Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on March 5, 1887 · Page 4
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 4

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 5, 1887
Page 4
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RAItWA* tlttll *ABL«, Byurtous floral Tributes. ft IMI w*«t trltd ithlopharoa, and to thflfr . 1 joy haw found that it waf ir I?"!?*'? 1 ?' ^°lfe p !«?, J * no VO HtwUu*. / rf.'«A«[. Charleston, 111., hns been an invalid since he wan a year old, his disease being so complicated that it was difficult lor the v Path. i<HUlif<fllow?«\i( veut the meet violent pslni and torture. He wu helpless u to walking. Hi* limb* were almostdevoidof fooling. Mr. Parker's •liter, Mrs. M. 8. Traven, nys the bov hu been Using Athlopboitw, and the rnfdicine hu alnfb&p«fH(otni now wi*lV^b&t j^n do. Hti tack "nas itiffheM, to that he can ttand more ertct than he ever could before. .•, He ID now ten years of t agc^ 'ttjp ri know his father had tpent two hundred ¥ dollan. for jwlcnt medicines alone, but didra anr^ Was cured by Athlophoros one year ago last Spring, and have not been troubled with the rheumatism since. I tried other medicines to no good result. I have told If! thi*, cine all hive betn cured. J. M. SHAW. Every druggist should kcfp-Albloji and Atbloplioros Pills/but not be bouiiht of tba druo flOjper' bottle for Pins. j-» is of women, cotwtltiBtlon. h-raiiarhe,' Impur* blood, •i.e.. Atblophoroi I'llls ate unequaled. • regular prioe, for Athjophnijn? and Ruderanauseri ft Sonntag. m |lffIT!P toiBB.'irKth^flrirt^ . , ultuawd -JX mllw Chartton ro., Mo. For 8«le. A one Btnry trumn dwellinit bouse in ROOO condition. In Topjilnflf-iiuJdUlon to Alioa. . , For H«ln Cheap - : ; - • '^ '• ' '• • • the leirtdmiee ofUapt. W. t obli>; tw« and niunHard rotif) 12 roon 4 hall* i. 8 acres ot sron' Mo«' {»,«, riwiat- w»ie. 160 aor»aOl ,«laijl; jipar city Umlts. 5; .w .•> stury 'brick and frame '*» u— both situated on the «u o ate street botweon (Ufa ami 7th -' -. vow • .40 the brio* block ot Mtowia: 'ah ;8«cor< , '-. roV-i' between Hum and Bld*e street .town as Hunter 1 'rrw. - < s ' f-, i •• fo • nmfu.. . - - . • i] >| .t »ti all frame : ,^ln«-house within an*••* 'oim'k-olth* ' . lor On. -- , ' f K iod tarmtnu land, and anothr n net n< 00 <TH«, both unimproved. Sltuai- I'. Mm u., KanaiiH, at 410 and J18 per api> i-nHitirt vflv—onn thlril u(uh,lialiuiceon ttm> > >u in in lib lu-ren un imttom laud, all i iii-i'htlmi, near Mmlluon, In this county " I'l IIM- tf.HOO tor Huie. A chiilrt' farm orl:n Mums, iritnat- 1 mile ton-hui .iliipinun, ^lauuupln county, 111., ai a Inw HKUIH. .. ' .; . / |v ; '-.'••'• '._ ^ I'lirtlealn'onain* to buy Reiil.-Estate In the ultyii' Alum or Tloliiltv <rnl UnJ,lt to their In iir«'st tii i ; alJ HI Artonntt« mid w»ftintfie their list o ties (•>*• sule us oniy pnrt tbercol Is udver 'I fll "••'-....!. ', . •.:•• ^'HV»lt•I-l«^ I>K. K Phyaiolau and UI'FIOB AND KB81UKNOK. OOB.FOUB1) * "-•••••" AND HKNkT 8T8. W. A. ltA«KKJLL,. M.O., h ivir»- t n. m t '»to 1. and 6 r».m I.C. U. «M UL. AND, Dentist, 18 THIRD 8T1KET, ALTON, ILL. Oflloii Homrv—8 *. m. to 13 m.; 1 tot p..« r.;"' '-.;'^ jf ' f*mn wl • O. A. OVKB BRUEGUEU ,-VM'S OIGAB STORK '~"' H ;!*sitew «nd lfeautiful D^Blftn» Just ., ,„> ••r^ed.and uirivli'g Iy* tbe •».- Upriug Trade. WINDOW GLASS ! • V ;• *• -.- f jMwIWty, from Small to , fflUMitttt'..>l«j»i U; ill! Hfpy^Hr -H- At* W« ria 'r*ra1>li« Witafc PA1STING Md PEIORATJNG ustabl elitmtut ol NEFF & OBERMUELLER, leblldJm FUREIfA J '- ll 4lry^ «»b SALT D«r, tu 14 a ad 5O Ib. Suulo by J. A. RYIUE. tkto »«Mr b k.rt •• YER^SON •tettfl* AVER « SOU'S MAKUAL ,_Jr:rftt*«Ut»»«! the posy i tnlcX Wtth'anbw%rd<1den irray, sleet rtlinnt In the chilly air— - IfraUte!,- r*^a*. don -... ,'Uffh We sleet aslant in the chilly air- And thought as I walked In the wintry weather Row oft wo had trodden that path together. At first; In tnoMimmof time fair and warm ).WIraltholoATo«r wife trteoh and tho frass ' grew high. '" Orcon leaves, and bright hopes—and swift J, if ,ra tty-_ '•,. iumnier wokth> But we Only that we walked In the path together. _.*BlnjB \hoiall wBea'thCleaVes wore brown, .. And the grMlw^l nlpptSlby the white hoar Still we walked side by tide In the little fe.wn: Dead leaves— withered grass— their IOMOU On Vt'tapo *ralkod,'in"fiio autukn Weather, 66 hftppy, dear lovel SShnppy togOthorl , •• And now, Not that blow- Not deajjrOtw^wltb mo— no- sweet tov« to A<r j*U*Bjois« ito «iuir*iir wittier ireaUieri Even more than 1 did when we walked here ' ''-- ' •lone; o Jwt save pur .own walk there— and no --.„- J beauties har« known! jBebr Uei — 'S?."AW"~ ra.JuxS.sfif? 11 ^ We walk It alway, my sweet lover, together! —Luolen Arnold, In Peterson's Uagaxlna. Mrs. Black, energetically twitching her' needle through the stocking she was -^.ming. (?wv, j'i /• • "' Hflcklbbkod puzzled. He waa lleht' busfnefls man, but he did not understand the complication of do- meBtio diplomacy; -™ • "Well, my dear, that isn't her fault, is it?" said he. ,,, ;.'l|er fatiU? No! , Who said it was?" anrtppodjbjfl (Vlfe- "Vou!don't under- v - ,. O; I suppose 1 dprffi" pe returned, y--" ''But I muit^nfbsa I think' it's rather hard to turn the poor girl'! adrift, after you have formally adopted' her put of the aejlum. And she such a ' g o«Hljgiri5%o^4^K-.-ni>^ .; "I* thought it' woiiW be"sd "rifoe to have ji, daughter,'.',. ^ighed Mrs. Black. , but'I never 'thought of her growing up so pretty, and Frank falling in love .with her." ' ..';. . '•Wjouldn'-t she make a good little "Black, you talk like a child. Our boys must marry rich. And Lilia must gd'uway." "Where?" "J don't cnrej anywhere, so that she wiH not, boa stumbling block in Frank's. path) ' For I have set my heart on Frank mimyingPriscilla Grant. She has property — she will be a suitable match." "Yes, but my dear," hesitated 'Mr. Black,, "suppose your precautions come tobjjlflite?! ^uppose she has already learned to ca're for Frank?" . • ;'"' ' ^Tlien'alijB must unlearn, that is all," said Mrs. Black, sharply. • 'Lilia is a nice: girl -Enough, but she must be tttUjrht to know her place. I shall sona.hor to Aunt Agnew— she has written tq.ine'for -'Borne sort of a companion; and'' I 'think it is likely that Lilia wiU -meet her- wishett and ideas. 1 At all 4 everit8 she •'•' I wlH' : be 'gotten out of Frijtnk'B way. ; And .Frank, and Edward 6ur' ; Jirst; opn'siderStibia you know." So Lilia Rcdburn was culled in— a .dimpled, darkreyed girl, with coral-red and a' ; 'sliy,- 'bewitching way '•>. oil U.4«Jni|;und6r her IdngeJ'e-' d-w|ti)oiit muuh'uhnbcea- sary preamble that she was to be traW; - forred- to- tho root of .Miss ..Abigail Agnew, her adopted father's aunt " ! •"' She listened quietly; Lilia wai' M^ one of those who wonr tlieir hearts anu tangui'p upon? their alooves— but her pdgr o little hortrt sank down, 1 down, like 1 a lump"6f lead in her bosom. ' And that' night she cried herself to sleep. Mjfl£,, Abigail Agnew was sitting in her curious little room that evening whont'LilJa 'Redburn was announced.. It was a 'quaint room— and Misi Ag-' now was a quaint woman, shriveled, ancient and bowed over, with jgol<l' spectacles gleaming before- her eyes, and priceless ytllow luce quilled after an antique fashion around her neck. "Come in Lilia, come in," said the old lady. "You see I know your name. Price, to the maid, "bring the tea and toast You can't eat anything? Pshaw. you must eatl; I'm not one to be trifled with"; and; it f ayryou -puet eat. Wfsit madefaiy JiI6ojj:Bfiu)k t »end you away? ' .. LlTlit -colored KKHeVan'd dropped 'Ker lidf before the sharp, Jetty fire of ,&« old lady'i eyes. - ' '< . , ; "I hope not, ma'am. I tried to do my best. I-I don't know exactly why •ho sent me horei" >( , ' ' i "I do .then;'' said. Mlafl'Agnow, pouring the toa out of a chaswl silver teapot, into a china set as delicnte and transparent as gilded egg-shells. "You were too pretty, nw dear." ••I'ani 1 ' „, , ., ....... dlscusa tho question anyj 'iiirthor, my dear,"- said the old wopiani '|'I)Hnk your tflti 4 n( l 8 oto hod. Tb*rriorV6w* we will boinmence our duties." Lllia Redburu was very happy in her 'H*w homo. Miss Agnew was peculiar, but Uioro WAS n kernel of rcul honest kindness bononth tlie dry and uninvit- Itighusjk 4? I'pv ^Utvraru >nn,nner, and Yut'sliti Higliwl ofton—mid MIss'Aj^aow know tlmt slut WIIH not happy. "LUiu," aha said onu day, suddenly,: •>(\u you want to go back lo my nanhew "Black's?" . - 1 Lilia burnt into tears and made her simple conf»«#lon IB ouo sylhble. Ing her now w*U» tb«4U«k»g£ he« pearl Ian. :•..• '. :v ,• • - : .-. • . .-- /•: ' • "Nad, I know, I ought wot to ththk of him," Went on LUiu, Wiling hep fncu On Mlsa Abigail's lap, "because I nm only a poor orphan rtml his parents iiro proud null 'ambitious of him, iis It is right and natural they .should be. I dtm't complain; pray, pruy, dear Miss AgneW, don't tnink I'm complaining, but It's hard!" "Docs lie love you, my dtwv?" "Ho never told mo so," faltered Lllia, taking rufugo. behind tho long lashes. ..:; MDoes ho love you, sny?" reiterated the old lady, "Yes, I think' ho does." confessed Lilla. • "Well, it's a quoor world wo live in," •aid Miss Agno w, apparently addressing horaelf to tho parrot, "when love can't'hold its own ugairist money: Got four hat, Liliai'and We'll gofer a walk. I ciint" stay in' the house When I'm irri- ito|ted, ih tny niind." 7 ' Three tiays of tenvftt'd Mrs. Black re-' ceivcd a short note from Miss' Abigail " ' "' '"•' '' ' •''' ' : '• . .,.. . , . .,: ;You'have not be&i to »eo Liliiv since she caino. here. She Is a good, 'affectionate girl.. and I think aho feels your neglect. . -But I write partic-, ulialy to, say that I have concluded to adapt a daughter, of my owii and, settle all my littlet property '.upon ;her. ,.i ,, ['Lif • tie property !' ejaculated Mrs. Black,' •with a convulsive gasp, 'ami she is .worth » quarter of a: million. 1 ] ,--My lawyer thinks it is duo to all my relatives to notify thom-of this fact, so no more at present <from" ^ ' • '•':' • "Yours very truly, ' ' One 'minute Mt&'Blttuk -sat' twisting tho,, note -,around ''and . Wound "in ' her fingers; while iier.huBDa'nd drew a longi low whistle — and then she had resolved' upon her tactics. Vi1 "Ned must go and HOC his aunt," she declared. • •• ?;:•:.;••••• ..' :, ; . •. • .. ;X1 "There Sjkjke the w6raan1"'ob8erved 'her husband; 1 " "Yoii 1 want tb^make a fcie'tWeeh N&d'and tlnVnew'Whim Vi' Aghew's; ' ' I flare ' say she's a " - 'iThere is, at l«ast, 'a ,'chauCe," said' Mrs. Black, decidedly. "He can make an exeuse of bringing Lilia home to visit 18."' ... ,,-. •. : ,. ... "I'd like to see_ dear little Lilia body, thinks about Hiring the newspaper and'warming- my .slippers now that Liliais gone." '' "She''wa8 a good girl enough," said Mrs; Black, "only a-'deal- too- -pretty. But now 'that' Frank- is away at the W^hite Mountains—" '-,'•' And she bustled away to attend tb the summons of Mulvina, the cook, her head full--of vagtie 'matrimonial •schemes, on behalf of - her youngest son, and tho fortunate damsel who was to inherit the golden showers of Aunt Agnew's wealth. :Ned showed no unwillingness whatsoever to go to Aunt Agtuw's. . "Of course I'll go;" suid'he. "And I'll'bring LUiu back for U good visit, I siiy, mother, I've been 1 ; intending to •toll you for some 1 time that I mean to marry Lilia.Rodburn!" ,"Ned!"'" -••• ^ - • "I dp," stoutly (isserted th'e young man. "She's good, and she's pretty, ami 1 lovo her, and I believe she loves me!" ;.. '-' <'The "ungrateful, audacious, scheming minx!"-'hysterically sobbed Mrs. •"Black. "Have I- then 'been; warming 'a viper in my bosom 1 all 'theso .years?" '•Mother,' r "8aid ' ; Ned; "Lilia is the >'teBt girl iri'tlie'world, and' I 'won't ;hear r: a 'Word;'againfltMher. Wei shall be poor, but lam i^illing to 'work for ,;;' At»d lip JivdlHejd: out of .'the 1 rboril with' the dignity-and'resolution of one ; who 'is th^ttiu'gHly in;f daVn(}stl''' ;! And' Mrs. Block began to" cry" and' 'wonder whether Frunkf r away in the White Mountains was too far compromised to Miss : ^Ssdilt£;6rant tor'aainit of 'his entering the lists for Aunt Agnew's -heireits. - - •'-• ..--....•... i Failing any more satisfactory method of solving the problem, Mrs. Black resqljr&d? $"erseM \ to. i '4M?opnipaiiy the' 4-oKii: Wiut%n< A4*ft,Aivnbui'«? i : *'IJear-A r dntAb'igail, J -' sh-fsighed, as Lilia ran up stairg with her shawl and bonnet, "what am I to do? Here is Ned persisting that he will marry ' - ; '**•' ; - . "Well, fgue'ss the liest way is to let him marry her!" said Miss Agnew. "You can t either lock him up or bind hiin'over to keep the peace, so far as I see. But you haven't', asked' to sue my 'adopted daughter." ! '' ' " '•' ' "I came on purpose to be, introduced to her," said Mrs. Black. ''How old is she?" . "About eighteeji." s Mrs. Bliicklieavud a spasmodic -sigh. "Oh, Ned! Ned! if only >.yon hud kept that rebellious heart of yours safe in your own possession!" she thought, adding aloud. "And pretty?" '• "Well; people say, so. Hero she comes now." Mrs. Black stretched her neck this way and that, to see buhind Lilia, wlm just then came into the loom, bhuhing and lovely. "Whoro? Pardon mo — I mnp bo dull, bull don't uo'oP" "I have adopted Lilia Kodburn," said Miss Agnow, dryly. . "And Lilia Uedburn hivs promised to be my wifo," »aid Ned Black over the now heiress' uhouliiur. "So I don't see but that Aunt Alilgail will have to adopt us both!" ''I'll tuko tho mnltur into consideration," suiil tho old lady. "Uut 1 liopo you uremitlBJiud now, Niece Uluek!" ' "I'crfuotly," oriml tho niuiiuiivurlng .mother, "purfuctlyj" For luck- had borno tho little vessel of her hopes and foam eafo into a gold' »» p»rt.~:/; y. meiabur : bolnL' b^Wcia tMsuenw v some yeai-s ago, when a lady, who woo Uietf (and deaarvably sol a stnge quepn, wn§ acting. Hor husbnnd nvrivcu with some twenty or thirty bouquets mid a huge b.ipkct of iluwura. ThG fortner hi! dlHtribtitod nmong tlto tlimr-iipnn- ui's, tliu latter he phtrcd ill tho orchestra. At thu outl of tliu Ih'st act the boiuiuets were thrown, but no sooner was tho curtain down than they went picked tip mid tnkiiti buck to tho door-opun* era to be thrown .again at tlio end of tlio next act. When tho play was oy«r thu basket of llowurs was solemnly handed up from the uivhdstra. This Eiimu aotrcsB-was onco playing thu part of a liny. A bouquet was thrown to her while thu hcroino of tho piece was : on the stsigi!, anil she had to litind'it to the hitler in aramlnuoo" with stage, etiquette. No sooner, howover, hud the curtain fiilKsn thau shu asked for the bouquet. Thu huroino ileclineil to give it up, anilfiitiil that purhtips it had .boon-thrown to her. "But .thovo is iv ,ring in it," cried tho boy. "Wull," aaul tlie heroine, "purlinps the ring, too, was for mo." In' the end the boy 'had to explain that thu bouquet iitul tho ring, wore .both lior -own, and that Bliu told lu;r husband to throw them lu her. Sho -hud contemplated drawing the ring-corq'm.jjuttiico, .from tho bou- quot wuh grateful Miirprisu. .But her Uusbanil liaii luiulilled it, and thrown tier tho votive ullvring'when' the hero*- hie was on the .'stago— London Truth. f.'rcntly* d. . Ni't a fi w i .f tin. c,h z IIH of A'i n hnvt-rri'eniiy liccnnin jjri'inlv cxi'-'i d over t IIH aHUini-lnnu fuel", ihnt wvi"al of ihfir friend* whuh«rt:b('Hnpron<n n- pi d l>y ihfir phy^iciHus n« ini'iiiwi le suit! lit-vonrt all hi<pt*- viiff. ring « th i hat (In nili d ipniftfr ('iiii.>uni]iiiiii .- KmK'i- Ni'WDi-cnvciY tor Coii-iim|i'ii.n, tliH filly icnirih iliHi iini'M pn>iiivcly etui' hi) tlinmt mill lunu; ni-(-nfi'.«, O utils ("iilils, Asilinm HI") BiOnchliiN. Tri»l butile free-m. E ' Mar.-h's drug -t)re, lurjje bnitle.-;$U: Mondfrfal < ares. W D Hi jt <Ss C<i., wliultipale ami retail (liUKKi.sis «if R'ini»-. 0 i., »H) : Wr h«ve bei n relhnp Dr. K'njr'i* N«-w l)is onvfiy. Eirctric BiilHrs »n<l mick-i-nN Arnica JSalve for two ycHrn. H»vi ni-vrr hiHiilli'd rcnmiii't" llmt .-nil H-, well,or ftiyif >uch univerMil i-hti>finMi"ii. Tlute huv« ln-en MiniH woniU'r'ul cuict- efficipd by ihexe tneilicincM in ihis ciu. Si:Veral ca>eM 01 prononnci-d C'lti'iinip- lion hnv«'been einin-iy ciirt-d by U-H »| a few botiU-8 of Dr. KIIIH'H Ni'w D'- oovniy.iuki-n in onnneuimn wnh E'l-ctrii- IJittcr.i. W« aunrantue ilura «iw«y-. SulU by E. Mtush.. Arnica SalV«. The BUM! Sjiiy-- ro th« woilfl fin euu, . tn>iea,:..jers, sail rhi-un), ever s»re,s, teller, chapped bniuls, ithiililniu.-, cortid and nl! SKIII eruption*, and j osi- tively eu-e." piles, or no im'\ requited £i is guitrhii(e.ed to irive perfeci ,-<iiiis- fnction, or numwy refundad. • Prici 26 I'-i-Bts per box. K'» .--ait' r»v K Mm- Alton. Ill nichTflwln A metHphysiifiil pnmriox — Kili'"i f yi'tirself with hard work lo n\ t a l,v Itig. \Vhni Mm tiec-il SHU inrriirinn ivh : ch is I'lire, > ffii-n-nt, rulmljle. Such iK II -i»''s rtaiMipiu illn. J.i IJOSSL^SUS pecnl r cuiaiive pnwdrs. _ C A pingniiVf niediciiiH vliiHild P'I-S it tnlliu iiml cuii'livit. :if well us c may li« Imind in Avi-r'» l'i 1 . : l b«v slri'iijj'hen and siinmhite tin hnwi>l«. o-119'iiy; nmurnl action <lwl» "Th* Oreatut Cure on Earth (or Pain." Will r»li«T» more 1«1«WT titan any nthor Vn,own nnr Ik Sivcllluo-H, BtlU Neck, Ilru/iw, Burns. Scnliln, C'ut», Lumlia- Plcurlsy, Bores, Vrofi-LIUB, cacbu. Quinsy. Sort) Throat. gclntlca. Wouiia/!, IKuulaclm, TaoUiacha. Bprnlni, etc. rrlco sscu. «, bottlo. Sold; by all '-Iruuirlit* CouUod.-The (run- Salvation (HI boors our itenxi Trade-Marie, aua onr _ ... . A, O. jtnyer « l» Bole rroprtetora; liul'.lu.ore, ltd., D. H. A. Dr. l>ii\l'« <'onah Syrup will cuie voui Couth n' ''rif « only 7B (;<" i jboltlo Sheriff's Sale. Jenr.le K. le K. Ui-jiry ) vi<. } KxciMitlna Nn. 8Z. Fi-un'-llii l>«riry. ) n-c lilll No. U vliiui-ol uii (•x'-ciitlmi iiivlilxcn'<e )g«u d out nt iiirciKih'H, m uo{i)n-C>roiilt. nui'i ol 1 Hdla«n cniiiity.llllncl-, dlicc-te" t<uti» iihoi- Iff nl uidd cnuniy.l navi- Irvli-d upo all Mie rtyht, title iiiiM iuii-ve»t 'ui Ui" -Ji'f ndnnt In uud to tlu< Inl owl- K ffi' i-ity, uliuu « i Ihoi" umyof M-'dlM n and Stuiu 01 iUlnoIs, uud de«vnbvd ua (nU'iwa, ui-wlti^ Two 12| Hid-* i tl ol "tlie' north nld^ <>( lot No. (tv« (&). 1 , hlnch Nn. HlX (0), 111 K I ontt'iUKUII |o, IHllitMowx nt I'lHii'l- A- t'ln.iind, H!H , tw<> (Z) rndK ff of llm acinth nidi- nl In No Nix (11., In Midi) lilm-k No. »lx (01 In md iiildlllii... Suldtwii (!) pli-u — - f hind f-ontlntf IIMII- (i 1 IXMIHOM Aluln iri-ctln mid lnwn mid iniiidi'K liiiu- Mini win dly tin- iintliecl nili f t i-ulil li'i». imd hluiiui-ci in i he town "I Orl'i'l' Alt n, In tin* oii'inty of Muill- BIHI, In III" »tnlunl Idlno H. wliloll I will fx pn fnt I ubllo Sulu, 10 tliu lilKliuol l)iUdo.,lor inmli, on riUPAV, TIIK VEN'TIl OAY OF MAHOIf, A. II. 18rf , liulwn-li nm IX'Ui'n ot H o'ulook In ilio f -rr- noun mid miii'inwi ;tn-vi:nt Id o'uloik. H, In,, nl Hill', dnv, In runt -it h" noitli f-oill il.i .r n I tni-Uliy II <li linll MII«, in ti « city n 1 Aliuil In t' >• cn'iiiMy ii"il HI. >i< idnrc ul i in niillh y uii d tiXrciilluii uiKt'llii-r »-ith i-i-ls. K. >. HlMtKIO. ilii'i'l't <i|. M idliiin U-MIIHV III. IW (!. ". I'MI iH'K I>"|HIIV :7dld FARWIS lttr(rM . raont, Virginia, on Jiime Klvcr, rr, V« . in •> t tAiloii), llln-ini eil rlrini- In ("liin- J.'r. MANUII.V, Olnre MOST PERFECT MADE Prepared trtih strict regard to Ptirl tr; Strength, and llcalthfulnoss. Dr. PMco'sDftKiDKPotvddrcuntalDr Extracts, VaalUa, Lfliuon, oto. ( fljvyor.djol^tqusljr. BtKlttt INSURANCE, REAL ESTATE, LOAN AGENTS, KEttlUSSKNTlNO TRB f OLLOWIJUG i first-Class Ins. I IIH. Co. uf Nnrth America; ' Hartford, Phoenix, ; fruuklln, of Phlladelyhia; ti«rman American; North Brittttb - and Mercantile, London; Com. Union, Londot< , MaucbenUjr, ; Ulrard; Gleui* ' Firemen's Fund, We«t«rn Aiwuirance C- A.ND OTHERS: A OA8H CAPITA) IN TUB AGQRKOATK OF $20,(KH),OOO. >VK ALSO HKPRK8KNT THV Mutual Benefit Litei of Newari. N. J., aud Traveler's Ltfe and Accident tna. C«..U»rtford. )tflcB: Over AIIOD 'Mat. Bant Cor. Third and State sts. For Rent. Two-story house unil K<iuU stable on Com INCH Btruut. ooud Imii. WHIFFLE for 8a e Sevnn lots wls^i nmwl tinok ilwclllnK »i>< iiiiibullilliiK-,Iii i!() M| i-«pulr, In (Tupur Alton Ittin Ut'iiC'"nl i! tfi. 'ullhitf, tiii'l kii'W*i UN tli* M« I'lll (iiiiiierty. WlliiM'LK & sMII.liY, '.V.uml tun, or l>. W t. npp ir Alton. Forlleut, A t«o-Btnry biluk (Iwnlllni; known nstl" A. I'lati liuuifKieuil. Luttly pu in MO"<1 it) p IP. « IIIH-LK A 8.M1LKY • for anJ«,or <v«ut. .t ilesli itb'e lene uient on ICulf street, ow eO iv \lr- s. J.liutio __ WHIl'I'l K *"•>"_» K' . Vor t>iu> l'h« lino niHtdencuH ol J i, mid W. i 'IUclii'11, on Mill dt,, twoo I i- bflHt pt«c«H raxlileiioe prupertv In Alw: . Tne propun tcm.wn an ''Tlie I'HrK, uoatot above; If lo< HI Mill anil Summit streets, an J u Dumber < -.t. In Mlllor * Mltuhcll'a addition to AJtn vnv or all ol ahovu ut ror ome. The Mnirlman proportv On State streo • illllur A Mlehelf'a dUd.. to Alton, IX etoi mums, Broom- and out-liu-ldtiiuca; All til u« '•utoidbr. Oiui bit bad at u burgam. For ^ale. A IX story frumu dwelling, corner Pe and t'lftb struotw. • WHIPPI-EftBMILK'' l>«Hlrable Re«lclei>ce» furtnle. A twiintoty brk'k duulliiix on 8tuio gtror knoi. u ai- A. riult hi-mi'stead, lutelj pn 'I K""d i-opalr. A twiiHtor> irainudWKlllii •i Mnln Btiwt, iiKany now; A twn HUII> ilt-k ilwi'llinn on ^evi-ntli stretn. ull toi «ai> . owuHr buvlfiit 'Inclilucl tu ui WIIIPPLK A hMILKV Kor sale. The Woortrooi property. - A U.>»tory tran. ,oiiBe >it 8 roonia, on rittn and Alton street* - I room frame bougu on Kiltli ntrn. t. far Hale, . A convenient tann ol IM ucroa, DIOBI ail > aiitlvatlon; sltiiattwi on tb« Rothaltomnri. TB I- 'rum Alfir.. _ __ • Kur Hale <>r Rent. Tbv 2-ntory Irmuu dwullInK with 9 room mulumnu 7 iiitn: good barn and fine liiitn- Known an no NIoNiln bi<n nstuad, -ItUHt. i mi 12th ft.. In a 'li<«l-.iulii UHljrhboi hood. , Vor Kent. A two story brick dwelling known nstno A Platt bonieatoad; 1 tttal\ put In unod rnputr. i^or rtalr A T loom bH3kdwnlllng and nut bnlldlntt- ou Tblid atrcut, tmtwwn Glvrry u»d Vln». ' _ WlUPPUi- Jt'lM i BY. ror Kent. flood 9 r"om lirlck houBn with ab"iit4 acra- nl Krouiid.lin-luillnj IIIQ ,a -'.111 tlppur Alt-m iirmri ruetUt-nuo <u Dr. tluinlmr . _ _ _Wilii-PUC A SM1LKY. , . For Haul. Late raildi'ncu ol M. J. Noonan on ritaiii ivi't, known aa thn A. ''lutt plaoo. uood n i-oiito biiuk lioufti.ln Unit oluiM repair. ______ WHIPPLK DAIRY FARM. Altxm Joraey Dairy. nt«'' JiimtiH Uullcu'M U-ilry cutili), tin' u dfi -lu nud will fin ml k of thu vi iy bi-ui qiuiiiiv to t' e ; cltlzi n» ol Mtc.n. Tim cull In are inoHtlv hiuh K''"<le J. -in. \vuinl fui HIVIIU rich milk ilny have no i qu»l ; tl in uri- nh ynunK uud hualthv ; will i«o-' nOfli'px nl HIIS jilnd to iiur cuttln. 1'iivllfHihiii 111 liiviir UK wl'li tliclr piiiiou. HKf inuv iii'pcnd on (.t'ttlnt; ml h nl tlio wry bunt qinilliy. A Biimp 1 !.! will bu Kivnn (ieu ol fU»r)iu tu ull tliut upi Iy tor It. Th» wllklnu uiiil fVniyililiiKt'onnecKid with thu dairy wil 1 bU l-l |lt HL'MlpUlOllHbly OlllHD VOIIlUt OUI niintoui' I'M may luct'tvo Ui« milk In I lie Mint i'l oi'lrr, A ^hllrl• i.f pnli lo | nil ion »III"H ri'Hiiiviiiilly n qin.bti-d ( f uvu m-dero Will) Ml-H.IH. KlIX'll A HC||||I«», IIIKl Ml h MI-N i -. .ii-liii'iU A In n-rd UK, or iiddiatu u> nl Nouli .Mioii, ALIIrltr VOI.I'Ult. Elt.NKSr \\Klu.Nsl.UlI. IlllVIt fill' H-l-vlCl', tUO II HlHIdl'dU Kll'DH, Jl'f- *•!•> nl|i| It'll It'll), MflVll'lt l('l> IllPI'ltlll'l, J.VOI. Tlir Mi'l-iiiii IK [ ,iiu Hint (iiiniiiiH linll, o'oi M -ntl..i-, uwiiu I i.'v Mr HM'Vcii-.'il ftH'V York: Ktdk 47f)U |ll(1l||lutll at St. touts lutt lull. UUt't In thirty month* old Had U over mvonwen U a «w , .. ,,. ., OitJ-Bxpruga*..»,... ...f ......... IJl{htnln« BxproSB* , ..«;« B . m Obluago Atioouimiiilatlon*. ........9 go a. m Altonijpeotali. ii.. ..;;v.ilsKp.m 'j.lric^Hiult'..-.'.'.'.'.""-'/.'.'/."-.''".''''^^^ H 60a.m. M 60 p. ui. * : j2 ' V \8 40 fit Ull u WtMHuJKKkOASX/*. •Dally, rKxuupt Buuday. ,8.6. IIKBVB. aup't. St. LouInlUvtiilon O.O.NOkair.,TtokntAvvnt. . / " DHIOAGO. nUBliiWUTON AMU.UUINOT . 1'raiMk leKvt; ;t|i»; Union- Uepot, Alton loiiigNorthi ' .... V. <* ABNpI.D. d AMUttTT'g FEOKT etitKii'ti 'BkliWKKN ALniriANnlriflTON, ILI.INOI ' uniun,* i 1} rtay iti Feb.. -M i erHljincd, a jwl unO p«r»on ,«n|iin 1 eg t )uniun,*,t Alton, I it Madison and StHth'of Illind. .) ,18*7, , tia'jufa* S> tba .. . , , j a mi erHljincd, a- RHI.IIHII «<., nil his prtneiw Hl, Irtrthe fetnfcflt ot Wcred .' - cre . torn, noioidln- to tlie prt visions o( the ae* moeruinK H>wlgDillout<i. ' AH |:ei BOMB having i-liilm* walnet tho «aH i*rjn4i».K,jf«4ipinnii ! t(rB -hereby notlfleil to <|fnunt mich vlulnm undor -.KII* or Hffllmv ''' 1<C< * »« TO V «t(.re,on thetxirn. r o« J bird ith- m • Chancery Notice- ^TATB or ILLINOIS:* as- ''• *• > , O .uuty.o , MutvKon. I w " "l'«ult wMin'nl MadlKuo county, March torta A. U 1887. ••--')) • •-..-. lunryU. PrKwt, surviving; parttiT <if Hunry O. Swei'taur. Uewusoil, (am partuon unanr thu natiiH 01 8-veutSi-r anil Priest, v». Dtivld U> Spurko. Anna . •-purke, hln Vlfe,,Wi-t. ley Bviit.jtUtt.Altnu .Kiitibnal Bjnk, th« D. K .'•RWky Mining Oouiimny,' Albert :W»d« und-rrank U. Mllnor. In chancery. .. SoiloflB lnMt>by given to the sbta-Westn ilest that 'the above named complainant *ir«uiloii> flled liloblliol oomiilalut In iald ourti on th« chancery nld« ihereul.iknd that . numuioaa.tbi'i'eupon l»«uad out of natil •nurt uifHlnijl, the ttbo\e;b8aifd (kifenaiinu. "turnHbl (in the tlrat U' y ot the term ot tb* In'ultoourt 61 Madlt>oh uonnly, to be held at unit house tu tdwunlivllle.ln suld ilautton iinty, on tliB tblid Monday ol Maroh?A.D, an u« Is by law, required, mi'l whlon . anit la illlpbUdlnK. UOUblir HAONAUKK. WWB * Dxvis.Compl'U Sol'n. Jaitdlvr TO ADVERTISERS For « obffk lor $20 WH ^-111 print a ten-llo* i.lvi-ri!«cin. nl In One Million ISHUOS of lead- nu Ami-ri mi Newup.purs. Till- Is ftt ibe -ate (only one tilth nl ucrni a llnu.for I.O.Klclrca . •itldiil Ihe ml vnitlm-mcnt will bo placed elore One Mil. Ion uifKKUBNT jiHwsoaner iurcha>ers:-or Fi VK MILLION UEAUBRS. Ten iiu-a will ac (iniiU'idute about 7ft words. Ad- H'esB with copy ol mtv and check, 6- genit M iintn ior hook ol 176 pa et.- OBO. P ItOW- I.L & UU.,1 1 Spruce at., N. Y. 'JalSdlm live, pnergo'to man, to rop- ruai'iitu-, $7A p*'i u»>i>thuqd lexponBes. i-iotiH i.taui«;c\er.' tmb buys; outfit FBKB. TA < DAUD HlLVh'KWAUM Co., Botf'On. _ _ ,.-•-. . Of29d8m I AD1K* wantnd o xct up Tea Clubs Inr our ^I'uro TriirunU Coff.-oH. A li''ft ol nsflful nlcHw to select from as prt-mtuin^. Send iv. -Hunt nit en ITI. o unit I'ri-mliun U-^t. SFB ••IM, OKKKK: to en-rj TBNTH ]ier>oh tlmt un> wer» ibis ndvnrfi> eili«nt..wu will ni'nd ram re pnnudoh- leeTeu, Aildnss NAT'L, ISA • OOFFEK CO.. Bfia'oi,, Mans. m«fld3m W. Jb'. BNSlNGER, Plain an^ Decorative PKOMWliX'A.TTKNnKn TO AT -. ;-; •.itowKhTj.Tl^ls. UBFIOK AMU BUOi* OM JilCOND ST. N&1R PIASA BAUEll, FURNlURE. SECOND 8TBPT, •>pp. City Uall, ALTON, ILL, Ul klndu o) fine, and oomrooii .facnlmr" • onstunily on buort, , Al»o,un4f rt$<i. • Pfeiftenberger QE EIUL Nl PKKl X 1ENDENT AM) «K( HANltAL I)HAl OHT8MAN, Office on Third Ht.,one door west • of Plaba, tlilrnl floor. &SON, IN FINE ANI> OOftfMON KNIXUHE. Full and Complete Stock AJ* on Ilitrid, >0 NOTKAJL TO OIVK US A "Ai,£ BKPORK PURCHASING. .:'!(trUUSITUHIS UOOMH ARK PN Siate Street, opp, Third, 4LXON,

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