Florida Today from Cocoa, Florida on June 5, 1970 · Page 12A
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Florida Today from Cocoa, Florida · Page 12A

Cocoa, Florida
Issue Date:
Friday, June 5, 1970
Page 12A
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V r12A TODAX Friday! June 5". 1970 - rrrr In Review ), - XNTn f TONITE 7:3o"j H tt MATIMK TOM0RIIOW 1 P.W7I tw - X honiattono - ii.ih f y. T 5a 12 7irg Comts NifWr Z)te DAYTONA BEACH By MARKOV RfcIS - EL BARA JOOAV Ttfivlllon Etfltor f " The Apollo1 13 as runauix. a Astronauts Shine On Tonight" Show' i - . ' - M Best TV in, View Carton, was obviously H - . cited about, his guests arid murh tT hi n ft p n 1 n ff 2 as runauix. a i """"". " ,i,.r i m. Deai - fca on Johnny Carson s ,Bimnnts "A voip - knotf ""Tiwrghr - Snfwr - WMncsday ihejrdidn'riamni cveiW rccicVed a standing ' so they dccidedto , IU, IUI1 "'land"dnnhrTnoonV do the next v .ovalion.une ursi in ihe seven - yearhistory.oLJhe.slibwLand proved to be three of the most pertqnable guests the late - night talk fest has - ever booked. A ' 15 - M. - sV 9 9 ORIGINAL - . on Ant two racot MANY MY0FT5 OVER $5,000 . ZsSBSmS - POST I TIME I nm ok ciiak CRMT UCIKS ACTION. IN AIR CONDITIONED C0MF0RT1 OUINIEUJ EVERY RACE BIS PAYIN8 KRTECTAS DAILY DOUBLE LAST X MCES ADMISSION 0NlY - 90f FREE PARKING MATINEE WEDSAT. 1P.M, HE2i32E2jilB I . I - besMhHig - fifld - appeafe - 6n - this - show - " Thp three astronauts. Jim Lovell, Fred Haise Jr. and John (Jack) Swigert appeared "on" 'stage - to" anxvation that lasted for two full minutes, and finally in obvioiis embar rassment, Lovell sat.down7a movement which ended the applause. Carson was obviously fully briefed and had a string of "hauestions" - prepared to keep the conversation rolling, bur - the astronauts needed no" prompting. All three men displayed sparkling, relaxed humor and the talk flowed freely. " Lovell informed Carson that . 1 his.car JiadbeenJtowed - away and Carson quipped, "Listen, "they'd have towed away your capsule it it had landed in New York." Asked about .their biggest thrill upon - landing, Lovell JoloV how - shipboard 'corm munications were set up for them to" talk to their wives "and.1rrSwLeert's - Mser - "Jaclir J - jwas - talking - to .the!entirelCotb .JmentaL - AirXjnesJ5tewariiess. corps. Swigert remarked that he ""knew he "was" In" for" some (THOROUGHBRED MCJNGr fNIGHTLY Except Sunday IPOST TIME 7:30 P.M. NEW BEEFLGARDEN - f For Grandstand.patrons 4 LADIES NIGHT THURSDAY SORRY, NO MINORS! It Rtilbird Ctub vry Saturday moffllnjj 800 10 W3CT f rttrtihmenti. Mt tt Jocktyi, tramars, offidili. lour tht youdi, wtch tM hoffirBrwg' tf - chrldrtm ihti - 8tiirdiyt Pan - Mutuel Wagering .Perfecta - BIG PERFECTA Daily Double New Quiniela FREE PARKINR . Admission $1 Grandstand $2 Clubhouse DINE ON THE OSCEOLA TERRACE - Reservations 83 1.M616 S 1 & ,rfr - & rBSSBL HBbbbblCBbbbbbbVbbbbbL Tilt HIGH CHAPARRAL The head - of the Montoya clan comes to visit, and finds things not to his liking. For one thing, in "Mi - Casa Su Xasa," there aren'l all' ,th6sei luxuries Jie can't live, " without. Wo rhatter,. Montoya, (Frank Silvera) demands everything he needs and his tiemandsarealr"Tinswered. Bu1r then . he provokes an Indian V .. . - . .. : . ttackx - nardlv an o r a 1 n Ar v - tv verydy luxury: (R)Cha,helsr m ik .iai - if - ii.m vii rtvi THE NAME OF THE GAME has an - On the Waterfront" look. Robert teasing about KB being a bachelor. "Jim (Lovell) says that a bachelor is like a new Taetefgent""""bnewhoworks fast and leaves no ring " Carson said he understood that Lovell had lost 14 pounds on the trip and. asked if the food was getting Worse. "No, the food is getting bet - - terA - Lovell answered, "but - we followed your instructions (Carson had demonstrated the jsnace food on a .show before the flight) and - didiCt - knoutr how to eat - lf." EVANGELIST ; . war flK mm WHO is the BEAST AND WHAT is his MARK? READ REVELATION 414:9 - 12 AND COMEJO YOUR OPENBJBLE CRUSADE RAINEY HOOPERS - IONlGHT7:30p.m HEAR RAINEY HOOPER'S MOST OUTSTANDING PRESENTATION! SATURDAY 4:30 pirn. "WHY SO MANY DENOMINATIONS?" SEE HISTORY OF THE CHURCH TRACED FROM LARGE CHART Stack goes underground as a longshoreman to investigate a threatened pier war revolving around two brothers and their local. Their battle is whether or not to permit loading of container - cargoes which can cut the needed crews by as mvtchas nine out of lOjnen, John Ireland and William Conrad play the brothers, with V - Broderick Crawford' and Gene Raymond also in the cast. (R Channels, O, , , 8:30 - 10 p.m. HERE COME THE BRIDES Jeremy and Lottie (Bobby Sherman and Joan' Bloijdell) make a rugged trip ' to help a pregnant, woman's .delivery Complications include a whiskey trader who figures to use them as lU - ,AMmMMMM Mr ' iiH hostages against some bounty Jiunters - on Jiis. traiL (RV JChan - nels Q, (H, 9 - 10'p.m'. BRACKEN'S WORLD You can have furr watching this' episode if you play "Count The Show . Business Cliches." Among them i : a hte star siens for a picture and forces the studio to use her totally ihexnenenced dauchter - Jna - fflaifir role in the film: she is SHELLEY f ABARES . . oh 'Bracken's World' after the picture's producer (PeterHaSkell)r sexpot Rachel (Karen Jensen) wants the role and Tom (Stephen Oliver) wants, an agent. Tin; O'Connor and Shelley Fabarcs play the' father s and daughter. (R) Channels O, (S, 10 - 11 p.m. LOVE AMERICAN STYLE'S brass" - bedfinallyetrto - play. a leading role in an episode. - - It - - the - episode, not the bed) - stars Sue Lyon and Roger Perry and concerns their simultaneous purchase of the - bed. Other segments: George Gobel and Vivian Vance as a client anda' medium and Barry Gordoit - as a shy high schooler asking - "fast - waitress (Melodie Johnson) for a dat(MR) Channels'' Q, , 10 - 11 p.m. Orlamfo 0WtSH(Ni& QWDBCXCBS) QwFTWMO 3wMFECEAi) - f WwtPWm WEAT(ABC) Teevjsibn Programs Jamp QWrlAfNBO - (gJWTVrvCBS). .Palm BaduOVETV(NBO . Vtra Bch Q3 WTVXKBS), TODAY'S MOVIE RATINGS Excellent -"-"NOTE: Pronam are la ,T5l Pavcards colore nnleil Indicated 03) Gomer Pyle black aod white (B&W) 10:55 with the exceptloB - of NET" cT Eyewitness Channel Sk (f31 FUntstones Coe4 Tw Poor . Somerset GD Sesame Street O - g3Momer - Pyle Q ,TD Dark Shadows g$ Real McCoys (BiW) onel Q3.' 5745 (Q) Marine Radar Real McCoys 11:00 OS Sale of t - Century: the 5:55 - Q (B AndfGnfffOT . Q O Bewitched - 11:30 - rWHhout trying to he-maudlin. Carson asked the tmen how they felt about the possibility of a malfunction that would strand them in space. "We look at it like it's a - remote possibility - Lovell - explained'"so we put itout of our minds. We havelo or we couldn't make a flight." The astronauts showed a film taken' of the interior of the Command Module and Lovell pointed Qut, "There's our little tape recorder on - which' we played Ihe - theme - song from "200U" Swigert stated that the view of the Earth makes all astronauts who have flowiv. philosophical,! and all three men agreed that they would like to have another chance. JSwigort related ;. "Everything happened to me so fast. We were sitting on the j. launch pad about 30 minutes r"beroTe";niftoffand I said to - Jim, 'You know Othink" I thcy'r.e really serious "about1 launching - me' Lovell, Haise and Swigert. rDresented - Carson - with - a - pic - ture of the Earth, taken from SDace. It was inscribed, "To Q3) Morning Devotional - 1:00 Q CS Squares d) Hollywood . "1730 JQ To Tell the Truth Cg) Dialing n Q Ben Casey (BiW) d) It's Your Bet Q Big Valley (H) F - Troop (BiW) B) Perry Mason (B&W) JUovie "Two Living One Dead" (B&W) Patrick McGoohan ) bevcrlyllillbillics 5:00 (B) A.M. w. 6:15 Q TV Classroom O Sunshine Almanac (B&W) - KlftTCFheaboveiwoneetings will he .at the. Mel. MVI ' bourne Civic Auditorium, but all remaining services will be held at trie Seventh, Day Adventist Church located at 210 West;New Haven. Sun. 7:30 P.M. "Spiritism" It It Of God Or Ol Satanic Forcti? SING WITH Mon. 7:30 P.M. "Armageddon" . tarth'i Loit Gnat BattU, Who? Whtr.? Whn? Oulcom.? Tues7:30P,M. "Why Fear Death?" Whot Hoppom At Dtoth? Heovtn or Htll? What SovI? Wed. 7:30 P.M. "When God's Mercy ', , Turns Ttf Wrath'' , ' 7 totf PlooAjti Ti FolH Htor Ho Yau (.on B F'roUtttd. WALLY WILLIAMS YOU Need To Understand Eyery Subject - , DON'T MISS THIS ONE! mMmMZ'tMWMWMm BBBKaBBaBBBBl the Great Carsoni. If you - think' ypu're a magician, try making this disappear." When the three astronauts made their exit, after approximately a half hour, Carson shook his head in awe. "I don't think I've enjoyed an interview more on our show." iJKUOJS5MS JSiRa ESI JKJJSfl ih IfEvei. ' 6:30 . " Q Sunrise Semester 'TO Today In Florida Q Daily Word QJ News Paul Harvey 6:35 Q Eyewitness News. 1:45 Q (Q) Sunshine Almanac p Florida - Agri - World 7:00 O (B CD Today Q (H) S3 CBS News Joseph Benti Ci Boto's Big Top (BIW) fHJHomemaker jnp 7:151 ' (B) Kartoon Karnival (BiW) 7:30 (55) Pulse - News O Movie "Five Finger Exercise"""(B&Wr"Rosa lind Russell, Jack Hawkins Maximilian Schell ? t'.Wi ' ' O IB) Captibi Kaaga - roo Q Real McCoys (B&W) (B Klmba "" 8:30 Q Movie "The Bellboy" (B&W)' Jerry, Lewis, Corinne Calvet r - S) - Lassie (B&W) "O (E. H) Love of Life O (SI That Girl 12:00 Q O ffl)Jeopardy n 6$ Where the Heart Is Q (Q) The Best of Everything Pulse News 12:25 O 65 CBS News . Douglas - Edwards - Q Rifleman (B&W) O Misterogers Neighborhood (S To Tell theTruth. German radio .propagandist (R) - J5GhosUand - Mrs - - Muir 9:00 - (30 Profile In Courage - iiJohn - Marshaliy Q Movie "The Great Man" (B&W) Jose Fer - " rer, Doan Jaggcr .Q (BJ Here Comes th J5ridesj - Lottie goes to the. aid of an expectant mother (R) - jJD - Movie; L'D.amn - tha - Defiant," Aleo Guinnes, Dick Bogarde Qllg3l - Movle "MyBlood Runs Cold" TroyDona - hue, Joey Heathcrton (RTMcIIaleNavy (B&W) g$ Bewitched - 5:30 - 10:00"P (g) Bracken's World - Kevin - Grant - is forced to use an inexperienced actress as his female lead 4R) - . ...,. O News, Snorts, Weather" (3) What's New O Troth or Consequences C What's My Line B Eyewitness News 12:30 OS Who, What or Where Game. Q O Search for Tomorrow O (B) World Apart 12:55 Q CS 3) NBC News - Floyd Kalber 1:00 Q 33 News, Sports, Weather (5) Galloping - Gourmet QdlrlJTalk Q 3D All My Children. - 7 - ) Where the Heart Is g$ "Sunrise Semester $ Biography , 1:25 r 33) Tampa Bay Topics 1:30 , Q O ( Life With Link - letter 0(H) 64 As - the World Turns O (TO Let's Mak s Deal t - f53) Honeymooners (B&W) 35 Batman 6:00 Q S3 News, Sports, Weather S) TBA. G (Bl 63"New"' Sports, Weather Q ABC Newt Frank Reynolds and Howard K. Smith "(nfNeW.'Spbrtt, Weather gDJVlrwEfUB&W) L . 63f) Q S3 NBC News-Huntley--Brinkley (33 Best of Both Worlds "Frank Chacksfield" (53 Man in a Suitcase' Q S) Love, American Style George Gobel, Vivian Vance and Sue Lyon are among the stars nR) 11:00 Q (53 8D News, Sports, Weather Q (B) 69 News, Sports, Weather. CI (B) News, Sports, Weather - S3) Buck Owens 11:30 O Tonight Show - Guest: Gloria Loring O 63) Merv Griffin Guests: Rudy Vallee, Jommyames, arid th. Shondells, Julius La Rosa, Lillian Briggs "Q Movie "Fighting Coast Guard" (B&W) Brian Donlevy, Ella Rainos - g$ Westerner - (B&W) S Saturday I Night is j STEAK 8 NIGHT! .1 jjj Our regulor $1.49 - Delmonico boneless rib steak is all yours a for only $1.29 on Saturday nights s . cooked to your 8 order. Make it a "Steak - Out" for 8 the whole family V$ JJ b mis saiuraay nigmi MNS CA3FEnTERIAS S 8 8 W ORLANDO MELBOURNE 9 H Pkwaod Plaza 912 Babcock 9 ROCKLDG FT, PIERCE K Saaratewn t - Saaratywn - , w 1 .) - rwr 2:00 Q "lie Said. She'Sald (J3 Dialing I Q (B) Romper Room (B) Mike Douglas 63) Captain Kangaroo' 9:10 33 'Steve Allen . 9:30 Q Galloping Gourmet L Q D'vid Frost Show O .Jack LeLanne Eker - else . lo:66 O S3 3) H Takes Tw (B) Divorce Court (B) Galloping Gourmet ' 631 Lucv show 10:15 - iJ Q Fashions in Sewing - - ' M:W 3 S3 S3 NBC Nfws ,n Nancy Dickerson Q News - ' 1Q:S0 Q S) Si CoBceatratlM O 89 Beverly HIDbllfles (B&W) O Divorce.Court - - gg)r Days of Our Livesj I O E) 65 Love Is Manv Splendorea. Thing S3"I" O (B) Newlywed Gam 2:30 Q S3 S3 The Doctors O 13) 53) Guiding - Light n (R) Dating Game 85 Divorce Court 3:00 . . O S3 S3 Another World Bay City , Q H) & Secret Storm H (B) General Hospital 33 Rocky and Friends 3:15 S3 Teacher to Teacher :t:Z5 B (P).fl CBS .News ' Douglas Edwards 3:30 jO,S3 S3 Bright Promise" Q B) 65 Edge of Night - fj (B) One Life To Live Lassie 3:45 Q3 Friendly Giant 4:00 O S3 tB3 - Another World Q CBS News Walter Cronkite Q Hunting and Fishing (B) ABC News Frank Reynolds g$ Addams Family (B&W) 7:00 C33 SewEasy Q I Love Lucy - i(B) Dick Cavetl Guest: Richard Harris' ' (BJ Movies "VVe.rewolf' in a Girls' Dormitory" (B&W) Barbara Lass", CarL Schell plus "The Un - dead" (B&W) Pamela Duncan, Richard Garland ' 1:00 S3 The Movie Game ' Q Get Smarf ' ' ' fff) Ifaiel Q - Movle . "Cry for - "" "Happy7T;rennTord;Don - . aid O'Connor (B) Flintstoncs JJ 631 CBS News Walter Cronkite Hitchcock (B&W) 7:30 Q S3. S3 High Chaparral Victoria's father, Don f Sebastian Montoya causes an Indian attack (R) Q Perry JWason (B&W) " (Bl'The Defenders (B)' 65 Get Smart 8:00 S3 Stock Market Forum "v (H) 65 Tim Conway, iT!5;'R" or - Youfttlfe 8:30 ' Q S3 S3 Name ' of, the Game7 Dan Farrell pose's as a longshoreman to' investigate conditions ,on the waterfront (R) ' S3 Know Your Antiques Q (D) 65 Hogan's Hrtpei - The heroes "cooperate," .with Axis '.Annie,, Jhe 7VesL7' Robert Ryan, Rock -Hudson';Tri-County( Radio NORTH BREVARD WRMF (1050)popi.dyUm WKMF - tM 08Jmci)iUri,iUyi , CENTRAL BREVARD WCKS - FMaOlgnAtamiSi'kri. . WfZY 113501 popiUhrv WLY - t M TO.Jmct) aopi, U kouri KKO (tt60ltop40,daytiii MKkT (1330lpopi4tojHU,2(hr. NRC - v. WKPK - FMIlMma)iUcM,nck, 2i hour V WWBC I1510lounlij - w.ura,(liy s . SOUTH BHIV ABD WMEO 19101 pop ABC. M kourt MHMB MH0lpopi,24lirt. Mutual WVUL - FM llOXtmialturKla midnittht wrAl H6SOIeountiy,day VOLUSIA WELE ll590countiy - WMtant,:4 nuur k WMFJ (U60lpopKh(KiM WNDB (1150lpop,loU.i0t.m. ABC WfK.O llSo0llii44.daytliM 1DAT (laHOIpopkidayuma ROD ntAmtofVi,UMin. SBB I13J0I popa.daya. Mulual - - ' , k, VERO BEACH WAXE linoipopMUyclma " VT1B. l14DOipip.mlOm. J " w r,

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