Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on March 8, 1887 · Page 4
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 4

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 8, 1887
Page 4
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FROM MF» TO DBA-m I but a Hjetnev; tf ttwatnatisfflt<* nouwl. > AM a monwnt's warnfaftana liniment* am. oth«r outward applications are in them. *elVM dangerous because they are UqlflfHo drive the diiwue to tome vital organ ftnd 1 jtant^dj^th. Bheumatbm BQd - 'ioffthdUjloofy anfltau 4 t fetuidf fclilch (Will 6m Uta bldod the dingttous adds, Such a remedy is Athlophoros. It has been thoroughly tested and Is a safe, euro cure. [. M. Powell, clerk for F. p. Yerkin, .LI^ « ... V.. "fcomia^from: _ rheumatism. It spread all through me so rapidly that In a few hours I was entirely helpless. We were .obliged to stop off and made every effort to get something that ;nould from, this agony. I had.l^be|eaS-iod ofl : th« triin. ;, No words,, could. ,do»criBe the pain I endured for the next five days. Finally a gentleman advised me to get a bottle of Athlophoros, and I at once commenced using ft. Although it may seem a very improbable clrcumetance, yet is nevertheless a fact. •fieri had. taken, five or siivdoacs I had •iifwpl el 4t«H e '> andjwe continued on our journey. Since that time my father, who "~, .0 -Jitd 'been mo^e. or> l(»s ,a sufferer from Siwunwitlsm for J sit .years, has klso used Athlophoros with the same satisfactory results. Chicago, 111., July 25, 1885. • With pleasure I inform you there has been no returaof-the disease— cure perfect- ' Every druggist should keep Athlophoros and Athlophoros Pills, but .where they cannot be boueht of the druggist the Athlo- phoro* CoJ 112 WallSt..^ew York, will "either (carriage paid), on receipt of atytrioivywh'lcb; iW'lliOO.pcr "bottle :? ' fof AthloplidroB arid COc.'for Pills. For liver and kidney diseases, d; ia. In- ' or tflrotoenl ^cOn«lp«U<1n; icadaahe, imi bkxxl. &o., Athlophoroi PUis ate unequaled. Impure REAL ESTATE FOR -BY- Ruderenausen & Sonntag. For Sale. A con venleutanrt pleasant home at a rea- ---- ^,,.^ — — ^.., tw 0 . rip^y loupe home wlft flrrt class For sale. A one-story frame dwelling house la good condition. In Topping's addition to Alion. Fp? Sale ,O)>eap ., The residency ; of qapt..W. V. oble: two stories and maussra roof f li room . 1 nails. oloeets, cellars, etc. ; 8 acres of gronh Host -•--•— ^ ----- ?ertY in the city. •- i. . U ; ;F»rS8aie; '•': ' ' ' . _______ land near city limits, SEtue ., two story brick and trama dwel , nx nouse, both situated oil the east Co' dtate street between flth and 7th. <-«ccte- eo the brick block ef stores on Secon street, between Henri- antfBldge street-' ... .nown asHantor's «* •> closets, cellars, et< desirable propert 1 ''ipnvj ^-n]^j : - ' '160 acres 61 land A imall frame r* ^Ing house within n n« - olooks.pfthed itrorWYB. . i • .18« acres. J good larmmg land, and another tractof ! 00 ^ores, both unimproved. Situate In Mori CO., Kanaao, at J10 and $16 per acre leapeoUvely— one-thud oaah,balanoo on time. ' . . .. , -,. Alarm of 140 acres on bottom 'land, al! to cultivation, near Madlaon, In this county. A mod two-story frame dwelling homo on it. Rioe$a,60o For B«lo. A choice farm o! 120 acres, situate 1 mile south of Shlpman, Maooupln county, 111., at a low flgnru. Fartleslntendlng to buy Seal Estate In tbo city ol Alton or Tlolnlty will find It to their Interest to call at the office of Bndersbausen * Sonntug and examine their list 01 proper- tie! for sale as only part thereof 'Is ad ver- tloed. '• - • ILL P.' New and Beautiful Designs just arrived and arriving for the 1 Spring Trade. WINDOW GLASS ! A Specialty, from Small to sizes. ALTOW DilLT TBLEQBAPH. at the P, tBiTUBSDAYEVE., MARCH?8/' YOUNG FOLKS' COLUMN, A USEFUL AND VERY . ENJOYABLE : ? , 'ATHLETIC Curious Fact* About lUbblU That Few People Kxonpt Old Hanten XJtt'<l«if- «titnd~Rnw • Or«y Babbit Protected ' 'tt«r SronnJ— The Luml'tioui Glow Worm. Decayed wood, and especially peat, has occasionally beeo 1 , btwryed to evolve a faint light, and 'oven 4 gome flowers have been remarked to give out brilliant flashes of light during a warm summer's evening, This light, emitted , without! apparent) beat, is ttrmed. phosphorescence^ as the younger readers of this column may not know, and Is produced by several distinct means. MALE AND FEMALE GLOW WORM. Various animal iubstaneeg become luminous before putrescence has-begun,' pecially the flesh ot certain flsh, of which the most remarkable are carp and sole. Herring, lobsters and > crab* of ten; emit a phosphorescent light Most familiar of all phosphorescent object* to .boys and girls is, however, the phosphorescence ;of'livingf'oniinalsj such as the firefly and glow worm. The latter, represented in our cut, will bo recognized as an old and familiar friend by many readers. The hundred-legged worm found in decayed poplar'Wood jor under lime, bricks and pota In the garden' emits flashes of light when irritated by a little water. It may bo well to explain that the so called glow worm is not a worm, but a beetle. Cnrloni Facts About Rabbits. Few people besides old hunters understand the position of a rabbit's (feet hi running. i Young sportsmen are astonished upon ez- amining rabbit tracks for the first time to •find, as they; think, that they always ran backward. The explanation of this unusual position of an animal's tracks is that as the rabbit springs the fore feet strikes the surface near,each other, while .the hind, feet are spread apart and brought to the ground some distance in advance'outside of-them; As these strike, the fore feet, which have touched vtha-surface but lightly, "are lifted and the spring to-again* made with the hind legs alone. 1 • Though naturally timid and unresisting, the rabbit will fight to protect its young. A -naturalist' tells; in Golden Days how a gray rabbit attacked a black snake which was holding one of her young in its coils. She fought by springing over the suake and striking back her hind legs, delivering her blows with such force, precision and rapidity that the snake was struck every time. As she passed the snake, aimed at her with his fangs, but only scratched off a mouthful of hair now and then, and was getting the worst ot It when the naturalist interfered. Pole Leaping. Pole leaping is not only a useful but a very enjoyable athletic exercise, and requires no apparatus except a pole of some tough, hard wood, not liable to snap, and adapted to the height and strength of the young gymnast and to the length of the leaps he is to undertake. Begin with a short pole and practice leaping without a run. Rest one end of the polo on the ground, holding it by both bonds placed near each other a little above the head. Then spring up evenly on both feet, managing the arms so that the elbows are bent when the body passes the pole. At the old reliable HOUSE-PAINTING and I DKOOOATING establishment of I NEFF & OBERMUELLER, Fourth, east of Belle at feblldSm J. SUITER 4 SON, 3EABKBJ! » COMMON A Foil and Complete Stock Alway« oa Hand. DO NOT FAIL TO GIVE US A CALL BEFORE PURCHASING. OCB fUBNITUBH BOOMS ABE ON ALTON, ILL. EMPIRE MILLS, ~~ 8BOOND B71U9BT (Near Plasa), ALTON\ ILL "? if'-s r\ «'. '•• '• FOB 8AMT; Ground Oats, Ground Corn, H»y,Oat«, Com, Corn Meal, Bnokwhoat Flour, Graham Flour,eto rBOUFTLT DBLIVBUED TO ANT PAHT OF 'TH? OITV. lyidtf TU» paper U kept «n flle at tke offlc* Vt DVERT1SIISG GENTS POLB LEAWNO. Push yourself forward as for as possible, leaning oil your weight on the pole, and continue this practice, gradually increasing the distance of your leap. For a horizontal leap with a run, stand at some distance from tho space you wish to clear. Hold the pole with tho right hand above your bead, thumb unward, and with the left hand at the height of the thigh, thumb downward. Thou start with a run, keeping tbo lower end of the pole in front of you. On reaching the edge of the ditch or space you wish to jump stick tho end of the pole into the earth, and by a sudden and powerful spring raise' the body, leaning the weight pn J the arras as you rise, making a half turn as you clear the space, and alight on the balls of the feet on the other side, bond ing tho knees to break the force of the descent The longer tho distance you have to leap the nearer the top must you grasp tho pole, the distance between your hands and the lower end of the pole being in foot the radius of a half circle, of which your f>ot, in leaping, describe the circumference. Low walls and {uncos may be jumped by means of tho leaping polo. Here it becomes necessary to lift the feet high as you rise, so as to clear the wall, ami us you descend bring the upper hand smartly down, so as to jerk the lower end of the leaping pole upward, that it may cloor the wall. QUESTIONS AND AW3WER8. Curium Querlo* From Inquiring 1'eopl* Who Wnut to Kuow. 1. During thfl late civil war was England la sym. p&thy with tho Confixlcmto States! Borne lay she aided thu south, while others hold the oou. truy to be true. >Vhat I want to know u, U she aupd, to what axicatr It &be did uot, why not, If bw sympathies were with tho south? An an- SWAT In full will decide quite a dispute. 8. Wo admit the earth to be rouud. Now If IU surfooo were a plain without hllU and mountains, and a man were to vuoot a boll from a gun with sufficient force to go SS.OOO mils*, the elroumforonce of the «» I rtlu will lh« ball go Mottnd tha earth or wffl tit go that dWanoe straight dut into «paoaf D. A. F. vya»^elf»'i8OVMlUB*ntwM not In favor ot tb» aouQi,. tjome of th» finglish 'peorile Wtferlj 1 bpp^a fe>" tho ftotthj Ths ilh i 'Bov*rum*ht - deoflrtW Napoleon's jpropoaiUon for «, Joint >lnterfertne«. The government was in error, however, in permitting tha Confedevat* cruiser Alaljkmft toe*. ; 'cape, glncs her destination wSs tttnowu', and tbo American • minister called attontton to It. There was no other ground of complaint 'against the English government, and for this sin of otalwdon it paid (15,000,000. a This question has been submitted to a scientist, who answers it this way: Tbo bullet Would go out ihto space. A simple dwmon- strntlon la &» follows I A ball flrod hoi izoiitally ou the earth's surface would strike the earth at the same time OB n ball dropped from the muzzlo of tho gun to the ground. In other words, it drops, no matter how rapid Ha horizontal motion. .Assume the gun to bo sixteen feet from the ground, and' that a ball will fall from it in one Second. A ball fired with irafBcleut force to go 25,000 miles will drop ono foot iu one-sixteenth of a second, but in cue-sixteenth of n second it will have traveled over 1,500 miles. Tho force with which it Is fired will overcome tho force of gravity. Queries. 1. What river is spelled with a single letter? 8. What state bought Itoelfr & 'Who was "Old Hickory*" 4. Who was the lint man to shout "land" on Oct. U, 1492 f ' 6. What were Jefferson's last words! 0.. What vessel carrled'tafaystte homef E. E. B, 1. The river Pee. . . 8. In 1860 Texas ceded Its claim to all territory beyond Its limits in consideration of $10,000,000 bonds. 8. Andrew Jackson. 4. Martin Pinion. 6, "This is the Fourth of July." 6. American frlgato Alliance. 1. Who to claimed by some as the author of Shakespeare's ploys? . • Z, Who wrote the flrst novel? a Who wrote: "God tempera the wind to the shorn Iambi?" F. M. P. 1. Lord Bacon. 9. The earliest prose Action of which we have'any knowledge are the "Milesian Tftles," supposed to have been written by Aristides. 8. Lawrence Sterne. 1. When were Imee breeches discarded for thi present form of dress? ' • 9, Was a battle fought on Gorman noil during the Franco-German war? If so, what battle? • •••• : .• •.. -••; : •••-.•,.••.•. an.w. 1. About the commencement of the present century, •' i 1 • 8. No. There was a combat at Saarbruken, on German soil, but It could, not be called a battle. The first battle was fought at Wels- senburg, on Aug. 4,1870, and the second at Worth and Reichshofen, on Aug. 6, both in Alsatia. From that time forward the Prus-' lions pushed the French to Paria i Can Any One Answer These? 1. In what battle of the revolution were all th« dogs Mlled to prevent giving tho alarm? > B. 8. Who wrote "John Brown's Body?" F. Progressive Euchre. What is a progressive euchre party? " ' . . BABAH. '. It Is an assemblage of people for the purpose of playing euchre for a prize or prizes. The guesto are arranged at tables numbered from 1 upward; four at a table.' At one table is a bell which is sounded when those whn ore playing at that table score ona game, and all games cease. The score is taken. At every table, the couple having scored the most points proceeds to the table-numbered next above the one at which they have been playing, and the same is repeated. Thus the gome goes on till a definite number of rounds have been played, when the couple who have scored the most points receive .the first Indies' and gentlemen's, prizes; those who have scored the fewest points, the 'booby prize, or prizes. "What you coughing yet my friend?" "Of course! my cold is no better." "Well, don't stand on the order of going, but go to the druggist and get a bottle of Dr. Bull's Cough Syrup.qalck.' He went, and he was straightway made happy. ' For burns, scalds, and other wounds Salvation Oil baa proved itself lo be the best remedy ever used. All druggists sell it for 26 cents a bottle. : ' THE President'! party will find it im» possible to justify the pensioning for service merely of soldiers of the Mexican war, many of whom participated subsequently in the rebellion, and denying pensions to Union soldiers who are incapable of earning a support.—JST. Y. World. Peculiar in medicinal merit and wonderful cures -Hood's Sarsaparilla. Now is the time to take it, for; now it Will do the most good. 8 THEY had agerman at Hans Schmidt's house the other night. It was a boy. The Kioe Carriage Spring Company, Pittston, Pa., challenges the world to produce as good a spring, as easy a spring, and as cheap a spring. A trial settles that. Ask your carriage builder to put it on yours. dwlw THE printer is a free hearted fellow. He is always ready tfo set 'em up. Almost miraculous are some of tho cures accomplished by the use of Ayer's Barsaparilla. In the case of R. L. King, Richmond, Va., who suffered for 47 years with an aggravated form of scrofula, Ayer's Sarsaparilla effected astonishing results. dwlw THE ladies of tho ballet never appear in public without their see-legs on. Children Often need some safe cathartic and tonic to avert approaching sickness, or to relievo colic, headache, sick stomach, ludigestion, dysentery and tho com-" plaints incident to childhood. Let the children take Simmons Lwor Regulator and keep well. It is purely vegetable, not unpleasant to the taste ana safe to taktf alone or in connection with other medicine. tu to s WK THE last dark horse in tho District of Columbia official race Is a Trotter. Children Starrta? to Uoatu Oa account of thole inability to.digest food, will find a most marvellous food and remedy in Uoott's Emulsion. Very palatable und easily digested, Dr. 8, W, Cohen, of Waco, -Tuxas, suym "I have used your Emulsion In infantile wasting. It not only restores wustnd tissues, but gives etrength.and Increases the appetite." Confnrterntn U»n»n»l«. Who were the Contea,orate officer* holding the rank of generaUn H» Confederate army? : 0. lit May,, INIIL Jefferson Davis Comnilt- gtonod Samuel "Coopor and A. 8. Johnston. In June he oflinmUsluned E. E, Lee and Jo- Mph E. ..Johnston,.. In, -July. Q. ; T. Berture- gard. Samuel Coober bbonpie'ii the position of adjutant gcnoi-ttl.o/.tbaiQoufedatnU army, aiul henou Ijoenmo but little known. . . . -. , What l» tli ib' lodstoiu'.? i •• ,'. j. Tho .bloodstain.',. or hellpijop,', ts a variety rf chalcedony or ]a»inr, given in color, and with Md Ft 10 ''. nn d tiomisilmps tfamlucont, lit the early n;jC!i of iljo ('iii'lstinn cliurcU it wna used for cnRi'.avlnt[ KicriMl mbjccbi Cao a Cli'anaiau becomu n rmtuniU/uil of tliei Urilteil Stntw? ' ' W.- A Chinaman cannot bo nntuhtlizcd. The ' decision of Judgu Biinger in tho ctuo of Au Yuk settled 'nuy <1lti|Jiito 611 tlils questloli. Ohlndttieu have been fumlshed iritlv nhtu- iTkllwxUon pnpera, but not legally. BeglunliiR of tho Tn-ontlMy Cpiitiu'y. At what day and hour will the -Twentieth ocn- turybpglnJ .M..O. P. At tho flrst momout aftet' 13 o'clock, tnld- nigbt, Doc, 81, 1000, or Jan. 1, 1001. ' Irvine's Boatli. When and whore did Washington Irving die, »ud whore was he burled? . i. , ; ONB o» HIB ADMiHEns. He died suddenly nt his cottage, ; called "Bunnyslde," near Tarrytown, II.' Y.', on tha 'Hudson river, on tho night of Nov.- 88, 1859. ,' He was burled in tho cemetery at Tarry town. Coul* to Newcastle. Whati« tho origin of the expression "Carry- Ing coala to Newcastle?" ••-,., Jj H. Newcostle-ou-Tyno ia tho principal coal market in England and situated In t(io center of tlie English coal region. To' hike cools there would bo mnult'estly absui-d. Hence the expression is applied to the furuishinji of ^anything where there is an abundance. 1I«1(1 for a No\vB|mper. ; I80 person held for the annual subscript Ion of' * newspaper sent without bis order? . L. C. If oho takes a newspaper from the postofflco and retains ft, ho is held for the subscription by law. To nvoiil being held responsible, when the paper is not desired, .mark on it "retumed," and leave it in tho postofflco. "Kudclygore," the new Gilbert-Sullivan opera, mny be reasonably expected to paint the towu red.— Boston Post Greatly Excited. Not a few of the citizens of Alton have recently become greatly excited over the astonishing facts, that several of their friends who had been pronounced by their physiclnns as incurable and beyond all hope—suffering 'with that dreaded monster Consumption- have been completely cured by Dr. King's New,Discovery for Consumption, the only remedy that does positively cure all throat and Inner diseases, Coughs, Colds, Asthma and Bronchitis. Trial bottle free at B. Marsh's drug store, large bottles §1. ' Wonderful Cures. W. D. Hoyt & Co., wholesale and retail druggists of Rome, Ga., say:?We have been selling Dr. King's New Dis« covery, Electric Bitters and Buoklpn's Arnica Salve for two years. Have never handled remedies that sell as well.or give such universal satisfaction. There have been some wonderful cures effected by these medicines in this city. Several cases of. pronounced Consump* tion have been entirely cured by use of a few bottles of Dr, King's New Discovery,taken in connection with Electric Bitters. VVe guarantee them always. Sold by E. Marsh. nicbldwlm BncKien's Arnica Salve. The Best Salve m the world for ouU, bruises, sores.u.oers, salt rhaum, fever sores, tetter, chapped hands, chilblains, corns and all skin eruptions, and positively cures piles, or no pay required. It is guaranteed to give perfect satisfaction, or money refunded. Price 25 cemts. per box. For sale by E. Marsh, Alton. 111. mcb7dwlm "The Oreatort.Care on Earth for Pain." Will relieve more quickly than any other known nun- K cay, uhouniatlsitt, Neuralgia; ». Kn-ellloffn, Stilt Ni'ck, BruK Banu, Honlda, Culn, Luniba- — •••- — " FrosUjltcs, naokBcbe, Oulnay, Bora Tbroat, Bclatlca. \vounan, Hoadaobo, Toothache. Bpraliu, etc. ITleu (wttlo. Sold by oil • .P«utlon.-Tlie gun- \iirutglaU. pauOon.—Tlie gun- ulnu Salvation Oil boar0'our roKlstcroil Traita-Uark, und our facsimile ilgnatura. A 0. Meier & Co • Bole I'roprlelora, Ilul'.linoro, Mil., U. tf. A. ' Dri'IlAir* -Congh 'Synin gill- cure-yonr CouKli o) <•""•• Prim onlv25 Ot», nholllo. J. HOFFMAN & SON, DEALKUS IN Stoves and Hardware, HARD & SOFT G6AL BASE BURNERS! And other first class heating stoves for wood or coal. Also Raiiiiee and Champion Monitor Ooob Stoves, the best in Alton. O nteldo Worn: a s poclalty: Boo f ing, Guttering; etc. Undertaker's Supplies ALWAYS ON HAND. OOK. HKlll'NU AM) AMtV ST8. For Itont, A two story brick dwollltiK known Platt homestead; lately nut In uood wAlVPLB ft B insthe A. uood repair. T ft 8MILKY MOST PERFECT MADE PropArod with strict regard tofority, (Strength, and IIoalttifulncflB. Dr. Price's OaklngrPowdercontAlns.' no Ammenln.Llmo.Alura or Phosphates. Dr.P.rlce's. Extracts, VaulUa, Lomon, etc^ flavor deUciottsly. WHIITLB&|MILEt, INSURANCE; REAL ESTATE, 4 LOAN AGENTS, tt&RBKSENTINQ THE First-Class Ins. Co.'s: ln». Co. of North America; Hartford, Phoenix, : v . Franklin, of Phlladelyhla; : German American; • North British and Mercantile, London; Com. Union, tiondon; iJancashlre, Manchester, Bug.*, Continental; Girard; • Glens Falls, Ameroan Central; Firemen's Fund, Western Assurance Co. ; '.*)' i : - .-. AND OTHKBS: A OA8U CAPITA! , IN THE AGGREGATE OF $20,000,000. WTt ATL8O BkPBEBJC&T itHK • Mutual Benefit Lite, of Newarfc, N. J., and Traveler's £,ife and 1 Accident Ina. Co.,Hartford. Office: Over Alton Nat ,Bank, Cor. Third and State ste. Fur Bent, . Two-story house and good stable on Common street. Good fruit. ' .- WIUPPLB & SMILEY. JTor Sale. Seven lots with good brick dwelling and outbuildings, In goid repair, In Upper Alton. Residence of O. E. Oolllns, and known as the Merrill property. WJIIPPLE & SMILEY, Alton, or t>. w. Collet, Uppsr Alton. Dor Bent! A two-story brick dwelling known as the A. Platt homestead. Lately put in good re pair. Latclyput in good re- WHIPPlE 4 BUILBY. For Sale or Jtient. Adoalrablo tenement on Bluff street, owned by Mrs 8. J.Dutro. •• .' j WHIPPLE ASMtLEY. For tow • Tho late residences of J. i. and W. H. Mitchell, on Mill St., two oitt.d best pieces ol residence property In Alton. The property known as "The Park, east of above; H lota on Mill and Summit streets, an 1 a number of pts In Miller *, Mitchell's addition to Alton/ ; a groat bargain, WfUPPLK ft 8MILBT. Jtror 0al«. The Merrlman property on State stroe In Miller & Mlohell'a add., to Alton, IK story house, Brooms and out-buildings; all In perfect order. Can be had at a bargain. SMILEY. For Sale. A IX story/frame dwelling, corner Fe and Fifth streets. WHIPPLE * 8MILKV Desirable Residences for Sale. Atwostorybriok dwelling on State street known as A. Platt bumestead, lately put In good repair. A two story frame dwollins on Main street, nearly now. A two story: brick dwelling on Seventh street, all for saje u? a saorifloe, owner having decided to gr '•»'. WHIPPLE 4 8MILBTT For Hal*. • , The Woodroof property, A 2 story frame house of 8 rooms, on Fifth and Alton streets, a 4 room frame house on Fifth street. WHIFPLH 4 SMILEY. For Bale. ' A convenient f arm of ISO acres, most all ID cultivation; situated en the Bothalto road, mllpc'rom Altor.. For Sale or Rent. Tho 2-utory frame dwelling with 9 rooms, Including 1 lots: good barn aiui flno hulls known as tbo Nichols homestead, situated on 12th st,, in a doalraole neighborhood. LE 4 SMILEY. For Sale. A 7-roombrlok dwelling and out buildings on Thud street, between Cherry and Vine. WHIPPLE 4 8U EY. j) or Kent. Good 9-roota brick house with about! acres of ground.inoludlngoronard, in Upper Alton. Former residence o( Dr. llumbort. WHtfPLB 4 SMILEY.- For Kent. Late residence ot M. 3. Noonan on State ttreet, knovn o» the A. Platt place. Good 9 room oilok house, in flrst class repair. ' Wrill'PLE 4 SMILEY. L ADIES wanted 'n got up Tea Clubs for our Pure Tons and Coffees, A host of useful articles to select from as premiums. Send for Illustrated Price and Premium List. Si'ic cui, OFKBR: to orory TKNTII person that answers this advortlsomont, we will send VRKH one pound choice Ten, Address NAT*L TEA AOOFFKECO., liOH'.on, Mass. oott>d8m PRICE LIST: LaBelle, • • Fairy, - - Diamond Light, Fancy, - - $4.75 4.50 4.00 3,50 Ohloago AoooinmoitiUlon*,, AltonBpeolalt Kansas Oity Mall*.,., CHICAGO; nmuaHOTON AND QUWOY follows" WRT6tta iuw «>n' Depot. Going Korthi . W. W. AENOLD, Aren't. Master's Sale, STATE IOF ILLINOIS, I , St. Otelr county. testament of John Ohllton; Blllior sale ot Beal Estate. ,, Under and by Tinas' of decree 'ot »id court, made In .{he. above entitled cause at said term, 1, the undersigned, w5l, OR " " .-'O Ui'Ht, ,i e Premises hereinafter described sell to the highest and best bidder, thi tol' lowing described land, situated Inthe ooun °*' Madis .„_ »».un«« quarter, Qontatnln* ten aoi acres; and the east half of the sontli»«u cfuarter. all to section thirtyVo"^" wnship .alii?) north of rang* nine (0) west.T Appraised value, |j,4M.72. ' ' ' Bale to one'o'clock n m TERMS OE BALB.-Twen^ peVoent°f tfas purchase nionny to be paid cashl aown, ana tbo balance on a credit of six and t»nm month, .eourjd by note and appJovedreou? rlty.and.a mortgage on.the premise, sold.on the^exeoutlon of whlob, unrt upon connrma- tkm of eulct eale, I will execute and aellver t aeod to.tlie pujchaser or purchasers ot inla land, as by Bald decre*} Lam directed, eon. SS%iSf !V e ^ft"'^ 1 ^ ' a . n<1 <Ualm °' »"• said parties In said suit to said prenrises In..' '?;-';v:' i-.'>AI(ON2X) S.-WTT^T^HUMAV lOdtd Sheriffs Sale. Jennie B. bepry \ , •-LI.., vs.,.,,.; , S Execution No. M. Franklin Depry. ) Fee bill No. : By virtue of aniexeontlon,tn this cose Issued ont of the clerk's office of the Circuit Court ot Madison bounty .Illinois, directed to the Slier iff of sold county,! harp levied upon all tho right,'title and] interest |ol the defendant ln : and to, the following property, situate u the cbunty'of M&dison'aud* State of Illinois. and described as follows, to-wlt:. Two I|ZT rodsoff .of the north Bid* of lot No. nvo <&}, in block No. nix («), iu • B. Lane's addition to the town ot Upper Alton, and, also, two (2) rods off of the south side oflot No. six (Oj, In sola block No. sU (6) in said addition. Said two (2) pieces of land fronting foul' U (•'rods-ou 1 Main street In said town and running back eastwardly tho entire depth of said lots, anfl situated In the town ot: Upper Alton, in tbo county of Madison, in tho state of Illinois, which I will ox- pose at Public Sale, to the highest bidder, (or cash, on . , JTKIDAY, TUB ELEVENTH DAY OF MABOII, A. D., 1887, ' between the hours of S) o'clock in the fort- noon and sundown; to-wlt: at 10 o'clock, a. m., of satddfty, In iront ot the north front . door of the City Hall building, In tue city ol Alton, in tho county and Stute ' aforesaid, to satisfy said .execution together with coits, E. A. 1 BrQ, . . . A. A. J>L'nlVC.i • Sheriff of Madison county, III, 3. r.OKOWE, Deputy. : , ., IfdtU ASSIGNEFS NOTICE. Estate of Herman Regeitrann, debtor: The undersigned hereby gives notice thai Herman Regelmann, of Alton, in the count? of Madison and State of Illinois, did, on tb« llth day of Feb., A. D."1^87, tranftor to tU« Undersigned,-' ea> .assignee.'.all his .pvopott?, real and'personal, lor the benefit of mi creo- .Itora, aocqrdlnKto the provisions of the «d copeori}inff;a88ignmonts. •' ••> •!•' " ,; "'Alt persona having claims against the mil Herman Iltgeimann nro hereby .notified to preaont such claims under f oath .or amrma- tlon, to me at mv store, on the corner of Third and Plasa street*, Alton, In said county, within three months from this date. Dated Fob. Itth, 1887. • ' JOHN DOW, Afslgnte. JOHN J. BBKKHOLT, Atty. : ... feblldotr Chancery Notice- STATE'OF ILLINOISri BB County ot Maolson. }?•»•.. , Circuit obnrt.ot.MftdisoD ocmnty. March tsrm HdutyO,: Priest, surviving partner oMIsni? • ;• 0. S^.oo.tsor. deooaaed, flate partners under the name of Sweetser and Priest, vs. DarU ' E. Sparks; Anna n. Sparks, Jits .wife, W»ley Boat, (tho Alton National .Bank, tha D. n..Sparks Milling, company, Albert Wadi • ,and yrank R. Mllnor. In ohanoory. Notice'is hereby given to .the said Weilar Best that the above' named complainant heretofore filed his bill of complaint In iM court, on tho chancery side thereof, and thai a summoas thereupon Issued out of tall court against tho above named defendant*, returnable on tbe.flret day of the term of tbt clroultcourt of Madison county, to be held it court houw In Kdwftrdsvllle, In said Madison county; on the' tbirti- Uonday of Uaroh, A.U, 1887, as fs by law required; and whioo snlt to sttU pending. >, ItOBEHX 1IAQNAOBU, ' WlSK * DAVlS.Compl'ts Bol'ri. JatldTv For a oheok'for |40 Wf p'riii' a ten-llai ad vertlsemont In One Million issues of loading American Newspapers; Tbisis at tho rstt of only ono fifth of a cent a lino.for 1,090 circulation 1 The t advertisement will bo plaow before One Million DIFFBUBNT newspaptr .. ines ' will accommodate about 71 -words. Ad- dross wl^: cents ELL*( -. wltb copy of adv. and check, or sonil M for pook of 17B pages. QEO. r.npvf' OO.,. 10 Spruce st.rN. T. lalWlm •\TTANTKO-^A. live, energetic man; to rop- TV respnt us, J75 per month and exponw* Goods stuplQj every one buys: 'outfit rms. 8TANDAUD SlLVJEItWABE Co., Bostpn. -• ' > '••• .••••\~..\\ ~i;-i:-\ ocOMtm _. DAIRY FABM. North Alton Jersey Dairy. JlaviiiK rentori James Unllan's Dairy iaiu and cattle, the undersigned will furnlih inllK of the very best quality to the citizens w Alton. Tbe catlo are mostly blgU . Jorsevs and for iilvln/r. rich mint they )i»" arc all y ops of any Parties that vlfl fuvpr us,. with thoir patron no equal: they arc will toed no slop young and .... - kind to onr cattle _ „.,.. »s,.wlth thoirnatron ago may depend on getting milk of; the very best quality. A sample wfll bo glvoi? free « charge to all that apply for it. «he mllkW and everything connected with thedniry «rui bo kept scriipuloussly clean sqthat out custoinorg may raoolvo the milk in »'• boat of order. A sharo of public putroo; ago is rospootf ully requested. Ixiave orasri with Messrs. Klrneli A Soilless, and ««» Messrs. Belbold & DoterUlng, or addteM ui at North Alton, ' ' : '' ALBBBT VOLPF" BttNBBX Have for s.orvloe t two registered,»Jr««,iJ«J; soy and Holtteln, service fee for either, ».w. The Holateln Is from that famoui bull. Con atantlno, owned by Mr. Steven*.pf New ro»i took $760 premium at St. Loulu last tail' <™' i» thirty month* old and U ov*r ••v. 8 ";?* ItundreU walgnt. _. : ^w^ir^ . Jteji'iu* "*

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