Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on March 10, 1887 · Page 2
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 2

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 10, 1887
Page 2
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ALTON DAILY TELEGRAPH, Bf W. T. MORTON, 0<nr. Third nnd PlM» »tr»«t», AltoB., m THURSDAY EVE., MAKCH 10. UOUFKET OoprttiT, March 8,1(187. kill* kfecoa Thompson, of Kostnrburg, spent .. the tftb.bath wltn Mil* Jetile •Waggoner. >tr. )yill. Oolson and klr. Wm. PUirce, of &ottnt Ollvej, spent Kim*day* at Ur. e. O. &«re»*» la»twet>k. 1 I B*Y. Uh»». Yliden anfl family, of Wandu, were hens l«»twcok at wn| Miss Ituttle Wag' goner, of Pla«a, and Mr*. BetiJ, Acred, of Jer'./• MjYille'.iCBlied hire l»v the death of Mr. W. ••' W. Waggoner.- .' «r. Jiirnvs Wl.ison, of Plasn, -ipeattlie Sabbath with fi lends hero, I Mr. Maclier wu» called to Jer«ryvUle last FrliS«y to Attend the fnueial of 111* sluer, Mrs. Tracy. klr. Tbos. Inguam has returned from hi* trip In Ni-braska. I Ur.T. Karris quite »lck w»ih pncttmonla. Mrs. Walttir Merrl jinn lifts boi-n very nick with contention, but la bt'tler. Mr*. Hoce FulltK«r IH In Upper Alton to sc<her daughter, Mm. Jolm £llll. who Is quite slok. ,, '^7 Mr, J.ihn T»lm»n killed a gray fox Ian " Vl *feelr and Mr. frVdney fogham killed n red .one I**t evening. i' ; Oep/M. d Mfieneko; died at his residence near Ucdlicyijluu-li 3d jBgi d "U. Ho wan u •., DB'lvool llanuvi-r.bDtliui lived lutill• country for >om» years, lie cam* here Irom Unl- bonn county, flvo years RKO. lie l«uvei u widow, f'iur ciaidiea nud five xri.nd cblldruu nil- ol *i>e Irttucnt m tbe tunurul wliU-li took p'oia liom tbf U. E. cliurcu, 1'rlUav Mtefnoon, KeY, J. VT. liaiuu offlcl&t- log. klr. XVtlllam W. Waggoner was born Feb. letb, 18T7, no»r KuOxvUle, Tonn. la 1838 ht with hu father and niothvr auO ten bruth«rt< and slBters came to JluUUon county where bo haa since reeidcd. Purla« the war he wits- corporal ol Co. I. HI III. Vol., during which tluiube contracted thodyipepila, Irom wliloli 1^8 feos ever»lnce Buffered. Dec. Uth, J6M. he WU4 married to Murgaret J. Cull who dluu • "Feb. 6th, 1»76, leaving two »onB and two • diiughtoro. llo was married to Mrs. barub M. Pond.of BrlRhtoni'Sov 57,1877, who Bll) sur vlveahim., lie has euffoied greatly for soice montua but hi* lamllV and frteiid* haw uone all In itiulr power lot his comfort, lie w&» u kind father, a good cltiien unU a man without an enemy. Ills funeral was largely atteudud , , .both by relditvos and trlend«, .showing In wnMhlgtrofimUiewfts held by all. Quite • «naraberof relative* from a dliSjinoe were ... prescjit Ber. J. W. Balne preached one ol the fine discourses for which be la noted. The pall bearers were: J. U. Isett, J. Y Sawyer, Wm. Young, John Roberts, J. B. Turner and Robt. Stewart. We extend to the be reared family our heartfelt sympathy. * , -.. MORE ASON. EUHAKDSVILLE . . E, March «.'S7. Last FrldayovenlnK the long expected oon cert .by the M. K. church choir and Us (rlond- took place at the Opera House which wa- crowded. Thn obolr netted between J75 ana }SO, so we were Informed. For Mayor ol EdwurilsTlllo tbo youcs element of our city seem to want the editor 01 tbe Intelligencer to be a candidute for thtti olllce. Yoatorduy afternoon Messrs. A. D Itetcalfo andO. . W. Tunuell were soliciting -'. Blgnera (or a call lor Sir. Dounchtnitelu, and soon securudover ons hundred names; somu , of the signers arp larxo'tajipiiyeri and In . tnentlal citizens. Mr. Boeschenstetn was the prime mover in starting our BuililinK A»»ocl- tlon, In lact It v,i\a mainly through hUcff"Tt> that the «ssoct«Unn was formed. UU (rlend. wilt do their bent to tlect him I'KKao.VAM— HIM Bi-lulo Ground, who Is at- : tehJln(f ncuool at LJndcnwood Se.nlnary. '•t. Ohatlfls, Wu., was the guvat of her sitter, iliv Dr. Corbelt,'' several duya last week. .' A few d»y» ago Mm. vv. K Wheeler wa- called to Hldnely on account of tbe ecrlou- Illno'B oMiur woib^r, Mrs.llatcher. WI»B Juylo SprliiKOi- entortalnvd a numbet Of her Irtendi lu»t Thuridar altnruoon. Mra. johh A. Prte'kott was ho^tess to the M. K. »uwliig society, Thursday afternoon o! lust week. Mr. and Mrs. John 8. Tones arrived Uom« on the Mh ln»t, : ' 7 • Ur». Uuo. LevereM entertained the Guild Bovtuty tlitti alturnoon, anu ui-xt Wf^ek th. tociuly will uifoiatUn. Win. I). Klikpat rlck'< on TuoaJny. Ui ant I nigger has left t hit cliy without "Jus cauitti or pi-uvotHiltin," and KUHU Into tte txu t»tme (juolnees tu >Vk-lillii, Hun. fcMrjii Jt O. tttu uett rlsltfa'llra. Or. Robin sun Itat wot-k. , Mr. Cliiului Uoeaohenstcln, of the litttlli Qrnttr, inadu a fljlntr trip tu IllrinlnKliuui AlabH" M, luat wvrk. Ho wtn well plea*ea will) wliulue »aw down there, lie h)« tliinuuiidi u»tk mill) liiui. llu tbouglit 1. he c uld not buy tbe whole ol tl»o towu hi did uv>t want auy. VAKIOUS— Rev Theo. L«e, of the Pr«sbvte- rlnacuurch^rvachttd tils farewell eermouliu Sunday, i Bev. \V. C. Dyer, of the Episcopal church. ,wi|) holJ vpecla] I.cnttn nvrvlccs next wcuk at tna houtv of ionic tnoinlwr of the church |i^a|. Thin. J Kcwsbam has purchased couii- loWoJ thuOUlespla estate near K. 1>. Grcen- wood'a, and will erect a rc«ldinco tor hlmacl and family. AUK- Hulxol has given up the Idea of moving to Wlculla. Kmi.,aml has conclude J tba Kdwardavllle U fcOod euouxb lor blm, Wm. Berry has the contract to krepthv poor hu\)»o tor n >'«ir. The rate U !• ctiiu per day4or tach lumato. ADAM. BETUALTO. Mr. Walker Mcl'liorson will move Into Mil. Hill's propirly this weak. Our frlmid and follow counter hooper, Ur John Klein, with his good lady will, In a few days, occupy tbe Jo*. Qadd propbity. Protestor* U. T. McCrf a and U, M. Bishop and LT. £. A. Smith hart comrnenoed .th» study ol German, with the Rev, Ur. Xeight- ingnll. pastor ol the tntheran chiirch, as teacher. ! Mr. Henry Meyers has bentfht the Oasklll property at a bargain. Uardon s«cOs, blue gras* «»u* and potato** at Mrs. M. J, Battle*. SICK-Miss LUU* Duffy I* somewhat In Ulss Brlggl* Long has been qntte «l«k the ist week. ; We are glad to notice Mr. frefl Bongert around tgnln this week. Missel M mlo Rlpley and Mattle Handle wH) return to iht-lr homos at Stiunton tbl* we«V. Candidates are looming up. Wewondctii "Pie Ton n" will let BothBlto have one of thp (our offices, this Is all we ask. Come l«l'» .hake, OlMLKT. Children Stnnrintr to t)cath Un account ol iliotr inability 'o dlgfl'l food, will find a moat m«rv«)lousi fwrt mil remedy in Scott's Emulsion. V«ry .mlftt.»ble and wily fliecBted. Dr. S. W. Cohen, of Waco. TVxris, SBTR: "I have nsed your Emulsion in infant! l» wa^tine, It not only restores wasted •iB«uoB, hut give* 8treof;ih,and increase* 'ho appetite." In th« Vineyard- , Vines that fvert properly prnned lft»t fnll require bnt Uttlo attention now. U, iiowover, 'pruning wad -neglected, it ru+y bo attended to whenever tit weather Is mild. E. WiUlarris, a prominent vine grower In New Jersey, aays: "Adopt some system tempered with reason and common sense and follow it. Prune severely U you would got flue fruit. Avoid asking the vine to produce beyond Ha strength. More vines are ruined by overcropping thnn by severe pruning. Don't be too greedy." _Salting TtntUr. Many dairy authorities agree that the salting of bntter is bad dairying- The Idea thnt it iecps the btJttet IB an error. When butter is snltod with brine the salt is most thoroughly incorporated with it, and {.ho butter kcopa beat, na the brine stays there, but dry salt will disintegrate and fitoy only In rnlnut* granular form. Agricultural Not«». The Russian minister of agriculture re- porta the deficiency In the winter wheat crop of 188(1 to have been 27 p«r cent as compared -with th« last four years. There was, however, an increase of 4 per cent. In the spring wheat crop. California nurserymen are importing largo stock* of cherry, plum, apple and pear seedlings from France. The Vermont State Agricultural college has a "winter class" for farmers, a capirai IQCH. A western inventor claims that prairie gross, ground into n pulp with corn stalks and pressed into blocks, makes an excellent substitute for wood and coal. Farmers arc reported to consume 85,000 tons of twine per year on reef binding harvesters. Stephen Dcnle, \vell known English authority on poultry, claims that large poultry farms have proven dismal failures. Tho kitchen window ia the best place for plnnls; the steam from the boilers and kettles keeps tlie air moist The highest apple orchard in tlie United States is reported to be at Hot Sprinp, Lake Tahoe, Col. Tho trees bear welL This is said to be the greatest altitude at which this fruit Is grown in tnte country, being over 0,200 feet above th« level of the sea. Report* from the principal wheat grow Ing stales continue to bo generally favor able, iviih tlie. exception of those from Illinois and Kansas. • SMnwd'd Bftit, to tMki.. ••-..•• rv *4.*9; fcamond Ugbl M,00j A); -UBt-Ufc" l>- K. A. O »pavks THK last dark horse in the District ot Columbia official race is a Trotter. THE ladies of the ballot never appear in public without their see-legs on. The strike nmnng matches is slowly •mbaidina: as tbe days lengthen. A piir^Btiyu medicine should possess innic ttml curntivu, as well as cathartic oropurties. This combination of in irredieota miy be found in Aver'g Pills I'bev slreng'hen and stimulate the bowoln, caus usr nii'ural action, dwlw >, til.,' Uarch 9, 'ST. • B*Y. Mr. Towey.ot Upper Alton.wlll preach . at the Baptist church next Sunday morning *' and evening. , There, w 111 be. preaching at the old llotblo- hcni church neit Sunday at 11 o'clock a. in, • -»'•'"*. -Mr; WBL Uneoritiger. of Prairie town, wns lu our village, ou Tuo»day. *" ' "Mr. Iiaac'Chapman, who represented thoC. 1'. congregation of tills plitcu and Mr. Hu» veil Kewman, ol tbe Liberty Pralrlo church, bavo returned from Witt, 11)., wtioro they ; alWofleil rre»bTver>- lait work. ' -'Mr.T.W.I. Belli ha* gone to Janeiville, . wis.,(or the purpose ot purchAtlug a Uno '*•' • EagU»hBhlr»*t&l,loa. ..Hela company with Ur. Wm. Bay aad othur* Intend to have something very fine In (lie way of good hone*. Ur. W. L. Ettabrook was In town on Mon' d»v and wa* chuck full of good nature occasioned by tpe advent Into hi* lautUy of a ;.' bottuclog baby bov wlilohkicked tholxraiu at 11 pound', good down weight. 'CHiXOH—Mr. P. Mover* aud family occupy the property vacated by Ur. Jame* Duty on I Mrtftt. belonging to Mr*. u«o. Taylor. Or THE CONDITION OF TUB Alton National Bank, At Alton, lo the State ol IlUnoU, *>tth< Close o{ Builntit, 4th, 18*17. RESOURCES : l.o an i and 'Dlicounls... JT7«,i»} J. Overdraft* 1.1181 U. S. Bond* to *ecur* circulation.., 51,000 ov U. S. Bond* to secure dcpotits .... 60,000 (K U. S.-Bonds on band 6.SJO 0 Otuer otocks, bond* and mortgage*. (1,920 Due from approved reserve axent*.. 30,211 1 Duo liotn otuer.National Bank* K.rtt tt Due from State Banks and bauk*r*.. 36,*f« 7 lical Estate, lurnliure, and flxture* 1,0001* Check* aud other ca»h Item*.. 11,837 04 Hills of other Banks 7.SOI ix Fractional paper currency, ulckel* anil cems 136 M Specie 1M.C8I U'gal tender note* 69,004 Ot Rudeuintlon fund with U. S. Treasurer ti per cent, of circulation; i,MO 00 Due from U. 8. Treasurerotuer than 5 ptr cent, redemption fund itt M * «_r ~ ToiiL t T7«,7T9 LIAHIUTIKS. Capital stock paid In {100,000 oo Surplus fund (0,000 OC Undivided profit* J»,'J-il National Bank notes out*tanding... 44,600 M Individual deMMlta subject to check STi.W u Demand cartldcatcii ol deposit IOf,tStSn Time certlncalea ol deposit SS4 1 United Slate* depoilts 40,5;T IT Puo to other National Banks 164 1 Du* to Slate Baukt and bankers.... »S.5-J« 4a TOTAL f n»,7;» STATE OF ILLINOIS ( M COUKTT or AlADlSOX. 1 I, E. i'. Wado, O'uhler of tbe above-named bank, Oo nolcmuly twear that tn* above •tatetnent Ii true to (he bent of my knowl edjs and belief. E. r. WAUK, Cashier. Subscribed and oworu to before ui* thi* Bib day ui XU'ch, 18«7. UKO. V. uuNULTT, Notary Public. Correct—A TT«ST: UtMtV WAT50JC. J. 1C. •••••-' — DtiMMC*. ALJW MARKET. TSLBOBAflt OFFICE, Alton, ILL., Marsh U, Mi. „ «.» :^ •> 41 B , Ei) ::.v:: COttN. . Wholesale, p«r ton, bedl«U. ......... J...W10 50 MB" *« Wlioleeale, perbu tetnll «... MKKD. ifover Seed, per bn.,wholesale nmothy 1 , " ' OATS. ^ Wholeeale, jxa bu W Retail M STRAW- for bale,.... *oe per cwt POTATOES. «»TO ONIONS. Vholeoalo, per bu } "' Hetatl .'..'..... 1 «J 8AJLT. VliPleaale, per bbl J «J «etaU 1» HICK. Wholesale, per lb <»**• MOLAbSEth (Tiolesalu, per gal • BinTKR."" Choice, wholesale, per lb retail EGOS. Perdocen, wholeiale retail ; CHICKENS. 1' UK J3»U> Onsood.. WOOL Unwashed. Washe<l flurry Wool TALLOW. He quality perlb.. who'«sal«.. HIDKS. Oreen cured, per lb Dry Salted ,\ f. 'try Flint 'HAMS. Sugar Cured, wholesale................ 1SK " retail U> LuVSD. Per lb., -wholesale S " retail... 1' BAOOls. Shoulder*, wholesale, per lb * " retail : l« Clear Bides, wholesale * " retail 1C UKK. Per bbL, whole* ate • retail • TO Bulkperbu., wnxneeale.......... u " retail >'• LoulBVtlle Oemenc, per brL, $1 t" Plaster Paris, " " *M Hair, per bushel i U< WOOD. Qood q-iiaUty, per cord S.M 0 4.00 COAL. Boose, deL, per bn 7*t6 Bard, Per ton. ..J8 00*7 00 ST. JLOTJI3. 'St. Louis, March B. WHBAI—Eiolted anrt Irregular closing low ; No. J Krd cash W-fSTSXo, May BJXc, June SIX". July 79Kc. CORK—strong; No. 1 mixed cash WWc, May 38Xc, JuueS7)ic bid. OATS—strong;No. i mixed cash SS»MXo, May 29^c. Ryi>—Klrm at 8%. PROVISIONS— Pork firm at $18. Lard strong THE BEST THJ3TQ KNOWN Ton fasbingand Bleachini In Hard or Soft, Hot or Cold Water. UVES IABOR.TIMI5 and 8OA.P AMA£ I .VGL7. and gives nnlveraal iinUftfMCuazi* t* t jully, rich or rwor,! b« without hx • 51 ^Irt h» an nmners. 15E\V^R15 of ImiiatiOt }»'ffned tc ui'^ 1 *"*" ,.1 ^LrXJB i* w »c-ii de . .Y ATK .am..-^..iu» cuKiKOun, and t jB twej» tba ''hove symbol «a<i name of VITIATED BLOOD Scrofrlous, Inherited and Contagious Humors Cured by Cuticura- 'T'FIBTan thr ropdlum of one of you 1 bonk* " reci-lvi d through Ur Frank T »\r«y,I>ri'iful»t, Anoll' 1 , •*•>.. I hpfHme «c ituHlnicd with jour CirriCDBA KEMEDIls. »i.t ake this oppohuntty tote.niy in ynu tlia heir u.e Las pcimanpnlly cured mo of one n Q" wore c aaes fif blond pnl*onlntf, In con nectlOM wltn ery»lp«la-,thHtl IIHVVFVHI sn-n nnd this after httvlng iie*n pronounced tncu .ible by i-ompjoi tlie be«t physicians in in county. 1 take ereat plea*. nu In forwHrdl .ij o you thU te*tlmontHi, unsolicited H* It t« I .011, In ordei that others froii, similar main idea mny > B encouraged tnglve vourCuriCU RA ItEUKDIKS a >rial. P. 8. WHimXGBR, Lfpchburg, Pa. Reference : FRAKK T. WKAT, Dru/ilst, Apollo 1'a. SCROFULOUS CI CKR8. James K. Rlfba.dson.Cumom Houso, Ken (itleutis. on oath says: "In 1870 Scrofulou Ulcer* broke nut on my body until I was u trass of corruption. KvurytblnK known t" ihe medlval faculty was tiled In vain. 1 b« came a me™ wreck. At time* could noi llf my band* to my bead, could not mm In bed was In constant nxln, und looked upon life a curse. >"o 'eliefor cure In ten year*. iSMO I heatd of Che uu'lcura Kemedteti, used them, f nrt wa* perfectly cured." Sworn to beloreU. s. Com. J' D. Crawford OHE OF THE WORST CASKS. We have been selling your Cuticura Re me ille» for yearn, and have the first compIMn yet to receive from n ptircnHsor. One of th. wor*t case* of fcrotula I ever uaw wan ru'ro< by tbe u»o of five bottlue ol Cuticura Kysolv eat, Cutluura and Outlcora Soar. Tbe s>oaj takes tbe "cake" here at a medicinal *oap. • TAYLOR* TAVLOH, Druggists, Frankfort, Kan. SCROFULOUS, INHERITED. AndContaglou* IJumora, with loa» of hair and EniptTonu of the Skin, are ponlttvel) cured by tmtlcura and Cuttcura Soap eiter- nally, when all other medicine* fall. Send for pamphlet DHUOUISTS We have obtained t&tlafsctory remit* from tbeutoof tbeOuttcura Romodlt* In our own family, an>l recommend thorn beyond any Mner remedle* fordUeujM of tbe skin and blood. The demand for tbi-m gr< w* an their merit* become known. MCMILLAN A CO., l>rnggl«U, Latrobe, fa. are*old everywhere, fried! Cuticura, the Ur« it ttkin Cur«, &o ct«.; Outlcura Soap, an KiquUKflBaHtiriaor, Jl ct«. ; Cuticura Resolv- ent, the New Illood I'urlder, II. hotter Drug and cbeuilcM Co.. Uooou. T \/l PLKH, niaokbead*. Bkln Blemlthc* XlU. andUaby Uumort.use Catloma Soap. Wanted-Men<&>d. e in •on ai.d ud olnlnKCnuiitli*. >Witl n»v g""d Salary •< d AU. KXPB>-SK* Write fur torun and .lute .»l»n wniilvd. SLOAN A I O., MauntMturar*, N4 Onorg* *t-, Cincinnati, O. A Grea^Victory A Terrible Case Of Scrofula Cured by Hood's SarsaparlUa " In tli* vrtnter ot 1*79 I was attacked with. Scrofula In one o( the most aggravating tormi. At one time I leu than thirteen large abtctMes over andjaroundmy neck and throat, continually exuding an offensive ma»i of bloody matter dliguttlng to behold, and almost intolerable to endure. It It impossible to folly describe my suflcrlnrs, at the CMC was complicated with Chronic Catarrh. After three years of misery, having been treated by throe physicians, I was worse than ever. Finally, on Vhe recommendation ot \V. J. Huntley, druggist, of Loskport, I was Induced to try Hood's SarsaparlUa. And now, after tmlng taken twelve bottlet, within the lost twelve months, the scrofulous eruptions have entirely ceased, and llio abscesses have all disappeared, except the nnniehtly scnrs.whlch are dally becoming.'smaller by degrees, and beautifully less.' T do not know what It may have done for rthcrs, but 1 do know that In »y case, Hood's Sarsaparllla has proved an effective specifle indeed. As an evidence of my gratitude I send these facts unsolicited, and I am ready to verify the authenticity of this cure, by personal correspondence with any one wlio doubts It." CHARLES A. Ron- SHT8, East ViiBon, H. V. This statement Is confirmed by XV. J. Huntley, druggist, of Lockport, K. Y.., who calls the cure a yreat victory for Hood's Sarsnparilla. Send for book giving statements of many cures. Hood's Sarsaparllla Sold by all druggists. «l; six for $5. Mad* only by 0.1. HOOD ft CO., Lowell, MOM. IOO Doses One Dollar. EAOLK PACKET COMPACT. SPBINGr ABBANOBMEKT, The Steamer KASKINE (THE NEW QU1N JN1S) . No bad effect No headache No nausea, MO ringing ears. quickly Pleasant,f A POWERFUL TONIC. that the most delicate stomach will boar. A SPECIFIC FOR MALARIA, RHEUMATISM, NERVOUS PROSTRATION, and all Germ Diseases FOB COLDS KASKINE HAS BEEN FOUND TUBS ALMOST A SPECIFIC Superior to Quinine. Belierue Hospital, N. T.: "Universally sue oessful." ( "Kverv patient treautd 3t. Francis HOS.K. T. j with Kasklne ha» been ( discharged cured." Eov. Jas. L. Hal), Chaplain AJbany Penitentiary, wrlt«s that Ka-klne has cured his wl[i> after twenty vearn suffering from ruaUrlo and neivous dyspepsia. Write him for particulars. St. Joseph's Hospital, N. T.; "It's use Is conquered lndlsp*nsai>le It acts perfectly." Proi. tr. P. Bolcombe, U.D., M East 23th at., K.T. (late Prof, in N. Y. Med. College) write*: "Kusklne Is superior to quinine In Us vcecil P'iwer,and never produces tbe slightest lu Jury to tliehuarlngnr constitution. Thousands upon thoueands write that Ka* kine has cured them after all other medicines had fal'.od. Write for book of tcati- uioutals. Kasklne can be taken without any speclxl luedlca] advice. Ji. 00 pur bottle. Sold by or sent by rnall ou receipt of prtue. KA8KUJE CO., W Warren St.. New York lodwlm Day and Night Doting an acute attack of Bronchitis, • ceaseless tickling la the throat, and an exhausting, hacking cough, afBlct th« edflerer. Sleep U banished, and great prostration follows. This disease is also attended with Hoarseness, and gome* times Loss of Voice. It is liable to become chronic, involve the lungs, and terminate fatally. Aycr'a Cherry Pectoral affords speedy relief and cure in cases of Bronchitis. It controls the disposition to cough, and induces refreshing sleep. I have been n practising physician for twenty-four years, and, for the past twelve, have suffered from annual attacks of Bronchitis. After exhausting all the usual remedies Without Relief, I tried Aycr's Cherry Pectoral. It effected n speedy euro. —O. Stoveall, M. D., CarrolItou.'Misa. Ayer's Cherry Pectoral la decidedly the best remedy, wiiliiu my knowledge, for chronic Bronchitis, ami all lun^iUaoaaes. — M. A. Ituat, Jl. D., South 1'ftria, Me. I \vas attacked, last winter, with a severe Cold, which grew worso and nettled on my Limps. By night swears I was reduced almost toabkeieton. My Cough was incessant, and I frequently spit blood. My pliysirian told mo to give up business, or I would not live a month. After talcing various remedle* without relief, I was linally Curod By Using two bottles of Ayer's Cherry Pectoral. I am now in perfect health, and able to resume business, after having been pronounced incurable with Consumption.— S. P. Henderson, Saulsburgli, Pcnn. For rears I was In n decline. I had weak lungs, and suffered from Bronchitis and Catarrh. Aycr's Cherry Pectoral restored rao to health, and I havo been lor a long time coinparaiivcly vig. orous. Incasoof.iBUddencoldlalwnvs resort to the Pectoral, and find speedy relief. —Edward K. Curtis, Rutland, Vt. Two years aso I suffered from a severe Bronchitis. Tlio physician attending me bocame fearful tliat thodlscoso would terminate In Pneumonia. After trying various medicines, without benefit, hS prescribed Ayer's Cherry Pectoral, which relieved me at once. I continued to take this medicine, and was cured, — Ernest Colton, Loganaport, Ind. • Ayer's Cherry Pectoral, ritpwtd by Dr. J.O. Ay.rkCo.,Lowell.Maw, HOW MY BIDES ACHE. From the bunch and the counter, from tbe loom and wwlnu machine goes up the cry < f pain and wmtc- ne*s. Achtnn Hides and Hack, Kid ney and Uterine I'alns, Strain* and- ....WeHknenK.Couahs.Coliisand Ohe»t •HIM., him evory niiln and acbu of dally toll relieved In one mlnuie by tliu Antl- Prtlu Plaster. N> vr. elegant, and Ipfa'Hhle. At druKKt.u, 93o.: five (or 11; or ot I'ottor Unix and CbemlralUo., lloiiou. It*OIUKCH, ana a n«w and iurcr^lni CL'ltE at vour own home, hv one »ho was tleul twvutvKlglu vein*. Tieat.^1 by tnont of Uu noted special!*!* without Iwueilt. Cuivd Ulmsoi' In three month*, snd ji^wlheu tmndrtde of oiber*. Fuji partlo f*M ntt •»., K. t.tttr B. BOM PO watt. SD DtOO*,OI*r« t The Century Forl886-S7. TBJI OMYCat U im IIUUUHIM tnonui, maguine, Hiring * K«*lBr etmiatl-nrS al'Tntt two hundred thovnaud •opl«i, atS eaohin* U>d (OtMttme* «*«*dlng two dJT | dr*d and twenty flTstttouiaud. ObUf «mou ! l« many •itiaotlon* lor th« oomlng y*att,i serial which ha* been In **tlv. prepaiatij! I on and a;t»r Uonda/. Feb. U, «• avl" wtli run as follow*, vl«i UCAVWa ALTOM TOR ST. LOUIS ftp 1 aTp 0 V; d^y^ P^rta* e! ^erwyLatidlnfr. Oration, and wa, poTnti fovery evenlnR al »:»0o 'clock. .Th« Whistle will '"• nwabef ore itartUig tor To ST. Loon, ROOITDTBIP TW.NTT w Fast Freight & Passe- gerLi. e THE ST. LOUI" AND OSNTBAli 1LLIKO1B B.K.OO'S PALACE J. V. ELl.ibOS, Ootnmander. Ktv AMSUDTZ, (mark* TllUJf UOPOB, I ul On and alter Thur»day,Feb. 37th, wfll leave Fur &t. Louts at 1 a. m. KetunilnK, will leave 8t. LooU (foot at Yin* Lonvlng Alton at 5:»O p. m. for Portage and .Iersejr» arriving at Gratton at 7:45 p. m., connectlMwIth f astexpress on St. Louis and central lUlnols Kallroad lor Jer»eyville, Wa- veny, Spi Ingfleld and all point* north and FAKK. TOST. LODIS, single trip, 11 " round trip ..... " " twenty riae ticket, . , t*.00 BEKRY 0. TATUM, Gen. Agt. Alton. H. A. FISHES, den'l Manager. felldtl DR. C. U. UUMLAJTD, Dentist* U TBIBD 8TAKBT, ALTON, ELL. Office Hoar»-« *, m. to 11 rd,; 1 to * p. n dwiT O. A. McMIULEN, Dentist, OVKB BBUEGGEM.VNN'S OIGAB 8TOBE FBYUKJ1AK8 AMD DR. £!. GUEJOICU, Physician and Surgeon, OFFICE AND RESIDENCE. OOB.FOUBTJR ANDHXMbTSTS. Ul-dwly W. A. ttAJSKJELL., M.D., Physician and Surgeon, OITIOK-8£COia> ST., ALTON. ILL. Offioe hours—9a.m.; IS to 1, and 0 wjff9-awt The anderslgned have eaened a new music tare at lae eoranr ot Vnlrd (and Plata SM ORGANS AND PiANOSJ of the (flnett workmanship for sal* at ro* Mnable prlcei. Call and examine our in*trn< mentu before purohadnjt elwwhere. FLOSS] & KABE. mchJMwflm WILSON WASHBOARDS. ThuiWuthbotrds a» m»de with » B«nt-Wood rim. TbeSerooff- Mt bo»rd« and bwl wa«ben in UM world. For *al* by »U de»l«rt. Take fi* ethflr. 8AGIIVAW M'F'G CO., 000,000 ACMES CHOICE HARDWOOD FARMING AND In NORTHERN WISCONSIN lor ' AN ACRE «a Ion*- Urn.. th« mo« pix»p«roiti Md rromiOag fl.ld for In th. c. sTrtin 1887. Harper's Weekly. ILLUSTRATBD. UAirsa'a WKIKLT maintains It* position a* the leading Illustrated newspaper In Anier- Ica ; and It* hold upon public esteem and eon- ffduneu was nevor btronuer than at the -present time. Besides the picture*. JURfKK's « KKKLT always contains Installroenuof one, occasionally of two, ol the bent novels of t*« day, finely Illustrated, with short itorle*, powraa, skutcbe', and paper* of Important currwnt tonic* by tbe aio»t popular writer*. Tbe care that ha* been srucceHiully exercised in the past to u.ake HABFIRS WKCKLT » sale "well a* a weliKime visitor to every hou*e hold will not be relaxed tn the future. HARPER'S PERIODICALS. P*r Yeart Harper** Weeklv ........................ > t y. Hari>ei J «MMKi.z(ao .................... 400 Harper 1 * Kaiar ........ ....... .... .." too Harper's tounx 1'eople ............. '„... j oo Harper 1 . Franklin Square Library, one yearisj number*) ............. ...... 10 00 Harper's Handy Sorle* one >ear (M nuiuLi«r>) ...... . ........ ., m (xi Po.t*ge f re* to aU snbKriben In tbe United State* or Canada. The Volume* of tbe Weekly begin with the first Numb, r for January of each year. When Ww\? '• "«n«oned. «ub»olntloni will begin order ! " ulal>ol ' ou " onl »» time of receipt oJ SS"* Vol , nnl ?" P' "*RT8»'* WMKLT, for ^J V t e , B v' bs » k| ln neut cmh Wading, will .JL^ 1 by m * u ' P 0 "*** P»ld, or by expro**, free of expenw (provtaed tbe (relabt doe* not ° e " 11 ** > per vol. , suitaVlo for . ' on "• llumlttunce* should be made by Pottoffloe llorey Order or IJralt to avoid obancS oi [ lo*7. '^' *° not to cov ">*• »dvertue- IUIQTI1KB9. New York. STOCK FOR SALE. Cort. Mar *' rn vnw «nd Hall J'nuv Tearlluir llolf, r t» jujr. .1 u. ClodfreVdo^aJfona! 1 rZnlZ. sea w repai or iixteen yew*. It i» a bta»ory of our uxuitry In U* molt crltuud time, M **t tirt! • " THB LIFH OF LINCOLN, Ity bis Confidential SecretariM i Jolm G. Nioolay and Col. ' John Hay. Thl* great worn, b»»ud i with the Pr»3rteut Lincoln, and. ii rreaiueui xaavuiu, »uu WUIUUHVQ UttdM the authority of hli[son .the Hon. BobwtT Lincoln, I* thei OBlJrlnU and autborli»tj« retora of tba llle t>1 Abraham Uneoln. j2 uthor* wore filend* of Lincoln belnrtu! ..„.......,, they wefo most.... ociated with h'.ra »• private throithtmt Ul« term of oraee, tn u K> tin> were traurteweO upon UdMUn'iidtath all hb . riv«M ftpeif. Hare will b* told tbe Uiidt iilitory ol the civil wa* an* of Prr- 1 1 Incoln'* administration -Important THE WAJHt SERIES, which. ha» been followed with g n g the oom. worlbea b, un. un n •Jmiiier>? uen. Longstre t, O«u. B. M. JAW. andotherj ubioamauva, by U«n. U. U. Uii): Sbenn.^ Marontolbe .-«8. byOondrals Howard uA locum. General* Q. A. Gblmprc, Wm. ? roltb, John Glbbon.Uoraoe Porter, and Jobs •>. Mosby will describe special battles ,„} >. OlOBOy Will UOBVLIUV Bf^IW.IU UKItleU »Hi incident*. Btortee o« n»v« eng»gtnki S J prUon life, etc. ete. will appear. . ' NOVELS AND 8TOKLEB. "The Hundredth Hau,". a novel by jrrank K. Stockton, author ot "The Lady, or tlu riiter." bfgln* in Kov«mber. Two noveltttw v Oeorge W. Cable, storle* by Mary Hallotk roote, "Uncle Bemua," Julian Uawtbornt tdward >gglMU>D, »»a otnet prauihuai American author* will be printed during tin Year* • ' SPECIAL FEATURES. (With Illustrations) Snclud* a serle* of art), cles tm affair* In ttu.ita and Siberia, by tiei, Keunan.autbor ot,"Tent Life in Blbtrla," win uu* Just ratnraed from a ino*t eventful vltil to blberian prtaons; paper* IB tbe Fuol Queitton, with reference to lt» bearing on tbt Labor Prohtemi KnglUh Oathedral*: Dr (. K gle*ton-. J4«llglou. Llle lu the &m*rloti Ouioute*-. Clalrv«yauo«.Bplt1tualUm,Attro|. ogy. etc., by Hev. J. *l. Buckley, D.D., editor ol the t)hri»tlan Advocate: Mtronomloalp*. per*; artloiea throw lug light ouBlblOLUtorj, rt. PRICES. A FREE COPT. Subscription price, J4.00 a Tear, U-ccat* i number. Dealer*. pottmMten, and pvbUA. «ra take subscription*. Bred for our keiitt. mlfy UJastiated M n»gs oawloirne (fw«), containing loll pro»p«o«u», etc.. fto ndlug • *po«lftl oiler by wbleti new reader* can jn» 'iack camber* to tlie beginning ol tb« ff« Serie* at a very tow prt*«. A ipeotmen oi>p> (back number J will be Mat on rwjmut H<£to be wltbont tbe Oentmr TB« OJtTUBTC UO N S«w Terj Subscription* reotitTed al this efflo*. THE ATLANTIC MONTHLY FOR 1887. Will eonlaln, tn additton to tb* k«*t 8tori«*. ik.tcho., Eu*T*. P Orlittlim, two fflrlal •tort*»>— The Second (Son, By HB*. K. O. VT. OUPHAMT Paul PatoCt, < By f. MABION OHAWTOHD, Author of "A Bomaa Singer," "Mr. Papers on American History, Byji)h» KBfeE. WhoMprtnrlou* paper* hav« M«n *o Istw- **tlug.full ot Inforrnattoa, andfaaer- Klly popular. French and JSngllih, continuation of the admirable paper* con- paring the French and English people, Essays and Poems, By OL1VEU WEKUEUi HOLtaB*. Occasional Papen, By JAMBS BD88EU, LOWKLL. Contributions may ba ezpeotrd from Jotu Qreenloaf Whlttler, Thomaa Wentwortb Bit • ginson. (Jbarlcs i^udley Warner, E, 0. Steaman, Harriot W. Preston, Sarah Orn» Jowcn, Charles Egbert Craddock, Arthur Ibarbum* Hardy, H«nry Cabot Lodge, Jfcllth M.Thumu, Uorftoo K. Soudder. CMorge B. WoodDeny, George Fiederlck Parson*. Maurice Tborop son, Lucv I^rcom, Call*, Thaxtflr, John Bar- rnngbs, James Freeman Olark*, Kllsabetk Robin* fennel), Bradford Torrey amd runny others. TEHM8 : |i a year la advanc*, postaoe frMj 36 cents a number. With raperh life-els* portrait of Hawtborue, Emenon, LongfeK low, Bryant, Wbfttler, Lowell, or Holm«s Ji ; each additional portrait, |L The November and December anmhers al the Atlantic will be t«nt uee of charge to n«w subscriber* whose subscription* are raeelrtd before December Wtb. Postal note* and money are at the rtak of thoi-ender, and therrf orn remlttanoe* ibuuld be made by money order, dralt, or register*! letter, to Uoughton, Mlfflln * , Corny ADJ, 4 Park *t.r«et ( BeetM, Ma**. Master's Sale. STAVE OF ILLINOIS, I St. deJr county, j Of the September term, A.D. IftM, of th* It. Olalr County Olrcuii Court. John N Cblllon v*. Tboma* Clillton, Qeorn UbUton, Jume> Ulldero>. Bobert W. Dickenson, Elisabeth Ann William*, Dorotby Burn, Tnomaa Burn, Jame* Burn, Barbara Ferxu'ion, a-itan Jane Born, M Ullam Bum, Jobn Thurua* Htun, unroijqr Ann Ban, I*abulla Burn, Jame* Bum, and Henry K. Guultemr, executor ol tba latt will ant te*t*mento( John Ubilton, deceased. Rill lor *ale ot itou! KstaM. Cnilor and by vtnu* of decree ol isld onrt, made In the above entitled cause, M tkld term,l,tb* nndonrigned, nil), on HATCRDAT, MAUUH It, 1807, tt andoa the premuo* h«r»ln*fMir detarlbed, ell to tbe blabtut and bebt bidder, Ihi fol- owing desorTtwd lead, situated tn the coon. y ct Madtiun, and Mate ot llllnoU, tb-wltt ri-e west fourth of the koutheaat quarter of be northwest quarter, containing Mu> (10) ucte*; and tbe «4»t half o< the *outhw*M ,'uaner, n-1 In *ertlon thirty (»i),ln urwntblp U (t) ar>nh of ranffl nfi'e id) we*t. Appraised value. B.tM.71. gal« u> oomuienod ut one o'clock p. m. TEBUo Of HALK- -Twenty percent, of ID* mrcbiise money to be i>*Jd ca«h down, sad he balance on » cr«dlt of »U and twelv* monthr, teonrcd by not« and approved f eo«- liy, and a rnortgagii on the preoiUe* *old,oi h« execution ot wTjlrh, knit npon oonflnns- Ion of sal' (ale, 1 wilt execute aua deliver » ueed to tbe puioha*ur or purchasers of k*M and, a* by said Uicre-i Iain directed, con- 'eying all the tight, title and claim of the '*Jd paitlea In iaxl cult to said pretaUo*. A1XJNZO 8. WU.DERMAK, ., ... Matter tn Onanvery ol »«td county. M. JV._\V eiH, Sol. lid W "UPPER ALTON; ILLS. D. B. KITTINBER t 00. Wish the publle to knew they an Mlllaf Goods at Lowest Uasu l-iice*. >ry OoixU, Qroeeri**, «otlon*.ot »U kind*, «••», "* 0 »r V«rn. Feed, Illk* Linen Ttir«adl,Otg»r*, Ho.lery of »ii d«- TobMwe, aertptlont, Qaeetu Mul TUwar*. Oynters nnd Celery! Brmk Bros'. Candles nod Nut*; Keith's Bread. D. B. KITTINGER t CO. Murphy's Old Stand. Mwlm>

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