Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on March 4, 1887 · Page 2
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 2

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, March 4, 1887
Page 2
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i>AiU..TKlROKAPH. Co*. t. , »tr»»u, Atton, FRIDAY BVK., MAK<jH 4> XHE term of tbe fortyMiiuiU Cuu* expire* totUy and the prospect U thut all ejietutil., legislation wilt be dupoied of, *o that a called session of the F.l.ieib. ^ontfreis will noi be neoes- slate r*lr. The lower H .me of tbe Legislature yoiterday, on the fourth ballot, roted ia favor of Sprin/Udld ai the place for the perm meat lo<J:Uioa of the 8 tutu fair. Toe bill tf<i# < >8* lo the* Senate. All tho Mulnon ounty ropresentiitive.- TOted for SprlagtUlil, whiob action will nopraml. Kutnllallon. The bill which r«o«ntly passed the Senate at .Sy.ubingion for retallutorv by our Government asjaui^i the event ut thu hitter persist- lr»j{ la iw unfriendly policy toward American tt-morraen, bus also paused thu tt.ime, and It has been approved by tha Presulun t. Ia 1834, while a candidate for Prosi. dent, Mr. Cleveland j'mnud.a pe ition lo CjtitfrejS reoamtiK'nilinx ihat every survivinfc Federal'soldier of the late war be given a pension of aomeihing like $8 pur nrmtb. In 1837 Mr. Ciuvelaiui, • when President, veioed_,a bill to pension dependeai soldiers. THE Illinois Live ..8to.o<£ . Oommla- •lOQeiri,' E. MoChesbey, J. M. Pearson ft id E. L. WlUoa have completed a toar of laspeotion throuijhoat the Stale. The? say th it, oat.lde of Cook ooaaty. not a atnglo case of plouro- paeiim inia h« beun discovered, and that the disease has been continue! to tbe immediate vicinity of Chu oajo. Tbe total number of affocted caltle found was about five ihoujand, and of,theaQ ab'jut two thousand lire hundred have'been killed. JSI/UI1, ELSAH, Fob. 28, '87. Willie Francis ban been quite tick but is better, wo uro lilatl to hoar. Uucle Pole Tourvelle has lived hero 39 years, and esys last Saturday wu» tlio first time he WB» ever coinpul:ed to go to Alton on horaebHck.on acconntol bad roads male Inn U ImpOHilblo tousn u yohtcle. Mr« John Winger has beun very eick but IB getting better under the cam ol Ur. A. filover. we h<pa tho moneyed ronn of Alton will heed the TELBQIUFH'S adTlce und utd In the extunnlon ol tlio Si. L. * U. I. It. H. to Alton. •Mrt. M. S. Sin ad IH yotllnK ready Jfoi tbe cjtnl B boom by Improvements on her resl deuce. Ura. Kllziboth Ty>ck, of Randolph. IB v ry lick, we uro Informed by Dr. B. K. Farley, the attending physician. Work Ins begun »t Ptasa BluffJ. Men are at woiktheie grubblnp, The Jersey Count. Hoard of Supervisors la thnonly body that cau do buslncES without a Quorum. • A. U. 2j OMAHA. Chamburraaid—" Wait, Mary, it i-n't tiinu 10 lock up ibe bonsu T^t MIHB BiU«irs young wan is ia the pui lor." Omaha Kilohen Girl—"He's fi;one Saiah.'' •; "Did you hear the front door shut?' "No, but ilia parlor ens Is turned up ajtain."—OmnAa World. Free trade. The reduction of internal revenue anc tbu taking off <if ruvenue stamps from propriutarv nvdioinos no doubi, has largely bunefitietl iheconxumers, as wel aa reliuvuid .I he burden of'home niiinu- faoturnrs. B'peoially is this the cast with Givon'o Aujju-t Flowur BHd Bos ohHu's U«rman Syrup, a« the reduutton of thirty-six cents per dozun, has been added to increase the *lz« of tbo bottles containing these: roinrdrto, tberehv giving one-IKlh more medicine in I ho 76 cent siaa. The August Flower for ' Dyopepsia and Liver complaint and thu German Syrup for cough and lunj; troubles, have, perhaps, thu largeat Hulu of any medicines in the world. Tbu advantage of increased nizo of the btit- tles will be frreaily appreoitiU'd by thu Bick and afllictMl, In cvoiy town and village in civilized countries. Sampiv bottles for to cents remain the same ja 8 dwlw eow Nu»t uuil 1'liulpa. Tltotung Sftfit, rvbo \ivsB suTtailtted to nu Intevrtew respecting he character of idjs work, witw a dottistown, N. J., • cgvrespofident oi ha Nw York Mail and Expree}. On peaking of the unifoi-mlty and srm- metry oi the artist's woi-k Mr. Nnst e an anecclote respec'ling his cariua- .ure ol Congressman William Walter Plielps. He said he had been introduc- ng Mr. Phelps in a great mnnv car- ;uons, and nlwnys n-preecnte*! him as iVenring n full beard. Ho considered t a successful portrait, as he was not aware that Fhelps had applied the razor freely to his face. One morning Sdr. Nash received in liis mail n letter in n feminine hand. The letter read: "I Mippoec In CRricaturinff Mr. Phelp« you nro anxluus tlmt he should be recognized. Now as you drnw him In your last cartoon no ono would m»i?n1«i him. \x>c»m»e ho «oi\r» tio beard ntul lilt expression Is entirely different. I enclose you a recent photograph of your subject, and hope you will study It to " Tl\lH is foimd prvsttsl up in a Miuik- stnitli's shop in .Jackson, GII.I "Ko- tico — 1>« oopuitncrtihip hoivtoforo rc- sistiiig botwixt mo und Mosii Skinner is 'heri'ljy iWol'vod. l')nm what owe do finw wil'l sutl.lo \vid mi-, dein what thO'flrtu owe settle will AIoBo." For Girls Who_Play tho I'limo A contemporary ways the world does not know, much less does it reward, one-half of its benefactors. It is to IMJ fcopod that n bettor return than ingratitude will bo reaped by tho Stuttgart inventor.—Sclmuzenbach bv> name— •who has devised a : contrivanco for deadening tho sound of piauo«. This contrivance, to which tho slmplo nauw of "inuUi" has boon, givon, consists of tho application of iiue flaunnl to tho frame which IH found between the strings and tho humraors of an upright piano. HorrSolmuzoubadi claims mat by the use of his apparatus—which,'it ia satisfactory to '•?'"'• l » inexpensive— Bound can bo 'graduated, almost to inaudibility, ami yot tho quality of the tone Is not lost. A trial of tho invention has rooojj'tly'lwoii made before a company of musicians at Btutlgart, and the result appears to have boon a »uc- Tho plauo mute having been in- voutod, 'iilj|»t now/remains to bo done Is VoseitflOfdl'jt.tfa wide adoption as Mr. Nnst said he recognized that the point made by '» his unknown correspondent wiis a good ono, and he at once began to think how ho would make his whiskered Phclps appear rationally without it beard. Suddenly an inspiration suggested that ho should make tho cbnnge in tho picture as Mr. Philips had maao it — namely, by tho use of the razor. So he quickly made the sketch, which is said to be a better likeness ol Mr. Phelps than any other executed by Keppler, Gillani, or Nnst. Reference is had to tho cartoon in which Mr. Phelps is seated in a barber's chair, while Bon Butler, in the guise of a barber, wields tho razor, witli which ho has just made tho lout pass over his victim's face. This guvo the clean- shaven man to Mr. Nast's collection, and in tho next cartoon Mr. Phelps appears as,his own beardless and banged self. Fashions In Smoking. . Why> people should think tobacco and cigars of light color milder smoking than the dark I do not quite understand, but they do. Some people even believe that a dark-complexioned man is stronger than a light ono — weights being equal. One of the very strongest men I ever knew was as fair as a lily,' and one of the mildest tobaccos I ever smoked was as black us a craw! Lata- kia tobacco is very -mild "indeed, and the blackest is considered the beet. This idea of dark tobacco being very strong is only a fancy — tho eye has more to do with it than the palate. 1 was walking homeward one night with n friend, and I offered him a cigar, he smoked it, enjoyed it very much, and wanted me to get him a box of the same. 1 did so, and he r n tnriied them, saying they were too strong for him. Nothing that I could or did say ever convinced him that they were exactly the same as the one he had smoked in the dark and enjoyed so much; but they were identically the same goods. The color when he saw them suggested strength to liis mind, and he found thorn to bo what he e.xpecUnl them to b'o— strong. TmVis ;\u illustration ol the chango in fashion in smoking. There are, -however, still sonic: sensible people who judge tobacco and cigars not by the color, but by the taste; but thu fnshi'on of to-day in for light colors, — liOruiiHt- 'Mttuxo Tratte Review IALL New nnd Beautiful Desiffns just arrived nud arriving for the Sprlug Trade. WINDOW GLASS i A Specialty, from Small to LurgeHt Sizes. \t tho rid rel'abln HOUSE-PAINTING and DECORATING establishment of NEFF & 03ERMUELLER, Fourth, east of Belle st. feblldsm 2OO BA.G8 HIGGINH' FUREKA FINE SALT For Dairy and Table USP, inl!4 Ib. linen sacks and 0O Ib. for sale by J. A.RYRIE. 1887. HARPER'S BAZAR. ILLUSTRATED. lUuren'« P.AZAK c<imblnu« the choicest lit ontiuit and tliu tlin'ot llui-truUoni' wl-ii ih \utvm iuahloiia mid the most uaelul fumi ruudlnK. Jt« stoiluo, poenm, Mini es«Hy« HI bv thuueat writer*, anil its IminorouBUkutolx me utiMiiTJUBH'd. IIB pupuin on ui'euil utl quutte, Uvi-orutlvH uit, hdiue keepln« In al Hit bninel'.on, cookt-ry, i te., niiike I Indlnpen xHblu in (Very hnuBuIioKi. liu buiiutllnl laali Ion plauiH and pulterii'M"cvt Biiiipleuii>ut i nahlc laillei to BIIVU IUHHV tlinea thu eo«t o -\ibBfvl|.lloi> bv I.I-IUK tlitirowitdrtiHMimkutu Not u Him Is tidml.tetl 10 Us colnuuin tliu could vlioek the uioot fattidloun taute. HARPER'S PEIUOD1CA1.H. Per >«nri Harper 1 * Hszar .......................... I « llmper'n Wui-kly 4 t Ilin I,or'- You UK 1'uoplo 2 Oi tiurnji's KiHPKlIu tk)u.ire Llbnry, onu yo«r(U imntlM'ri)) 11) 0 lluiper'i. Handy BorU'H, i 10 yiar, (!# numbeii) It 0 ro»tHg« Fr«f loull nubioilboriilu thu Uultc-i btBlcoor (JuimOu. The volumet of tht> HAZAH bnuln with th llr tXuuibui tor January »l oimh year. Wlici no time l« n.i'iitldiiud, ktilifuHpttiiiK w II IIP Kin wllli lh»i Number vuirunt ut time nf ru Uuuud Vnlnmea of IlAjtrBU'B lUZAK. f throeyuai'Dbuuk. In neut ilnili b ndinx.will b •('III by uintl |MiFtHKt)|>al<i,iirby expiena, Ire ill i-sponMi (pvovtiluu th» ifi'lKht d<i<>n no tuoe. d ouo (X>u»rp«i volnuiv), lor f7.(X) po vi ilu roc, Oloth Untet tor cnch volmvo, unltable (o blndliiKi will lx> "('lit by uiuil, po.tpuld, o on r> c«i>t of f 1.00 tmcli. Kwnilti«iice» uln uld bu mudo by Po»tonio M»n,«i> OiUui or Inuli, tu uvold ilmuun o low. , . Newspapers arc not to copy ihln wont wuliinit tliu ixpru«a ordur ol « UKOTUKHt; ' fbr n btUl 'thp othor evening ut ono oithothjm- crs a noWipnpi'i' innu bud the good urtniic to Imve for his right-unud ieighbor a very pii-tty girl. ' Tho play vns ruther dull, nnd thu Journalist wickedly nruused hhnsoll by wittuhing he ujmnnlng little woman. Both shu nd tier eiwort felt the dramatist's dull: ness nnd yawned freely thrungh the first net. The second net showed no mprovement, and toward its doso the escort whispered something to the lad.v. jhe giwo nn ongvr tx>n»ent to his pvo- msition, and then he began a seitrch hi'ough his pockets. Finally he pro- Uiced a store of small coin, which he livlded into two portions and gave one o the lady. Then he rattled n penny n hi» huno nnd she did the same. Joth showed their coins, nud as she matched him she tutored a little shriek >f delight and grasptnl her winnings, <\ir tho rest of tho evening, these two 'orgot the drama in the. gambling. At irst the man won, imteh to the disgust of his companion. Then fortune took mother turn, and the lady won right on to the end of the game. Five or six times she replenished her oseort's stoek, nnd when the curtain full she must have been ahead at least $1.50. The newspaper man was pained to oil- serve, however, that her system could .inrdly l>e culled fair, for she held the coin ou its edge in her hand, and as soon as tho •gentleman showed whether lis was heact or tail tip she dropped lei's on the side that would win.— MilwMphia Call. Only 20 per cent of the population of Pennsylvania avo farmers, and her nnds were, returned in 1880 at $-19 per acre, and the average general product of each farm-worker was $•}()<.). Georgia las 75 IKH' cent of her population on :ho farms, and her fanning land* aver- ftge $•! per'iiw, and the tirertige of 'arm labor Ki (jflW per annum. BOO Doses One Dollar. Hood's Susaparllla Is the only medlolno of which this can bo truly said; and It Is nn nnanswcrablo argument as to the strength and positive economy o! this great medicine. Hood's Sn.-snparllla Is made of roots, horbs, barks, etc 'OHO; and favorably known for their power u purifying the blood; and In combination, proportion, and process, Hood's Sarsapartlla la peculiar to itself. "For economy and comfort we use Hood'g Sarsaparilla." Mns. C. BHEWSTEH, Btidalo. . " Hood's Sarsapariila takes less time and quantity to show Its effect than any other preparation I ever heard of. I would not bo without It In tho house." Mns. C. A. M. BxruBARD, Kortli Chill, N. Y. 100 Doses One Dollar Hood's Sarsnparllla cures scrofula, salt rheum, all humors, bolls, pimples, general debility, dyspepsia, biliousness, sick headache, catarrh, rheumatism, kidney and Hvcr complaints, and all affections caused by impure blood or low condition of tho system. Try It. "1 was severely afflicted with scrofula, and for over a. year had two running sores on my neck. I took flvo udttlcs of Hood's Sarsapa- riila, and consider myself entirely cured." C. E. LOVEJOY, Lowell, Mass. " Hood's Sarsaparllln did mo an Immense amount of good. My whole system has been built up and strengthened, my digestion Improved, and my head relieved of tho bad feeling. I consider it tho best medicine I have ever used, and should not know l:ow to do without it." MABY L. PEEIX, Salem, Mass. Hood'c Sarsapariila Sold by all drucjists. tl; six for^S. only by C. I. HOOD & CO., Lowell, Mass IOO Doses Ono Dollar. VITIATED BLODD Scrofrlpus, Inherited and Con tagious Humors Cured by Cuticura- T HROUGH the medium' of ono of you books recelvi d DiioiiKli Mr Frank T Wray, lirupKlHt, Apoll.», I'*,, I lieciuito no qunlmcd with your CuTictnu KKMBDIISS, MM take this opportunity lo ircilly In you tlui tiielr u-r IIUH p»itnunently cnr>"i ~H nf oneo th'< wora coses i if blnml polio \\n\t, In con ncetloii with ei^vlpnlu .tliHtl IHIVHI-VHI si'i-n nnd tlilBufcerliuvlnKi<ei-n prniinuiici'd Uicn iible by >omi Jm the best phyHlelnnB in <u oiHiiitjr. 1 tuKu orroiit pleiiH mi In fiirwiirdl.i 10 yon tills tefilniDiilnl, niiso lulled HH It 1-1> \ou, In ordei Him niliiMH fioir, BlinHur iniilu iltHHiiixy ' iiencuiivHKud to uWo MHII-CUTICU UA KEKKDIta H Mini. P 8. « III n.lNGEH, Lopchbnrir, I'n. Refeieuoe: FUANK T, U iuv, DruxnUt, Apullo I'a. SCnOFUI.OUSTJI CKB8. Jnmoa K. Kk'hrt UHOII, Ou-tiiin Hoiw', Ne' 'I'lenlis, on (IHtil HI.VB: "In 1870 SenifulOi (Jloeru lirok» out on my body iinill I win >»ubaiif corruption. Everything known t thu medlcul lucuity v as tiled In vnlr. I bo einnu u mere wreck. At times couhl no<. llf my liiindd to tny htmd, conlil not mm In beil WUM In con»iuiic P'<|II, and looked upon life a n ruffe. No ('lief or ctin- In tun J'eiii'H. I S80 I ln'ftMl of'.lie (;n'leiira Keinuuiuii, uaoi tlii'in, mid WIIB peHcetl.vcnrcit." Sworn to buloruU. M.Uoni.J. D. Cniwford ONK Of THK WORST CASKS Wn bare been ii'llinKVonrOullciirii Rcmp dl«b foryeui'H mill lnive Hie flrat Cdmphitn yet to rcculvu fnun it puri'lriser. Onu nl th worst ctition nl surolnlu I ever ^nw WIIH euro uy the u«« of tlvu bo 1 tins ot Oittlu n u U 'i-ol' out, Onilcnrn and I'uilot'ra wnar. 'Ili» t-in takes tho "tuku" hcio HI. a niodlclnal soup TAVI.flU T,\VlOK, i, Kraiikdnt, Kun. , INIIKKI'ED. vndOnntnulnua liuiuorn, with IIII-H (if h"ii •inn Kruptl'>iiH nf ili« Hkln. are p-irltivul cured by Uuticnra und Ontlunra Sunn oxii'i nu ly. when uil other uiudlclnea full, ben lur puiuphlut, Wohivvuob'Mlni d »ntlK(ii(\'ory ri'nultafrot 1 ilii'iueof tno''utluilla lldiilodl 8 In our nw liitnlly, un-l rveiiiiiiiienil them bu^ind an nti IT lOinoHles |II|'«||MI.I a •« nl th' ukln an hlnod. TliH di'iiiHini lot ill' in u>' WMii^iliul murltubeoumu known. MuMiLI.AN iOu.. l.uiroue, I'a. C'XJTICDH* BB«KMKH .... i'vci>wi via. 'Hie: Dull lira th tint it rlcin CD:''', 6> et-,| Oiilleniii s-up. a h X'llilS'lell" >i tlHi'r. Vi ctd.; tlittlvurit Ue-olv KMI, the N. w Illuod I'm IHer, f I. 1'ottur Uru mid fhi'iiiU'il 0 >., HO4 on. 1 > I \/I IM.B", BlttelthvuiU. "kin Olpmt-lie llVJL and Haby Uuinurd, usu cutivui snap. "For Sale (-heap, -ONE- Witti nil llio Aii|ili»mva u> Huu It liviiryiliiiiif in Gii'iil Onlui'. A. 11. HASTINGS, Juttwtt Upper Alton -THE BEST TONIC. This medicine, combining Iron with pure vcitolnble tonics, quickly nnd completely Cnrei Etyipopuln, ludlcnUon, Wcnlt- ncn, Impure IJIooil, Jlolarlo, CUilU nnd Fcvcn, nntl Neuralgia. It IR an tuifuiilim remedy lur liltcasct of tho Klilnev anil Liver. It 1> invnlunblo for I)iecnu« pccnltnr to Women, and all who lend scdontnry lives. ll dousnot Injure the tcotb.eimsohemlnohc.or produce eonstlpntlon— other Iron vmlldnei <'«. It onrtoUcn and nnrtflea tbe blood, gtiniulmes tho appctllo, aids tho u-sinillnUoii of fixid, rellovcB llenrtbnrn and Belching, and BtreiiRiliens tho mnscV B nnd nerves. For Intermittent Fevcri, Lai laivk of Energy, etc., it bos no equal, KST The (jcnnlno Ims nbnva Irndo ronrk nnd crossed red lines on wrapper. Take no other. onl/ by JmOftr, UlBMltlL CO.. UtLTiaOAE. HD KASKINE (THE NEW QUININE) \ Wo bad effect Nn headache No nausea. ringing ears. C ure " quickly Pleasant,*""" 6 A POWERFUL TONIC. thtt tho moat delicate stomach will bear. A 8P£CIFiC FOU MALARIA, RHEUMATISM, NEKVOUS PKOSTKATION, nnd all GUI in Diapason. BPllevue lloBpltul, N, Y.: ••UtilvertBlly sue- ccHslul." ! "Evprv pn'lent treated with KiiMkmo lift* been (licchiirnt'd cured." Dr. L. U. White, U. s. Exumlnlnu Surneon. ntPH: "K'lPhinu IH ihp bent medicine iiiadp." Dr L. M. tilei-aner. 8BO MIHI- Hlct 8t , Nrw fork city, 1ms cured over 2110 mnioniB with iillcil, llu vuyc: "HtMiMiduubti'dly tnebusl tin liciiiH evor dlaco> crt-d." Pro.. W. V. Ilnlcoiulii., M.D., 51 East 21th 8t., C.Y. (Into Pint. In N. V. Mud. Cnlit'KC) write-: Ktmklne H Biipe.rlnr i'n qnlnino lu IIH >«no.c lie h w or, anil never prmluiiM tlm allghteat In uiy to tlie hcniliiK in consthutloji. H.-v. JIIB, L Hull. chaplain Aibiniy Pcnitcn- lury, writi» Unit Ka. klmi Iws unruil Ills wile, Her twenty "lira rutfrili'K limn nfil.ntii nd IKMVOU9 dyspepsia. Write htm for pai- Icnlara. TliouMU'dsupon thousands Kns- ;lnc hiisc'iiiid tbrni alter nil oilier incdl IIIP.M bud fulie'l. \Viltu lor book of U'htl- Kai-klneefln bp laltpn without in? snc'Ciul ucdical tidvlce. 51.00 per bonlc. Fold by or pent by mull on receipt ol pi Ice. KASKINKCO.,51 Warren Bt.,M«w York, ludwlm The First Sign Of fuilins lienlth, whether In the form of Nljjlit Sweats and Nervousness, or in a sense of General Weariness and Loss of Appetite, should suggest tho uso of Ayer's Sarsapavilla. This preparation is most effective for giving tone and strength to the enfeebled system, promoting the digestion and assimilation of food, restoring the nsrvous forces tn tlicir normal condition, ami (or purifying, enriching, and vitalizing tho blood. Failing Health. Ten years n;;o niv health began to fail. I was fruuliled with ndi.strtuiMingC/iiiKhi Night Swi'iiiH, Weakness, and Nervous- nesx. I tried various remedies pr«- srrilxMl liy dlfteiviit physicians, hut became so weak that I i.-uulil not go up stair* without slopping to rest. My frienils rcrominondiMl me In try Ayer's Sursnpanlia, whieh 1 did, and 1 am >m\v on lirullliy nnd .lining list ever. — Jlrs. E. L, Williams, Alexandria, Minn. I have used Ayrr's Sai-.'nparilla. In my fninilv. fur S'Tofiila, and know, if it is taken faithfully, that H will ihorouglily orailieute lins terrilile disease 1 liuve also |iri;serilied H its a tonic, as well asan alterative, ;uiil must say thai I liuneslly bi;lif\-i! n lo be tin; tiesl* liluod mei'ueinu ovcri'onipoiinded.— W. I r . Fowler, M. I'., D. D. S., Greenville, Twin. Dyspepsia Cured. It would 1'c Impossible, for me to do- scrlbo what I sullered from Indigestion and Headache up to tint time I be^an taking Ay<;r'* Sarsapariila. 1 was umler Hie care of various physicians, and tried a great many kinds (if medicines, bin neverohiainod more than temporary relief. After taking Ayt-r'N SnrsajninUn for a short time, my hoailaeho disappeared, and my stoumch performed Its tlutios n\uvo iierte<-tly. To-tiny tuy health is completely restored. — Mary Harley, Spriugrield, Moss. I liavo been greatly benefited \iy tho prompt nso of Ayer s Sarsnparllla. It tones and invigorates the system, regulates the action of the diccstivo and assimilative organs, and vitalized tho blood. It Is, without doubt, the most reliable blood pnrilic.r yet discovered.— H. D. Johnson, Six) Atlantic avenue, Brooklyn, N. Y. • Ayer's Sarsapariila, y r>r, J. C. Aycr S: Co., towoll, MMi. I'rlrc 81 I nix lidllltjll, 8S. SUCH AS Velvets, Body and Tapestry Brussels, Two and Three Ply s, Stair Carpets and Mattings, Oil Cloths,Rugs and Mats, Has arrived. Also a vc.'ry Choice Stock of Wail Papers & Borders. I am offering tliese goods »t the very lowest prices to cash buyers. All are invited to call and ^ee t he beautiful new goods&learii thu low prices. Excursions 8 On March 8th and 22d Xuw Ia tlio Tlmo to Buy NA'ostcr 25 f i;U r 'till. »>'i'l'. 1 | Till" him will bu ircdh'i'ii I I fn a Kniiaiii Clieck unod foi , IJJS In i-ii-i 1 \ u i tirulnt u .'liU I I / i-ri'M "I 1 $IS!S III I'linu yon i ni'i-linti' Ml' aero-, I' pri'K"iic i (I toUh '«. II Idi'ii. 1 ., Atci'iil. 1 i Wioti'Vti l.nixln. A'KIII. b • f-HI M .run 8ih mnl « I. Wl . till* OlIII'M III till* llll'lll L'llll I l''H'lll'elilMl> to Kill", Klllil.ll-. , Foi fuiih"! 1 Inlor i alliiii cull on.oi' wntit, OK VN. IIULI KV, Jr.. Second et.,uour Uoury, ALTON, ILL. A JVEERMAM, •I. HOFFMAN & SON, DEAUU18 1M Stoves and H aid ware. HARD & SOFT COAL BASE BURNERS! And other t1r"t cluia hentliiK stores •- for wood or ouul. Also Ranges and Champion Monitor Cooh <toves, tli« boot in Alton. ' Outside Wont u specialty: Boot Ing, Crutieriiig, etc. undertaker's Supplies gsZiSS ALWAYS ON HAND. COR. SKUi'ND AND Al.ltT 8T8. PACKET COMPANF. SPBING AREANGEMENT. The Steamer On and a, ter Mondny, Feb. 11, tho Spread 4iivl>- v'l nin in. lollowa, Vlzt LEAVING Al.TON . FOR ST. LOUIS it 7 o'clock n. in., nnd St. LonlB on return dp at 8 p. in,, dally. And leaving Alton tor •iirtftui!, Jarnt-y Lundln^. «rB'inn. and waj '»n(F evtry evening ni 6:30 o'clock. O,The WUlntle will bt> nouuiled flfteei i nuuisboJoro starting lor lit. Louis. FAUBl ST. Lc ins, - - - «' illDBS 1 - - 6 00 W. HTM.. ABi>t>i. astFreight &Passei gerLiLe IflE tT. 1.OUI8 AND CENTRAL ILLINOIS R. K. C<i'8 r ALACK J. F. KLl ISDN, Uun.iuuuder. t.l> ANStttlTZ, (nin.Ws TUUK IJ01JUB, J 010lk8 On nnd niter Tlmraduy.Feb. J7th, wlllleave Uonclit'lj Fgr St. 1 ouls at, 7 a. m. •cturi'lnir, will leave St. Louis (foot of Vine t.)ut2:4&l>. ui.'. .diving Alton nt5:'W p. m. for I'ortngo aiirt -ifrHt-y, arriving at Grufion at 7:45 p. m., '•nni-eilnKw'ih f»ni-spteii« on c t. Lonla and initial Illinois Kitllroii.'l lor Jeiseyville. \V»• viy, sp tiiKlUldund all pon tu Lortb und un. FAKE. OST. Loois,flii»ile trip, . . . Vf" •• !•• unii tii|i, . . • . . 7So " " twni'ty rtuntli-het, . , 55.00 IIEMIT C. TA1UM,Gi-n ARt. Alton. II. A. U-llt.H,'l JIullUK"!'. lo Idtf r 10 nnlorilunuil bare oaonod n n-w munlo ;j/u ut cuu coru.r ol 'i'uinl I und Plusa BIB JRGHHS.JHD PIANOS! i t'.io [finest worknmnghlp for sale utrnu- Hiublu price-. Dull uiiduxumlnn our instru- uulr b'.'toiu iHU'otiaalnu uUuwliuru. FLOSS. "& BABE. ' WILSON WASHBOARDS. Tlieio WnilibonnJi ore made tfitu a Ileiit.tVood rim, Tbo Btroue- o.l board* and bcbt winners In tli« wovld. 1'qr sale 800,000 ACRES CHOICE HARDWOOD FARMINO fisinc tpacnv/hen in Hundcipn St.. Mastei'a Sale. STATS OF 1LI 1NOI8, | 81. Clulr county. | 01 tlin Hi-ptinibertfli'in, A.D. 1801, of the 8t. Olulr Count} t'lrcni' Cotlit. John N Ulilliini vv. Thoinun Cidlton, Gnoro* (Jhhioii, JIIIIIH.S «.t doni. . Fioliert W. niek. «r.«vu, KllKiibcth Am, n'iilium*,,|)orothv Burn, llioii.u- Uul-n, Jnines Hum, Burl ara hi'i'Kii'.oii, » inn JAIIB Hum, \t illi,,ui Uuin " t John Thoinus i uiu .wiiotby Ami limn' leubulku Uurn, JUIIHI- Bn n, and llrnrv It* O. alien' r, lut-cutor (.1 Hie bot will and tvsiuUiOntol Jolin Uhllton, dniteutud. I'l 1 tor BUl*> ol Itcfil kdtuie. Cmler Hiid by v'ruie i ( decree of saia o nirt, uibdul'i thuubovi* entitled CHUM, u a.»i(l term, i, the unoer»lnni.(l, -will. 04 BATt;ltl)AY, M AKCH 19, 18S7, at und on the premlnnx licrelnnfiordeiorlbod, soil tothiihi)ih<'btund bftt bidder, tbi following desciH.i d land, xltuutcd in Ihu.coim- iv ct MndiBoti, nmt .-tute ot 111 nol», to-wlt: The » < ut lourtli of ihu Miuthcuat quarter ol ili« nonhwtut quu ter, contamltiK Un(lO) aerea; und tliu M.USC hull of the nontliwart quur i-r, u.l insnetlon tr.lity (8)), In township blx 16) m nli nl -i unit- • ni> e |9) west. Appvu sell value, J8 4S8 74. 8al>< to commence ut one o'clock p. m. ThUMo OK t-ALK.- Twenty iiereent. of tbe piiTdmee uion"y to bu i alii cwth down, uiid thu biilitncn cm u eiudlt of hiz and twelve ui'iutli^i beeuitil bj noti- nud approved nen- ilty, und u liinrtuaue on tliu preinlitu Bold,on thu cxui ulUiu (it whl h, Mid upon cotttlnutt" lion nl But tal<>, I wll'extcuto »na deliver a deed to the i'iueh«ei r or uurcbn ire ot tuld lui.d, UB by 6a,d dturu" I an. directed, conveying: all in- ilubt, tlUis nnd claim of the wild parties ni<u'ii Milt to euld premises. ALONZO 8. W1I.DKUUAN, . Uaster in uliaiicery ol Bald county. M.W. \VBttt, Soi.- , .; lOd«J KXKCtlTORS' NOTICE. Estate of John W. Soli weppe, deceased. The unilerMgned, Imylnir been appointed KxeeutoiB of Hie last will and luBtinnoiu df John W. Schweppe, late of thu county, oi Mndlsun and State ol llll.iolB, deteusvd, hereby give notice tltnt tncy will appear before the County Court of MudUon eonnty, HI the court liouue, m Edwurdr-vllli^nt lliutlnivh Scnu.on the louittt MonUuy In March nuxt.utwliiun timr'nllper- aims huvlnK claims uuitlnat milu estate are noilnuii and ictjuentcd to iittnnd for tlifa pur- POKC of IiuvlnK ihn suiiin adjuated. All persons ndebted tu uald uatiuu ui'o ruquestod to make iniiiiediiitc payment to ilieuuderBlunnd. Dated thU 2nd duy of Fubiimry. A.D. 1887. KI ifcA P. bUHWKl'l'B, W1LI 1AM E. HCmVKrTB, 11KNUY M. bOHWi PPb, (d4vr Ezeuuton. THE ATLANTIC MONTHLY FOU 1887. Will contain, In addition to tha beat Short .-lories, Ski-tuhoH, Ksunys, Poetrr mnl Criticism, two serial Stone*:— Tin* Second Son, By MBS. M. O. W. OL1PUATJT Paul Putoff, • By F. M AUION OHiWFOKD, Author of "A lionmn Sinner," "Sir. Isaatu, ttc. Papers on American History, By.MliN FI8KE, Whose previous papers havu been »o InUr* eBtliitf, lull ol Intorn Btlon, und generally popular. French nnd English. continuation of the admirable papers com* iiuriuu th« Fionch nnd BiiKllin peoplt, ByP.U.IlAMBKTON. Essays and Poems, By OLIVffH WENDELL IIOLME3. Ot'cnsiunal Papers, By JAMKb nUSSEM. LOWELL. Cnnlrlbntlnng may be cxpeoti d from John Grieniuui WlnHlcr, 'I honvs Wentwo til Hl«Klimon, C'liuili HlindJcy Warner. K, 0 Steu* man, HHiTli't W. 1'ri'fton, Sureh Orne Jewell, Cliatlei- Kitlittrt Uiudiiouk, Arthur Sberburn* Hardy. Il^nry Oiibotlx>iii(f,IC<lllh M.Thumoi, lloiauu K. Soudde,-. UuorKu K. Wood Deny, Ueoi'Kii Fiuilerlck I'aisi'iH, Maurice Thomp HI.II, Lucy I.aitioin, Delia Tlutxtxr, John Bur- iiinKliu, JameB Ficciuiin Olarke, Klliubutn liobina I'unnuil, Ilnidioid Torray and many OthUfli. IKUMS: fin year In advance, postage free! !» cents liiiuinbur. Witli superb life-sit* iiortritlt.tif lluwiboruu, KIIICLOU, Lonufel- Inw, llryant. Wlil'tltr, Lowell, or Holmes t: ; uncli uddltlo mil jioi trait, ?1. 1 he *>'oveml>i'r »nd l>i'efn)b»r numbers of the Atlantic will bu -cnl nee of elliii'Ke lo ne» HulmeilDi-rs ulioHf HiibBcrlptloiiB uro n'oaived bvloi'u December 20i h. Po»tii) noioHiinil money arc at tbe risk of iliU'tiulcr, and theretom remittance! should be made by money order, dialt, or reglntered lutter, to llougliton, Mlfflin & Company, 4 Vark street, llunton, Ma»i. in NORTHERN 'OONSIN fm'Mia »t 99 AN ACRE on Imiir 11 mo. Th* mo«t prn«|«roui and |iroml»lnR Hold tor luittlonitnt lu the L'. 8. Pull U-f.mnatlnu with food map (roe, Aildran LtlD CO^USIOIEK, Vteuilo Central B. B., Hllwulw, WU. •.ii.niiv Choking Catarrh. Ht'vo you tiHukenud from a dlHtui'uedsloop with all tliu lioi-rlliK' uftiBiiUont) ot an usuas- aln chiiclilinj your throat and proising the ll(o-breiuh from ynnr tightened client? Have vi'U noticed th» IniiKunr iinj rtpblltv that 4iic'covd(iil the effnrt tu clear your throat and liuad oMhlscaiiiribal inuitoi? What o de» iit'oHlnn liitluuiieu U uxft'iB upon i ho mind, louill K ti.u m itnory and QllniK tba lieuil with palnu and Ktriuuii noise I How dinliuilt to pr ate t tnu uyi-tem HKalnst 1U luithur pro«nii» tuwariimlv lunxx, Hvyr au<J Kliln()\8, all pliyNli'lunx vlll admit, it m§ tei rlblo dUeuae, and oi Ion out for nllol and TII'H ri'tnurknblo ruratlvo poworii when nil otliiir rintedlua nltitrly IHII, of BB"fnrd> mid ciil «.ifo, • ro atiu.ted by lhotisan''t who uraiflnltv rucniiiinoi <1 It to fclluw «uaov«r»«, - o »tati'm"nt it in ulo n-uardlnir U Uw» cannot be HiiiiNtuiiiaiivi bi the most r«np«ota* Eiicli tuiekut conialns one bottle of tha Kadlo inirii.oiiuliMX of iiatarrhal Solvunt. nnd an linpio^ d Inlulnr, with trflutlw ana direct (tun, u ut IH until '<y nil drun«l»<H for l>> 1'OTTBU DllUOJtUUUMfCAL, t:o. ( B08TOH. __ " HOW~MY SIDES ACHE-«_. A. From Die bench and tlm counter. 'JOK^f (ruin tlm loom ami Hewlinf tniionloo ^^H^ Koud up tli^cry ''f pain und W*MIV> ^-y^Ja"'''''"""'^' u ' 1 ''"" '"'«l«»i tt raliigHiiiJ f^lfilvSUiirypr.m t'mif tttih'o ttfouUV «oll n lluvoil III i'i>' inlnn (i by the I'ullo ril A'UI- I'lllll I'lllbtl!!- N IW I'lOKUIIl, ItllU Inlu'llDie. At (lru«jl-'». Mi.',; live lur $1; or Urutf uua ouemtoalop., J

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