Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on March 5, 1887 · Page 2
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 2

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 5, 1887
Page 2
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ALTON DAILY TKLEGKAPH. to THB dead look Iti.thelDdlkim lature still continue* atid is ; 'l'i until the end of 'the session _the.. legal rights of Lioutenint erppr,, Robertson »ro acoordud him. The K'pnbilosn llotiie u firm in its' deter* < .ffilrmtlop not to recognize the Senate ' until this "is done. G.iv- GovEuroR OOLKSDY, it Is said, Is ie- terminc(t Jthai - ; the present' Oeneral A88eiubl^ita|'-t -pass a law providing In •ome waf fb|;tHe>mpl6Tiiipnt $t con- vlotp, and also X B , bill relprmintc , the methods of levying and colluding tux«* or be oalleil together again Immediatuii After they adjourn, for n special session to* tftitSftif the dmlee. ^,>,4.-: > '.''J 1 ; - .,- . -,..; •'• -.'.; .- ,- ; Adjournment of Congress. Congees* adjourned sine die at nnnri yesterday, luavinj; a mass of bills, good. bad and Indifferent, undisposed of. AH kbe-'neoe»9arf approprihtldu bllla wert | attll|r4pa)»ed, and there! will 'be ho otfoaslon'fd'r nf *&tra settlorrof the hew Congress which will meet In December. The mont important bills 1. ft unsigned by the President were the Fori)ttoutioni> Harbor bills. Tm Legal Adviier holds that th. marriage of AuguHSpleg hy his brothei as proxy to Nina Van Zindt, was n marriage of Spies 1 brother to Miss Vui nit that, Spies' brother IB hi<i ban^ Sp^brothur already had t- i?Wilfe./j»l : ^he timevOlhis'pr^tHnded marriage by proxy ,and ihe Adviser >up,gtn>\.' "Should he be indicted for bigamy hi will certainly have a lively time of it 01 f tnil to 'Show "thai 'he is not guilty." • ' " Free Trade. The reduction of internal revenue and the taking off of revenue sumps from ppr)fapri6tary; medicines; fflp Jdonbt, hai-, '^afaelyJben'tBttedUhe'dohSuaiers, as wel as relieving the burden of home manufacturers. Especially is this the cum with.Green's Augu-t Flower and Bo>- cbHtTs Gorman Syrup, ax the reduutim of thirty-six cent-i per riiizan, has beei added to increase the t-izi of tUu bof.le- containing these remedies, iberel" giving one-fidh more medicine in the 75 1 HOeot".8iise.jp5|Thej-jAujju^t Elower fin ! JO$>pepiiafa;ndJtiver complaint and, th> German Syrup for cough and luny troubles, hnve, perhaps, the largest »»ii of any mediumes in the world. Tbi t .advuntftnu.of .increased H'IZB of the bot '•''•'tleVwill be 'greatly aprireoiiitt-d by tin sioks-and .infllu't-'d, In evury town and village in "civilized countrios. ..Sitmpli buttles for 10 cunts remain the satin' size, U 3 dwlw eow 81'KAY. Beat, who ;bas been |Vt||U|tr reliyivws buro, has returned l< erhntnw in 'Nohomis: Mrs. H. Seller, of Lobinnn, is tin- her moiher, - Mrs. Badley, ot Upper, Alton . .... ......... Mrs^J. H.'.Yng^ paid a ylsitof a few days duration itii Edwaidsyille during the week. Mrs. E. A. Riohm;md, of this oily, !•> Mr.; J . R. Miiuor. " 'Idrs 'iliirin Li'Vls'h'as been visiting 'her mother, Mrs. Win. 11. Cotter, of E I- wardsville. '? ».. " :.-. Miss Sadie Smith, who has been visit- Ing herojfoj BO rue time, past, ia now in |ja|ttillt(wVith reiallveV? ;'' .• • Mri'and I MVs. J. N. Drumraond, whc have been dtavin^ at the Southern iloii 1 in St. L'IUH for a few weeks, buve re .. l^lri, ||Ci|) j J>oty {M<\ in;St.,Loni4lthe first of 'the week HI- guests of Mr. EtTwin .';Arden, who ha- been plavmg in St. Louis this week. ;j.;f *Mis»,Clara.BuatY, of..Upper Alton, after a visit to her unplug inniJly,. Mi,. J. H Weeks, of Litohoeld/has returned home. - ,., . ,W; ?•• % u -;-.i '• k: ' '.^ .H • •> ' ' • •• . ts. Chhrles.H.. Barry and duugbter. Will soon leave Alton for Detroit, .Mich-. ,'?/.,«*l whioli place Mr, Barry is eiigagfd in 'business. Her many friends will regret herre^nova! from the city. : , ' Mr' -an| ^lM. Ill R. • Phinn«y " arid family, who ; have been f pending th<' <•*. \ winterlat?Hntel Madison,- huve returned I>')'"'' s |p<| : b,0jpr^cldonop,Qn' 'lAwe'filj street. ••',- '/'Vt'i'iJJ^y an ^ Mr?. Eygene Lahee, formtir- ,J^ j,'lly?q{.<Cjulc«go, ate »pw Jp Uellcyi|,le a- 'the guests ol Mrs. Ai T. Priiiira. It, \* the intention of Mr. and Mrs. Lnhee (<> i •; Slooaie In Alton at come time in tbi- near future, tti" soon as the health ot Mrs, Lahee—that has been greatly itn paired by tl|e| prostration con>t'quunt upon thoijlnesf and death ot Mrs.Claw- ion—will pefraVt. ' : * Mr. Xmp) h^s dlsoontlnuod his dano ing classes for » time, Aim* two v>lnter terms having expired. llu expnots in ,»ht)m^b 4 oitly, liowavur, If naiU- This ufternuon ho will have a mannec 4 ,at £18 t(«H private hull m St. L-mls Mm. A. K. Root and children and Mr*. Gray and, (laughter, of this city, will attend,'' *' " •"•' """ ' ''" • '' ' Another play will be given after Easier by the young people of St. A«». thtt'suild. Tbu pluy Hejeoiod is "Otn |u, 0 I p lY drama, ttill of witty and comical tliuullonn/ The *ciuit of obftraoters has not yet boon The PninreulVe ctlohre party (ilvrn bf Mrs. Milnor and Mus Lulu Tapping fe t|?4*dvw of the Routjd Tabitf 'and. raell'lljega*;' |^ ! '«n«Pi^the:%o»t enjoyable of that protrerb'aily popular oiKitnicatioD. It took place en 8atur> duty afWnoon laot» • as announced in this column, at ihe family residence on Market >treel. Over thirty Indies wrre present occupying the eight tablet thbt were u^cd for the game. After which a delightful raena was strred from the small tabled covered with delicate, napery, the viands being most 'tatti ful in appearance and appetizing. The ptlzes were"taken by Mm.B^run Pierce, Mrs. MoMillen, Mrs. Uodemeyer and Mrs. A. K. Hoot. The afternoon WHS 'one of unusual en] lynleltt rendered m •y\ the ladies of the family, who In van- ably receive with a cbnrnnn£ case and bo.ipitality that is peculiarly their own. The ladles of the K und Table will oontinue their delijihtlul afternoons luring Lent. Mr. and Mrs. Walter Waples have isfuod a large number of invitations 10 their f i lends for a reception that will tnke place on Wednesday evening, March d^h, at the family residence, be- tweeu the hours of 8 and 11. The UUb Noou Cookiug Club will also ooniiuuH us meetings during Lent. Fbe next lunch party will occur at Mr» liilwarU P.Wado's, on Friday afternoon uext. Almost miraculous are some of Ihe twees iiccomp'ii-hed by the use of AyerV •iarsapiirilla. In the case of R. L. King,, Richmond. Vu.. wb» pufferod foi 17.years with an aggravated form ol snofuia, Ayvr'.s Sarsaparilla >ff>-cteii a«toniabing rubulu. dwlw congress. WASHINGTON, March 4 — Senate— Verv lilllut>enernl legislntmn was trans icu-d, conferences generally disagreeing on measure 1 ) deid locked in the House. A large number of orlvati? ••ills were disposed of, .ani, Trottei (uolored) c«nft>med recorder;of'deed- (•.r the Ui.slriol ol Columbia; nl«o Litut treely to bo chief Hignal nffloer aii>< irii»dier general. Actj..umed. Hcius •—An all night siwion WAS held inri the li-gMlative work of the day wa- itnilar to that transactvd in the Senite. A re-Juluiion of thanks WHS len- Inrecl Speaker Carlisle. Adj mrned sine die. , -,-..'' ' Sore Throat s particularly f.ivorahl* to the contrac- itiu 01 Ulptithet'ia. H.-ed the warning, ind fine Unrbyti I'ropliyiHCtic Flunl. It it iiiict: iiHnys this miiiintioti ot ih< hfnat, subUnen the pnin and \i\Wf M-rmntiHiit relief. It, proniotly and ff oDully de-troys all contiiuion ami Itphthbiitio uerms. It is a Nafcgtiard ifinuihi Diphtheria, and should bu used HI the first, sympioim of sore ibroat a.- a g n'gle tu tli s wk i' '. '•' l ?* Past Mail Prom New "York to Kans >H City.. - WASHINGTON, •• March 4 -—• Forty hours from New } ork to Kansa-i City will be the time made by a new transcontinental fast mail train, via St. Louis, w hi di will make the first trip a week from Sunday next,Murch 13. Tu almost the entire country west of St. Louis this new train will biirg the mails from New Y«rk practically 24 hours, or one whole day soouur than than they are now delivered. Leaving New York at 8 o'clock in the even ; ng, the train will re: c!i St. Louis at 2:4? a. m.. on the stion 1 day and Kansas City at 11 a. in. of the second day. The route of the proposed new fast mail is via the Pennsylvania and Vandalia route 10 St. Louis, and ttienco pyer ihe Missouri Pacific to Kansas City. '. It will be next to the longest fast mail route in the country, extending over a line J, 858 miles in length, whilst the existing fast mail from New York to Omaha via Chicago covers a line 1,480 .miles in length. In the average speed made, however, there is is no fast mail line now in operation over nn equal length of road which will equal that to be opt rated via St. Louis. From New York to Omaha via Chicago tho fast mail train is 4^ hours 20 minutes en route, making an average spued of 81.95 miles. On the other band the fast in iil from New York to Kansas City via St. I ouU.will be but 40 hours en route, making an aver- «ge speed of 83.94 miles per hour, 01 two miles an hour greater speed than tne New, York and Council Bluffs fast mail. • THE BEST TJUNO KNOWN roo Washingand Bleaching In Hard or boR, Hot or Cold Water. M \-\TKS tAnOU, TrstH »na SOAP AltA.%- f JULY, nud elvu» unlvuruit HatUfHcUon. »v. I ji'Uy.rlohnrixxjr, uhuulilbo without It X ,1,1 bv nil amneri. __)IK\VAIJL^. of itnlUtlOg' !>NI.V*S$Fit' < i««.'r-«.iM«.^iill<>und,'an<| S XSjri Klfll SIOA'8 SOUS. Knt onjly; shuuld the oulldren of erttJf TbftfeiiiW reoelre tho. moet liberal education that tne country, affords, tut they should be eXpoCtSlifo paake a good uie of It In after Tiff. |£ Jtrofeeslonal men, with oomplefe In*- tttinlty frotfi ;the cares Incid&rit td poverty, thtiy should deepen and widen the tracks that others are prone to follow, nnd institute systematic reforms. As men of state, far Amoved from partisan strife, they should draw their principles direct from history and from science, anil lay the foundations of an ideal government, As men of letters they could afford to bo content with nothing less than the best, whether in the manner or the matter of thoir work. As mon of science, not obliged to hiuko their investigations yield them a pocu- niary return, they, of all others, should devote themselves to tho pursuit of truth for Us own sake, which, paradoxical as it may sound, has always proved tho most important, and roully practical of all human labor. Now, what the modern ago demands of those 'who, possess wealth is that they employ it in the proper direction of their activities. -No right-minded artisan begrudges the millionaire his millions. The manufacturer, the merchant, and even the n.ilroad king are stirring, Industrious men. They organize the production, exchange, and distribution of wealth,,and are essential to society. So of other industrial operations. Concentrated capital is indispensable to their prosecution on an adequate scale. And those on whom devolves the duty of conducting these industries, and who accept and perform this dutv as responsible citizens, are not envied or denounced by sober- minded people, however widely-(heir lota may differ. But honest and industrious people, those'who.'with hand or bruin labor for society, create its wealth, and effect Us proper distribution—all, in fact,' who ' really work—have a right to complain that so much of the wealth of their creation' has fallen into the hands of idle persons who despise every form of labor, even the ennobling pucsuit of science, art and authorship.' They do not ask them to take up the blacksmith's sledge, the carpenter's hammer, or the mason's trowel.—2Vt« Forum. ' VITIATED BLOOD ScrofrlpuB, Inherited and Contagious Humors Cured by Cuticura- T HROUGH Iho medium of one nf yonr books reeelv. d Iluon«li Mr Frank T. «'riiy,l)i'es«lsf, Apoll •, I',.., I l>nciini« nc- qualnled with your CUTIOORA HcMKDIES. in, d take this opportunity intec'ily tu you that tuelr n-e lina p.-i manently ciir;-u TT.H <>( one ol th • wnrs eases of blond pnboiln^, In connection with cry-lpulii , tliutl niiviM-vMi seen, mill this after luiviiii; I ei n proiumnced nicu • ablu by -oniijoi tlio best pliytiulHim in < ut count jr. 1 tHke Bi'eat pleas MI In forWHnll.itr to VO'i IblH teHtlinonlHi, tinso li-ilcil i.s It 1* bv >on. In ordei thai otheiA fcon. Hlinl>ar tmila- iltes inny Hencniiraui'd tu ijtve ^urCuilCO IU HKM^DiES H ilal. P b. « Jll n.lNGBIl, Lppobbni-p, Pn. Ri-feience: FHANK T, H KAY, Uru^yUt, apullo, Pa. SCBOFCI.OCSUI CKR8. JnmesE. Klelm UHOII, (Ju-loiii House, New "•Icriis. on onth myn: "In 1S7U Serofnlo » Ulcers lirokn out on my body uiittl I win a "•uaai'f corrupilon. EverytliiiiK kiuiwn In thu medical fauuitv v as tiled In vaif. 1 IIB cainu a mere wreck. At thno.t i-ouhl inn lift my Imnd" to my liead, could not ui-n In bed; wan In con-' ant p-ln, mid looked upon life HO a i-iirce. No t-licfor curn In ten yi-ara. I" 1880 1 bea< d of clie I'tiMcura Kemuuiua, used tli.-m, i'Hd was perfectly cured." Sworn to betoreU. s. (Join. J, D. Crawford. ONK «>P THE WORST CASKS We liarebeen d llii<KVoiirCiiilcura Reme- dl«a for years nnd biive the first compliant yet to receive from H pnrelinser. tine of tint worst canea of scrofula I ever wuseure' 1 bythif nneof tlvulioMluHot ditto n a It't-olv- ent, Ou'ldirn and ' mfcrra fnar. -i'lin MIB|I takes the "cake" here Hi- a medicinal xoap TAVI.OR T.\Yl.OII, , Frui.ktort, KIUI , INIIRIU'KD. \ndContHKlnui) UtiinorH. will) lm-» of h°lr, iinu Eruptl'Mis of this Skin, jire p iMtivuly cured by outlcura and Outiunra Soup exter- na ly, when all other medicines fail. Solid for pamphlet. DKUCOI-To U.-ETHEM. \Vn have ob aim d satlBfac'ory .reFtilts from I lii' ui-oof ti'e''uticiira Iteineill a in our own fHinlly, iiii'l rci'iiniiiieiiil them beyond any nti er ic'nuiileu fnrdiiwi • •* ol th < skin and blood. Tim deinmul foi ili'-in ill 1 WH a-, their uierllB become kuuwn. McMiLLAN & CD.. DinuKlsiti, Lairouv, I'a. CXITICUBA KUMKHIKS nreaold every wheie. "ilid: CHitl' nrft. the lire it ^kin Cure, 6> et-.; Outlctmn M'-ap. an txOulBlu-Bit Mitlrter. to ctn. ; lluitcura RH-O|V- fliu, the New Ulntid I'urliler, Jl. t'utter Drug und flit'iiilei 1 0 >., Itoit on. D 1 li/i VL.K1. Itlackheails. Skin Blemishes tfoap. and linby llutnurd, uao Cuucuia Choking CatsirrlV. Prve you awakened from a dUluroed .-deep wlib all the horrible xenaatlonn of an tissue- sin eluichlnx your throat and pretwiw the life-breath from yonr tightened client? Have Vu noticed th" Iimtfunr imJ debt Iti Hint Hiicreednd the effort loclear your throiit and head ol ihls catHi-ihal nmitei? What a de- prei-tilii|{ liiflueiiee It t'X< rts upon the mind, I'loudl K t'i« m -mory and tlllinK Hi H lieiul with palim and "trnme nuiau I Flow difllmilt to pr an t the »y-tein against It-i fiiither pro^iHHs towaritB 'h<> lunvx, liver aii'i kldne\>, all phyalelatm vlll Hdinlc. It IK a ten-lblodlBeasei and cilea out r Hut and cure, The remarkable curatlvn powers when all other n million utterly ton, of 8a fold's Hud nil () re, reatu-ted by iboiisun 's who Kiaiefull' leeiuiiine d ti to lellow -tifferxiv. MifiHtfin"nt 1< m ide '•eKiirdint/ it Unit i au- not tin Miiwt •iiuiiKi'i b. the moot rui<|ivcia- li|» jinl re littilH lelorenci-H, Enoh (nii-kiit coiualnii one bottle of the Kiiilln 1 Cure, one I»'X (il I lilai-' Holvent, n nd an fnipiof d lull ilm'. wliu tniMtl-n and dlreei "»H, a <d la unld 'iy "l> dniKul-tn for }1 PUTTICIt IMIUO <t UllBUIOAL I O.. IIUSTOK. From the bench and ihn c»ni<t(-r, from the loom an i HI wliu/ mnuhi'ie gii|i the cry f pain and wnk- ri Aehl i/ 8ld"i i nil Itiick, Kill •<e> nnil U eihi" ithiH, S ml •- mid _ . ...,M'ni.kiiii«i',O'-UBli"'l!i'l'i«aiid Oliei-t ,'niiti-. nun rvwy pen uncl iichn of unllv toll i. llnved In <>n< m'nu e hy tin- 1 utlu ru Anil- 1'iilh Pluuter N w elexanl, and lulu 'U'l". At (Iruu.'l •<», SS •. ; live lor}l;or ot t'olter Druj and Oiieinleal i'"., lt"<'i n. _ __ __ Fur Sale ("heap. -ONK- Eagle Brick VVitli all tin 1 Alililinnnc!) to Ittln it. Kvi'l'Vlllilii! in Giiml Oriltir. A. U. HASTINGS. Upper Alton- BROWN'S \/&offix' 'MlfTMRS* 1! HEADACHE INDIGESTION BILIOUSNESS DYSPEPSIA > NERVOUS PROSTRATION • MALARIA CHILLS AKD FEVERS • TIRED FEELING GENERAL DEBILITY PAIN m THH BACK AKD SIDES IMPURE BLOOD CONSTIPATION FEMALE INFIRMITIES RHEUMATISM NEURALGIA KIDNEY AND LIVER TROUBLES FOK SALE BY /tLf. VRUGGrSTS The Genuine hu Tndc-.Uarlt »nj a* ted Red Une* OL wmppcr. ' TAKE NO OTHER. KASKINE (THE NEW QUIMNK) J No bad effect No headache Mo nausea. JNO ringing eira. quickly Pleasant,t" r<> A POW1.RFUL, TQJJIO. thbt the most delicate atomaoh will boar. A SPECIFIC FOR MALARIA, RHEUMATISM, NERVOUS PROSTRATION, find all Qci m Di?cH9o». fipllevuelioapltui, N. Y.: "Uulversally 6uc- oteslul." ("Even-patient treated St. Francis Hos.N. T. < with Kuvkino lias been < UlHUlnii'Ked cured." Dr. L. R. Whl'e, U. H. Examtntnu Purm-.on. ritcH: "IvMSkine Is ihn l)f«t tni'illelno mudn." Dr L. M. (Jle.-8ner. SfiO (• lili-t at , New Yorh flty. him cured over WO.-imtlehia' with Kii-klnii after qiiiinno and nil ..tliei-dviignliud iHlU-il. He imyi--. "it is vnduulitcdly tbe boat me Heine ever disco* erect." Pro.. \V. K. Uolcomlii', M.D.. B» EastJHh St., N.Y. (late Piot. In N. V, Mud. Unliegc) wrlte'<: "Jiiiakliie l.t mipnrfnr «• quliilu'e In Itx "Pt'c flu li'.wer, and never produi ea the gllglileat In- juiy to tlielii>arlnK»i conatliutlon. KHV.-JMS. L llall.i'liiipiiiln Albany Penitentiary, wrlH-s tluit ICa hliie has uilrnd hU wife, alter twei:ty v«-ard >utfpilnK Mom naUrla and niMvuua dyspepsia. Write Iitiu for particulars. , ,; . Tl)ou^andsunon thousands write t!:at Kas- klnu hHBuiunl thrin alter nil oilier inrill- cinuH had ful'.ed, Write lor book of tvntl- iniiniiiN. Kasklniionn he taken without inv special iiiudlcal ndvlce. $ .00 per bnitle. Sold by or sHiit by ii>iul oi'i receipt of uik-e. EASK1N E CO., 61 Warren St., New York, ludwlm Day and Night During an actito attack of Bronchitis, n ceaseless tickling j:i tlio throat, nnd an exhausting, hacking cough, afllict tlio sufferer. Sleep is banished, and great ^prostration follows. This disease is also "attended with Hoarseness, ar.d some- timos Loss of Voice. It Is liable to 1)0- como chronic, involve the lungs, nnd terminate fatally. Ayor's Cherry rocto- ral affords spoody relief and euro in cases of Bronclutia. It controls tho disposition to cough, and induce/) refreshing sleep. I have been a practising physician for twenty-four years, and, for the past twelve, have suffered from annual attacks of Bronchitis. After exhausting all tho usual remedies Without Relief, I tried Ayer's Cherry Pectoral. It cfferted a speedy curu. — O. Stoveall, SI. D., Carrol itou', Miss. Ayer's Cherry rectbrnl in decidedly the ImKt remedy, within, my Itnowledgo, for i.'lironiu Bronchi! 13,mida'l IIIIIKdiseases. — M. A. llust, M. 1)., UoutU 1'aris, Mo. I was attached, last winter,' with n severe Cold, which grew worse nnd settled on my J/un^'!i. liy nlulit invents (was reduced almost toaskulcion. Wy Con|$h was iucosKaut, nnd I frequently spit blood. My pliysleiau told mo to give up business, or 1 would not livo a- nuiiiih. After taking vnrioua remedies without relief, I was llnully • Curod By Doing t\vo liottlos of Ayer's Cherry Pectoral. I am now ill perfect health, and able to resume business, after having Ijceu pronounced iiu-iirablu with Consumption.— S. P. Henderson, Smilsburgh, 1'onu. For rears I was in a decline. I had weal: luiiKH, nnd suITcrcd from Bronchitis and Catarrh. Ayer's Chnrry I'oi" 1 - fornl restored we to licfllth, nnd J liai'o bccu lor a Ion.'; timo comparatively vigorous. In case ot a sudden' cold I nlwnys resort to Tie Pectoral, ond-llnd Bjiecdy relief. — Edward 1J. Curtis, ItutlauU, Vt. Two years n^o I aiiiTcrotl froinasevcro Bronchitis. Tho physician attending me became fearful that thodiacaso would .torinlnato In I'noumonia. After tryliif; various medicines, without benefit, ho prescribed Ayer'B Cherry Pectoral, which relieved mo at once, I continued to taUe this medicine, nnd was cured. — lirnest Colton, Logabsport, Ind. *.'... Ayor's Cherry Pectoral, Prepared by Dr. J.C, Aycr& Co., Lowell, Man. Bold by all DruggUU. Prlco $1; eli Lolllc«,»l). KXKOUTOWS' NOTICE. Estate of John W. Hchweppn, dt'Ceaacd. The undei.-KUned, liiiviiiK been appointed *• iiieiitina of the lint v 111 Hii' leMiimniu 'f Jolin W Scliwi'ppi*, lnl c if (he coumy <)' iliidUini nnd bli.ti nl lHl.iols. iiivi'iiM'il, hen-liy ulve notli-i Hint tin y will ii|ipiiarl<e|iifi' the rouri'.v t'oini ol MiidlHim eniiiiiy, HI till) eiiiiit liiui-ii, n Kil»iirn-vllli-,iit UitiiMi IT 111 ci in.on ihe loui-il Muniliiy In .Mmch uhlcb lliu al per oiuih Inivl if (Inlim MUidiiHl Hid i e"ialu m> uoiHHi'i mid iei|ui'Hii il iiriiiieiid forth* pin pi>«n»f tun IIIL' lliKriinni' inljll-lril. AJ |»HHO|I ndebuid in inlil eiialn aril luimiidted in IIMKI liiimi'illiiie pnyiir nt u> ihn uinlni'ali;ii> d. Dtilcd thla Jiid iliiv n| r'elinuny A I>. 1687. Ki IXA K. M'lltVKI'I'K. VI),i 1AM K.Hi II tt l-l'I'K, JIKNIIV.M. »OIIVV I'I'K, • A <Uw Kxt uutdrt. S UOTRIO OORSfTS- BBUeflft. BftVii 110, No ule, imltli k.ilon. i trrliory uivuil, eulWHCtlcih t'Uftr- alooO. Ult.bUOXT, S41Uf«m«way,N. V, (»ninpliwfrnn: Velrets, Body and Tapestry Brussels, Two and Three Stair Cajrpets and Mattings, Oil Cloths,Rugs ami Mats, Has arrived. Alsoavory Choicer Stoclt of WailPapm A'lQllsrft,'.'" I am offering these goods ot the very lowest prices to cash buyers. All are lnvittd ; toi call and h'ee i he beauf iful lie vv * goods &leai*ii the low prices; - ;! ALTON, ILL. J. JiOFFMAN & SON, DKAJLKRS IN Stoves and H aid ware. HARD & SOFT COAL BASE BURNERS! And other flr°t olais boating stove* lor woo J or cool. Also Ranges and Champion Monitor Ooob UOVCB, tli« best In AHou. Outside AVoru a specialty: Roof Ing, Guttering, etc. i 'ndertalser's Supplies ALWA VS UN ; COR. BK«'|.JJI» ANli AI,BT 8X8. BAGLt PAlKKT COMPANY. SPUING ARRANGEMENT. The Steamer E. BOSS POWELI, ED ULOOK, Uioc' ». M. LfiYIIB, Master. On and a tor Monday, Feb. 11, the Spread Ellin- v i -iin mi lollowa.vlzi LEAVING ALTON FOR ST. LOFIS ut 7 o'clock a. m., and St. Louie on return irlp at 8 p. m., daily. And leaving Alton lor Porttiue, Jersey Landing- I'VH'ion. and waj lOlntF every evening .ai 5:3U o'clock. Whistle will bu nouiuled fittocl. olnntos before starting (or St. Louis. ru ST. LCUIB, It'ltJUDTEIP - I'WBNTT RlDBS' BO '.....« - / - - 5 00 W, PTI.T.. Affpni K ast Freight &Pa£sei gerllLe THE t-T. LOUIS AND OF.NTRAL ILLINOIS n. It. Ct>'S . PAt ACE J. F. KLI isON, (Jun.uitmder. Kt« ANSIIUTZ, (nln- IIB TllUK UOUUE, I U)0 KB On nnd aftoi Tliursduy.Fuu. 17lb, Fur St. 1 ouls nt 7 a. m. Ittituri'lnir. will leuve St. Louis (foot of Vino -t. Jut 2:45 p. m.: Lcitvme Alton nt 5:3O p. m. for Portage und -lerHey, arriving ut Oration ut 7:45 p. m., 'it) f "fti ipresj on a t. I.onls nnd Uuuti-ul lllinolr Ruilrniid lor Jureeyvillu, Wu- vi-riy, Bp iiiKflUduud nil pon.t* Lortb and uabt. FA11K. TOST. Louis, Bliiulo trip, . , . 60c. '". ' " ' T' Ullll tll|l, :. . . . 150. " " Iwoctyrlufitlekflt, . , J5.00 HEKKYC. TAIUM.Gen A«t. Alton. 11, A., i.ou'l ,uuiiu«'ir. te.ldtf ' ia nndor-lgnoJ ba/e opened a n»w rau-"fo .•u ut,cjra>r jf '/nlrdjimdi'lueaSIB to.'u GRGANSIAND PIANOS! 't t'.io [flnost workmanship (or gala at roa- •oimblu price-. (Jin) midoxiunlno our iimtru- iiuuti, b-jlure purcliudlnu uUuwliuro. FLOSS, & RABE- WILSON WASHBOARDS. Tlieso Wnsbbonrdi ore ninde with ••Kent-Wood rim. The Strong, e.t koavd< »ud b«t Wftii;pr» In the wuiUl. Far wt« b/ all dcaleti. l«ll» nnntlier. M'P'O TO., 600,000 ACRES CHOICE HARDWOOD FARM S CON8IN fur xnl. «VJs AN ACRE on Imigr tlin«. Tin inom nron And prauililnff n«l<| for wlll*muit In tli« U, H. L-rnmutl'iD with Rood map frco. Full •n «d»edlsmg ipacii Khon in Chi««ti, v.I! >5 1049 R»npoipn 61., Master's Sale » STATE OP IIJ1KOI9,( St. Clxlr county, j. aiin, Dorothy Burn. ili«»r,i! f Buni;-,lAmM Burn, Burhara 1-rrKU'iiin, u i uii Jim« nurn, w lui.,111 BuYn, fcJolm TDomas Hum; ,»nio,liy.Ann*linni iBUbolVa Burn. Junies Du n, uUd. Hpn.y B.' O idlen. r, exeoulor cil .thw iMit.'wlUona teit«u,ontoJ Jo m OhiUon,(Iecea»«l: -' ]il 1 lor nul« W llui.l KutMte. , . , ./;t , Under and by vinoe .f duoree btnald court, nindulM ->t))«.ubovp entliledtonnfa, at Snld twin,!, the uuderslKnt d, will b* 8AtcnBAY, MA iign 19.' %, •?: at ando:, tl)opromk««h.-rulr<nfiurde«orluod, Bull to tli« i,l M h,.,.t and b«n biddi-r.-th-t t»\. lnwing dt;» lunO, kltuated.tit tho ooun- ty'Cl Slud w,n, and Him« ot UlirnJli,;;to-wit: .Ti>e»isnourl,hof tbu-Miuilioabt quarter ot thf nonliwest quartfli-, icontlilninii >«n (10) acres; und thu nast hull <if > tlrt koiithwesi quur er, u I m uwtlon tlility (8 i),tn jtovn«Ulp D« («> nrnli dlranif. nl< e &) wettiv-l Appru Bed value, S3 4M 74. : - . : SulM tu coiuiuunud ut onu o'cloclt -- TKBM& OK ' , - purebaso money to bu i tilU oiwh "owii, and tho balance on a credit of bis -aud twelve ^^j ijeoui » a by nott and apprpv ilty. aim a umrtHuue on thb twelve tcu- the I-IDI utlon ot wut U, mid xv tlonoi BUI >al»-i 1 T yitrexfOQIiean'ever a deed to ilie|iuichuBt-r or ptnoliti-HTS 6t tald 1m di-u*' liy 'Ba.tlitH^fctel 1 atu dtreotedi con- veUng al) th' light, IIUH and: claim of the Buid parties ncaul miirto Buld " • " ' . ., .-..•'• llastor in OLa(.cery ol said coii)ity. : -'M. W. V\ BWilBpU- V> ' :>•*?;?'- S3 -!#tltd THE ATlJViJTI^ MONTHLi: ' '' '' . . Will contain, -in addition to the beat 'Short . ; Mories. ifenclioH, EBHRJ-B, Pootry and : , - OriilcUm, two tierlal Stories:— '-. By Th<^ Second Son> .O. W. OL1PUANT Author of • By F. MAHIONJOBAWFORD, of "A Hoiuixn Singer," "Mr. ' laaaci, Papers on American History, ' .. , - . Whose previous piiperB li'aye' been so Inter. lull ot luforn atlou, and generally popular. French aaO English. cnntlnuntlor nl.tlio ndmlrnble piipare com* hu Fioiioh and Entrllfh ntoulo. Byl'.O.llAMEBTON. Essays ami Poems, Occasional Papers, ^ By JAMKS KUSaEU. LOWELU, Contrlluitlons may be ejpoct. d from John Grcen'uui VVliittii-r/ibomxH \Vnnttro>tn Hlg- glnson. Chui It R Litidlxy Warner. B, O Ste3- man, Harriet W. I'rentou, Orno Jewett, Clunle.- Hubert Uiudilock, Arthur Shorburna Uurdy, Ilt-nry Oubot LoilKe,£dlth M.Thomai, Iliirauu K. Scuddiir, OnorMO H. Woodbpny, Gcni-KitFiodorlek Pai'Hon', Maurice Tbomp nun. Lucy Lincoln, UeJIu TbaxtMr, John Bur- ]-«HKliB, James Freiiuiun Clarke, Klicabuth Robing i'uuiiell, Bradford loirey and many others. IKKMS: $1 a year 'in advance, poatagn freo; !H oi-nts unuinbur. With tupei-b flfe-«fza liorlnditif IJiiwihiii-uu. Kineiwjn, LonKfel. low, Bryant. Wlilmer, Ixiwell, or Uolmos ?i; euuii addltlp mil poi trait, Jl, ,. • The November iiiidDvcejiilier numbers ot the Atlantic will lie hunt neuof ehurtreionew BuliHUiIui-ra whoHr Muimci-lpiloiiaiu-o rcoolvwl bnlore'Uoofiuboi Sfltli. .'-;-. . . Postal notes tmd money are at tho risk o( ihurumier, und tlmiftore remltttthcm uhould bu inado liy mouuy order, dinit, or rogUWrod latter, 10 Uuugliton, MUTfljja & Conipanr, --, -:• 4 i-arkdrvoi, Uoitou, Bliut. 1887. HARPEIl'B BlZAR. HARPBR'S r.AZAii coniblnui the ohoiceit lit- onttuii iinu tiiu tlnt-iit iliUctrutlnnt wl'ii tho latuut liiohtona (ind tin most u»elul 'tumt'y raadlnu. I to NtuiluB. p<H-ni«, and tB»av» nre by i lie lieut v. i iteia, and itH humorous nketchei a'<i utmiirpuBi-ed. ltn pupern ou ncoiul vtl- qiieite.dcciiratlvi- nit, IIIIUBO km-plng In till ita bt lint-hen, tooknr) , > to., inuku 1 ludUiieii- bulilu In ever}' lioimoiolc!. Itn Ooantllut liul- Ion pluiUB and pattern-Hheot snppli mi'iit* enaljle ladlea to an vu ninny tiintw tat) oovt of i*ubncrl|.tlon bv leing iliulrowndre^miikoi*. Not n line Is ndinl ted loltB bolutnna tbat could uboi'k thii inobt (u»tidlou* totito. HARPER'S PERIODICALS. Ver t enri Harper's Haenr... ......... .... .. ........ f 4 00 IIillpel-'H Mn«MZlno.... ................. 400 1 1 m pn-'a v\,., kly.... .................... 400 Hurpur'- VOUDK l'eo|.)o.... r ............. 2 09 nari-oi'u Ki ank Jin 8qu >re Llbii ry, ooo yeur(8'i iiuinberB) .................... 10 M Uai|iH-'n Handy Hei-lm, one yar, (tfl niiinbeii ) ..... ..... ...;.' ....... 18 OP Poi-tngu Frtte to a|l uubooiiUerulu the United Statue or Uuimda. The voluinea oftho HAZAK bOKin with tho llr tNinnbui lor JHIIIIUI y ol UHOli year. WbBB no tiinu l» mi nilunod, MiliaurlptluiiB w.ll ue- Kin with ihe Number curriint ut ilmeof ru- cul'ji of inner, Ilnillld Vnluiutm Of lUKPKIt'S DAZAR, I>r tliruejuiiiH nfittilutlib nditiK.wllllxi «uii bv nrdl |ioBti>KU|ial'i,iirby eijiriim, Iree nl expouM) (inuvldiid tint (rmubi dixw not oxci'. d nnu t-oiliirpur vi.lunii-), (or fl.Wl per VHlume, Ololh (]»I>«H for niirli viluuie, writable lor niiiilliiK, will li« limit by mull, postpaid, on on f veliuof ii.voviinh. ., Kitniltiiiiieci, aljuuld bu Ulinlii by Po«tofflM Mohii) OrUur or limit, to uvula ihunuo ol IOHH, • NewgpHperB am not to copy tills iiUvortltt- iniiiil «|ihiiiil thu expruti* ordur Dl flAlll'K * llHUTIIi-llS. vililitiHH Now VorK PARKER'8 HAIR BALSAM tlio popular f »voi It* tu i tUu bull-, Uwmiiii* ovlor wb«a giuy, niiil urijvMitliig It clon i Uii) toolp, MOW lull' u... .111, nnd b "UK to pl«M«. (, HINB£RCORNS. .The^fwt. «ur«t and. I**»qiir« forl[J™^^ ,„ i»«vv*«Wi*

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