Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on March 11, 1887 · Page 4
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 4

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, March 11, 1887
Page 4
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AiTow DAILY TKLKQRAPH. FROM LIFE TO DEATH 1* but a moment It rheumatism or neural- gin tAilkb the heart. These cliieises are the most painful ami the most iliingeroiu • =•«. any. to .which human kind i» liable. They fly from one part to another without ,\ moment'* warning, and liniments and Other outward application* lire iti them- selvn dangaroiu because they arc liable to drive the dueiue to Botne vital organ and cause iiutant death, Ilhcuinntiam ntid neuralgia areclUeaseiof tho blood, omlcnn onJy'lx reached by a remedy which will drive from the blood the dangerous acids. Bach a remedy 1> Athlonhoro*. It lias been thoroughly tested and la n cafe, mire cure. J. M. Powell; clerk for P. P. Yerkin, druggist, Paris, 111., nays! "Cnmlng from Chicago I was suddenly stricken with acuto rheumatism, It spread all through mono rapidly that in a 1'cvr hours I was entirely helpless. We were obliged to slop o(F and made every effort to get Bomclliing that would relieve me from this n^otiy. I had to be CarHed ofl the tniin. No words could describe the pain I endured for the next five days. Finally a gentleman ad- vlecd mo to get a bottle of Allilophoros, and I at once commenced using H. Although it may Becm a very improbable circumstance, yet is nevertheless a fact, '."after I' had -taken five or six doses I had complete relief, and we continued on our •;'• Jo.arney. Since that time my father, who . nid been more or less a etifl'erer from rheumatism for six years, has also used Alhlophoros with the name satisfactory reealu. Chicago, III., July 25, ISM. With' pleasure I inform you there has ; : beeni no return of the dincase—cure perfect. Yours gratefully, REV. C. HARTLEY. Every druggist should keep Allilophorcu and Atlilojihoros 1111s, bnt where they cannot be IwiiL'ht of (he dru^KUt the Alhlo- phoros t'o.i .111 Wall St., Mew York, ivill send,either (currittgo paid) on receipt of regular price, which is fl.CO per bottle for Atlilophoro* and COo. for I'illK. For liver ami kidney dlM««-«, il}>pcr*ls. Indigestion, weakness, nervous debility, deposes of women, constlpntlnn. hen(l:iche. irnjiuru Mood, Ac., Attiloptioros 1'Uis uri; uiieqiialed. 6 REAL ESTATE FOB SALE OR RENT, -BY- Rudersnausen & Sonntag. ••-.;• - .. , .. .For-Sale. AVonvnnlent unrt plennnnt homo nt a reasonable flgnre, beln;.; u two.slury frame house on Eighth street, nour Henry. Vor Hate. A choice farm of 320 act OB. with first clasp Improvements, situated 2W miles east of Brnnswlok. Ohurlton co., Mo, For Hale, A one-story frame dwelling house in good condition. In Topping's addition to Alton. For Sale: Cheap The residence ol dipt. W. t able; two stories and mansard roofi 12 room i halls, closets, collars, etc.: 8 acres of groun • Most desirable property In tho city. Fer Hale. 16U acres of land near city limits. 3:.i-o ., two story brick and trarae awe n nonse, both NltuuUid on the e»- o i.Hto street between 6th and 7th > \ cets • to the brluh block ef stores on Becon iroef, between lloni and Jliago street .10wn as Hunl/er'f row. For Hale. ; A small frame ^ ^Ing house within n ne clocks of tha d i lor 1375. 160 acren f good Inrmmu land, and unotlioi tract ol 00 .urea, both unimproved. Sltuati- In Moi 10., Knnsus, nt J10 nnd $10 per iiort' respectively—onu-tulrd oash.balauoo on time. For gal*. Alarm of 140 acres on uottoin land, all ID cultivation, near 61udtson, In this county, A Bond two-atory trunin dwelling houtie on It. Price J3.ISOO Vor Sum. "A choice fnrtti ot 1-ia iiuros, nltimto 1 mllu south ol Bhlpmun, Muoouplu county, III., ut a low figure. PartiesImondlni; to buy Kciil Estate In tlui city ut Alton or vlclintv will tlnil It to tholi' Interest to cull ut tlieolllcool Uudei-uhnusen ft SonntHK andc.xiuuljiu tholrllst 01 proper- tics for sulu us only part thereof IH udver- Now and Beautiful Dcsiprns just arrived nnd arriving fur the Spring Trade. Gfciss! A Specialty, from Small to Lurgust Sizes. At. the,old reliable UOUSE-PAKNTINQ und DECORATING estubl inhineut o( NEFF & OBERMUELLER. Fourth, east of Belle st feblldam J. SUITER & SON, 5KALKO8 IN . Pmi5 AND COBIBtON FURNITURE. A Full and Complete Stock Always ou Hand. DO NOT FAIL TO GIVE US A .CALL BEFORE PURCHASING. UOOM8 AHK ON State Street, opp, Third, ALTON, XL*. »p8dwlV EMPIRE MILLS, EBUpNU 8THBKT (Noar llasa), ALTON, U,L _ FOK HAt.K : Ground OatH, Ground Corn, Hay, Oats, Corn, Corn Moal, Biu'ltvvlieat riour, Oriihani l''lour,oto niOMPTl.Y DBUVKItKU TO ANY I'AIIT Of TIIK CITY. M.WILltlNSON. Iy7 rttl Thli paper U Utipl an fllo nt tlio aflloe tf YER^SOH OVERUSING AGENTS "1Sft'bl U PHILADELPHIA. AVER « SON'S MANUAL (Entered a* 8ao0nd*4ra«» Mutter »t the P. O. lit Alton, Hi.) ""FRIDAY EVK., MAKCH n. ~ WHAT SHALL WE WEAR? A UACE SEASON IN PROSPECT. FIN6 LEATHER GOODS. Attractive nnd FiulilonnltU Styles ot ' Kilt Snlli for I.Htlo Voyt— Lndlo* Watches In Hljtlily Deecmitlvo Cim«s' Jllclily Set. With Vnlinilile <!eni«. Thci'o Is no morn convenient or becoming rtylo of drew for HHlo boys than kilt nulls. Of Ilicso mils (.hero exists a cix-nt variety of patterns. Tho cut hero given represents two kiltimitant present much, worn by juvenile Now Yorkers. KILT scira Tlie first U;?ive In the cut sboira n popular stylo of two piwo kilts that will bo much worn ibis spring. It is trimmcU, as will bo Been, with four small plaits «flid fancy Btraira of the same gooils us the suit. The Hccond Osnre IH that of a new stylo of two piece kilt suit, with trimmings of different goods in contrast to tbo material UBC<1 in tbo b<xly of Uio garment Silver Trimmed Leather Goods. Pockefcboolcs, card coses, blotters, porfc- folios ami purses are popular objects when mounted with okl silver carvings in elegant designs, Sometimes the corners alone are decorated, while at others they are bordered nil round. Very beautiful are the articles ornamented, with enamel upon silver in Moorish and Oriental colors, presenting in, appearance a handsome illumination upon the kid surface. Occasionally these leather objects aro docoratcd with little gold flowers or Insects in repoufse work, and occasionally a Christian name or initials hand written or cut out in gold, appear npon it. Many colors arc expressed in these leather goods, such as gray, brown, .verdljfris, porcelain, blue and n cream of leather, very attractive •when bor- rtercd with old silver carving. Lace Dresses and Laco Wcmnett. The coming season is to bo what dres»- nmkoi's and milliners terra a lace, sonsou. Black lane drcssos aro to bo worn on the Btroot again, and naturally lace bonnet*) will bo in high favor, Indoed at the present time laco dresses aro largely worn for evening receptions and entertainments by women of all ages. Black laco dresses aro not only worn over black, but over an under dress of any color that may be desired. Black laco bonnets with garniture of flowers or gay colored ribbons, nro at the, present time favorites for theatres and evening wear. I,udl«n' Wntolias. The present fashion is for smaller watches for ladie-s, with dial and case more or less decorated. In the finer Roods the semi-hunter case is thoprcfcnxxl one, anil there Is n strong tendency to Louis XIV styles In the decoration of both dials and cases. A very pretty watch is one showing n blue enameled dial with gold numerals and hands. Enameled cases nro much used, and there is n disposition to ornament with gems again. A popular case is a cold one with a clover leaf in the center, set with three different colored stones. Tho raised wire work is used with good clTcct on both gold and si ver watches, nnd, in this connection, it may bo told that artistic ellvor watches aro much carried by both mon and women. BECOIIATKD WATCH OASE9. The accompanying cut shows two styles of decoration. In one. appears' about tbo edges of the case net carving, with hero nnd there a small gem, sot to enhance the effect. In nnd around the center are designs made up of rained wire work, gems and chasing. The other figure in Uio cut represents a simple but elegant stylo of case; this shows a groundwork of flue chasing oil the. bark of the case, with a decoration in the center that simulates n star. As may bo soon, this effect is gained by a bright cut Btnr sot with u largo fine diamond. A novelty In watches for mourning consists of watches sot In black enamel cases with black dials on which appear numerals in while, enamel. Vlvlil Tones of Color. Tho fancy for yellow In the dress, and its accessories s! ill roigus in full force alongside that other fancy for red In Its deepest and most vivid tones, and between them the two brightest itnd most pronounced of colors make any gathering of women unusually damn tinted nnd picturesque. Tho liking for yellow extends to thp jowolry worn, and has created thli wlntor a f uroro for umber, which Is wx'ii on every occasion, appearing ill necklace and bracelets, in oniiuin'iit.s for Iho hair and pins for the dowel's on the corsage, In every possible |K>sitloii, and applied to every concolviiblo USD. It is only tbo gregarious in- stilt''! that induces 0110 sheep to follow another In jumping over n wall that makes Mich a suddiMi llnmln;; out of one color, one xliupa or oiio material ail ovor Iho city possible; and it Is this very monotony of dress and conduct nman;; city women In general that engenders (iometliln;- worse, that straining for the eccentrK 1 . nnd the outre, not to koep up with the f actions, as our censors of tbo other sex put It- wo all do that wituoutimy didlculty— but to get ahead of them that are responsible for at least as much "nervous prostration" and general breakdown as n half dozen other causes combined. Dlitgiuiiil I'rcinU ou . Diagonal fronts upon both basque* and street Jackets will bo a feature of spilng fashions. Tho English cutaway coat, fastening diagonally across tUo cliMi, Is one of tha natty styles which u-ill prove popular. Uo- neath thh Is a |*.rf«a Illtinj; Louis XIV vest of palo yiillmv pique, or very often corded cllk of a primrose tint »il| bo used. Another model kliows Iho i iybt front cut wide enough to lap hidoublo breasted fashion from tha throat to tbo length of about four locoes ovw the client. BtloW. tbis each tide Is cut uway leaving a broad open epnco, thl> space Illle tn by a ro-jt fonutJ of u Jinpto cecUou inid li four plnlu, which ure stayed by tapes lackei to tho aiulrrfolds. The closing' is Made b mentis of tUreo larg» buttoi«'»et irpon th tdgo of the overlapping porHon on the chest ALL AROUND tVlfi HOUSE. Vp Btalr*, Down Stnln, In the Kltche and In tho Lnily's I'arlor. Ladies who entertain ar» constantly on tb alert to iiitixHlutwplettsiflK unrpi-lsw for their (rueiila. An Instance at hand is tluit of th Iioutess who introduced an additional couin atn ladle*' luncheon party, directly afterdes 'sci-t, Thlscoui-so consisted of fi-esh I'nxm violets In n rock crystal bowl, from whiel each guest heliml herself to a bunch of th fragrant flowers.. A tldo dish of silver pin luvoinpanfcd this coumo.ot flowcm, which enabled the latter to bo worn as a coreagi bouquet. How to Slake ami Drink Tea. A Chinosw writer in giving American tea drinkers some advice in regard to tea, rccoui rnonds tho use of a china or porcelain pot» I you uso metal, let it bo tin,new, bright Ant uleru; novcr uso it when tho tin (4 used OH and tho iron exposed. If you do, you mi playing chemist and forming a temmte o: ten-ate of iron. Usn black ton, Oroeii ten when good Is kept nt-home. What goes abroad Is bad, very bad. Besides containing tho 203 adulterations tho Chinese philanthropist puts up for the outside barbarian, it is always pervaded by copper dust from tb dirty curing puns of the growers. Infuse your tc«. Don't boil it I'lncu one teaspoon ful of tea in the pot nnd pour over it one am one-half cups of Mling \vator— that is, wate that is really boiling. Put the pot on tho bael of tho stove, carefully covered, BO that I shall not loose its heat nnd tbo ten its bouquet Let it remain there five minutes, thendrinltit Drink tea plain. Tea brokers, tea tasters and epicures, never add milk or sugar; tb< Chinese never do. Mixing milk with tea makes a turbid liquid. This turbidity la ten nato of fibrin or leather. People who pu milk in ten, aro therefore drinking boots iin< (shoes in miM disguise. A Decorative Lamp.Blinde. The illustration here presented furnishes a model that can bo readily copied by-uny in gcnloas housewife. ULMP SHADE WITH INLAID FLOWERS. Tho shade represented is trimmed with a frill of lace and bows of satin ribbon. It is composed of Ilvo single parts or sections, each ornamented with a different bouquet or spray of flower* cut out of cretonne and guinmec on a piece Qf stiff wbito net. This is covered over with pink muslin. The stuff layers nro nent buttonholed over each other with pink Bilk and tbo separate parts of tbo shade sowed together. One scam is left half open that the shfulu may lie slipped ovor the lamp class and is closed above with a bow. The body is more susceptible to b -ni-lii from Hood 'a Sarsnparilla now tnan at any other season. Therefoie take it now. 11 MAMMA—"You're surely not nfraid • ! a gentlu cow, Ethel. Why, she gives >ou all the nice butter .for lunch, you known." Ethel (dubiously) — "The butter is just thp part of her I'm afraid of, mamma."— Tid Btts . Dyspepsia and uonillpation. Henry B. Archer, Receiver of Taxes of the City of YonkerB, N. Y,, says of Brandreth'a Pills: For the past tun years I have been using Brnndreib's Pillr for self and family. Wu find them a sovereign remedy for indigestion and constipation, taking one or two every night for ten dayo. Th«v are also admirable blood purifiurri, perfectly harmless but exceed ingly effective as a calhixrlie. 1 firs' ej ilium myself, particularly for bill, ousness und dyspepsia. They relieved me IB two wi:et*. I cbuerfully reoom« mend them. Texat Stftinqa inquiries: "While th«re are so many rich men in Waul n^ton, what has kept Bun. Perlt>\ PooreP" Tho Hice Carriage Spring Company, Pttfetton, Pu., clmllences tho world u produce as pooc a spring, as eusy a ^p^nif, and as cheap a spring. A tria nettles that., Ask your carriage builder to put it on yours. dwlw Almost miraculous are some of the cures Hcuomplisliud by the use of Ayer SiirHaparilhi. In the catte of H. L. KMIJT, Richmond, Va., whi» tiuffurcil lor 47.ycarN with an aggruvatud fi)rm ul ^clofula, Avar's Suraapurillu c astonishing results. dwlw Ex-County Treasurer Ilollingsworth. of Vincennes, Ind., who wac rcnently found guilty of euibi<>zliug $80.000, tins b»en xentencvd to three yearn' imprisonment in the Jefleiiohville Pcm. teutinry. What Trne Merit Will Do. The UNiiri'ci'Uumud sale of Uns Qurmim Syrup within a low yi-nri. hns astoninhed tho world. It is without doubt the safest and best remedy evt-r discovered for tho speedy nnd effectual cure of Coughs, Colds and the Hovurest Lting troubled. It ubts on an cmindy different prlnoiplo from the unnnl pro- soilptiotis given by physicians, as It, does mil dry up a coiiuh mid IUIIVH tho diseiiHu ktill in tlin (.ynU-Hi, but on tlu> r-onirary n-moves the CUUHO of ihu iroublo, heals the purtH affected and limves thoin la a purely healthy condition. A botile kept in tlm house l^r tiso when the dlsoa«e'< make their iippimr- anon, will save doclor'a bills and a long i-pull of soriotts Illness. A trial will convince you of theso foots. It in poj-. lively soM by all druugisu and gonerftl rs in the land. Pnuo, 76 uts., largo "". ]n 10 dwlw cod W A^T^ l>— A live, moi-Roilo limn, to rtiii. rtw-iuu-, r/ft ni.r uiitMli unit expi.»i. ( '.. UiiniiH •liiplo; ,'VHry nnu buvm iiiullt VUHK bTA.M)Al(l) h'llAfc'uWAUBCk!.. lllil'iiii. ""' 00*8U1IU> NmUlwd. V.l.utin. Ilro... J.n^Y . Ooconunt Cok*. TTUlt^ ttf BTB fltri; ,c$£ Bad « half cupful ol fngar, plwSo btmrttc^'tub ftfed of nh ctof thit;* IWel teaipoAttftUs; of bulling powder oneteflsptWnfrt:! or lefticni'tlM-orlnp, two-third of a cniiful of' ireiy/inilk, flour to form n thli battor, oho e<JcOoYrttt gii'iliitj bent the efrg* tc a stiff froth and add to the butter anil ;u that bmi been cixnnuyl; Sieve tho billdng powder throuifli the flour, add tho milk flnvorlni; nnd outllclont Hour for not too stiff n batter to spread snKX>thly u]>oii tliu tins; nftei thoy are baked, spread th» layui-a with icln| and powder tliiekhy with, cocoanut; then pluci together, havinj a layer upon the top o cocoanut. \Vlien to AVntrr Hnus« Plants. A Karduncr gives tho following rules fo: answering the oft repented question: "llow can I toll when house plants neid watering? I. By the" appearance of the soil or feeling i with the linger. If dust can' bo worked up i needs water. 2. By tapping tho pot with th knuckles, Tlio pot, has a sharp, hollow eoum or "ring" when tho earth is dry, and ti heavy "thudding" kound whan moist. !). By Utttu( tbo pots and testing their weight, wet soil, o course, being much heavier than <lry. Butter for Vmlt'Frlttars. Ingredients for a batter with which to main peach, apricot, upplu or other fruit fritters consist of one pint of millt, three eggs, a littli salt and a pint of Hour nnd a teaspoon f ul o baking powder. Beat the cg^s, add part o the milk and salt, then Hour and mill; niter nately, beating quickly and cooking hnme- diuU-ly in boiling hot lard. Household Hint*. To clean willow furniture uso salt t and water. Apply it with a nail brush, scrub wcl and dry thoroughly. Turkey salad, made with celery a'tid gooi cil, la held by many to equal that made o chicken.. Silver plated bonbon trnys with tongs bav» been Introduced at tho fashionable luncheon parties with undoubted success. Ilam broiled in tho white of egg is affiririe< by an exchanga to bo the way they do It a the moftt- I'ushionahlo London clubs. A fashion for drinking milk has caused t< appear s<nne tall and beautiful glass pitchers or ewers to contain the mild beverage, Greatly Excited. Not a few of the cit'Z'ins of Alton have recently become greatly exciter over the astonishing facts, that severa of their friends who had boon pronoun ced by their pbysicinns ns incurable and beyond all hope- suffering with that dreaded monster Consumption-have been completely cured by Dr King's New Discovery for Consumption the only remedy that does positivel; cure all throat and lunar discuses Crugh?, Colds, Asthma nnd Bronchitis Trial bottle free at E. Marsh's drug stare, large bottles $1. Wonderfnl tares. W. D. Hojt & Co., wholesale a'nc retail druggists of Rome, Git., nay: We have been selling Dr. King's Now Dis c.overy, Electric Bitters and buckicn's Arnica Salve for two years. Havo never handled" remedies that sell as well.or give such universal satisfaction There have been i>ome wonderful curei effected by these medicines in this city Several cases of pronounced Consump' tion IIHVO been entirely cured by uso o a few bottles of Dr. Ktliu't) New DI; covery.taken in connection will) Electrii We guarantee them always Sold by E. Matsh. mchldwltn BnvKien'B Arnica Salve. The Best Salve .. n the world for cut* bruises, soros,i..oers, salt rhmim, fever sores, tetter, chapped hands, chilblains corns and all sinn eruptions, and posi< lively cures piles, or no pay required It is guaranteed to erive perfect satisfaction, or money refunded. Price 26 coats per box. Fn'r sale by E. Marsh Alton. Ill mchTdwlm Cur«, Couffh*, Colds, TToarwneM, Croup, Asthma, jlrouchltiii, Wboojtinff CuiiKh, InciplencConButitp. ^^fjfgg*^ lloti, nnd rcllovoa roiuumplivo poi-Mins in tulvnncod IUITM of • tllo (llwnso. I'rlra 13 ft*? Can- tton. lli« Ocnutno Dr. B«H'« Coi/aft Si/nip la eotil only tn, iritiic irmpiitn, nnil bi'nri pur tv(ri»tcrril Tra(lo.>i(U'k« to wit. A llilll't I frail in a Clnlt, a Knt- fi/n;» Caiitfoii-La'jfL unit tha I'no-«ln]|lotlgnnluron<)f JutmW. /'"" * ''• <•• il'licr <t Co.. Sola Kup'!!, Baltimore, Mil., V tA. k » aHBHHH S hew |jinnrn'n t'lii'n—'rmirrnntTohocoo An. oi,-.!—I'*- " ''•• ''^rutrteUr**. ^ DAIRY FARM. North Alton Jersey Dairy. Hnvlni; ri-nto'i Jsmes Mnllpii'a Diilry fain and cuttle, the U"dni>liitiod will furnlxh tnllk of thnvi-ry brat qimlltv to the clttzcnH'of Jlton. Th« ciutlu aro nmutly Wan ur thi-y h . J«r»cvs and for Klviiiit rich milk lovqunl; tliev are nil J-OUI will lucii notions of any hi ; tliev are nil J-OUIIK and healthv; notions of any hind to our entile. 'nittes that • Illluvorus wl'h their patron may depend on (jfttlnn mi k ol tliu vi-ry >u»t qaullty. A sainn'n willbuKlviin line ol Dhaivu to nil thatapi ly for II. Th" iiillkltiu and I'ViiryihliiK connected with tlm dairy wil 1 bo kept sciiipuloiiHsty eluim !.otliat out iiRtoiiiMi-s may reoi-lvo tlm milk In the in»t ut order. A chare of pnbMo patron UKII Is nispcetlully rcqiu,ste.d U'live onlorj with Uesiiri. KlrHoh A Sohlosii, mid wlih IcH«rH. Sulhoid & Ubtordinit, or uddtoss ui t North Alton, AI.HKnr VOl.PBIl, BUNK8T lluvn fnr ecrvloe, two rcKUrnrod hires, Jor- ny nnil Hnl tfln, si-i vin> Ion for i-itlmr, M.OI, rim llolhtelnts f out that faiimus Imll. Uoi • tHiitlni-.iiwiioa Hv Mr Hti'vcii.,of Ne* York! ink J7M prnniimn «t St. I. on I. -.'hint lull. Oiu'J « Ililrlv iniinthu out und l» iiver "••' enti'en .I*l8wt« nll tlm Appliimi:cB to Utin nu in Gnoii Oriliir. A. II. HASTINGS, Upput Alton it. _ _ ^ wanted 'n pet up T«u Olubn for our ,.1'inv Ten. mid t!olf.!i,N. A IH-M ol nn«lul •i lu I'H in select (r. in IIH pruinliiiii', Seiul i||ii»tintud I'l-Im am) I'ri. itiliiin |,i,t, M. K I, (JKKEit; to every TBKTH per-on Unit uii- wurs tlilsiidvufl.Minuiii, wu will •will rittsu L'o pound ehulco Tun, Addruss NAT'l. t HA .. no.ion, " MOST PERFECT MADE Prepared with ntrlct regard td Parity, Strength, »nd Honltlidilnoss. Dr. Price's linking Powder conuuw no Amm»nla,Llme,Alum or PbosphRtos. Dt.Pneoy Eitracui, VonlUo, Lemon, etc., flavor delicious!;. WHIPPLB & SMILEY, INSURANCE, REAL ESTATE, i LOAN AGENTS, UBRKEHKNT1NO TITB First-Class Ins. Co.'s: I DM. Co. of North America; Hartford, Phoenix, Franklin, of Phlladolyhla; German American; North British and Mercantile, London; Com. Union, London; Lancashire, Manchester, Bug.* Continental; Glrard; Glens Falls, Ameroan Central; Firemen's Fund, Western Assurance Co. ASD OTEKB8: A CASH CAPITA] IN THE AGGREGATE OF $20,OOO,OOO. WK A&3O REPRESENT THE Mutual Benefit Life, N. J., and Traveler's Life and Accident Inn. Co..Halrtford. Office: Over Alton Nat. Bank, Cor. Third and State sta. Thn Ifttc It. Dollow hoinnatoad, now o'waad by M. u. Under•> and, situated on lino , ot ijorse railway, In Upi>er Alto.i; 11 rooms, loth room, furnace, und good out butldlag*, two Bcrus ol Kround, will bo told at * bargain. Po»e»lon iflven on completion ol tale. W111ITLB A SMILKV. For Rant. Two-story house und (food stable on Common street, bood Irult. WUIPPLE & SMILRT. for Hale. Seven lots with good brick dwelling and outbuilding-. In go^d repulr, In Upper Alton. Itesldoncnof <l. B. 'iollins, und known as the Morrtll property. WIIti'l'tB! A MU1LEY, Alton, or b. w. Collet, llppar Alton. lor Rent. A two-story brick dwelling known as the A. Platt homestead. Ijitely pu-tn nood're- P-lr. Wiill'l'LE ft SMILEY. For Sale or »vent. A desirable tenement on IJlnff street, owned by Mrs 8. J.IJutro. wniPPLE 4SMD.EY. For but. The late resldenoos of ). J. and W. B. Ultcliell, on Mill at., two o/t. i< best pieces ol residence property In Alton. The property known as''The Pars, eaatot above; 11 lots on Mill and Summit streets, an 1 a number of ot> In MUler * Mitchell's addition to Alton. Any or all of above at a groat bargain. . Wf JJ>PUC ft SMILEY. Jf'or Blue. The Merrtman property on State stree In Miller ft Mlohell's add., to Alton, IX story house, 8 rooms and out-buildings; all In per- tuctorder. Can be bad at a bargain. ' WUIPl'Lt: ft HMILET. For Main. A IK story frame dwulllng, corner Fe and Fifth strcotw. WHIPPLB ft 8MILK1 Uoalrable tte«l<letioe» for Sale. A two story brick dwelling on State street known as A. 1'lutt humestead, lately put In good repulr. A two story trarae dwelllnH on Main street, nearly now. A two. story orlck dwellltiK ou Seventh street, all for sale lasucrldoe. owner having decided .toigr '»• WUIPJ'LE ftSMILElT For " uv o»i». The Woodroof property. A J story frame house ot 8 rooms, on Klfth and Alton streets, a i room frame liousu on Fifth strnut. WHIPPLB A 8MILKT. For Bale. A convenient farm of 120 acres, most all In cultivation; situated on the Bethalto road, 'l-" -n)m Altou. For Sale or Rent. Tho J-story tramu dwellluu with B'rooms, including 7 luts: good burn and tine ti lilts known as the Nluhols homestead. «ltuat«d ou 12th st,, tn a doslraule nulKhboifiood. WUUTLKABMlUer. For Sale. A T-room bilak dwelling and out bulldingi ou Thlid street, btitwvon Cherry and Vlnti. WHIPPLt ft SM BY. ror Kent. Good 9-rnom brick house with about4 aoces ot grnund.lnoludlnx orcua-'i.ln Upper Alton, Formur renldunce ot Dr. llumben. WHU'PLEASMILBY. for' Kent. Late residence ol M. J. Nooimn on State tt-iiet, known as the A. 'Matt place, flood 9 •com brick bourn. In " ' -' inpili. WliU'PLB ft SMILKY. For Boot. A two story brick dwelling known ai the A. ""lull bumostuad; l.itel\ put In good repair. Wllll'IM.B * HMliJJV ASSIGNEE'S NOTICE, Estate of llo.'miin Heroin onn, dohton T'MI undersigned heicb'' glvhs notice that lorni'ui Ufgi-liiuinn, til Alton, tn the county f .MudlHun nnd HtHtoof Illinois, did, on the HI; day in Fqb., A. D. 1887, transfer to tile uilundyniHl, a» iiselgni-t*, all hi* property, tial und persniiHl, lor the b. nerttot lilsored- torn, HOfiirUin .• to the pruvmlons of tho »ol inicuriiliig un»lgniiHints. All pet SINK, linvliiKvUlmi against the 'said lurinaii H« gi'iiuunii i.fe hereby notltlnil to Ti'sent such iilulins under «iun or nffli'mn. If n, to M,O in mv store, on the ooriu r ot I'hlrd iid '-.Hxa-trufit, >U<m,liisiilduounty, wtih- i tin up miintliHfroinihls Uu'.o, Urttod Fob IBth, 1887, JOHN DOW, Aiilitnoa. JOHN j. niiExiioi.T, Attv. f \Vunt«Ml- nt, Vor OhloMo and the Haiti .' Chicago Flail'.., ....9;00a.ui Ohio ago AccnnunoanUon* .8:00 p. m rot JaikkorivlUe, Keohttk, UtllfHtjv Ran- Ilk* Cltr.nnd all point* wcet. KansaaOlty Wall*..... .,' Kansas city Express" .... Juo p. m Denver HxplOftst 7100p.m. Jacksonville&.coortvmodnttont." IM a, m Vor St. Laal* I ,. . Lightning Kxpross' 6M a, m OuluBgp Aooommodutlon* «:80 a. tn Alton BpoolaH 18iS6 p. tn Kansas City MaU» 8:40 p, m Chicago MtiUt •.. fl:80p, m rOAttlB LEAVK BT. LOU1B ONION DKPO1 VOH AltTOK* f600i?.xn. *4BOp.m. *JKv.tu. (8 48 ft. m. Bnnday*only). »D»Uy fExeept Sunday; ' B. D.- BEBVK. Snp't. Ut. Ixmls"-* ' ' O. G. NOKBIB, Tiokiit Anont. CHICAGO, BURbLNQTOlS A-NL) QU1NOY. Trains leave the Union lletrot, Alton follows: Going Northi Express (except Sunday)... . 8:Sfla.m NightBxprofW ......7:050 m W. W. ABNOtD, AifOM. Sheriff's Rale. Jennie B. Uepry > vu. > Execution No, 83. FronHIn Popry. 5 f oo bill No. By virtue ol un execution,tn tula ease Issued out ol tliu clerk'8 nlHco of tile Circuit Dourt ot Hudtson county,Illinois, d'liuated to the Shor Iff ot suld county,! tiuvn levied upon nil tlia right, title and Interest rot the aefimdaat In and to the follow 11 |r property, situate ia llieconnlyof Mudisim and, Btattt ol Illinois and described a»f61iows;tb**U: Two 181 rods' off of the t«o. ' sld» of lot I five (0), In block No. ilx (0), m E. Long's addition to the town of Upper At- ton.nnd, nisi), two ('J)rodu off of the south fide of lot No. six («/, In said block No, six (6) In (•Bid addition. Said two (J) pieces ol land fronting tour (41 rods on Main street In mill town 11 nd running bach eumwardly the entire depth of said lots, and situated In the lownol Upper Alton, In the county of Uadl- fou, In the Mtate of Illinois, which l r wUl ex- po'e at Public Bale, to the highest bidder, (or cash, on FRIDAY, THE tiLKTKNTlt D\T OT MAllOn, A. !>., 18H7, , ; between the honri of U o'clock In the forenoon nnd Bnnclown; to-wit: at 10 o'6loc)i, a. m., of uald day,In tront ot the north front door of the City Hall building, In the' city of Alton In the county and Sute aforesaid, to f-utlsly aald exeoutiou together with costs. B.A. IJUBKE, • Sherltfof Madisori county, 111 Br G. f, OUOWB, Deputy. 17 dw ~~EXiSCUTOB8» SfCpBftJE: Estate of John W. Sohweppe, deoeoaed. ' The undersigned, having be«n r appointed Kxeentors of the last, will and testament of John W. Schweppe; late of the oonnty ot Madison and Btnt« of IHLtoli, deceased, hereby idve nolle* that they will appear before the County Court of Madison oonnty, ut the court house, In the March term.oh tfie fourtn Monday In March nuxt, at which timr all persons baring claims against salu ostaw an notified and requested to nttfind for the purpose of having tlm name adjusted. Ail persons ndebted to said estate are requested to mate Immediate paymnnt to the undersigned. Dated tilts »ndjlay_ orjFebrti«Sri.J|.p.'1887. Bd4w ELIZA F. SOHWEPPE, WILLIAM E. 8CHWKPPE. HENRY U. BOHWtPPh,, Executor* Chancery Notice- STATE OF ILLINOIS") as O..unty of MadiHon. | 8a Circuit court ol MadUon county, March t«tn A.D. 1887. - .. Ilenry U. Priest,'surviving partner of Henry O. Swectser. deceased, late partner* under the name ot Bweotser and Priest, vs. David II. Sparks, Anna i: Spark*, his wife, Wet- ley Best, the Alton National Bank, the D, U. Spurks Milling company, Albert Wads and Frank U. Mllnor. In chancery. Notice Is hereby given to the said Weslev Best that tho above named complainant Heretofore filed his bill of complaint In m\ld court, on the chancery side thereof, and that a BummoMB thereupon IsNned out of aald court against tho above named defendant*, roturnnoU on the first Uny of the term of the clrcnttcouit ot Madison 'county, to be held at court house In Udwardsville, in said Madison county, on the third Monday of March, A.D, 1887, as Is by law required, and wblcn suit I* still pending. KOUKUT DAGNAUKIl, dork WISE ft Dxvu.Ooinpl'ta Sol'is. JatidTw PR1€H] LIST: LaBelle, - - Fgiry. - .- • Diamond Light, Fancy, • - PKK OHL $4,75 p 4.001 3,50 8 We do not manufacture Lard, Candles, Butterlne, or any kindred truck) we do not' first squeeze tho fat and oil out of our slock, and'thon convert the refuse Into a worthless soap. We are not n'iar stock yards or slaughter housos; buy no diseased or dead;animals or re/Use material. KII.VEH SOAP is made of PURE T.U.- LOW, by a clean process,' and can bo used freely wlthout'dahB* having the skin diseased or' pdlabned, ASK TOCII onocEn'roR IT. EMPIKE SOAP GO. ST. LOU It. MO. I Ai M>H ni.d iid'olnliiifcoiiiulis. Will pay u<«>d Huliu-y UM! AM. nxi'KNHKH Write tor terms anil ntntti nularv wuiiiud. SUJAN A OU., Mmufaoturor*, 9MOe«rgo*t,. Oluvlnnatl, 0, *•!•«« TO ABV; Kor u otieqk for •dviTtuiomunUn , Inu AniuHunn Newuphpurs. TliU U'nt Ihu »M of only oiiu filth of ticimt a lltio.for LOOAolrou latton.l Tho udvut(Uetuunt wUl,i)0 pluooa before Onu Million ptfcfUitXT .•nowniwp«r purchanurs:—or KivmUn.ipN UBAPKB». Ten lli)«n wll) aQeoi(|inudat« abimt 7J wordy. Ail; drots with copy of ucly ?«nw.lpr hpojt.of jfin i,, 10 ipruo* *F.

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