The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 11, 1946 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 11, 1946
Page 8
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(ARK.) COURIER HEWS BigBatttewagon The Missouri Tdkei Turkish Ambctsador't Body To Istanbul ' " By H. D. ItyHed PreM Staff Correspondent ISTANBUL, April 11. lUP)— The "Mighty Mo" and her booming guns have Turkey In a froth. The press 'calls the courtesy visit of the battleship Missouri with the body of Ihe late Turkish alnbassa- doi" to Washington, Tehmet Munir Ertegun, one of the most important international events of the century. Turkish shipboard visitors think ' it's, the greatest on -earth. sightseeing show Thousands of them have swarmed aboard Uie balllewagoii since It an- chared in' the Bosporus off the Donna Bahtche Palace yesterday U. S. Seen Likely To Retain Japanese Mandated Islands ' By HARRY W. FRANTZ United rV«« Stiff Correspondent WASHINGTON (UP)— Government officials here refrain from any categorical statement In regard to the eventual political status of the formerly Japanese mandated islands In Ihe Pacific, bul current comment Indicates lhal Ihe united Slates Is likely In one form or anolhcr lo retain effeclive control of those groups. The. Marshall. Caroline Mariana archipelagos, under and Japanese mandate between World War I and World War II, have a very complicated political and legal hls- loi-y under International law, confused by. secret understandings o( the Spanish-American War, and Britain and Prance with Japan prior lo United Stales eiilry into the first world war. The three groups embrace about 1.400 islands and reefs, with total land area miles, but estimated at they cover an only 829 immense morning. They gawk just as hard at 'expanse of the Pacific, extending tha gun turrets and Japanese sur- 3-ender deck as New Yorkers did a few; weeks ago. Special souvenir Turkish clga- icttes. stamps and scarfs have appeared as a .sign of hospitality. A tremendous sign "Welcome Missouri", hangs on the harbor lighthouse. •'Welcome Missouri To Our Land." saifl tlie banner headline in the newspaper. Yen! Sabah. The newspaper commented editorially, "There is .1 meaning in the Americans sending this most powerful ship, but it is not a meaning toward Russia or any other country." A ^school of porpoises frolicked iiroiii P $,.lh<! Missouri, largest vessel even-to traverse the Dardanelles, as It entered the Bosporus and anchored. 'Turks said this wa^i the first lima, since 1700 that porpoises had come-through the Sea of Marmara into'Uie four-knot currqpt of the Bosporus." They hailed this as ft good omen. ' The battleship's mighty guns fired a 13-gun salute that echoed across the ...historic waters and on" the city's, minarets as the ambassador's body-was taken ashore with American.•military and diplomatic leaders in attendance, Ertegun's body was borne tlirotigh the *tre'eb on a four-wheeled gun carriage drawn by seven black horses to a mosque for funeral services. American correspondents from (Y Missouri fehioved their shoes and entered the heavily carpeted mosque elderly worshippers praying at' altars racing Mecca. ' Mac Arthur's Son Talented A$ Composer TITr EARNEST .ttOBERECttt UnHed. Press., Stiff Corresjpihdeht TOKYio; jAprii 8. (UP)— Arthur MacArlhUr, eight-year-old son of Supreme Commander Gen. pouglns MacArthur, has written two compositions fov th e piano and Is considered by those close to the family to be a musical prodigy, the UnhecTpress learned exclusively today. . ".He ioves mlislc and practices for ho<jrs at R time oii his own Intlhv- ttvc/' said one of llie few itosoiis iibte to penetrnle the screen of sc- crcjcy MncArlhur maintains around hi<j slightly-built son. ' ''Little Arthur takes to music naturally," this person said. "He has a good sense of rhythm and everybody sfiys he is very musical."" The'boy has been taking music I lesSpjis si/:e he wns four and a" llair"j r cars"bld. " t.t" was learned that his family feds he has progressed lo such a fxifnl lhal he needs n he»- teacher for more advanced" work. Hls'plfe.- sent instructor was secured in Manila. ArthuVs two' compositions .were described as "pieasanl little melodies" although some people sukl they were of a rather coiAplicated nature. The boy las not as yel named them,. 4 tittle Arthur is said 16 haVe n particular fondness for classical m«i fie and mu;ch of the music he plays is of this kind. He has mastered sonic or the works of Chopin and other classical composers. pen. MacArthur's son llki to play the piano for guests who call al his home, bn several occasions he - has played for GI friends or his father's, including some of the Fll- about 2,500 miles east and west and 1,200 miles north and .south, with Ihe Marianas m n northerly peak. Population in 1938 was 121.000. of whom 58 per cent were Japanese. Vital lo Philippine* The groups lie sllnvnrt the main strategical pathways from Hawaii to tile Pacific, and their control Is iu|- mlttedly vital to the defense of (he Philippine Islands. They \verc wrest - ecl from Japan during Ihe recent world war by an incalcuable expenditure of American money and lives, Pacific experts point out, thai there are three different categories l qr former Japanese Islamls'Sn the Pacific: those of which the prewar Japanese sovereignly was unchallenged; those which were subject to special understandings during World War II; and those which Japan held under mandate. Since the situation of the former Japanese ma'ndatcd islands has moot, aspects, three possible courses could be considered by the United Stales: 1) A "do nothing" policy, which merely would continue the status quo until the political situation in the Pacific is more stable. 12) Annexation. (3) Eublrilsslon of the istnhds to the united toatloits trusteeship system. No final procedure In ally dIVec- 1 lloh would be undertaken except oh the authority of thy President hiihsoif, ahd he undoubtedly would consult Congressional leaders be=fore action, since the question of Pacific islands Is highly controvcr- siaLin Cohgress. Bit 4 Gave Mandate Contrary to -the general InVpl-es- 'siovi. the mandate of Pacific Islands north of the Equator to Japan was made by authority of the Allied and Associated powers through the Council of Four lUiilted Slates, United Klhgdolii, Fratice arid Italy), and not by the League of Nations, although Japan thereafter reported to the League of Nations Mandate Commission, The provisions of the Uniled Nations Charier pertinent lo the Jaj>- Pacific mandated Islands are Articles IV and 10. The first provides Hint the trusteeship shall apply, among other territories, lo those "now held under mandate" and the second asserts that the terms of trusteeship for each territory to be placed under trusteeship shall l)e agreed by "the slates directly concerned." In event of nay International agreement concerning tlie former insinduted Islands, the countries directly concerned — in the light of history—would be the Uivjrecl Stntcs. Great Britain, Franco, Italy and Japan. Ho'wevcr, Italy and Jnpiui excluded themselves by defeat. Because of her powerful position n UNO and her excepllonal Interest In the Pacific, Soviet nussla could. If she chose. Intrude Into the central I'acUlc Island settlements, but unofficial observers thought tills less probable .since the Kuriles Islands arrangement. Cites Kour Hcusuns Although outright annexation of the former .Japniiesc-mundale Is- Innds by the United States would invite ardent debate both In nnd out of this country, proponents of unilateral trusteeship feel that they could make a strong case based on: First, the fact that .jthe positive retention of them is vitally necessary to the security of the Philippines. Hawaii, nlul the mniiiland of America. Second, that their sthnll population does not necessarily require the imposition of an international Iruslceship system based on broad social and economic arrftngeniehts. Third, thai the United States In nt least three different stages of history has iuniitfeslei! an Interest in the Caroline and Mariana nrclii- pellgos, which railed lo tlnd reHll- z;Uion because of obscure International arrangements 'o which this couhti'y was hot n pnrty. Fourth, that annexation by this country would not jeopardize securl-- ty or Interest or other powers. Carrots were seldoth eaten In llie U. S. before 1920. bul by 1941. '18,000,000 bushels a year were pit)- duced. nend Courier News Vfant Ads. Ipino boys who were with the Su- i preme Commander during the dark days nt the beginning of the war. All who have heard the boy play are extremely Impressed with his ability. Refrigerator Service OP AM, KTNDS--CAT,i, W. O. BLUE Phone 2918 or 2642 "The Crucifixion" Hy John Stniner Will be Presented by the Blytheville Choral Society UiitloV the Direction of Mrs. Dnlton C. Vowl.slrm Mrs. Murray Smart, OrgiUiist SUN DAY, APRIL 14 at 4 p. m.'in the First Baptist Church NO ADMISSION CHARGE "fJie program will be broadcast over Station KI.CN as A public service* feature This Advertisement Sponsored by KIRBY DRUG STORES v Concert Will Be broadcast Over KLCN Dorit Say Bread Say • • • HART'S Bread Capitol Comments THURSDAY, APRIL 11, 1940 BY BOB hRovm United Press st«(f Correspondent U'rn,E ROCK, Ark., April e. <Ur>—The trend toward banning (lie .sale of liijuor In Arkansas hnx noL affected the. Income of the slate so far, and Revenue Commls- fioiier otlio A. Cook sees no immediate decline in the record collections of Ills department. Collections of liquor lax through March are nearly $1,000,000 ahead ot lost year's, collections at the same time. And collections In March —amounting to $164,790—were nbout, 510,000 higher th(jii March, 1945. Cook says thai as the liquor supply is limited al this time, the dealers simply transfer nny unsold stocks from a county Dial goes dry lo a wet county, and Ihe state collects taxes Just the same. According to his records, 21 Arkansas countries are wet, 25 are dry, and 29 are partly wet. However, tli L . commissioner does see a decline In Income from liquor :es In the closing months of this (year when the federal government's 30 per cent ban will begin to be felt. The government has asked liquor manufacturers to curtail supplies 30 per cent in order t o save grain for overseas shipment. But, cooks .says, he believes the Increase during the first part of .the S'eiir will offset any Inter loss. and he exiK'cts to end " 1B4B with In record liquor tax collection. And speaking of the revenue commissioner, h e Is in his office (Ills week for the first time since the races started at Hos Springs. Cook, three auditors, a chemist uncl « veterinarian spent ihe entire 30 days in Hot Springs where they collected the stale's lake from the tieltlnt; and examined nil the horses. The vet ran 241 sulivu tests during the meei at a stale-set foe of $4.12 for each test. "We found no tampering with any of the horses." Cook says. C. G. (Crip) Hull, secretary of state, U proud of the statehouse lawn this Spring, and he has n riyhl to be. it Is beautiful nnd In good shape, thanks to the efforts Radio Service ol four men anci a foreman working with four power lawmnowers. And Crip hasn't forgotten plans for landscaping the lower portion of Die grounds'which anticipate the construction of an artificial lake of) the low spot near the present Ileiatli Department building. (Net Una much work was needed last week during the heavy rains.) Hall says lie and Governor Laney have talked over the project and may ask llie legislature to pick up Iheli' pious for Ihe hike next session alien 1 they left off because of the war. Nathan Gordon, MorriUon Congressional Medal of Honor wln- her and a member of th e Arkaii- sas Workmen's Compensation Commission, cannot, be considered out of the running as a candidate for Lieutenant Governor. He told United I'rcss this week Dial's he's still considering the race but hasn't fully mode up his mind. There fire now three candiriales for Ihe race-Sen. Hoy Mllum of Harrison, Leonard Harne.s of Hamburg and Jake Wilson of El Dorado. Nathan says he once thought, of running for Congress ljul decided that he 'wouldn't live In WnshlnK- ton at any price." Moose are found principally in Minnesota and Maine, ljut also in .Idaho, Montana and Washington. Refrigerator Service Frwl Lawler Washer) Ironer and Gas Engine Service rhllt» Frel Vacuum Cleaners, Pans. Irons ahd Small Appliances Re. paired. ADAMS APPLIANCE COMPANY, Inc. •T. W. Adiims, MKI-. Phone 2071 206-08 W. Main Wet-Dry Decisions Must Stick Two Years LITTLE ROCK, Arlc., April 10' (U.P.)—Counties voting wet or dry in local option elections In Arkansas were told today that (hey abide by their decisions for at least two years, Atty. Gen. Guy E. Williams ruled yesterday that additional local option elections cahhot be held In the stale until two years after Ihe decision of the previous election has been in effect. The Rev, W. B. O'Neal of Yellvtlle asked the opinion after Marlon county voted for the legal sale of Intoxicating liquors by 103 votes last month. Williams also said that state olid federal employes were not prohibited from donating to liquor campaigns and that any person may use Ills personal car lo take voters to the polls. ' Read Courier New* Want Ads. Local Si Long Distade* Mevlnr Competent Help and equipment. Ad«- <iiiately Insured. Contract Hauling and Misc. Servlce». Home Service & St«r»rr C«. 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