Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on March 5, 1887 · Page 3
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 3

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 5, 1887
Page 3
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VVa nk you n oflri'ftillv rend ill J ; 3uw ill ' pretty »«w » l t^» nre H Bowman f- H ** """"••' •*""- patterns, at 11. J. Uoivman,tS; O./i, • y?B are ihowlnK §ome rery prpttj ' Tie*, medium and dark dress »atin'i> at 12 l»2c per yard.—U. J, Bowman Co. • :..••'.••;• .••.•; • styles of those very pnpulnt Century Cloths are now on sale at 11 J. Bowman & Co's. FOUTY pieces Crinkled Seersuckers in ohoicuHl pattern*, at H. J. Bowman ' "• ' PALM Kit Seersuckers, Toll! <Du Nordn Dress and Doniusilc Glnuhitma in great variety, at H. J. Bowmiiii & Co's; I'WB.aro showing u oouipleto .toak n't Spring Woolens tor drew uoodn,in«;ud ing Mible wldtlr Cable Twll U a*, 16" ;40 "indhJoaBhrtiero at 26q j^also Novell* I'ttbrios of both foreign ';antl donibstic make .— H . J. bowrauu & Co. .Ip OCR 811k Department we'areshow ing Sui-fthfl, Gros Grains »nd Hhndumi^ In' oV^ry" new arfd popular stfade. In Black Silks we are ,otforltjg 'some •pleiittul values in Qros Grains, ^urnb«, Rbadamei, Faille FnineniHe and Brocades,— H. J. Bowman & Co. , IN VELVET* we are prepared to show Stripes ar^d Praise Novelties., Plain hilh Velvets and Flu-lies in every shade Plain and Striped Vwlvnteens and new , colors in ibe popular Dress Corduroys. -'-'H. J. Bowman & Co. , * i WE CALL special ; attention to ou>. Black Goods. Large additions havi been made to this Department during the last two weeks and we are prepared to Show every real Rood standard fabric aud many novelties.— H. J. Bowman & Co., _ — , > IN OUR Flannel Department can be found nvery quality and width of Whit* Flannel in_all Woul and Damet, also many pretty styles, Striped Sacqtie-^ ings, 'Tricots and Albatross, in all th>popular shades.— H. J. Bowman & Co. ( W,EA8Rprepared to show a complete lino of Spring Hosiery. We havo re- talnqd all t ho old favorites and added ninny new lines. In Fabric and Kui Gloves we show all the popular muke- includmg plain and embroidered bunks', dressed and undressed. — H. J. Bowcuun ' '' IN OUR Shirt Departmentynu nan And a real good white shirt for 50c and the beat miide for $1.00, aluo Punani; o '.fine pleated Dress shirts, Digni and .all sizes in Boys' Lmtiiol iShin Waists.— H. J Bowman & Co. ', J. " UO 1T/\T TIT? WO Sooond ntrflor.iioar JCO HU iiJJ Eta a, oornor «H Huury '— FOll— • ' ' FINE ; STATrON^RY, Bui'li us Omnfl'n Flora , Wbltlnij'* Standard Pai/ers. Htirlljut'd Krnno'1 L>n«n8/ KulUinu* KIUK"! Kline, Kllte URinced K'lKe, Uiilnmiml Linen, Orifflii's liinoii, Turkey i utU LI nun. P '.oh Blow. Mikado, Oliurred Kdue, Urtiiuu- Lam, MourniiiK Note, ami u Iitrtre aa-ortiuoni ot niumiimti'd uml I), comb d -tutloi mry. Dciiniaoii's WuX nnd Souls. Scbonl Tulilnii- .»nU Stationery. __ _. _ dec6dwly P!ANOs, ORGANS and SEWING MACHINE:*! C.lEAP FOR CASH ON TlMiS I'AVMKNTx fenos Itnd OI'RIIUH cundd arrl repulrecl '•&• w- IUK Miicblnn i-opuirtcl Hunnlinn lor nil Ma- -O.lTnes. .i ' v N. I). LAMOIIKUX:. MualoOOHler, Third utrent, lumrlv oi>|>o»ltr llelle, Alton 111. d«c6dvrly ^ WATCH rOB IBB HAHGMNS IV JOB'S TfKW , . COB. IIUILUINO. HKNKY *T., A.T MttB. D. BUIIKAMf'S, ., AUktiiU* iff Fu,licy, Hand iiiiide, Knit and Oro- -'oi» .^(fjoili Hyod8,,T.)b'i|fkans and Mils. ftlenV 8ear'"'B and Fanciuators -M'Veiy low IMICWB. Al»n Ureaamulttng. I'luln and Family Huwlnu anl BtampInK D ne. Uomo and gtvuudu call.' Don't lorgot the p ace, do. 0 •( wly "' -CALL AT- •' •'-'•' C M- Crandall's Crockery S ft ore FOll THE , Good Cups and Saucers, 80c per set. Gooi} 8-inch; Plates,: 80u P cr 80t " Meat Dishes, 5c to 50c oauli. •Vegetable Dishes, 5d to 50c eacli. Pitcjigrs, "jBo lip 50c each. , Ha,lf-pint Tabi.e Tumblers, 15c •per set. Crystal Glass Gobli'ts, 20o per set. 'Fruit Stiucob, ISopcrset. Fruit Dishes, 5o to "C>o naUh. Assorted Color Cologne Sola,, 5Uu per set. , Vases, 60 to 81 each. Best quality of Triple-plated Knives, 1.60 et. Triple Plated Forks, 81.50 per set- AMMODNOBKVNT. Wo mltinrUB'l tn announce ADOI.I'H IN- VKKN in noiuiillila'e 'or A'tojbor ut tl«i< mi H'o are BHIlinrltDil 10 unniunco JOHN I'. KUH ; BUMOMUdldato (or To*n»lilp Cullci- tor, fil««tiouTue»duy, Wrfltw'l.vY * * i s ,*»8 , •! ^ ,-ijy j- 1>nkt ^ v T . - -jy ?*.y A!.TONJ)A||.Y THI.Mty.rH KTT'MARtH 6 nbn -. Jhrh> It) nvjB liii«iloiW( . . t " Mi to twelve In-«>itlon». . . » " >>:TiumiMiir.-./i > /J'rr <.. n*t i/er Inch flrct In •iUltiui »i»i I'lrnXTr Firs cent! jw incii for ttHGh HUlm tjuem Iu8"rtlim, $3 |>or Itii'h ilrai mouth, fl.M porInch efteh luum u tlioi«Kllur ' i '•':-.' '• '..'•',' •• • I.KUAl, AtURitTISl^O: |1 por inch foiMho Orst liinerilnn. nnd 00 wnts porlnoh loroiicli hub»oqUonl Insertion , , WADoverutoa will-bo it'lolly adhered to TUB DAILY TBLlDOHAPlI'•'!• delivered oarijur* to all purtJiif the city of Alton one Upper ilton, for ton cents per week. Mailed to any aildrum at the rutu of $8 20 pi r year. THE TKl-EUItAl'll hna thn lariisat circulation ntihny paper In Alton, aud U thu beet medium for advertiser*. 1 'IliHJIBK TlllltU AND t'MSA 8TBBBT8. TBLB ' ' '' ADDITIONAL local matter on second A HEAVY ruin set m last night which till continue*. '; » '-, Mr. Charles R idemeyor in lilting up iti office in hU carnage repository. • Many barRatna in all thincs at the Jlobe. 24 THE voting men propone to t-tke a land In thu .next city election. We trust "hey will. : TUB.Weekly TELEGRAPH for March irrt, tor sale at this olBuo and the book *ore.->-!.':..>. t::r-' t.-:;- •,<:•- :..--••• Mr. I. H. Kelluy oaine down from Springfield lai-t evening and expects t< rritnru Money--to loan on improved real tstate. t Apply to ' ' Ruderehausen & i'|)ical strtiet. dif "AN interesting letter from Mr. M'Pikp, written .in. California, will appear • in bis paper Monday, ; • : You will ;,.regret itjf , you' buy before •jetting our prices at the Assignee's Sale of the Wlobe. • : • 24 FRANK .F. Bowman, the bellloosn St. ;ouU la:wyer f ha> sued the (ilobe Demorat for $126;66o damages. . Do see the famous Oie Minnie Coffee Vita, at Hoppe's China Hall. 3 3 DRESS GOODS ---The Pierson & Carr )ry Goods Co. have an unusually at- ravtive line of dress goods. Read par. Iculars in their iirtvcttHoment. Ice—Families i-uppliud at SCcont- ier hundred; saloons, SOc; butchers, 5n. bICKEL&RON. 286 HARRY JOHNsON. WHEN the new bridg< i.s completed he fast mail train from N«w York to Kansas City will cross at Alton instead f going J'around the horn" via St. .•outs. Wonderful One Minuto Coffee. P-1 , plendid.—Hoppe's China Uall. 3 8 Ma. B. 3. H..>oii has leased the bitch- uld Monitor for two years to Messrs. Ltissmaer & Warden. Mr. Hood hat- nado the Monitor one of the best paper? u the State. . A. complete line of Winter Good* for ant's Wear, lately received, by H. C. i. Montz, Third street. 26tf TUB growing wheat in this-vicinity nissed through the winter, in Hplendirt ondition—-i;ldom, if ever, better. The irospeot of a fine cron is, at present, ,11 that could be asked. A universal remark by every smoker if cigars: Noihiiiger'it Fig and Magnov in ure the best cigars in the market. If it were not for the fact that tint lateuvnt would gra'.e too harshly (Hi he feelings'of "Commuter" we mijjb' emark that the Grand'. Tower bridge will out a big Bline out of the trade of St. LOUISA : : ' Famous One Minute Coffee I'ols.verV iwbby.—Hoppo's China Hull. » 3 WE wore interested this morning in ookmg over some examination paper? if the Upper Alton High hchool pupiU. 'hey wore very .creditable in every especl and n fleet honor on 1'ruf. •owell's system of"n. . Dr. Bull will put in nn upper or lowej nt of teoth tor $8. Oltiou closed Wed- wtdays. d s wtf For Ilnnl—G'joil dwelling hou*e on Alb'y-Mrcoi,''between' Fourth ami Fifih ivo room- 1 , cellar, cittern and nut buildup* in good repair." Inquire nf Dr. {. G bson. 88 SOCIABLE—The C'. P. ehtirch SOOIM- ill-, lai-l evening, at air. T. II. PurrlnV IB was a very pleasant iiffair I'liu bnu r s were pusml in charades anil HUT Aniu-i'tncntsund vocal and insiiu- .final tuutlo, t. •§ j • Coal. Buy your Hnrd and Soft Con) of II. ,, SVinter and eel thu bi'Hi, Ofllcn nt 'it I'liaroiHoy, Thirl struct, Mini in new lilock, cornnr Second anil luiiry aU. Tulo. uuncs N >'"• 21 HIUI 64. U7iu Kcho B. Tim 0 ii^iri M N -.v 0-lxtii* Min«lri'l< «!» ft,U^rt«u|iitflargeaU'lleuoad uiithtl.v ,^thWtrtf«j' *j«nio«r»htS th« unto! mi tfeU ! bl»l?56f -fare; J Th9«« 'TfedpfiT 4rfi:e dWt^fchd f ftltf a f per.f<«ftimno« thnT-oUght fi> plea*s (hoS* wno-'rmw u»tei foi' miDSif(,l,y.—^,««fr«f(7 Ltnd 'tf&Bt* fiouie, Wedneiday night." DIED.—A llitio son of Mr, Chn». Uvt'isiicci, ngid betweenttvii nnd thiee ycur*, dltd yunturday of lull unniatitin •if the lutiiiB. TUB lunural look place thin afternoon. TIIK Democrat itulu in the fiimnolal cews iif Mr. Copptnger'a admlnUtra lion, Wo ptesumo It refers to the increase of city taxes 84 cenus on the 5!00, with no improvements to show for it. . The unexcelled Sterling Organs, the celebrated Defining aud Ivt-rs & Pond 1'innos, for sale by Flos* & Rube; also >no second band organ for dulu cheap. 8 7 HUNTKits.—Mr. Ilunry O. Tonsor returned this morning from a bunting xpedition on O ter creek in Jurney uiuiiy. His tiorupani'ins Mussr>< Henry Meyers and Wiu. Harluian titill remain on the hunting grounds. The >arly had killed 56 squirrels and a few ilucks when Mr Totifor left. Kavmg resumed operation the Sparks Milling Co. will furnish customers with thetr popular "Electric Light" fl mr delivered free to all parts of tbu ciiy. tnl dwlm CONTRACT LKT —The contract for VIr. John JeMe'a new residence was let this afternoon at Architect Pfciffi-n- berger's office. Thu following • were the sucons-ful bidders; Heniy Tu°iktn, caruenter and j >iner work, $1,029: John Hagen, buck work, !220; A. Wurizler, rubble masonry, ; Rob. Graham, painting and gl»z> j $164; John M.'ffiuun, tin and galvanized worlt, $69.95, Geo Kulh, jtasteiing, $280; slating, $160;Bannou & Etherington, cut stone, $19 50. Money to loan on improved fsrm >roperty. For particulars, apply to WHIPIM.K& PEIISUSAL. Capt. W. P. Noble will leave this vening on the steamer Ca I ho tin for r. muting trip up the Illinois river. Mr. si. H. Nichols returned last eve- ijng from Utnlitick, Florida, where he pent thu lasc two munths. He bands •i a lino specimen of fiu^t troui his rothur's orange grove. He reports hat strawberries have been plenty dru for the lajt month. Homer Mite, son of ex-treasurer D. L Hite, ha-i been appointed deputy >osimaster at Elwardsville. Papers from Mr. E I. Phillips keep •i reminded ol the fact that Wichita is till "booming." Col. Duly recoives encouraging news rom his son, Dr. Doty, wh > is at San .nlonio, Texas, for his health. The nor is steadily imi>ruving IB that Innate and has gone to ketping house. Ve trust he will bo entirely restored nd be hole soon to resume the brilliant rofessional career on which be had ntered. Important. To any person, who desires the satis- i (.M ion of owning his own home. That leii-ure can he realized with the 'small itpitnl of $25.OU to start with, fur ful artittularo, address, C. H. L). 717 tinai 1st atreit, Chicago. Good hou-ieand barn for sale. Don't fait cny longer but own 'jour own ome. Cash capital of $26 CO all ihkl t required. For full paitluulars, ad- ress t>. H. D. 717 Kust 41st street, Ihiotigo. .-..'..• It Biu« grass, Clover, Timnthy and all mils of. garden seeds, at Seihold & Jeterding's 17 d2vv w4t UOKTICILTLHAL. An informal meeting of the Alton and ouihorn Illinois Horticultural Sucieiy uok place today with a small iiiten- ance, on account of the rain. Among lose preient were: President, J. H. JrownejSecretary. B. A. Illehl; Met>srs. Vm. Jackson, of Godfrey, G W. liiU aid, of Brlgliion; -. Patker, of ylncngo. A comparison of views look luce, evolving Hie fact Unit the hoiti- 1111 m a! outlook is encouraging, so inch SL that thu society have kindly uneluded to 'Vptuo" some peaehus ; for lie coming reason. Advice to Mrit. V\'iurlciw'n Soo'.hini; Syrup, fur IlildriMi it'i'thuig, IN the preserption of ne of the best (mna'u ntnvuH and pln- eiiins in the United SlatKH, and' hue mm u-ed for foi.ty yean wiih never- tiling sucoi's? by millions ol nioiiitn> ir their ehildr«n. During the procu-i- f it'diliinii its value IB liiuulculiilile. li .',vun the ehilcl from PHIII, CIHHN ysentury anil dmrrhum, griping In the oxviOn, and winil-uolic. liy ulvint.' faith to the nhlltl It rent* the molliei rinti iific H In ii I In in 15 m w s wk Ho 'I hanks his I'uppr. Mr. KiliKir; I tvuri iniliiui'il liy mi' |)ii|inr in ny |)r, IIiiM'i'» •mi 1'ini i- fur (li'liUiiy, liv r di-oiili r Illl KHMlfulll. UIMl lIlMMI lint lltH llllVl- 11 i-il iii>' Aeuepl uiy tluiiiKH.-.lnH. U. A'x. Wll mekhnj IffcXpifliiation 1 Wil haveio start nt the beginnings. '(tie-fin MlMoun Infantry was, in Apnlf 1881 urn otgnntZ'-d for time month 4 net vice tint wht-n the fact heciimeknowiiihutih wur wax not going to be n inert) inumo it. was reoigeiniZfd for a longer period lli'iice all weie n qlleMed lo .proloti] tni'ir teriU 1 ' of «(^rvlc«) before tile, vxpi iMlion ol the llrst term agret-it Uirni Alter the Camp Jackson uffilr ihl coniritde together with about llilrt uilnirrt, refu-ed, p r eforrlne to ju-t serv out the three months. We hail alrcad 1 drawn our military caps, bu'. on ou rvfu uttl to C'.imidV'thy wanted our cup back, as tln-y had only drawn eiioi for the reglnivnt, »nd so wanted them for new reouiits in our stead, i neld on to mv cap ii<* many days as I could, bu HI 1 .t-t. while two men huld nm and th third man snatched my o.ip, I gra i;iou-ly •uiimitted to * bare head. ,Th (ollnwihg liny the ihiny wert* nvnchei down to the Murinu ho'piial, where ihl independent riflo eompnnv was slatiitn en, ualli-d hyoii's Body (Junid, the com panv bi-ing organised only lor th tuniiiln' hervice. rhe.tnun weie called iiito ranks and; asked who Avanini t< extend their SHi'Vlce for a longer perlou and j -in thei first MlsMiuri. Only oni lespundtul. Sn, when I/apt. Kaylei 1 along nur ranks he picked 01 nm, htiitiin.' he wanted mu for hi orderly. That's w hut I call swappinf In thH coursu of a short time ou: wa* at sitrncri to the dt fence o Girartlenu. VVhlle- : there, op picket duty back. In the lowlands, . got pretty welt reconciled bctwcei "to laying on two fun no rail*, to keep out of the damp. Only for tht hugu mosquitoes, thai kept un drawing niv patrioiic blood'.in ttnreaioiiablu quantities, I would have been comfort. Ho.wtwer, a . liberal supply of Unole SaiuV sowbelly and hard, lack reinstuted all 'that.' " ' ,, : " W>M. A JIILDEBHAND: Children, ."'=,..''! Often need •• sotnn • .»»fe cathartic ant tonic to iivnt iipproaohinir siuknuifs, or i> relieve colic, headache, sioR stomach, udigusuon, dytientery and plaint* incident, to childhood. JLe| tl}e children take Siminoiia Liver Ri/gu'lator f«d keep well. Ii is purely vegetable" lot unpleasant to,the ta^te ana safe t< ake aloiie or in connection witji ,other •---'•-"---- tu th s WK CITUBUH NOTICES. (To itcttre instrtim, nollctt under tht* tieadmuil . ' be hntulaH:, before 11 u, m.) BAPTIST CHUBOH,— B>-v. L. A. Abbott! D.I). aa^or. I'rciichhiK t ( > ni' > ri'ow by the pustor Sundny ccliool at H:30 a. m ; llunltroiown uiiitpul S.S. at 2 p. u). IOUHK people's meet UK at 0:30 p. in. Fvcnli K eurvlee at 7:16 ,'olovb. All liitoreste'd ara cordially Invited rO 111! SI'l'V CH8. I'JiBSHVTtHlAN OIIDKCII. — To-morrow wll )0 innal'Hinry aiinlvertiiu-y day. Tliu p intor Uuv. A. T. Wold, D.i»., « ill preach at 10:4&u m. Snbli:ct,"Tliu world liirlln-lut " A* 7:0 p m. a uurvice of BOPB, i eadiiiKB, i ecltutlous and other exercises will lie Klvcm bj th lu- illi-a. Evoo body cordially Invited :o thcs survlcus. ST. PAUL'* CIIDRCII.— Corvine, Sarmnn nuc Holy Ciiminunuiii 10:30 a. in ; 8.8 iitO;SOa m ; evening so' vice nnd m'nnoii ut ihuTriiiity chxpel in 3 p. in. uvii sung imd readings at the cliuruii ut 7:.1 1. HrKulur nnd inrpllpud olioln. All. curdlnlly Invited to attend. Wretched, Indeed, Are those whom a uonllrmud tea lenoy to biliousness, s« I'j.'Oi to the various and chan lui nymptuina Indlcuttve of liver o 'mpluliit. Niiujaii. alulc ho.-ttla 'liu. o mstlpatlon, fui'icd tongue, an iinpleusant bi eat h.u dull or shpip piiln In tliH mlnljborl.ood 01 Iho uffvcee>t or Kan, Impurity ol the bio id and los i ot nppo tlte, t'ltinallze Has oneol Hie mo-t dlitiesa luir, us It lii one of t ho most common, ol ma • iidlUH. Tlierulu. however, a bi-nlKii suioillo lor tlii> diMBii"« and nil UK uiipl, asunt muni le^'utloiiH. It r fie • oiifuriont tt-i-ttmoi-y i»j tliH public and th .mn'lloitl' prufon-lon, that llonti'ttei'u Stnmai'h Bitten, I" a mi'illulnii tthicb ai'hlCM'8 rrrnlti, »| p, dlly (clr, ihnr onxii mid b nlgn UfHldra ri'C>ilyli>K llvci i|l».orilPr. It liivn oran 8 tl.'ii fern I" 1 , ciiiiqiicv ktduuy anil bladder comi'lalntH anil hn»icn» Hie eoHViili le nun ul tlU'So rticoverlnu from en'i-fbllnu dl-ra-an Mo'e> ver, It is ,(hu for lever and BKUU. *«« DAVI — WOOL"lHGE.-Mft'rtPd at the M, K. • Hrtonavu. Ooliin-vllii', bv It v. K. U. Gwinn. Mm oh Sit, W'ulhy D. ilavln anJ ill»§ Julli A Woiilitdge, both < I that city. PRICE LIST: HIU. LaBBlle,-';•'-'. $4,75 Fairy, • • • -4,50 Diamond Light, - 4.00 Fancy, • • • 3.50 UPPER ALTON, ILLS, D. B. KITTINQER & CO. U'Wi thu niihllo to know they lira Uooiln ul Lowutt (Juull I'll tun, Dry Go 'il«. Otdcerln, of all kinds. Hun , Y.IIII, Kfi-il. Ilk A i lii'n'Itrenill.i'iK r«, • i-ry nC nil da Tub '<ioo, Ili Quuciu unit Tinware. OyntorH and Colflry; lirnnk Uros'. Oniulli'H HIM! Itri>!4d. 0, B, KITIINGER & CO, H 014 Stuud. We FEEL and KNOW we are offering ail assortment of ; » DRESS GQPI38 never equaled by us before. STANDARD : GOODS of all kinds. NEWESTSTYLE3 and COLOK8 in MDST RECENT MAEJES. -:•-'. > ' ' •-"••< -'' ••-:•'- ••• ~ ' ,i •<:• .:yj /;..'. , t ; . ,.. . .. ; ^. ^ fiLAGK GOODS CHEAPER and in MORE VARIliTf than ever. WIDTH GOODS of all kinds And all at CairttCflf '•»; ..>.. ,'# READY-MIXED PAINT, white and colors, PAINT GROUND THICK, in white and colors, to be thinned with oil. WHITE LEAD, OILS and COLORS, ALABASTINE, WHITING, and GLUE. Marsh's Drug Store. Largest and Most Com* plete Assortment of Hard and^it Coal and Wood Cook and Heating Stoves EVER BROUGHT TO ALTON. The Celebrated Buck's Brilliant Cooking Stove and Hard Coal Base Burner. They IIBVOno equal. Also HOOKING and (jin'TBKINQ and JUUBINO dona Ktreatoubt* MIUI-. Cull and ea mine my aiock bufura purohaain^ tlsewhure. T r^P^D"or*Hd K*H"h ^32 East Second st, ' " A- ^' : 'o c ' 1 " lcl1 w L »5thdobr west of Henry aOLOand The. best for the Money. StS.

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