Florida Today from Cocoa, Florida on June 26, 1980 · Page 4D
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Florida Today from Cocoa, Florida · Page 4D

Cocoa, Florida
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 26, 1980
Page 4D
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' 4D TODAY, Thursday, iM M, 1MI rr Carson contract profits NBC, too ByPETERJ.BOYER A W TstovltlMi Writer LOS ANGELES - When NBC was dealing with Johnny Carson, it was generally believed that the net - , - ,work would do anything to Keep its late - night star even if it meant sending the Jucrative Tonight Show into t be red. Indeed, when terms of , parson's new deal began to 'surface, it seemed the network had done just that. ,.. 0 Not only is Carson getting paid $12 millon to $15 million for a three - year To - night stint, but, in granting ..arson's wish for a shorter . Ishow, NBC lost two full min - utes of commercials, representing 25 percent of the ; show's revenue base. Also, NBC gave Johnny Carson Productions Inc. a virtually unheard of guaranteed production deal, worth i about $50 million. The whole transaction was irreverently referred to as NBC's "Johnny Larceny" deal. As it turns out, though, Carson isn't "quite the bandit some suggested him to be. In fact, the new Tonight Show may become more lucrative than ever before. (Which is saying something in 1978, Tonight reportedly accounted for nearly one - fifth of NBC's njetax profits). Although the new shortened Tonight will have one - fourth less commercial time, NBC plans to balance that by increasing the cost of a 30 - second spot by one - fourth (the spots now sell for about $25,000). The network's pitch will be that commercial time in the new Tonight will be more valuable that Carson, on tape or in person, will be on the show more often, and that the first hour of Tonight has always brought the highest ratings numbers. And thfen, there is the Tomorrow show. Tom Snyder's program will be expanded to 90 minutes, taking over what used to be the last half - hour of Tonight. The show will be totally revamped and Intensely hyped, allowing NBC to ask more money Jot Tomorrow commercials, sources say. As to the $50 million production deal with Johnny Carson Productions, it Is, in 1 its generous spirit, rare In the industry. NBC has made a firm commitment for at least three series and at least two TV.movles from Carson Productions. It is the commitment that makes the deal unique. Usually, a network has "buy out" options that allow it to back out of deals. "But NBC is going to have to put something of ours on the air," says John J. McMahon, president of Johnny Carson Productions. Also, Carson Productions gets the right to sell reruns of the new Tonight Show outside of the United States. On the other hand, the production deal with Carson makes sense for NBC, too. The network has to spend that $50 million production money somewhere; and, as McMahon (a former NBC programming executive) points out, "with this firm a commitment, we should be able to attract top writers and other talent." NBC dealt out a lot of cash and promises to Johnny Carson, but not with eyes closed. Carson will make money for the network, even after he's taken out his rather sizable hunk of the green. INTERNATIONAL CUISINE ANYONE? , t onm pwo w go inura., m, (M wi Mgm tor a - ,' SllMate, jrrrj GX - MM j Ye w .' - SKl A Cwtnc XXX "RIPENING CHEMIES" snowtim s cempm u Show ot tot oi t No On UfMfor 11 Admltfd M00M. Marie Ate. r I i t liVWHrTWVfVnrtnHM ilNH vsTII Ho, ' m 7i00 - 9i30 IllJUjKfcSu - uiTfififl ! - iBaslljitl31l mmf ta 7l15 - l30 4 i aaa - t PlllllBk MTmm :i : " 1 7 i I rk. t. IHafffffffM III MIBBRB W HiiiI'liM ilLLM V I MURIANC0WB0r I . . . "FAMF' &l "WHOLLY MOSES" I I S7S5. . 7iIO - 94 w.M L &"LagmL JTTWIN CINEMAS Ml T EMPIRE STRIKES I BACK w 7:00 1030 1 j W f &WJ 11 ROUGH CUT I f rtftPS JS 7 - jt up BJ c.'yv r mfl C95 CHEFS CHOICE STEAK Dinner Inclvdasi Our famous SoIcnJ Bar, Baked Potato rfch iofrM 4 MXRT WITH DINNBLSOftDStBffOM7 7(44050 S OUR BOMBAY BUFFET LUNCH IS W ( BOTH LOCATIONS rkwJ I 1 - 93 A SO TOMIAMTI IMtlWT. 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