Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on March 10, 1887 · Page 4
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 4

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 10, 1887
Page 4
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PROM LIFE TO DEATH ornsnt If rhfinmtulsia or n«ural- „ thl' heart. Th«o discaw* are 4f frMnful ntul the 'most tlaiigerous -^' human kind is liable. ,• fly from one part to another'without a moment's warning, nnd liniments and oilier outwnrd applications nre in themselves dangerous because thoy nrc linble fo drive-the disease to eomo vital organ nnd ciiUe 'Tnttant! ilcath,': lUieumhtUrn ami neuralgia arot1Ueni«9 of the blood, nnd can only b» itiicll*! by a' remedy which will drive from the blood tlie dangerous neids. Snch a remedy is Alhlophores, It has been thoroughly tested nnd is a wife, nurc cure. i-J.>M,;Powe|l, clerk {ot P.P. Ycrkln, druggist, PufisJ 111., Bays: "Coming from Chicago I was suddenly Biriekcn with acute rheumatism. H spread all through 1110 so rapidly Ihut in a lew hours J was entirely helpless. \Vo were obliged to stop o(F and made cyery effort to get spmctliiiiL' tlmt would relicve me from this itgony. I had 16 be carried oil Iho train. No Vrordg could descriho tlie pnin I endured for the next five day*. Finally ii gentleman nd- viscd me to get a bottlo of AtlilophoroB, nnd I nt once commenced using it. Although it may necm n very improbable circumstance, y c ' is nevertheless/a fnct. ~ '"' had .'taken five or six doses I had ALTON DAILY TELEQRAFH. . complete relief, nnd we continued on our utpcy. , Since that time niy father, who ^ more or 1 less n'sUfferer from rheumatism for six years, has nlso useil Athlojihoron with the mine satisfactory resulUj. Chicago, 111., July 25, 1885. .-With pleastiro 1 inform you there has been iid.>eturn of the" diflense-~cnre perfect. Yours gratefully, HEV. C. HAUTI,KY, Every driiggistshoiild keep Athlophoros and Alhloj)horoB Tills, but wnpro they fnn- not be boiiL'bt of the druyKint the Athlo- pboros, Co,i 112 Wall St.. .New Vorlt, .will Mnd cither (carringo paid) on receipt of regular price, ' which i.j '$1.00 per bottle for AtlilophoroH mill DOc. for 1'illn. For liver nrid Klilnuy dhcafos, (lyHjicwIa. In- rtlgwtliW, wenknow, nervous tlcMllt;, iilxciuifa of women, ronetlpnllnn, heaunrhc, Impure tkxxl. Ac., Athlophoroa I'll IB nro une>iunk'iL 0 REA1V ESTATE "~ FOB 8AJLE OR RENT, -;-•-• - -; • _B»- Rudersfiausen & Sonntag. .. . . » 'Aconvoniont anil pleasant home at a roa- sonalileflgnro, being a two-story frame, house on Eighth street; near Henry. . k 5 . •' .' JFor'SaJe. ' ; ': A choice farm ol saonoioo. with first olixae ImproTomontH, situated 2>< miles east of Brunswick. Oharitcn CO., Mo. For Hale. A one -story frame dwelling house In good condition, in Topping's. addition to Alton. / For'Sale Obeap The residence ol Oapt. W. P. oble: two stories and mansard roofi 12 room i halls, oloeata; boUars, etc. : 8 acres ot (jronn Most desirable property in the city. far Hale. 16u aerosol land. near oltyllmltsiStu^o „ two story brick and traine Owe n aouse, both situated on tbe oaa' o >»ato street between eth and 7t:b -ucetB- ao the brlch block of stores on Socon - ,nroot, between Iloni' and Kid ge street aown asHunter'e row. For Sale. • A'niiall frame '' ' .Jng house within nnc 'ulocbao(th»i) -t tor $375. 160 acrea f good torminK land, and imothei tract ol 00 ,ures, both unimproved. Slluat* In Hoi co., KaoBiia, at %10 and $10 per mori' roepocti vely— ono-thu'd cash, balance on time. « For sal». : ' A tarm ot 140 acrea on oottom land, all iu cultivation, near MndlBon, In this county. A gnml twn-Htory Iramo dwelling home on It. Price H.iiflO Tor Solo. ,'A choice farm ol Uii uuros, situate i mile nouthol Hhlpumn, Mucoiipin county, 111,, at a low tliiuru. Parties iniendlnif to 'buy Heal Estate in the cijty 01 Alton or vlolnlcv will Und It totlielr ' .interest to cull iiitliuolll -eof Uuderdliuudon Aflonntig nnU tuiiinliiu thvirllato proper' ties for sale as only pitrt thureof la udver- New and Beautiful DeslffnH Just arrived nnd arriving fur the Spring T ratio. 'GLASS! . '.A Specialty, from Small to ' ' At the old reliable HOUSU-PAINT1XO and DECORATING 'ostabllithmont of NEFF & OBERMUELLER, Fourth, east of Belle st. feblldSm J.SliTTERlSON, PINE IT) COM»tON ijc'* RNITURE. A Full and Complete Stock AJ- on Hand. DO NOT FAIL TO GIVE US A LL BEFORE PURCHASING. omt FtniNiTuius HUOMB AKK ON State Street, 'opp, Third, ALTON, ILi,, •nSdwlv EMPIRE MILLS, '• ~\i>'BTlU!ET (Near Plivau), ALTON, ILL KOH SALE I • Ground Oat*, Ground Corn, Huy.OatH, Corn, Com Woivl, lJuck\vhcftt Flour, Graham Flour.oto TLY DEL1VEIIED TO ANY PAIIT Of '• TUU! 01TV. M, WILKINSON. TUls pnpf r U hupt oil Die ut the olllce of DVERTISING GENTS .O. sit Altoa. MU) at th» F. THURSDAY EVE,, MARCH 10. SCIENCE A^ T D PROGRESS, MEDICAL DIAGNOSIS BV MEANS OF PHOTOGRAPHY. Tlio NcolUlilc Age Still ltopr«otit«l* In tho Hnpn Ito«i'rvi»tlon—Hoiv Munloal Bound May no I'rudueed by n ScrlfH ol Tupe. That mnslcol sound may be made by • eerlM of tritw, says Scientific American, L Illustrated by tho buzz, ft toy consisting of B clislt of tin having notched edges und provided wllh two boles on OiiitnetricnUy opposite gi<lw of llio center and furnished wllh nn cmllcKs cord passing through tho holes. The di.slt isrotateil by pulling in opposite directions on tlie twlfcltxl endless cord, allowing tho disk to tivlut tlio rord In tho reverse clli-eotion, then n^iuu \RilUni; tbe cord, and so ou. THE BUZZ. If while the disk Is revolving rapidly Its periphery la brought into light contact with tho edge of n piece of pnpcr, the successive tfijMof tho of the disk upon,:the paper prwlucc n shrill, muftlcnl 'sounil, which vnrics in pitch according to the speed of the disk. Buch a disk inoniited on n shaft and revolved rapidly is known ns Snvnrt's wheel. It is ascertained by thise exi>evimeiit« that regular vibrations of suflieient freqxwncy produce musical sounds, nnd thnt concusiuoiiB, irregular vibrations and regular. vlbrtitioni having n slow rate prckluro only noises. Bitvnrt (letcnnineil that tho lc>west note up- pvcciablo l>y Iho wxr is vroduoed liy from BOVOU to eight complete vibrations per second and tho highest by L 1 1,000 complete vibrations per second. . The Hnpa I ml Inns. Lieut Rny, U. S. A., gives In Science an ethnogrnphic sketch of the Hupa Indians as they nppenr in tho Hupa reservations In northwest Cnlifoniiu, on the lower Trinity river. These Indians nearly all belotig to lue Pacific coast branch of tbo great Athabascan stock, represented by the Kulchin and Tinne on the north, and by the Apacho nud Navnjo on the Eouth. Before tbeeo aborigines were terrorized by tho \vhito miners nnd fishermen they were, in tho Inngungiiof Stephen rowel's, tho Romans of California. Although thcj' have been calmed don'n to tho normal stagnation of u government reservation, there remains a gmit deal of the old art and civilization, among them. They are really in the npolithia age, nnil tell much about the way in which Frenchmen of the Roboiilmusian epoch lived. Tbo Btoi-y of t.h«ir dally HCe ia blocked out. in tho statements that their mountain homes are in tho midst of giant ifd woods, their streams aro Uio resorts of salmon and around them grow the nmU.Tiiils for tho finest textiles and clotliing. SON'S WILLOW CIIADLE AMD BOW. The Hupa lives in a slab house; be cleanses himself in a sweat house, sits on a block of wood, sleoi* on n pillow of wood, nnd nurses his body in tho prettiest of willow crndles. Ilia mush ho cooks in « watertight grass basket by means of hot stones. He bakes his bread In rude sonpstono pans and serves hi« httlinon in a wicker tray. Neither ancient nor modern savago surpass him in chipping jasper and obsidian. His finest weapons are his bows and arrows. The bow is of yew or cedar, and so deftly backed with a mixture of shredded clo«?v sinew nnd dsu glue that the uninitiated mistake the bnckjng for a tough bark. His arrow consUts of tho following parts: Shaft of willow or other soft wood; foresluift of hard wood, inserted in the pith of the shaft nvu\«tizc(\ wilb siiiovr, ht'ftd ol jasper or obsidian, untnnged, nnd lashed with sinew; and tho fctithor often laid on spirnlly. Ad^ a pretty quiver of otter, fox or wolverine shin, Blid tho artillery Is complete. Tho Ihipn has n hind of money (Pig, 8) mudii by wi-npping fuuikcxkiii or maldeu hair fern bnrlt nrouiicl long dentnliiun shells. Ho nlso cuts out discs from clniii shells. Feathers arc his greatest pride, and plumes of tlio wooilncchcr's crest, the duck's neek and tho blim jay's plumugcnro held ut fabulous prices, Tho Ilupa's iiiusio is drawn from the whistle of bone, tlio rattle and the drum. Tho women are iiinong the most rcllned and doltcato tanners, embroidery and basket weavers In tho world. Mmllciil PoMnlliHltlcfl of IMiotogruphy. In Tho Camera is recorded a very curious phenomenon, in connection with photography, by tlio person who observed It. He took a portrait of. u child apparently In good health and with n clear skin. The negative picture showed tho I'ui'o to bo thickly covered with an eruption. Three days ut'tovwmxl tUe cUlW was oovoixsl with spoU :luo to prickly heat. The camera had scon and photographed the eruption three days Ixjforc It was vldlble to the eye. Another case ot n somewhat similar kind U al«o recorded whore tv child showed sjiots on hid portrait which were luvWblo on his facu a fortnlgUt previous to an attack of Biimll|Mjx. It la euggestod that them ca;es might point to a now method of medical dlngno'<Ls. Liquid Fuel Vcrtu* Caul, THo oipi'Vimciit tried on ferry boats plying between Han Francisco ruid Oakland, with burning petroleum, boa not, it appears, proven nil entiru success. As regards econ« omy, tho exiHM'Imi'iit proved [wtroleum to b« chcupor limit «>lid fiwl. But n drawback to Its use i':uiu' from tbo iutemo Ui-nt prodiu*d, by which, or by tho peculiar unture of tho com- buslion, the ln>u of both the. i'uriKuT.i niid boilers, Ix'smi to Indtvatu rapid dvlvrioratlon. After several mouths trial, owing to this deterioration, tho Ixuti wcro again lltt<'d up for burning coal. <ilat'ltin In the Alp«. According to I'rofessor lloino, of Zurk'h, there nro 1,I,V> rjljidi'm in tlio Alp-, of which S-10 nro nioiv than 7,M1 iuotrei In length. Tha glnolorn are dlitrihuted iw followi; In Switzerland, 471; in Austria, 402; In France, 144; sind lu Italy, 7& Tho hirgest glncler is the Alefecli.' which Wretches over 24 kilo* Brttiw. 'HwtotAlitxrfiWof'tHo'itaatM' !«' mtontcii nt 4,tW*<iiim* Wlonwtrrt.'of wlileh tha c' ac ! el ' !l PHYSIOUOQY AND HYGIENE, 1'iicK Tbvurio* anil ISiperlenov* lu £v«rj Day tlfc. Dr. Bnekiu, la a pnpcr on cbrdnlo con- ttlpation,' i-eatl bofow « m*alcal iocltty la Canada, divided tho treatment for thle very common complaint Into hygienic, dietetic, medicinal and mechanical. Under hygienic, ho referred to exercise, walking nud riding, masKigo of tho abdomen and general massage in pereoiis unablo to talto active exercise, und bulbing, us conducive, to a permanent euro. Under dietetics, ho forbndo the excessive uso of meat or a too nutritious diet, and. advised more vcgetobles, fruit nud conrso broods. Homo people took too little llulds, and a more lilwral supply of water f rpquenUy relieved them. In tho medicinal treatment of these cases, he tliought usually n conibiiintloii of drags In small doses acted better thnn a Binglo one. Ho enumerated 'micdnctly tho indications for the more important purgatives. Ho hnd found, in some of the most oljstliiaU) cnses of constipation in children, coil liver oil act with groat satisfaction. He had not found cascaru, sngrndn to bo a specific. A pill bo found useful in many eases is one containing sulphate of iron, aloes, colocynth, nux vomlcn nnd belladonna, Under tho last heading bo noticed the vnrious enemas nud Bup[iositories useful in constipation. In all caws, patients must bo urged to solicit n motion of the l>owels ut tho same hour dally; the persistent practice of this rule would cure tbe majority of cnscv. Fattening Effect of Water. While excessive Imbibing of very cold or Iced wator Is not to bo commended, especially when one Is very warm, there is reason to be- lievo, according to recent medical authority, thnt the unlimited uso of pure spring wator is not only very conducive to health but has a tendency to favor fullness and roundness of the body. Whether this results from n. better action on the part oC tho digestive, nssimula- tive and depurntivo functions—owing to the Interim! cleanliness or flushing of tho lui- man gowers'by Inrge quantities of water, or whether water has a specific action In producing tbe IviHncBR, is not known 1 , but observation confirms as a fact that the free use of water has n fattening effect. Unwholesome Food nnil Drink. Bolted flour mixed with bran, such as In often palmed off on consumers as "Oralmrn" flour, is ftt only for the'etomachs ot herbivorous animals. Immature meat, sncb. as bob veal, to unwholesome not only because it contains no nourishment, but because of its extreme in- dlgcstlbility, Borax, boracio and salycillc acids, which are sometimes added to milk to prevent sour- Ing, irritate the kidneys and dispose to Brigbt's dlseaso. Tho Idea tlmt water purifies itself by freezing is prevalent and deep rooted, but erroneous. It has led to the uso of ico from ponds whoso water no one would think of drinking. People, especially females, who drink largely of tea ami still more when they do not eat sufficient food, suffer from many nervous troubles, as well us palpitation und neuralgia, nnd present nil the phenomena of nerve exhaustion, soys Dr. Fothergill. Treatment of the Foot. If tho feet nro tender or painful after long walking or standing, great relief can bo hnd by bathing them In salt and water. A handful of salt to a gallon of water is tho right proportion. Have tho water ns hot as can comfortably be borno. Immerse the feet, and throiv the water over tho legs as far an the knees with Iho handa. Whon tbo water becomes too cool, rub briskly with a flesh toweL This method, if used night and morning, will cure neuralgia of tho foot. Physicians recommend Dr. Bull'! 1 uth Syrup, when all olber medicines fail, as u certain cure for bronchitis, aore throat, and coughs or colds of long standing. For sale by all Drug. gists. 25 cts. "For there was never yet a Philosopher, that could endure tho toothache patiently." Perhaps not—but there's little wit in enduring it at all, when one bottlo of Salvat'on Oil will cure it. It is an off night in Boston when there is not a symphony concert and a prize fight. Everything which belongs to pure, healthy blood is imparted by hood's Sarsapiriila. A trial will convince you of its merit. 10 A distant relation—a story told over a telephone wire. The Hice Carriage Spring Company. Pittston, Pa., challenges the world to produce as good a spring, as easy a spring, and as cheap a spring. A trial settles that. Ask your carriage builder to put it on yours. dwlw Almost miraculous are some of tho cures accomplished by the uso of Ayer's Sarsaparilla. In the case of R. L. King, Richmond, Va., who suffered for 47 years with an aggravated form of scrofula, Ayer's Sarsaparllla effected astonishing results. dwlw "I)o you bare damp sheets?" said tbe fussy old man at tbo hotel securing a room." "No," said the clerk, who wanted to bo obliging, "but we can sprinkle 'em for you if you like them that way."— Exchanqe. What Trno Merit Will Do. Tbo unprecedented sale of Uosobee's Gorman Syrup within a low years, has aotonltthod the world. It is without doubt the (tafcat and best remedy over diaoovorud for tbo «p,eedy and effuctunl cure of Coughs, Colds and the severest Lung troubles. It acts on an entirely diffurent principle, from tho ununl prescriptions ewun by physicians, as it does nol dry up a cough and leave the disease still In the system, but on the contrary removes the cause ol the trouble, heals the purts affected and lup.voa thom in a purely healthy condU tion, A bottle kept in the house for uso when tbe diseaues mitko tluiir appearance, will save doctor's bills and a long H>oll of serious illness. A trnil will convince yuu of those (nets. It is por- lively sohl by all ilruirt'isU nnd general dtmli-rs in tho lurid, i'noc, 76 ma,, . Jll 10 llwlw ("Illl ~\ir TT llvu, rnoiKKiiotunn, to rup- re»i>nm-, f/lk puruiniitli HIIII i-xpi-nse*. 1I «l'! u ;. 1 :v»rA.'.>»«.^.ui'*: »"«nt Kit )., Uu«t»n. ocWtUtn SOCIAL ETIQUETTE, O««n ,ToiU* About . IleceptloU t>»y». Cntbctl4e!,OtfsiiJ' t t«} > Olb6<l" Housekeeping, urges evetfjLWraau Vui> .lias any but vtr'y in-' tlmnto, Jfriends,. to, Iwv^ nn .afternoon lii tho tfcek to receive cjitls. Mntiy tvolnen of : «vcalth end social position llrtvc hdopted llie.luslilon,-' 1 {jerlinps nt (tiilt betnusii it n'rts n fnsL'loa, but VUero Is xv great deal iiioro than tbnt : to bo said in It9 fnVor, nnd It Id to Iho busy woman, who huis every, moment occupied with house bold dutloa nnil yet Iteep* tier hold on soolol llfo, who will fluil it n saving of time ntul n menus of Kiintrhlng soini 1 passms plctisini) and rniKwe from whnt otherwlno la mi otx-nslonnl vcxiitloii, wlioin tliociiBtom ivotild help most. Tbo lulvnntngc of n ri'oolving dny'ls often fully uiidcratood, but women who nmlto no social pretension shrink fi-oin, It for fear o£. bcins tliouglit "niry" or iiptiigfiishiiin; but it IH just thoBo women who might look on It ns an absolute duty to tlwinwlvca mid a 'rcnl kindness to tliclr friends. How ninny of UK do not know what It.W to liatvan a«ninint<itico, who is lx>th nBi'cijablo and \voillil bo welcome, will on ib< just n.1 wo nro doing Botiietliiiig th:itwo nro nervously anxious to finish, or Hint require:) ,our un- divUlcil attention; fortunnto If wo aro not in the middle of sorno delicate cooking thnt will ijpoil by leiivlug It. There are. then but two things to do—nslt your visitor right into the kitchen or work room, or ' Inavo ovi'rything ami go to her just ns wo arc; anything is bettor than to keep her waiting. If wo do tho flrst she will know that nho hns just come tvt the wrong time, and feel thnt she is intruding in spite of your assurance tlmt you wish her to stay, nnd in fnct If you go on busily with your occupation you really cnnnot enjoy her visit, while if yoii lenvo nvcryllung, you will show tbo innrlia perhaps of being very busy, and your mind will wnnder to tho oven tbnt was just right and Is now cooling, or the work that you wanted to llnish BO Bi>ednlly to-day; in n«y eiww, you ik> not enjoy tho vinit, nnd your visitor will feel thnt you havo boon vciy polite, but tlmt pin? might have chosen a better time. By having a ..'May" you do away with ' all this, nnd you wivo time. You know the afternoon ov evening when your friends will call, and you arrange accordingly. You need lose time only for that diiy; you will havo no exacting work in hand; you will be dressed nnd ready, and stocking darning.or small nicnd- ing, although not parlor work, may be left to pick up, and cnn bo put awny without mental anxiety when visitors arrive. If you have made It known that you have given up this day land you cnn pleasantly also give y^ir reasonti) you may have several calls at one tiuio, while otherwise each would havo come separately nnd separately taken your time. Your callers will probably enjoy meeting each other, and you, with your mind: quite free, 'will bo nt your best Greatly Excited. Not a lew o! the citizens ot Alton have recently become greatly excited over tbe astonishing: (acts, that several of their friends who bad been pronounced by their physicians as incurable and beyond all. hope— suffering; with that dreaded monster Consumption- have been completely cured, by Dr. Kind's New Discovery for Consumption, the only remedy that doe* positively cure all throat and lun? diseases, Coughs, Colds, Asthma and Bronchitis. Trial bottle free at E. Marsh's drug store, large bottles $1. Wonderful C'nres. W. D. Hojt & Co., wholesale and relail druggists ol Home, G»., say: \Vu have been selling Dr. King's Nuw Discovery, Eloctric Bitters and bucki^n's Arnica Sulve for two years. Hav« never handled remedies that sell a? well.or give such universal pntisfnotion. There have been some wonderful cures offi'Cted by these medicines in this city Several cases of pronounced Consump' tion have been entirely cured by USP ol a few bottles of Dr. Kins's New Di- covery.tsken in connection with Electric Bitters. We guarantee them always Sold by E. Marsh. tnebldwlrn Arnica Halve. The Best SaJve m the world for outs, bruises, soroa,i,.c-ers, salt rheum, fever sores, tetter, chapped hands, chilblains, corns and all skin eruptions, and positively cures piles, or no pay required. It is guaranteed to give perfect satisfaction, or money refunded. Price 25 'cp»ia per box. For sale by E. Marsh, Alton, 111. mohVdwlm "Thu OrenlMt Cure on Karth for Pnln." will nilioremorp quickly tlmn uny otlior known roll.. - a= ***^- cuy; Khcumflll*m, NuuralDJa, BwolllngH, HUH Heck, Krulnn, ' Burn.*, ScaUH Cuu, l.tmituv ., go, rlettllHy. S, -, luckaclio, Oiiliwr, Boro Throat, .Rrliulca, NVoiiuilB, llraJMlm, Rpralnft, eta. J'rico ., .Toothac, , . tact*. B bottlo. Hold by JdrninrlBtK. . Onutloa.-.'rho yvn- umu Salvation Oi\ bum onr Tr«dB-Marlc,.«ni)jj,|r . rroi>rlotor», BalUn.oro, Solo Dr. Ilull'» Coufh Svrnp will cure your Cau«li nl nnw. l'r|p« onlv 25 CIU. a bottle. L ADIES wanted 'o (ret up Tea Clubs for our I'nro Tens and Coffees. A hose of nsefu articles to select from as premium*. Bent! for illustrated 1'rlce nnd I'romlmn Llat. 8rn CULOFKEit: to i-very TBNTII person tliatini- swers thlsiidvorflpciiiGiit, we will send nue pollnrt choice Ten. Address ACOFfKKOa. Hos'on, Mass. DAIRY FARMT North Alton Jersey Dairy. Having rentoM Jomo« Mullen's Dairy fatrc and cuttle, the uuautxlunod will iurnlvh milk of tho very bust quality to tbe citizens ol Alton. Tho cattlu are mostly liluh grade Joriuvsnnd (or tilvlnit rich milk they bavo no equul: tliey are nil youiiK nnd healthy will iiieil'nobfops of any kind to our cattle 1'nrtlosthnt rllHnvorus wltli their patron- flue, may depend on netting mlik of tlie very bunt qmillly. A sample will bo (riven fio« ol "'• 1imll that apply for It. ThH mllkliiM MOST PERFECT MADE no Amin<mla,Uim>, Alum o , Extracts, Vanilla, .Union, etc., flavor deiiclously. WHIPPLE & SMILEY, INSURANCE, REAL ESTATE, * LOANAGENTS, BEREBSKNTtNQ THE IOLLOW1MD First-Class Ins. Oo/s: Ins. Co. of North America* Hartford, Phoenix, Franklin, of PhUadelyhla; German American; North British and Mercantile), Iiondpn; Coni. Union, London; Lancashire, Manchester, Bng.r Continental; Glrard; Glens Falls, Amoroan Central; Firemen's; Fund, Western Ansurance Co. , A5D OXHSaBt.A OA8B OJUnTAl IH TBS A,fcGBBQATE Of $20,OOO,OOO. WE AJbSO RKFRE8KNT TKK Mutual Benefit Lite, of Newark, H. J., and Traveler's L,tte and ' Accident Inn. Co..Hartford. Office: Over Alton Nat. Bank, Cor. Third and State sta. and uvurytlilnitconnected wltli tliudulry wiP bo ht-pt scinpuloiiMly cleim Mitlmt out mmtouKTs may reoulvo tliu milk In the ' bent o( order. A nhnre of public patron UKO U respectfully irquuatud 1.^-uve orders will] Hc'HsrB, Klrsch A Sollies*, and wiili McHira. Sulbcild & Outvrdmu, or address ui ui North Alton, AMIKRCVOLPER, KU.NKHT WKlUNSLUll. Hum for service, two rrKlilnrnil Mrm, J«r- »<iy nnil ilnl-ifln, auivu'o Him (or fiilmi 1 , |lOi. Tin' lliiltttilnlH fioin tlmt iiiimms hull, ijur. ••t'Miil.-.H,owned i.'v Mi' sti'vi'iii.nffjinv Vork; mull }7M) pi-tMiii|itn nt St. Unilli hut lull. Oin'j U tlnrty month* old unit I* ovar ftivutitouo hundred welghfc U d iw Fur Bent. Two-story house and good stable on Com. mou street. Uood fruit. WHIPPLE & SMILEY. Kor Sale. Seven Iota with good, brlok dwelling and outbuilding^, in go-Hi repair, In Upper Alton. Residence of (J. E. 'Jolllns. and known as the Merrill property. W1HPPLE * SMILEY, Alton, or a. w. Collet, Uppsr Alton. JtorXUut. A two-story brick dwelling known as the A. Platt homestead. Lately pu k In Kood repair. waiPVLE ft SMILEY. For Hole or nent. A desirable tenement on Bluff street, owned bv Mrs 8. J.Dntro. WHIPPLE ASMtLKY. for S1U. The late residences ot J. i. and W. H. .Mitchell, on Mill St., two 01 til' best Pieces ol residence property In Alton. The property known as "The Para, eastot above; It lots on Mill nnd Summit streets, an 1 a number ol ota in Miller * Mitchell's addition to Alton. Any or all of above at a grew bargain. WlUPPIiK * 8MILBT. Jror o»ie. The Morrlman property on State atreo in Miller & MicuelVs add., to Alton, IX story hoaae,« rooms and crat-bulldlnga; all In ver teot order. Can be had at a bargain. WHIPPLE t BMILJCY. For Sale. A IX story frame dwelling, corner Pe , and filth street*. WHIPPLE * BMILKV Desirable Residences tor 8»lc. A two story brink dwelling on State' street known as A. Platt bumeetead, lately put In good repair. A two story Iramo dwelling on Main street, nearly now. A two story brick dwelling on Seventh street, all for sale it a sacrifice, owner having (Iceland to gc ••*'• WHIPPLE. ft SMILEY HOT Hale. The Woodrool property. A I story frame house of 8 rooms, on Fifth and Alton streets, a 4 room frame house on Fifth Mi-net. WIHPPLB ft SMILEY. JTor Bale, A convenient farm of 190 acre*, most all in cultivation; situated on the Bethalto road, mllefrom Altor., Tor Bale or Bent. The Z-etory frame dwelling with 0 rooms, Including 7 lots: good harp .and fine tinlts known as the Nichols homestead; situated on lath st,, in a deslraole neighborhood! WHIPPUS A SMILEY. for Sale, A 7-room brlok dwelling and out buildings on Thud street, between Cherry and Vine. WH1PPLB ft BM KY. Dor Kent. Good O-room brlok bouse with, abpuU acre« of ground.tnclndlng oronaTi, in Upper Alton, Former rosidenoo of Dr. Humbert. • WUIPPLE ft SMILEY. for Rent. Late residence ot M. J. Nponan on State street, knovn as the A. Platt place, flood 9 room brick bonne, In flrst class repair. , WUIPPLE * IJMILEY For Rent. ! A two story brick dwelling known as the A r.att homestead {lately put In good repair. WlltPPLK ft 8MUJJCY ASSIGNEE'S NOTICE. Estate of Herman Regnlrrann, debtor: The undorulgnod berebv gives .notice that lleruum Kogdniunn, ol Alton, In the county of Madison and State of Illinois, did, on the llth day 01 Feb., A. D. 1887, transfer to the undorsmnod, at, nsBlKnee. all Hl» property, real und personal, lor tho btnoflt ot hl« oreu- Itora. uooordlrm to tbo provisions of tbo' act coiicorulUK usslgnmonts. All personsImvingclulras against the said Herman Ufgrlinaun «ro horoby notlnod to present suuu claims under oaiu or BfllrmH. tlon, to mo at my store, on the corner bt I hlrd and 1'nina i-treets, Alton, In said county, with- In tliree months from this date. Dated Feb. 16th, 1987. JOHN DOW, Aialgnee. Jons J. UnitNHOLT, A'tty. febl«d«i TO ADVERTISERS For a check for 120 we will print 4 ten-lidO advorilaimii'nt In Ona Million Issues of lead in« Amurlimn N«wvp ipetu. TliU U at itiu IA Dtonly one llltli ot ueciit n Itnu.for l,0)0ctrou liitliml The iiOvoitlni'iniMit will -bo placed boloru Ono Million iHPfUKKNT nuwmniner R UI'UllU<«r»:—Ol-KlVH MILLION IlKAUKUS, Tell lion will nO''oinmoUato ubnut 7b wurdii. Ad* di-ons with copy of itdv 'andohuok, orwiimM uenu lor book ol n« tia«e*.j UttO. J». HOW- BLI,*l)0., lOflpruoesC, N. Y. JulMlm »or OhiotAo aaA tb* Men •>•>* A (SHoagoHallt... ............ ........ 9:00 Chicago AtonjiunodiMon* ........ «?0o£3 Mithiw^fl^eip / t.w'.y v i.'«..j» j .*.{.»:iop.JJ BAttWAX 1MB Mtt , . m oroc, eofcnli, lJ*l^*ri Ku. I.M Cltr,»ndiiU point* w«et~ ^ Kannas Wa,g»S&:>' i - « ...... 4 ttsoo ». a. Kansns Oliy Kipresa* ........ .. .... 9:10 p/jj Denter:Jftcpieosfa.....i...vj. .....JiMp, nT Jacksonville iownunodartonj... 1:06p. m for Ht. Louis i •• •"'.', v« • ;•. ..- ' n LiKhtnlnu KxpreM* ................ 8:48 s, a Grnungo AoeotnmodMlou*. ... ..... 9:80 a, m Alton spoci all... ...... ............. 12* p. m KonsaaOityMail* ........ ..... ...... ,8:40 p S OhieagoMallt ........... ... ..... •• C'.aop.n JPBADISljBAVB ST. Unnif UNION 't>Bf ft TOft AX/TON. n50«-nu • W00t)»«i. •4 Mp.ut. ' *7 Main. -(8 «s B. ni.>8- •Dally [Bicept 8und»v, Bnp't. at/LouliFlvlslo Bnp't. at. Louis Division O. O. NORBIS, Tioknt Atrcnt. UBUUtUTON AJOJQU1NOY. Trains lonvo the colon Depot, Alton toUows: ••:• • .•••'!;•• Going Notthi Express (eSoopt Bandar).... 8:M a, m SherifTB Rale. Jennie K. D'eprjr V ; : ' - .vs. J Elocution So. IM, Franklin Dopry. J rde bill NO. By virtue of an.exdonilon,in this case Issued out ol the clerk's oOloe ol the Circuit Court o! Wudlson'oounty.lllliiolBjdlioctod totbosiior Iff of said county,! have levied upon all tha right, title ana, interest M ,tbo •Aofunaant lu and to the' fbliowl, tf property; sltuntoia tho,Bounty at Uadlsim-«i»d, 8tata of IlUnoU. anddescnboa a» tolloWs; ttt-wlti "> ' 'Two \1\ rods ' all"'• ot ''the ••'•' north sldti ol lotfio. flve (6),.in Woek No. slat (6), l n E. Long'snudlUon votbeiotrri ot Upper Alton, and, also, two (J)rods off of thu,»outli side of lot No. six («;, In. said block No. six (tl) In said 'addition.'< >8ftlU two' (4) plecea ot land fronting lour UI, rods on Main street hi sold town and running back' enstwardly tbe entire depth of said lot«, and situated lu the town ol Upper Alton, in tho county of Madl- aon, in the HtMe ol Illinois, wiileb I'will ox- pose at f ubllo Sale, to the highest bidder, for cash, on . FJUDAT, TUB ELEVENTH DAY OF MAKOH, A.U..J8U7, >• < > -; between the hours of B o'clock in, the fort- noon and sundown | to-wit: at 10 o'clock, a. m., o( said. 4a.Vjliv trout ot t^evaottb Irom door of the City Hall building, In the city of Alton. In tho county and State aforesaid, to satisfy.*alo; execution together with costs. ' "'"' ' ; " ''B. illl. : Sheriff of Madison county, Bv 0. F. OHOWJJ, Deputy. .17 dtd , KJCBOBTOBS* Estate o( John W.Sobwo. The 'nndersignoxl, La vine been " np. pointed Executors olj_the.. lost; will and teBtament ' 61 John W. gODwoppe, late of tho count; ol MndUou and Stau of llllaols, deceased, hereby t?lve notice that they will appear before tbe Count; Court p( Mudlxon county, at the opu^t, house, U EdwnrdBVlllo.nt the March tcnn.on the fourth Monday In. March mint,- at which time ftll persons baring claims .against saia estate an notified and requested t& attend for the purpose of haring the sauie adjusted. Allperiotu ndcbtedto said estate are requented'to uiiu« Immediate paymoutjto .the .undersigned. PftMHt thli/Sad day of TeblT?ftry.-A:t).1897. ., W1LUAJ1 B. 8CHWBPPB, BOHWKPI'fc, -, Xzeouiori, Chancery Notice. STATS OF.ILUINOI>}T| S fl Oounty of 'Madison, j OB> Circuit court ot Madison county, Maroli tern A.D.1887. Henry O. i'rlest, nurvlvinn partner of Henry 0. Swoctser, deceased, late partners under tha name o! 8 woetaer and Priest, vs. -'Da^U K. Sparks, Anna u. Sparks, his wife, Wf !• ley Best: tho Alton National Bank,'the D. K. Sparks Milling company, Albert Wad« and rnink R. Mllnor. In chancery. Notice Is hereby given to th« said Wester Best that the.above named, complainant heretofore filed big bill of complaint In »aM court, on the chancery side .thereof, and that a summons thereupon issued out of mid court against tlio uuove< untried defendant!, returnablt on the flrst iltiy ot the term of tni fySfSSf clroultoourt ol Mudlaon county, to be held at court house In tdwardsvlllc, In said Uadltou county, on tbe third Monday of March, A.D, 1887, a« is by law required, anrl whtoii eull la utill peudluu. KUUBRT DAQNAOKK, WISE it JUvis.Oornpl'u Sol'n. PKICB MST: LaBelle, PUB DHL • - $4,75 -!- 4,50 Diamond Light, - 4.00 - -3,50 1887. HARPERS BAZAR. ILLUOTBATBD. eriiture and the flmtet lljnstratldris with tbe reading, 'lt« storlcu. poems, Mid. essays at* by the best writorH, and its humorous ekutoliM are unsurposieaV its papers 6n 'social etl- qnetui.dBoorattvo art, bouse keeping in all Us branolien^oooktiry, otc., wake It Indlspen- sable In cyery household. Its beautiful faib' ion plntoa ' and puttern-sbect supplcuienM enable ladles to save many; times the cost ol subscription by being their own dressmaker). Not a line is admitted to Its columns tbw could shook tlio moat fastidious taste. HARPER'S PJSWJOWCAL8. Per Yeari Harper's Batar.. ,.,.| 4 M Unrper'sMngarlne..,.,...,.,. 4 00 Harper's Wenkly, , ,.. 4W HftrperVYoimK'I'oopia.....•.....'. 9N Uarpex's Franklin Square "Llprary, one year (8a>nuu>lWrs).;.'..4..;.,,.t. loot Unrper's Handy Herlea, one .year, (M „ number*) ...•;...,-........;;'.',. 15OJ Pontage Free, to all taUsorlborstu tho Unltw States or Canada,'' •'')• •'•• '.•••.-", • The volumes of tlio JUEAli 'begin with the first Numboi for January odeiKjU year. Whoa no time is muntlunod, •inltserlptlons will begin with tho Number current ut timoofru- celpt of order, • "• >'•. Uouud Volumes qj lUapim'i. EMAIL tor •three years back, Iri neafclbtl) 1* Bout, by ncUl poctUKu pald.or by npress, free of wrporTs*! (provided the frefkut does not Olotb'Oases for onnb volume, sultabln fo' binding, will be sent ,Vy mall, postpaid, on ou receipt of »l.OO each. Money .< lot*. * i obauca < thin advortltt- ^_^ ^ r ^ .(lop of IIAHF** HAltPKltVllKxritKUS. Now York. For Sale Cheap, Witli all tho A\}p)laqpcl to Run IV Everything in .Oooti Order. A, H. HASTINGS, '

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