Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on March 9, 1887 · Page 2
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 2

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 9, 1887
Page 2
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DAILY Mf tf . MM VI tM»«u. Alton. HI. WEDNESDAY BVR., MAKOH V. Ost thing oaa certainly be Mid of th* Democracy No party that hew •TCP laooeeded it has been troubled (?) Tory long with a "carplna" either in the National Treasury or that of any State. Legislature. HOUBB. ;SMjisoFtttD, III., March 8—Following th« reading of the jouvnalin theHotoscMr. Merritt asked unanimous consent to reconsider the vote by which his resolution offered last week, to prohibit the introduction of bills after March 7, was laid on the table. Consent was granted, and Mr. Miller offered a substitute providing that no bills be printed until acted upon by the proper committees, and BO recommended either, for passage or for special consideration by ? the j House. The substitute was 'H'dhpted. ;, t ,Mfi Crafts, from the Committee '-oti Civil Service, repprted back the Civil Service bill, which provides for the filling of appointive officer of the State municipal governments by competitive .-v examination, and recommended its passage. Mr. Fuller, of the Railroad Committee, reported back with recommendations for passage the bill requiring railroad companies to furnish safety heating appliances for passenger coaches, and the bil\ requiring common carriers to give notice to consignees of the arrival of goods .withm twenty-four after their arrival. Mr. Miller notified the House that he would present an amendment tomorrow to change the hour of opening the sessions from 10to 9 o'clock. Mr. Fuller gave notice that he would offer an amendment to provide for the holding of afternoon ses- ' •ions for the purpose of taking up bills 6n the second reading. On motion of Mr. Fuller, the second reading of bills was made a special order. The Age of Consent bill was read, .and the • ommittee's amendment changing the minimum term of imprisonment for male offenders from three to one year was adopted. An amendment offered by Mr. McKinlay, changing the age of males to 16, the same as the age of females as specified in the bill, was adopted. Toe House then a.ljourned. 8ENA1B. Senator,Chapman's bill providing for the employment of convict labor in the making of school books, and appropriating $250,000 for the necessary material and plant for the same, was reported back from the Committee on Penal and Reformatory' - Institutions with an amendment, and the recommendation that it pass and be referred to the committee on Appropriations. A minority report was also presented, rec- -* ommendihg that the bill do not pass, •and;that it bereferrud to same committee. On motion of Senator Hogan bothreports were referred to the committee on Appropriations without recommendation, the committee to . report at an early date. AUIAMBRA. AIHAMBIU, tils,, Maroh «, '87. W. A. Hornsberger IB visiting his parents bete. Building boom Js atlll on tho Inoreaae. Temperance lectures closed the night of tho till lust., with about sixty signer* ot the Murpby pledge. Rev. Di. Kendriok Is aauo- oessfuHeo'tiirer. lie leaves here to begin a( protracted meeting at the Baptut church In Marine Prairie. Father Berkeraeyer died laat week at the advanced age ol 90 years and a lew daya. Ills funeral was largely attended. The Alhambra Pursuing Society will meet at 2 p, m, Saturday, March 12. at their hall lu Otenad'a row,to reorganize and tranaaot regular buglneaa. Every young man woo ba-» a home, or Interest In one, should enroll as a member. The coat Is little, tbe loss notblnv and the benefit m«y be gieat. An Interesting law suit took place before 'SquireSharp, at tbe court house here, A large attendance of the neighbor* and tiienda X. What True Merit Will Do, The unprecedented sale of Bosaheo's German Syrup within a tew years, has astonished the world. It is without doubt tho safest and best remedy ever discovered tor tho speedy and effectual cure of Coughs, Colds and tho severest Luna: troubles. It acts on an entirely different principle from tho usuttl pro- sorlptioua given by physicians, as it does not dry up a cough and leave the disease still in the system, but on the contrary removes the cause of the trouble, heals tbe parts nffeoiod and leaves them in a purely healthy condition. A bottlo kept In tho house for use when the disease* make their appearance, will gave doctor's bills and a long spell of serious Illness. A trial will convince you of those foots. It is pay- lively sold by all druggists and general dealers in the land. Pnc«, 76 tin.. lnrgu bottles. jalO dwlw eod The best medlonl writers claim tbut tho successful roiuudy for nasal catarrh must be non-irritating, easy of application, and ono that win, by it own no lion, roach all the remote sores and ulcerated surfaces. The history of iho efforts to treat catarrh during the pait few years obliges us to admit that only one romudy has completely met thoit* conditions, and that is Ely's Cream Balm. Thli safe and pleasant remedy ha* mustered catarrh a» nothing olee haw ever done, and both physician* and patients freely concede this fact. The more dliitressing symptoms quickly FOSTtllliUUU. toaimBCM, Ktfttrtk •, tfl. Oar OontUb)», Str. 6sin, William*, had a •'watch neetini" lait Wednwday night th* uiobft bnlldln» belonging to Mr. John Eatnmas, AS be WM ealUd on to Mrr* jpaper on Mr. J. D. Gregory, tor seUIng liquor on th« Sabbath, and as Ui» wltntsaei oonld no be summoned that day, consequently tin constable had to watch his man until Thnra day, when JStqulre Brown beard tho vaii and fined (he talooa keeper$78 and cost*, l.e tlu saloon keepers lire up to th* law and al will be well. Tbe roods were lust getting so teatniCcould travel when the big rain of last Saturday nnj Saturday night set la and now they nro almost aa bad as they were two weeks ago. The**, L. a: U still tinder headway; last Tuesday evening they elected now officers as follows: J. Uzcell, President; Hiss Bosa Lobblg, Secretary And Treasurer, and Mr Obas. Harrison, Marshal; now let thorn nub the exhtbltiou which they are going to havn Deputy BhBrtft Dillon visited his old home laat Saturday and Sunday. Mrs. B. Ileno and Mlsa Dora, of Bhlnnmn 111., visited at the residence ot Mr. Frank Willlanr.u laat Friday and Saturday. MIssLon Johnson, ot Upper Alton, is the guest ot lira. J. Kelt, tlile nook. Miss Mecca Thompson spent a couple of daya with trlcnda near Godfrey. Joshua Frankfort! will move to-morrow (Wednesday) or Thursday, over near Botha] to In one of Mr. B. Kennedy's houses. Mrs. Jacob Hotter who has been visiting h«r parents returned to her homo near Springfield last Monday. Mr. John attd Miss Vfllda Vennatta, who havebetm visiting relatlvoj and friends In tbo burg, returned to their home at Uorcbes ter Friday. Master Johnny Foster loft for Haryel last week. Ex Constable Ost, went to Oarllnvillo last week, as a wltnosv In the VToods v*. Roblneon case. We understand that John Wortmau and family wUl leave for Kansas next week. Mr. James Burns is visiting In Alton. CHIPS—Tbe wheat la all 0. K. Farmers are busy with their spring work. The COB! diggers ore Idle at present. Keusons for MigTiitious. By what strange and mysterious psychological mqehnuipm doos the swift lenrn that the period for migration has actually arrived P Simply, I believe, by a natural see-saw, dependent only on the alternations of the seasons. Foi when the swift is not in Grout Britain he is off on his other alternative residence in Cape Colony. As some people, keep .up a house lu England and a winter villa at Cannes or Mentouo, so thu swift hits always a summer nest in Europe and a winter nest In temperate South Africa. Or, rather, they are each in their own time summer nests' alike; for, of course, whenever it is winter here it is sunny midsummer in the southern hemisphere. Unwise nd- mirers of tho swift hare ventured boldly to assert that lie knows when cold weather is coming, and therefore goes away from England in autumn before it arrives. When men sjxjak so to yon beliove them not. This is nonsense (with all duo deference to its pro- pounders); the swift knows not when it will be cold, but when it is cold—a much easier matter—like, all tho rest of us. Tho reason be leaves so much earlier than our other summer migrants is simply because food fails him. There is nothing miraculous iii knowing when you are hungry; tho merest infant woll knows that much. The cold upper air begins to feel tho chilling ef- fttot of autumn long before tho basking lowland meadows, and when the supply of tlies , falls short, in tho high circles where swifts habitually- move, the swifts arc prompted by an inner monitor (other than conscience) to flit southward. So they make tracks for Africa in a formed body, devouring the remaining insects as they go, and, in tin; words of tho poet, otherwise applied, "swallow, swallow.flying south." At thu same time I do not deny that the swift ia a bird of delicate constitution,'and that a marked aversion to cold for its own sake Is one of his most obvious personal characteristics, A member of an essentially tropical fmix'ly, ho visits tho northern and southern temperate regions only during tho very height of their slimmer season, and probably loiters long ou the way, breaking tho. journey in Morocco and the "Soudan," like those -wiso invalids who leave Egypt, or Algeria early in February and only roach tho admiralty pier at liover when the English spring 1ms fairly reached tbo summit of May hill. Thou in autumn lie is off again about tlu. miildlo of August, and if by any chance a firw stragglers linger on too 1:U« In Soptemlwr they aro not un- frequently overtaken and numbed by tliD liist frost, in which case they fall bulplinsly llultoring on tli.o unfamiliar ground, and uro Ictt, to tho cruel tender merries of the village children.— Cornhill Manuzinc. OH! MY BACK Ererr strain or cold attacks that weak bsek •ad.nearly ttrostrates iron. trenctkeas tbe II III Ul V*"^ THE BEST TONIC ? Aluncle*, bteadies the Nnrer, Qwain* nu s)x>nTnuU Mwk snd •a wT«>D«r. Take »• ptUer.' •M«WM OU1UUOAX vg» •*!,' Only "Tpa '..ires?, Flald ft» ft'gr« thnt he 1» full of ycnrs nnd norw*, an'( oociiplfei a sent In ono of the flffeale* Judicial bodies iu the world," said another of the party, "but I Wtoembe him when he wns as gay and rollicking a lad as the best of ua. "Wlien the mining cainp nt Trlift't Is now Nevada Citywas "first orgitnlze< young Lawyer Field, wan elected i justice of the poftoe. Probably th toiighost member,of the cnnip was i noted dcRpxjvrtdo, Jack Reynolds In name. One day Reynolds wns nrrcsto! on a charge of horso-stouling. It was a trial by jury, with Justice Field pro- siding. The evidence was not strong enough to convict, but as everylxxij was anxious to get rid Of .Rn'ynol'ds th< veiilict WiW 'Wo find tho prisoner n the bar not guilty, but if ho is wiso hi will leave tho camp in thirty mlnntvs. Tho verdict amused tho young justioi immensely, but ho repented it to Koy- nolds with duo solemnity. "BoyuoUlfi, whose neuso of the ridiculous wns quito as keen us those of tlu jury, calmly rcpliod, as he gave bin trousers an extra hitch: " 'Gents, if the inttlo don't buck I'l be out iu live.'"— Washington Letter. The other day at Oxford a man wh( had insisted on keeping b«es wns plainly-told by a local dignitary , that his bees must bo sont away bocivusc.a gen- tlcman vommouer had just buuu stung. He'repliwl instutitly: "Air. Doiin, 1 assure you that you art; doing us a grunt injustice. I know that b<.-u well. He is not mine at all, but belongs to Mr. Bigg, of Morton." VITIATED BLOOD Scrofulous, Inherited and Con tagioua Humors Cured by Cuticura tbp medium of ono of your A books recBivi-d ihroiiRh Mr Frank T. Wray, Druggist, Apollo, Pa,, I became acquainted with your CrrricDiuKEMEDiBB, nnd take this opportunity to testify to you that their uap has permanently cured rze of one ol tbn wors' cases of blond poisoning, In. connection with eryolpflla*,thatIhHve ever seen, and this after having been pronounced Incurable by eoujcjot tbe best physicians in our county. 1 take ereat pleasure in forwarding to you this testimonial, unsolicited as it IH bv you, in order that others from similar mala dies may I e encouraged to give \ourCDTlou RA KEMKDIKS a trial. P. 8. WHirLlNQER, Leechburg, Ha. Reference: FRANK T, WHAT, Druggist, Apollo, Pa. SCROFULOUS ULCEK8. James E. Richardson, Custom Housn, New Oilenns, on oath says: "in 1S7U Scrofulous Ulcers broke out on my body until I was u mass of corruption. Everything known to the medical faculty was tried In vain, 1-be caroo annero wreck. At times could not lift my bunds to. my head, could not turn in bed; was in constant pnin, und looked upon life a- a rurse. No lehefor cure in ten years. In 1880 1 heard of the Uuiicura HeraeUiea, used them, nnd was porfeotly cured." Sworn to beloro U. 8. Com. J. D. Crawford. ONK OF TBE 'WORST OASES. We have been sPlltngvourCuttcura Rome dies for years, and have tbe first complain yet to receive from a purchnser. One of th< worst cases of Scrofula I ever saw was cure 1 by tbe use of five bottles ot Outloura Rusolv ent, Cutlcurn and futlcvra Soar, 'i'he Soap tiikos the "cake" here a* a medicinal soap TAYLOR « TAYLOR, Drupglats, Fratikfort, Kan. SCROFULOUS, INHERITED, And Contagious Humors, with loss of hnir ana Eruptions of the Skin, are positively cured by Cuticura and Outlcura Soap externally, when all other medicines foil. Send for pamphlet. DBUGUISTs USE THEM. We have oh'aim d sa'io'actory results from the life of the Cuticura Remedies In our own family, ami recommend tbem beyond an\ other remedies for dlstiusas of the skin uut blood. The demand for them gr< WR as the! merits become known, MCMILLAN &CO.. Druggists, Latrobe, Pa. CUTICUBA"BEMEDIES ore sold everywhere, frlce: Cuticura, tho Greit Skin Cure, 61) ct^.; Outlcura 8»ap, at KzquiBlteBeiiutifier, 26 cts.; lluticurn ROHO!Vent, the New Blood Puriiler, $1. Potter Dru t and Uhemtcnl Co., Bosion. T3T V/T PLES, Blackheads. Skin Blemishes Soap. and Baby Humors, use Cuticura Choking Catarrh. Here yon awakened from u disturbed sleep with all the horrible sensations of an nssas sin clntoblnK your throat and pressing the life-breath from your tightened chest? Have you noticed the languor anl dobltitv thai succeeded the effort to clear your throat and head of this caturihal matter? What a depressing influence It exerts upon tho mind clouding the memory and filling thu hpiirt with pains and strange noluo-l How difficult to prole 1 1 the system attains! ita (nither progress towards ih» lunea, liver an>i kidneys, all physicians will »UmU. It ts a terrible disease, and cries out for relief and cure. , . • . . Tho remarkable curative powers when all other remedies utterly lull, of ga-ifnrd's Uadical Cure, rro atttmted by thoueim^n who gratefully recommend it to fellow xufforera. NO statement is made regarding it time cannot bft BubBtHntlutod by tho most roBpeclu- bln and reliable relomnces, Each packet contains one bottle of the RadloHl Cure, ono b»x of (.'ntarrhal Solvent and an Improved Inhaler, with treatiee and direct nns, and Is sold *>y all druKKlbtH for |1. POTTBB DnUO ft OlIKUIOAL CO., BOSTON. HOW MY SIDES ACHE. From the bench and the counter, from tho loom anil spwlnx machine Koes up the cry > f pain und wuk- nesH. AehliiK nidi's und Iluok, Kid .nnj and Uioilim > Bins, ainilnn nnd ,,,».»jWoHknoi«,Roughs,Coli'tuml Client B, iinu every p»in unit uche of ually toll relieved In om- mlnuio by tbe Outlo ,ru Antl- Pulu Plaster. New. elegant, and lntn lilile. At druKKl»'8, £6o.i uve lor Jl; or ol I'ottor Drug und OlietulralUo., Undton. DAIRY FARM. North Alton Jersey Dairy. Huvlnz ri-nt«<l Jntnes M»llon'» Dnlry fainc and cuttle, the uiiditrMuned will furnlih ml<k of the very best quality to the citizens of Alton. The caitlu are mostly high n\-»i\e Jerseys and for Hlvliiit rich milk tlu-y have inrquHl; they are all young and healthy; will luti'i notlnpn olany klnu to our cattle, 'ui lion that ' Illluvurus wl'b their putnm- iK" may depend cm kuUlnKrol'k ol tho very bunt quiillty. ASamp'i) willbugivini fie« ol nui-KO to all that apply for It. Th>< mllkliiu nd everything connected with tliuditlry wil> be kt-pt sc'iipuloussly clemi fothm out oustoui'TS may roeelve tbu milk In tho beat of order. A ohure uf pubilo patron age Is respectfully rcqutisted Leave orders with Messrs, Klrsch * Soilless, and "lib Messrs. Bolbnld A DtterUitiK, or addreM us ,t North Alton, ALBKBTVOU'CK, BltMKUT WKIUNbUUU. Have for service, two rrRlstered sires, Jor- oy und Hoi- lulu, surviru lee for eithtir, 1VO i. 'he IluUtxInUfiuti) that fumous Inill, vor- tuntlr.H, owned ii\ Mr UtovPti^.olMuw Vnrk; ook J740 premium .it St. Loulo lint lull. Oiii'n s thirty mouths old and is ovwr imvuiitucn mndrea weight. U d iw IOO Doses OneboVar. Hooa'» Sarinjxirfflfl Is tha 011)7 medlolnt of which this can be truly eaid t .and it Si an toanswettittB .argument ni to tbe strength nnd'poiltlro coohomy of tils great medicine. Hood's SarsspariUa Is made of roots, herb*, barki, etc Aoug and favorably known for thotr power !u ptirtfylnii the blood i and In combination, proportion, and process, Hood's Snrsnparllla 19 peculiar to itielf. " ffor economy and comfort wo uso Hood's Bursapartlln." Mns, C. CncwsTEn, Cuftalo. i> Hood's SarsnpnrlUa takes lets iimt and quantity to «ho\v Its effect 'than any other preparation I ovor hoard of. 1 would not bo without It In tho homo." Mna. C. A. M. llUDiurm, North Chill, N. Y. loo Data One Dollar Hood's Bargnparillo, cures scrofula, *iitt theum, all humors, bolli, plmplps, gonornl debility, dyspepsia, biliousness, sick headache, catarrh, rheumatism, kidney and liver complaints, and all aHoctlonn caused by impure blood M low condition of tho system. Try It. " I was severely aflltctcd with scrofula, and lor ovor a year hod two running sores on my nock. I took flvo bottles of Howl's Sarsnpa- rllla. nnd consider myself entirely cured." C. B. Lovujoy, Lowell, Mass. "Hood's Sarsaparilla did mo an Immense amount of good. My whole system.lias been built up and strengthened, my digestion Improved, and my liend relieved of tho bad feel- Ing. I consider It tho best medicine I have ovor used, and should not know how to do without It." KAkr L. PEHLE, Bnlcm, Mass. Hood's Sarsaparilla Bold by all druggists. $1 j six for $5. Made only by C. I. HOOD & CO., Lowell, Mass IOO Doses Ono Dollar. KASK1NE (THE NEW QUININK) . No bad effect No headache No nausea. wo ringing ears, C""" quickly Pleasant,*" 1 A POWERFUL TONIC. that the most delicate stomach will bear. A SPECIFIC FOR MALARIA, RHEUMATISM, NERVOUS PROSTRATION. and all Germ Diseases "—~" "*" FOB COLDS KASK1NE MAS tfEEN FOUND TO BK ALMOST A SPECIFIC Superior to Quinine. BellevueHospital, N. T.: "Universally sue oussful." ("Even- parlent treated St. Francis Bos. N. T. (-with Kasklno has been (discharged cured." Ttcv. Jos. L. Hall, Clmpluln Albany Penitentiary, writes that Ka^klne Imu cured bis wife niter twenty -years suffering from iimUria »nd nervous dyspepsia. Write him for par- tlo.ulnrs. St. Joseph's Hospital, N. Y.; "It's use is con-ldered Indlsppnuanle Itnctsperfecrly.' Proi.. W. F. Holoombe, M.D., N East 2Mb 8t. N.Y. (late Prof, in N. Y, Mod. College) writes "Kaskine is superior to quinine in its speo.flt pnwer, and never produces the sllght«stln jury to the hearing or constitution. Thousands upon thousands write that ICas- klno lisa cured them after all other medicines hud failed. \V.rHo lor book of tostl- innnlaU. Kasklneeanbe taken without any special medical advice. $1.00 per bottle. Sold by or pent by mail ou receipt of price. KASK1NE CO., Bl Warren St., New York 10 dwlm Day and Night During an acuto attack oil Bronchitis, a ceaseless tickling in the throat, and an, exhausting, hacking coxjgh, afflict the sufferer. Sleep is banished, and great prostration follows. This disease is also attended with. Hoarseness, and sometimes Loss of Voice. It is liable to become chronic, Involve the lungs, and terminate fatally. Ayor's Cherry Pectoral affords speedy relief and euro in cases ot Bronchitis. It controls tho disposition to cough, and induces refreshing sleep. I have been n practising physician' for twenty-four years, and, for the post twelve, have suffered from annual attacks of Bronchitis. After exhausting all tho usual remedies Without Roliof, I 'tried Ayer's Cliorry Pectoral. It effected n speedy euro. — O. Stoveall, M. D., Carrolltoii, Miss. Ayer's Cherry Pectoral ia decidedly tho best remedy, within my knowledge, for chronic Bronchitis, and all lung diseases. — M. A. Itust, M. «., South Paris, Mo. I was attacked, last winter, with a ffovoro Cold, which grow worse and settled on my Limits. By night sweats I was reduced to iiHkulcton. My Cough was incessant, nnd 1 frequently 8(lit blood. My physician told mo to giro-up business, or X would not live a month. After taking various remedies without relief, I was llnally Cured By Ucing two bottles of Ayer's Cherry Pectoral. I am now in perfect health, and able to resume business, after having boon pronounced incurable with Consumption.— S. P. Henderson, Saulaburgb, Ponn. For years I was In a decline. I had weak lungs, ami suffered from Bronchitis and Catarrh. Ayer's Cherry Pectoral restored mo to health, nnd I liavo been for a long timo comparatively vigorous. In case of a sudden cold I always resort to the Pectoral, and find speedy relief. — Edward li. Curtis, Ilutlaud, Vt. Two years apro I suffered from a severe Bronchitis. Tho physician attending me become fearful that tho disease would terminate in Pneumonia. After trying various medicines, without benefit, ho proscribed Ayor's Cherry Pectoral, which relieved me at onco. I continued to take this medicine, and was cured, — Ernest Colton, Logansport, Ind. » Ayer's Cherry Pectoral, Prepared by Dr. J. 0. Ayer k Co., Lowall, Mm. Bold by UI DruigUU, Pries $1 i six bottlei, »4. JBXHCCTOHS' NOTICE. Bttitlu ol John W, Hehwoppo, deceased. The untloralKiiod, having been op- loluted Kxuvutom of tho last will und ustiimoitt of Juhn W. Rchwoppe, Into if thu county ol Madison und Stvto f lllijols, aufimscd, huroby vivo notice imt tlu-y will appuar before the County C'ourt f MudUon county, at the court house, In !dwarUbvlllu,at the Murt-h term,on the fourth Monday In llureh nuxt, at which tlni' nil per. soni Imvliig clalini against sain estate are dtllluil and ruquuuted to iiUmul for thu pur- in«e nf IIHVIIIK tlm Hamu adjusted. All parsons Uebteil to mtld ojtiue uru loiiniiatea to make mnmllate pnymi'iit to ibu uiiilerslgni^l, Udted this StiU iluy (it Kubruiiry. A.I). 1H87. KI.I7.AK. SUIIWKI'I'E. WJLI JAM K. HI IMVKI'I'E, HtNUVAl. S011U" I'l'K, S d4w EAOLn PACKK* COMPANY. SPRING ARRANGEMENT Steadier ' II. UCY11B, MMMT. | B. HOIS POWBLI, )KD BUHIK, On and a'ter Monday, Feb. 11, tho Spread Eavlo will run nil follows, vlct • LEAVING ALTON FOR ST.LOtrlS at 7 o'clock a. m., and St. Lonlaon retnra trip ftt8 p. jn., ilnlly. And leaving Alton for 1'ortnuOi Jersey LandUifr, Orhiton, and waj points every evening ui Bi80 o'clock. . ta.Th« Whistle wUl b'e sounded flfteet tninatea before starting for St. Louis. • • .. :. ' ,VAIUIi • To ST. Lcms, ... IIOOKD TlUP - • • ' • rwBtrrv RIDBI' - « - 6 on O W. HILL. ABPnt. Fast Freight. & Passenger Lit. THE ST. LOW* AND CENTRAL ILLINOIS B. K. GO'S PALACE J. F. BLLi&OM, oorumander. Kt>. ANSHBTZ, Jnin-,.- TIIDB DODOB. i Oler "On and alter Thursday,Feb. J7th, will leave Alton dallj Fur St. l.ouls at 7 a. m. Kcturnlni?, will leave St. Louts (foot of Vine ot.; lit 2:45 p. m.! Leaving Alton at 5:RO p. m. for Portage and Jersey, arriving at Gratton at 7:45 p. m., connecting with f "ft expresson St. Louis An Uoutrul Illinois Railroad lor Jerseyville, Wa v«ny, Sp, InKQvld uud all poiuts north am cast. TARE. TOST. Lotus, single trip, . . . Mr " " rnund trip, .... 76.1 " " twenty rluo ticket, . , 58.0. HENRY 0. TATUM, Quu. Agt. Alton. U. A. b'laBUK,'l Miiuagqr. telldtf UlCMYlHTKk. DB.C.B. ttOMLAND, Dentist, IB THIRD STrtBKT, ALTON, ILL. Office Hoorfr-8 a. m. to 13 m.; 1 to * p. n fobdwTv O. A. McMILLEN, Dentist, OVER BfttTBQGEM INN'S OIGAR STORE 8BOONU ST. le^a dtf f BY81CIAK8 AND MUMG1SON" DJtt. B. UTIJUJUIOU, Physician and Surgeon, OFFIOK A ND RESIDENCE, OOtt. FOUKTh AND HJCNUY 8T8. la»-dwly W. A. UASKJiULL,, M.D. f Physician and Surgeon, OlflTIOS-SEOOND ST.. ALTON, ILL. )ffloe hours—B a. m.; 11 to 1, and o p.m • Hllirfl.ftwt Tbo andoratgnad have otouod a new music tore at the corner of "/bird j and Plasa sta ORGANS AND PIANOSJ of the |Snest workmanship for sale at rea sonuble prices. Call and examine our mstru- moms before purchasing elsewhere. FLOSS. & BABE. mch22dwan> WILSON WASHBOARDS. Tlicfe Washboards are made with a Bent-Wood rim. The Strong- ett boards and beet Truuen in tb* •world. For sale by all dculen. SINOLK DODBLB; If Snslnaw, Miolilgan. AN ACRE on lonn time. The moit pronperom and promlilDK O>ld for Mttlement In the U. 9. Full te-tormallon with Bood map free. Addrow lun C01>2IIBIOniB.rvi)iiiltt CfatnU B,«,, HIIWMkM, WU. 1887. Harper's Weekly. ILLU8TRATED; TTABPKB'S WEEKLY maintains ita position as the loaUlnK liliiBirated newspaper in Ainer- ou; and its hold upon public estei-mand con- ffdunou was never stronuur than at the present time. Besides the pictures, fUKTBH'S ^ BBKLY always contains installments of ana, OL-oaslomiUy ol two, ol the best novels of the day, finely Illustrated, with short stories, pooms, sketches, and papers of important nirrent topics by tno ajoat popular writer.,. The care that has been uuooesnfuily exercised u the past to n.ake tiAltPEUs WEEKLY „ sate as well as a welcome visitor to every house icld will noc be relaxed In the future. HARPER'S ~PJ£RIODIOAI<8< Per Tear i Harper'* Weeklv $iO< iiuriKii'a MuKHZlno 4 00 flHi'pur'sP-HZur .,.,.,. 4 UO larper's loung I'eoplo... 3 00 Harper 1 * Franklin Square Library, one year (A2 numburs) 1000 hi-poi'd Handy Sorlou one joor (63 numburr) ,. in oc l\uuuo tree to all subsoriburs In the United States or Canada. The Volumes of the Weekly begin with the Irot Numb rfor January of ea'h year. When iu time u mentioned. Hubuclptlons will bouln with thu N umber oun out at time of receipt of ordur. Bound Volumes of lUKMtR's WKKKMT, for hru« years back, in neut oiuth bluUinK, will io tuna by mall, pontage paid, or by express, rea of rxpuim» tprnvlued the irultfht due* not cloned one uollui per volume) lor $7 pur vol. Cloth cuseii (or euch volume, suitable lor blndliiK, will he sent by mall, postpaid, on receipt 01 $1 uach. HumUiunoes Nlmuld bo made >>y Poatonico Morcy Urdiir or Drill t to avoid ohanou of loss, Mewspupuis are not to copv tnU advertise- mint without tho express order ot Harper * Hrothoru. Address HAIU'UU A IHtOTIlEttS, Now York. STOCK FOB SALE. A Klnu Ulnoduil Mure, it Kino flliort Horn Jow mid Hull J r»,,y VoarlliiK Hulf r, In- uire at thu Godfrey Oooaiugnlloiml I'arsou- a«e. febUwtf The Qentury _ Forl880-8T, Tuft QMVCftf It an Illustrated mo&tM* maRUtae, .having a wftilnr otroQUrtton iS Ruont two hnnured thousaud copies, ottea KiKohlng ctnd sometimes exceeding two hun. U red auO twenty flvo thousand, Ohlefatnon* lis many attractions tor tho.oomlng ysar u S serial which hat been In aotlra preparation lor aiatettu year*, It Is a history of our owa t-ouutry In Its inout orluoal time, aiM>tf»nS ' THE LIFE OF tlNOOtiN, Uybis Confidential Beoretarlea. Joiiu O. Miculajr bUd Col. John . ThU great worn, beuuu with the sanottos I President Lincoln, and continued under the authority of his don, the lion. Bobert T Lincoln, -to tho i only fnil and authoritatlva record of the life of Abraham Unooln. Hi uthors were Mends of Lincoln twlore hi. fresliionovi they wore most Intimately u* -oomtod with him as pHvate sooretarlss tnroKhont; hli term o< uffloe, and «£> thlS wore truuslorrort U|IOD Lincoln's death all hu . rlvate h»pe!». Here will bo told tbe . . i. story of the citll war * of President work, ; , .• ••- „ ,.-V--T- •••. THE WAR SERIES, which haa beoh followed with nnflazainu ntefeat by a «reat Interest by a K roat andi. .')ice. will occupy lens space during the com m« year. Gettysburg will be deforibed b» un. Hunt (Chief of the Union ArtUiervf »on. Longstra t, Gon, E. M. Luw. and others' iihtcamauga, by Gen. D. U. Ulil:. Sherman's nluroti to the .-ea. by Generals Howard &nrt lopum.; Generals Q. A. UUluiore, Wm. » mltb, John Glbbonjloraoe Porter, and Job* N Mosby will describe special battles au3 incidents. Stories ot nuval enirasemiintai prison lite, etc. etc. will anDear.. ' NOVELS AND STORIES. "The Hundredth Man," a novel by Frank I. Stockton, author ol '"The L«dy, or the I lner." bflginsin November. Two novelette* yUeorueAV. Cable, stories by Mary Ilallock hoote, "Unelo Kumtis," Jullun Hawthorne ddward >gtlleston, and'-other proinlneni A Mini-lean authors will bo printed during ta« ' SPECIAL FEATURES. i with Illustrations) include a series of am- I'les <m Rttaira in Bu*eia and Siberia, bVGeo. Kennan.autbor ol/'Tent Life lu Siberia." who tiHBjust returned from n moiu eventful visit to Siberian prisons; papers cnthe Fooa Queatkm, -with veferopce to its beaiinu on the l-abpr Problem j English OathedriSi: Dr. f K (flemon-» i B«liglons B Ufe In the' Amorloan Ouloules! ^plalrvoyauoe, hplrituolism, Astrol- ''ID'.eto., bi HBV. J. M. Buckley, 1).D., editor ol the Uhriotian Advocate: aitronnmloul D»- pors; artlOiOs throwlnK liKbtouBibTenlstory, 'PRICES. A FREE COPY. Subscription price, 14.00 a year, u cants • number, Dealers, pomiuasters, and pnbUsh- ers take subserlpilono. Send for our be&utt- lully Illusti ated M page outalouue (tree), containing full proBpeotnii, etc., lTw,ndlng t ttneolal oner by which new roftdera "can KM ' ock cumbers to the bcjrlnnmg ot tho war Scries at u very low price. A speramon copy (back number) will be sent ou request. Ma»- tion this paper. Uon you afford to be without the THK r> """"" Subscriptions received at thl* office. THE ATLANTIC MONTHLY FOR 1887. Will contain. In addition to the best Short Stories, Sketches, Essays, Poetry and Criticism, twoaerial 8torle»j- The Second Son, By J1B8. M. O. W. OLIPHANT Paul Patoff, '' By F. MABION OBAWTORD, Author of "A Itornan Singer," "Mr. Isaftot, ::."•' . .;;••,'«tO. •' '. ' Papers on American History, ByJOHNFISKK, Whose previous papers have been so Interesting, full of information, and generally popular. French and English. continuation of the admirable papers comparing tbe French and Enjtllsb people, ByP.a.HAMBBTON, Essays and Poems, By OLIVJKU AVBKDELL HOLM K3. Occasional Papers, By JA.MEB BUS8ELL LOWELL. Contributions may be ezpectt-d, from John Greenluai Whittier.Tboma* Wentwottn Big. glnson, UhRflra tnidley Warner, B, 0. Stedman, Harriut.W. Freston, Sarnh Orne Jewett, Cbarlea Bgbert Oraddock, Arthur Bherburns Hardy, Hunry Cabot LodKO.lCUIth M. Thomas, Horace K. Seudclor. George E. Woodbeny, George Fiederlok Parson*, Maurice Thomp sou, Lucy Lorcom, Oolla Thaztnr, John Bnr- roughs, Jtiuies Freeman Clarke, KlUntmth Robins Fennel), Bradford Torrey and many others. •••:.. TBHM8: |4 a year In advance, postatra free; Si cents a number. With superb flfe-elzs. portrait of Hawtbnrue, Kmerson, -Longfellow. Bryant, Whlttler, Lowell, or Holmes JJ; each additional portrait, fl. The November and December numbers of tho Atlantic will be cent n ee of charge to new subscribers whose subscriptions aro received uetoro December 20Ui. Postal notes and money are at the risk of tho i-cmler, and therpforn remittances should ba made by money order, dralt, or registered letter, to .....-,. .., . , Houghton, Mllflln & Compaur, 4 Park street, lloston, Master's Sale. STATE OF ILLINOIS, ( at. OJulr county. ) Of tho September tovnvA.D. 1BS«, 0( Hie K. Olair County Circuit Court. John N Ohllion v». Tbomas Chilton, Georuo Oliliton, JumeBUllcleroy. Kobert W. Olck- or.Bon, EllcHbeth Ann WlHluina, Dorothy Burn, Thomas Bum, James Burn, Barbara FerKUfion, Small Jane Bum, William Burn, A John Thomas Jluin, uoiotby Ann Burn, Isabolka, Burn, Jauios Bum; and Henry B. Ouullcmr, executor of .the last will and testament of 'John uhllton, deceased. Kill lor sale ot ttutU Kmate. . Under and by vlrine of decree of said •ourt, made in the above entitled cause, at n hid torui, i, the undersigned, will, on . SATURDAY, MA HUH 19, 18KT, tit and on the preutUes hereinafter described, eil to tbe hlghubt dnd bent bidder, tht ful- owing duaoJlLfcd land, situated In too ooun- ycl Mudlsun.ana (-tate of Illinois, to-wit: Hie west (oui til ol (he fcoutheast quarter ot ho northwest quuiter, containing ten (10) loros; and tlio unst half of the southwo» quarter, a:i In section thirty (80),In townililp ix (6) nnrlb nf rnnc" nli e iO) west. Appra-sod value, &.4M.71. Sain to cotnuienoo nt one o'clock p. m. TERXU or HALK.- -Twenty per cent, of the purchase mnnny u> bo paid cash Mown, and ho balance on a credit of six and twelve nntlii-. ueourttl by note and approved n>cu- Uy, and a utortitaKO on the premises sold.on ho execution ot whl' b, und upon conflrma- ion of aiil tale, I will ext'vute and deliver a teed to the paichusor or purchasers of kald and, as by satd Otcro • I am directed, con•eying all thr tiubt, tl'le and claim of '.be aid p union-n sal<l suit to said premises. ALONZO U. W1LDKKUAN, Master in i/lmiiuury ol sultl uonuty. M. \V. WJJIK, Sol. Idutd UPPER ALTON, ILLS. D. B. KJTIINOER 4 CO. Vlsh the public to know they are selling Goods at Lowest Uush Prices. )ry Oonds, Qiocerles, <i'ilim»,of all klods, Flour, »Kony Varu, Feed, Ilk * (.lorn Thre.a<U,Ois;«rs, osiery of Ml de. Tobacuu, •orlptluns, Queens nnd Tluwar*. Fresh OyHter« and Celery; Brank Uros*. Candli-8 nud Nutuj Keith's Bread: D. B. KITTINGER & CO. Murphy's Old Stand,

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