Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on March 11, 1887 · Page 2
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 2

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, March 11, 1887
Page 2
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ALIOM DAILY TELJEQBAFH. Vf TV. T. MOHTOM, Cor, Third ana Pin»r> »tr«et«, Alton, III FRIDAY EVE., WAHCH U. A Prohibition Amendment. The Judiciary Committoe of the Illinois Houio of IlepreaeiilatlTes ba.< reported In favor of a resolution u> ittbmtt to a Tote ol tbc people ot the State an amendment prohibiting tht manufacture and Bale of intoxicant*. It is generally believed in 3prinKliul< that the resolution will be adopted b both homes of the Legislature, and that the people of Illinois will lima be given an opportunity to express themselves pro und can, on thu question of prohibU tioa. BATTLE OF 1'EA KIOOB. Capt. Spnrk*' ItcralniBcenco. . . ALTON, III. .Unrcli 10, '«7. t/Mor Ttlevraph : I road with much Interest thci lively dea- , ertption, tn ttioTBLKOHjmi of Monday, of tin battle at i"ea Kldge tweiuy.flvo ycarp BKO »nd Ion y write tu coiruct a fuw ntuUnientB ihu I dO uot llkutnlut pane unnoticed. Ihugrcnt part of tbe account In true as fur as I can now remember, but there are a low mlttako' riret ns to the poisoned food lit "CroBillol- IOWB " I, In company with Col. Mct'i'lllls, 1 bcllore It wai, rode at the bead of the coluui.i when wo entered the point called Cioi- 1 Hollow*. J law no provisions and do uoi believe thero wa» any loft 10 be polionnil ; KI any rate I never hoard of the polnonlng. The nexterrariB that »e In turn weru pursue I ThU can hardly be Bald to be true, for situ we camped at "Uroa« IlollowB" we lay then aovuiul dayB, that IB the main army while th cavalry went to and beyond Fayuttuvlllo, an'i stayed over night, I think two nights. Wethen Amoved back at our leisure to tro« Hollows, ri'sted a way or two, perhaps UIOP , and tbe cavalry about 1,6 JO huiidiud btrou. with one regiment of luluuiry, went on .< scout to liumavlllo, ubjut io miles noitlieim Whllu we wure uboeut on ibid (rip Vuu l)urn inude bis appearance noar "Uro^s Hollows,' that IB on Ibu fttb, capturing a lew ol oui forage wagons und tnxn. That night mcaaeif Kurd wure aunt to Ud at HuntaVtllu to /ulur» to I'cu UlUge, and thu whole uriu. moved back to that pulntuuilag thu night "i th«0lh. Hlgel 1B.1 back lixim Uuutouvillo t Pea Bidge theoth; thu luaij day at night w< reaobeu the camp, aUo, u, arching ucaro forty mllu« to ilosn, thla was all there was «l our bolugpuruuud. It w»j noo^saury to d» tbla, to gut the uruiy together. There was IK. surprise, ihuTtb, whutuvur. We cooked anil , ato our bruakUHt as iibiml anO woiu ordurou - out about 7 or 8 o'clock. True, tho rubs luui paoaediu urouud us us deacrlued, but then W«B no alarm or surprise so fur u» 1 couui nee. 1 Icuow thu cavalry was out In thu from and otirtululy wu weru not ou thu retreat bu> moved to the utluok. Tbe writer baa de- •ci Ibod the fight vury well up to the und. Bui It win a icreut mlBtuku to cull it a drawn b»> tlo. On tho uontrary our victory was complete. Tim rebo » wuru routud ut ail polui- ou the 8th und by two or tbruu p. m. wuru u- full retreat. 1 rodu «ith llujur AlcUoi.ueH li, thu direction ol ihu rutruutlng uruiy abon. flru tnllea. until uboit tun down with uo. more thitu 50 men; wu f.iunu tho road ut tin- point obntvuctud to pruvuutour pursuit. Tn - nuxt Vliiy I wont with my company onlj about tun inllu:) nearly ou thu lluu ol rotrou aftur loru^u and HUW no ruDuls. - . , Tim army campud on tliu battlu Hold a Ion daya and then move'l to th« (rout sivur.u satles and the cavalry wont on a scout t" .and soiutU ol Kuyuttevllle, and wuiit to Ui • line of the Indlau nation, then north i. Belttvlllo, whiiru we Joined thu uiulu ami -,, again, and runted aevarai d iy». Now I ahoul k til Ink tbeua lact > would aottlu thu in«tter a townowa* viotorloud; trim thu rebels KOI I* most of them, but tbu vlutoo x was out's complutd. It wu.» our flrnt tlKht, thai 'l« odV" first r«KUlnr batilu, for wo hau tu • plumy ol nklnnldUiig dining 1'rlcu's rutr«a tothu llomon uiouniulna. ltd n .w uiillu\i .to ruulixu that ilitr&w Htirrinx tluiua wut'u u '(jumibrof a centu v blncu, but buuh Iw tli> loot. Vury uuly, yours, 1>. It. bl'AUKS. Kcal Estate Kales of Record. Transfers of real estate tiled forrecor in Ueuorder'* uflluu of Muilison county UUtioitt, for week ending Mittuli 5, 1887 Htinry Wundler and vvlfu to Win Hull Hold ut ul, w (1, (coal nnd otlio minerals unititi) pt ne 1-4 and pt aw 1*4 «ec 85^-8, »6(H. R. S. Ueed and wifo to Wm. Had tield, w d, lot 46, Httcd'n add, Collins- villi 1 , (except uoul undur sauu*) $75. Hunry Wonrller and wifa to Win. Fulflier ut al, w d, pt i-c 1-4 «w 1-4 sw 26 (t:oitl ini'l gurfiieu luul ootil and oi.liu iniiiunilH undur) pt so 1-4 *v> 1-1 ser 26 mill O'uil under nw 1-4 sue 36 nil M 3-«, *1,G69. .John Uonitli and wifo to 'Wiu. Hail field, w d, lot 10, blk 2, Culiiiisvilli) »6'00. A. M. H, bliiiilotury and husband t« J. Flutuber, w d, pi blk M, Culliutivill •. »1.7SO. Wm. J. Piper and wife toO. J. Pipe., w d, 9 1-4 H urea ot Und in sw 1-4 sw 1 4 ne 1-4 see 24, (i, 7 (siilijitul, c-lo., $48 Thus, Sohiiibur and wifn to 1C. (J Springer, w tl, 47 1-2 uureti ot laud in , nw 1.4suo 16, 4, U,;$2,000. . . Ueory Leu hard t to Louiaa Felber, q o d, pt lot 2 Monnler'a 2d sub div nw 1-4 sue 2, 6, 10 $1. A. M. Juno nnrl wife U. L. Hammer, W d. lot 3 w 1-2 lot 4 blk 49, U. Stippi- ger's add, Mii;hl»nd, $460. Wilhelm Huhulzu and wifo to A. Miller et al, w d, lots 6, C, 7 and ti, blk S8 Hubtoi'il add, Alton. tilO. tlu^h E. Hivylo and wife to Win. HuHKInson, w d, lo(1i 34 36 nnd Sii. 'J'udd uud other*' udd, EawardbVilif, is.iey. Elijah Uno nud wifo to E. M. Wo-n, w, d, e 1 2 «a 1-4 Hint u 1-2 w 1-2 so 1 * sooll.O, 6 $:',002,08. B. F. Lawlov toA. M. Duvls, w d, and 114 lot In lot 22 Mouaior'a 2d nub div too 9, 6, 10 |800. Wm. F. Molslor nnd wife to Alloy C. Fool, w d, lott 66 and 67, David 8litrkt«v'* 3d add. Uutbttlto, (nubjeot, *>.) 11,700. Hunrv, BoonlDiior to Chan. N. Trti- tou«. w d, w 1-2 no 1-4 teo 2, 4, 6, ti.160. T. J. Judy and wife to Wm. 8. w d, pt nw 1-4 ne 1-4 and o utrip off c •Ms sw M se M «eo 89,6, 7, |9,iU. 10. \Vm. Ltinbartlt to Louisn Folu«r, w d pt lot 2 Mnaninr'a 3,1 bub (IIT nw 1-4 •eo .9, 6, 10, |600. ?. iiuhranieok and wife lo Peter Won derly, d, curtain o'>al lands, lease hold' nnd personal properly, &«., in city o Edwardeville, $6 Stifl.CO. Poier Wondnrly to (}. H. Donnewalt ut al,<l, undv2 3 interedi in ubore property, »6,338 83. Mniilui Uiirraelouxh and husband U P. Wondwrly et nl., w d, certain cou lands in city of liilWHrd-vllle, $600. Truntee* Firm t'ongn^ational ohuroh, lli«hlancl, to L. F. and Mttry Vuiliet, d lots 1 and 2 blk OH, Highland, $500. (>uo. A McMillun toEcumu H. MoMil len. q o d, lots 33. 84 nnd e 1-2 lot 36 Alton MintifrtCtunnK (Jo.addition,Alton, Cl'ivu^nnd nfft;clinn) $1. Ulivtsr I'uiunKill and wife to E. M, w d. u fr'l 1-2 n w 1-2 »nd w 1-2 in- 1-2 sec 29, 4, 9, (uxuept, &o.) 96, 296.17. MuldM In O)tisi>lrft<'y. On<! nii^lit writu a vohiinc upon the "german" ;i.«a nmral educator, bisMiu of the opporlunitirs it, givr-s to foster Honin very inilovoly traits, as shown hy Ihn following iin-iilont, which is ppi'fo ly tinut: 1'hore were three young lit- clioB who, Ij}' virtue of the otUelul positions of thi'ir fathers, had the assurance of always having ptirtners them- sclves for the eotilloiiH, if thero were men enough to go around, who, beviu of tho scarcity of the masculine article in Washington, especially of the dancing kind, tlotermiiieil n fuw winters ago to "boycott" all the girls not in their own clique who entuu to the city us visitors, and this is the way they managed it A modest, attractive girl was visiting n senator's wifo, but knew vwy few gentlemen In Wnshington, for the senator's wifu with whom she was har; not lived there long, and it so chanced that in ft certain gcrman thu young liwly knew but three men besides her own partner. The trio who had formed tho league against visitors knew this fact, and being themselves well acquainted with most of the gentlemen dancing that night, including the three the young stranger knew, they determined among themselves to regularly "take out" those three whenever the stranger was on the floor, In order to prevent hijr, as she vftitt too modest to ••take out" any but an ncqulntance from having anyone with whom she could dance except her own partner. In pursuance of this amiable conspiracy, the. three girls actually succeeded in causing tho young ladv to be lefi stranded in the middlotif the ball-room looking hopelessly af, tho strange facea of tho men who were seated, while th< three nirm sho knew were kept by the three girls who had planned this discomfiture for her, for no other reason than a desire to HCC her neglected us a contrast to their own bulk-ship nnd to discourage her niitl visitors to the city from "poaching upon their preserves" by dividing with them the attention of the few young mon in society. Especially does this particular clique of gins—for though the three who carried out the plan above described are married now, they have their successors among families whose home is in Washington—look with disfavor upon congressional families, whether those of senators or ivprcsoutalives, though thoy sometimes, IIH a great concession, ndmit tho daughter* of i senators to their ring.—//order's Buznar. KEPUHUCAN TOWNSHIP COJIVEN T10N. The Republicans of Alton township ami nil others desiring to co-operate with them at the election Tuesday, April 6th, are requested to meet ir Mass Convention ut City Hall, Monday uvuning, March 28ih, to, nominate candidates for the following omcus: One Supervisor. Three Assistant Supervisors. One Collector. One Awsaor. One Highway Commissioner. And to transact any other business properly oommz before tho meeting. CHAS. F1OLDEN, Ju., J. K. BUTLER. GEO. 1). HAYDEN, H. G. M'I'IKB, 8. F. CONNOR, H. a. UAKER, JR., F. W. HOPPE, H. B. STARK, Republican Central Com, UUI'UULtCAN CUT COXVKNTIOS. The Republicans of tho several ward 1 * of thu city of AUon, and all voters desiring to co-operate with them in securing a butler, more efficient and more progressive administration of eitv nffulrs, are requested to meet in pri- iimrv UK'otmgH, at City Hall, on Thursday evt-nire, April 7th, at 7:30 o'clock, to nominate candidates for Aldermen in their respective wards, and to appoint delegates to a City Republican Convention lo bo held at the saint- (ilace, Friday evening, April 8th, to nominate candidates for M'tyor, City Clerk, City Treasurer, City Attorney, lo ho votud for at th« municipal election April 19ih; lhe several ward* to be unntUid to ihti following representation in ihu citv convi'iiiion : First ward, 8 delegates. Second ward, 6 ilnle^ittes. Thud ward, 8 dtilcgaliis. Fourth ward, 8 duU'gate*. Fifth ward, 8 dulugato*. Sixth ward, li ilulegiitim. Suvunih ward, 7 aulugates. Total number of delegate*, 61/ And to transact such other business as may properly come before- the moot* ing. CUAS. HOLDKN.JB, J. K. UUTLEK, GEO. I). IIAYUEH, H. O. M'PIKK, 8. K. CONNOR. H. s. H»KKU, Ju., F. W. IIOPI'K, li. U. STARR, Eo|ioblic»n Contrnl ComiultUe. A Patoh lUm«Uoftpe. Aliutwbkn<.l«i.a(>c prf.iaiiu n ly not t»npl«i»*iuir wuli'otmliT. li* «v« t'nkefi lu «t onw n biontl oxpnnof. Th» rl«w I* bcundtrl by froos ihnt nw only In ixiWB or small grove*, but seem to Ijccome ft forest as the distance Increases. The most striking feature IB the broad meadows, 11 tern lly covered with tattle, such as aro seen In the picture* of native artists. These fields, when the ground l« nedv the level of the water, are divided into parallelograms separated by small canals or ditches covered with aquatic vegetation. Communication between parts of tho game property is maintained by low bridges scarcely rising alx>vo tho general surface. Hero and there are farm-houses on the brink of a canal or among the fields, usually encircled by a garden, and a few tree*, and perhaps tho ground slightly raised or depressed by a low dike. The farm-houses resemble in a general way those of Bel gium, with their steep roofs covered with tiles and their small windows. Thoy are not so trimly kept, and the scattering villages are uot so Now and then a church may be noticed standing alone, on ground raised three or four feet above the plain, surrounded by a wall, its spire rising from a mass of foliage. There are here and there villages stretched for a mile or more in single file on either side of a canal which BCITCB as the only street. Windmills are visible on every hand, each supported by a tower so low that when the amis revolve they seem n\- moHt to touch the ground. Nowhere can they be seen in such numbers or as closely grouped as in some localities about San Francisco bay. They are well made and well kept, but no longer or more powerful thnn can be seen in many localities in France. Over these monotonous landscapes there bends a sky, not Italian, nut deeply, darkly, beautifully bluu, uot even tit the autumn season,, but of tluit vvhite-corulean tint which wcuih ever to remind you that winter is close i,\ hand. Dut the clouds arc often Mifi, tlcccy, :ind comforting, and tho light which bullies t.h« meadows hm- in'iliing of t-ht: dt-.sei't. glare, nothing npthuliaii in it.s fulliir-ss. but is rest and healing to the wt-nrv cvts of tho traveler.— lirwkiu-n M WOMEN Hiejlnc rcnewfJ ntren(lh. or who mlTtr from UOnnlUn pnullur to their MX, ilmuld tnr ION pj^nrix ^L This medicine combines Iron with pun tonics, and is Invaluable (or Diseased peculiar to Woiuem and all who lead nedentanrlivoti. !tKn- rlrhcH and PnrlQea tbe Blood, Nllinulatba the Appetites StrcnpthenH the MiiHClea and Nerves—In (act, thoroughly JnvIfrnrntrA, Clears the complexion, and makea the ekin imooth. I( does not blacken the tooth, cause headache, or prtHluc* constipation— alt other iron mulicintt, do. IIus. ELIZABETH BAIBD. 74 Farwell Are.. Milwaukee Wls.. wiy» under data of Dec. aeth. 1884: ;* I bare used Brown's Iron Bitten, and it ha* been more than » doctor to me baring cured mo of the weakness ladies hare in life. Also cured me of Ltv- ar Complaint, and now my complexion is clear and good, Hu also been beneficial to my children." MBS. LOUISA O, BIUODON. Eait Lock port,N. T., aays: I ha?* Buffered untold misery from Female Complaints, and could obtain rolivf (rum nothiag except Brown's Iron Bitters." Gonulns baa abore Trade Mark and crowed red Hn«C on wrapper. Take no other. Made only by SHOWN CHEMICAL. CO.. JiALTlMOliK, MB> VITIATED BLOOD Scrofrlous, Inherited and Contagious Humors Cured by Cuticura- rpHROUOH the medium of one of your 1 book* received through Mr Frank T Wray.DrnttKlut, Apoll.i, 1'n,, 1 hrriirno acquainted with your CUTICGRA KEMKPIMS, inxl 'ako this opportunity to textity tn you tlmt i liolr IIDV liiui pnrmHnently cured —e of one ol ill" wen a case* of blond pnleonlni?, In connection with «rylP"lB-,thiitl lmveevnrse«n nnd thld after huvln^ been pronounced lncu iv ublo by lome'oi tho bent physicians In nui count jr. 1 take icrrat pleiisiiKi In (orwurillnn • o von this testlmonlnl, unaoilclled MB it IH In sou, In order time others (mm slinllur mala- dieH may i ecncouraKcd to give vourConcu KA HEUKDIBD a n-liil. 1* S. WllirUNGEU, Leecbhur(t, 1'a. Reference: FRANK T, VViur.UruKBlat, Apollo "lit SCROFULOUS Ul CKK8. JnrnCBK. Hluba duoii, Uunloin Home, Nuw (lilenna, on oiith naya: "In 1670 Svrafuloi^ Uloer* brolti out on my body until I ivm u maasof con-uptlon. Bvorythlnu known ti the medical faculty nan tiled in viiln. 1 b« camu a mere wreck. At tlmea eould not llf my liHtidri to my heud, could not lurn In bed. was In eoni-iani, jmln, und looked upon life a- H eurse. No ichcfor cure In ten years. In 1800 I Imaid nf die uu'loum Keinuuiua, used thitin, wu* purlectly cured." Sworn to uotoro V. A. (Join. J. D. Crawford. ONK OK THE WORST CASKS We huve boon Helling vour Ruttuurn Uemo. dleii for yuui'H und IIHVH Ihe flrnt complnln yut to receive frum n pnrelpiger, unu of th worat cu«u.i of nurofula I ever .uw WHS cure by the IIHU of live boitlui ol Oullc ira Hibolv out, Ontlciini and fullci-ru «(mr. ihu r>oa taken tlie. "caku" here. HI- a niudlolniil HOHP TAYI.OIl < TAYi.OK, ' • i, Frankfort, Kan, . And Ormtiujlous Humors, with IOHB of hnlr, and Kniptl'im of ihu r>kln, are punltlvul) cured by untlcuru and Outlcuru Hinip otter- nuily. when ull other wedlolnoi fall, bend lor pamphlet, DHUOUlsTM UnETHBM. Wo have obtained aatlHfaolory iCBultsfroin Ihemoof tnecuticnni Kuinudl- s In iiur own Ihinlly, und recommend tlmin be>ond any rumuitloii InrdU«u»>» ol th« ikln iiuil blood. Tim demiinu lor tin m «r w» H-, thul invrllv bucomu kuuwn. »lo\lil.LAN 4CD., , l.Htroui', I'll. CVTICDAA UK*1KllIK!i are (old ever) whuiu. nice: t'utl urn, tho tiro it t-kin Ou.-e, 4.1 ct-.j Uutleuru M"ap, mi hxnuuitHllo mtlfltir, 14 CM. ; t.'utlcuni lltmilv ent. thu New Itlood I'urlilar, |1. i-uttur l>ruu nd t;lu)iiiU<nl U >., Hoiion. Rheumatism ' . Hkln niemlnhei and llnoy Uumur», u«e Uuticuia C ORE FT °H RE DEAF 2" IT> 7 B ' |l ' 11 " moil «l Ear Dnnn», V "E,TOUK T-1JS 11KAKINU. D0 ,."'«i>er « In-tin r iii iiinens u ui.ui-ed Uy f-old», !i-v. r«, or .11)111 lea to lh« naturuldrum* AJwny»in po.itlon but li.vlnlblu to i,ilMir«, xmiioruHo lo we»i. Uu»lu, cniivermilloi: vtm MiiUjii r > Ir aid illgtlnt-ilv. We refer ti! IIDJM unlnxiheui. beuillor li.nvlrulod book A<JtfrtMi< '• »*"W*. «» fil fait thftt Bo»JV e»r- taa proven nn tnvatnable remrtry to many sercre caiei rt rboumntlum, tiTr«t- Ingt rrmferkable curen by ll» powerfu) action In eorrpctlng tho acidity of the blood, which is the otvtijo ot tho diaenie, nnd purifying and enriching tlio vital fluid. It i» rertainiy fair to amitnt Ihnt what Howl's Sarsuparllla has done for others It will do for you. Therefore, if you suffer tho pains and achea of rheumatism, give Dili potent remedy a talr trial A Positive Cnre. " I was troubled very much with rheumatism In my hips, ankles, and wrists. I could hardly walk, and was confined to my bed a good dcnl of (ho time. Being recommended to try Hood's Barsapnrllla, I took four bottles and am perfectly well, li cheerfully recommend Hood's SarsaparllU aa eno of tho best blood purifiers In tho world." W. F. WOOD, Bloonilngton, 111. For Twenty Years t have been afflicted with rheumatism. Before 1883 1 found no relief, but grow worse. 1 then began taking Hood's BarsixparlUa, and It did mo more good than all tho other medicine I ever hnd." II. T. BALCOM, Shirley. Mass, "I suffered from what tho doctors called muscular rheumatism. I took Hood's Snr- saparilla and am entirely cured." J. V. A. FnouDfooT, letter carrier, Chicago, III. We shall bo glad to send, free of charge to all who may desire, a book containing many additional statements of cures by Hood's Sarsaparilla Sold by all druggists. $1; six for 85. Had* only by C. I. HOOD & CO., Lowell, Mass. IOO Dosos One Dollar. KASKIN E (THE NEW QUININE) . Nobadeffec No headach' No nausea, MO ringing ears C nre " quickly Pleaaant,r r( A POWERFUL TONIC. tbc,t lh« moot delicate itom&cQ wlllbeivr. A 8P£CIFlC FOB MALARIA RHEUMATISM, NERVOUS PBO8TRATION, and all Germ Diseases * FOR COLDS KASK1NB HAS OEENFOUNI TUBK ALMOST A 8PEC1FIO buperlor n Quinine liullevue Hospital, N. T.: "Universally snc " ("Even- ps'Ienttreat-i 9t. Francis Hos.N. T. I with Kusklno haH be M ( tllBctmrjtod cured. 1 * Rnv. Jas. L. llnll, Olinpluln Albany IVnlten- ttary, wrlti-s tlmt Eu-klnu has cared lil.t *II- alt^r Iwunty vcarn NuffprinR from uaUrli nnd nnivous dyspepsia. Write him for put tlnulars. .St. Joseph's Hospital, N. Y.; "It's use 1. con-lden-d InrtUpcnsa le ltao,t<<pevtt!Cilv.' I'm.. W F. Holcoinh", M.D., 51 KuxtSuh «' N V (lute Prot. In N. Y, Meil. College) wrlto "KiiNklnv I" superior to quinine In Us ipoc tl 11 ner, und nevnr produces tlio gllglitaHt In July lo tlic hearing or oonatliutlrm. Thou.-Hiidsui'on i ImuNundu writu tliat Kn- klrn- IIIIB cured thrm allur all other liieil cinoalirtd far.ort. \Vrlte for book of tent - tiionliiN. Kiwklnn nnn be taken without in? Bpooi>< bucOical ndvlue. |i.OO ncr uottlu. Bold by or »ent b.v mull on receipt of price. KASKIN ECO., SI Warren at, New Ynr Day and Night During an acute attack of Bronchltla, a ceaseless tickling in the tUrout, and an exhausting, hacking cough, afflict th« sufferer. Sleep is banished, and great prostration follows. This disease is also attended with Hoarseness, and some. times Loss of Voice. It is liable to be. come chronic, Involve tho lungs, and terminate fatally. Ayer's Cherry Pectoral affords speedy relief and cure in cases of Bronchitis. It controls tho disposition to cough, and induces refreshing sleep. I have been a practising physician for twenty-four years, and, for tho past twelve, have suffered from annual attacks of Bronchitis. After exhausting all tho UBiml remedies Without Roliof, I tried Ayer's Cherry Pectoral. It effected n speedy cure. — G. Stoveall, M. D., Carrollton, Miss. Aycr's Cherry Pectoral In decidedly tho bpBt remedy, within my knowledge, for chronic DruiicbiliH, and nil 1 1111^ diseases. — M. A. llmt, JI. J;., ,'Jouth i'aris, Mo. I was attacked, last winte.r, with a Severn Cold, which grow worse and ijettlcd on my Lungs. % night sweats I was reduced almost to unkolcton. My tough was incessant, nnd I frequently spit blood. My physirian told mo to give up business, or I would not live a month. Aftur taking various rumedios without relief, I was dually Cured By Doing two bottles of Aycr's Cherry Pectoral. I am now in perfect health, and able to resume business, after having been pronounced incurable with Consumption.— S. P. Henderson, Saulslmrgh, Pcnn, For years I wns In n decline. I had weak lungH, and suffered from Bronchitis and Catarrh. Ayi-r's Clmrry Pectoral restored mo to health, and I have been lor a long time ivcly vigorous. In canoofaNiiddcn cold I always resort to tho Pectoral, and lind speedy relief. — Ud ward K. CurtU, Puitland, Vt. Two years ago I su fforeil from a se voro Bronchitis. Uhe physician attending me became fearful that tho disease would terminate in Pneumonia. After trying various medicines, without benefit, ho prescribed Ayor'a Cherry Pectoral. wulch relieved me at once. I continued to take this medicine, and was cured. — Ernest Colton, Logansjrart, Ind. • Ayer's Cherry Pectoral, rr*j»r»d br Dr. J. 0. Aytr & Co., Lonell, MM*. •oM kf tU DrufgtaU, Ww »1 ; iU boitlw, $». HOW MY~SIDES AOHBT" , Vrm " 'I?" bench and Hie counter. from tlie loom ami »ewlhinnnolili« KOUH tin tho cry . f pain and wenk- nm». Ac iliiKKIdi-Kund Itiiok, Kid n«j nntl Uiorlmi - B!IIH, ri-mlini imd _ ..lVuiikn«n*,IJiinc|in,()u|iiii«iiit Obant mm evm-y pnln nnd aohu nl daily toll it lluveil in on.. mlnuiH by tin- (;utlo ,ra 'Antl- rBlu fluttvr. N- w. elOKant, mid tnfu llhlo. At ilruwuu, Mo.; HTO for |lj or or 1'otter Ur»K mill OhmnlculUo,, Uojton. KAOIat fACURT COMPANY, SPRING ARRANGEMENT. tl. umut, UMMT. CD I E. BOH POWBL1, I Bo ULooK,Uier<» On and a:t*r Monday, Feb. 11, tbe Spread Envlc V1 1 run HK tollows, vUi LEAVING ALTOM FOR ST. LOUIS ut 7 o'clock R. m., and 8t. LonU on rotnrr. i rip ut 8 p. in., dully. And inuvlntf Alton lor I'ortnun, Jersey Landing, 'Jrn'ton, and w»J iiolntp every evening HI S:5« o'clock. «a.The WhUtle will be Hounded flfteoi tnlnatos before starting for 81. Louis. To BT. Lctna, HotmnTitip Brr>m> o w. mi.f-. w 7' BO Fast Freight. & Passe ger Li THE KT. L0tll« AKD CENTRAL ILLINOIS B. K, OU'a PALACE J. V. KLI.If-OM, C'oiuiuHiidor. KP. ANBIIUTZ, j n i B . kB THUB UODOB, ) ule '* 8 On and niter Tliumtlny.Fcb. ITth, wlllleavc jMtouUull} For &t. Lonla at 7 a. m. Itetunilni?, will leave St. Louis (foot of Via- -,t.) lit 2:45 p. ui.: Leaving Alton at 5:!?O p. m. for Portage and .Jersey, arriving at Graiton at 7:45 p. m., (onnectlnitwltlj 1 set express on St. Louis aaO central Illinois Ballroad lor Jerwyville, Wa- veny, 8pi Inxflvld uud nil points north and i oat, TARE. To ST. Lonu, single trip, . . . OOr. " " rtmnd trip, .... 7B> " " twenty rlue ticket,. , J»-OC 11KNKT 0. TATUM, O«u. A«t. Alton. H. A. t'lsllKli, t.en'l Mannfrar. ielldtf UKHTJUtTMt, DB. C. J*. KOai*ANl>, 13 TFOBD STREET, ALTON, ILL. Oflkw Honrt-Bo. m. tola m.; 1 toip. D febdwTv G. A. McMlLJLEK, Dentist, OVER BKUEGGEM \.VN'8 OIOAR STORK 8EOONU 8T. 1c«l dtf PBTMCIAJIB Bli»tUKOK« DK. B. Physician and Hnrgeon, iKFIOX AND RESIUENOE, COR. FOUETl 8Tfl. taj.dwly >tflce W. A. JtlABiUfiLL, M.D., Physician and durgeon, mOB-aBCX)ND ST., ALTON, OJU hourB-9a.m.; Utol, andOp.m Plia undorHlgnod havo of enod a new music <Ko at tliu cornnr ot 't hlrdj and Plata «t« ORGANS AND .PIANOSJ of tho [flntmt workmanship for sale atraa- lonublu prioea. dull and examine our nustru- uunib butore purchualnx oU«wlii!re. FLOSS, & BABE. WILSON WASHBOARDS. Then Woihboordi are made with a Bent- Wood rim. The Strong- eit boards and best wuuera ID th« world. For «a!« by all dealeri. Take no other. 8AGIIVAW M'F'O CO. AN ACRE on long time. The mint prmp«roti« mid proml.uiK 0«ld for .elllem.nt In the U. sV fall Ml°i»Jf±. w l h *°? «"•"• "•«•• *•"•"»« IHB M!CIMIflliat.r«tmli ftatral B. E., Iil»Mk«. Wfc 1887, Harper's Weekly. ILLUSTRATED. HABPBB'S WBBKLT maintains Its position J tliu imidlnK llhiBlratcd newspaper In Amor- BII ; und lu hold upon public uate.-m and con- dunou wan nevei Btrunuer tlmu at tho jfret- nt time. Dualdea thu ploturua, MABPiiU's KKKLT alwaj H contains Instullmonta of on«, ecabloniilly ol two, ol tho beat novels of th« ay, unely iiluBtrated, with ihort stories, 'otinid, ekutchoa, and papers of Important irmnt toplon by tho aioat popular writer*, ae care that ban been «uoco«»luily exerolned i thu past to u ake IIAKI-KKS WKBKLY > sale u well us a welrnme visitor to ovory houoo hold will not bu reliuud In thu future. HAIIPKH'8~FKUIODICAL8. ilarperV Weekly ! 140.1 Harper's Mttnurlue ' 4 M IIuriior'ui^HZur... ... 400 Harper 1 * lounu I'eoplo.....'.'....;;;;..'.. J 00 Uarp«v'» Franklin bquuro yuai- (82 numbers) , ..'..,. jo 00 "Hrrx)i j n Handy Borlos one jo»r (AS number.) ,...•..... W 00 1'o.tMKO free to (U »ub»orlb«r» In the United States or Canada. The Volumes of the Woekly begin with th« flrotNurnU r for January of e» Uyear. When no ilinti it , mwntloned. buh.rrlntlon. will b«uln ordu " Nu " ll ""' uuneu *'"' "">• «•' rooulpt of Uon'nd Volume* of HABrBB't WKSKLV. f»r Iiruw v«ar« back, lo neut otuth titamnts, will bo *vi>i Dy mall, uo«ta|{* paid, or oy expi e,M, (roo of rxu«u»u (pruvluuil tlw irubjbt d.iw not «kc<t«d on« oollm per viiluiun) lor*7 per vol. C'loth eai»o» for vuuh viiluiuo, nuitablu tor coipt f ' IM)IHl>y ""*"' p< " rtpal(l ' on «!- The Century For 1880-87, tut CWttra» li i»n iiiii?w«t»d mpn»Wt tniiruiiM. having A regular iirsulatnn m about two hnnurnd thowftud oopltt, olt»n reaching Bud soin«tlm(M MtMdlug two bun*- drttdtnulwvutv flvethousand. Uulef among 118 many attractions lor thu coming y«ar i« a teriiU which bus been in active preparatloa lor sutoun year*. H li n hl«tory ul our owtt country lu lit most crltuial tltna, M nut (erttt in TUB LJFtS OF LINCOLN, By Ills Gouiioeutial Secretaries* Juliu G. JNicolay and Col. Julut Hay, TbU great wurk, begun with the ••notion n( Prueldunt Linonlit, uud •oulmusd undar the nuthuHiy ul hl« sou, the Jlun. Hubert T. l.incoiii, U thu uuly lull unU authorliatlra record ot thu life cl Aoralimn Lincoln. lt« 'Uthorft worn I lonUi ul Uneolu In-lnr* hH prettMonuv; thuy went most Intlmuuly.aa- MHimtud with iilin at private •ecrelarte* ibroKhuiit hi* term of ulttue, and lo them wore transferred upon Lincoln':) dtatti all bht , HVHMJ j.»P«.'«. Her* will b* told the luilde History ul the civil war an* ol PreBlduftt Lincoln'* administration -Important detail* ' [ whtcti hav« hitherto fetniUnod unrevealed hat they might llrtl appear lu thin authentic Huiriry. Jly lenaonol thepublication ol thU W °* k ' THE WAB SERIES, .. Ulcli ha* been. lolluwt-d- oith unflagging by a nre«t intureit by a irrent andl- I-IICD, will occupy UiHb apaou during the coming year. O«Hy»Mirg will be de.crlbea by on. Hunt (Ohitrt of the Union Artlltaryf, nen. LongBtre t, G«a. K. U. Law, and other*. Chloainanga, by O«n. D.'II. lil.l: Hherman'i Muroutothu .-««. byu«nerali Howard and •locum. Generals 0. A. UUloiore, Wm. t. -nilth, John Glbbon,llorac« Porter, and John A. Mosby will dene-Hue special battl** ani Incidents. Btoile* ol naral engagement*, prison Hie, etc. et«. will ai<pear. NOVELS ANI> 8TOK1E8. "Tho Hundredth Alsu," a noTAl by rrank n. Stockton, author ol "The Lady, or tbe llxer." begins In November. Two novelette*) (.•yUeorgeW. Ruble, titorlea by Mary.llHlloefc r'oote, "Uncl« iteuiUk," Jultun Uawthorna. bdward i.gMieston, and other prominent .\!ii«rlcan authors will be printed during toe year. i SPECIAL, FEATURES. (with Illustrations) Include n ueriet of art••lea (in affairs in Uu«>la and Siberia, br U«o. licunan,author ot "Tent Life in Siberia," who Una Jtial rvtnrned from a mo*t eventful vUlt to Siberian prt»otm; p»i«i« • n the Food Question, with relerence to It» bearing on th« Labor Problem; English Cathedral* s r Dr, I- RglwiioB'B Bellgloiu Life lu the American Ouloulbb: Olalrvoyuue*. 8plrituall*m, Aitrol- ng),etc., bv Kov. J. M. Buckley, 1>.D.,editor ol the Unriitian Advocate: antronomloal papers; artlo.e« throwing light on Bible iitatory, otc. , PRICES. A FREE COPY. Subscription prioo, $4.00 a year, U orat* a number. Dealers, poutmutera, and pnblUh- era take subscription*. Bend lor our beautf- lully illuBtiated M page catalogue. (tree}, containing lull ptoDpeotax, etc., the udlng a apeutul oiler by whloh new reader* can gc* • ach nnuibe» to the beginning ol the War series at a very low price. A specimen copy (back number) will be Bent on request. Mention tbU paper. Van you aflordtobe without the Ontnry tae OXHTiJKY CO., New York Subscription* recolved at thli offle«. THE ATLANTIC ,MONTHL,lf FOrt 1887. Will eontalD, In addition to tbe be*t Bhoit t-torles,, Sketch*) i, Ei»ayi, Poetry ana Orltlciim, two Mrtai fttorie*:*- The Second Son, Dy UH*. M. O. W. OUPUAKT Paul Patoff, By F. MAUIUN OBAWFOBD, Author ol "A Itoraan Singer," "Mr. Igaan, etc. Papers on American History, ByJithX FI8KB. Wbooo previous paper* hav« been so Inter- egtlug, lull ol Information, and generally popular. French and English. continuation of the admirable paper* com* paring the French and EiiulUu people, Byl'.U.HAMERTOlf, Essays and Poems. Dy OLIVE U WKNUBLL HOLMES. Occasional PftpeM, By JAUGS UU8SEU, LOWELL. Contributions may be expect' d from John Ureeniual Whlltittr, Thomms Wentwoi tu IIIg • Klnoun, UhailisUudley Warner, 1C, 0 Sted- mull, Harriot W. Trenton, ijarnh Orno Jewctl, cbarlu.-, Hubert OraUdock, Arthur Shorburn* Iliu-dy, Htmry Uabot LoUipt,Edith M.Thomu, lluraou K. tksudder, liwirge • K. Woodbeny, UeorguFiederlfk Par*on<, Maurice Thomp «on, Lucy Lai cum, Uellaffbaxtnr, John Uur- inugh*, Jumoa rreeuiah Clarke, Elizabeth Kobln* Punuell, Bradford Torrey and many others. TERMS: |i a year ID advance, po*tago freei Si cent* a uuiuber. With luperb ilfe-aUu iiortritltul Huwtborao, Knwrnon, Longfellow. Uryant, Whlttler, Lowell, or Uolmec Ji; ouch additional uoitrait, |1. The November and'December numbers of ibu Atlantic will be runt nee of elmriroto new lubacrlber* who«e Biibeoriptlons aro reeelveO betore I>«cvmU)r 20th. PoBtal note* and money are at the risk of ibei-emlvr, and ttion>lor<i remittance* ihould be made by money order, drait, or reglitored Utter, to i• •. . ;. •• Uougliton, Mlfflln & Compauy, 4 Park itrKDt, ll«iton, Ha». . . Kumltiunoes ahould be made hy I'oitofUae Morty ordor 01 l>r«lt to avoid ohauou ol loos. fcownpupui* »ru out to copv till* ndvoitlse- 111 '"" 1 , {"" "I"""** order ol Jlurper* . Addre*ii IIAUI'KU ,t IIUOTI1KU9, Now Tork. outlmiiiiu.,Ui.d. STOCK FOB SALE. 1£? ranS ^S!WS&^!K5 »,"r tut. purtlc . f o, 41 WMI 1Mt W., ». TT. IJU, NT* Master's Sale. ' STA« Or ILLINOIS, I St. Qhilr con«ty. ( °'/>, th , 8 *>Ptemb«r term, A.D. 1868, of th« 81, Olulr Ooniuy Clixiuii Court. ' John N Ohllton V*. Thomua Olillton, Ooonra Oliliton, JumotfUl deroj. Hobert W. Dick- eniion, JJIleabeth Ann Wlllluuu, Dorothy Burn, rhoiimnUnru, Jame* Burn,-Barbara *«;-«uiion, titmh JHUB Burn, \N Ullam Burn, - ^°'L n .Thomas Hum, uoroiby Ann Bnra, Isabella Burn, Jamou Burn, uid Henry B. piinllenir, e.«eoutor of the lubt will and tjwtiimantof John Ohllton, deoeiu^l. ; niilior ml«ol K«t»lJC«tiit«. Under and by Tlrt«a »f; decree of > «ald court, mndo In tbe above entitled cause, at said tomi.i, the unitur»lgni,(1, will. o» BATUKDAY. MAHCII 1», 18M, i.t and o., llieprornt/iuiih«r«liiHfi«r described, eil to the hlHhu.l und btibt bidder, tlw following described laud, ultuated In thu oonn- tyol Madison, and Wat* ol Jllmoli, to-wlt: Tlie west fourth of ibe houthe&nt Quarter ol i he northwest quarter, containing »en (10) iiorec; und tho uaat half ot the •outhweM .inarter, a.l In im-tlon thirty (»i)),«n township rli (8) north of ranufl nli e'») west. ' ' Appra led value, it.4M.T4. SU r. ty oomtfionoo ut one o'clock p. m. TKUUu or «AUK.-Tw«nty i>»r o«nt. of tb» . — — ion«y to be i.«Id cub iiown, an* iho bulnnoe on a credit ot alz and twelva moutt>», Kocnrtd by note and approved i-eo«- l«y, and H ujortHKac on tho prtmiUe* iold,o» ihe elocution ol which, unit upon oonflrma. ilon of mil mie.l M'Ui eiecute ana deliver » need to thu puichaaur or purchft-tr« ot mid land, an by Mud at era • I am dlrfloted.con- \eylng all lh- ilxht, tlUe and clnlrn of the .aid partlei >n titld suit to aald preralitui. ALUNZO «, Wli,DKHMAH, .. ,„ Ma «ter m Ciib.uery 01 «aiU coi.nty. M. W. * Em. boi. __ luiife UPPER ALfON, ILLS, D. B. KITTINaER 4 CO. With tbe publlo to knaw th»y m auodn *t Lowo»t 0»»b Fric-M, Urjr Ooiidi, Otoo* Moilont u( nil kind*, Floor HsKouy Yarn, V«e<l , . rhraiMU,Ci( in, Uu.lery of MI d« Tobi I0ri|itlun>. 0«MM •»* Tlnwmr*. OyNters nnd Celery; Brnnk ron'. Candle* uud Nutht Kt-ith'n liruud, D, B. KITTINGER & CO, Morphy 4 ! Old Btoad. NwB»

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