Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on March 8, 1887 · Page 1
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 1

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 8, 1887
Page 1
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N "' "-»«. Three Peculiarities ; Hood's Swsapurllto, tho grunt blood purm«r »nd regulating tnodlclno, la characterized by 's, Knniciy j - ot tlio vartom remedial agents used. ' 1 '• ^' 1B Proportion In which the roott, : Iwbs, bark8| etc., arc mixed. ^ _| y . -The process by which th* iicttvo .• «J| U .5 .';• medicinal proport ies arc sectirdu. . , Tho result Is a medicine of unusual ttrctigth tod curative power, which effects cure* hore- , :tbforouiio(iuftllcd. Thesopecullarltles belong .'eiolusiyeijf;'to llopd's Sareaparilla, and are Unknown to /Others Hood's Bar»ap j arllliils,prepftred'wtth the greateit »klU:; and ,edre, ,Viy/,$mrtnicl8U of . p. ; education #n<l |oflgexper)pnce. s ^encei 11 la a i medlclnu worthy of "cut Iro'coDlidCDco. It you •• su«or from scrofula; salt iheunt; or any dls- '[,'' ca8p'<)if ,iha Wpod;'dyspc|isla, biliousness, sick >a headache, or hidiicy.and liver 1 complaints, ' "Catarrh or rheumatism, do, not fall t6 try 7.>r!r$JP$* S^saparllla '* I recommend r Hood's. SarsaparUla to all ,. tny'trlehd8 as ;tho''hcst -Wood, purifier on , ;. Sarth," ' ; JfrjL "QAJrif, . druggist,' Hamilton, O. ; "Hood's jSarsaparllla liasjc'urdrt me of scrofulous humor, and done nic i worlds .of 'good ;;;othei^Isc." ! C. A. 'Aiufotri, Arnold, Mei '''' i inenu of 'curcB will bo sent to ftll.-fflio desire. Hood's Sareaparilla ';'8old:by 'all.drtigglats.. $j? 'sir-tor.^. ' Hade-' ' *weT), l 'Havftibfon enjoyed by citizens of every, town and «ttyiln llieu.-S. Jlnrvoloun Cures have been witnessed by thoiuiandn.of people, who can Ipetlly to TOIS WONDISHTDI. HEA1.ISO I'OWZH OF Hsmlin's Wizard Oi!, Neuralgia",'Tool hScfie.' Headabho,' Earache, i "Catarrh, Croup, Sore Throat, .Lame. Back/ Slid Joints, Contracted Cords, RHEUMATISM, Sprains,. Bruises, Burns, Fever Sores, •' Wounds',' t)!fl Sores, Chilblains, Frost . Bites.; Sore Nipples, 1 Caked Breasts, and All Aches arid Pains, »re quIoltly-r'dUfrrml -by thlrt nmjrient remedy. Try It oncg itudyoii will uovor lie without It. For stile by drui[|jlsts.»Prle«. SOe. OiirHoxo HOOK froo to nil. Mdress, WIZARD .OIL.COMPANY, CHICAGO. CATARRH HAY-FEVER C'MEAM JiAUt It not a liquid, snuff or pointer. Apptfai fntv noitriU ttgitickly abmrbed. Jt tltanse* tha'heail. ^ttays inflammation, Hcaltfht tortt.'.itutbreatKelcriiei of taste and snietl. BO cent i at fln'gytitf; by mail, regttterttt, DO centt, -BEALER IS- A Full and Complete Stack CONSTANTLY ON II AND. ALL OHDKf . FOlt UPHOLSTERING Neatly and promptly executed. Belle 0t,, bet. Third aiul yourtb. —ALSO— UNDERTAKER. KKSIOKNOE OOlt. 9TATB 4 SBVWNTri 8T8 Lucas Pfeiftenborger AHCHITECT, QENKRAL SUPERINTENDENT AND MECHANICAL DRAUGHTSMAN, Qtlloo on Third st.,ono door west 1 of Ptaaa, third floor. Ihli I »pet , 01 cbuin »,ti nol«;, in p)wtMiy ipu* wh«n In Chicago, will it or &nf ALTOK V 1LL M TUESDAY EVENING, MARCH 8, 1887. Tlic Htofy of a Kles. A Clrutissitin.wilts \viilking' along olid road and a -woman along another. The roads finally united Into, one, and renoh- ing the point of jutictioTi at the game time they walknd oil together. 'The man was .carrying a largo Iron kettle on his back; in onu hand he held tho legs of a live cliicken, in the ; other,a cane, 'arid lie was leading a goat. They noarcd in dark ravine. Said tho woman: "In in afraid to go through; that: ravine with- you; it is a lonely place, and you 1 might overpower mo and kiss me by force." Said the iniin:, "IIow . can 1-pos'sibly ovorpowor you and kins : you by force, when I hove, this great • iron kuttln ou. my .-buck, <i-ciine in one hand, n live chicken in tlic other, • and am' leading tlds goatV { inight as well be Ued htiml mid foot." : "Yos," rc- plifil he woman; "but if you should stick your oiine in thu ground arid tic your goat, to it, and tui'ii tlie kettle boltom-tildit up and .put the chicken under it., then you mighi. wickedly ' kiss ine in spite o* my'iwistjincfl." r Ji Suc- cc«h to thy inp'rinil.y, O woman!" said the rcjok-ing- man to himself;' "I should novi'i- have thought, nf this or similar I'NjicditiiitH." And when they en me to liie ravine he stuclC~~ his calm into the jjTonml siiid tiiiil tlic goat 10 it, 'and jjiiVH tho chicken to tlio \viimnn, Saying; .••Hold- U ..while. 1 .cut stmu; grass for 'the fi'oiil;" and then—so rniis tho l(>gend ; — )owuriU'&'tlu: k'ottlo t'niiu' hikUlioulders, liB-pnl the fowl under it mid wickedly kissed th<! WDIIIMII. :n she was 4fniid he would •Absolutely Pure, Thlu powiler never varies. A marvel of purity, strength wUolosouionoss. More ,epo- nomloal than theordluory kinds, and cannot be. sold in competition with too aoultitude' ol low tost, short vrclElit. ttlnni phoffphato powders, sor.n owr.T IN OAKS. ROVAL BAKIKU POWDKBOO.,106 Wall St., V. Y. InnSdwly OF PEE COD LIVER OIL Almost as Palatable as Milk. ' Tho only proparatlon of COD I.IVMB OIL tint cut bo taken rc»illli%nd tolorutod foe a long Uma bjr dcllrote »tomnoh«. ": , ATfD '.AS ?'A^ HEHEPT FOR CQXgPMPTlOK. .AFfBCl'IONS. - AMAEhlA, <1KN- KI1XL DMHMTY, COUCH^ A1U) THROAT IV. KK'CTIO.SS. .nnd all »'AbTI>U PtSOHPKBS OF UllLOttKN It Jn luarTBllouj in IU rreulU. Presoflho<l:«nd«n<lo«oa by tile l)Mj PhyololMit to tUn countrira ot the world." VV. F. EIVS11NGER, Pluin and Decorative WORK PEOMPTLY ATTKSDKD TO AT LOWK8TTBEM8. OEFIOB AND SHOP OH SECOND ST., NEAR PIA8A ALTON. UPPER ALTON, ILLS, D, B. KITTINQER& CO. Wl«h the puUUo to know they are wiling Qooda at Lowest Oash Prices, Dry GoncU, Orooeriea, NotloDs.ot nil kind*, Floor, Saxony Yarn, Feed, HHk te Linen ThreBd4,Cie»r», Bonlery of Ml de- Tobnooo, •orlptlaut. QUMDI nnd TtnwAr*. Fresh Oysters and Celery; Brank JJro»'. CiuidlcH nud Nuts; Bread. D. B. KITTINGER & CO. Murphy'* Old Stand. 28w8m • I ind tJ.8 yjitowed tliat; .the '^resident .will 1 iiibhlyi take •'•' •••'' • • » from St. al attempt to . > . > Louis .made aa fne Mr. .Edisou is i-atjidly rccuporut- g undcir tjijs.gentyl skies of Florida, inti.ou'.'•''"' An unktiown young man threw himself under an^mmonse crank shaft in tlic water'works at Chicago and was ground to a pulp. '1 be Atchison, Topejta and Santa Pe has awarded a contract .for the building of 200 miles" of its exteiiaion from Kansas City to the Mississippi river. Emil Monpotit, who tried to commit suicide on the grave of his wife, was on trial in Belleyillo,; yesterday on a charge Of attemptihg'to murder his brother-in«law. v -' ' ' The case of Pavid 8.' >Fotherjng- bn'm, churged-Wjith complicity in the fambuB'Fnsco express robbery, was continued yesterday until,-''the ! JVTay term of the^St I^ouis criminal court. J. H. Lester, 117 j;ears old, palled upon the^pvernor of .Georgia jv few days ago 'to regain possession of property in"that State which he lost during Sherman's march to the sea. The headquarters of the Knights of Jtabor ' in 'Philadelphia 'beats Gould, Vanderbilt) • and Garrett for luxurious detail. f It -Is- a perfect palace, w,here;the knights "wade up to their knees in velvet carpet." A repeating rifle, invented by a French' officer, can be loaded With its seven cartridges in ten .'seconds, and completely • discharged iirfour, and U does, not rcqiiire. ttfj.b'e" Removed from the shoulder until the magazine is exhausted. - The Bc'ietice of killing quickly is rapidly •reaching''perfec- tion. The steel cruiser which is to be built at San Francisco has been named "The Charleston." San Francisco sent, a delegation to the President and begged him to change the name to San Francisco, as the first vessel of the kind built upon the Pacific. But he refused to listen to their request. . Mr. Ilenry C. Bowen. of the: New York Independent, has gon« west for his distinguished guests 'at his yearly Fotirih of July celebration in Woodstock. General Sheridan is to preside at the exercises 1 , and the speaker arc to be'Senator Allison, of,Iowa"; Col. Clark E.Carr, ! ofl)li- nois, and cx-Senat»r Ben. 'Harrison, of Indiana. ' "' ' Mr. John C. Latham, a New Xork banker, and a native of Hppkinsville, Ky., has just given proof of his public spirit by giving $50,000 to be used in the McAdamizing the public roads of Christian county, of which Hopkinsville is the county scat. In • a few hours tho merchants of Hop- kinsvillo «dded,$30,000 to the fund contributed by Mr. Latham. Congressman Henderson, of Illinois, champion of Mrs. Logan's P,cn- siou bill in the House, says the bill will be introduced next Winter, and that it will bo passed. He says it will get through the Senate quite as it did before, and that the' next House will be afraid to reject it, fearing the opposition of the soldier vote in the Presidential campaign immediately following the adjournment of Congress. Major Alexander McKenzie, of the United States Engineer Corps, in charge of the Upper Mississippi river improvements, has just completed a careful correspondence with the owners of steamboats of all kinds plying between St. Paul and Keokuk. It is learned that for the last year 965,000 passengers wero carried. The estimated advantage of river competition for the same time to the towns on the same stretch of river is $4,000,000. Redeeming the Trade Dollars. WASHINOTOH, March 7 — Acting Secretary Fail child tod^ay made arrangements for the redemption of trade dollars at all the sub-treasuries. This will include the treasury at Washington. A circular on this subject will be issued this afternoon, Ex-StiuTOK WILLIAMS,of Kentucky, who deserted Ins (country In 1881, going Into tbo rebel army, was the flrat man to draw a pension under tho Mexican pension bill, pasted by a democratic house that refused to grant a pension to the widow of the brave and loyal John A. Logan. Ob, yei, cloie up tho bloody ohaam. A purgative raodicmo should possess tonic and curative, as well as ualharllo properties. Tbla combination of in grediepti may be found in Ayer's Fills. They strengthen aud stimulate the bowela, canting natural action, ilwlw .Washington Society. ". A noticeable element in society winter SB tho number of young ill-' vorwJeN, nil of them eo bright, nrutty, ami attractive that society winders at the vuutjo of thulr marital troubles, unless one rests on , the wwnwn's ground—that all men are brut?*, fcomc very strict, and proper poopUt objoot to meeting them, HIM consider it subversive of iill morals and .tcnehlngs.for- young girls to be brought in contact with'these women of nnliiippy'i^porl- oncca and refuse invitations to,c«rtoiu, hounca whore the divorces arc euro to bo 'mot. Not nil of them lire through tlio courts yet, and'they are ,'rio't 'Sensitive on..the.subject, but frequently refer to it. One of .them .uuuuuuoetV vluit she would' leave .the city, very early this spring and go to Newport for n. loug stay. • " "For two years?" was asked, and, after .a, cheery nod of acquiescence,. Uic would-be widow joined iu 'the laughter. • "''.•"'; Awkward scenes take... place nt some' receptions where these "giiuss wiuowH* 1 assist. -One itiriocent old ludy, in civll- 'Ing, was introduced to a pretty dj- vprc^e, and Bnid: ' '0,1 urn BO glad .to meet you, because I know your huHbnnd." "Then you can't know me if yon know him," replied the young" wo- meva. "I draw the line there, emphatically." At another reception the divorcee assisting was from out of town, and when a visitor was presented who recognized the name and asked if she were related to a certain'Mr. So-^and-,' So of the same city the answer crime: "O, yes; he is my divorced huebajiid." ."I b'eg pnrdou," stainmere*!;. ,the visitor. "I didn't know. 1 used to know him long ago." "Yes. I was quite well acquainted with him myself once," was the''Icb'ol rejoinder. These and a few other conti-etomps; of like kind have assured people thut the. grass widow ought to be retired ft little _from her present prominence. Devoted aa the senatorial families are to their kind when any oiiiside enemy attacks thorn, they have little, differences among themselves that are sometimes interesting. At a recent crowded entertainment the wives of two Senators met iu the crush. "Where is your husband?" asked number one. "He is- struggling toward you," said number two; "but he la not tall enough seen yet.',' '. When the ; (Senator ^brought himself up bosido'-his wifo she introduced him, and' the .number .0119. Senator's wife, looking liinryooljy from" head to foot, said: "Well, ho isn't, vrry kill, is h«? Hut if.'he is Bhprt ho/piiiJcM : up for'it in tlui lun'gth pf'hia spcwlios."', ' ' |'!The.;a^fur sileiiCfl 'lasted a. second and"thon the.' Sbhator"said: "The .IjMi'gtjCpf "my/ spepohcsi' is 'rtilly' jxcecdftd by thosp'of Senator '.,'''.- me'htioning the' hUsbrind of; tho muiibei 1 one woman, whose'.lord''.'ifl'iiQt .;lni\ brilr' liant ; mini in tlie,' upper legislative hodv.— H(i9/(fttgldft 'fffMff '(p'^'ew York' Herald. in i>o\vcly I.tliink that uny.lover of buiiuty.who •wivs pw.chIji'th'.ij' hubit'.Pf walking our streets wo'uitl often bo. (listreosed by frequent oxaniplos 'of hftd <U\;ftsii)g. One Pees constuntly frit.ivo'n'ieji iu light 'cplorj-'d gaiTiienls, short mfen ' in 'froeK coats, tajj men in."peii:jackets, 'pale ,th'jri^persons ill.funeVal'blaek aiid other 'iiicongruiUos' almost iVi'liiiito in num'ber, 'iuid.'All'pajnfiil' ifi'Ih'feir dcgi-cc. J kiiow th'it.thc'ro !\rc. HOPIJ! ]),coi>lp who tiike'n-j)rjdo'|n dressing' ba'dly: iu' fact, it 'was ; riot, '. ninny y vi\w igb that tho of "dowdy" clothes and ugly hats \\i\t tt cjiti'tiiictbadgn 'of nri-t.>iM'acy in'Boston.— Hasten l^nt. M. Goblet, tho hond of Lin.- tjcw Freui'li'iHiriistry, is tv feiii.\H£^lly b\»lli Tom Thumb, with u big lioad, staring and prominent blue nyes, n long, suub- bj'-endcd nosd, and nn air of »j' '" ' Bafflefl the 1'bjsiolans. BUBKll!4fcWiNK 'CO.; "Qiiinoy, 111 : — I regard your White Pine Balsam, as a doneb Mixture o( very groat value. Tho benefit derived by my wifo from its uao, places it with me far in advance of all others. For several yeara sho had been seriously aflllotod with a cough that gave us mnoh''ajarm; it had baffled the skill of the phvelclans and cough remedies, until I concluded nothing would avail in bor case. Directly after coming to Cjnmoy, on your recommendation, sbo qcjnjwenocd using your Balsam, and it has golod like a charm, qulptintr tho cough, and removing entirely lUo sproiiess from her lungs. We kcop it oonsUuily m our house.— J. B. Ford, Pastor M. E. churoli, Rush* ville, III. Use Creasler'fl Wild Hose Tooth 1'ow* der for oleanslui; the tfletb. Price 2f»o. INFALLIBLE CURK FOR COUGHs. Wo would moat positively state that no remedy has ovor mot with tuch universal sHtlnfftetlon or' can be more truthfully said is a positive cure than Burks' White Pine Balsam. SUOAK. A now discovery, Little Apricot I'ills easier to lake than sugar and far more beneficial. Sure cure for, nouralgla, headaobe heartburn, dyspepsia »nd bad breath. Trythea; Fpr%'l^>t Marsh's drugitoro. mob I dwly SUCH AS Velvets, Body and Tapestry Brussels, Two and Stair Carpets and Mattings, Oil ClothSjRugs and Mats Has arrived. Also a very Choice Stock of . ,. • ' • r ••'-'-• f.r, *»i .-. *. ..•.,.,.,,. i .., . . _,, I am offering these goods at the very lowest prices to ea$li Buyers. * All are invited to call aiid sjee the beautiful *niew goods &Iearn the low prices. vILL. HEADQUARTERS FOB THE Best Buggy in tlte "World. iu the city, at hard times prices, sold on weekly and monthly payments. ' , Agents for the Three-Cone Perfection Burners and Stand Lamps, FINE HANGING\LAMPS, $1.75, $2, $2.50, $4, $6.50, $7.50 to $10. Headquartersfor EUPION and CARMlNE'BUBNiNGOllS. SIGNAL OILi ENGINE and Cistern, Well aiid Stock Pumps. Prepared Paints, ready for use. ^ee piir $10 ''Bnggry Harness. Call and get our prices aiid yon will save money. Cor. Second and State Sts., ALTON, ILL N THE BEST ON EARTH! BOSS FILLED WATCHES, From $18 to $50. Warranted 20 Years. BREECH-LOADING From $16 to $30. J. H. BOOTH, THE JEWELER Patents. •ft) uy pgraona wlaolng to obtain lettei patent on new Inventlona, tmprovouienta o designs, I will ozeouto drawings and jpeolfl oattons and make applications for Patonte All consultation, in ponou or by Utte , tree Ll'CAH PF£IFF£NB£KGKK, . III. T. L. FOtJLDS & CO., 8UCX3ES8OR8 TO A. B. MOIUNNKY & 00., Highest Market Price Paid for Corn and Pickles, STOOL SLOP FOH 8ALI5. a«i)7dwtiui «IOHN BAUER, DEAI.KU IN AND MANUFAOTUKKUJ OK FURNITURE. SECOND STREET, Opp. City Hull, ALTON, ILL. All kinds ot floe and comma* faralture eonitanUy on bund, AJ*o uud«cMk«r, etc. WM. L. KLUNK Metall6 Cases, Casketo, Ana /Bmtal RobeB For Ladles, Oontlomen Office and Shop on State street OverBart •Livery Stable. WtU attend to Job Workanfl Bopattliur rnrnltiu«. (•> aoo B A.QS FUREKA FINE SALT For Dairy and Table U0«i Injl4 lb. linen saotoi aqd 00 Ib. for »al« by J. A, RYRIE, JO8KPU LIVERY STA3LE* ritOHT STaKKT, : BXTWXCN UJUIHOI mrldlT

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