Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on March 4, 1887 · Page 4
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 4

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, March 4, 1887
Page 4
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^PKiSfcWfc*sww)»t*».^. *, VTBttOX DUCODEAOED tbt teUfig of »M»y tictflW of T"WBI tflt CUIIi XMMMAQD& AftTlUfl tiuwd • immWrto MolUd NBMdta, and *hf«I- •tat of ftll tehool*, without wU«t; tiwy Many roch bar* is • iMtrwott tri«d Athlopbortw, tnd to their •nrpriM and joy Lave found that it was a, to/it, Mftftadptidteur*. AthlopholwUtiol Antxptri&mt; thouiandi have bieh tared by iu UNud ilitjr twtify u to its rahte. Tht llttU bor of John H. Parker, Chmrlwton, 111., bat b«eu an invalid aince o« vat • ytar old, Lii oiseaM?Mittg/M complktttd that it was difficult lor the pbyueiuu to determine npon what his dlMttt wu. The littlt fellow Buffered for TMr* th« mott violent psing and torture. H* wu fatlplen u to walking. His limbs wewalmortdevoidoffeeling. Mr.Parker's lifter, Mr*. M. 8. Traven, «ny« the bov has been uging Akhlophoroi, and the mrdicine hu ftlmoat perform* d a miracle. Htcan now walk about and ploy at other bors do. Hk^b|'cl^|hu bc« relieved of the wiflhew, ,«o tliat hie can" «tand more erect than fie ever could before. He is now ten Team of age, and I know bis father had spent two hundred dollar* for patent medicines alone, hut nothing did him any good nntil he took the Athlophoros. lib rather has aim used tbe medicine for neuralgia, with very good •Sect. *••... ,. Entlar.4 Illinois. Wu cored br Alhtephoro* one rear ago last Sprjng, and'have not be*n troubled with the rheumatiwn since. I tried other medicine* to no good result I hare aold this medicine since I was cured, and all that have taken it u the directionsordered have been cured. J. M. SHAW. Every drrjzgutphonld keep Athlophoros and AtblopburO!) Pills, but where they ran• not be bouebt; of the druggist the Athlo- phowf |&|l{;2,j ^V'ttil Bt.l\ew York, will send either (carriage paid) on receipt of regular price, which U $1/0 per bottle for Athlophorrw nnd 6op. for Pillg. For liver imd kidney dlwawo. drfperda. In- fugenlon, weakness, nervmw rtpblmy, dlttue* of women, rofuttipatlnn. headache, Impure blood, Ac,, Alblopboroa I'llli are unequaled. « HEAJb ESTATE FOB SALE OR RENT, •-—-,, /= •.-.r..jf rii v -•.—..... - - • Rudersnausen & Sonntag. -,, . - , , AooTtYimte-ntanrl plPRitant home at a rea •onabl* flgnre, being ti t wo-slory frame house o» Klgotb «r»w, near Henry . ' A cUotoe farm ofM) act eg. with first cluu> hnprovemenw, situated 2M miles east of Bribuwlek. Onarlton co., Ho. For H»l«. A one ttory frame dwellini? house tn KOOO condition. In Topping's addition to Alton. For Sale Ctoeap • The nsldeoce ol Oapt. W. t oble: two stories and mansard roofi 12 room 4 nails closets, cellar*, et<v: 8 acres ol groan U desirable prop^rtv in the rfty. ; : JP«r Male. 16u acres of land near city limits. S:a.a t«r o story brick and trame Owe n oonse both Blmatod on the ease o >.ate etreei between 6th and 7th nceta- so the brick block ef stores on Seoon . • 'treet, ; : between Hnm and Eld^e street, nown as Hunter's row. For Hale. A s'niBll fraiue /* _.ln« honsa within n nr oloclra Of th*»M y : t lor JS7B.: : ' . ; 160 acre* f Rood tartmne land, and anothei tract of 00 icreo, botb unimproved. Situate In Moi <x>., Kansas, at f 10 and f!6 per acre respectively— one-third caah.balanceoD time For $ali>.' i. '•' •: :" ' A larin of HO acfeS on oottom land, all In cultivation, near Madison, In this county. A goort two-atory trame dwelling house on It "' JPor.Sme. A choice. farra*,ol 1-JU Hcrea, situate 1 mile south of' Btilpmtu. Uocoutiln uounty, 111., a .' Estate In the rtointtv will find It to their wbffl eof Knderabauaen tHe Uifjirllat o. proper- y.purt thereof 1s udver Physician and Burgeon, AND RE8IDKNOE. OOR.FOTJBTB ANDHKKhTSTS. W, A. UASKJ2LI,, M.D., u Pliyaiplan and Horgeon, •prno«-aECOND ST., ALTON, nx. Offlqe h our*-1) a. m. i It to 1, and 6 p.m ' " »r* tt\Jn*v* UKMTiBlttk. * I>B. O. a. UUICLAND, Dentist, 13 THIRD STREET, ALTON, ILL. • Offlc* Hoar*—8a. m. to 12 m. r 1 to4 p. tahfttrl* G. A. BlcMILLEN, Dentist^ OVKB BRUEQOEU XN.V'S OtaAQ STORE 8EUO.N1) ST. PLASTER A common sense cure, by a combined medical nnd median!- 'caj action^ t yn!L|co uny other prop{MM<i«»!' |hijy reljey^ jtb'of prossuro w|i|^ f va\ne th^Jop^n,' find novor f all : TTlicjD (Jiroc tlons' are: followed- Five sots of plasters and box of ointment put up In hnndsomo tin case, convenient for use. Price 36, con^a, complete. Aakfor'Todacura" and take no other. VUXOrACTOlLUU, Y, rr.$. \ss DRUGGISTS, 3HAl\IBEmLAJN, PUt. Agent for Alton* , ,.,, DAILTJTKLEQBJLPH. ) tooo*d«otMw Harm *t OM i>. U. M Alt«B, m.) ETE., MARCH 4. There." TO whom would heavcn'a doors ao freely open , AstoftUtttechlld. who »taodi with timid feet upon Its three- bold. ; Lovely and unteflted? An inch an one, at teto, was knrly rrlnf, With fmttt-cedinir breath; Over her face the flrst. last shadgw fBUlnff— She was afraid of death. Her loved ones said, "Oh, do not fear to enter ; . That land, so wide and fair." to all their words of cheer she could but answer, "i do not know them there I" Out even as she spoke, her bands were lifted In sudden, sweet surprise: And the resection of some dawning splendor Illumed her wondering cype. Mo longer clinging to hor tender watchers, And darkened by their woo, Bho looked as If sho saw soino loved one beckon, And was ID baste to go. What she beheld wo saw not. and ber rapture Our hearts not yot might share. Out with a last, bright smile she whispered "They are not strangers there I" \ —Francis L. Mace. WAS I^DOROTHY? "Novr, Uncle Buttonball, I think yon are foolishly prejudiced about it." Mr. Benedict Buttonball, commonly calltxl "Uncle Ben," shook his head at Frank WorraH's lerity. "Maybe I am," said he, "but we're not to blame for our convictions. I can't help mine, anyhow. And I couldn't any more marry in the face of my promise to Huphsibah than I could —join the Mormonsi" "Paulina Pepper is a pretty girl," said Frank, "and a good girl, too. Although not young." "If she was she wouldn't be suitable to me!" said Mr. Buttonball. "I don't deny that it's all true enough, what, you say. But you perceive, I am the victim of circumstances." "Circumstances be hanged!'' 1 ejaculated Frank IfVorrall, losing his temper at last and' banging the door behind him, as,ho hurried out of the room. . Mr. Buttonbal) again shook his head, took his silver spectacles out of their case, and unfolded the newspaper. "Polly Pepper woulS make a nice wife," he thought to. himself. "Aa plump and round and fresh-colored as a September peach, or a cabbage rose; and a woman, too, that thoroughly understands housekeeping. 1 almost wish I hadn't promised my dear departed Hephsibah never to marry again! But it's al] poet and over and it can't be undone, more's the pity!" "Isn't he a fool!" said Dorothy Martin. "And is he really so superstitious about breaking the promise that that unreasonable virago of a wife exacted from him?" "Unquestionably he is," said Frank .Worrall. "I suppose he actually believes that my Aunt Hephsibah would haunt him, if he married again, without her express permission. For a man of ordinary intelligence, Uncle Button- ball is superstitious." • "How?" questioned Dorothy. "Oh, he sees winding sheets in the candle, believes there will be a death in the family if a dog chances to howl under the window aud would sooner cut off his right hand than begin haying or go on a journey of a Friday." "Frank!" hesitatingly began Dorothy. "Well!" "What sort of a woman was your AnntHephsibnh? You know I never saw her. She died before I came to Hopton to live." "A little, fat woman, with spectacles and a brown fore-top, who always wore brown gingham and talked through her nose. I forgot, though—she had a monstrosity of a cap, with a frill two inches wide all arouud it, and a colossal bow of Bnutf-colored ribbon perched on the very top—a guy of a cap, only fit for a scarecrow." "Not at all like Paulina Pepper," said Dorothy. "And Paulina really likes Mr. Buttonball—and she needs a home, poor thing. Not -to speak of Mr. Buttonball's evident admiration for Paulina. It would certainly be a match if " "II it wasn't for the departed saint In suuff-colorcd ribbons," said Frank, with an irreverent imitation of his Unulo Buttonball's peculiar intonation when speaking of his deceased wife. "Poor Patillna!" said Dorothy. ••And poor Uncle Buttonball," echoed Frank Worrall. "Upon the whole, darling, it looks like a hard case." * » * * • "Past eleven o'clock," said Uncle Buttonball, looking up at the clock over the rims of the silver spectacles. "Well, I hadn't an idea it was so lute. And snowing and blowing like all possessed, and the wind bowling down tho chimney tit to sot a man's tueth on edge. Just such a night as poor Ilophsibah died four yeai-s ttgo, and— bless me," with a alight cold shiver down his spinal column, "if it ain't tho 29th of November—the identical anniversary of the sad event. Poor Uopbsy," folding his hands* and looking thoughtfully into the fire; "I hope she's happy iu the other world. She never took much comfort in this, what wltlf flies and dust aud poor kitchen help." And then Mr. Buttouball fell into a- dozo or a reverie— ho never could bo quite certain which—from which he was aroused by the old kitcbou clock striking twelve, "Midnight! It aiu't possible!" cried Vlr. Buttouball, chilly, uncomfortable, and superstitious. "And tho (ire o'on a-moet out, I guow I'll rake it up aud go to bod," But ns he ingo with A sort of rlion- nutiu Htill'iuiM from his chair the door muling from the buttery creaked sliglitly, a slow, heavy footstep sounded on the floor, and looking around with ntnriUxl nud dilated oyci, Mr. Button- ball behridXhe deputed Heph&lbnh. •OEUmpdlstl" »pok* oat. the qulrer- tnf-uul tuuul wlao. "Baaedfoti Ben*. Sett!' •' " -.' " '••'.-.• '- ; (It WBS »lwt,y* »o, tJaote Cottontail remembered, in all well-anthenticated ghost stories, the summons was dte. tinctiy enunciated three times.) «4v—w—well, my dear," stuttered Mr. liuttonbfUl, holding tight to the niiuB of his chair lest his, teeth should chatter him off from it. "I have brought a message from the other world, Benedict," solemnly uttered The Presence. "Yon want to marry again!" "N—not if you object to it, my dear," faltered the shaking widower. ..I—I—that is—" "Peace! Disturb not the voices of a higher sphere." "No, my dear, I won't," said the submissive husband. "Peace, I say!" (Hephsibah's old way of putting him down, without a loophole for argument) "and listen, you are absolved from your promise to contract no second marriage. You ar>) a free agent. My eyes arc opened now to many things, among them the folly of my earthly jealousies. Go, marry whom you will, and my blessing 'rest upon your bride. The word is spoken, the oraclu is closed."" Slowly the brown-ginghamed form retreated backward, with gleaming spectacles and uplifted finger, thniugb the buttery rtoor, into the back kitchen, .while Uncle Buttonball sat staring and transfixed with an agony of superstitious terror. • * » • • • "He has really asked you to marry him, Paulina?" "Yes. really," snid Paulina Pepper, her blooming face nil smiles aud dimples. "And I'm so glad! Because— there rau't Iw any harm in owning it now Dorothy dear—I did like him ever BO much!" "He's a very nice old man—I mean middle-aged gentleman," said Dorothy Martin, demurely. "But I thought he had determined never to marry again." "Oh, that's all settled," cried Paulina, looking complacently down at the red shine of her garnet engagement ring. • -He thinks he has had a vision —.that his departed wife appeared to him and released him from his vows." "Dear me!" said Dorothy. "How very strange!" "Of course the dear fellow must have been asleep and dreaming, though. Don't you think so?" "Undoubtedly," said Dorothy. "For—what are you laughing at, dear?" Paulina Pepper broke ofl" to say. "Nothing, nothing; only it seems'So ridiculous that in this age of the world .people can believe in ghosts!" cried Dorothy, giving way to a hearty peal of laughter, as she caught up her embroidery and hurried out of the room. Frank Worrall followed her. •'Dorothy," he said, "it was you!" "What do you mean?" "The ghost." "Prove it if you can!" cried Dorothy, saucily. And that was all she would ever admit.— New York Daily Jfews. "Who, did you say, is to be the President?" "Oh! 'I don't know and don't care. I'm not looking for Presidents—I'm looking for a bottle of Sul- vntion Oil. It kills pain evety time." eta. One of our most estimable citizens may be thankful for the introduction ol Dr. Bull's Cough Syrup, for its ti-nely use has saved his life. For incipiem consumption it is a certain remedy. Price 25 cents. There were few Connecticut women of the last century wh-j did not keep n diary WP quote this from a diary ol 1790: "We bad roast pork for tlmiu", and Dr. S , who carved, held up a rib on his fork and said 'Here,iiutiec. i.« whit Mother Eve was made of.' Yen said Bister Patty, and i»'« from v<-rv much the came kind of orator."— Tue Living Cnurcli. Keep lour system tn UoodTone. Brandreih'a Pillx cure 'ii fl.uimiHtoij and chronic rheumatism, gout., bili<m-, remittent and intermittent fuver.», di»- •easeti of the blood, liver, kidm ys a*id bl idder. They stimulate tho b'oml. txoue the circulation and (rive tone it ihe entire system. Thev '-uro hy a-Msi ing the blood to tirow off ml mipurilins .fake one or two pills every uignt for two weeks. he Been 'J'h-re Before. "And do you doubt my love?' aakcii, passionately. "No, (Jeorge," cho answered with ndtuiruble poise; "but when you fa\ that the day you call me V"in» win ii'her in ttu urn of lifelong devotion ami tender solicitude, you—panlon me, di-nr —vou put it on a triflu too thick. Ynu se>'m to forget, George, that I am a widow.'' No caningp spring is talked about so praiMngly as ihe Uice Coil Sluing !•.-, I'cuple go wild Any our. builder will furnihh it. ilwlw THE rtuiien ut oieijj)mini who gn iliruuyli st-iviec for out inutiinr ri-niunU o 10 of a case in custom Cnnm-ciirut. Tim auditor in thi.s cmee wits a youi>u Indy, a mi'tuber of the eh-r>.'jniai)V family. Hu not only went Ihrmixli tin- entire so vice fur lu-r mitt hci elii, hiu read lohur ih.i notion nf a chHnuu in ihu timu ol mceliiiif of iln< Yuui)£ \Vi>uifn'.« tuilU, which «ne hud hertell batidtU to him. The popular blood purifier. Hood's B irfupniillu, is lu.vini; n iremcnilous ale thi« season. Ni;iirly everybLtly t.kesit. Try it jouisulf. 6 Evorybnily needs a spring medicine, By u>ii>tf Ayur'n UarBnpnrillii, ihti |)|IHM| Is .luiniujjlily cluansi'd iini) liivl^nrtitid, the appi'ilte Miniiiliitcd, iiiui Hit- »>y>ti-in prepuied to rebt-t I In- di.-cii-cs puni'mi lo ttie fumiurir months. Auk for Avur'a Barvaparillo. Take no other, dwlw 'XUa tttuhy in Anotdnt Th» EgypttftB nam* for th/a ont ch&on, or. according, to. some E, legists, m.a6a, ( yio .Tatteir hanio imitative of the animal try.. Hie tnillar name" bf "pugs," apparently, hiis also come to «9 from tbe Egyptian. The origin of tho word "tabby" is, perhaps, not generally known. It la a corruption of the Turkish utabi (old French tnbiu, Spanish tubi), n particular kind of waved silk imported from Bagdad, and so nnmwl after the locality where it wna made.' One of tho most ancient representations of the cat is to be found in tho Necropolis of Thebes, which contains the tomb of King liana, of the eleventh dynasty. A statue of the king represents hiip standing erect, ^"ith his favorite cat, Uoubaki, at his feet. Plutarch, in his treatise on "Isls and Osiris," states that tho imago of a sho cat was placed at the top of the Sis- tnnn as an emblem of the moon; partly, perhaps, because' she moves about by night, but chiefly because her eyes dilate and grow large tit tho full of the moon, contracting again at the moon's decline. Cuts are mentioned in a Sanscrit manuscript 2,000 years old, and in Egypt thuir antiquity is known to be even greater, as shown by monumental drawings and- the discovery of their mummied bodies in very ancient tombs. The Egyptians not only took great care of their cuts while alive, but honored them when dead, going into mourning and shaving their eyebrows. It lias been conjectured from a painting taken from a tomb at Thebes, and now iu the British museum, that the cat was tanght by the ancient Egyptians to retrieve., The painting" in question depicts an Egyptian fowler gliding- in a flat-bottomed bout through Jt reed bed aud throwing sticks at water fowl, apparently with as much skill as a native Australian throws the boorn- •erang,. while a cat is represented as looking tip at him with a wild duck in her month, and another bird, apparently a water hen, under her fore feet. Greatly Fxcited. Not a few of the cit'z-ns of Alton have recently become greatly excited over Ihe astonishing-fuel.", that several of their friends cvhohud been pronounced by i heir physicians ai incurable and beyond all hope- coffering with that dreaded .tnonster Consumption-have been completely cured by Dr. Kine'sNew Discovery lor Consumption, the only remedy that, does positively cure nil throat nnd June diseases, Coughs Colds, Asibma and Bronchitis. Trial bottle free «t E. Marsh's drug store, large bottles SI. Wonderful cures. W. D. Hojt & Co., wholesale and retail diugeitus of Hump. OH., s»y: We have been selling l)r. King's New Discovery, Electric Bitters and buck inn's Arnica Salvu for two years. HHVH never handled remedies that fell as well,or give sach universal SHt'^faclliin. There Imve been some wnnder'ul cure cfft'Cind by these medicines ifl ibis city Several cases of pronounced Cmmimp tinn have been entirely cured by use o a few buttles of Dr. kind's New covery.taken in connection with Electric Hitters. \V« guarantee tlu-m hlwa^ Suld by E. Muish, mclildwlm SPECIAL flAVplj On and »««• •n^fekflhfeMOfti MOST PERFECT MADE Prepared with strict regard to Parity) Strength, and llealtbfnlness. Dr. Prlcs's DakiDK Powder contains no Ammdnla,LIma,Aliimor Phosphates. Dr.Prlce'k ls, Lemon, etc., flavor(JftUclooil/. WHIPPLE& SMILEY, INSURANCE, REAL ESTATE, & LOAN AGENTS, UEEBBSJSNT1N« TFTE FOLLOWING First-Class Ins. Co.'s: Inn. Co. of North America; Hartford, Phoenix, Franklin, of Puiladelyhia; German American; North British and Mercantile, London; Com. Union, London; Lancashire, Manchester, Bug.' Continental; Olrardf Glens Falls, Amercan Central; Firemen's Fund, Western Assurance Co. S20,OOO,OOO. WK ALSO BKPREBKNT THB Mutual Benefit Life, of Newark, N. J., and Traveler's Life and Accident Lna. Co.. Hartford. Office: Over Alton Nat. Bank, Cor. Third and State sts. itlon*. «:00p. ID laand r Aock tsia'nd'raVtUnei^tw£'S For jBcktoBTllle, Kooknk, Valuer, KJW : i»«i» City,and all point* watt. KatLaaaCHy Jlttii* .. .. ...... 9:00a.m. Kansas city Expre*i*,........ .,.. 9:in p. m penvej- BxbioMt 7*3 p.m. _Jacksonville *ccor, in.idRtloii?... VrCSp. m' rat tit, LODU I , UftbtnlnK Kxprt>M> .8:44 *,tn Unluago AccoruMiO'intlon* 9,110 «. m Alton special) UiWo. n) RaMMCltyJlall*.... •••'••r*S«f."? nhlcftgoMnUt raAiN8 LEAVE at. Lome . • , „ „ roii AJ.TON. H (600p.>0. M »p.m. nssp-m. ....„ (8 « a. tn. inuday»onl.v). •Daily fKjvupt Sunday. : • ; 8. O. KERTB. ~ « », _ 6l «P'»- *"•• Louis iMvlflou • O. Q. NORBIP, Tlotn't Amrdt. OltlCAQO, DUBtil.NtiTOIi AWD QUINOY. , ,,' lrnl !' H 1<: * ve u "- Union Depot, Alton Ouitig Noirtht EjtpreBS fMoeptBnnday). i. .8:»a.w Nljtht Exprcfm 1-Mp.m w. w. Att.V01.Il.- •- - DEPOT JO8KPt» JAttMETT'8 LIVEKY STABLED FEONT ttTRKtT. UKTVtKKH ALBT AND K ASTON, ASSIGNEE'S NOTICE. Relate of Hcrinnn KeiiflinanL.dBlitor: ' • T"o undergiitiiml hei tb-- glvrt notice tiiat HernMii K«<ti«-liiiunn, ol .\ttnii, In toe comity nl Mudlnon tintl State of Illinois. dlU, on the 12th clay m Feb., A. D. 1887, tianrfer to the unaenlxofd, »<• assign, c. u!i his propetty, teal unU piTnonnl, lorthn farnefltut Wscrea- ttuiv, uci-iudiii, to tl.«-»lnn j of tfoe aot All i eteiuioliHYlngcUiinB against tho laid ilttrinnii K KI-IIDHUU »r« hftt'ty notified to prraent such violins under •iniii or BfQrniA- tn-n, tone at m> oture, on tbe com* r ot rolrd and BUB • irwiB, iltun, In nald county, wllh* In tbrur mnnthHfromiliiiidato. • OatedFob 16th, 1887. •„•'•:' JOHN DOW, A»«Ume«. JOIIKJ. BBB5I1OLT, AUy. fel)I«d8w For Rent. Two-story linusn imd Kooii stable on Com- moii street, oootl Irnir. WUIPPLE & SMILRy. Arnica salve. 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I Esccutliv.i No. 12, Fraii'-lln Pppry. ) *<•<• lilll No. It, vlrim'ol iiii'i'x.'ciitlnii ur.hl<icn«o l«au d out ol nil* fli'i-kV I'fllteol ihcO'ivnit IMII-I ol v adls >n ciiiinl.v.llHiii'l-, ill'ccli"' tnlhi'nhpr Iff 01 tiiilil uimniy.I iiuvi- Irvli-d itpo nil -lie rlulit, iltlu nnil Inn-ruxt 'ul 111" ->f ndfint In uuil t» tin' lol owl' « r r<> city, blniii r i Uiu(" iinty of M.ill.- n anil 8tnu 01 I'.llm-ls, and dL'rifribfd IIA f itl.iwH, tci-wlt: Two l^| locN iff ot thn nortli nidi- nf lot Ao, l!vt- (5). (>i liliich ,V(i, six (11^, In K. l.nny'o iiilill lo i tn thi> town nf I'lipi i Aton, ami, «'H i, two (S) rods • (I of llm noulli llll< Ol III Nn Nl.\ (I) , III Hlllll |||M>.|( .So. bl.V (II) III Illlt IllUtllluii, Sillil HHI (1) pli'C •« ' f land fmmlMK limn (4' niiUiin M-iin . IMM<I In i-iiiil ti'Wii mill iiiinilnc liner I'liniwaullv tin- VlltllC It pill i.f "Mill Inl-, lill-l tiltimtl-ll III III) 1 town i t U|i|ii'|- AH M. In thn conniv u( Mmi|. «IIM, In III" -tnln nl lilliioi.. which' I "III ix |>o i> ut I nbllo »ulu, to tint Illrflloot hiUJi) . loi >h, on PltlDAY, TUB Kl.KVKNTII OAV Of MAttOH, A, I). 18S , between thulioui'bnf U o'clock In tho firr- noon Mini niui' ; tn-* i: ut lUn'c'iirk, n. in., of MHl'i ilnv.ln runt <it iliu iiintli fiont duorof tin-City ll.ili bull Mn«, In tun eiiy »i Alton In tl'vciiiiniy nnd HI.UJ ulmii-nl i. to >utl«iy uaiil vxuuuilon totiuthur with im-tn, K. A, limiKK, ShPi'llfnl Mull,on u.iiiaiv III. MY U. **. Oil i\\'|{ D'liiiiv, I'lli'l for Sale. Seven lots with K'»m brick dwolllni? and niubulldliiKr.ln jro-'il repair, In Uoper Alton. Ki:aHlrnueol i). K. ''nlllim, mill kn mrn aj the Mu rill property. Wllii't'tK & SMILEY, Alton, or l».vv. Oollet, iTpp-r Alton. 1-orKent. A two-story biick dwelling known as tho A. Platt hotncHtoud. Lately pu-In nond 10- Chancery Notice- STATE OF ILLINOIS?) ,„ O. unty u-MitUuwn. j se .!.'.-*. • Circuit conrn.l MadiMin county, Mnrcb ten» A.U. 1887: ' • •' : •••'.- •••'- " Honryo. I'riest.sunflvInK partner of Henry O. bwwtaer. ilecuaoed, late partner! under tho nainnoi 8.v«otner and Priest, vs. David R. Bpurks. AniiH . .rparbn, bts Wife, W<-»ley Best, tbe Alton National Bank, the .D. B >park» Milling company, Albert Wad* and Vrunk R, Mlluor. In chancery. f "Notliwu beieby given to th» said Wesley Heat that the nhove named complalnaai umttofoic filed bin bill of coinplulut In said court, on the cbuncery Bide thereof, and that a summons thiruupon loaned out of said court aKuinst the above numed defendants. teturnablr on the first u»y ot tbe term of th« clrcuitcoun ol M ud bon county, to be beld at court house In tdwanlsvlllo, In auld Madlwn rouuty, ontbe tliird Monday ol March, A.D. 1887. an Is by law required, an-1 wblcu suit to Dllll peuUlDtf. UOBKUT HAG.NAOKB, WISE A DAVIS,Oompl'to Sol'ia. Fur s»)e or nenc. Adealrable tenement on Dinff street, owned bv »lri> S. J.Dutro. WIlll'I'l.K *SMII.RY For b»u» Tin; late residences ol i. t. and W. B. Mliofcall, on Mill at., two o. I. «• oe«t pieces o! residence property In Allot. Tne property known as''The Park, eahtot above; It lotion Aim and Summit streets, an J a number ol ou In Miller * Mitchell's addition to Alton. \nv or all of above at a irrr*t bancaln. W(.|PPLB« SMILEY. Jtor aat«. State stree in The, Uerrlman property on Miller & Mlchell's add., to Alton. IX story IIOUBO, 8 rooms and out-buildings; all In per- iBctortSer. Gun b« bad at a bargain. WH1PPLK A SMTLKY. For >ale. A IX story framu dwelling, corner Pe and Filth stretitH. WH1PPLEA8MILKT Desirable Rusideuces^fvr Mule. A twootoiy bilek duullliiK on Stale street kiioun as A. I'lutt humesteadt lately put 'n K'i"d repair. A two «tor> iramo dwelling oi> Miiln street, nearly new. A twit mory mlck dwiilllnu on Seventh street, all (or sale < a uafrltljH. ownei liHVlnu decldnd to ar WHIPPLK A SMILEY TO ADVERTISERS For a cbrck (or $20 wn <vtll print a ten-Una advvrtluenieut In Onu Million luuoa nf lead- InK AraerivHii Nuwsp i}Htrs. Till* ta at the tato if only one fllih ut accnt a llnu.for l.OjOolrcn - latlonl 1 tin advertisement will bu placed before One Million IIIWEKKNT nxirsoaner purclia-orB:—or KiVEMiLi.ioN HEADERS. Ten lines will ac'oiiuii. ,dnt« ubout T5 words. Ad* dread with copy of a<)v ana chuck, or semt «0 centa tor liook of 176 pa»ea. OEO. P. ROW- KLL4UO., luSpiuct!»t.,N. Y. JalSdlm "ITT ANTED—A Hvn, energo'lo man, to ropr T T res»nt u», ?iS per uioi tu and expense*. Goods staple; ever,- • inu buys: outfit FRBB. bTA.NDAKD 81L% EUWABE Co., Button. ' » oc29d8m get up Tea Olabe for our iffaep. A host of uwfal nrilclea to Dulcet fr- m as premiums. Send lor illustrated li-ice and Prntnliun List. SMS CUI, (JKKEK: to every TBNTU |M3^on that an- swei-n tlilsMclveril-cnient, HO will send rsem ore pound chulceTi a. Art divas NAT'L TEA * C'OKKKE Co.. Iliw on, .\fasa. L ADIKS wanted , Pure Tean and Co W. Jb*. E.MSINGER, Plain and Decorative *or sale. The Wooilrool property. A 2 story frame House ol 8 rontnu, on Klttli and Alton streeta, a 4 room frame house on Fifth «tr«.-t. WHIPPLK A gMILKY. far Hale. A convenient I ami of 120 acres, most all Ir ailtlvarlon; situated en the Bethalto rond, m'l' • Aluir.. Kor Sale «.r Ui-Dt. The l-ntory irniuu (IwellliiK with 9 rooraa, including 7 lnt«: irood burn mid flnu Itults known as the Mul-<>l» hon oatcad, -Hunted on Utli St., In a dc<al"2nli> iu>luhboi hood. AL! WORK PBO!<PTLY ATTKXDED TO AT LOWEST TEEM8. OCJTIOK AMU HHOF ON SECOND ST., NE14R PIASA AT^TOV. rtt, For Bout. A two story brick dwoilliiKfcnown asthfl A. Platt boiiiUHtcad; l.itelx nut In unod rnnalr. WllifPLK it bMli-tY A 7- Kur Malr. liij{ and nut bulldlnirii on Thhd Btrtut, butwi-f n Oli-n-y and Vln«. WllU'PL.fc.A'iM EY. far Kent. Good 9-r"om hrlck house with ab'mt4 acres « Kround.liK'ludliu'i.ln Upper Alton. Fonni-r runldence 01 Dr. (lumber. WlIlfPLE 4 SMILEY. For Ueat. (.ate reald«nce ol M, J. Noonan on State itii-rt. knovn us ilie A. t'latt plaoo, Uoodtt •oum biluk lioui-n. In fli-et cluus lop'ilr, Wi|ii>|'LK « SMILEY. DAIRY FARM. North Alton Jersey Dairy. .IOUJX BAUER, DEALEB IN AND MANtJTAOTUBBKJ FURNITIJRE. SECOND STREET, Opp. City Hall, ALTON, IIX. All kinds ot flno and oomraoa fornltur 0 constantly on hand. AlaO uudp.-Jikor, etc. Lucas Pfeiftenberger ARCHITECT, GE>ERAL HUPEHINTBNDENT AND MECHANICAL DRAUGHTSMAN, Office on Third St., one door west of Plana, third flour. ' Jnniiw Mnili'ii'H D.ilry fairc < n i ilc, i In- tin(li<i'lui,uil will /iiinMi ml k Oltheviiy behi qiniiliy to tie '.'Hlzelii, ol uti'li. Tim i-ut l|n me inosilv hljill iii-ndc v inn) fin invliu itcli milk Hi.y lmv« io«|unl; tl 01 HIV nil ynunu mid lieullhy: will ,eu > no •!' P" nl an\ kliul In nur calllii. •ariii-H that • ill iiivur DH wMt tliclr pitiiiiM- me nun ili-pend nil ^ fttli:|> till k ol tie vnj tent qinilii,\. A HIIIIIII «< will uu UIVHM fieii ol •liiii'iiii tu nil thai up ly fiii- it. Th- tnllklnii mil eveiyihliiKCiniiiecied with thKdalry wu 1 >e i-i-pt nt" ii|nihiiiM f |y cleun •otliat out iimoiii' r» limy ivueivu llm milk In Iliu ii^t of order. A i-ltiire i.f pub l« pulron UK ime»|ii>eiinlly n quested l/cavu orders i|Mi MeHHix, Islivcl) A ticliles*. null wl h le«-i>. tii'lbiild A Ui lord i IIK > 01 nddiosi u« Altou, Ai.iiKnrvui.pEit, EUXKHT t-Ofl KU,;I Wilte Vojuullno Uron., J Wl» I/iivn for nrvlev, tw«i rtKltlnred sires, Jor•\ mill HM| leln, Heivicii lint fnreitliKi-, |.VOi. lie llii|-ti<liiiri f..,iii Una fiimuug lull). Oor- ••I -iiiili-.iMiiviiUil l.-v Mr Steven >,oltiii<v Yiirk; limit 47W pl4lll|l||ll| HlSt I.IHllr. III. t Illll. Olll', In tinny mouth* old tuttl Is ovur m" eiuvun UunOl-vU wulgut, ^ U d 4w J. SUITER & SON, 9BALKK8 IN FOTB AND COMMON PDRiNITUKE. I \ Fall and Complete Stock Al- vmys on Hand. 00 NOT FAIL TO GIVE UB A CAI.L BEFOilE PURCHA3WG. -iUU KUBNtTUIiK BOOMS ARK Ot State Streef, opp, Third, ALTON, ILi*. MMwlY

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