The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 2, 1942 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 2, 1942
Page 3
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TUESDAY, JUNE 2, BU'TIIEVILLE (AUK.)' COU1UER NEWS HOMES Under ihi: ible !'or nun room, porch, mi! provided the imp ,., ; ily affair. It Can Go For Materials If 1 i 1 ;;;;; 1 ll ' l " <> OWI No Labor Expense tfOO Remodelii I costhm loss than S;>i)U. The person who does his o\vn \u;'k may expend the eiiiire amount 1, r maxi-hils and thereby make a JIH.'IV !.. addi'.ion 10 the hr-me ;han ol' iho expense went lor i l )>or. And ii' more titan e»-e member ol' the family wnr.k.s on -.he project, ihat too is acce;KiVo!e. it. will be ad;i a bed- (H 1 nu-:ii is a faint);- well tor however, to for an archi- Built-lns Create Effect ailot par! of tils tect. to plan i!:e mum ti The amateur carpenlcr who can ! Jse a saw, hummer, level and} [square 'and has these tools, sud- ; |denly In.s become a definite asset the household rather ihtui just! )ne who messes up the basement, t For the new War Productions! 3oard order limits home buildinj- [(unless authorized by WPB) to that I)K', panels fit. and h'.-aih a ;i vhird LVNG ITB Gil LT-IN Daveiiporl-Bai- Gives Room Spaciousness; Meets Today's Needs M the Doors Can Change v - / Home's Appearance There Is one way to mil a new "lace" on your house that is sur-' prlsingly simple and inexpensive. Hang ix new front door to replace the battered or outmoded closure dates the period of construc- Uon. Lumber dealers stock doors of many different designs to harmonize with architecture of your home or contrast with it, to add individuality.. Most popular doors are made of fir and some arc pre-fit— that is, cut to exact size so there is a minimum of fitting. It is surprising just how much a new door will do toward making the entrance "the doorway to happiness," .. ; ; We're Offering ONtPIECE REJUVENATION. Marely by adding to' built-in bl a^J ^ r ° 0m , S Ved - '* t back, adds modern note l and bol Hurry LAST CALL •—we have only a few of these I \ special skill i.s needed to ! ! interior walls, and they can be \ j :;'.aincd, painted or papered. | j With the family car more valu- 4 i able than ever before because it Interiors Get New Treatment |A gffl § P $& -I? SiLLl:^ t and the manufacture and sales stopped. Call us lor estimates. sarages are scheduled for croV lodw widely-used material for home in- v/i!l f-ncuyh to allow for built-in storage cabmets. Light-weight overhead still available in most and the purposes to which panels arc put arc entirely remote from Which the in of t e en n n e n of the country; otherwise i stallation of wood walls of even a doors of fir are the most l few years ago •* : garage closures. n,.r>,,;~. \ . iieviobsly paneling was associ- iv, T Tr a tcd with stateh n Kitchens Have or ornate rooms &%£ %%& 6 Their Special Needs Housewives Find Phone Dcodla" Point . »St Goes io TQWJI"'' for Home Defense! f(iSS5£- Prepurmg, cooking, and fond for n farm family job—a job in which the 'farm kitchen may either help or rynder the J l fl "' m vite- — | Properly planned for her .special >a j needs-, the farm kitchen can save her extra steps and work that moke meal preparation such drud- 1 iyery. and only expensive woods were selected. Usually the finish was dark to provide formal—almost depressing—atmosphere. Now paneled walls are cheery I serviiiK Wlth lieht stains l )0 P uhu> for dining is a reii i 1 ' 00 " 15 - llvi »B rooms, dens, recreation ' rooms. Tans, light greys, soft greens, pale blues are popular shades. Presently the panels are of fir plywood which i.s a minimum- cost building material and chosen for durability as well as appearance. be done with the opening? A.—If you wish to seal the opening,, install plywood panels on one side of the partition. These panels will become part of wall when va- pered (apply building felt first i; inset in the other room provides space for usable shelves, To retain room connection, merely install panels inside old doorway to make shelves on either side of opcniuu, Q.—In rooms of our home tops of doors, windows and htiill-iu ' cases arc at different levels. What can he done to bring balance m unity to the rooms? A.—Sometimes appearance is improved by placing n thin plywood now Mr. and Airs America v.e pieiiy '.'ully Ihai they're -i hi be "at home" more for dura!.ion. home improvements ilui. briny new spin!, new livability lo old .surroundings come in lor prime consideration this summer At the ame time the rrmodelini.; must be carefully planned lo stay within the $f>i!0 limit, (unless "sseuiial build- in^t recently SIM by War I'roduc- ilons ISoard, and the work must use little or no critical materials. Meet ine, all these requirements for rehabilitatim; the livmi; room- lining room aim, a built-in daven- )ort-hur iormed of plywood will completely change ihe complex of the home. Thv functions <j] Hiis on c installation are manifold. H can be the sole improvemenl, or serve as the central ".home fur rejuvenation. Probably !;reatesl utility of n semi-partition is that it scpiirute.s the dining and living ureas of the room yet. allows lor functional use of the entire section to provide room place spaciousness. On the ie It. 6f course. Lakes the of n davenport frieze or band 12 or bj inches wide at top of wall. Choose width that gives a horizontal line at one of the levels. Paint the panel a soft, harmonizing color, in dining rooms, a low wainscot of plywood may solve the problem. Plywood Improves Looks Of Staircase The .stain finish not only adds c^nc? hJ^T " P Maximum rather than minimum color but capitalises on the natural'SS \ HM" ^ S Lliuwh storage capacity should be i g™ 1 " of tuc wood by subduing the home because the ' r '""" ' ' " contrast but retaining the " ' ' .**.!<- from I iil lowed .for, when planning the M:i!chen. The electric refrigerator ; should have extra large capacity— , for the farm wife shops less often her sisier •U" "V -T r '•;"',;>.. i \ #ts.»7SS \n>*j, i £ I — ^- •^.^ f -', / • n in the city, and Gives you White Lead's Lasting Qualities in Rccdy-io-usc PURE WHITE LEAD 1 Plipreri .ap R & & 'y&3 ti ^-, '•*& §?*• * ** « LiiiitoftJt w- Phone OUYS in larger quantities. The avcr- iarm home requires a refrigerator of at least 8 cubic feet capacity. The electric range, too, should be bn;e enough for the many extra task:.; it will be called upon to do. Farmr-rs neec plenty of wholes'• somn food to do their work suc- kTssfully— and the electric .range, jif the riyht model has'been chosen, i will help the farm wife in many i way.s. ] Canning, for example, is much s easier when the electric range's ! accurate temperature controls as|s;!e pc-rfcct results every time. And, j u-hr-ii the range can be left to cook i by itself with the automatic time • control .set to turn off the heat at .^^ just the right moment, the housewife's time is freed for other i.a:k.-- or pleasures. Food will win The war, says military authorities—and the food that f;..rmcr:s cat is vital to the amount o! food that they will grow suc- f^sfully. Tlie all-electric kitchen help many a farm wife to iiJMr krrp her husband and family well g and ready for work the trying dav.s ahead. One room hi of Wallpaper (*Me vail only) FREE with the purchase of ou c room of ,w/r- #•«//, ceil in f/ and border paper. i? %m* %& ?^ r w g *au a wiai-au, ;.iv*=rv: ; _-'.:.• '^:.-.;'. /.':-; ?*•-;..'•? =^-'*P j * " ' ^ !* "<> K« 'an We have a large alack of pi<^ fj close prices on seme. If {/on «]-,.- :.; n ff(i ;,, t und wlu make f -.v/cf/ write or phone us. ••Hlylhcviliv's Only Kvclissi^. r ;i ;,i|. -i-..^ .,.„, W :illpa|icr Slnrc'' 105 E. Main Phone 2272 If plywood is chosen as the wail material, panels in standard sizes as large as four by eight feet (home' ceiling usually arc eight feet high) arc available. A little ingenuity in arrangement will result in pleasant surroundings that enhance furnishings. Edges of the plywood sheets often arc beveled to accentuate joints, face.s can easily be scored to simulate small panels if desired. House-Wise Hints: Question—C::n old panel doors be made into slab-type or flush-type doors? Answer—Yes. Cover the panel .section with a piece of 1-8 or 1-4- inch plywood that extends to the outer framework. At edges of the panel, apply a tiny molding for a pleasant effect. Q.—We wish (o rcmnrc old double doors between our dining room and what was a parlor, \viiat can he new decorative treatment Without rebuilding the casing, it is simply to make an attractive stairway merely by sealing in the old railing with plywood. First make sure the railing i.s solid, especially the newel and the joining of the . top rail to the wall on the uppir landing. Then nail the plywood panels over each side of the rail with the top of the panel flash with the sides pf the rail. To form a streamlined newel encase it in a plywood box formed by furring out around the old post or making a simple -framework. Either 3-8- or 1-4- inch plywood which comes m sheets cignt feet long, will answer the need Paint the entire railing a light color match woodwork. Cool Your Home With a FAN v Cost lo Install «mil Operate. 5 Room Size.... Room .95 Complete with .suction box. trap door, grille nnd all accessories. 22" Room Cooler with 1/fi h.p. motor $38.70 :• chairs. The top surface and display area; on the dining .side there i.s storage for linens, dishes bar appurtt nances, movie equipment or maybe an automatic phonograph. Actually, the cost of ihis cablnct- lount-e combination is low as it can be miulr- of bin lire plywood panels by a cabinet maker or amateur builder. It is painted easily or finished with li^ht. stain. A typical and altractive appointment of the type was installed for less than $200 complete Including painting and upholstery. (Cost of cabinet work alone was'about $75.) It is 7 ft. G in. long, 3 ft. It) in. hli-h and willi a ion 20 in. wide. Scat of tli!' davenport is IGf- in. hif-h at top of the cushion, and the couch is L-shaped with u 5-ft. .section the living room wall. Mywood made the feature possible. Quarter-inch panels over framrwork form '.he davenport, the l.op front, of whlt:h flares out 7 in. for loot room. The rounded end with cut-away section for display is o( 1-H-in. plywood. Top, .shelves and doors on dining room side wore cut from ;}-1-ii). panels. Toe space is provided below the doors and at the end The addiliun is yrcy to harmoni/' l>ainted French with patterned blue walls <ropi>pered) ntul grey painted I'kior. Ini.erinr of the cabinet is bright, blue for sparkle; the ceiling i:--, ytMlnw as are the drapes to Nearly three and one-half centuries elapse after the invention of gunpowder before sporting firearms came into general use. NEW PAINT SURFACES. SffeRWfN.lVfLI.MMS WALL FINISH W IHl NtWfSTPAUEl COLORS! Never mind whether your rooms arc painted, unpaintcd, plastered, wallpapered or made of wallboard. Amazing new Kem-Tonc, Sherwin- Williams modern miracle paint, will cover them beautifully, completely, with a single coat. Let us show you f <.'AU,ON Form Mix I gallon with water and make 1 ',• ^'Hons paint. Your cost, ready-to- .S4.01 apply, ... per gal., | • Covert with On* Coot! e Dries In Ona Hour! • It'sWoihobfol • 1 gal. Finish** Average Room! IN THf NflVfSf, SMARTEST PASJZl COLORS'. TOM LI IAKTM HARDWARE CO- "The Complete Hardware Store'' 12fi W. Main — _ phone SI 5 All sizes in town! FANS! FANS! FANS! • all types—we have the largest stock .Keep Cool this Summer with a Hunter Electric Pan. Come In and -select yours while our stocks are complete. We an; retail and wholesale distributors for the complete line of Hunter Fans. Fans From— See Our HUNTER [ENTURV WINDOW FANS MODERNISTIC iii This Window Fan operates on the same principle as Attic Fans. Takes only 5 minutes to install! Come in and see it running, fee! its rush of cool air! Dedicated to Comfort - - HUNTER ZEPHAIR ATTIC FAN You'lt never know what real comfort ran lie until you've installed a Hunter "Xcphair" Allic Fanj II will pay for itself many times in-comfort. The famous Hunter Attic Fan is produced by a company that Iia-s built fans exclusively for 53 years. You cannot buy a finer fan. Motor carries a five year guarantee. Add to its quiet efficiency the successful installation our knowledge and rxpcriencc guarantees, and you have the ultimate in satisfaction! Free Estimates! F.H.A. Terms! HUBBARD HARDWARE CQ

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