours I have suffered with Erysipelas. I have tried various remedies for iny complaint, but founil no relief until I commenced using Ayer's Sarsaparilla. After taking ten bottles of this medicine I am completely cured. — M. C. Amcsbury, Roclcport, Mo. I have suffered, for yeara, from Catarrh, which was so sovoro that. It destroyed my apputito and w«nk- enod my s y s t u m. After trying other rumoiliea, witiiout relief, I bewail to tnko Ayiir's Rarsnparilla, and, in a few months, >va.s cured. — Susan L. (JooU, iWII Albany at., lio.alou, Mius. Ayer's Sarsaparilla is 8iipurlor to any blood purllior that I uvor trlud. I have taken it for Scrofula, Canker, and Salt- Hheiim, ami received much benefit from H. It Is good, also, for a wealc stomach. — Millie Jane Peirco, 8. Bradford, Mass. * Ayer's Sarsaparilla, I'rrparod by Dr. J. O. Ayor fc Co., Lowoll, Mau Price 811 six bottles, »S. 1887, HARPER'S BAZAR. ILLU8TRATBD. IfAitrEn'a FAZAII combines tlio choicest literatim tmil iho nnest lliu.tratlonswlli the utest lauhlons i.nd the most useful family remjliiK. ll» stoileo, poi>m«, and esaHys are bv ihe best writers, and its humorousskutohei are uneurpanecd. Us papers on social utl- quette, decnratlvo ait, linuHe kooplng in all Its branches, tookci-y, > tc., nmke d Indlspen- table In every household. Its beautllul fash- on liluiOK and patturn-Hi'tet snpplrniimts enable ladles to savo many times the oo»t ol 'ubscrljiilon bv I'diiK ilielrowiidieHnniikeis, Sot ,." ,""? '* admitted to Us columns toat could shook tho moot fuatidluut tuuto. HAUPEK'H PERfODlCALS. „ , I'er lean larpcr's Ilaznr $400 ;lillp«r|« JIllKIIZllHl 4 00 iarper'n Vounn l'coiile.!'..i'.".!'.'.'...".''.l S 00 llarcur'a Prnnkllii Squnre Library, out) ycar(J8immbiW '. .. „ lu M 11 II III I-,... m \ ' * " • * * \OS 10 Of fl .Tl u iy nl , lmo « nlthiuzAH boRlti with the Ir t Numbei lor January <i| ouch yiiar. rt'htm no tiiiiij In iiii-ntioiiuu. hiiliHurlpilons w.ll b«. Kin wlih ilii> Numbi-ruuiruiit ut ilinonl ru- ccil-ii of nrilur, Uoillld VullllllfH Of llAIII'lvll'S llAZAII, f ir tliim'juiiiii buck.In in uu I,MU li nilnm.will liu KIIIII b\ in-ill pii'tiiKU|iul-i,iirliy i-xjiri'es, fine ul rxiiuii.ii (piovidwJ tint IrclKli' <'"!•» mil eiciitU unu uoiiar per voluwu), for »7.W> per ttAOJ.f. t»AtttKT COMI'ANV. SPEING ARRANGEMENT Tlio Stoiimor •s B.BOI8POWBU, ED uu>OK,Oiwr's On and r. tor Momluy, Feb. 11, th« Sprend KBVH- « 1 nm iiHiollows.vUi LEAV1HU ALTOS FOR ST. LOUIS nt 7 o'clock a. tn., nntt 8t. Louts on retnn Tip at 8 p. ui,, dntly. And leaving Alton lor I'ortnue, Jorst-y Landlnir. "rmton. and - polntf every ovonlng HI B:80o'clock. «9-Th« Whistle will be sounded filteei •nlnutosbo'ore starting lor St. Louis. FAJUKl TO ST. LCO1S, ... llotWD TBIP . . RH>B»' • -.50 a w. HIM,. A ITCH t. Fast Freight. & Passe ger Li e TUB S*T. LOTH" AND CENTRAL ILLINOIS K. K. Ou'd PALACE J. F. ELI.isOX, CoiunmnUer. hiv ANBIIUTZ, l/iinticn THUK UODOE, |"'8tK». On and ultor Thnrdday,Fcb. 17th, wlllleave .Mturnliilb Fur St. l.ouls at 7 n. m. lleturnlnir, will leave St. Louts (foot ol Vln -i.) ut 2:48 p. in.: Leaving Alton at 5:3O p. m. foi Portuge aud .lersey, arriving at Gratioii ut 7:45 p. m.) (onneptlnitwlili f netezpreeH on St. Louts an i entrnl Illinois Hullroiul tor Jurseyville, Wu- vcny, dp. InKOtld mid all points north anc • Bbt. FAUB. ro ST. Lotrie, slimlc trip, ... Mr " " n uiid trip, . . . . 76.) " " twenty rlue ticket, . , |9.(X HENKY 0. TATUM, Gun. A«t. Alton. H. A. i-'l^UEU, i.ou'l Muna«i)r, . telldtf DB. C. JU. UOICLAND, DentlBt, 18 TH1ED 8THKBT, ALTON, ILL. Office Uoarir-au. m. to 12 m.; 1 tot G. A. McMILLliN, Dentist) OVBR BKUKGQEU \.VxVS OIQAR 8TOUE 8EUONU ST. W>3 dtf fU YM1C1AJN8 ANU DU. B. OUJSJLUJtl, Physician and Burgeon, 4ND BESIDENOE. OOE.FOUBT) AND UKMfeY Si S. lai-dwly W. A. JrtAHHJBLL, M.O., Physician and Surgeon, OFFI08-BEOOND ST.,ALTON, ILL. b ours— 9a.m.; 14 to 1, PUD utidoi'ilguud have o&ened a now mmlc toru 0.1 tiiu eoruiir ol '/nlrtl j and Pinna sts ORGANS AND ^PIANOS I of tho [finest workmanship for sole at rag,' donuble urlcea. Oall and eiamlue our in«tru. uib betore purohaslUK eUowuero, FLOSS. & BABE. WILSON WASHBOARDS. JThe«e"Wnihboordi are mode with 1 a Bent-Wood rim. TheStxoiig- 4 ait boards and beit wasliers In th« 1 world, tor sale by all dealers. "Si" 1 r^AGI^WMT-O CO., DODDLE. § Baglnnw, Michigan. »5 AN ACRE on long- tint. To. most prMi and proml.uvt fltld for nttlemuit In tin U. s. ill milp 1887. Harper's Weekly. ILLUSTRATED. HARPER'S WEEKLY maintains Its position a» the lettdliiK Illiiotrated newspaper in Amor- leu ; und Its hold upon public esturm and con- ndcnce was nevoi Htronuur than at thu present time. Unslduii the pictures, lUKPEu'g » KKKLY contains Instullmentti of onn, oicuBionully of two, ol the beot uov«U of ihe day, flnely liluacrated, with short atorteB, po«m«, sketclw^, and papers of Important current topics by thu aiont popular writer*. 1 he care iliat has been unccesofuily exercised tn the pant to u ake luitPEug WEBUtr . suie au wi'lf as a well-nine Msltor to every houw) hold will not be relaxed In thu future, HAKPEK'8~FKKIOOICALS. P«rYe»ri llarperV Wcoklv ....................... 140 Hai'iKn'sMuniizluu .......... , ..... 400 Flurper'uHuzar... ............ ' ,," 400 llarper'a UIUIIK People .......... '...'..... ZOO lUrperV Ki-aiikiln bquaro Library, ono year (62 numbers) .......... ..... 10 00 llurpur's Handy Series one jear (1,3 nmnbi.r,) ......... ...... f ..... ..? Ul «! ..^J 1 '! Volumes of the Woehly begin with the iluifMimO rforJanuuryoffH hyear. When I'V.'i"! 1 ," "L U1I) "H<"»-'<1. oubMiliitloM will bdKln order WUI '" ) " tlil ' " °' roc *'P' ul Uounrt Voiumei of HAHPSH'S WICBKLT, for hree yvurs bark, In mmt o.oih lilndniK, will o »oi-t by mall, |iusiug« paid, or by uxpresn, lice nf rxpuiisu (provluod thetruluht dutm not ixcei-d ono uoilui |Hir volume) Uu-47 per vol. cioih casuB for euoli volume, suitable mr wipt f of '»" e«eh."°" 1 U> ' mM> VW**' on "" lloinliiuiicus Mhould bn raarle hy Poetoffloe Moruy (Jrdur 01 Kraft to avoid ohui.oo of luis. Aew»pnp«is are not lo copy tills udvurtlse- ""'"'"'"'"wpWMorUBr ot HttipurA ern. Addivo " "AltPBlt .« nilOTHEB^, New York. STOCK FOB SALE. A Klnu Illooiluil Miuu, a (Tine niiort Horn LOW mid lluii j ,s-y Vom-llnx lluif r. lu- iis ut Ol« UoUfiuy Uoiurm»;i»Uoiml I'ar.ou- The Century For 1W80-87. Tan OMttCMY K "^ Uni»»r»tea tnootbly miwurtn«r bating ft r»B»li»r tlreutatl'ln ol about two bnn.>r«u thotiMiud ooples, ottaa leaching and sometimes eitooedlui two ban. dre* aud twenty nvethousand. (Jhlef utoons Its tuanv attractions for tbu coming y«ar In * serial which bat been in active prepurntlon lui' sixteen year*. It It H history ul our own oouutry lu Ui moit orllioH time, M s«t i«nh in TUB LIFK OF LINCOLN, By Liu Coutlucntiol Secretaries, Juhu t*4 Nlcoluy ami Col. John Huy. Tliti KTOM work, bi'Kuii with the Mtuotlna of President Lincoln, aud continued nutter me uutliorlty ol blinon, tb« Hon. llobert T. Lincoln, la the only mil and authoritative record of tbo llfo ol Abraham Lluoolu. It* lUthorH wero I londi ol Lluuol i bvlura hu presidency; they wore most Imimutely associated with htm as private secretaries throKhuut his torm of otllc«, and to tb«m wura trmiBterroU upon Llnuulu'* death all bit private pape.'i. llure will bt told the liutd« history ot the civil wur an* of President Lincoln's admlnlHtrutlon -Important dutiilli >l whton huvu hltborio remained uurevealtd hut they might Unit appuar lu tula authentic. iiUtnry. lly itsiwou of toe publication ol thli THE WAK SERIES, which has been followed *ltli unflagging .nterestby a great Interest by a great audl. mice, will occupy IOHH space during the com- >ng jear. Ufitybburg will be described bv •un. Hunt (Ohlof of the Union Artillery). Hun. Lonnstro l, Oon, K. M.Law, and others. OhloamatiKa, by Gon. U. U, Hl.l: Bherman's Maran to the • ea. by Uenerala Howard and -liHium. Generals Cj. A. Uliliuore, Vfm. f, -mitb, John Gibbon,lloruoe Forter, and John d. alosby will describe s|>eoial battles and incidents. Htoilos of navai eugagemente. prison llio, etc. etc. will appear. NOVELS AND STORIES. "The UuuUmdth Mau," a novel by frank K. Stockton, author ol "Tho Lady, or the finer." bHgliis in November. Two novelette* byUeorge w. Cable, stories by Mary llallosV Poote, "Unclu Iteinus," Julian Hawthorns. Edward fgiileston, and other prominent American authors will be printed during tn« year. SPECIAL, FEATURES. (with illustrations) Include a series of artl- rlvs on affairs lu Russia and Siberia, bv Ueo. Kennan.autfaor ol ••Tent Life In Siberia," who n uu Just ruturnea from a most eventful visit 10 blberian prisons; papers • n the Food Question, with reference to If bearing on tlm i.abor I'roblt'iu; JCngllnh Cathedrals: Or, l-KKieuiou'u Bellglous Life in tho American Uuloulen: Olalrvuyuuce, spiritualism, Astrol- "gj.eto., b\ itev, J. M. HucKlev, U.D., editor 01 tbu UnrUtiau Advocate: antronoinlcal papers; artless throwing light oil Bible history, ttC 'PBICE8. A FREE COPT. Subscription price, J4.0U a year, U cents a number. Dealers, postmasters, and publish- ITU take subscriptions, bend for onr bcuutt- tully illustiuteu M page • oatulogue (tree), containing lull pi oapeotnx, eto., Uio bdlng • i-pi'cinl utter by wbicb new readero can KM ack cumben to the beginning oi the War aeries ut a very low price. A specimen oopy (back number) will be neui on reqnust. Mention this paper. Uan you uHord to be witbont the Oontnn* T11JS O*.NTUhT CO., New York Subscriptions received at tbii ofllce. iFlJE ATLANTIC MONTHLT FOB 1887. Will contain. In addition to tho beit Short rtories, SkeUbes, Kiways, Poetry BM Criticism, two serial Stories:— The Second Son, l)y UBS. M. O. W. OLIPHANT Paul Patott, By r. MAtilOX OBAWFOBD, Author of "A Itoraan Singer," "sir. Isaae«, etc. Papers on American History, ByJDiiN riSEE, Whose previous papers have been so Interesting, lull ol information, and generally popular. French aud English. continuation of the admirable papers com* paring the French anu Biiitlliw people, Byr.U.UAMKBTON, Essays and Poems, By OLIVKIl WENDELL HOLMES. Occasional Papers, By JAMBS UU'WKLI, LOWELL. Contributions may be expect' d from John Oreenloai Whit tier, U borons Wentwoitn Ul* gluson, Uharli-s Uudley Warner, B, 0. Stea- mun, llarrlut W. 1'reston, Sarnh Orne Jowett, (Jharlob Kuben Oriuldook, Arthur .Sharburne Hardy, H«nry Cabot Lodire, Edith M.Tboma*. Horace K. Bcuddc.-, Ueov^e E. Woodbony, UuorgeFiedertck I'arson", Maurice Tiiomp «on, Lucy Lai com, Delia Thaztxr, Jobn Burroughs, James Fieeuian Clarke, Kllzuboth Robins Fennel), Bradford Xoirey and many others. ' TKHMS: $4 a year In advance, postage free j 85 vents a number. With superb ilfe-aiie uortraltuf tiawtbnrue, Kmenon, Longfel- • low, Bryant. W lilt tier, Lowell, or Holme* 4* i oao h addltlo nal poi trait, |1.. The November and December numbers ol the Atlantic will be i-ent nee of charge to new auhsoriburs whose subscriptions are received before December 20th. Postal notes and money are at the risk of ihecender, aud tliurolom remittances should be made by uioucy order, drait, or registered letter, to ( , Uougbton, Mifflin & Company, 4 Park street, lloston, Mass. • Master's Sale. STATE OF ILLINOIS, ( 8t. Oiiilr county. | Of the September term, A.D. 1886, of the II. OJuir County Olrcuii tlourt. John N Ohllton Vs. Thomas CMlton, Geont* Ubliton, Jiimetf <41 dero\, Hobert W. Dick. «n»on, Klliabcth Ann'Wiillams, Dorothy Burn. rhoinuB Burn, Jumus Burn. Barbara tei-KU'ion, S aah JHUU Burn, William Burn, John Thomas Hum, Ann Burn, Isubulla Bum, Jamu-,Bu.n, uud Homy 11. O.iullem r, executor ot tbu last will aad tosimuentof John Uhllton, decea«*d. Hlil lor sale o! Itoul Kitate. Umler and by vlnue of decree of laid ourt.mudein the above entitled eaus*, at said term,l, the nuderslgnud, will, oa SATi:itDAY, ilAUOIl 10. 18W, i.t andoi. the premioua lifretimfter described, eil to tint liUlieot and bni-t bidder, th'> fol- owing desciiuud land, bliuatod in thu ooun- _y ol iuudis>.n, and rtate ot Illinois, to-wlt: li-e HvstlourtUof ihe ^oatht-a^t quarter of hn northwest qua tor, containing t< n (10) i crci; and thu east half of the soiithw*M •marter, a I in sei-tlon thirty («i),ln township Ix (6) n< rth of i ung.' nli e 4 9; west. Appra sed value, M.tM.T*. 8al» to uom.uenod ut one o'clock P. tn. TKRMa Of -*ALE. -Twenty percent, of tn* liuivliMie m«n«y to be .aid cash <iown, and he balance on H credit of nix and twelve ni'iiitii., oeouitd by note and approved .ten- Ity, and a tnortKauu oil the premlsi i «old,on lie fxuuutloii ol will h, knit upon coiillrma- lonot SHI »uU«, 1 wll. execute ana deliver a eed to the iitiichastir or jnnclia-ira of »»ld ana, an b.\ sa.d nicro- lam directed,con- cylDg all III- light, tlMn and claim of tb« raid partieii n Huuihuit to said preuuuei. ALONZO 8. W1LDKBUAN, •i i.r Mtt "' u r u i/nai.uoo' ol sum coi..uty. M. W. » KIK, fiui. liMitd "UPPER ArfoN,TLS, D, B. KITIINGER & CO. Ory Oo.ids, Of oMriei, ilons.uf nil kinds, Vionr, touy Yuru, Feed, iiKlcrr or all^d*.'ToDttOM, iorlpttuns. QIM*M and Tin war*' Prcsh Oysters and Celery; Brank tiros'. CtMidii'H and Nulot K«^ltb > B JUruud. D, B.KITriNGER & CO. JUurphy'H old Stand. Mwlm

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