Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on March 7, 1887 · Page 2
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 2

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, March 7, 1887
Page 2
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ALTON t)AiL1TKLRBHAPft. m, MONDAY EVRt, f ; THE SHORES .OB 1 THE SUNSET SEA, THE PACTFIO TEKMINrH OP .*UE CENTRAL MISHOITftl. bighta and Scenes ia the Golden State. The following letter Written from California by H. O. M'JPlk* to llr. H. B. Plilnnev we are permitted Woopv: iv ,^.? *SAORAMKl«ro, Frt). 21, "87. FHIBND HBNBY:- On arriving In 8 uramen- to 1 went to work in ihe LeKlBlature— which Is now In 86)8 Ion— to have H law pnsrod ol reciprocity as between the St ite* on iu«ur- " aa'«fc--.Uio notion U so hoar oxpl-od thnt 1 will todlffloult to got the hill, which Is before th«m, passed, but of thU I will not take time to wrUo. My mind ro<*ur». liomn, and v« wholly absorbed In Uiehopo of n wand '.ay In the early future (or Alton »nd her bui-fnoas Interoata that uthtir matters are Bucondan • Before I refer to any, foaturei ihf our tilp *JjrW»rtJwW5 >• than* you fbr'tbe'f'i'.Uhful | ifrrrfflpt.niBnner you looked alWr the' In tei v>i "bl dwtJenWaT MlsKtfnrl bridge and* toad. J xievor have bad a duubt ol our lucces*, a- you well know— and I fully believe In li and through It, w'lt onm'i <roatm' uvutitathun on< citizens generally entertain Tlinru art) ten• .vBrea of.deatluy inu, urUln« out.ol corialn npceasltlea as well as geographical po-ltion • —and Mtoh'a'titno boa come. Through «-arn : • cBt.determlneU coUraneof the past two yuan —the reward la now about to bo.«lveri. Tim' local Interests and hopaa ehonl'l be dlnap- pointed alouK t lie line ol the road was to be eipeoto'l and was not nntnr«een by me as u f feanlt, of, ..the absorption. of tbe "Shori ; tjne'VJ by i the Cantrnl <MM*nurl railway. ' LJ/T^L' ^J >l ' lnff •• -f b " I annual meeting < waoianbt be f necessary until ay arrival home Under my power ol attorney M director am! (tockho dor, yon Old In that meeting, doubt 1«M, the very best. People who were In cloulti .-before dUoover in .the election of the no» directory, the earneattiBBs' of the rnterprlue and tlHjpowor to build at an om ly dny At tei arriving at Sun Fninclaco I cut ed at onco on the officers of tbe United States Central Hull- way Co. to bave a conference with them ; ami •, will now that an old Altonian is tbe Prest . d*oi;Hon! i J4Bip8 Gamble.; Mr O. has been n6rtf ! bv>r'tnirt£ years, wus inbst of that Htm- General Superintendent of the entire telegraph llnoa ol this coast and Is a wealthy man. Negotiations bail been to ao'ne extent had heretofore .anil certain matters wen' before our Cliief 'Engineer Mr. L'oithel), WIKJ li a personal friend of the resident engineer of this railway here. I examined tlielr map.-, survey* and Hold notes— embracing thetnpog- ^tpliy: -Of the jllno 'surveyed— and feund u • wo»t satisfactory! and comprehensive enterprise. Tbe road passing directly east from Ban Francisco— south side of city— through tbe two greatest and most furtlle valleys 01 thla State, finely watered and highly cultl- X.Vated. reaching the tootlillls, whlnh are also highly Improyndi, and -through the best pusses In tlio Sierra Nevada mount ilns at tin YuBomlto Valley and emerges at th« east aide of the mountains at a point a few miles south of Aurora— thence in near as may be an uli lino— direct to Denver, crossing two north and south railroads, one at a point over on,- liunored. miles ttuutliot Salt laiko, through IrtjnjHnaiveoal and mluornl Held*, and tbroug» tijjs r (SanrilRon silver and load mines, thi ; . lijuillou ifSprings-otio .of the'great bumiuoi reaorta for the luture, nesillng ut th<< foot of Pike's Peak— nid making a do «,:tQur'*to -.the .north to Denver, thence direct to Kansas City. Hence v<>u will nee the j'objaot •-, In oonneotlug this Al> Line with' tlioJConmil Missouri at the latter point, croH8ln« ut Alton, and making Now York Uity over the direct Vanderbilt linua— forming the ocean to ocean route on abou the 89 h piirillal nortn latitude. Sounds big, 1 'kriqw;but,:you.atie tu«y have to; go -through (^Hdii'.iof It wlllboc.inoo nuco83Rry for us to -' tpovu till town! but as to all this, more of detail wliun I see you. Oan only give you u few linos aa to the trip and Us events. Make one long Jump ol ovt- 2,0 0 miles, passing over Kanaa Olty.Top ku and before you arrive at LHS Vegas luke u fbird'itu^e vlowalx y miles to the north of tb> _ :»npi c'aOpoU Pi,koS I'oafe,- ntop.-l"if to" view t: tfiiromaiitfoand almost prehNtorlc aan't • F BboVrtthoiuountiUnsundlntersporsHd plalna rapidly passing the beautiful Colorado river the great cactus trees standing like weir. I ( Buntlnolo, you :. fold yi|ur wlngi, 1 yon h»|fli .nny^ at the City' of tl»«: Angela—, Lot Auj((^4iiij fl%e ;Ap.y* out,^ '^ft^. ':*« a day, audgojvltii to>j ,to ^.dozon or: more town within a hundred miles, er-ioying all tliel Varle.l beauties— orange an 1 loin morohunl , .Coltoo and Ulvdrdld^, going «>mth, and ar• J Hvlntf at tllocoa«V flnii Han Diego, with* livi- people -a buuutlful har')pr and buat-li. Al •lonjt the route Indlo iteJ found old friend and many^Alt.111 peop.'e. At tula latter pluc«: .M^.-y¥.|I.-BaUuaulie>aon— epiuinlssion bust• ^eSB^kdr.'U 'you wlUrominnbor : i'S the olu editor of our Alton. r«LBauipu, and seeln. ^Uto-ipamu .Oowlei, calluit and found tli .'•onoi Alfred Oowlod, formerly of Uowles & Krum, Attorney* n( Alton; the son, who t •Uty years qlrt.^aldtue.futlierliinl Just taken a buggy for ttie (urirt— lio la 10i) yearaaud'J montns old and last week'* paper here biilJ ^|b»t t^Ujoia boy, bad- recently eaternd Into '" itibiSnew paying enterprises In whlithhet-al • lOnldtfld tofttake a cutnomonoy for bis old ago ,j. t?i \))0 lutaro^^a Is.woi-tji jl 10,000 which will v tiMetlro'of hit 'prflnent 'wants. J! Cflinitt MonlOft la'tt beautiful ocean rotors U miles from Los Angeles- Santa Oarbar *nd Duunuvmitnraon the oci-an, aie grun I .atnw_llclil«»; *tlil north we h,ive Monterey '. -iwfth Itsaeal roolc» and harbor, nplendldoceAii . Jiotul, eio... tjuntu Urui, s.opj, wltb Its hill W"d ocean aoonery unit seven milt's distant ita big trues, tUvouglv wVilob". tue rollroivl passes. IIuviiii{ion'iuioi(id nearly a mjiUli In enjoying all these pf>ln(a, wu ar. tvu ut San Joae. In the mldritoftlio beantllulSHiitaClnni Volley— here they are holding « large Oltrus yulr. Wu were"wJn(i(Vaiia^Ul')a" unil tine ribboned, Alton people here: tliola o highly reapeoted John Ailuma, Uiipt. 1>, U. Adumb 1 biotlior,w_»»/*lij'ijfl of.fbla. county lor yuan Saa.jrrin^li'&oi-tli^.gfoiH/Qoulr*, U grand; »otW buliaings'iike dhleago,:bullt upon u ta"unli\in overlnoklng thu ocean, buy and Its Its own out- MAT SIlAtt WK WEAR? INDIA SIUK8 AN5 FRENCH FQUUAAD9 FOftSPRINQ WEAR.. Cors»B» With • Tok« wbJ Radio* for Young Olrl»-Styil»h Batijn* With 8Uk Plititrou—JrnQor and J«wel*d Hairpin*. Oar Uluitratlon thla week prcoenls two •tyllsh models of cornage. The blouse »r- •ago Is admirably adapted for a young girl's afternoon dress of cashmere or nuu'a veiling. The body Is plaited to the yoke, but there Is a tight fining lining underneath. The bodice, yoke, collar and cuffs ore of darker and contrasting velvet. CORSAOK WITH TOKB—VltLVET COMAOE. The other model illustrates a basque of a brown booffsllne silk costume with-brown velvet accessories. As will bo seen In tbe cut, there U a slender oval plastron of cream colored surah In tbo basque. The front nnd sides are short, and are completed at the lower edge by an added band of brown velvet. Tbo back is finished with a plaited pos- tilion. These tasteful and stylish model* were originally furnished for Harper's Bazar. Spring Silks. India silks »nd French foulards ore largely imported for house dresses in the spring and for general wear In summer. The old designs of flowers, palms, and Persian arabesques are again r.hown, but the new fancy Is for plaids, bora, and stripes in these silks very similar In coloring to those of cotton or of wool goods. The violet blue silks will have irregular bars of pink and green, the darkest blue grounds will OB crossed with white or with red, nnd brown will alternate with .ecru as ground or as , gures. The inch square plaids are thought handsomest in light colors, while the dark grounds look well in rather large or extremely fine small crossings of contrasting bars. The striped designs are most varied of all, one of tho best new pattoriw being inch wide stripes of very fine white speck?, with blue, broivn, green, gray or dull red stripes of the same width separating them. The hair stripes of lost year are repeated, but have become monotonous, as they are in all kinds of fabrics. Flowered stripes ore very effective in leaf- or lily-of-the- valley patterns, or in slender vines of gay small buds partly blown. Greek squares and tho zigzag of chuilclah stripes are also shown. A great deal of French foulard is In, the market, but this has worn so badly that It has lost favor, and merchants are too much given to calling it India silk because the latter is more durable. White India silk, with all over patterns of graceful lines in black, blue, brown, or scarlet, will make pretty summer dresses, and tliero are many Wntteau and Pompadour designs of roses and pinks in polo and charming colors. The surahs, with large wido diagonal twills, are shown in all solid colors and in many plaids, some of the prettiest being dark blue crossed with pink and lighter blue, Suede with bars of rose and green, and green grounds barred with pint- These ore to be made up In entire dre ! >ses—not in combinations—with velvet collar, vest and cuffs, and scalloped drapery on lower skirts bordered with velvet, or else folded iu exceedingly wide plaits with velvet inlaid between. —Harper's Bazaar. . •pri-adlnK wlnns and the beautiful city of Oktclund over th» hay. All thu aluUutakiiu In I no u ling Oilff llouso, Soal Uuuk< nnd ihe bench— noiomltong '-liliittuiwa. VialwU the oumotfry whuratu tnftny not iUles"»luen ilia iMt slaepi" there r««t Luiham uud llr.idoi'loli •ud our i wn townsman, ihu late Jud«« Hugh U. Murray. Vltltod uonlul i, Vulo) i ami II apa an I apa and paoiiig ovtir thu bat »nd almiK tbu turiiini'Uio- river «re , In full wUie d vtl'* mdu >tuln VIUW ol All. —_._ ttm» huvliiK in I|IH Angel uliy to ihu u!w, l M'i'iKB.* y A New Garment. The distinctive new feature in dross is a peculiar >wiah and sway of tho skirts of dresses worn at balls In society. The movement of the draplngs Is in harmonic unison with tho steps of tho wearer, and she gains considerable in picturesquoness, because the outlines of her gown are constantly being altered, ami ore nil tho while instinct with life and individuality. The fabric appears to be, as never before, a part of her personality. It follows that n graceful belie, with a good style of carriage In walk anil waltz, is increasedly charming. But" how is it accomplished? Tho Ladies' Cloak Review reveals the secret, which is what is termed n "seamed underskirt" Tho modish guTliaa hot exactly put on titjwwrs, nor yet donned the divided skirt of the dress reformers, but she has had a seam run into her petticoat for stylish occasions. The division of. the garment Into two sections is only for a short distance, at tbe knee- level, anil Its effect is to make the dress conform to the gait of tho girl She bos to modify of course the usual process of dropping the skirt over her bead, but no matter for that so long as her • loveliness of noutour Is heightened. Butterfly Hairpin. The rage for fancy and jeweled hairpins for ornamental hnir dressing continues, and pins and two pronged combs are out iu all fashions and shapes. Many of these decorative hair ornaments aro mounted on' tortoise shell, others on prongs of gold and silver. Tbe Illustration shows a butterfly hairpin of gold filigree work. Sometimes these butterfly ornaments sparkle with dtaniondV, again some fancy stone furnishes tbo body . of tlio fly, which HAIRPIN. Uas diamond wings. The effect in this case ia sometimes startling. 1*1 mvclilug Don't Affect Fiwliloiu. Aa good authority aa Mm, John Suorwnod that all tho preaching in tho world don't affect a fashion in the least. Bho recalls bow the belle* of Massachusetts bay put two inches more of lop knot on their beads for every sermon Cotton Mather pivaclietl against tlu-m, mid for a like reason nbo declares that tho low nockod dresses worn by tbe fashionable women of tbe day will not bo driven out by sermon*, newspaper gibes or nuggMtlve cartoons. Fashion Notes. Gray colored leather, Qnishmi with patent jeatliur, iMprosonta a novelty in lino walking booui. Now eateona resejnblo foulard and Indl:i illk in design and coloring, There is an increased demand for soft black woolen fubi'loi. Coiwigu UciqueUi are still large and loowly »rraug«d. Like astoue Hull, Tho proTliJintt "f Hdetiimte torttjlnn facilities for the various new railroads seeking an entrance to at. Louis la a present tbe tnon Important question be (ore tbe commercial classes of St. Louis and it has come to be generally recognized that the only way in which tht-y can be secured is through the medium of legislation. Under the present, condition of affnlrh every avenue \a closed and the mlvancement of the city aa n Kront cummerclnl centre la so serloush tii'roatentHl end retarded by an obstnir- nv«; policy that Ihe stnte It'gislmure IR hwlng Mrnnglv «rp*-rt lo rnise tin btubarjio.— St Lotus Republican, The prospecius of the next state fair will contain full directions for flnrtinjr Olney, III., where ihe fnir is to bo located, together' with the 4 Unio table of iho stages running to ihe village, nnd the mimes of farmers who are willing to .provide board and lodgings for transient?. Bismarck nnd tho Pope. Bl«marek is indny ihu must devotee Papist in all Geinmny. Htt openU s ihiu Li-n h»s HHVI'<| the Fuih- Western Wntchnwn. Rheumatism It it an ettablithed fact that Baud's Bar- taparllla lias proven an invaluable remedy In many severe cases ol rheumatism, effecting remarkable cures by Ita powerful action In correcting tbo acidity of tlio blood, which IB Ihe cause of tlio disease, nnd purifying nnd enriching tho vital fluid. It ,ia certainly fair to assume that what Hood's Sarsapnrllla has done for others It vrtll do for you. Therefore, U you suffer tbo pains and aches ot rhoomatlam, give this potent remedy a fair trial. A Positive Core. " I was troubled very much with rheumatism ID my hips, ankles, and wrists. I could, hardly walk, nnd was confined to my bed a good deal of .Ihe time. Being recommended to try Hood's Sarsaparllla, I took (our bottles and am perfectly well. X Cheerfully recommend Hood's Sarsaparllla as one ol tfie best blood purifiers In tho world." Vf. F. WOOD, Bloomington, 111. For Twenty Years 1 have been afflicted with rheumatism. Before 1S831 f ound no relief, but grew worse. I then began taking Hood's Sarsaparllla, and It did me more good than all tlio other medicine i ever bad." n. T. BALCOM, Slilrley, Mass. "I suffered from what the doctors called muscular rheumatism. I took Hood's Sar- saparllla and am entirely cured." J. V. A. PBOTOFOOT, letter carrier, Chicago, 111. We shall be glad to send, free of charge to M who may desire.abookcontainingmany additional statements of cures by Hood's Sarsaparilla Sold by all druggists. ?1; six for $5, Mado only by C. I. HOOD & CO., Lowell, Mass. IOO Doses One Dollar. VITIATED BLOOD Scrofrlpus, Inherited and Contagious Humors Cured by Cuticufa- T HR^DGH the medintn of one nf your booka recclvi d through Mr Frank T. Wniy, Urn|!jrl8t, Apollo, I'n., I hppiimn acquainted With your CUTICORA UEMKDIES.IIhd ake this opportunity in tOc-iily to you that :nolr u-e lias pm manently ciireil ^-.« of one. ol th- vvors cases of blond poli-onln^, In connection with ery.-tpnla , thiitl inivuevin seen, nnd this after having l<cen pronounced Incu-- able by »omi>Joi tlio best physiclims In nur ciiuntj. 1 tako irreat pleas '>u la forwardhip 10 you this tcBtlnmntHl, unso if.l ted »B It !•> liv \on, In orclei that othei-a fion. Blmllar maladies m«y < nenoimraKed to yivo vourCDTlcn- KA KEMKDIKS a 'Hal. P B. » HiriJNGRIi, Lrechburji;, 1'a. Rtfoienco: FBAVK T, WBAY, Druxstat. Apollo, Pa. SCROFULOUS HI CKB8. JnmesE. Rich* Uxon, Cu-lotn Housi', Now )rle>iiis. on o»th cuya: "Jn 1870 ScrofulouB Ulcora brolt*) nut on my , body until I was a mans of corruption. Everything known to thu incdlcul faculty n as tiled In vain, 1 be, cnmu a mere wreck. At times could tint lift my handn to my head, could not lurn in bed ; wa» In con.-<ant p ,ln, and looked upon life iu l curse. No elicfor cure In ten years. In iStiO I hpaul of the i ti'lunrii llvmuuiun, used ill, -in, t'lid was perlectlj cored." Sworn to bolore U. M. Com. J D. Crawford. ONE OP THIS WORST CASKS We have been «• Iling voiir Cntlcuni RHine- H«a for years and h»ve Hie first compliant yitt to receive from M piirehiaur. Imooi thu *orat caaus nf .^crolulu.I ever *aw wiia ruru'' o\ the ua«of Hvc boulu' ol Outlc un R colv- «nt, Cntlcuni and i utlcrra >oar. ^he Miap lakua the "tuku" heru at- n muillclmil I'oap TAYLOR TAYI.On, DriH'Klxls, Fruiikt'ort, Kan. SCK«FULOU., INHERI'ED. Mid Contuuloua iliimorH, with Ini-a of h«lr, mu Bruptl"iiM or HIB Skin, are p-n-ltlvely :ured by (;utlcuru auii Outtutirn Soap exttv- na'ly, when all other medicines fall, Send or puiuphlut. DHUOUI-.TS U-E THEM. Wn have obi aim d anllalao-ory ii-eulU from In iii-e of we 1 uticnrn HoniuiH s<nour own umily, uii'l recominviiil tliem l>e\onO iniv it. e.r r(ini»illu« lordlvei « -H ol 111- skin ai,d ilood. Tlui denmnil i»i ih> m at 1 wi> n» tliuir incrils become known. MoMiLLAN &CO-. Ulti^glatu, Latlobf, I'a. ire sold evcr.\wi eio. "lire: Uutleurn. the tiro it fckin Cure, fin ct-,j Oullciun 8'-un, nil KxriulslleDu-intlllor. 2-b cts.; Cutlcura Ue»olv- em, tlio Ni-W Blood Piii'liler.fl. I'otter Drug ind uhemlciil 0'>., lloa on. O I TV/I I'l.KS, Ulatkheails. Hkln BlomtxheB' JL xi-VJL and llaby lluiuura, use (Juticura soap. Choking Catarrh. Ilrve you awaknned from a dltaurnudaloop with all thu horrible xenfmtlono of un aaaaa- Mn clutohlnit your throat and preHBum the Ifo-brouih from your t'Khtonud c-heHt? Have vou noticed th<> languor mil ilebl ll> that Hiieeoediiil tb«' effort in dinar your throat and lend of thla caiiii'ihal nnntiir? What u die (irefalnt; Influui'ieu It u xi rla upon thn mlml, •loudl"K tuu memory und flilinit th" ii'ii'l uTth pallia and "tran;o noiae I flow .liflleiilt to pr >te t the Hj'Mem itjiilnht It-i uitliur pro-iesif tovt'at'ila >h" JunUH, liver aii't <ldnovii, all phyaU-lana vlll iidmlc, 11 IH H eiwn, and oiliia out for r lief and cure. Thn 1'finnrkiiblo euriitlvn powcrB when all otlicr nmeillt'a utterly lull, ol 811 ImU'a Iliitl etil (Ji'i'd, ' re at'oi-ted by HIOIIHUII u \viio Kiatefnll' reeommu il It lo felluw -nfferei>. ^o»tHtem''ntli'n» iile> egnnliiiu u that, i un- not bo Hiilmt 'iiimitvi In thu moat I'linpecta- jnd re labln iiitnrenceN, iu'h inu'kut contain* one liottle ol thi> Radio, 1 t'nre.oneliojc ol fHlanlu) Holvi-nt, ind all Inipiov d Jnh dur, wlili trinttl'ii and ti'fCI on», IV ill In H"I<1 '>>' »ll ilriiKi;l»|» (of jx. 1'OTTBIt DIIDO aOlIBlllOAI. I O,, ItOSTUN. ' HOW MY SIDES"ACHET~ Fmni (lie bench and the oountnr, (foul thu loom uud «i wltiK tuiichl'iu ea up the cry f pain and weaK- ne«a. Auniuu bid' 1 * imil llnck, Kill ne\ nnil U'eilnx alnf.ti ml-" and _ W(i"knn-i',Oi'UKhH.(!o|d»iinil Clie.t FimiB','irnii t'Vtn y pmn 11111! ueliu o( ilally toll •i llevnil In one niinn n by the ( 'title ni Antl- I'aln I'liuter N. w eltiniini, and Inla lllilti. At druuulr'n, Vdc.j live lur (1; or ul 1'oltui- Jrug and OUeotlc«lUo., Uodton, o«)n» waBpltint. H ii» autrtlkm, ud de* , to pnpuc UW -THE g BEST TONIC ? Intel* Cnrcji l»'Mii'ii»ln In an ilrn, llclcliliiB. Tnmlna tho JtiOBRmllrarMMlhoblooJ.BUmu. ttlU and alda tno amlipilatlon of food. atea tho apMlitB and alda tno axlmilatlo IRV. J T, KoaniTRR. the honored pmrt First Rorormoii Ohurob. Bnltlmnra, ltd. " Hnvins mod Brown's Iron Blue™ for: «nd Inilljj<»llon_l t^ko _KrMt iilaiauro and Im HOH Clinton Va.. IndL •»)•«; " I Imiir BIOBI § <my to tlio oltioauy of Bruwu'a Iron Uittora for yBpopsia, nnd aa a totilo," < enulnn haa aboTe Trade Mark and omened red HUH on wrapper. Take un other. Mado only by BltO W N XJUBM1UAL Oth, IIALTIUOHK, UD. KASKINE (THE NEW QXJ1MNIS) ; N<>bad effect No headache No nausea. ringing e^rs, C nre * quickly Pleasant, v m< A POW1 RFUL. TO MO. thut the most delicate stomach will bear. A 8PJ CIFi.C FOR MALARIA, RHEUMATISM, NEKVOUS PHOSTKATION, andnlltieiti) Diseases. BollevueHospital, K. Y.: "Uulversally sue oessful." ("Even'patient treated St. Francis nos.N. T. < with Kaskino ban been ((liaehurKed cured." Dr. L. R. White, U. S. Usuniinlni: Bur««on. win ten: "Kiskine la th« best meillclno made." Dr L. M. Olei-sner. 3fiO Fast 12lst st , Nrw ^ork eity, haa cured over 290 mutants with Kn>kln» lifter quinine and nil ..tliei-di HgHluul alli-d. lie sayx: "It la-.-ndoubtedly tbebeiit me llclni) ever dlacov ererl." . Pro.. \V. K. HolcO'urbK, U.D., Bi Eant25th St., S.Y. (late Piot. in N. y. Mud. College) write*: •Kaaklnu Is superior to qiiinlno in ita ipeo flc P'.wei', and nover'produces the allglrtsst in- lury to tliehearln^or conathuMon. U«v. Jas. L Hull, chaplain Albany, Pcnlten- :lary, writes that Ka kine has euiwl his wife, .ilter twenty venva t-uffpring Irom H ; al.»ria mrt IKMVOUS dyspepsia. Write him for par- Tbousandaunon thoiiBands write tliflt Kasklnt: bus cured them alter all other medicines had firi'.ed. Write lor book of teHtl« Kaskine. nan bo taken without <mv special uitUlcul advice. $1.00 per bottle. Sold by or pent by mall on receipt of price. KA8K1NB CO., 61 Warren St.,New York. • ludwlm Day and Night During an acute attack of Broncliitia,_n ceaseless tickling in the throut, and a'u exhausting, hacking cough, afflict tho sufferer. Sleep is banished, and great prostration follows. This disease is also attended with Hoarseness, and sometimes Loss of Voice. It is liable to become chronic, iuvolvo the lungs, and terminate fatally. Ayer's Cherry Pectoral affords speedy relief and cure in cases of Bronchitis. It controls tho disposition to cough, and induces refreshing sleep. I have liecn n practising physician for twenty-four j-carx, and, : for the past t\velvo, have suffered from annual attacks of Dronchitis. Aftor exhausting all the usual remedies Without Roliof, I tried Aynr's Clmrrv rcctoral. It c(Teetoil a spisaly riivu.—O. Stoveall, M. D., Cni'rollton,"jlis.-i. • : Ayer's Cherry Por.'nral i ulcoidedly the liost nMiieily, '.vltlini m.v IvtiuwlcilgCi for r.lironio lii'iiin:!iiris.iii)<I nil lntr;ilisraacs. — M. A. Uust, Al. U., Lout'.i i'ai'is, Me. I was alt!H'!;f,d, last: wiiiicr, with a sovore C'jlil, \v!ii,'Ii j^ruu' worso and sHtli;d on my Liui;r«. l!y nlijht «\vcals I was reduced jthnusc tonVkuI'Dtnn, Jly l.'oiij{li was iiifx'ssuiit, and I fruqueiitly spit blood. My jiliysiriiin told nib lo give up businesii, or I would uot live a mouth. A(l«v inking vuriuus vciuodica without rcjief, I \vu»'llnally Curod By Using. two boltlM ot Ayor's Cliorry Pectoral. I am now in 'perfect linn-Ill;, and able to- resume, Ijiisincsii, alter liuviiiK been pronounced inruralilo willi (.''insiunpliou.— S. 1 J . Henderson, Siiulshiir^h, I'cnn. For years I W»H in n dcolino. I had weak Imifis, mid uu.Ti.-roil from Bronchitis nnil Ciiliirvli. Ayer's Clicrry I'ee- toral restored in« lo h;'ulili, ami I hivvo been lor fi Ion;; time coiujiariiiiyclv vlg- oi-oiia.. Iu oC usmldeii cold I always resort io \'.\o roctorul, nnJ llml Bpeody relief. —Kdward K. Cyrils, lltulaud, Vt. Two years nrro I unffercd fromnsnvcro nrnneliitis. Tho n'.teijding mebcoaino fenvful thnt Ihodisnnso would terminate In I'mmuumln. Afler trying various modiuines, without bcnoflt', lio priiserlhctl Ayor's Cliecry Pectoral, which relieved 1110 nt onco. I continued to take thla tnedlciuu, and was cured. — Ernest Colton, Logansport, Ind. * Ayor's Cherry Pectoral, Prepared by Dr. J. 0. -Aycr & Co., Lowell, M»«». 8oW by all DruggliU, Prlco $1; eU kotllce, |6. NOTICE. ICNtiite, ol John W. Schweppn, ileceimed. The uinlrKiUni'd, h- viiiK been np- lolnted I'xnentoiH of the lint u 111 and t'Htiimen, nf Joliti ' U Schwe|>pi', late, if ihu county o' MiidlHoii und t>'»ti) il III).loin, HeceiiHed, liuri'liy «lvo nollee nut tiny will H|ipuarli«l(iflttlie flimmy «'ouit il tlnillHoii eotiniv, at the eimrt liini-e, In Mniinl-vllli-.nt tlK'Mj i'i h lerm.on tmi louith iloii'lay In Slaieh IMIXI, at «lilch thn ul p«f- luivl' u clalmi iiRidnst aiil i vtate are ii'i and icijiumted to iitieml for tin pilr- >i,unii[ liuvlim iliiiHium- ndJUKted. All |>ei«onp itlebted to said iHtiilti aro ruquittitod to iintKfa miiu'dliiiupiiym'-ni to ihu iindiirnl«n- il. Uute.d lliluiinl iniv ol Kt-ln inuy A D. IS87. Hi I'/.A r. fSl'II.WKI'I'E, WILI 1AM 1C. H> ll» H'l'l-;, 1IKNKY.M. faOHW I'l'f., ficHw Kxi-eutors, SIM «F WETS, SUCH AS Velvets, Body and Tapestry Brussels, Two and Three Plysv Stair Carpets and Mattings, Oil Cloths, Rugs and Mats, Has arrived. Also a vary Choice Stock of Wail Papers & BoMe|. I am offering-tliese goods at the very lowest prices to cash buyers. All are invited to ca>l and -see i lie foeauiif ul new goods &leam the low prices. ALTON, ILL. A NEEBM1M. -J. HOFFMAN & SON, DBALKR8 IN Stoves and Haidware. HARD & SOFT COAL BASE BURNERS! And other fir«t claio heating stove* fur wooJ or cool. ileo Kaniios nnd Champion Monitor Cook >tovos, tua best in Altou. Outside Worn a specialty: Roof Ing, Gutteriiig, etc. ndertaker's Supplies ,, ALWAYS ON HAND. TOR. SKOoWn AND AI.BV 8TS. ' ' -~ ' ' —• i — - - - - - KAGLn PACKET COMFAHF. SPRING ARRANGEMENT. Tlie Steamer U. LEYHE, Master. E. BOSS POWKLI, ED UE.OOE, Oiun a. On and a tor Monday, Fob. 11, the Spread •HKle »-l nin no lollowa, vizi , LEAVING ALTON FOR ST. LOTUS at 7 o'clock a. m., and St. Louis on return trip at 3 p. m., dally. And leaving Alton lor Portage, Jersey Landing. (Jrauon. and waj polntp every evening at 5:30 o'clock. «9,The Whistle will be nouuUed fifteen minutes before atartlngf or Ot. Louis. . To ST. Lccu, SOUND TBTP . rwBNTT KlDBS" BO . - - :600 W. friLr,. ABPTII. Fast Freight. &Pa£set ger.LlLe THE hT. LOUIS AND CKNTEAL ILLINOIS R. U. CO'8 PALACE J. F. KLI if-ON, Uoiutuunder. KL> AN8HDTZ, j ,„ , u . O'O'K 8 On and utter Thursday .Feb. 17th, wilUeave Alton dallj For &t- J.ouls at 7 a. m. Retnrnlnir, will leave St. Louis (foot of Vino at. ) at 2 MS p.m.! Leuvinu- Alton at5;:M> p. m. for fordiKe and .lerwcy, arriving at Oration at 7:45 p. m., onneolinKw'th f m-tt-zpresR on Pt. Tx>uls and O'entrul Illlnolo Rullroad lor Jerseyville. Wa- vny, sp ItiKllcia and all poiiita i.orth and iast. . ..•;,.•' Td ST. Locis, tingle trip,' . . . Me. " " r- unit uti>, . . . . "60 " " twunty rluu ticket, , $5.03 HENUVO. TAlUM,Gi>n A«t, Alton. II. A. Kl -ilEU, ,,uii'l MuuuKor. le Idtf Tim unrtor.-il^aod hare oponod a n«w mu-tle oro ut tnu curunr of u.'lilrd i aud l'luen su ORGANS AND PIANOS i of tue [Uneat workmanship (or gale atrfia- aouuble price-,. Uail ana examine our lUDtru- inuuu b-iloie puvuliualng uUuwtiure. FLOSS, & RABE. uiuh22dw(iin WILSON WASHBOARDS. Time Wotliboardi aro mado irlth a Bent'Wood rim. Tbo BtroQB- oit boaidaand boot wannera In Uio trurld. For sola by all dmlc-rn. CO., I Sn<flun>v, 800,000 ACRES CHOICE Wilw Vitluatluv Ili-wi., J»4i".vUI» Wl» Hi NORTHERN 'CONSIN riirwleat «5 AN ACRE on long lima. The mo»t nroiuoroui nnd protnliilDK I'M for ntllomeiit In (lit V. V- ftm I.-f urination wlili good nun frae. Aililrcn LAUD - ,r-««inll» C«tr.l B. £, HllirukM, m Master's Sale, STATE OP ILLINOIS, I 81, CIiilv county. J Ol; thu ^t-pt. iiibpr tenu, A.D. 18f«, of tho St Clnlr Cininly Circuit Court. JohnN OliUuiiiVg.Th'mmBOHHon. a*or« Ohliton, Jimiea UHdrro- , lldhurt W nicfc en»o». JSIItubnth Am, <Vtl am», liorothV Burn. llioii.u f Buni,J«me» B u y n ', ffi5?sX * ornu'""», S i ah Jwiu Murn, V\ UH, inj Buin uJolm TlioiUHS iJuin ..oioihy Ann burn Uubullu. Burn, Jatnu- Bum, ttud HeDivtU 0. ullein r, executor n| tti« latt will aiiii tesiuu.en«of John ohllton/deeeased .W.Jior BUlo ol UoulJirtiiU. ;under and by vtriue of : deore'e of laid court, made i' the'atM»v» emiiled CHUse; at HuJd terin.i.ibeunderslunvd.wlll, OH 8ATIRDAY, MAHgn 10, 18B7, vi, ' n- tV'tl «tidii u ii, and Mute of- lll.nol», to'rtlt: Tj'« *nt louitliot the >outh..aot quarter ot th« .nprthwew quttUer, cuntmnlnK t.,n (10) acres; and thu uaat hull of the Houthweii quur cr, u 1 tn seetioa thirty (8 townihlp blx (6) n< rth ul runito nl o id) west. t Appi u end vuluu, H,4M.7i Sal.- tn coin aiBiioe ut one o'clock p. m. XtRMo Of -ALE.. -Twenty per cent, of the purchuae uionxy to be i.ald cash HOWD, ana tbe balance on a' credit of nix nnd twelve ni'iuthf, Bocuitd by noto and approved rtcu- i ity, und a mortgage ou ihu prouiUn eold.oa Ihe execution oi wliirli,\, upon conflrma. lion ol snl * eale, I wll. execute ana deliver t deed to tliepmchastr or pujcha-i-rt ol taia land, .arcby said Oiora I am directed, conveying al) th, l light, tiUiV and. claim of the said imrties n said null to said premises. ' • ALONZO ». WU.DEltUAK. Muster in Chai.oei-y'ol. said coimtv. M. w. WEIII.SOI, _ -.. 'A-:i^'.mvi Sheriffs Baler : Jennie E. -Uepwr v-' -' -v'^'^Vvs'', -•;-;., va. J Execution No. 82. " .FranMin Depry.' ) Ifee bill No. By virtue of un oxi-oution.iD this cose issued out ot tbu clerk'a olllce of the Circuit < ;ourt of Vudlaon county, llllaotir.dliBoteit to the Slier Iffol said county ,llmv«- levied upo> all '.h« right, title unoi Interest {uf- thu defendant In and to the lotlowii B property, situate m the county of Mhdlt>"n and Stntu ol Illinois, nnd described ns fullpwH, to-wlt: Two 121 rods .iiiif 'of '•' the north sidv of lot jsio. five (5), lit block No: six (6), in E. Lome's addition to the town of Uppur Alton, and, ulsu, two (8) rods off of 'the south t-lde of lot No. alx (fii, In aald block No. alx (6) in i-ald addition. Said two (2) , plnoi'8 of land f routing tour 14 1 rods on Muln btreet In mid town nnd rnniilntf baokr easlwardly the entire depth of suld lota, and oltuatud in tbe townot Upper Alton; in thu county of Mndl- sou, in the Mute of Ultuois. wtilch I will el- po-o at Fubllo Sale, to the blgbuiit bidder, for cash, on ' : FRIDAY, THE ELEVENTH DAY OP MAHOH, A. l>.. 18S7, •••••.: between tlio hours of U o'clock in tho forenoon mid sundown; to- wit: at ,10 o'clock, a. ra., of Biiiuduy.lniront ot tliu north. front door of tno City Hall buliainjtfln tno city of Alton in the county and Stute aloreaalU, to eutlsiy said exuoutlon together with cobts. E. A. RURKE. Sheriff of MuUIsoa county. 111. Ttr G. P. CROWE, Deputy. ' 17 dtd ASSIGNEE'S NOTICE, Estate of riei'trmn RoKelr ann, debtor: TlieunderHiitnod liei t-bv girt-a notice that Herui'in Uegelmann, ol Alton, In the county of Madlaon and Stato of Ulinolo, did, on the liihdayoi Feb., A. D. 1887, trunpfor to the underaluned, an uaolfcnM*. all bin property, ical and persona), for the b-'iiufit oi bis ored- itorH, ucrorOiiiu' to the provisions of the ant concurnltiK a^alKnniKnti. All poi sunn having cUlms airainat tbe said Herman it- Reimuim ure heruuy notified to present such claims under oalli or affirmation, to inu ai invsloro, on thecormrot third und I'lasa •truris, Alton, In aold county, within three months from I hl« date. UntodFub 18th, 1887. JOHN DOW, Assljmne. JOIINJ. DIIKNIIOLT, Atty. feblOdOw Chancery Notice. STATE OF ILI.INOWri oo 0, unty ot MiiUlf-on. | 30 . Clronlt uotirt ut Madison county, March term HenryujrYlost,surviving.partner of Henry 0. Sweetser. daceasfld, late partner* under thu xaniu ol Swuetadr and Priest, va. Dtvld R. Sparks, Anna u. Spurka, bis .fife,, Weiley Uc-at. thu Alton National Dunk, thn D. R .-narks Milling company, Albert Wad* and frank R, MUnor, In chancery. Notluti IB nuieby given to tliu nald Woalor lioat thut ihe above named complainant >.nreto!o>o filed biabillof complaint In t,ald onrt, on thu ohunoery aldu thereof, and that a summons thertmpou laaned out of said court auulnut ihu above named dufendanti, icturnabli un the firat u>-y ot the term of the '.-Irenltcourt ol Uudinon uimuty, to be. held at court houau In udwai'davtlle, In said MadUou loutity, on the third Monday of March, A.0, 1887, ua la by law required, ami whlua suit In till pendlnK- HOBERC UAU-VAUfcR.. WIDE A DAVIS, Oompl'to Soi'n. TO ADVERTISERS For u cluH-lt lor JW wu will print a ton-Una Bdvunlaement m One Million IIHUO* of lend- liiK AmvrUan Newap ipora. Thi. ia Ht tbe 'ft to (f only 0110 flltli ot a cunt H lmo,for l,0,K)olicu • lutluul 1'hu u<lve,rtl*>'ment wtll bo placed belore One Million DIKKBHKNT nnwauaner puruliu-era:-of Kivu[< KKAiiKlis. Ton llnea will uo oiiiniodutu about Tnwoida. Ad- druiia with fopyof adv and olmok, o- nend to t-unt» ior nook of 170 pa HI,. OKO, P. HOW- tl.L & t)O., IM Spruoe at., N, Y. ; JalSiUm W A^'TI- D— A Hve, : i'nergell0 man, to rop. reaent u-, ttfi pel- UMI th uml I'xpeiiBen. Uoodn staple jeveri'onn buya: outfit XIIBU. bTAADAUDblLVUlUVVAltliiOo., Uos'on. _ ___ _ •; _uc»d8tn L ADIES wanted loaet upToa Olubafornur 1'uro Ti*n* anil Cloni-tm, A hi'i't ot URfllul in Helen io auleot fnan na premlumH. Sena lor illuatrateti ITlcu uinl Premium Llat. KI'K CIAL UFKER: to <>T<-ry TKNTH pun-on that an- awera thla advui'tlxumeiit, wu will aimd FKKH OL-U pound eh- leu Tea, AildrcwNAT'L IDA Maua, ' EMPIRE MILLS, SEOONU bTKKKT (Near Piamj, ALTON, ILb ran BALK : Groiiud Outx, Ground Cora, Uay, <iutn, Corii| Com Meal, llucloThent FIonr f Urtiliaui Flour, eto PKOMPTLYDKUVEUKD TO ANY PAHT Ot ' M.WIL1UN8ON.

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