Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on March 11, 1887 · Page 1
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 1

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, March 11, 1887
Page 1
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VOLUME 26. ALTON, ILL., FBI DAY EVENING, MARCH 11, 1887. NUMBER 242. DYSPEPSIA. Up to a few weeka ago I oonsUorod mysolf the champion r>38pep(lo of America. During the ydnrn that 1 have been RfUUtod I have tried almont everything claimed to Vo a spu- elflc for Dyspepsia In the hope of flndlng •MsetMnK thni wild afford portriflnoht relief. I had about made tip my mind to nban don inedlolnei -when I noticed an endorse- mettt of elmraoiisLlYerEegulutoi'by H prom- Utent Georglau; a Jurlit whom I knew, and •^iiolude'l v6' try U» effcctB in irtyco»c. 1 blare iiited but two, bottles and ami eatisfled thai 1 have Mrodk the rl?nt thing at 'ant I f«Klti biJheColftl effects aln\oet Ininjed'ntjsly. Unlike all oilier preparation of a tlmllar kind nO fcpwiltl Uittnictloiid' i» required lie to Wbfit nne shall ' or shall not rat Thin (not hioho' cfauitit ' to* contend It 10 all ttoublcd with dVepepaia. J. N. HOLMES. 1 Vlnulrind, H. J. CONSTIPATION. A rVigalor habit of body can Ue seethed • without ohanglrK the diet Or' disorganising th« lYBtam, by taking ; SIMMONS LIVEE Bee that'yon get the genuine.' Pro- parnaby U ZBIL1H * CO., *hU«d«lphl», Fn. -amVJSmwf wklf W. V. ENSESOER, Plain and Decorative AJLl WORK PBOMCTLY ATTKWDED TO AT XOWTB8T TERMS. OH SECOND St, NEAR PIA8A Thut 'ounht to catch ybUr We Have lots of them In DE¥ GOODS, NOT ELTIES, SHOES, HA'TS, CAPS, Hnll«il Almond*. Bolted nltiwimls, so Inrgoly «'ntcn now among fnsionahlo ftjkn, n« un appvllzlng rollsli, may IH> propnrifl tut folloxvn: Bhelllbo klirioiicU ond wnncli by (lirowlng tlimn Into boiling waU'i' nnd leaving tlitmtlicTOiCovehKl for bolt nn hour, or until tlui sklnn irlll allp'off oimll.v. Bkin nnd sjjri'iul Ilium put to dry /or.BOVcrtU lioura I'ut o good pioce of ImtUir hit-) a hot drlpiilng pun, mid nfl it wai'ms stir tb« nlninnitx nv«v i«ul over in It to e«ut, Iliimi with Mm IiulU'r. St.'t in own And roast, Htlrriiig thoin mien, unlll Iliiiy Uigln to cblor'faintly. Tukv dhdiu out, sliciko in a coIuiHler lx> rid of givnso, spituJ on a dish and kti-bw with flno, dry salt., KtlrHng them about, tbnt uacb nub may hdvtrlb: Hhara Eat cold. Tboy aru tlmrraingly tippctizlng. Avoid tho'rln'ngcr of c;clt,lnf{ the dlmondn too brbWn, and on tho othfei 1 band of putting them into the ovim before they ore dry enough". A I!*on to Carpet twwjwrs, us novr nmde, tiro no light and easily hiuiillcil that they inny be rolled back and; forth by a child or n jiej-Bon too dplicnto to wi«ld n broom. Tho rotating brush" tlint 'gathers up the dirt and the panj that receive It Iwing encased in a box, almost no'durt. Tvti'ntoA'or riseS, an'd'sulhfcqwCiit brush- Ing or wiping up of furnitttre and woodwork on account at its use is unnvcessnry. All the the dust and dirt In dejKnited in tho case, Instead of lioiiig Hirird up, only to scltlo again on calriJotn and farniturc, which is always true, iu |Mirt, wliini a broom is used. Neither ts the carpet Kweeper bnufh as wearing to carpets as a broom. A good carptet sweeper Is i'nyulunblo to the r ,hoitselteoi)er who studies to do her work at •oiice cosily and well, and its price, fortflnHtely,'IT not large. Absbldtely Pure, Thin powder never varlns. A marvel ol puHtv, strcuRth wl>ol«8"tnono«8. Mure oco- nouiloal than the'irdluiiry kinds, and caiinoi be sold In competition will) the '.nultltude ol low test, short welKht. a'nm phnnplta-o po«r di-rs. SOLD OKLT IN CANS. ROVAl. BAKING POWDBUCO., 106 Wall Bt., N. Tf. JanJdwly J. HOFFMAN & SON. DBAUBE8 U) Stoves and Hatdware. HARD & SOFT COAL BASE BURNERS! And other first olana heating itovei for wood or coal. Also KonKCB and Champion Monitor OO«B Stoves, the boat in Alton. Outside Wont a a peclalty: Boot ing, Guttering, etc. imctertaker's Supplies ALWAYS OK HAND. row. s>"'i.wr> »vi» *> iw «T<«. MILLI1NEHY, We can't be beat In quality and prices. All the latest novelties of tlie nelson dally added, at oiie-prlce cash house, A. J. HO WELL, -DKALKtt IK- FURNITDRE! A Full and Complete Stock OON8TAJJTI.T ON HANU. ALL ORDBP fou UPHOLSTERING Neatly an'i promptly executed. Bollo (it., bet. Tliird and Fourth —ALSO— It KB 11) B M3 KJM) II. JiT^T K j> aKVNTII ST Lucas Pfeiftenberger ARCHITECT, GE^KKAL HIIPRUrVTBNDENT AN1> MEOHANICAL nRAUGHTSMAN. Office on Tliird At. .one door wos of Pla«a, tliird floor. NK\V». , The Illinois Legislature hfia ordcr- d an invcsUgotlon of the letting of tie vSuto printing contend ancl a eon- ation is anticipated frotn the devul- ptnents to come, John Sherman's party struck the "'loridti Bidu of the Southern swing ircle yesterday. He told a Jack- onvilte reporter tlidt he is out of olitics for two wi-eKs; but Will catch n to tliu string again at Kaahville nd say something. Obadiah Vincent, at the age of 20, has been admitted to the Cum- ici land. III , poor house because he s no longer able to support himself. Tliu output at Minneapolis ast week was 87,3(JO barrels,' against 4,040 barrels the previous week. e market shows more s'tfejjgth, nnd better prices are being obtained. HOUSK. III., March 10.—In he House, the bill providing for the >ermanenr, location of the S^ate Fair it Springfield,ill., was'called up for third reading tb'Js'irfbrniilg and was >a8scd by a vote of 102 ayes to 9 10CB. Mr. Miller, 'fr'bm. tlie Committee on Judiciary, repotted ba'ek. with a 'avorable recommendation, tit. Merritt's bill defitiin'g conspiracy :' also he bill limiting the time to twenty years in whfctf jifdgmc'n'u' in courts may be revived,' or during which an action 1 of debt on : «\fch judgment may be brought, and making it lawful for county b nvds to offer rewards of not more- than $1,000 for persons guilty of felony and other liigh crimes. Mr. Fuller! f torn th^CoThrWttee on Railroads, reported'back for passage the bill granting railway8" the right to extend iheir lines of roads without rciricbr'porating. Mr. Collin»y of the; State Institutions committee, reported back for passage' the' bill to prevent h'ep'btisra in the employment of assistance at State Institutions. Mr. Clark. Chairman of the Committee on Commerce, reported to the House, returning the original Rey nolds resolution to investigate' the Chicago Trust and Savings Bank, together with the opinion of Assistant Attorney General Smith, that the Legislature has no power to make an investigation. The coramittep made no recommendation and this will probably en'd'the nratter. The last two hours. of the session were devoted to the consideration on second reading of Mr. Mjer'B bill in relation to the construction on I extension of street ra-lways. The bil was finally ordered to a third reading- SENATE. Senator Bacon, of'Will,'introduced twb bills, one making an appropriation of $79,000 for repairs and improvements at Joliet Penitentiary, and one of $160,000 providing foi the employment of convicts. A hill was introduced by Senator rendorff to repeal an act providing for the organization of special schoo" districts. H Bills on third reading were then aUen up and passed, an follows: Senator Johns' bill concerning vol untary ussignments and conferring jurisdiction therein upon Couutj Courts." Senator Guslis' bill, le- vising the law in relation to changes of venue, making the county where the indictment is found pay all costs and the bill introduced by the committee on Agriculture and Drainage protecting slock breeders within the State of Illinois. The nil. s were suspended am: House bill 5GO, extending the juris diction of county courts and to provide for practice therein, and to fix Uii- time of holding the same and to repeal an act therein named, «iis taken up on third reading' and paes cd. Bills on the third reading were again resumed, Senator Berjf'grens bill authorizing directors of incor poratcd park companies to 'app'oin s Superintendent and As-istant Super intundents and venting'the'Hanie police [lowers while n'dul'y'upbn the park premises, was'aUo'piuifiiud. Si-nator CoL'hrahV bill, rcyiuinj the law in relation to mbrfg'hg'es o real and (jcrsonal property, wus pass cd. Senator Stephenson's bill, revising the law in relation to permitting ani muls to run a large, was also pass ed, 0 . .. The Msvor'a Mosdane.—M»v wo be pardoned lor reqiie»tintr the Mayor t< IttQiirpuriU) In tun null uion-mtn tb< l&ot initl imny of our IIIOHI promincn ulntHOH lntTii biiciii ourt'dof rlieuniutiini n 1 urul^lii nnd kind rod uon)plulnt<< b t)alritiim Oil, niiii U> rucumuiuuil tin Tftluab>e lurillmne. It' IUUHI lie K UUI '< ' or «T«r)bodv reo I.|K u. VV« mem Dr. Bull' Syrup. I'ric.d 8$ ««ui). Hevnuuo Mat torn, III., Atarch 9—The l"Use committee oh Revenue adop- ed certain provisions for a new code o-day, taking up the mbject of Assessor, as this office is provided for n the code drawn by the comniis- ion. The committee agreed as folbws: There shall be elected the Irst Tuesday of November, 1888, and every four years after, a county assessor, provided that each county >ard in September, 1887, shall up- joint a temporary county as-cssor. "Jo county assessor shall be eligible "or ri.-eU'Ctiou until four years after. L'ho assessor's bond shall be not lest bun $5,000, and is a condition that ic shall assess at a true cash value. f an assessor docs not file his bond )efore the first Monday in December lie place shall be deemed Vacan',and he bonfd shall fill it. If the a^scsHor needs additional deputies to those ipproved by the board when the )uurd is not in session, tlui county clerk and '.rea-urer may approve the assi!8SO''s nominees. The assessor shall have entire charge of these deputies. In counties under township organization the township assessor shall lie deputies of the county assessor. The pay of assessors in entities of the first class shall be not less th;in $3; in the second etnas not less than $4, vnd in the third class not less than $5. Morrison Coining Home. WASHINGTON, March 10. — Mr: Morrison starts for his home in Illinois on Saturday, It is^'now understood that he w'i)i;haVp. a'plaTce on the [nter-State'' Commerce ComVuission, but willnot be its"head ., It is reported tq-day that 'jSfbTicitor McCue, of i he Treasury DepaKnient, will be nia'de'the head ! of'the"-cbm'inission. SUCH AS Velvets, Body and Tapestry Brussels, Two and Thrfce Piya, Stair Cai'pets and Deuih of Jiones B. Bids. Ni'ssAC, tf,P.. '.. March 8.—Cap- thin James B. Ends died here on tho 8th instanV o^pWum'dnia. Jamesi &' Kji'ds., LL D., was born at paVfSjcjBbu'rg,; Ind., May 20, 1820, re^riovirjff'witli his parents in 1829 to liou'isville, Ky., and from thereafter the iiedlh of his farther to St. Louis in 1833, where he has since remained. In 1838 he served as clerk' on a river steamboat plying on the Mississippi, and in 1842 was active in forming a company to raise wrecked steamers on theVMississippi and its tributaries.. At the outbreak of the civil war in 1861 he submitted to the Government a plan for the defense of the Western waters. He designed and constructed in 1862 and 1863 the first e'ig'l't iron clad steamers in the United Slates' navy- He afterward designed an • built, six ironclad gunboafs with rotating turrets. He was the'projector and constructing engineer of the great St. Louis bridge, nnd has'deepened by means of jet'ties'the.South Pass of tlie Mis-issippV from ciaht to thirty feet. He'was the'projector of the great scheme of the ship railway across the' isthmus^/.In the the month of August, 1884, he was awardo'd'the,Albert medal by the Society of the;Arts in England, in recognition of the valuable aid which hisseri'ices have rendered'' to the commerce of tiic world. ill ui> Ar>ehal PARIS, March 10. — An explosion of melinite, th'e' new explosive, occurred to-day in the arsenal at Belfort. Many men were' killed or Injured. ,. Baffled the Physicians. BORK'K MEDICINE Co., Qmnoy, III: —I regard your White Pine Balsam, ne a crtiiirh mixture of very i?rei»t value. Tho benefit rtnrivcd by my wife from its use, placet) it with me far in advance of nil others, For sov.ural years she had been seriously afflicted with H cough ihat gftvu us muoh aliirro ; it hart bufUed the skill of the physicians and cough romedios, until I conctuled noiliiiit: would avail in her ease. Direct.- ly after coming to Qniuoy, on your recum'mumhil'ion, shp pommunucd using ynur Biilsam, and it ban Hcltut like H charm, qutrtme the cough, and icmov- inir t-ntiri'ly ibusormiosiifrom horlungx. We keep H constnntly in our hou-o.— J. B. Ford, Pastor M. K. ohuroh, Ku«h- villn. III. Use Crtiiwlcr'B Wild UOHO Tooth. l'«w« dcr for clmiMMnir ilui tfitill). Prici- 2oo. INKAU,1BI<K CURK FOK CUUGHs. WH would moil pimiiivitly HIII<U ihiu no remedy hits «vor met wtih Mioh univnrNiil siitl«fA«ilon pr can be moru truthfully said in a positlre' euro than Burlu* While Plnn linlsiuu. 8UGAU. , A new dUooynry, Uillo Apricot Pilln onauir to ittku ihan sugar and far more bmiclloial. Sum cure for nourulgia, hi'itdttchi' hcarthurn, dyxpepaut and bad lirctuti. Try tlioui. Fur salt* at Mur»ir« drugstorn. niohl dwly A purgative luiulicinu oliould tiniio mill curnlivu, IIH well IIH t i>ro|>friius. '1'hu uomtiinnttou of in grcdii'iitH m.ty bu found in Avcr'H I'llN. i and tiiiiniiliil(! iliu ualurul notion, dttrlw Oil Cloths^Bugs and Mats, lias arrived. Also a very Wail Papers I am offering these goods at tlie veipy loWest prices to cash buyers. All/ai'e jUivlted to call and *ee i lie beautiful new' goods &learii the low prices. ALTON, ILL. A HI JO! HKADQUA.ttTESStfOK THE Best Buggy in the World, in the city, at hard times prices, sold on weekly and monthly payments. Agents for the Three-Cone Perfection Burners and Stand Lamjjs, FINE HANGING LAMPS, $1.75, $2, $250, $-.1, $6.50, $7.50 to 910. Headquarters for ..,., ......,.,, ^ ,.. EUPION and CARMINE BURNING OILS. SIGNAL OIL, ENGINE and ,., , CYLINDER OILS. Cistern, Well and Stock Puitij>& ,P*#l$!£ed Paims, ready for use. See our $10 Buggy Harness. Call and get our ^Hces and you will save money. Cor. Second and State Sts;, ALTONi :JLL THE BEST ON EARTH! BOSS FILLED Fi<6in f 18 to $50. Warranted BREECH-LOA1DLVG GUNS, From $16 to $30. J. H. BOOTHT™ E Patents. To ay pereouB wlBhlng to obtain lottei •atoht on now Inventtonu, finprovoraouts o lesUrns, 1 wUJ oxeoutti drawing and "jpeolfl iftttons «md tnako appltoutlouB for Patontfi \M cons.iHtttlon, In por»on or by l«Mo , fro* M'CAS PFElFFKNBBtlGlI'H, A Unit. 111. T. JL. FOUL.DS & CO., 8UCOKSHOR8 TO A. U. MoKINNEY ft CO., Highest Market Price Paid for Corn and Pickles. STIIX SLO1* FOll ,IOHN BAUER, DKAI.Klt IN AND MANUKAOTtntKIl) FURNITURE. SECOND STREET, Opp. Cltj* IIall, ALTON, IIA*, All kliiils ol Uno »nu ooiiiinon dirnllur* ' oil lituul. Al»o uuilv* (ikor, otu. npiwwl w WH.L. KLTftR ODERTAKER, Ready-BffadeCote.,, .. Metallo Cases, Casketi , And ' , aenu«m«n 0£B(ce and Shop 'on 8t»t« ttrett OverllMl B WT8TT VTnrkand Kab»Uln« Tnrottom. 200 BAGS FUREHA FINE SALT Tor Dairy and Table !T«e» Ib. linen tiuclu and Oo l» for sale by J. A. RYJRIE. ., JOSKfH LIVERY rttUNT STRCBT, B

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