Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on March 9, 1887 · Page 1
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 1

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 9, 1887
Page 1
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DYSPEPSIA^ \yp to a/«w weelra ago I ootuUerod minolf , ipo ehampipn Dyspfiptic ot America. During the years that I have been afflicted I have '•• tried almost everything claimed to be a spo- ojfld for Dyspepsia In tho hope of flnUtng •omethtug that wcnjd afford permanent re- Itoft I bad about mado up my mind to nban. doh medicines wlH'n I noticed an enilot so• jn§3» olSita.moMtlTerEegulatogplliy a prom• in^t.Qeotfrton, ajarfeiw^m 'j.Ttw*, .and concluded to try Its effcote in ,my COM. I bare used but two bottles and • Am sntlnfled •WMVfcWft^ok.tliertshttfjlnjj, at 'ok 1 !*»,»i beneficial effects almost immediately. v -Unlli(fr nil otnoi- preparation of a tlmllar MwO,no* ! peo|al Instructions ^required aa to wh&t.'moishtdj, 61; snail^otcat., Thlqfaot alone ought to, to,ail troubled *1M> a?»pej»lft. J. N. HOI-UKS. L yi»eland,K,J. " 1 habit:of body.pan be aecpred without changing the diet or disorganizing the STBtoin, by taking SIMMONS' Li¥EE, REGULATOR; See,thatyopRBtthegbnntno. Proi . . pnrsdiby :. ZEXlilK 4 CO., Philadelphia, Pa. : -^3 rnyss nrwl wkly Wio' do riot manufacture Lard, Candles, Butterlne, or any kindred . tr.uokj we do not first squeeze tho fat and oil out of our stock, and then convert the refuse Into a worthless soap. We are not near stock yards or slaughter houses, buy no diseased or dead animals or refuse material. SILVER SOAP is made of PURE TAL- fcptir.'by a clean process, and can ba used freely without danger of having the skin diseased or poisoned. ASK VOCR GROCER FOa IT. EMPIRE SOAP CO. ST. LOU IS. MO. A. J.HOWELL, -DBALKJl IN- FURNITURE! , r A Full and Complete Stock- CONSTANTLY ON BAND. ALI/.OBDBP FOB UPHOLSTERING Neatly ftn<1 promptly oxooutod. B^llest., bet, Third and Fourth. Work «t Springfield _ ELD, III., March 8. —Tlie revenue committee of the House held a session tins morning when Hon. Charles \W Tlibmas, of Belleville, one of the late revenue commission, addressed It. 'ihe line of Mr. Thomas' remarks were about ilhe same as when he spoke to the Senate co mm ttee a week or two since, ex- p'aining; the 5rper-ccnt. gross 'receipts rail road provision'of'the b'll. He ' shpyfecKrtho, inequality of the present, mode of assessing corporate property and insisted i hat-it was Mainly due to leaving the assi'ssment of property discretionary ; iwith the assessors from the township'officers up to the State Board of Kqualization, claiming that-this discretionary power was a fatal error in the present law. He presented an array of figures with which he sustained his charge that the present revenue law exhibited a condition of affuire.whichi was appalling. His, remarks were clear andiwell received by the committee. He did not claim perfection for the commission's bill, but insisted that it was as near perfect as the ingenuity of man could invent, urging ihat the law should lie adopted by the;legislature and its defects corrected hereafter, after practical tests; of, the law have been made. A general discussion of this : bill by many members of the committee showed has a bigger subject under discussion than it is prepared to handle, anil that this eminently respectable body of statesmen does not know just where to begin or leave off.. The committee agreed to take up as a special order the question, of divorcement of. county from state taxation and hold daily meetings until it is disposed of. Two thousand cases of measles are : reported at Reading, Pa.? After a very useless and ; discreditable session, the Indiana Legislature has adjourned sine die, The tobacco house of Wall, Smith * Co /; LtUisvillo, Ky., has failed. Liabilities, «76,000j assets, $110,- The Maritime Bank, of St. John's, New Brunswick, has closed its doors, and caused great excitement in business circles. t Isaac Rosenstein.and Jesse Harris, rival saloon-keepers of Meinpnin, quarreled Monday, and Rosenstem shot Harris dead. A vagrant named Henry Dodson sold Monday at, Augusta, Ky., under an old Sta',e law. He was bought for §1 and turned loose. Particulars of the Bad Absolutely Pure, Thio powder never varies. A marvel ol purity, strength vbolnsomeness. More economical than the ordinary kinds, and cannot bo sold in competition with the multitude ol low test, xhort weight, almu janSdwly REBIDBNOK COB. STATE ft BEVRNTtt 8T8 Lucas Pfeiftenberger ARCHITECT, GENERAL SUPERINTENDENT AND MECHANICAL DRAUGHTSMAN, Office on Third 8t.,one door west of Piaaa. third J. HOFFMAN & SON, 0EALEES IK Stoves and Haidware. HARD & SOFT COAL BASE BURNERS! And other first class beating Rtovei lor wood or ooal. Also Kangos and Champion Monitor Oook Stoves, the best in Alton. Outside Worn a a peolalty: Boot ing, Guttering, etc. Undertaker's Supplies ALWAYS ON HAND. OOB. 8 ECU 'ND AMP ALBY 8T8. Plain and Decorative AU WOIIK PROMPTLY ATTKKDKD TO AT LOWKST TKUM8. " 4T AND SHOP OK SECOND ST., NEAR PIASA ALTON. . . . IldL Sheriff's Sale. Jonula E. Depry \ VB. S Execution Ko. SI. FrnnVHn Depry. ) fco bill No, lly virtue of un.oxucutloiuiulitscmio leBUfd put ol tlio olork's ciflluo of tlio Oiroult i ouri ol Miiillauii county,llllnola. dliootoil toilie Shor Iff of BiiW county,I imvo loviuU upoi ull MIB right, titlo un(f jntwroat ;ol thu Uof. nclant In and u> tliu loliowlc « firoiiurty, »iiuii(o i . the county of Mu(llB,,i) imU Stuiu ot It uol», unUaunoribudttslollowti, to-wlt: """"•• , ! S J, }?"**.. " a ol tho north lot No. I vo 8), l» block No, six (B), In lltn.. ....I... ^ "... V**/» •'» Two BluV Ol !..» ..v». it t v v"/| ill UJUUK Pill. BIX 10 K. I.OMu'HutlUlilou Hi tliu town of Uniivr AH ipn.antl, ulim.two (a)roilH .iff of tliu Boutli fldu Of lilt NO. BU (H;, In BttlU UlciClt NO. BlX (6) In fald uddltloii. SulUtwo (1) piuol-x "if mntl fronting Imir (4i rocia on Muin etroot In mid town mill ninnln« back uiutwiu-dly the ciitlio (lijitli of Bitm lot«, nna Bltuutua In i lie town <il Uiipur Alt >n, In tlio county of Mndu kou, In tliu i>lalu ol IHluolB, wliloli I will «z po-p ut Public Bulo, to tliu IilKUuut Ijlddur, (or ouali, on FltlDAV, THK ELKVKNTH DAV O1T UAllOHi between tho liourn of U o'clock In the fore• noon nncl uiuiilowii i to-wn: ut la o'clock a in., ol siilurtity,In iniut ot thu noitli i/ont uoor of tluiOltyHull bulldlnif, In "no city ol Alton In tliuuouniy uncl tit.iu nloro-iilil, to nutlBly »Hul uziMiutlon touutliur with co>tB. Shnrlffof MudUou county ill. IUWH. Dunutv. Olllll III ill 114111 Ur U. F. OUUWB, Uupucy. Dennis Noon ebot and killed his brother Patrick, in a saloon nt Madison, AVis. The tragedy-was the result of a drunkeu quarrel. An iron foundry at Busseges, France, was bacily damaged, by the explosion of a dynamite cartridge thrown by some unknown person. The Rev. John- White, colored, aged 102, and 'Edie Smith, agedi 70,; were married in fcbnoke. Ark., recently. Mr. White has been proach- eiglity-one years. . SebastianiBeenigec, poisoned hi m- self at Detroit,: Mich.; Abram Flowers shot, himself, dead ; ,at, Jackson, Mich., and Mrs-D- T. Wilson of Paris, Ky,, ended her exiatehce wi>h a revolver bullet.Monday. A project is on foot tp build a new American college at Rome, the. present structure being too small. The new structure .will have a church attached for the beneat of American visitors. Charles L. Vallandighara, son of Clement L. Vallandighain, has cut loose entirely from the Democratic party, and has announced hirnselHn favor of John Sherman for President. The failure of Randall, Gile <fc Shalhes, boot and shoe dealers at Boston, is announced. They owe $80,000. R. A. Smith, wholesale and retail dry goods merchant at Halifax, Nova-Scotia, has failed for S60.CUO. In a panic among a crowd of men who were waiting at a station for the elevated railway cars in New York yesterday, two fell off .the trestle to the street below and were killed, and seven others who jumped down were injured, four of them fatally. Mrs. Harriet Beecher, Stowe, the sister of Rev. Henry Ward Beecher, is confined tc her, home in Hartford, Ct., by precarious health; Her fnenda have grave fears of the effect upon her of the sad tidings of her brother's death. Sli3 was greatly attached to him. No business was transacted during the session of the Illinois Senate yesterday afternoon In the House, the bill permanently locating the btate Fair, at Springfield was amended so as to permit the holding of the fair at • Iney for the next two years, as fixed by the State Board of Agri- cull ure. All the conditions required for the free delivery of letters has been fulfilled by the Illinois town? of Belleville, .Bnglowood, Evanston," lW- port, Jackson. Moline and Ottawa, but the failure of the Deficiency bill will postpone the change to July. Cairo is yet lacking in house numbers, but will soon remedy the deficit. J Rev. Frank Belmont, a Baptist minister, was murdered and robbed in Chickasaw Nation, Indian T. He left Northwest, Arkansas two weeks ago for Colorado, where his daughter resides, anil where he intended investing in real estate. He had a team of horses and nearly 82,000, and traveled overland/ He was murdered while asleep, and his body was thrown into a creek. NEW YORK, March 8.—Tlie Rey. Henry Ward Beecher died at 9:30. o'clock this morning, in the prea-^ ence of most of his family; Those present were Col. H. B. Beecher, his wife, Miss Edith Beecuer, W. C. Beecher and wife, the Rev. Sp.mucl Scoville, Mrs. S. Scoville, eklest' daughter of the Ruv. Henry Ward Beeuher; Miss Scoville, who has just COM e from the Pacific slope; Miss Hullard, the Rev. S. B. Halliday and wife, S. V. White, E A. Seacomb, one of the trustees of the Plymouth church, and Maj. J. B. Pond Jt was evident at an early hour 'his morning that he could survive but a shori time, and Dr. Searle, who was with him, so apprised the family. At 4:30 a.m. the doctor wrote out a bulletin, in which ' he stated that Mr. Beecher was failing rapidly. Mr. S. V. White called at the house shortly before 9 o'clock, and it was not long before he came out upon the stoop and informed the members of the press ; that the end. was-very near. The'faoiily were wteping and sobbing ,sp that they could be heard all through the house. Dr. Searle. stood 1 ,by the bedside, holding one of Mr^Beeclier'a hands, and at 9:30 he said: "Mr. Beecher more; he is dead." Notwithstanding the fact that his deatu,,wa8 lopked. for, that it had been expected hourly, it seemed to come with such crushing force that the family were completely prostrated with grief. They could not bring themselves tt the sad realization that the kindly voice was.' forever hushed in death, and that they had only the remembrance, of his ,kind admonitions. Mrs. Beecher, who had borne up so bravely from the first, and who had watched so constantly at the bedside of her. dying 'husband, was utterly broken down. The news of Mr. Beecher's death spread very quickly to all.:, parts of the city, and Brooklyn may be called a city of mourning; Even those who did not always concur with Mr. Beecher in his views had no hesitation in expressing their deep regret at his death. As a mark of respect to .his memory/the flags on all the •public buildings were placed at half mast and Mayor Whitney had the city halt bell tolled. The committee appointed by the officers of Plymouth church last Sunday to take charge, of the funeral made the necessary arrangements this morning, and, in deference to the deceased's wish, a wreath of flowers was 'hung on the door bell imtead of the customary crape drapery. The funeral .will.take place Thurs.? day, and services will be held at-the house at9.30 on 'Thursday, and ^at the church at 1J :80. It was the with of the family, that tho funeral be as quiet ae possible. Thr^ePlys^ arpets and Oil CiotliSjBiigs and Mats, Has arrived; Also a very Choice Stock of ipst I am offering these goods at the verylowest prices to cash buyers. All are invited to call andsee the beaut if ul new goods &learii the ALTON j ILL. Hardware HKAJDQUARTJ3R8FOR THE Best Buggy in the "If humor, wit, nnd honesty could savb"ironi tho I!!H flesh U hotr to, what f,,"?, otl iV 100 tlu)y ' d b "iK in the mftrket. Well, 26 oents will buy a panacea— Salvalion Oil. A raoroluint down town sells moro of Dr. Bull 1 * Cough Syrup than all other raodiomoa toKotlmr. It Huroly mti-t he thu iio-i rmniidy for a couah, culd, and other similar afflictions, Prlen 26 ct». TH» new L'iition«8cert Oil Company WUH oharicrod Satuidavnt Cimidoii, N. J., tho ORpltdl Mug $6,000,000. Hunry C. Butcher, of Philadelphia. Sis Premdoiu. Thu company la authorised to build mills in twuniy.onu Southmn towns, and will cruet reHntries at <!hl- oajfo. Kansas City, I'luladelphia, Cam. dun, Jei'iey Cityund ilubogen. A purgative medicine should possess lonio and ounitivo, as well as oathurtlo i ropiTiios. This comhination of In urcdients miiy lie found in Aycr's Pills. 'Ibtiv Btri'tijj'htin and stimulttt« thu Liowuls, oauiiiiK natural uotion. Uwlw Bqfljed the Musicians. BUBKK MKwciNE-Gbli Quinoy, III: —I regard your While Pine Ualsam, as a eolith mixture (it very crept -. value. The beiiofiL derived by my wifo from its use, places it with; me far .in advance of all others. For several yuarssho ;had been serjously ,aflliQ(.ed with H thai gave uV much,alarm; it bid the skill of the phyMeians and v^ ftu remedies, tm.til . I cqpgluled . nothing would avail in her case. Directly after coming; to Qninoy, on your recommendaiion, the comtnunued using your Balsam, and it has actod like a charm, quletm? the cough, and removing entirely the soreness from her lungs. We keep it constantly in our noune.-- J. B. Ford, Pastor M. E. church, Rash- villu, 111. Use Cresslor's Wild Kose Tooth Pows der for cleansing tho teeth. Price 2fio. INFALLIBLE CURB FOR COUGHs. Wo would most positively stale that no remedy has ever mot with fuoh universal sutisfaetlon or can be moro truthfully said is a positive cure than Burks' White Pino Balsam. SUGAU. A new discovery, Liulo Apricot Pills easier to lake than sugar and far more beneficial. Sure cure for neuralgia, iHmdttchu heartburn, dyspepsia and bad lirpath. Try tbeoi. For sale at Mnrsh'8 (Irugsiore. mohl rtwly in the city, at hard times prices, sold on weekly and monthly payments. Agents for the Three-Cone Perfection Burners and Stand lamps, FINE HANGING LAMPS, H $1.75, $2, $250, $4, $6.50, $7.50 to $10. Headquarters for EUPION and C A RMINE BURNING OILS; SIGNAL OIL, ENGINE and CYLINDER OILS. Cistern, Well and Stock Pumps. Prepared Paints, ready for use. See our $10 Buggy Harness. Call and get our prices and you will save money. Cor. Second and State Sts., ALTONi ILL THE BEST ON EARTH! BOSS FILLED WATCHES, From $18 to $50. Warranted 20 Years. BREECH-LOADINe OOTS, From $16 to $30. H n. THE JEWELER, mylddwlv Patents. to ny persona winning to obtain lattoi PHtent on now Inventions, itnprovoiaontB o leslgna, I will execute drnwlngn and apooUl lAtlpns and make applications /or 1'utoiHfl AH consultation, In person or by letto , fi-oe LI'CAH Altnn.m. T. L. FOULDS & CO., 8UOOK8BOOS TO A. H. MOKIUNBY A CO., Chancery Notice. •STATE OK ILUJfOB,) aa O..unty ol MttdiHon. j 8M - Oli-oult noun ol Mudleou county, Unroll term A.I). 1887* Uunry 0.1'rloot, surviving partner of Henry O. Swuntsur. Uuouiwod, Imu purtiKirt unuur thu munool BwuuUuraiul I'Host, vs. Duvld K. SnurUii. AIIIIII .<. Hpurkd, Ills ivlr ( i. WPB- jny Best, thu Alton Nutiouul linnk, thu 1). U. fPiiik* MlllliiK Oinnpiuiy, Albort Wado and Ki-unk It, Mllnor. in ulmiicory. Notluiils lioroby jjlvun to tliu eald \Vo8lov Host tlutt i ho ubuvu nituiKd oompluluiint uurutofoKitllud Ills bill o( comiilulnt In mild court, 011 tliu uliuncory *ldu tlioroof, and tlutt it uuiumcma (liui'tnipon lusutxl out of sntd ooui-t uKHlimt tliu uljovu uumud dofeudanu, returtiulilt on the Urst dny ol (lie term of tho clrciiltoourt ol Mudloon county, 10 bo hold at court house In UdwiirdBvlllu, In suUI Mndlson county, on tliu third Monday of Muroh, A.I). IW, as Is by law required, and wlilcii milt In utlll poudliiK. UtMIKlir llAUNAUhli, VVIIB A I)AVI»,Ooiupl'tB Sol'u. Highest Market Price Paid for Corn and Pickloe. 8TILI, SLOl> FOK BALK. ' HU|>7tIw(Illl «ur «%|)flt>t A twontory brick dwoillim kuown u» the A. 1'liitt liouiusUiudi Utelj put In good repair. ' JOHN BAUER, OKALKU IN AND MANUFAOTUHKU' FURNITURE. SECOND STREET, Opp, City Hull, ALTON, ILL. All klntU of tlup'Aii'l oouiiaon furnlturo cooBtuutly on Unau. AlM.HnuvfUker, inn. •pilclwlw WM.1. K1DNK UNDERTAKER, AJO) DBALBB I* MetalJo Cases, Caskets, And Burial Robee For Ladlei, Oentlemon md Qhildren. Office and Shop on State street OverDarl t Llvory stable. Will attend to Job Wnrkanc Ropultlnir ITnrnlturA. («A 200 JBA.G8 FUREKA FINE SALT For Dairy and Table Uae, 1uJ14 Ib. linen saoks and 50 Ib. t for sole by J. A. RYBUJ. .T08UFH JA.MUffiTT'8 LIVEKY STABLE) riiONT HTUKBT, AUirANDKASTON, • ILIJMOI

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