Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on March 5, 1887 · Page 1
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 1

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 5, 1887
Page 1
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,£ ? , .!» i ft A Creat^Victory Terrible Caso of Scrofula Cured by ' _' Hood's, Sarsaparllla «In the winter ol 18791 was attacked with OD * 0 * th ? most ttBBravatliig forms. I i jonttatmto ending, an ^Benaivo mass of Woody matter 1 Alsfeu$tNf to ttohoid, nnd almost Intolerable to endure, it la Impossible to tally describe my sufferings, as the case wM«ottplJflat«dwW»Cltronlo Catarrh. After InreoiyiaM otmlsory, having beeh treated by nree physicians, I was worse than ever. Finally, on the recommendation of tv. J. Hunttey. toKgt»t,pt Lockport, I was Induced jo try Bom Sarsapftrllla. And now, after having token twelve l)ott>es,;wltliln the last ; Melt* mnnlh. ,«hi ..„/„,„.. ipyons liavo IQS Java all *M,which wBgtee*, and V ivliat 11 mny know, that In -l^ovedan "*TM8'rta«emenMs«onnrmed by W. J. Hunt- wy^niSglst fartoekpon, N. V., who calls the ' S • '£^7?* wefo*V tor Hood's Sarsaparllla. i BenderbookelvlhgstatementsOfrtanyeuros. Hood's SarsaparWa RflYit n9 all wl MI to*! at A **4 L _i_ «j_ .*... |>v . Illinois Me «-oro>..fif(cHl for February, 1887, PpRiNomr.D. Afaich, 4lh, '87.— The monlli W a noted for Us warmth excessive cloudiness tnd ore ibila' ilon in the form of ruin. - ,TJje mean tehipH'alHre O f the State averag-ed 8 degrees above iho normal for the month. The highest temper- aiures were recorded from the 7th to JOUi, anil,tlie lowest on the 4ih. > Ihe precipitation was heavy and eyenly .dislribut.-d, averaging 1.6 "I lies abovo the normal for the month. The snow fall was barely appreciable, except in the extreme northern counties where it averaged about 10 inches. • Thunderstorms with hail and sleet c'e frequent. West to northwest gales were reported throughout 'the State on the evening of 2Gth and a. ra. of 27tb, caused by H severe .storm moving Fick^h&t Frank. McCoy r P*ris, as -otapanies ' Elmer twice, it , a ujuugpi^; All the Chicago, were yesterday conii Yoik. J ' ' The anniversary of, -the, birth' of Robert Emmet, wad celefcd in fcast bt. Louis yesterday with awo- pria-e exercises' ' ' '< r Doaen Qhe Dollar — ~j « »>->cio .Bburiu moving easterly ov, f the lakes. (This storm was first observed on ihe mornirg of the 23 i on the north Pacific coast. "n a. m, of 26th it was cen ral in Wis- eons.n nml th.- northern par! of this on 28 Jj v apl>eai ' in K ovor the Atlantic The sunshine did not exceed 35' per cent. fo>- the mouth. 'Tho cold WtaVo predictions of the 2 -*th. 8-<)th, 10-l2th, 23- 25th and 26—27th, were fully justified ; that of the l<t-15th was not justified ihe fall in temperature being but ten degru. s. ___ -.uitmwriuuiwpoa u.irst h( v r boiler in the Ohio'river and" a number of lives aro endangered. Earthquake shocks were felt ves- •j* rdtt y '»,Georgia ,and Smth. t Car- An elovated railway bill has failed to pass the St. Louis, City Council. Iwe trouble miistjiaye been that Jay Gould had no fairid^n it. '">' County officers of \ftcuita county «*,__- I. *-, . - i ' J . It not a li FEVER tDTXJirr* * r -* ~ CKEA2I HALM , snuff or powder. . . 'Allays inflammation, ffealstht *ore»~ Ratores tftesetwet b [,I)rugrel8ts,OiiTcgo f MY. ~~ "™ «"^»- umHmtm m Absolutely Pure njsC'^SuirTii;£ 3Ss£ l«Iw H te8t "h'"'?"""" 0 " *'"' tllu 'MUltltnifii ol i.'.m WUII^.'N!y. v ' L UAItlNO jiinSdwly S£T., l P8H?J! l i OJr SiLIi! e ' "^ r ^l by (Jtliena or every town »nd T''' *5 BrTel6tti OBie» hnve boon wit. iiiands or pooplo. who eta temlVr to I. ITU* WO>ID«BirOI,HBALINO POWEIloV Hamln's Wizard Oil. &Si|E;K«flS.f'' ioM ' eBaclv8ti« Joints, 'Conlraclod Cords, an* Brulw •« Brulws, • ° d Burns, Fever , l«iln*i Frost, ' :?" |plei; = Caheil -Breasts, and All Aches and Pains. MEDii, MEIS, 1878, BAKbR'S -, Wai ran ted absolutely put" Coeoa, ttorn .which the CICMII of Oil ha»-'ioen romovcdr It hiat/iru ttmts the itrtngth of Cocoa mixed with Starch, : Arrowroot orSugar, and Itthcrufora for more wodoml. oal, coiling leii'Uan one cent a cup. It l» dollolou», Dqurl4lng, .•trengthcnlng, easily digested, an4 Wmlrably »daplcd for Invalid* M 'wollna for person. In hcultb.' «., A ^_ ' ]nctn wrjyfbtn. A Full and Complete »tock . , Caskets, Robes CONSTANTLY ON HAND _, ^^vt.o ui fricuna county, Kansas, hnve appealed to.Obv. Martin to sin 1 assiattt^c-e to,prevent f^ir- the. bloodshed in 'the c.unty seat war. " • The , Demopr/tUo legislature . of "ennesseeharassed a bill'submit- Jingan amendment jtothe constitution prohibiting $e manufacture or sale ' Vo ner Angela died'at*St. Mary's ..cademy, 7 , Bend', Iridl; She clp.ely related by kinship to Gen. Ihomas Lwirgj Ge'n> "Sherman and James G Blaine^ and was ' famous forbercharltabJeKfe 1 in connection with the Order of Sisters of - the Holy; Cross., United v Mates Senator Brown, of Georgia, has'spld bis two'blast fur* naces, one of, which' is in 'Chattanooga and the other at Klsjng .Town, twenty miles distant, and tie Dade City coiil mine, near Ch'att'a,nooga, to a syndicate of Georgia cnpitalisls for 82 000,000 , The ayndi- ate is known as the Barlow Coal,,and Iron and J and orapany. In the Circuit Court at Ottawa, 111., yesterday, a judgmeut was rendered against four Seneca saloon keeper* for 85 t OOO. under the Diam- shop act, m favor of Mrs. Curran whose husband was aeclden'ally killed by falling from a hors •. The charge was that Curran was intoxicated when killed, and that the de- fendants.caused his intoxication by .selling.dim 1 quor. The Naval Appropriation bill finally passed both Houses of Congress. It appropriates 810 OO.i.OOO in the aggregate for strengthening the navy, including the construction of four new first class men-of-wa- steamers and four new flouting batteries and other harbor defenses, also continuing the work on na» al vessels now i n p rocess of constru otion. legislature. SpnwoFiKLD, ILL., ftlarch 4.—It was expected that the committee on penal and reformatory institutions would report Urn mo ning on Senator Chapman's bill, providing for the printing of free school-books by con- viet labor, but the author of the bill who is al o Chairman of the committee Wa9 not pre8ent% an( , ifc .. u -^ dieted that he will be'in'no great linste to provoke action upon it iu the benate. This, he feels, would, at • "' t< iib-.^ _ Hott's of Congress. ILLINOIS BILL SIOHBt), ' ' .......ittOTOx; March 4. — The President has signed the act relating to the division oflllinois Imo judicial districts and to uovlde for holding terms of court of the Northern .iiis- triu at Peoria. FAILED TO BECOME LAWS The River ami Harbor bill was not s gned by the President, and there- for.- failed t» become a law. /Three other appropriation bills failed—the Deficiency, the Districl . f Columbia, and the Fortifications bills. The Deficiency bill contained an item for the expenses of tho telephone 'suits. Its uilure will probably delay these cases a year. " i ' T..E DKJflCIENCr BILL. fhe failure of the Deficiency bill will del.y the payment of 'Mexican war pensions. The bill contained a clause authoring the employment of 31 adiluional clerks to have charge of these claims. The bill also'in- cluded $14,000 for the Flint and Pere Marqiiette Railroad ;815,880 for Uie ex-Postmaster at Minneapolis'for siamps .stolen from his 1 safe,' and 8100,000 for the Fox and Wisconsin rive? sufferers. CONORESBMAK MORRISON. Perhaps the most distinguished man to make his'bow and disappear at this time is Mr. Morrison. It is rather hard- to* understand just why Mr. Mo rlson has attained the distinction he has duu'ng his'tern* in Congress, He has not evinced any particular ability or prominence ex- eept on the one su' ject of tlie tariff, and as a leader of his party and a man capable of bringing men to think as ho does, he has rtot 'shown Himself of any marked a'.ility. How soon be may ,come again into public lire is .uncertain. He stands so well intbeest.-em of the President and the other members of his party that he is liable to be drafted almost any time. H B remains a central figure to the last in the House, and his ue- parture livery generally regretted. n?w .until March ige ""•••. Prices ' , i -, jy thing kept store;' All tne«i Y i " , 'if tif) t i, rr SP.-IIKS ror iwolf ig what » ]«dv 8«Id of Dr, BuliN Ckmsrh Syrup Urn ..tiier a IV. Asing.e botilu hiul cured b.<r oliiM oi a most (irvailful c.. u «h. Ii never faiN-ui give speudy relief and permanent cure. Oiie application of Salvation Oil w«ll curf.f me .>f' rhunra ni-m in UIH arm, of; iW«. rnoubs stimdinu. 1 intend' iu bu wrli<iuUt.— II! B. C ....... «• L -•,-.—-;• will hiivo a sorrowful mn« m-iiiii oi thd laio Oiiiiirivi.s in iho -h ipu a iHiwrrtilruail bruise over.ihu AIn-' ^ -UJpi-rivHr at si. Loui«, : ibo hmm.i.e 01 whiun has been amhunziHl. B,,t tiit-n J*y G .Hid mav lake a n.,iin n to hulil. Urn bndgo bimself. - Chicago Journal. , ,.,. and wew boagh^ before th 6 .« oan>T . those contemplating building 1,000 KEGS OF STEEL, ; ,;NAffi8! "' f t - rv.->Kt j at factory .Prjqea.| Rememeberjthe placet: 119-121 SECOND STREET,; AND.IIS TfllBO.STBEET I ' 'i i ifin/r 1 it iinTIn 1 "* i8 , n ° c atch-penny s<ie o o but a b jna fide reduction solely to ^ • - of moving or, storing. % ' ! '* Call at Once and Secure Bargains ! S ill III- Baffletl the I'hysirlans. jlUIIKE AJiuiCINE CO . — I leUHnl \,i U , \\init, i>, H euiiah m-xiuri? ,.t vt-rv en-('t vnlup. lli« beii(-fii.u«iiv.)d l.y mv wife |rom its u-e, ulacus it with inn far in advauu/' of Hll oihut-s. F..r f. veriil y«ars she hud been seriously »fll oied with H conu'h ihut gave u-'iuuoh ain't m; itlmd bi.ffl-d thf bkill of Urn 'pliyKicirtus. and coufh mniediu-t,, unijl .1 ciiqcju led notliliiii *«uld avail in • •• her CHSO. DirVci- Jy ufier .coiiiing to Qqin«y, on vour -iiiundaiKiti, »h« 6,.uimnnm-d usinj. U,Ml>ttip, ai| has tt ul»d like H , quirting ijiu.oough, and u-mov •' Fotl*dle», Qantlemen and Children. Office aid Shop onj)ta|te street ~ Piaterits. ~ fo py persons wishing co dbtaln lottai g^ffif. 0 ?^? 1 ^??"?,'"' '' o aanlgTia,! wIllexeouMi drnwlnm'and apuold OUMtins and make applications for Putunu Ail 40iur.Utatlon, In person or by fotte . U'CAS (r« Cli. OTHOtSTEBINO NeaUy and promptly executed. Belle St., bet. Tlilra and Foortli. -ALSO- L. MOULDS <fc CO., 8UOCK8ROE8 TO A; B.>10KUJNEY 4 CO., Higheat Market Price ; for Corn and- Pickles, 8TUJO SLOP FOlt SAL K ' " •'' ' HK8IDEVQB COK. 8T \T_BjtBKVKStn „,, VlllH , J.||, L- , • , , , ; _' U-u Cresslor's Wild Rose Tooih Pnw- ncr f..r cleanMne ihu icuih. Prim- 860.' INFALLIBLE CUUKr FOB COUGHb. \V« w.mi.i mou .uiiMiivuly ' iiiHi 0 :ilim no lumcdy has ovor met with ^msu Mn| : fani|i»n or mm i- l ,i' 4H PHIO iho present time, bei deiith in't^hm I T'"*'"" l * i y ri ' l ," K l flM.9'.'Ugii, and u-mov- -I be .ill probabry'wSS t^li^^nS^^^ fcHi,i 0n '' ! n h0ping ^••«h«n«e«H' J: n B -r^ :p " t » r ^«^« feeling. Ihe committee will report |villt1 - llt - ' favorably on the bill, but a mino ity w.Il n'pnn against it, the vote having been 9 to 7. . . * In the house about the only im pnrtant bus'nesi transacted was the defeat of an effort on the part of the I r« lubitionists to tack a clause to ihe b.l permanently locating the 8tMe *«Ir at this city, forever prohibiting the sale-of any kind of spirituous liquors upon ihe fairgrounds. After which the hill was sent to a third r.adi ( .g An analys s of the vote killing the prohibition urn n 'ment sh ws that 34 Republicans, 8 Dem »- orais. 1 Laborlte and 1 Prohibitionist voted for the amendment, while 29 Republicans, 49 Democrats and 4 Laborites voted against it. The appropriations asked for In the House to-day aggr.gate J122,- HRAJ}Q|7AICTER8 FOR THE Best iii the city, <at i hard times prices, weekly and monthly paymenTS. ! ^ •-' -"• ••"*"<••.•.• • on EMPIRE MILLS! «yONU 8T«BBT (^ar«»«), ^totf ILL _ ' _ FOB SALE! : ,-: Ground Oat», Ground Corn. Hay, oatu, Corn, "' Corn Meal, Buckwheat Flour, Oruliiuii Plour,eto PBOMPTI,TDKUVEIIKO r TO A NY 1-ATO OK M.WILiaNSON. • >y7 dtf TELEGRAPH Yfea r ,a I faraWiW. WHM Vtivalln« Uroi.' i SlBB Wto N«-w SPKISGKIELO, III., March 4.—The Secretary of State today iBBiier) an incorpomtion licence io the Peoiia and St. Louis Air Line Railway Corn, pany; principal offl e at Petersburg. Capital stock, ^1,000,000. In,. 0 r. porators, J w. McNeely, Robert Hamilton, John A. Brahm, C. B I auing J u. snorltmun and John n ic0 ; le nm ll '"'f J! ' Ct w - H »yes, of BuHkcr IJIH: TJioraw R. flfclCec, of Curlinvill.); \V. \V. Urowu, of \Vav- erly j D. C. White, of Forest <,'itv, and John Al. Palmer, gf Spriu«fluM. It is |»ropo«ed to vonstnict n railway torn Paprift to EtetHt. Louis, * A new.rtlsoimfrv, 'Liiile Apricot 1'ills "•; ti mke ibun. t-ugnr 'unit i»- tiiiif.. SufH cure fur ncartti^la, ni- hi'ttrihmii, H^spi'psm (tiiil hud I'ry tliuin. For auu- al-'Miusb'a rnobl uwly Onmt wn» (he t-uest of Alia I m ih« vyiiiio House on JU'H .--.—,,. SJiu^ liiii Binee.'returned to 1 home in New York. The..Hicp'Oarriftjre Spring Company, Pii,t'4ion,;Ptt.,Qhal/(!tiireg ibe world to pr-iiluoe'ati jjiiitd it Burinsr, as oasv a , nnd us cheap a uprlntf. A trUl ••h ii, A-k yiiur cuniNgn liuildiir ti put it on y.mrn. (j w i, v "I'roinlso mo nninnililiiR ever «n iilon Wli.-ii your «li||) o IIIIK in. 1 ' milU IIH. 1 *«uM pr-iul.o it'll tun ililiitftlutt trice Oil. llttlu JH« mi uiv k'Hiel ' .t'hlpmil mlnofnr miny u ypHr Iliwo linvn womu ilmn mi iiuipty onn: ' HJtiig next to arrlvt), IUo tlio r«*t Vfenr Will bu.wunheJ In Uitrom nr>" Children Slarvriiu to On aiiununi. ut ihmr m/ilnliiy >„ loc.d, *ih (iiui n mint nrirvi<l|nu< fund mid rcini'dy In 'SPOU'H K| VWv imlaritblu ami i-HHlly awuMed. Dr. if, W. (J.ilKin, of WHOII. 'r,- x ,\n, SIIVM: "[ your Kcnulsioi) | n mfnmiio It nut only rumorea wni,tnd iiut Klw» mruuKlh.ftnd increases ' Clsfcern, i-ead Cor. Stock use. See oiu- Second and State l^ts., ALTON* ILL .' ' • ' t • f : > t.< ,'|1H?|)i ".(*•!* THE BEST OJV EARTH I BOSS FILLED '^pKI|B^ Frprnf 18 to $50. War^ftited 80.^eay8« BEEECH-LOADIXG Prom $16 to $30. J. H. BOOTHT

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