Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on March 7, 1887 · Page 1
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 1

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, March 7, 1887
Page 1
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(TV* VOLUME 26. ALTON, ILL.; MONDAY EVENING, MARCH 7; 1887. DYSPEPSIA. Dp, to a few weeks ogri t cnnaUorod myself tho champion Tijepopilc of Ainnvlcn. During th« yearn V -at I' have^'bee.u jtOUttaa.I l)»vo tried nlrnont ovtrjV InR I'lnimc J tii i>6 a ami' clflo 'for IJj'Hpepgla in. tho hopo of finding eomotfiloK tbnt vfo :ld nfforU piirmanqnt re- Itet. I Had fibout made up my mind tnnban don. medlDti^^rbfn I-noUcea an enuo<8e- merit otSlmmpnt Liver BegulRtor by u pi om • Inent Georgian, a Jurist whom 1 know, and concluded to try iti effucts in my cnso, I have mod bat two bhttlcs and nln flntlt-Qod tliat) 1 have stnick tJic li^bt tliinif Hf ost, 1 lelt It) boncflola 1 tffeota almont Immod'atoly. Unlike, nil otnor preparation 'of a similar klnu; no Hpietrfl instructions IB required as to . whnt ."ne, eliftll , or Nhall not eat > This (act alone outlit to oomuleud it 10 all tionliled '' J. ». HOLMES Vinelan«I,N.J. CONSTIPATION. A regular Dibit of body can 'lie secured without tihBDgied ihe diet or dlnorgnnixlng th* fwtoiri.'by SljMMO^S LmB REGULATOR. Bee that you not the «coulno. Fro- by J.'U ZKILJN * CO. , I hllndelrlim. Pa. wkly We do hot "manufacture 'Lard, Candles, Butterlne, or any kindred truck) we do, not first squeeze tho •fat and oil out of our stock, and'then Cforiveft'the'refuse into a worthless soap. 'We are not near stock yards or slaughterhouses, buy no diseased or dead animals or refuse material. BILVKK SOAP is made of PCBE TAL- tow, by a clean process, and can ba used freely without danger of having the skin diseased or poisoned. ASK TOUR GKOCER FOR IT. EMPIRE SOAP CO. " •'.":•'•'" STi LOU IS. MO- Wffl.1. KLUNK Ready-Made Coffins, ' Metallo Cases* Caskets " !J tot L»^UOB, Gentlemen and Ohildrnn Office', and. Shop on State atre OvecHBr« a'Urorv Stable. Will attend to jn 1 W«ivlta'ni' ; Knii»it'.ni# fntT)t'»w. •••-.<>•• ' — . i — - __ — — _ . Patents. To iiy purauiu wialiinK co ootuin lati. iMtent on now InvontloiiB, improvoniunt" ctoBlKim.l will oxeoutu drawl nut) and spec Jatton* and mahu iuppllimtlonn (or l'ar.<- A i loiiB-.Utatloii, in pervon or by *'»«•»>. TH. T. L. FOULDS «& CO., TO A. n, JJOKI.NNEV A CO., fligheat Market Price Paid for Corn and Pickles, STILL. 81.OPPOH SA'LK. ' ' '. ' »oi TUwtlin «IUHN JBAUEU, IN FURNITURE. SECOND -STREET, Op|.. City Hall, AI/rON, II, L. VVASHINOTON, March 5 —Tho cffcot ,i-f the failuio of tho dufloiuncy bill will be more Serious than is gcuc-r- a.lly^ ; bel eved, Iniistnuch as It contained provisions for supplying pressing demands for postal cards,stumps, and other Itfins connected with tho postal service, tho d,unt:il of which will, it is expected, seriously embarrass the d< partm nt am) the public. The legal machinery of the g •vernihfnfc will also be materially 'uisarrangoil « tiring the• remainder of .tho fiwcul ^ ear, as no money will be avai able -for jurors', witnes- tses 1 or marshals' fees, and many prisoners — notably those confined at Fort Smith, ^rk., can'» not be tried for months to come. A nura'Ker of soldiers' claims aggregut- iug $700,000, which bad been certi- ued .byj.Vhe Treasury, will fail also of settlement, "i...- The ;phio I egislature has been polled-for l* *, preference', and'36 Republicans are for Sherman, 16;for Forakor, -13 for BUine, 5 for Allison, 4 ; for Harrison, 2 for Hawley, and 14 are non-committal. Absolutely Pure, Thio powder nnvor varies. A nvirvel ol piiiftv.sin 1 , cth wlinlns'imonnsB. Mine eco- ivniilcnl tban thnonlliinry HtnlB,iiml caniint be noli) in r»inp«tttlnn with the •nulrttude nl low test, «linrr wi' (Hit. a'nni p!ini|ilia o pnw. <li-r». SOLD OMDV IN OANS. ROYAL MAKING I'OWOEUUO.VIOO Wullst.,N. Y. ' janSd wl7 SCOTfS EMULSION OF PURE COD LIVER OIL Almost as Palatable as Milk. •The only preparation of COD LIVES OIL thitt can be taken readlliVuid tolerated for a lung lima br dellouto stouioclis. ASP A8 A 1IE3IEDY FOB SCItOHil.OI S AKKKCTIOIUS, ANAEMIA, PEN. KIUL IIKUlLrrY, COUU1I8 AXD THROAT AV. FECTIP.VS, «nd all ffASTlJJU PI80IIPKII8 Of CHILDREN It-Is ni»r*eUwn in lt» rrimU«. • Proscribed and enrtorscU by tho boat Fbyiioluu in the countries of the world. • • • . Fat* Rai p «y ,••_:• -DBALBB [.IN- FURNITURE I t A Full and Complete btock CONSTANTLY ON HAND. , ALL OBDBP .. ':'. -' • : • • ' JVtt • , '.. :• UPHOLSTERING and promptly oxooutod. Belle St., bet. Third and Fourth. UNDERTAKER. I. 8TVTB * 8EVRNTH 8T9 All 01 lino niiil ooiuinoi liirulni Ainu umli-.'ii.'uH , u(u, W.F. ENSUNGEH, Pluiu and Dooorntivo i WOJIK PHOMPTLV ATTKNDKU TO A I U1WKNT TfBHMH. AHU 8BOP OK SECOND 8T,, NMR PIASA ALTON. LATEST XKW8. Mrs, Senator Bcok (\ted suddenly ^atWrieliington yesterday!, ; ' Haonibiil, Alq., cfwms to have discovered a v«'iii of natural (jas. Mrs, Uiitu Harmon, grandmother of Mrs. Qrover Cleveland, died yesterday at Jaukson, Micu. .. JainuB P. Goodman, of Randolph county, Mo., beat liis wife to death and Hien u muiitted suicide. Miss Nellie Arlbiir, daughter of Uiu late I'residen. Arthur, is visiting relatives at Savannah, Ga. . ' ; One man wns killed and ten injured in Saturday night's wrerk on the Iron Mountain railroad, near De Soto; Mo. •:' v Mr-Senator Jones of Blorlda wants to be re-elected, and it 19 said promises sensational' reasons for his continued absence from Washington. Newfoundland is very indignant over, the imperial fish bait bill and openly talks'of independence or annexation to the United States. ' it is claimed that 'coal has been discovered in Mexico,; twenty miles from El Pnso, and a company has a- en formed to develop it. The French , Government has at last obtained leave from the Ureek Government tp search at Delphi for he remains of the temple which stood ihe're. •••'•'' : " *•:.'--••: • A farm bouse belonging to Richard Samuels • and occupied by J(ihn Vaughn, near Greenfield.; was burned on , Saturday. Loss;: $2,500, Not insured.. " Leglslntare. 8ENATK SPRINGFIELD 111., March A. —The judiciary committee, to whom was referred Se< alor Burke's resolution iiskijig for the'.-ippoihtmen.t of ia committee of eight, three from "the ,sen ate and nve from the house, to in es- tiga^e ti e East St. Louis strike and locate the the blame; also, Senator Pearcc's resolution asking for the appointment of a committee to investigate the cause of the trouble between employers and employes, reported i his morning. 'I bey recom- mcmied that both resolutions be referred to specitil committee, who will investigate and report ut the earliest possible day. The committee will hold its sessions in Sp ingfleld, and will have power to send for papers and persons for evidence. Senator Leman introduced a bill asking an appropriation uf $60,000 to pay for cattle slaughter d by the live slock commission on account of exposure to .pleuro-pneumonja. . Senator Funk's bill, in rel tion to the suppression and prevention of the spread of contag't us and infectious diseases, was read a second time. Senator Johnson moved to amend by specifying that not more than two members of the board should bo appointed from one political party. The amendment was adopted and the bill ad-anced to a third reading. djourued until 5 p. in. Monday. HOUSE. Numerous comiuittee reports were made. The roll was called for the introduction of bills, when a number of new proposed measures were offered, among which the following are he most itn ortaut: Mr. Collins offered a bill establishing iindt-r the supervisi n of the Board of Railroad and Warehouse commissioners, interlocking switches and signal- at railroad crossings, etc. Mr. Day offered u bill prohibiting the formation of local insurance boards Mr. Fletcin.r desires that the life of chattel mortgages shall be increased from two to four veiirs. Mr. Keyset* offered u bill paying Jus. Lilly $3ft,(100 for work done upon the Kmikakee asylum. Mr. McLatiglilin iniro>luced two bills appropriating S87.5UO for im- provenu'niH and repairs ut the Joliut penitentiary. Mr. Heilly vunts insurance companies to pay loi-al taxes for lire purposes. Mr. Taylor offered a bill authorizing the rebating of State tax<'8 for iho yi-ara 1x87 and 1888 in'llanlin uouijty, in order lo enable ihat county to rebuild i's Court llou e lately destroyed Ity flre. Mr, Wright, of Cook, wants a law abolishing "ticket peddlers" at flec- tions, except otto from each of the leading political parties. AdjonniefHuuil next Monday evening ut 5 o'clock. U u ixtvur loo lain in ni'-ncl a Hiiriiin- «•>! Hiiklc, Hwollmi Junks, i-t ff nei-K, or iinv (Him or tuihe. It Y"U tun. u-u ihiil Hiivnieit;n remedy, S-lviuiini Oil, lliu i/i-iMk'ufl curu on eiii'i.1) fur pal::. I'riuo 25 «'H. "liu m well |>'ltd llrii u well NIII] |i .d.' I'lili i« wliiO ii lni|)|iy inn" iij) UMvii Miid when hit threw itwuv liu nui|)'v tiiillle ittUM' liu I) id uuivd IIIH ijnM VM.|J Dr. Uull't) Cuu^h 3yi'U(i, ibu (arunie. Tho Maladies Uti'ds. Tho melancholy part of the study of caged birds is ihe 'abuhditnuo of ills- enses to which they nre linblo. Especially during .the winter and the ckrly spring the ''pathetic little captives are apt to stiUor and die in a Way which makes the very fact of their captivity a reproach. 'After examining the grisly catalogue of their complaint*! we have come to tho conclusion, thai -.the excessive dullness' of their life in cages drives thoni to the only indulgence' which is possible to them, that of overeating themselves. .,' The- excited :,bird.,wlilo5 falls from it« pprob in the middle of A burst of eong, smitton with apoplexy; the hot and lumpy - bird 'which is a victim t to hcpadtls;.' the .corpulent bird. whose tigure no dand.elioii ' bird. that drags on existence' by' Bfppi!Vg : tiii'cture of lobelia and drops of ca«tOr."bii^-all : these mblancholy invalids would. Jiave cecnpcd their snd comtltion Jf ; thoy could have resisteil tho (<?mpting;henip- seed and the hiscious milksop, ! -Bnti how nre they to drag life through tli'eir long" monotonous '.'• days? ''In the 1 utter Insipidity 'of "aviary , exi8t?hce. ; tho open .and inexhaustible' box of food decoys them like' a'Vic<vami"th"e,y succumb to temptation, a« Mmu. Bovaiy did, : f rom sheer,- unmitigated ennui. ':• ••Sometimes,' in the latter stngos of decline,' »11 "retj- c'ence'iB thrown aside, and -"titie nnfiort-. un'ate''spng8tec 'sits ail 'day lbhg'',ttt:the feeijing-trough, . BHe|U'ng, arid tlirpwing aside^ the fppd that it positlvf ly ,'caii not swallow, aiid .yet .'must be )iandling. In these leaves or Epsom, salts will reduce; the epileptic^ slid / cnses a live, spider is soinetimes fpiincl bQhcficinl, . as ! for hysterical' human patients' ; thor familj: dpctpr. ma.f recoiiunefl.dja pan- tpriiime or a' fancy' ball. '.We can not but think that move study might with: advantage be 'given to the question of the food of • caged • birds, "since this seems to bo the -difficulty i upon'-which th'eii- management ahyays strikes. It is curious that bird-fahcierS 'persist in feeding their charges with' hompseed, probably because' the irresponsible little wretches gobble it up with so much greediness. But this is no more a reason for giving it to them than the fact that children like macaroons would bo a reason for feeding tlfeiii diulj' upon this (indigestible dniu't}'. : 'BIiMs require at.luost as much care'aa'children in selecting for them, not what they prefer, but what is ' best.— T/te Saturday Review. '• " '•'• •': : ' '.. : : IN the Post >Vorthin«ton Uonprres- >ion«l cn'ntest,' Friday, at Galesburg Wnrthingjoii lo a t five more votes, cast bv Swedes who had never been naturalized. Jersoyrllle Protests. • It was HiWisiaki- rabvinji the general oltiues • f tho St. Loui" Hml Cemml III. liv'.to Sprihgli«lrt Thu i fhcp<s ar» lo- iinted Imre I)V eliarn-r, ii:m" if the'e ar-i eni|)liivM«"ih-ii ito not like living in Jai-st-yville they have 'tho privilege of loavinc in.}' tune, but, none whrtievnr to takH Hnd carry a^Hy ilip uenerat offtcea of a railroad.— lerseyvttl'e-. Hrp. Ex, Baffled the Tliy s iciuu3. bURKK AlkmciNE Cp , •Q.'ithoy, III: —I regard \irnv Wluto Pine bulsftm, as ii cou'ith mixture ut very grt-Ht value. Thu benvfU.cturivvd t,y my wifo from its u-'B, places it With liiu far in advnnoi; of all others. F'ir sevHral y«an< title had beun seiiousjy nfli eied with H cnnab (hut guvH'u'x'iuuoh alatiu; it hart b:.fll<d the skill of lliu ijliyiuiiins and cough remudlui, until I eonoluled nothins wlould uvad in her, case. Directly nfiur coming to 'CJmnoy, on your recommendation, sliu coruiiienijed using vour Bui-am, and u-hii-i uelnil like a e.harm, quii-unir ihe cougji, and lemov- ing e'nuivl.v' tbii'hOrunUBKli oni her l.ungH. We keep it con-lnnilv in nur hou«e.— .J. H. Ford, 'PttMtor M. E phureli, Ku-h- Vllll', III. '" ' ' Do Cre.sslcr's Wild, llo-e Touih | J nw> dec tnr i*li»iiii<lng 'lie li>ei ; |i. PI ie,. 25'!. IXKALLIIM.K CU.UK FOR TOUGlla W" wnul.l uio-t puMiivitly Kia'w .|>m no leilleilv ll.'H evei IIIL'I, wnh urli nu'ViTH-il s iii-faniiiin or ciin be IIIHU I'll hlnllv •< ilil MII iin-i'iV" eure Ihitn Hink- 1 Whi'H !'-»«• HHISHUI. SUfiAK. A ne,w disc. V.M-\, Ijiiln Apricot I'd'f cB8im t' hike ilian cujjur Hint tiv UKI • i>i'in lioi'il. Sure e.iiit* fur netiritiiiiM. l|. 'Ill .elf ll"Mtlll|l, II, ll\ -|M |l-l'l Illlll Illlll lil'. nil l'ij tliecll F'I'Milem M.iihll'x GK x KHAL HUP'KIU NTEXUEXT AND aj^CHANIl AJ DHAIKJHTNMAV. Oilier mi Third nt.,"iie door \VOHt __ of _ I'liiMi, tl'lP'l llnof. _ "1. SUITER l&SOiT" JKAbtfKS IN PIN15 ANI> COMMON PGENITURE. A. Full and Cumplote Stock A)on Ilund. DO NOT FAIL TO GIVE US A CALL BEFORK PURCHASING. ..UU KUHNITUHK ItOOMB A HE ON State Street, opp. Thirrl, A.LTON, ;> H uf :-riiv.'-n«nll-;viiKSH OK I am going to consolidate my two establishments, and h*T« to make room for new goods,and ' now uatil • otJ ri Everything must go to save cost of moving andi s ble-ware, Cutlery, Stoves, ^ ^^" Hard^e,;'!^§#a^^ Granite-ware, Locks, Springs; and ^eve<'<°<<' " ry thing kept in' ja1iy%a^^ V! " li ; ware store, All these! Ta- 7ii»i:nSnTJ and were bought before the repent ,.,,, those contemplating building this sprinir,I offer'' :' : • ..'• ••-.'• • ! . .1 > •;* •••ir.-'lt.-.lwm-iMK-.'H'HiiH! 1,000 KEGS OF at factory Prices. Rememeber the places; I 119-121 SECOND STREET, AND 115 THIRD STREET. This is no catch-penny humbug sale of old' And wora-out »took, but a b ana fide reduction solely to Bay^'eacp.^^ iji:lrllir; of moving or storing. .;',".' Call at Onco and Secure Bargains I WM. SI II Hardware HKAJ>QUAHTBR8 FOB THE Best Buggy in the in the city, at hard ttuies prices, sold, on weekly and monthly payments, ' Ajf^nts for the Three-Cone Perfectioi Burners and Stand Lamps. FINE MA.\(ilXGLAiVIH8, '^ fl.75, $2, $250, $1, $0,51), $t;5Q ttt JilO. Head quarters f or • EUPIOiN and CAUMIiVEIJUIl>[t^a OJ^ SIGNAL ulL, ENiaiNE and cyLjpNUE^Qim Cistern, Well and Stock Pumps, Fiseiuwped I'ai.HH, ready for use. -'Se«3'vp|M,*;;f|tt BUffffy Harness. Call and yet our prices and you will save money. ...I.IMU Cor. Second and State Stp., ALTON, ILL THE BEST ON EARTH I BOSS FILLED From. $1$ to $50. Warranted 20 Yea BREECH-LOADING From $16 to $30. J. H.

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