Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on March 10, 1887 · Page 1
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 1

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 10, 1887
Page 1
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BROWN'S Combining IKON irttft PCBK 'V£0CTAM.B TONICS, qnlcklr ud MlupIeUfr CLEANSES •rti EsmlHBs mm BIXM>P. , Qoi<*«n»« ttttacUMofUieUvtrttidlUiliurf. Clean tie •«M]ilcxio*,WiikMth«iUani«otll. ItdoMkoti urown'« iron 1 BittMt Bwfed »> porf«t "cure. I .<«uinM-*p*ilc.tao Hyilr j»jtW» mttubl* mediclno." Horticultural Exhibition* Mid Prliai. ^ A Bchednlft oi sprites offered by ,the , Massachusetts Horticultural society for i tho year ,1887 Ma been issued., petition to open to all persons' tho atr. tcriUotfbf 'exhibitor* 'M ptirtlettlarlyoalled to tb* WHertnd WfgnlntionB foHmd In this schedule, \vnlcn'can be obtrtHied.'nntU tho stock Is exhausted, on written application to the secretnty, Robert Manning, Boston, Mass. Tho amount, appropriated ' for 'prizes and giatnltlro Is us follows: "For "plants and flowers, $8,484; fruits, f 2,200j vogetabloflj $},000, •gardens, greenhouses, etc.,,|800; ( making a total of $0,034. „, Inooulntlun of. Cuttle. * >l!>iC McEachran, live stock Inspector for .Canada, 1 is opposed to inoculation of cattle for tho-prevention of ;plturo-pn^nmonla. ''Be IS',reported, as (Waylng:} ''"In 'every country In tha trdrld Where'It hks been Impartially tried-and reported on tho report has been jinf^v^rUble," • Ho regards , Itaa.a^jlniigorousppcrntlon (lEd not war- ran tkl'by any 1 known berieflW. :'|Many' die fromjthe .operation ltscilf,,an<J wherever ' It'ig practiced it has to be kep't np. Thus. in Scotland; where iilotnlntlon id practiced, there is a constant supply of the'vlras;,; and the CltleCiotsGlosgaw andEdlnbnrgh, rtae active'Centers of the disease.'•'• •' *" Wa(«r on the l r arm. ';; ; .'Thertf .nced;i'neywi be"any; swircity of ',,waler ,. jsitiitaulo 1 ' f or.'* ,fo^ftilii^. .prrrpos'ep ~ in * locations that orb fuvored with ria average, rainfall, provided'tvhat falls on house and! barn roofs be;• saved>:In-cisterns.; Tho •barns needed,''to /shelter .stock:land!the .'prQv.cndei 1 ' fdrt/'tlieu?'winter .feed jvill shed* J water enough'to, last through .the dryest -•tiniB In winter'or'orhonse use, raiii wotei 1 is "better-than most well watei?, provided it has first been filtered. Nearly all' well 'fvater 1 cortSains 'mineral impti'riiJ ties, which unLealtlifnl for use. • H»Y*'t>Mn 6ntor«l ! by-citizens of every town and * • clWIn'tbo.pjSK-MorTBlOTin Cores have.been wit- nosed by tuouunda of people,.who ran,teatlfy to i • j_-™^j«pNpiiur0i,,HBAiifita I j'OWKit«r, Harnltfs Wizard Oil. Neurtil&ta.':fdotH8che)'jMepilabl!e'i' Earache, n -s ,•„.!« Catarrh,-,Croup, Sore. Throat,.< •;*'> Lame Back. Stiff Joints, Contracted Cords. v RHEUMATISM, «, Sprains, ,• Bruises,' Burns., Fever Sores, Woundj/ Old' Sores; Chilblains, Frost Biles. rSpre jNjpplaty Caked Breasts,: and All Aches and Pains, are qulokly rollorad by thla mavtcftl remedy. Try It ones and yoUiWill without It.. For «nlo by druggists.' Trw'orSOo. Oor SONG BOOK froe to all Addreag^WIZARpOILjCOIVIPANY. CHICAGO. AM BALM ' It not a liquid, tnuff or powder: Applied into noitriltin quickly absorbed. Itcleahset th«head. "Allayeinflammation.• H<alstht* ' &a.>Jle>tores the senses of latf* and smell. tOctnttat Dnifffftitt; by mail, ngliteral, r-DEALEB! IN- [A Full and Complete •'''' OON8TAMTLT ON HAND. ' 'ALL -•:.•••••• you '.• • •••• ., • - : UPHOLSTERING * • Neatly and promptly executed. Belle st, t ttet. Third ond Fourth. -ALSO- BBSIDBNOB COR. 8TATB ft' SBVRNTH 8T8 Plain and Decorative onraoa AMD SHOP ow. WOND ST., NBSAR PIA8A .' . •'. rr.T/ ; -., ', . f HLECRAPH YfeM^TMS I turnWml. Writ* Vulciuluo llroi.. J«n««vlllft WJ» Absolutely Pure, TJilo powclor,never vnrlos. A marvel ol» purtty,-, strength-whbloBnineness. More poo- nobitoal than tliDordlunryxklnds, and cannot, bo sold In competition with tho multitude ol. low test, nliore wolght, alnm phosphate rmW-- dprg. SOLD OHLT IN CANS. ROTAL BAltlNO! POVVDBK CO,»100 Wall at,, N. Y. i . JanSdwly J " J. HOFFMAN & SON| DEALERS IS Stoves and Haidware. HARD & SOFT COAL BASE BURNERS! * .And other first class heating stovei • • \ 'for wood or'coal.' Also Hanaes and Champion Monitor Oooh Stoves, th« best In Alton. Outside Worn a specialty: Boot Ing, Guttering, etc. Undertaker's Supplies ALWAYS OK. BAND. COK;:«Wnnwn AND AI.BV 8TH. OF PURE COD LIVER OIL Almost asPalatableas M ilk. Tlit only iireptratlou of COD LIVEB OIL thtt . can be, taken r«nUlh%fid toloratod tor «. long Urn* deU« ND A liEMBPT FOU UMIIUTY, .COHOII8 AND THROAT UllliDltEK 11 In nurrtiUourln.l *ll ffASTl.yu. DlBOUDKnB Of I'roMirruea Una emTonoA by ID tho cduntrto of tbtt World. • FOB RAir «y;-AW,"' Lucas Pfeiftenberger AllOHITECT, HUPEIUNTBNDENT AND MECHANICAL UHAUGHT8MAN, Quloe oil Third UOOJT wept of Piaaa, tUird floor. SPRINGFIELD, 111,, March'9— It're- quired a two-thirds .votdrto on) fend (be rules so as to ! chringe the hour of 'ddiljr tieetidgft of thn hbuao frbm 10 a. m. to 9 a. m., which the house i refused to give, but' it did agree i to hold afternoon ' sessions on ' every Tuesday^ Wednesday and Thursday! for the consideration of its bills' on second reading. Mr. Littler, during a season of general jawing in the House? this morning, took occasion to read 'the riot act to members of. his appropriation committees .i . He complained that he bad repeatedly endeavored to hold meetings of his committee but tailed for,, a^lack ( of. a- quorum 51 t hat: thcres were bills before his organization, appropriating from^ 810;- iOuO.OOO tp; $11, 000, 000, and it unless "members of the- commiUee- - wo^TId meetpand attend to their "husiriess thVStatl Tjsetfeutx^aarHkel lioi be plundered, if. not robbed." Mr'' M'clssl'ok'i' hous'^fwdicial ide- .partmout .and pra'^tfci'c'pm.mittee this .to.repprt to thf8t a rec- bmmendaUon J ||iijt''?lft! be): Adopted, : Jlr. .Green's pWppsed colstltutidnal ' amendment prohibiting itlio manufacture or sale ofi-whisky^rjeer, \f ine or'- other spirituous liquors in this State. ., ,Prohib}1iio'n, if ado^fed, j I by the legislaturtf is to be eubmitted to .a popular Vibl^at.ihe next elecvlon 'of members^rjEfi&litgiiBiature. .i ; Mr. StewirVrHdnse^bmmitte^on CIaimB»reconna'endeW ih'ifp*assage of Mr. Tayidr'is'WH'app'edpriatiiig $2j- OOOTto 3oh"niBji TticSerfj ^6fK Hafdin county.,-: f OB Uieltfaa.ofc both arms by the :accidental difioharge/of : a/cannon in the late 'trar. , :, ' .• : | Mr. Ejttler -a iTduBeVApprppriaMon • committee this .afternoon reoommen«' de'd' the ''pa&sage of 'the biiru-appro-, pri^inK i|lW>POO to incorporja^e and establish' , a, training school 'for • the blind , at; Chicago y, : also : . t^ l^pay; pi J. ' Howeils>"$lV6QO »fpr'.the !i loss >-of ; Bi9 : right arm iit a soldiers' reunion at ;Murphy3l)oro ; ; ;;alsp . to/ v pay;; . liake. county .'$8-,70,0 ] for .expeiises •.-• incu rred by that.coumy ih the tnaVof 'Convict Mooney for thojnurder of his 'Cell mate at Joliet ;. also , t'o pay i Peter McKee $1,500 for the loss of i his hand by the premature discharge of a State cannon. , iAt this meeting of the committee a •• rule .was, adopted tliat when an appropriation bill is sent in with a favorable recommendation a record is made of this action, and-thei'bill is -to-be Reported back i tc> .the,'. House :, without: any,. further »ction:by ( the. Appropriatioa-comuiit- tCBi.f, . : -...•••: •-•,'..-'-1 ,,..., Beechec's; F.uaeral. : .-,-. NEW.r XOBK,:t March. ;9r~Choi ar- (fangementis for:tbeiunecaLotuthej late : Henry •> Ward".'Beecher-: aro-'aBot yet oomploted, .but it^ has • been"decided -that if shall'be a public '6ne,'''but the 'Services' at the "lieiuse "wllr beiof [m; strictly private nature, in coppliauce witb the wishes of the fftmilyi. 'The. services will be oonduoted: at the house " ; by Dr. C. H. 'HalJ.J of tha Church -ofVTriniVjr.v ,,an -old frierid .of. the' famous preacher.' None -but the family will be admitted t,6 these I services, which will be of the simplest nature. The body will be escorted to the Plymouth church at the close: of the family funeral service by the Thirteenth regiment, of Brooklyn, of which Mr. Beecher was Chaplain.. The regiment will then pass the body; which will be laid in front of the platform. • The regiment will -then be dismissed, and will leave Co. G. which is known as the Plymouth company, and is composed chiefly of members from Mr.' iieeohet 'a 'congre- •' Ration, to remain on guard while the body is laid in state in the church. On Friday the church .will be thrown open to the public. This course hat been rendered necessary : in,consequence of tho extent of the circle of friends and admirers of the great divine. The citizens' committee, of. which ex-Mayor Seth Low is chairman, will have charge of the body Until the interment on Saturday. 'On Thursday none but those having tickets will be admitted to the church. The tickets will be given to pew-holders and others > ; .entitled to them. Lachpow.holds^vd persons, and only four tickets: will. b« given to the pcW'holdors, ;,.the other • ticket being reserved for visiting members of.G, A. R. posts, privileged persons and personal friends. Tho p ivate funeral services will bo held on Thursday 'and the public services on Friday. . ••..' Children Of'en need somo safe cathartic and tonio to avert approaching sickness, or to rohovu oolio, headache, »lok stomnoh,' ' " dvBontery and the filulnta luuidnnt to childhood. Let tho oh i Wren take Slmmona Liver Hpgulalor a«U keep wall. It IB purely vegetable, notnnifloHsant to the taste nnu eafo .to tuko alone or ,ia, connection with other modlome,. tu th s wk Great Rnllroad O6nBOltdatilBD. NEW YORK j March 9— The Titaes is authorised 'W • anhotosfr .that jthe, control of the ; Baltimore A Ohio ji.. Ki Co; has passed' in thfe i'*&'and* of AlfredlSully, ,pi. New York. 'Byjthe acquirement of the Baltimore & ,phio Mr. Sillily' itfd hjs friends, ibe- come controHeriiV of probably the most extensive railroad system initho world. It stretches from New York almost to the uttetmdst parts of the .south, and f aY into ; the west.. It includes the Central road of Now Jersey, the Philadelphia * Reading iys- tem t the Richmond Terminal and Richmond ' and Danvillo, properties, the Bast Tennessee, -Virginia and Georgia lines, ..the Central .R:iilr6ad of Georgia, iftttd; BbW 'last of all, the Baltimore and Ohio • Out : pf all these properties., there is to be mnd« one great trunk line, with 16,100 .'rniles of track. There i» no longer to be any question about how ithe Baltimore and, Ohio road is to get an entrance to New ;Y6rkr^ the';; Jersey Central and the Reading Hues give that. . With' the' control, of , the Baltij more and Ohio Railroad Company goes. also the control<of the Baltimore »nd Ohio Teleizraph Company. Respect from lUlools SPRINOKIELD, III. ',".; March •• 9 — In the House to-day Mr, Marshall offered proper resolutions 'Upon the death' of Rfev.' Henry ^Trard-Beechier,' which were •unanimously -' .„ LATEST NEWS. ' ^ General Simon Cameron celebr*- ie'd the 88th •anniversary' <jfJWs : bir^ii day yesterday. ;A larjije number of in.empers-ofithr Pennsylvania Legis-j Mature;, congratulated,) ,him ;! , on ]• bis healthi' which^ has • mucb j; improved since his, return, from,.the Bermudas. ,, . Invitations ha've "b'eiBttfl'l|siW(Bdi for the wedding of \Tohn A..iLoganf i Jr., and MisBiEdith j H;."v^rywi:^hicb"'i8 announced to take place at' the home :thebride.'srparentsv-720. rWlck aye- nue, Youngstown, Ohio, Tuesday, Marchi22. After the wedding itrip the. groom will become; the business partner of hie father-{n-law, who ; is an extensive irou manufacturer. The Indianapolis Club was admit?: ted to the National Base Ball League, Tuesday, St. Louis accepting the offer of $12,000 for its f ranchiije. The jeague has offered $6,000 '=to Kansas City for its franchise. All the principal Maroons players go to Indianapolis. One Wm. C. Hickmnn has fled to Canada from Boston, after having swindled a number of capitalists' of that city out of from $30,000'''to $50,000, by inducing them to invest in a process for making what -he; called "sugarine" out of common starch. Humphrey Blake & Co., cotton commission merchants- afr'St; Louis, has assigned, .owing J10,,QO.p,,,. They 'expect to makei as satisf abtory; settlement 1 and resume" busineis. • i At SprjjigWld;; ,Oh\o ! ; ,SamU Bow- 'ser, agedi40.yeikrsj «• shot? »nd kiljed Dora Jude, aged J Sjyears, and ithen •hot himself , TW.girl;? -refusal to marry Bowser! Wag 'the cause 'of the tragedy. Th'e'Russian;, psess isWery ibitter in 'its denunciation of 'the 'alleged atrocious: treatment.'bfCapturedi revolutionists by the Bylgftri^n regents.- ' The militia biliil was »:do'feated -,by ,the Missouri rHbtWe,"6f Reprbsenta- tives— 68 to 65; . Sarnuel/.Ennis.^County, .Clerk of Knox county, Missouri, committed suicide j yesterday. The special 'grand jury to.Jnveeti* gate municipal crookedness in Chica go has begun, its work! , , Lucy Parsons^ the female* Anarchist of Chicago, was locked up at Colii Jnbus, 0 . , lasl night., Baffled the Physicians. UcBKK>MKDioiinc Co.,< Qumoy, 111: —I regard' your White Pine Balaam, as a cough mixture of very, great . value. The benefit derived by my. wife from it* use, places it with me far In advanue of all others. For several years she had been seriously afflicted with *n cough that eavouB much' alarm; it had baffled the akill of the • phyglolana and cough remedies, • until' I concluded' nothliiK would avail m her- oaao. Direct* ly after coming to Qoinoy, on your 1 recommendation, she oommonoed using your Balsam, hag acted like a charm, quieting the cougb r and removing entirely the Borenosi from her lungs, Wo keep it constantly in our house. — J. B. Ford, Pastor M. E . ohuroh, Iliish- ville , 111. Use Cresjler's Wild ttose Tooth Powder for cleansing the. tooth. Price 1 85o. INFALLIBLE CUIta FOB COUQ Us. We would most positively state that no remedy has over mot • with »uoh universal satlsf aetlon • or can be more truthfully Raid is a positive' euro than Burks' Wbtto Pinn Haloara. SUGAR. A new dlflcovory, Uttlo Apricot Pllli easier to lake than augar and far more beneficial. Sure cure' for neuralgia, beadttoht) Ueariburn, dyspepsia and bad breath. Try thorn. For tale at Manh'i drugstore. •• mohl awly . AS ,;, Body alnd aid i Stair Carpets and Mattings, Oil ClothsyRugs and Mats, . Alsoa I am offeringr these goods at the very lowest prices to caSli;l»iiyei»ii All are invtted • goodsifclearn the low prices. ^AlXWiTLL. HRADQUARTBB&POBTHB Best Buggy in the WbTld, iii the city, at bard times prices* sold on weekly arid monthly payments. Agents for the Three-Cone Perfection Burners and Stand Lamps. FINE HANGING HA'MPS; $1.75, $2, $2.50, ^ $6.50, $7.M to^lO. Headquarters) for EUPION and CARMINE BURNING OILS. SIGNAL OIL, ENGINEjand- , CYLINDER OILS. Cistern, Well and i Stock Pumps. Pr©pat€>d Paints, ready for use. See our $10 Bugiry Harness.. .Call and get our prices and yon will save;inoney. Cor. Second and State Sts., ALTON, ILL THE BEST ON EARTH f JPILIED Fi-oru ffiI8*to $50. Warranted 20 Yettrs. BREECH-LOADINO GUNS, From $16 to $30, I 14 •ROTi-'Ttl THELEADINfcr- J. n. DvJV-l 1 rl, JEWEliBB, Patents. ro ny penons wlahlng to obtain lettei patent on new InTeuttonsT' improvemepM o deilgna, I will execute drawings and ipaoUl aattont • and make appllcatlom lor Patent! AU commutation; In person or by Utte i (re* PFEIFFENBEUQIJtt, . III. T. L. FOULDS& CO., suoocssdks TO A. B. MC'RINNEY A CO., Highest Market Price Paid for Corn and Pickles. STILL SLOP FOH BALK. aep7dwOin JOHN BAUEB, DBAUCIi IS AMI) or FURNITURE. SECOND STREET, Opp. City Hall, ALTON, ll Mndt,of"hoa wul ooinmo« (uraltor uMMrttronhaaa. AJtoo undfrt»kw. »»«. ' upvawlw WTB.L. KlTOK DADERTAKEB, Ready-Made Coffins, Metallo Cases; Casket*, And Burial Rob«i Office and Shop on Steto«tr««t 200 BAGS FUREKA FINE SALT For Dairy and Ib. lineo »»olu , for •»le br J. A» RYRIE. JOBBPU

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